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12123 - 12153 Review of 30 Years of Research Using the Chemical Percolation Devolatilization Model
Fletcher TH
12154 - 12169 Generalized Extreme Value Statistics, Physical Scaling, and Forecasts of Gas Production in the Barnett Shale
Patzek TW, Saputra W, Kirati W, Marder M
12170 - 12181 Wettability Alteration in Low-Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs by "SiO2-Rhamnolipid" Nanofluid
Wang D, Sun SS, Cui K, Li HL, Gong YJ, Hou JR, Zhang ZZ
12182 - 12190 Graphite and Graphite Oxide: New Models to Analyze the Calcium Catalytic Effect on Steam Gasification of Lignite and Char
Ban YP, Liu QS, Zhou HC, He RX, Zhi KD, Li N
12191 - 12201 Impact of the Composition and Content of Dissolved-State Paraffins in Model Oil on the Aggregation State of Asphaltenes and the Stability of Water-in-Model Oil Emulsion
Sun GY, Zhang H, Liu DW, You J, Yang F, Li CX, Yao B
12202 - 12212 Preparation of a Cationic Hyperbranched Polymer for Inhibiting Clay Hydration Swelling in the Process of Oilfield Waterflooding
Feng Q, Liu H, Peng ZG, Zheng Y
12213 - 12218 FTIR-ATR Predictive Model for Determination of Asphaltene Solubility Class Index (ASCI) Based on Partial Least-Squares Regression (PLS-R)
Nino AR, Ramirez CX, Hernandez RC, Picon H, Guerrero JE, Mejia-Ospino E
12219 - 12226 Effects of Pressure on the Characteristics of Bituminous Coal Pyrolysis Char Formed in a Pressurized Drop Tube Furnace
Zhang WD, Zhao YJ, Sun SZ, Feng DD, Li PF
12227 - 12235 Diesel Emulsion Fuels with Ultralong Stability
Rastogi P, Kaisare NS, Basavaraj MG
12236 - 12250 Numerical Investigation of the in Situ Oil Shale Pyrolysis Process by Superheated Steam Considering the Anisotropy of the Thermal, Hydraulic, and Mechanical Characteristics of Oil Shale
Wang GY, Yang D, Kang ZQ, Zhao J, Lv YQ
12251 - 12259 Effect of Struvite Addition on Relieving the Slagging Tendency during Zhundong Coal Combustion
Yu ZH, Jin J, Yang HR, Zhang RP, Hang YX
12260 - 12269 Characteristic of Particulate Matter from Combustion of Zhundong Lignite: A Comparison between Air and Oxy-fuel Atmospheres
Ruan RH, Tan HZ, Wang XB, Yang FX, Hu ZF, Ren ZJ
12270 - 12277 Wetting Behavior of Shale Rocks and Its Relationship to Oil Composition
Lu YH, Zeng LP, Sari A, Chen YQ, Jin Y, Xie Q
12278 - 12285 NMR-Responsive Paramagnetic [M-EDTA] (M = Fe3+, Mn2+, Cu2+) Complexes to Differentiate T-2-Distribution Signals of Crude Oil and Brine
Khan SA, Ali S, Yamani ZH, Hussaini SR, Eastoe J, Khan AM, Sarfraz S
12286 - 12294 Data Fusion of Raman and Near-Infrared Spectroscopies for the Rapid Quantitative Analysis of Methanol Content in Methanol-Gasoline
Li MG, Xue J, Du Y, Zhang TL, Li H
12295 - 12307 CPFD Simulation of Hydrodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Reactions in a Downer Reactor for Coal Pyrolysis with Binary Particles
Wu YY, Shi XG, Wang CX, Gao JS, Lan XY
12308 - 12318 Investigation on in Situ Foam Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Offshore Oilfield
Chen HL, Li ZM, Fei W, Li SY
12319 - 12329 Understanding the Cation-Dependent Surfactant Adsorption on Clay Minerals in Oil Recovery
Liu ZL, Ghatkesar MK, Sudholter EJR, Singh B, Kumar N
12330 - 12345 Investigation into the Flow Assurance of Waxy Crude Oil by Application of Graphene-Based Novel Nanocomposite Pour Point Depressants
Sharma R, Deka B, Mahto V, Vuthaluru H, Li CZ
12346 - 12352 Enhanced Light Aromatic Yield from Lignite Pyrolysis by Remedying the Acid Sites of Different Hierarchical HZSM-5
Yang Z, Cao JP, Zhao XY, Ren XY, Zhu C, Feng XB, Wei XY
12353 - 12365 Decomposition Kinetics and Self-Preservation of Methane Hydrate Particles in Crude Oil Dispersions: Experiments and Theory
Sizikov AA, Vlasov VA, Stoporev AS, Manakov AY
12366 - 12373 Geochemical Characteristics of Bentonite and Its Influence on Shale Reservoir Quality in Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation, South Sichuan Basin, China
Chen L, Wang GX, Yang Y, Jing C, Chen M, Tan XC
12374 - 12386 Deactivation of a CoMo Catalyst during Catalytic Hydropyrolysis of Biomass. Part 1. Product Distribution and Composition
Stummann MZ, Hoj M, Hansen AB, Beato P, Wiwel P, Gabrielsen J, Jensen PA, Jensen AD
12387 - 12402 Deactivation of a CoMo Catalyst during Catalytic Hydropyrolysis of Biomass. Part 2. Characterization of the Spent Catalysts and Char
Stummann MZ, Hoj M, Davidsen B, Hansen LP, Beato P, Gabrielsen J, Jensen PA, Jensen AD
12403 - 12420 Effect of Dewatering Wood-Derived Fast Pyrolysis Oil on Its Fuel Properties for Power Generation
Khan MS, Rafiq M, Sookrah V, Thomson MJ
12421 - 12430 Analysis of Cycle-To-Cycle Combustion Variations in a Spark-Ignition Engine Operating under Various Biogas Compositions
Gupta SK, Mittal M
12431 - 12440 Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Ignition Enhancers in the Blends of Sapota Biodiesel/Diesel Blends on a CRDi Engine
Jayabal R, Thangavelu L, Velu C
12441 - 12449 Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion of Swine Manure by the Addition of Zero-Valent Iron.
Yang Y, Wang JY, Zhou YB
12450 - 12458 Co-pyrolysis Mechanism of Natural Rubber and Cellulose Based on Thermogravimetry-Gas Chromatography and Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Yao ER, Wang YZ, Yang QR, Zhong HW, Liu T, Zou HS, Zhang Y
12459 - 12468 Nitrogen-Doped Hierarchical Porous Biochar Derived from Corn Stalks for Phenol-Enhanced Adsorption
Li YC, Xing B, Wang XL, Wang KG, Zhu LJ, Wang SR
12469 - 12479 Biochemical Compositional Analysis and Kinetic Modeling of Hydrothermal Carbonization of Australian Saltbush
Keiller BG, Muhlack R, Burton RA, van Eyk PJ
12480 - 12491 Moisture Sorption Isotherm of Herbaceous and Agricultural Biomass
Yao C, Tian XF, Sheng CD
12492 - 12498 Improvement in the Calorific Value of Producer Gas from Rice Husk with Addition of Spent Tea Waste as Secondary Fuel
Augustine MA, Sekhar SJ
12499 - 12507 Investigations on Cunninghamia Lanceolate Cedar Wood Pyrolysis by Thermogravimetric-Fourier Transform Infrared Analysis and a Modified Discrete Distributed Activation Energy Model Kinetic Method
Chen ZH, Li YR, Li PL, Wu MR, Zhang X, Zhang XQ, Zhu GF
12508 - 12517 Emission and Retention of Cadmium during the Combustion of Contaminated Biomass with Mineral Additives
Zhu ZC, Huang YJ, Zha JR, Yu MZ, Liu XY, Li HY, Zhu XE
12518 - 12526 Efficient Synthesis of Liquid Fuel Intermediates from Furfural and Levulinic Acid via Aldol Condensation over Hierarchical MFI Zeolite Catalyst
Su MX, Li WZ, Ma QZ, Li S, Yang T, Dou XM
12527 - 12537 Nonisothermal Thermogravimetric Kinetic Investigations on Combustion Behaviors of Concomitant Biomass from Urban Plants
Yang LC, Pang QH, He ZJ, Xu TX, Yang SJ, Wang Y
12538 - 12548 Insights into Efficient Removal of Gaseous Hg-0 using AgIO3-Modified BiOI/CoFe2O4 Composites through Photocatalytic Oxidation
Zhang AC, Zhou PY, Zhang XM, Li HX, Wang YC, Sun ZJ, Xiang J, Su S, Liu ZC
12549 - 12557 Experimental Study on Dust Removal of Flue Gas under O-2/CO2 Combustion
Wu HB, Liu Y, Chen W, Liu HX, Liu ZH
12558 - 12567 Nitrogen-Enriched Porous Carbon Fiber as a CO2 Adsorbent with Superior CO2 Selectivity by Air Activation
Xiong L, Wang XF, Li L, Jin L, Zhang YG, Song SL, Liu RP
12568 - 12577 Stone Dust Looping for Ventilation Air Methane Abatement: A 1 m(3)/s Pilot-Scale Study
Tremain P, Maddocks A, Moghtaderi B
12578 - 12586 Benzene-Based Hyper-Cross-Linked Polymer with Enhanced Adsorption Capacity for CO2 Capture
Penchah HR, Ghaemi A, Gilani HG
12587 - 12600 Experimental Study on the Kinetics of Adsorption of CO2 and CH4 in Gas-Bearing Shale Reservoirs
Du XD, Gu M, Hou ZK, Liu ZJ, Wu TF
12601 - 12609 Nitrogen-Containing Porous Carbon for Highly Selective and Efficient CO2 Capture
Song CC, Liu MH, Ye WY, Liu YC, Zhang H, Lu RW, Zhang SF
12610 - 12620 Grafting Poly(ethyleneimine) on the Pore Surface of Poly(glycidyl methacrylate-trimethylolpropane triacrylate) for Preparation of the CO2 Sorbent
Nie LJ, Bai L, Chen J, Jin JS, Mi JG
12621 - 12627 Synergistic Removal of SOx and NOx in CO2 Compression and Purification in Oxy-Fuel Combustion Power Plant
Wu HB, Chen W, Wu JH, Zheng ZM, Duan LB
12628 - 12636 Use of Extracellular Polymer Substance as an Additive to Improve Biogas Yield and Digestion Performance
Ma HT, Guo CY, Wu M, Liu H, Wang ZW, Wang SF
12637 - 12646 Selective Removal of Thiophene Using Surface Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Based on beta-Cyclodextrin Porous Carbon Nanospheres and Polycarboxylic Acid Functional Monomers
Hua SJ, Hu YQ, Zhao L, Cao LY, Wang XQ, Gao JS, Xu CM
12647 - 12655 Comparison of the Catalytic Performance of Ni, Mo, and Ni-Mo Impregnated on Acid Halloysite Nanotubes in the n-Decane Hydroconversion
Torres-Luna JA, Moreno S, Molina R, Carriazo JG
12656 - 12665 CH4 Cracking over the Cu-Ni/Al-MCM-41 Catalyst for the Simultaneous Production of H-2 and Highly Ordered Graphitic Carbon Nanofibers
Gutta N, Velisoju VK, Tardio J, Patel J, Satyanarayana L, Sarrna AVS, Akula V
12666 - 12678 Pyrolysis of Expanded Waste Polystyrene: Influence of Nickel-Doped Copper Oxide on Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Product Distribution
Nisar J, Ali G, Shah A, Shah MR, Iqbal M, Ashiq MN, Bhatti HN
12679 - 12684 Stable Boron-Modified ZSM-22 Zeolite Catalyst for Selective Production of Propylene from Methanol
Jamil AK, Nishitoba T, Ahmed MHM, Yamani ZH, Yokoi T, Muraza O
12685 - 12689 Solvent Effects for the Hydrolysis Reaction of Dibenzyl ether in Supercritical Water: A Combined Density Functional Theory and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
Alasiri H, Klein MT
12690 - 12695 Kinetic Study on Heavy Oil Oxidation by Copper Tallates
Khelkhal MA, Eskin AA, Vakhin AV
12696 - 12703 Catalytic Cracking of Endothermic Fuels over Meso-HZSM-5/MCM-41 Coatings
Diao ZH, Rong D, Hou X, Chen YL, Zheng PF, Liu YQ, Sun D
12704 - 12713 Autoignition Control Using an Additive with Adaptable Chemical Structure. Part 2. Development of a PRF Kinetic Model Including 1,3-Cyclohexadiene Mechanism and Simulations of Ignition Control
Schonborn A, Le MD, Fournet R, Glaude PA, Warth V, Sirjean B
12714 - 12722 Effect of Fuel Properties on Knocking Combustion in an Optical Rapid Compression Machine
Wei HQ, Hu Z, Pan JY, Wang XW, Zhou L, Liu F
12723 - 12735 Numerical and Experimental Parametric Study of Emission Characteristics in an Axial Fuel Staging System
Shao WW, Wang ZY, Liu XW, Zhang ZD, Xiao YH, Zhao Y
12736 - 12741 Experimental Study on the Self-Similar Propagation of H-2/CO/Air Turbulent Premixed Flame
Jiang YH, Hong GX, Li HM, Zhang GP, Lv JC
12742 - 12748 Statistical Analysis of Volatile Combustion Time-Characteristics of Single Coal Particles Using High-Speed OH-PLIF
Peng JB, Cao Z, Yu X, Yan B, Qi HL, Sun R, Yu Y, Chang G, Gao L
12749 - 12757 Experimental Characterization of Diesel Combustion in an Electrically Preheated Porous Media Burner
Liu L, Liu HS, Xie MZ, Liu XH
12758 - 12766 Hydrogen Isotope Composition of n-Alkanes Generated during Anhydrous Pyrolysis of Peats from Different Environments
Duan Y, Wu YZ, Li ZP, Xing LT, Zhang T
12767 - 12780 Combustion of NH3/CH4/Air and NH3/H-2/Air Mixtures in a Porous Burner: Experiments and Kinetic Modeling
Rocha RC, Ramos CF, Costa M, Bai XS
12781 - 12790 Experimental Investigation of Pressurized Combustion Characteristics of a Single Coal Particle in O-2/N-2 and O-2/CO2 Environments
Chen QY, Wang YS, Li J, Liu ZH
12791 - 12800 Reaction Characteristics and MILD Combustion of Residual Char in a Pilot-Scale Furnace
Hu F, Li PF, Zhang T, Li WH, Wang K, Guo JJ, Mi JC, Liu ZH
12801 - 12813 Numerical Investigation on the Improvement of Carbon Conversion in a Dual Circulating Fluidized Bed Reactor for Chemical Looping Combustion of Coal
Chen X, Ma JC, Tian X, Xu ZW, Zhao HB
12814 - 12821 Impact of Pulverized Coal Particle Sizes on Combustibility and NOx Emission in Different Blending Methods
Lee BH, Shagdarsuren L, Jeon CH
12822 - 12829 Comparison of Primary Volatiles from Coal and Biomass Pyrolysis in N-2 and CO2
Cerciello F, Senneca O, Russo C, Apicella B
12830 - 12838 Understanding of the Ignition Behavior of n-Heptane Spray in Constant Volume Combustion Bombs Focusing on Chemical Kinetics
Fan WW, Chang YC, Jia M, Liu G
12839 - 12851 Numerical Study of NOx and Soot Formations in Hydrocarbon Diffusion Flames
Lee CC, Tran MV, Scribano G, Chong CT, Ooi JB, Cong HT
12852 - 12864 Effects of Camphor Oil Addition to Diesel on the Nanostructures and Oxidative Reactivity of Combustion-Generated Soot
Morajkar PP, Pena GDJG, Raj A, Elkadi M, Rahman R, Salkar A, Pillay A, Anjana T, Cha MS
12865 - 12870 Impact of Mass Transfer in the Carbon/Carbonate-Packed Bed on the Power Output of a Press-Type Direct Carbon Fuel Cell
Watanabe H, Shimada T, Nakanouchi M, Hanamura K
12871 - 12884 Beyond Ceria: Theoretical Investigation of Isothermal and Near Isothermal Redox Cycling of Perovskites for Solar Thermochemical Fuel Production
Carrillo RJ, Scheffe JR
12885 - 12893 Stereolithography Provides Access to 3D Printed lonogels with High Ionic Conductivity
Zehbe K, Lange A, Taubert A
12894 - 12904 Hydroperoxide Formation and Thermal Oxidation of Methyl tert-Butyl Ether Oxidation at Low Temperature
Zhang Q, Kumasaki M, Liu XM, Ren F, Nishiwaki Y, Wang B, Matsue S
12905 - 12915 Construction and Evaluation of a Medium-Rank Coal Molecular Model Using a Hybrid Experimental-Simulation-Theoretical Method
Bian JJ, Li X, Zeng FG, Wang XL
12916 - 12923 Demulsification of Arabian Heavy Crude Oil Emulsions Using Novel Amphiphilic Ionic Liquids Based on Glycidyl 4-Nonylphenyl Ether
Abdullah MMS, Al-Lohedan HA