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645 - 653 Investigation into the Effect of Heteroatom Content on Kerogen Structure Using Advanced C-13 Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Chu WY, Cao XY, Schmidt-Rohr K, Birdwell JE, Mao JD
654 - 664 Influence of Measuring Geometry on Rheomalaxis of Macrocrystalline Wax-Oil Gels: Alteration of Breakage Mechanism from Adhesive to Cohesive
Rodriguez-Fabia S, Fyllingsnes RL, Winter-Hjelm N, Norrman J, Paso KG
665 - 676 Idealized Shale Sorption Isotherm Measurements To Determine Pore Capacity, Pore Size Distribution, and Surface Area
Holmes R, Aljamaan H, Vishal V, Wilcox J, Kovscek AR
677 - 690 Organic Geochemical Characteristics and Depositional Environment of the Soma-Eynez (Manisa) Coals, Western Anatolia, Turkey
Karadirek S, Ozcelik O
691 - 699 An Assay on Alkyl Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Unexpected Group-Type Separation of Diaromatic Hydrocarbons in Cretaceous Crude Oils from Brazilian Marginal Basin
Moura AKS, Ribeiro DO, do Carmo IS, Araujo BQ, Pereira VB, Azevedo DA, Cito AMGL
700 - 707 Investigating Effects of Pore Size Distribution and Pore Shape on Radon Production in Marcellus Shale Gas Formation
Tian W, Wu XR, Liu DH, Knaup A, Chen CL, Sondergeld C
708 - 713 Improved Chromatographic Technique for Crude Oil Maltene Fractionation
Rezaee S, Doherty R, Tavakkoli M, Vargas FM
714 - 726 Experimental and Modeling Study on the Effect of Shale Composition and Pressure on Methane Diffusivity
Dang W, Jiang S, Zhang JC, Wang FQ, Tao J, Wei XL, Tang X, Wang CH, Chen Q
727 - 738 Wettability Modification and Adsorption Characteristics of Imidazole-Based Ionic Liquid on Carbonate Rock: Implications for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Pillai P, Mandal A
739 - 746 Low-Salinity Surfactant Nanofluid Formulations for Wettability Alteration of Sandstone: Role of the SiO2 Nanoparticle Concentration and Divalent Cation/SO42- Ratio
Jha NK, Iglauer S, Barifcani A, Sarmadivaleh M, Sangwai JS
747 - 755 Fusion Properties of Gasified Fine Ash at High Temperature under Reducing Atmosphere. Part 2: Influence of Fe2O3
Wang Y, Deng HX, Ren QQ
756 - 764 Role of Basal-Charged Clays in Low Salinity Effect in Sandstone Reservoirs: Adhesion Force on Muscovite using Atomic Force Microscope
Al Maskari NS, Xie Q, Saeedi A
765 - 778 Molecular Simulation Study on Methane Adsorption Capacity and Mechanism in Clay Minerals: Effect of Clay Type, Pressure, and Water Saturation in Shales
Li W, Pang XQ, Snape C, Zhang B, Zheng DY, Zhang X
779 - 787 Characterization of Condensable Particulate Matter Emissions in Agricultural Diesel Engines Using a Dilution-Based Sampling Train
Cano M, Vega F, Palomo D, Serrano J, Navarrete B
788 - 795 Methane (CH4) Wettability of Clay-Coated Quartz at Reservoir Conditions
Pan B, Jones F, Huang ZQ, Yang YF, Li YJ, Hejazi SH, Iglauer S
796 - 804 Separation and Characterization of Sulfoxides in Crude Oils
Ren LM, Wu JX, Qian Q, Liu XX, Meng XH, Zhang YH, Shi Q
805 - 813 Electrochemically Assisted Deposition of Calcite for Application in Surfactant Adsorption Studies
Haaring R, Kumar N, Bosma D, Poltorak L, Sudholter EJR
814 - 821 Excess H+ Increases Hydrophilicity during CO2-Assisted Enhanced Oil Recovery in Sandstone Reservoirs
Chen YQ, Sari A, Xie Q, Saeedi A
822 - 829 Insights into Effects of Surfactant Concentration on Foam Behavior in Porous Media
Kahrobaei S, Farajzadeh R
830 - 836 Exploring the Molecular Origin of Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidative Instability through Statistical Analysis of Mass Spectral Data
Christison KM, Lorenz RM, Xue L, Sparkman OD
837 - 847 Investigation of Accessible Pore Structure Evolution under Pressurization and Adsorption for Coal and Shale Using Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
Liu SM, Zhang R, Karpyn Z, Yoon H, Dewers T
848 - 858 Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Simulations of Hydrocarbons Using Molecular Dynamics with Long-Range Lennard-Jones Interactions
Morrow BH, Harrison JA
859 - 867 New Insights into the Occurrence and Interaction of Inorganic Minerals and Organic Matter in Huadian Oil Shale
Liu Q, Hou YC, Wu WZ, Wang YP, Wang Q, Ren SH
868 - 876 Detection, Identification, and Quantification of Nonpolar High Molecular Weight Contaminants in Jet and Diesel Fuels by Liquid Chromatography
Loegel TN, Cramer JA, Hammond MH, Leska IA, Morris RE, Johnson KJ
877 - 890 Nanopyroxene-Based Nanofluids for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Sandstone Cores at Reservoir Temperature
Sagala F, Montoya T, Hethnawi A, Vitale G, Nassar NN
891 - 904 Thermodynamic Modeling of the Equilibrium Partitioning of Hydrocarbons in Nanoporous Kerogen Particles
Liu JL, Chapman WG
905 - 915 Microwave-Assisted Conversion of Low Rank Coal under Methane Environment
Abdelsayed V, Shekhawat D, Smith M, Hammache S
916 - 926 Investigation on Sodium Fate for High Alkali Coal during Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion
Ji JQ, Cheng LM, Liu YQ, Wei YJ, Nie L
927 - 937 Low-Salinity Polymeric Nanofluid-Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Green Polymer-Coated ZnO/SiO2 Nanocomposites in the Upper Qamchuqa Formation in Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Ali JA, Kolo K, Manshad AK, Stephen KD
938 - 945 Mechanism of Ca Additive Acting as a Deterrent to Na2CO3 Deactivation during Catalytic Coal Gasification
Mei YG, Wang ZQ, Bai J, He C, Li WZ, Liu T, Huang JJ, Fang YT
946 - 956 Compositional Analysis of Heteroatom Compounds in Huadian Shale Oil Using Various Analytical Techniques
Cui D, Wang Q, Wang ZC, Liu Q, Pan S, Bai JR, Liu B
957 - 967 Characterizing the Influence of Organic Carboxylic Acids and Inorganic Silica Impurities on the Surface Charge of Natural Carbonates Using an Extended Surface Complexation Model
Song J, Rezaee S, Zhang LL, Zhang ZQ, Puerto M, Wani OB, Vargas F, Alhassan S, Biswal SL, Hirasaki GJ
968 - 978 Impacts of Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction, Oil Cracking, and Gas Mixing on the Petroleum Fluid Phase in the Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin, China
Zhang ZY, Zhang YJ, Zhu GY, Chi LX, Han JF
979 - 989 Mathematical Modeling of the Underground Coal Gasification Process in One Gasification Cycle
Liu HT, Liu SQ, Chen F, Zhao J, Qi KL, Yao H
990 - 997 Temperature Dependence of the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrum of Asphaltenes from Venezuelan Crude Oils and Their Vacuum Residues
Hernandez MS, Coll DS, Silva PJ
998 - 1006 Spherical Poly(vinyl imidazole) Brushes Loading Nickel Cations as Nanocatalysts for Aquathermolysis of Heavy Crude Oil
Zou R, Xu J, Kuffner S, Becker J, Li T, Guan X, Zhang XW, Li L, Stuart MAC, Guo XH
1007 - 1015 Comparative Study on the Static Adsorption Behavior of Zwitterionic Surfactants on Minerals in Middle Bakken Formation
Zhong X, Pu H, Zhou YX, Zhao JX
1016 - 1022 Applying Fast-Field Cycling Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation to Petroleum Tight Sandstone Rocks
Zhou B, Yang PL, Ferrante G, Pasin M, Steele R, Bortolotti V, Korb JP
1023 - 1028 LCO Upgrading via Distillation and Hydroprocessing Technology
Dagonikou V, Bezergianni S, Karonis D
1029 - 1036 Effect of Equation of States on High-Pressure Volumetric Measurements of Methane-Coal Sorption Isotherms-Part 1: Volumes of Free Space and Methane Adsorption Isotherms
Ekundayo JM, Rezaee R
1037 - 1048 Micro-Raman Spectroscopy of Microscopically Distinguishable Components of Naturally Graphitized Coals from Central Hunan Province, China
Li K, Rimmer SM, Liu QF, Zhang YM
1049 - 1060 Mesoscale Simulation for Heavy Petroleum System Using Structural Unit and Dissipative Particle Dynamics (SU-DPD) Frameworks
Guan D, Feng S, Zhang LZ, Shi Q, Zhao SQ, Xu CM
1061 - 1068 Mineralogy and Gas Content of Upper Paleozoic Shanxi and Benxi Shale Formations in the Ordos Basin
Xiong FY, Jiang ZX, Huang HX, Wen M, Moortgat J
1069 - 1073 Direct Detection of Oil Shale Yields: A Laser-Induced Voltage Investigation
Chen MX, Zhu J, Zhan HL, Meng ZH, Zhang SZ, Chen R, Zhao K, Yue WZ
1074 - 1082 Visbreaking of Heavy Oil in Supercritical Benzene
Liu XQ, Qu H, Yang JY, Yuan PQ, Yuan WK
1083 - 1089 Characterization of Acidic Compounds in Ancient Shale of Cambrian Formation Using Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry, Tarim Basin, China
Wang M, Zhu GY
1090 - 1097 Upgrading of Light Cycle Oil to High-Octane Gasoline through Selective Hydrocracking over Non-Noble Metal Bifunctional Catalysts
Peng C, Zhou ZM, Cheng ZM, Fang XC
1098 - 1105 Isotherm and Thermodynamic Studies on the Removal of Sulfur from Diesel Fuel by Mixing-Assisted Oxidative-Adsorptive Desulfurization Technology
Samaniego ML, de Luna MDG, Ong DC, Wan MW, Lu MC
1106 - 1113 Shifting Desulfurization Equilibria in Ionic Liquid-Oil Mixtures
Kareem JH, Abbott AP, Ryder K
1114 - 1122 Dynamic Approach for the Estimation of Olefins in Cracked Fuel Range Products of Variable Nature and Composition by H-1 NMR Spectroscopy
Mondal S, Chattopadhayay K, Srivastav B, Garg K, Kumar R, Chopra A, Christopher J, Kapur GS
1123 - 1132 Features of a Staged Acidogenic/Solventogenic Fermentation Process To Improve Butanol Production from Rice Straw
Chi X, Li JZ, Leu SY, Wang X, Zhang YF, Wang Y
1133 - 1145 Fuel Composition Effects on Carbonyls and Quinones in Particulate Matter from a Light-Duty Diesel Engine Running Biodiesel Blends from Two Feedstocks
Kasumba J, Fukagawa NK, Holmen BA
1146 - 1156 Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Using a Novel Microparticle Microreactor Approach: Effect of Particles Size, Biomass Type, and Temperature
Zolghadr A, Biernacki JJ, Moore RJ
1157 - 1166 Hydrothermal Carbonization of Australian Saltbush
Keiller BG, van Eyk PJ, Lane DJ, Muhlack R, Burton RA
1167 - 1174 Catalyzed Hydrothermal Carbonization with Process Liquid Recycling
Ghaziaskar A, McRae GA, Mackintosh A, Basu OD
1175 - 1184 Biodiesel Production from Microalgal Oil Using Barium-Calcium-Zinc Mixed Oxide Base Catalyst: Optimization and Kinetic Studies
Singh R, Kumar A, Sharma YC
1185 - 1195 Improving the Anaerobic Digestion of Switchgrass via Cofermentation of Rumen Microorganisms (Rumen Bacteria, Protozoa, and Fungi) and a Biogas Slurry
Zheng YL, Wang XK, Yang FY
1196 - 1209 Liquefaction of Lignosulfonate in Supercritical Ethanol Using Alumina-Supported NiMo Catalyst
Parto SG, Christensen JM, Pedersen LS, Hansen AB, Tjosas F, Spiga C, Darnsgaard CD, Larsen DB, Duus JO, Jensen AD
1210 - 1218 Reduction of Wastewater Discharge toward Second-Generation Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol Production: Broth Recycling by the Fermentation-Pervaporation Hybrid Process
Zhang CW, Pang SY, Lv M, Wang XY, Su CS, Gao WX, Chen HD, Cai D, Qin PY, Tan TW
1219 - 1226 Effects of Washing, Autoclaving, and Surfactants on the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Negatively Valued Paper Mill Sludge for Sugar Production
Zhu SY, Sui J, Liu Y, Ye SF, Wang CX, Huo MX, Yu Y
1227 - 1235 Reactivity and Free Radical Chemistry of Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) Charcoal
Nyombi A, Williams MR, Wessling R
1236 - 1247 Fast Pyrolysis of Dried Sugar Cane Vinasse at 400 and 500 degrees C: Product Distribution and Yield
Dirbeba MJ, Aho A, DeMartini N, Brink A, Mattsson I, Hupa L, Hupa M
1248 - 1255 Premethylation of Lignin Hydroxyl Functionality for Improving Storage Stability of Oil from Solvent Liquefaction
Kim JY, Hafezi-Sefat P, Cady S, Smith RG, Brown RC
1256 - 1266 Release of Alkalis and Chlorine from Combustion of Waste Pinewood in a Fixed Bed
Meng XX, Zhou W, Rokni E, Chen GY, Sun R, Levyendis YA
1267 - 1278 Pyrolysis Characteristics and Kinetics of Coal-Biomass Blends during Co-Pyrolysis
Chen XY, Liu L, Zhang LY, Zhao Y, Qiu PH
1279 - 1289 Hydrogen Generation Performance from Taihu Algae and Food Waste by Anaerobic Codigestion
Xu J, Upcraft T, Tang Q, Guo M, Huang ZX, Zhao MX, Ruan WQ
1290 - 1295 Behavior of Phosphorus in Catalytic Supercritical Water Gasification of Dewatered Sewage Sludge: The Conversion Pathway and Effect of Alkaline Additive
Wang CY, Zhu W, Chen C, Zhang H, Fan YJ, Mu B, Zhong J
1296 - 1301 Steam Reforming of Tar Using Low-Grade Iron Ore for Hydrogen Production
Cahyono RB, Bin Mansor M, Nomura T, Hidayat M, Budiman A, Akiyama T
1302 - 1313 Catalytic Hydropyrolysis of Biomass Using Molybdenum Sulfide Based Catalyst. Effect of Promoters
Stummann MZ, Hansen AB, Hansen LP, Davidsen B, Rasmussen SB, Wiwel P, Gabrielsen J, Jensen PA, Jensen AD, Hoj M
1314 - 1324 Effect of Calcium Formate on Hydrodeoxygenation of Biomass Model Compounds
Neeli ST, Shakya R, Adhikari S, Ramsurn H
1325 - 1333 Simultaneous Removal of SO2 and NO Using H2O2/Urea Activated by Vacuum Ultraviolet Light in a Pilot-Scale Spraying Tower
Xie WX, Xu CW, Zhang J, Liu YX, Xi JF, Lv JH, Gu ZZ
1334 - 1343 Solvent Regeneration of a CO2-Loaded BEA-AMP Bi-Blend Amine Solvent with the Aid of a Solid Bronsted Ce(SO4)(2)/ZrO2 Superacid Catalyst
Prasongthum N, Natewong P, Reubroycharoen P, Idem R
1344 - 1353 Kinetics and Mechanism Study of Mercury Adsorption by Activated Carbon in Wet Oxy-Fuel Conditions
Wang H, Shen HT, Shen C, Li YN, Ying ZF, Duan YF
1354 - 1362 Mechanism of Hg-0 and O-2 Interaction on the IrO2 (110) Surface: A Density Functional Theory Study
Zhao HT, Liu S, Lo WT, Enujekwu F, Zheng CH, Yu SY, Gao X, Wu T
1363 - 1371 Thermolytic Conversion of Waste Polyolefins into Fuels Fraction with the Use of Reactive Distillation and Hydrogenation with the Syngas under Atmospheric Pressure
Matuszewska A, Handerek A, Biernat K, Bukrejewski P
1372 - 1382 Exploring the Acid Gas Sorption Properties of Oxidatively Degraded Supported Amine Sorbents
Potter ME, Cho KM, Lee JJ, Jones CW
1383 - 1391 Efficient Inhibition of S(IV) Oxidation in a Novel Basic Aluminum Sulfate Regenerative Flue Gas Desulfurization Process by Ethylene Glycol: Kinetics and Reaction Mechanism
Chen M, Xie BG, He FQ, Deng XH
1392 - 1403 Membrane Absorption Coupling Process for CO2 Capture: Application of Water-Based ZnO, TiO2, and Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Nanofluids
Zare P, Keshavarz P, Mowla D
1404 - 1413 Improving Adsorptive Performance of CaO for High-Temperature CO2 Capture through Fe and Ga Doping
Al-Mamoori A, Lawson S, Rownaghi AA, Rezaei F
1414 - 1421 Density Functional Theory Study of Arsenic Adsorption on the Fe2O3 (001) Surface
Zhang Y, Liu J
1422 - 1432 Kinetic Effects of Ionic Liquids on Methane Hydrate
Shen XD, Zhou XB, Liang DQ
1433 - 1443 Growth and Decomposition Mechanism of Clathrate Hydrates in the Presence of Porous Media and Seawater: Experimental Validation
Palodkar AV, Jana AK
1444 - 1449 Influence of Reaction Reversibility on the Interpretation of Delplots of the Parallel-Series Reaction Network
Abo-Ghander NS, Klein MT
1450 - 1457 Effects of Citric Acid Addition Method on the Activity of NiMo/gamma-Al2O3 Catalysts in Simultaneous Hydrodesulfurization and Hydrodenitrogenation Reactions
Braggio FA, de Mello MD, Magalhaes BC, Zotin JL, Silva MAP
1458 - 1466 Selective Production of Propylene from Methanol over Monolith-Supported Modified-ZSM-5 Catalysts
Ali MA, Al-Baghli NA, Nisar M, Malaibari ZO, Abutaleb A, Ahmed S
1467 - 1472 How Does an Acidic Support Affect the Hydrotreatment of a Gas Oil with High Nitrogen Content?
Nguyen MT, Pirngruber GD, Albrieux F, Chainet F, Tayakout-Fayolle M, Geantet C
1473 - 1478 Elucidation of the Reaction Network for the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Butane to Butadiene
Tanimu G, Al-Khattaf SS, Klein MT
1479 - 1488 Influence of Support Acidity on the HDS Performance over beta-SBA-16 and Al-SBA-16 Substrates: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study
Zheng P, Hu D, Meng Q, Liu C, Wang XL, Fan JY, Duan AJ, Xu CM
1489 - 1500 Study on the Migration Characteristics of Sodium and Chlorine in Chemical Looping Process of ZhunDong Coal with Hematite Oxygen Carrier
Ge HJ, Shen LH, Song T, Yin SY
1501 - 1508 Effect of Stoichiometry and Temperature on NOx Reduction by Reagent Injection in the Fuel-Rich Zone of Pulverized Coal Combustion
Bi DG, Zhang ZX, Dong JC, Zhu ZX, Yu J
1509 - 1517 A New Method for Direct Determination of Char Yield during Solid Fuel Pyrolysis in Drop-Tube Furnace at High Temperature and Its Comparison with Ash Tracer Method
Liaw SB, Wu HW
1518 - 1526 Investigation of Simultaneously Reducing the Emission of Ultrafine Particulate Matter and Heavy Metals by Adding Modified Attapulgite During Coal Combustion
Xu YS, Liu XW, Wang H, Zhang YF, Qi JX, Xu MH
1527 - 1539 Mechanism of Gas Generation during Low-Temperature Oxidation of Coal and Model Compounds
Li JL, Lu W, Kong B, Cao YJZ, Qi GS, Qin CR
1540 - 1546 Density Functional Theory Study of Mercury Adsorption on CuS Surface: Effect of Typical Flue Gas Components
Li HL, Feng SH, Yang ZQ, Yang JP, Liu SJ, Hu YC, Zhong L, Qu WQ
1547 - 1555 Conversion of Coal in a Fluidized Bed Chemical Looping Combustion Reactor with and without Oxygen Uncoupling
Merret KM, Whitty KJ
1556 - 1569 Combustion Characteristics and Pollutant Emissions in Transient Oxy-Combustion of a Single Biomass Particle: A Numerical Study
Wang LW, Karimi N, Sutardi T, Paul MC
1570 - 1581 Cenosphere Formation during Single-Droplet Combustion of Heavy Fuel Oil
Jiang L, Elbaz AM, Guida P, Al-Noman SM, AlGhamdi IA, Saxena S, Roberts WL
1582 - 1589 In Situ Imaging Studies of Combustor Pressure Effects on Soot Oxidation
Sediako AD, Bennett A, Roberts WL, Thomson MJ
1590 - 1602 Experimental Investigation of NO Reburning During Oxy-Coal Burner Staging
Daood SS, Yelland TS, Szuhanszki J, Pourkashanian M, Nimmo W
1603 - 1621 Defluidization Prediction and Prevention during Cocombustion of ReEngineered Feedstock with Coal in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Combustor
Shabanian J, Sauriol P, Rakib A, Chaouki J
1622 - 1630 Corn-Stalk Chemical Looping Combustion Using tert-Butanol Waste Solution
Qin W, Wang JY, Gao Q, Jiao LG, Chen XN, Chen SB, Jia KJ, Xiao XB, Zheng ZM, Zhao J, Liu L, Dong CQ
1631 - 1636 Preparation, Characterization, and Thermal Properties of Microencapsulated Phase Change Material for Low-Temperature Thermal Energy Storage
Wang Y, Liu ZM, Niu XF, Ling X
1637 - 1648 Improved Polymer Flooding in Harsh Environments by Free-Radical Polymerization and the Use of Nanomaterials
Haruna MA, Nourafkan E, Hu ZL, Wen DS
1649 - 1658 Effect of Reactor Configuration on the Hydrotreating of Atmospheric Residue
Alonso F, Ancheyta J, Centeno G, Marroquin G, Rayo P, Silva-Rodrigo R
1659 - 1672 Optimal Applications and Combinations of Renewable Fuel Production from Biomass and Electricity
Konig A, Ulonska K, Mitsos A, Viell J
1673 - 1681 Evaluation of the Influence of Operating Parameters in the Modeling and Simulation of Sour Gas Stream Desulfurization by Adsorption
dos Santos JPL, Lobato AKDL, Moraes C, Severo JB, Marques JJ, dos Santos LCL
1682 - 1692 Study of Vacuum Residues and Their Transformation to Asphalts for the Pavement Industry by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Chemometric Methods
Jaimes L, Santos N, Molina D