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1693 - 1693 Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization-Closing the Carbon Cycle
Wang T, Park AHA, Shi YX, Gadikota G
1694 - 1703 Experimental Investigation of Oxy-coal Combustion in a 15 kW(th) Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustor
Pang L, Shao YJ, Zhong WQ, Liu H, Jiang PX
1704 - 1712 Study on MNO3/NO2 (M = Li, Na, and K)/MgO Composites for Intermediate-Temperature CO2 Capture
Gao WL, Zhou TT, Gao YS, Wang Q, Lint WR
1713 - 1721 Low-Concentration CO2 Capture from Natural Gas Power Plants Using a Rotating Packed Bed Reactor
Xie CX, Dong YN, Zhang LL, Chu GW, Luo Y, Sun BC, Zeng XF, Chen JF
1722 - 1733 Integrated (C)O2 Capture, Conversion, and Storage To Produce Calcium Carbonate Using an Amine Looping Strategy
Liu MS, Gadikota G
1734 - 1744 Unexpected Highly Reversible Lithium-Silicate-Based CO2 Sorbents Derived from Sediment of Dianchi Lake
Wang JY, Zhang TP, Yang Y, Li M, Qin QQ, Lu P, Ning P, Wang Q
1745 - 1752 Preparation of Quaternized Bamboo Cellulose and Its Implication in Direct Air Capture of CO2
Hou CL, Wu YS, Wang T, Wang XR, Gao X
1753 - 1766 CO2 Capture Modeling Using Heat-Activated Serpentinite Slurries
Oliver TK, Farhang F, Hodgins TW, Rayson MS, Brent GF, Molloy TS, Stockenhuber M, Kennedy EM
1767 - 1773 Adsorbent Characteristic Regulation and Performance Optimization for Pressure Swing Adsorption via Temperature Elevation
Hao PX, Shi YX, Li S, Zhu XC, Cai NS
1774 - 1784 Energy and Economic Analysis for Post-combustion CO2 Capture using Amine-Functionalized Adsorbents in a Temperature Vacuum Swing Process
Zhou CA, He KW, Lv WY, Chen YX, Tang SY, Liu CJ, Yue HR, Liang B
1785 - 1796 Molecular Simulation of Carbon Dioxide and Methane Adsorption in Shale Organic Nanopores
Zeng KC, Jiang PX, Lun ZM, Xu RN
1797 - 1802 Selective Methylation of Sulfides in Petroleum for Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Analysis
Li HD, Chen X, Wu JX, Zhang YH, Liu XX, Shi Q, Zhao SQ, Xu CM, Hsu CS
1803 - 1816 Predicting the Distributions of Oxygen Species from Primary Devolatilization of Coals
Pan S
1817 - 1824 First Discovery and Significance of Liquid Mercury in a Thermal Simulation Experiment on Humic Kerogen
Peng WL, Liu QY, Feng ZQ, Fang CC, Gong DY, Li P, Lyu Y, Wang PW
1825 - 1836 Comparative Study of the Effect of Fuel Deoxygenation and Polar Species Removal on Jet Fuel Surface Deposition
Alborzi E, Gadsby P, Ismail MS, Sheikhansari A, Dwyer MR, Meijer AJHM, Blakey SG, Pourkashanian M
1837 - 1849 Influence of Density Separation of Selected South African Coal Fines on the Products Obtained during Liquefaction Using Tetralin as a Solvent
Uwaoma RC, Strydom CA, Matjie RH, Bunt JR
1850 - 1858 Mutual Influences between Organic Matter and Minerals during Oil Shale Pyrolysis
Lu ZH, Zhao XS, Liu ZY, Liu QY
1859 - 1868 Validating Heat-Transfer-Based Modeling Approach for Wax Deposition from Paraffinic Mixtures: An Analogy with Ice Deposition
Ehsani S, Mehrotra AK
1869 - 1881 Octane-On-Demand: Onboard Separation of Oxygenates from Gasoline
Grubel K, Chouyyok W, Heldebrant DJ, Linehan JC, Bays JT
1882 - 1891 Microfluidic Study of the Deposition Dynamics of Asphaltene Subfractions Enriched with Island and Archipelago Motifs
Lin YJ, Cao T, Chacon-Patino ML, Rowland SM, Rodgers RP, Yen A, Biswal SL
1892 - 1900 Chemical Composition of Surface Species in Pyrolyzed Brown Coals and Their Evolution during the Steam Gasification Reaction
Kuznetsov PN, Kuznetsova LI, Mikhlin YL
1901 - 1909 Possibilities and Constraints of the Electrochemical Treatment of Thiophene on Low and High Oxidation Power Electrodes
Mehri F, Sauter W, Schroder U, Rowshanzamir S
1910 - 1921 Prediction Model for Isothermal Adsorption Curves Based on Adsorption Potential Theory and Adsorption Behaviors of Methane on Granular Coal
Xie J, Liang YP, Zou QL, Wang ZH, Li XL
1922 - 1927 Simplification of Heavy Matrices by Liquid-Liquid Extraction: Part I-How to Separate LMW, MMW, and HMW Compounds in Maltene Fractions of V, Ni, and S Compounds
Gascon G, Negrin J, Garcia-Montoto V, Acevedo S, Lienemann CP, Bouyssiere B
1928 - 1936 Breaking of Water-in-Crude Oil Emulsions. 8. Demulsifier Performance at Optimum Formulation Is Significantly Improved by a Small Aromatic Content of the Oil
Alvarado JG, Delgado-Linares JG, Forgiarini AM, Salager JL
1937 - 1943 Atmospheric Mercury Emissions from Residential Coal Combustion in Guizhou Province, Southwest China
Cui ZK, Li ZG, Zhang YZ, Wang XF, Li QL, Zhang LM, Feng XB, Li XY, Shang LH, Yao ZX
1944 - 1954 Emission Characteristics of Particulate Matter from Two Ultralow-Emission Coal-Fired Industrial Boilers in Xi'an, China
Ruan RH, Xu XW, Tan HZ, Zhang SC, Lu XC, Zhang P, Han RW, Xiong XH
1955 - 1968 Asphaltene Aggregation and Assembly Behaviors in Organic Solvents with Water and Inhibitor
Jiang B, Zhang RY, Yang N, Zhang LH, Sun YL
1969 - 1982 Characterization of the Full-Sized Pore Structure of Coal-Bearing Shales and Its Effect on Shale Gas Content
Zhang JZ, Li XQ, Zou XY, Zhao GJ, Zhou BG, Li J, Xie ZY, Wang FY
1983 - 1989 Effect of Rock Mineralogy and Oil Composition on Wettability Alteration and Interfacial Tension by Brine and Carbonated Water
Alqam MH, Abu-Khamsin SA, Sultan AS, Okasha TM, Yildiz HO
1990 - 1997 Estimation of Shale Apparent Permeability for Multimechanistic, Multicomponent Gas Production Using Rate Transient Analysis
Mohagheghian E, Hassanzadeh H, Chen ZX
1998 - 2007 A New Method To Determine Wettability of Tight Sandstone: Water Imbibition Evaporation Rate Ratio Measurements
Song XJ, Qin Y, Ma H, Waters KE, Wang ZW, Li GZ
2008 - 2017 Effect of a HF-HF/HCl Treatment of 26 Coals on Their Composition and Pyrolysis Behavior
Cheng XJ, Shi L, Liu QY, Liu ZY
2018 - 2029 Molecular-Level Characterization of Asphaltenes Isolated from Distillation Cuts
McKenna AM, Chacon-Patino ML, Weisbrod CR, Blakney GT, Rodgers RP
2030 - 2036 In Situ Monitoring of the Inhibition of Asphaltene Adsorption by a Surfactant on Carbon Steel Surface
Raj G, Larkin E, Lesimple A, Commins P, Whelan J, Naumov P
2037 - 2044 Comprehensive Application of Oolitic Hematite for H2S Removal at High Temperature: Performance and Mechanism
Wang HL, Chen TH, Liu HB, Li WA, Zou XH, Wang C, Li MX
2045 - 2056 Establishing the Maximum Carbon Number for Reliable Quantitative Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Heavy Ends Hydrocarbons. Part 3. Coupled Pyrolysis-GC Modeling
Hernandez-Baez DM, Reid A, Chapoy A, Tohidi B, Bounaceur R
2057 - 2066 Electro-Responsive Green Gels for Lower Environmental Impact Shale Gas Extraction
Sarri F, Tatini D, Raudino M, Ambrosi M, Carretti E, Lo Nostro P
2067 - 2075 Systematic Study of Polyglyoxylamides as Powerful, High-Cloud-Point Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors
Ree LHS, Sirianni QEA, Gillies ER, Kelland MA
2076 - 2077 Comments on "Key Performance Indicators Reveal the Impact of Demulsifier Characteristics on Oil Sands Froth Treatment"
Shukla I
2078 - 2089 Investigation of Supercritical Methane Adsorption of Overmature Shale in Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation, Southern Sichuan Basin, China
Wang Y, Liu LF, Sheng Y, Wang XM, Zheng SS, Luo ZH
2090 - 2098 Radical Reactions and Two-Step Kinetics of Sub-Bituminous Coal Liquefaction in Various Solvents
Liu MX, Yang JL, Li YM, Liu ZY, Liu QY, Shi L
2099 - 2105 Electronic Structure of Naturally Occurring Aromatic Carbon
Pomerantz AE, Bostrom NW, Kleinber RL, Crace E, Weng TC, Sokaras D, Nordlund D
2106 - 2114 Subcritical Water Extraction of Huadian Oil Shale at 300 degrees C
Sun YH, Kang SJ, Wang SY, He L, Guo W, Li Q, Deng SH
2115 - 2121 Unique Advantages of Gasification-Coke Prepared with Low-Rank Coal Blends via Reasonable Granularity Control
Yang ZR, Huang JJ, Wang ZQ, Fang YT
2122 - 2132 Morphological and Mineralogical Characterization of Ash Deposits during Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion of Zhundong Lignite
Liu Z, Li JB, Zhu MM, Wang QH, Lu XF, Zhang YY, Zhang ZZ, Zhang DK
2133 - 2141 Pore Structure and Integrity of a Bio-Coke under Simulated Blast Furnace Conditions
Xing X
2142 - 2152 Selective Removal of Sodium from Low-Rank Xinjiang Coal upon Multistage Countercurrent Water Washing: Experimental Investigation and Kinetics Modeling
Zhou S, Hosseini T, Zhao J, Zhang XW, Wu HW, Zhang L
2153 - 2165 Effect of Sodium Removal on Chemical Looping Combustion of High-Sodium Coal with Hematite as an Oxygen Carrier
Yan JC, Ge HJ, Jiang SX, Gu HM, Song T, Guo QJ, Shen LH
2166 - 2175 Sources of Natural Gases in the Xihu Sag, East China Sea Basin: Insights from Stable Carbon Isotopes and Confined System Pyrolysis
Cheng X, Hou DJ, Zhao Z, Chen XD, Diao H
2176 - 2185 Experimental Study of Methane Hydrate Formation in Water-Continuous Flow Loop
Fu WQ, Wang ZY, Yue XJ, Zhang JB, Sun BJ
2186 - 2196 Review and Performance Evaluation of Fifty Alternative Liquid Fuels for Spark-Ignition Engines
Gschwend D, Soltic P, Wokaun A, Vogel F
2197 - 2207 Deoxygenation of Biomass Pyrolysis Vapors via in Situ and ex Situ Thermal and Biochar Promoted Upgrading
Raymundo LM, Mullen CA, Strahan GD, Boateng AA, Trierweiler JO
2208 - 2218 Production of Fuel Bioadditive "Triacetin" Using a Phosphomolybdic-Acid-Loaded PVA Membrane in a Pervaporation Catalytic Membrane Reactor
Unlu D, Hilmioglu ND
2219 - 2235 Effect of Processing Conditions on the Constant-Volume Carbonization of Biomass
Legarra M, Morgan T, Turn S, Wang L, Skreiberg O, Antal MJ
2236 - 2247 Trace Element Concentrations in Firewood and Corresponding Stove Ashes
Tejada J, Grammer P, Kappler A, Thorwarth H
2248 - 2257 Predicting Biodiesel Ignition Delay Using a Skeletal Multistep Chemical Reaction Scheme
Navaneeth PV, Mehta PS, Anand K
2258 - 2264 Rapid Fractionation of Lignocellulosic Biomass by p-TsOH Pretreatment
Yang MY, Gao XF, Lan M, Dou Y, Zhang X
2265 - 2277 Analysis of Soot from the Use of Butanol Blends in a Euro 6 Diesel Engine
Lapuerta M, Sanchez-Valdepenas J, Barba J, Fernandez-Rodriguez D, Andres JP, Garcia T
2278 - 2284 Effects of Different Pretreatments on Improving Biogas Production of Macroalgae Fucus vesiculosus and Fucus serratus in Baltic Sea
Wu YN, Mattsson M, Ding MW, Wu MT, Mei J, Shen YL
2285 - 2292 Experimental Research on the Drying Characteristics of Flexible Fibrous Biomass Fuels in the Baffled-Rotary Cylinder
Gu CH, Yao SG, Pan DP, Sun SS, Guan L, Wu K, Yuan ZL
2293 - 2300 Characterization of Size-Segregated Soot from Pine Wood Pyrolysis in a Drop Tube Furnace at 1300 degrees C
Deng CY, Liaw SB, Wu HW
2301 - 2307 Sewage Sludge Gasification under a Hydrothermal Condition: Phosphorus Behavior and Its Kinetics
Amrullah A, Matsumura Y
2308 - 2318 Time-Resolved Study of Silicate Slag Formation During Combustion of Wheat Straw Pellets
Strandberg A, Skoglund N, Thyrel M, Lestander TA, Brostrom M, Backman R
2319 - 2327 Efficient Synergetic Combination of H-USY and SnO2 for Direct Conversion of Glucose into Ethyl Levulinate (Biofuel Additive)
Heda J, Niphadkar P, Bokade V
2328 - 2334 Influence of Biochar on the Steam Reforming of Biomass Volatiles: Effects of Activation Temperature and Atmosphere
Wang DQ, Li B, Yang HP, Zhao C, Yao DD, Chen HP
2335 - 2347 Effect of Injection Pressure and Air-Fuel Ratio on the Self-Ignition Properties of 1-Butanol-Diesel Fuel Blends: Study Using a Constant-Volume Combustion Chamber
Kuszewski H
2348 - 2358 Empirical Models with Constant and Variable Activation Energy for Biomass Pyrolysis
Varhegyi G
2359 - 2365 Adsorption of Crude Oil Components on Mineral Surfaces Followed by Quartz Crystal Microbalance and Contact Angle Measurements: The Effect of Oil Composition, Simulated Weathering and Dispersants
Farooq U, Nourani M, Ivol F, Arrestad AB, Oye G
2366 - 2380 Low Frequency Ultrasound Enhanced Dual Amination of Biochar: A Nitrogen-Enriched Sorbent for CO2 Capture
Chatterjee R, Sajjadi B, Chen WY, Mattern DL, Egiebor NO, Hammer N, Raman V
2381 - 2389 Novel Binders-Promoted Extrusion-Spheronized CaO-Based Pellets for High-Temperature CO2 Capture
Pi S, Zhang ZH, He DL, Qin CL, Ran JY
2390 - 2398 Effect of Molybdenum Incorporation on the Activity of a Magnetic Fe-Mn Sorbent for the Capture of Elemental Mercury
Zhou Q, Tao X, Lei Y, Liu YB, Lu P, Wang YJ
2399 - 2407 Amine-Functionalized MIL-101 Monoliths for CO2 Removal from Enclosed Environments
Lawson S, Griffin C, Rapp K, Rownaghi AA, Rezaei F
2408 - 2412 Determining Critical Micelle Concentrations of Surfactants Based on Viscosity Calculations from Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Alasiri H
2413 - 2425 Development and Assessment of a Novel Integrated System Using an Ammonia Internal Combustion Engine and Fuel Cells for Cogeneration Purposes
Siddiqui O, Dincer I
2426 - 2436 New Correlation for the Gas Deviation Factor for High-Temperature and High-Pressure Gas Reservoirs Using Neural Networks
Tariq Z, Mahmoud M
2437 - 2444 Coke Removal from a Deactivated Industrial Diesel Hydrogenation Catalyst by Tetralin at 300-400 degrees C
Shi XG, Liu QY, Liu ZY, Shi L, Han W, Li MF, Zhang L, Nie H
2445 - 2452 Naphtha Cracking Kinetics and Process Chemistry on Y and ZSM5 Type Catalysts
Longstaff DC
2453 - 2466 Catalytic Gasification of Biomass in Dual-Bed Gasifier for Producing Tar-Free Syngas
Mandal S, Daggupati S, Majhi S, Thakur S, Bandyopadhyay R, Das AK
2467 - 2476 Research on the Mechanism of Elemental Mercury Removal over Mn-Based SCR Catalysts by a Developed Hg-TPD Method
Zhang SB, Diaz-Somoano M, Zhao YC, Yang JP, Zhang JY
2477 - 2488 Blended E85-Diesel Fuel Droplet Heating and Evaporation
Al-Esawi N, Al Qubeissi M, Whitaker R, Sazhin SS
2489 - 2501 HVO, RME, and Diesel Fuel Combustion in an Optically Accessible Compression Ignition Engine
Cheng Q, Tuomo H, Kaario O, Martti L
2502 - 2515 Experimental and Thermodynamic Study on the Interaction of Copper Oxygen Carriers and Oxide Compounds Commonly Present in Ashes
Darwish E, Yilmaz D, Leion H
2516 - 2525 A Shock-Tube Autoignition Study of Jet, Rocket, and Diesel Fuels
Alturaifi SA, Rebagay RL, Mathieu O, Guo B, Petersen EL
2526 - 2537 Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Structure and Stability of Premixed Swirl-Stabilized CH4/O-2/CO2 Flames in a Model Gas Turbine Combustor
Nemitallah MA, Abdelhafez A, Habib MA
2538 - 2546 Experimental and Numerical Study on Autoignition Characteristics of the Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ether/Diesel Blends
Meng X, Hu EJ, Yoo KH, Boehman AL, Huang ZH
2547 - 2555 Experimental and Computational Study of the Combustion Characteristics of Dual-Stage Lean Premixed Flame
Zhao WH, Liu L, Shen WK, Lyu YJ, Qiu PH
2556 - 2564 Occurrence of Calcium and Magnesium in the Ash from Zhundong Coal Combustion: Emphasis on Their Close Juxtaposition
Fan B, Yu DX, Zeng XP, Liu FQ, Wu JQ, Zhang L, Xu MH
2565 - 2574 Separation Characteristics of Water-in-Oil Emulsion under the Coupling of Electric Field and Magnetic Field
Guo K, Lv YL, He LM, Luo XM, Yang DH
2575 - 2583 Model-Based Investigation of Catalyst Fouling in the Case of Special Hydrocracking of Sunflower Oil and Kerosene Mixture
Hamadi OP, Varga T, Till Z, Eller Z, Hancsok J
2584 - 2597 Optimization of Residual Oil Hydrocrackers: Integration of Pump-Free Ebullated Bed Process with Membrane-Aided Gas Recovery System
Chen B, Meng ZH, Ge HL, Alcheikhhamdon Y, Hoorfar M, Liu L, Yang T, Fang XC
2598 - 2601 Direct Conversion of Benzene as a Tar Analogue to Methane Using Non-thermal Plasma
Saleem F, Zhang K, Harvey A
2602 - 2602 Identification of Refractory Weakly Basic Nitrogen Compounds in a Deeply Hydrotreated Vacuum Gas Oil and Assessment of the Effect of Some Representative Species over the Performance of a Ni-MoS/Y-Zeolite-Alumina Catalyst in Phenanthrene Hydrocracking (vol 32, pg 8715, 2018)
Celis-Cornejo CM, Perez-Martinez DJ, Orrego-Ruiz JA, Baldovino-Medrano VG