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4683 - 4720 Challenges and Opportunities for Bio-oil Refining: A Review
Pires APP, Arauzo J, Fonts I, Domine ME, Arroyo AF, Garcia-Perez ME, Montoya J, Chejne F, Pfromm P, Garcia-Perez M
4721 - 4730 Asphaltene Aggregation in Oil and Gas Mixtures: Insights from Molecular Simulation
Mehana M, Fahes M, Huang LL
4731 - 4739 Experimental Investigation of the Rheological Properties of a Typical Waxy Crude Oil Treated with Supercritical CO2 and the Stability Change in Its Emulsion
Sun G, Li CX, Yang S, Yang F, Chen YQ
4740 - 4747 Effect of Fixed and Removable Gas-Injection Patterns on the Expansion of Reaction Zones during Underground Coal Gasification
Wang ZQ, Xu XY, Cui Y
4748 - 4757 Direct Assessment of Inhibitor and Solvent Effects on the Deposition Mechanism of Asphaltenes in a Brazilian Crude Oil
Balestrin LBD, Francisco RD, Bertran CA, Cardoso MB, Loh W
4758 - 4766 Oxidative Kerogen Degradation: A Potential Approach to Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconventionals
Hull KL, Jacobi D, Abousleiman YN
4767 - 4774 Pyrolysis of Acidic Ionic Liquid 1-Sulfonic Acid Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Trifluoromethanesulfonate-Treated Lignin for Phenolics Production
Lei ZP, Dong L, Hu ZQ, Li ZK, Yan JC, Shui HF, Kang SG, Wang ZC, Ren SB, Pan CX
4775 - 4780 Guide for Atomic Force Microscopy Image Analysis To Discriminate Heteroatoms in Aromatic Molecules
Zahl P, Zhang YL
4781 - 4791 Molecular Structure of Heavy Petroleum: Revealed by Molecular Composition of Ruthenium-Ion-Catalyzed Oxidation Products
Zhou XB, Zhao SQ, Xu CM, Chung KH, Shi Q
4792 - 4805 Molecular Insights into Kerogen Deformation Induced by CO2/CH4 Sorption: Effect of Maturity and Moisture
Huang L, Ning ZF, Wang Q, Qi RR, Cheng ZL, Wu XJ, Zhang WT, Qin HB
4806 - 4815 New Method Based on CO2-Switchable Wormlike Micelles for Controlling CO2 Breakthrough in a Tight Fractured Oil Reservoir
Yang ZH, Li XC, Li DY, Yin TH, Zhang PZ, Dong ZX, Lin MQ, Zhang J
4816 - 4825 Feasibility of Using the Frank-Kamenetskii Theory To Predict the Spontaneous Ignition of the Crude Oil-Sand Mixture
Yang LF, Sheng JJ
4826 - 4834 Micro-CT-Based Approaches for Quantifying the Morphology of Pulverized Char Particles
Jorgensen S, Singer S
4835 - 4848 Interpreting Pore Dimensions in Gas Shales Using a Combination of SEM Imaging, Small-Angle Neutron Scattering, and Low-Pressure Gas Adsorption
Vishal V, Chandra D, Bahadur J, Sen D, Hazra B, Mahanta B, Mani D
4849 - 4856 Geochemical and Isotopic Evidence of the Genesis of a Condensate in the Eastern Tarim Basin, China: Implications for Petroleum Exploration
Zhang ZY, Zhang YJ, Zhu GY, Han JF, Chi LX
4857 - 4864 Porosity Enhancement Potential through Dolomite Mineral Dissolution in the Shale Reservoir: A Case Study of an Argillaceous Dolomite Reservoir in the Jianghan Basin
Li WH, Kuang YF, Lu SF, Cheng ZH, Xue HT, Shi L
4865 - 4876 Morphology Study of Mixed Methane-Tetrahydrofuran Hydrates with and without the Presence of Salt
Pandey G, Veluswamy HP, Sangwai J, Linga P
4877 - 4889 Effects of Char and Volatiles Extraction on the Performance of Dual Bed Pyrolysis Gasification System
Qin Z, Bhattacharya S, Sharif M, Zhang ZX
4890 - 4908 Chalk Surface Area Evolution during Flow of Reactive Brines: Does Oil Play a Role?
Sachdeva JS, Muriel H, Nermoen A, Korsnes RI, Madland MV
4909 - 4920 Modification of Interfacial Tension and Wettability in Oil-Brine-Quartz System by in Situ Bacterial Biosurfactant Production at Reservoir Conditions: Implications for Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
Park T, Jeon MK, Yoon S, Lee KS, Kwon TH
4921 - 4930 Effect of SDS on Reducing the Viscosity of Heavy Oil: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Su G, Zhang H, Geng T, Yuan SL
4931 - 4938 Effect of Polyethylene-Vinyl Acetate Pour Point Depressants on the Flow Behavior of Degassed Changqing Waxy Crude Oil before/after scCO(2) Extraction
Yang S, Li CX, Yang F, Li XT, Sun GY, Yao B
4939 - 4945 Emulsion Breakage Mechanism Using Pressurized Carbon Dioxide
Azizi A, Aman ZM, May EF, Haber A, Ling NNA, Husin H, Johns ML
4946 - 4950 Characterization of Ketones Formed in the Open System Corrosion Test of Naphthenic Acids by Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Krajewski LC, Robbins WK, Corilo YE, Bota G, Marshall AG, Rodgers RP
4951 - 4963 Foam-Assisted Chemical Flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery: Effects of Slug Salinity and Drive Foam Strength
Janssen MTG, Mutawa AS, Pilus RM, Zitha PLJ
4964 - 4975 Experimental Simulation of the Zones Characteristics Considering Oily Bubble Behavior During in Situ Combustion
Wang L, Sun WY, Chu SL, Liu HQ, Dong XH, Luan GH
4976 - 4985 Innovative Encapsulating Acid with Release Dually Controlled by the Concentration of Hydrogen Ions and Temperature
Luo ZF, Zhang NL, Zhao LQ, Liu HT, Luo PD, Liu J
4986 - 5000 Evaluation of Matrix Swelling Behavior in Shale Induced by Methane Sorption under Triaxial Stress and Strain Conditions
Pang Y, Chen SN, Soliman MY, Morse SM, Hu XF
5001 - 5010 Experimental Evaluation of Oxidizing Breakers for a Polyacrylamide-Based Re-Crosslinkable Preformed Particle Gel
Wang Z, Bai BJ, Zhou EZ, Pu JY, Schuman T
5011 - 5023 Modeling of Asphaltene Deposition in a Packed Bed Column
Babu NR, Vargas FM
5024 - 5034 Functionalized Tetrapodal ZnO Membranes Exhibiting Superoleophobic and Superhydrophilic Character for Water/Oil Separation Based on Differential Wettability
Bajpayee A, Alivio TEG, McKay P, Banerjee S
5035 - 5042 Changing the Interface Between an Asphaltene Model Compound and Water by Addition of an EO-PO Demulsifier through Adsorption Competition or Adsorption Replacement
Niu Z, Yue T, He X, Manica R
5043 - 5054 Properties of CO2 Foam Stabilized by Hydrophilic Nanoparticles and Nonionic Surfactants
Li SY, Yang K, Li ZM, Zhang KQ, Jia N
5055 - 5066 Investigation and Characterization of a Robust Nanocomposite Preformed Particle Gel for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Long YF, Wang Z, Ding HF, Geng JM, Bai BJ
5067 - 5080 Molecular Mechanisms of Suppressing Asphaltene Aggregation and Flocculation by Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid Probed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Jiang B, Zhang RY, Yang N, Zhang LH, Sun YL, Jian CY, Liu L, Xu ZH
5081 - 5090 Effect of Wax Crystals on Nucleation during Gas Hydrate Formation
Zhang DX, Huang QY, Zheng HM, Wang W, Cheng XW, Li RB, Li WD
5091 - 5101 Enhanced Shale Gas Recovery by the Injections of CO2, N-2, and CO2/N-2 Mixture Gases
Du XD, Gu M, Liu ZJ, Zhao Y, Sun FL, Wu TF
5102 - 5109 Study on Sulfur Conversion Characteristics in Catalytic Cracking of Coal Tar in the Presence of Dolomite-Supported Catalysts
Meng DC, Zhang YQ, Wang ZH, Qu X, Gao JQ, Jiao TT, Liang P
5110 - 5115 Improvement of Diesel Lubricity by Chemically Modified Tung-Oil-Based Fatty Acid Esters as Additives
Liu ZS, Li J, Knothe G, Sharma BK, Jiang JC
5116 - 5128 Pore Structure and Fractal Characteristics of Distinct Thermally Mature Shales
Tang L, Song Y, Jiang ZX, Jiang S, Li QW
5129 - 5134 Behavior of Mercury in a Multicomponent Slurry Gasifier: Effects of Waste Cogasification and Water Redox Condition
Du YY, Huang QF, Yang DH, Li L, Li XB, Shen XH, Chen J, Huang ZC, Wang N, Liu MJ
5135 - 5146 Experimental and Numerical Studies of Spontaneous Imbibition with Different Boundary Conditions: Case Studies of Middle Bakken and Berea Cores
Zhang SJ, Pu H, Zhao JLXJ
5147 - 5152 Adsorption/Desorption Behavior of CH4 on Shale during the CO2 Huff-and-Puff Process
Li LG, Li C, Kang TH
5153 - 5161 Modified Vermiculite for Hydrocracking of Athabasca Bitumen
Cortes JC, Scott CE, Pereira-Almao P, Molina R, Moreno S
5162 - 5172 Research on the Effect of the Solvent Structure and Group on Separation of 1-Hexene, Benzene, and Thiophene
Zhang YH, Gao HR, Wang MX, Zhao L, Gao JS, Xu CM
5173 - 5181 Enhanced SO2 and Rhodamine B Removal by Blending Coke-Making Waste Benzene Residue (BR) for Pelletized Activated Coke (PAC) Production and Mechanisms
Guo YX, Niu J, Zhang HR, Cheng FQ, Wu HB, Jin DP
5182 - 5190 Investigating the Role of Alkyl Chain Length of the Inhibitors on Its Intercalation Inhibiting Mechanism in Sodium Montmorillonite
Xie G, Huang DC, Deng MY, Luo PY
5191 - 5199 Effect of the FCC Equilibrium Catalyst Properties and of the Cracking Temperature on the Production of Fuel from HDPE Pyrolysis Waxes
Rodriguez E, Palos R, Gutierrez A, Vela FJ, Arandes JM, Bilbao J
5200 - 5207 Comparing the Effectiveness of SO2 with CO2 for Replacing Hydrocarbons from Nanopores
Liu YL, Ma XM, Hou J
5208 - 5215 Experimental Investigation on the Microscopic Decomposition Process of Natural Gas Hydrate Particles
Yao SP, Li YX, Wang WC, Song GC, Shi ZZ, Wang XY, Liu S
5216 - 5229 Narrowing the Gap between Laboratory and Oilfield Using Real-Time Paraffin Fouling Measurement
Russell C, Padula L, Gon S, Pohl E, Neilson A, Sharpe R
5230 - 5242 Experimental and Numerical Study of Abnormal Combustion in Direct Injection Spark Ignition Engines Using Conventional and Alternative Fuels
Ottenwalder T, Burke U, Hoppe F, Budak O, Brammertz S, Klintworth K, Grunefeld G, Heufer KA, Pischinger S
5243 - 5252 Variations in Microbiota Communities with the Ranks of Coals from Three Permian Mining Areas
Liu BJ, Yuan L, Shi XY, Li Y, Jiang CL, Ren B, Sun QY
5253 - 5262 Effect of the Composition of Biomass on the Quality of Syngas Produced from Thermochemical Conversion Based on Thermochemical Data Prediction
Dai BY, Zhu WW, Mu LW, Guo XJ, Qian HL, Liang XD, Kontogeorgis GM
5263 - 5269 Enhancement of Gasification Performance for Palm Oil Byproduct by Removal of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metallic Compounds and Ash
Yoo HM, Park SW, Jeong YO, Han GH, Choi HS, Seo YC
5270 - 5281 Interrelation of Volatile Organic Compounds and Sensory Properties of Alternative and Torrefied Wood Pellets
Pollinger-Zierler B, Sedlmayer I, Reinisch C, Hofbauer H, Schmidl C, Kolb L, Wopienka E, Leitner E, Siegmund B
5282 - 5292 Investigation of the Collection Efficiency of a Wet Electrostatic Precipitator at a Municipal Solid Waste-Fueled Combined Heat and Power Plant Using Various Measuring Methods
Pettersson J, Andersson S, Bafver L, Strand M
5293 - 5303 Trade-Off between Acidic Sites and Crystallinity of the WO3-TiO2 Catalyst toward Dehydration of Glucose to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural
Ganji P, Roy S
5304 - 5315 Formation of NO and N2O during Raw and Demineralized Biomass Char Combustion
Ulusoy B, Lin WG, Karlstrom O, Li SG, Song WL, Glarborg P, Dam-Johansen K, Wu H
5316 - 5321 Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Biogas Using Carbon Impregnated with Oxidants
Ciahotny K, Kyselova V
5322 - 5331 Production of Biodiesel from Palm Oil under Supercritical Ethanol in the Presence of Ethyl Acetate
Akkarawatkhoosith N, Kaewchada A, Jaree A
5332 - 5342 Magnetically Recoverable Ni/NiO Catalyst for Hydrogenation of Cashew Nut Shell Oil to Value-Added Products
Singh H, Yadav R, Rajput P, Bhattacharyya D, Jha SN, Sinha AK
5343 - 5351 Particle Size- and Crystallinity-Controlled Phosphorus Release from Biochars
Jian XM, Uchimiya M, Orlov A
5352 - 5359 Sieving and Acid Washing as a Pretreatment to Fast Pyrolysis of a High Ash Hog Fuel
Mazerolle D, Rezaei H, Bronson B, Nguyen L, Preto F
5360 - 5367 Kinetic Study of an H-ZSM-5/Al MCM-41 Catalyst Mixture and Its Application in Lignocellulose Biomass Pyrolysis
Ratnasari DK, Yang WH, Jonsson PG
5368 - 5376 Effects of Moisture and Salinity on Methane Adsorption in Kerogen: A Molecular Simulation Study
Zhou J, Mao Q, Luo KH
5377 - 5383 Kinetic Absorption of CO2 into Blended Ammonia (NH3) Solutions with a New Cyclic Amine 4-Aminomethyltetrahydropyran (4-AMTHP)
Li LC, Puxty G, Maeder M, Burns R, Yu H, Conway W
5384 - 5397 High CO2 Adsorption on Amine-Functionalized Improved Mesoporous Silica Nanotube as an Eco-Friendly Nanocomposite
Taheri FS, Ghaemi A, Maleki A, Shahhosseini S
5398 - 5407 Pore Structure Modified CaO-Based Sorbents with Different Sized Templates for CO2 Capture
Wei SY, Han R, Su YL, Gao JH, Zhao GB, Qin YK
5408 - 5414 Utilization of Alumina Aerogel as High Surface Area Support for the Fabrication of Oxygen Carriers in the Chemical Looping Combustion Process
Karami D, Mahinpey N
5415 - 5421 Shifts of Biomass and Microbial Community Structure in Response to Current Densities in a Biofilm Electrode Reactor for NOx Removal
Xia YF, Chen H, Zhao JK, Li W
5422 - 5429 Effects of Alkali Metals on the Formation of Particulate Matter and Adsorption of Floating Beads during Zhundong Coal Combustion
Zhang YF, Zhao J, Wei XL, Li T, Qiao Y, Xu MH
5430 - 5437 Distribution of Organic Compounds in Coal-Fired Power Plant Emissions
Liu J, Wang T, Cheng J, Zhang YS, Pan WP
5438 - 5451 Evaluation of Polymer-Assisted Carbonated Water Injection in Sandstone Reservoir: Absorption Kinetics, Rheology, and Oil Recovery Results
Chaturvedi KR, Trivedi J, Sharma T
5452 - 5463 Dynamic Simulation and Mass Transfer Study of Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Biochar and MgO-Impregnated Activated Carbon in a Swing Adsorption Process
Ghanbari S, Kamath G
5464 - 5475 Relative Permeability Characteristics and Wetting Behavior of Supercritical CO2 Displacing Water and Remaining Oil for Carbonate Rocks at Reservoir Conditions
Zhou XM, Al-Otaibi F, Kokal S
5476 - 5487 Polyoxyethylene Alkenyl Succinate Gemini Emulsifier for Diesel Fuel Nanoemulsions
El-Sharaky EA, El-Tabey AE, El-Din MRN, Al-Sabagh AM, Mishrif MR
5488 - 5497 Complete Reaction Mechanisms of Mercury Binding on Petroleum Coke and Brominated Petroleum Coke
Chen C, Diao YF, Lu Y, Chen SS, Tian L
5498 - 5504 Models To Predict Kinetics of NOx Reduction by Chars as a Function of Coal Rank
Guo F, Wu RC, Baxter LL, Hecker WC
5505 - 5517 Kinetics Modeling, Development, and Comparison for the Reaction of Calcium Oxide with Steam
Ghosh S, Kokot-Blamey J, Boot-Handford ME, Fennell PS
5518 - 5528 Synthesis of Titanium Modified Three-Dimensional KIT-5 Mesoporous Support and Its Application of the Quinoline Hydrodenitrogenation
Meng Q, Duan AJ, Chi KB, Zhao Z, Liu J, Zheng P, Wang B, Liu C, Hu D, Jia YZ
5529 - 5537 Experimental Investigation on Pyrolysis of n-Decane Initiated by Nitropropane under Supercritical Pressure in a Miniature Tube
Jia ZJ, Zhou WX, Yu WL, Han ZX
5538 - 5543 Evaluation of Kinetics and Energetics of Thermochemical Fluids for Enhanced Recovery of Heavy Oil and Liquid Condensate
Alade OS, Mahmoud M, Hassan A, Al-Shehri D, Al-Nakhli A, Bataweel M
5544 - 5550 Impact of Morphological Effects on the Activity and Stability of Tungsten Carbide Catalysts for Dry Methane Reforming
Mounfield WP, Harale GA, Roman-Leshkov Y
5551 - 5560 Kinetics of Hydrogenation of Acetic Acid over Supported Platinum Catalyst
Lawal AM, Hart A, Daly H, Hardacre C, Wood J
5561 - 5581 Large Eddy Simulation of a Syngas Jet Flame: Effects of Preferential Diffusion and Turbulence-Chemistry Interaction
Fukumoto K, Wang CJ, Wen JX
5582 - 5596 Coupled Effects of Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor Addition on Soot Formation in Ethylene Diffusion Flames
Mahmoud NM, Yan FW, Zhou MX, Xu L, Wang Y
5597 - 5609 Pressure-Dependent Rate Rules for the Intramolecular H-Shift Reactions of Hydroperoxy-Alkenyl-Peroxy Radicals in Low Temperature
Sun XH, Zong WG, Li ZR, Li XY
5610 - 5619 Examining and Modeling Oxygen Uncoupling Kinetics of Cu-Based Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU) in a Drop Tube Fluidized Bed Reactor
Means NC, Burgess WA, Howard BH, Smith MW, Wang P, Shekhawat D
5620 - 5631 Exploration of the Hysteresis in Speciated Emissions during Transient Gasoline Engine Combustion
Wilson D, Lehmier D, Allen C
5632 - 5646 Experimental Analysis of the Morphology and Nanostructure of Soot Particles for Butanol/Diesel Blends at Different Engine Operating Modes
Verma P, Jafari M, Guo Y, Pickering E, Stevanovic S, Bodisco TA, Fernando JFS, Golberg D, Brooks P, Brown R, Ristovski Z
5647 - 5654 Autoignition Comparison of n-Dodecane/Benzene and n-Dodecane/Toluene Blends in a Constant Volume Combustion Chamber
Han D, Duan YZ, Zhai JQ
5655 - 5663 Effects of Bath Gas and NOx Addition on n-Pentane Low-Temperature Oxidation in a Jet-Stirred Reactor
Marrodan L, Song Y, Lavadera ML, Herbinet O, de Joannon M, Ju YG, Alzueta MU, Battin-Leclerc F
5664 - 5672 Ignition Study of an Oxygenated and High-Alkene Light Petroleum Fraction Produced from Automotive Shredder Residues
Tipler S, Mergulhao CS, Vanhove G, Van Haute Q, Contino F, Coussement A
5673 - 5681 Experimental Study on the Effects of Spray-Wall Interaction on Partially Premixed Combustion and Engine Emissions
Tang Q, An Y, Raman V, Shi H, Sim J, Chang J, Magnotti G, Johansson B
5682 - 5694 Experimental Study on Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of Pyrolyzed Char in an O-2-Enriched Atmosphere with Multiple Optical Diagnostic Techniques
Qi HL, Sun R, Peng JB, Yan B, Cao Z, Yu Y, Chang G, Ren XH, Ding SJ
5695 - 5709 Investigation of Effects of Intake Temperature on Low Load Limitations of Methanol Partially Premixed Combustion
Zincir B, Shukla P, Shamun S, Tuner M, Deniz C, Johansson B
5710 - 5718 Numerical Investigation on Knock Combustion in a Diesel-Dimethyl Ether Dual-Fuel Engine
Wang Y, Guo CL, Wang P, Wang DX
5719 - 5731 Alternative Method for the Formulation of Surrogate Liquid Fuels Based on Evaporative and Sooting Behaviors
Muelas A, Aranda D, Ballester J
5732 - 5739 Fuel Staging and Air Staging To Reduce Nitrogen Emission in the CFB Combustion of Bark and Coal
Saastamoinen H, Leino T
5740 - 5748 Size Distribution of Nascent Soot in Premixed n-Hexane, Cyclohexane, and Methylcyclohexane Flames
Zhai JQ, Liu W, Ling BY, Lin H, Huang Z, Han D
5749 - 5760 Enhancement of Hydroxide Conduction by Incorporation of Metal-Organic Frameworks into a Semi-Interpenetrating Network
Anahidzade N, Dinari M, Abdolmaleki A, Tadavani KF, Zhiani M
5761 - 5765 Synergistic Coconversion of Refinery Fuel Oil and Methanol over H-ZSM-5 Catalyst for Enhanced Production of Light Olefins
Ghashghaee M, Shirvani S, Ghambarian M, Kegnaes S
5766 - 5776 Surface-Modified Multi-lumen Tubular Membranes for SAGD-Produced Water Treatment
Atallah C, Mortazavi S, Tremblay AY, Doiron A
5777 - 5784 Formation of Methane Hydrate in Oil-Water Emulsion Governed by the Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Properties of Non-Ionic Surfactants
Liu ZX, Song YC, Liu WG, Lang C, Zhao JF, Li YH
5785 - 5788 Unambiguous Evidence for the Occurrence of Pentamethylphenol in Lignite Methanolysate
Cong XS, Li M, Liu CL, Wang DF, Xiao RR, Bie FS, Jv CX, Qi X, Lv FK, Wei SW, Zhang XB, Li Y