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ISSN: 0887-0624 (Print) 

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4065 - 4068 6th Sino-Australian Symposium on Advanced Coal and Biomass Utilisation Technologies
Wu HW, Yu Y, Gao XP, Xu MH, Liu XW
4069 - 4095 Review of Pulverized Combustion of Non-Woody Residues
Rabacal M, Pereira S, Costa M
4096 - 4106 Distinctive Hydrodynamics of a Micro Fluidized Bed and Its Application to Gas-Solid Reaction Analysis
Wang F, Zeng X, Geng SL, Yue JR, Tang SB, Cui YB, Yu J, Xu GW
4107 - 4117 Electrochemical Oxidation of Carbon at High Temperature: Principles and Applications
Liu J, Zhou MY, Zhang YP, Liu PP, Liu ZJ, Xie YM, Cai WZ, Yu FY, Zhou Q, Wang XQ, Ni M, Liu ML
4118 - 4126 Metals and Other Elements in Biocrude from Fast and Isothermal Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Microalgae
Jiang JM, Savage PE
4127 - 4138 Decomposition of Cellulose in Hot-Compressed Water: Detailed Analysis of the Products and Effect of Operating Conditions
Buendia-Kandia F, Mauviel G, Guedon E, Rondags E, Petitjean D, Dufour A
4139 - 4148 Acid-Catalyzed Ring Opening of Furan in Aqueous Solution
Liang X, Haynes BS, Montoya A
4149 - 4159 Effect of Hydrothermal Carbonization on the Combustion and Gasification Behavior of Agricultural Residues and Macroalgae: Devolatilization Characteristics and Char Reactivity
Lane DJ, Truong E, Larizza F, Chiew P, de Nys R, van Eyk PJ
4160 - 4166 Effect of Torrefaction on the Structure and Pyrolysis Behavior of Lignin
Dai GX, Zou Q, Wang SR, Zhao Y, Zhu LJ, Huang QX
4167 - 4177 Characterization of Biochars Derived from Pyrolysis of Biomass and Calcium Oxide Mixtures
Wilson F, Tremain P, Moghtaderi B
4178 - 4188 Mobile Autothermal Pyrolysis System for Local Biomass Conversion: Process Simulation and Techno-Economic Analysis
Chen X, Zhang HY, Xiao R
4189 - 4201 Numerical Study of the Pyrolysis of Ellipsoidal Low-Rank Coal Briquettes
Zhuo YT, Wang TY, Li CX, Shen YS
4202 - 4211 Comparative Study of the MILD Combustion Characteristics of Biomass and Brown Coal
Saha M, Gitto G, Chinnici A, Dally BB
4212 - 4220 Influence of Primary and Secondary Air Supply on Gaseous Emissions from a Small-Scale Staged Solid Biomass Fuel Combustor
Kirch T, Birzer CH, van Eyk PJ, Medwell PR
4221 - 4226 Experimental Study of Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of Single Particles of Zhundong Lignite
Zhang ZZ, Zhu MM, Li JB, Zhang K, Xu G, Zhang DK
4227 - 4236 Self-Heating of Agricultural Residues During Storage and Its Impact on Fuel Properties
Tian XF, Zhang H, Sheng CD
4237 - 4247 Chlorine-Induced High-Temperature Corrosion of Boiler Steels Combusting Sha Erhu Coal Compared to Biomass
Liu YC, Fan WD, Wu XF, Zhang X
4248 - 4254 X-ray Computed Tomography Visualization of the Woody Char Intraparticle Pore Structure and Its Role on Anisotropic Evolution during Char Gasification
Watanabe H
4255 - 4268 CO2 Gasification of Sugar Cane Bagasse: Quantitative Understanding of Kinetics and Catalytic Roles of Inherent Metallic Species
Zahara ZF, Kudo S, Daniyanto, Ashik UPM, Norinaga K, Budiman A, Hayashi J
4269 - 4277 An Experimental Investigation of the Catalytic Activity of Natural Calcium-Rich Minerals and a Novel Dual-Supported CaO-Ca12Al14O33/Al2O3 Catalyst for Biotar Steam Reforming
Yin FK, Tremain P, Yu JL, Doroodchi E, Moghtaderi B
4278 - 4290 Ash-Bed Material Interaction during the Combustion and Steam Gasification of Australian Agricultural Residues
He ZM, Lane DJ, Saw WL, van Eyk PJ, Nathan GJ, Ashman PJ
4291 - 4299 Chemical Looping Gasification of Coal in a 5 kW(th) Interconnected Fluidized Bed with a Two-Stage Fuel Reactor
Shen TX, Wu J, Shen LH, Yan JC, Jiang SX
4300 - 4307 Particle Size Distributions of Fly Ash Arising from Vaporized Components of Coal Combustion: A Comparison of Theory and Experiment
Liu HM, Wang YM, Wendt JOL
4308 - 4314 Effect of CO2/H2O on the Incipient Ultrafine Particulate Matter Formation in Oxy-fuel Combustion of High-Sodium Lignite
Gao Q, Li SQ, Xu Y, Yao J
4315 - 4322 Impact of Oxy-fuel Combustion on Ash Properties and Sintering Strength Development
Wu JQ, Yu DX, Liu FQ, Yu X, Zeng XP, Han JK, Yu G, Xu MH
4323 - 4333 Modeling the Vaporization of Inorganic Matter from a Single Coal Char Particle Burning in an O-2/CO2 Atmosphere
Chen Y, Jiang LX, Zhang H, Sheng CD
4334 - 4340 Effect of Acid Gases on Elemental Mercury Removal in an Oxy-fuel CO2 Compression Process
Li XS, Huang Q, Luo C, Zhou D, Xu YQ, Zhang LQ, Zheng CG
4341 - 4349 Waste to Energy Conversion of Chicken Litter through a Solar-Driven Pyrolysis Process
Weldekidan H, Strezov V, Kan T, Town G
4350 - 4356 Solar-Thermal Pyrolysis of Mallee Wood at High Temperatures
Wu HW, Gauthier D, Yu Y, Gao XP, Flamant G
4357 - 4363 Worm-like FeS2/TiO2 Nanotubes for Photoelectrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to Methanol under Visible Light
Han ES, Hu FY, Zhang S, Luan B, Li PQ, Sun HQ, Wang SB
4364 - 4371 Characteristic Properties of Lignite To Be Converted to High-Strength Coke by Hot Briquetting and Carbonization
Kudo S, Mori A, Hayashi G, Yoshida T, Okuyama N, Norinaga K, Hayashi J
4372 - 4381 Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Biomass Combustion in a Simulated Ironmaking Blast Furnace: Effect of the Particle Shape
Liu YR, Shen YS
4382 - 4390 Impact of Coal Pyrolysis Products as a Rheological Additive on Thermoplasticity of a Coking Coal
Xie W, Stanger R, Tran QA, Smith N, Wall T, Lucas J
4391 - 4398 Ash Aerosol and Deposition Formation Mechanisms during Air/Oxy-combustion of Rice Husks in a 100 kW Combustor
Wang YM, Li XL, Wendt JOL
4399 - 4409 Behavior of Slagging Deposits during Coal and Biomass Co-combustion in a 300 kW Down-Fired Furnace
Ma WC, Zhou H, Zhang JK, Zhang K, Liu D, Zhou CY, Cen KF
4410 - 4416 Effects of Air Pollution Control Devices on the Chlorine Emission from 410 t/h Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers Co-firing Petroleum Coke and Coal
Cui J, Duan LB, Zhou LF, Zhao CS
4417 - 4423 Behavior of Alkali Metals in Fly Ash during Waste Heat Recovery for Municipal Solid Waste Incineration
Zhao J, Wei XL, Li T, Li HX, Bin F
4424 - 4431 In Situ Diagnostics on the Dynamic Processes of Ash Deposit Formation, Shedding, and Heat Transfer in a Self-Sustained Down-Fired Furnace
Huang Q, Xu Y, Yao Q, Li SQ
4432 - 4441 Tensile Adhesion Strength of Biomass Ash Deposits: Effect of the Temperature Gradient and Ash Chemistry
Laxminarayan Y, Nair AB, Jensen PA, Wu H, Frandsen FJ, Sander B, Glarborg P
4442 - 4452 Investigation on Ash Slagging Characteristics During Combustion of Biomass Pellets and Effect of Additives
Wang L, Skjevrak G, Skreiberg O, Wu HW, Nielsen HK, Hustad JE
4453 - 4460 Effect of the Mechanism of H2S on Elemental Mercury Removal Using the MnO2 Sorbent during Coal Gasification
Wang Z, Liu J, Yang YJ, Miao S, Shen FH
4461 - 4468 Enhanced Hg(II) Adsorption by Monocarboxylic-Acid-Modified Microalgae Residuals in Simulated and Practical Industrial Wastewater
Peng Y, Liu XJ, Gong X, Li XM, Liu YF, Leng EW, Zhang Y
4469 - 4477 Evaluation and Prediction of CadmiuM Removal from Aqueous Solution by Phosphate-Modified Activated Bamboo Biochar
Zhang SH, Zhang H, Cai J, Zhang X, Zhang JJ, Shao JA
4478 - 4492 Optimal Equivalence Ratio to Minimize NO Emission during Moderate or Intense Low-Oxygen Dilution Combustion
Hu F, Li PF, Guo JJ, Wang FF, Wang K, Jiang XD, Liu ZH, Zheng CG
4493 - 4501 Sulfur Fate during the Lignite Pyrolysis Process in a Chemical Looping Combustion Environment
Ma JC, Wang CQ, Zhao HB, Tian X
4502 - 4510 Enhanced CO2 Adsorption and Selectivity of CO2/N-2 on Amino-MIL-53(Al) Synthesized by Polar Co-solvents
Abid HR, Rada ZH, Duan XG, Sun HQ, Wang SB
4511 - 4520 Thermal Chemical Conversion of High-Density Polyethylene for the Production of Valuable Carbon Nanotubes Using Ni/AAO Membrane Catalyst
Liu XT, Sun HM, Wu CF, Patel D, Huang J
4521 - 4527 Preparation of Li4SiO4 Sorbents for Carbon Dioxide Capture via a Spray-Drying Technique
Hu YC, Liu WQ, Zhou ZJ, Yang YD
4528 - 4537 Evaluating the Thermal Extrusion Behavior of a Coking Coal for Direct Carbon Fiber Production
Stanger R, Tran QA, Browne M, Lucas J, Naebe M, Height M, Wall T
4538 - 4546 Effect of Ash Components on the Performance of Solid Oxide Electrolyte-Based Carbon Fuel Cells
Xu K, Dong JZ, Hu HY, Zhu XQ, Yao H
4547 - 4558 Direct Operation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells on Low-Concentration Oxygen-Bearing Coal-Bed Methane with High Stability
Jiao Y, Wang LY, Zhang LQ, An WT, Wang W, Zhou W, Tade MO, Shao ZP, Bai JP, Li SD
4559 - 4568 Inherently Catalyzed Boudouard Reaction of Bamboo Biochar for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Improved Performance
An WT, Sun XJ, Jiao Y, Wang SB, Wang W, Tade MO, Shao ZP, Li SD, Shuang SM
4569 - 4578 Insights into Carbonation Kinetics of Fly Ash from Victorian Lignite for CO2 Sequestration
Ji L, Yu H, Yu B, Zhang RJ, French D, Grigore M, Wang XL, Chen ZL, Zhao SF
4579 - 4585 Thermodynamic Assessment of Heat Recovery from a Fluidized-Bed Ventilation Air Methane Abatement Unit
Nadaraju FJ, Maddocks AR, Zanganeh J, Moghtaderi B
4586 - 4592 Study on Effects of Different Carrier Gases on Characteristics of the Supersaturated Environment in the One-/Multi-section Growth Tube
Yu Y, Xu JC, Zhang J, Chen GC, Zhong H
4593 - 4605 Molecular Fingerprints and Speciation of Crude Oils and Heavy Fractions Revealed by Molecular and Elemental Mass Spectrometry: Keystone between Petroleomics, Metallopetroleomics, and Petrointeractomics
Sama SG, Farenc M, Barrere-Mangote C, Lobinski R, Afonso C, Bouyssiere B, Giusti P
4606 - 4616 Release of Nitrogenous Volatile Species from South African Bituminous Coals during Pyrolysis
Phiri Z, Everson RC, Neomagus HWJP, Engelbrecht AD, Wood BJ, Nyangwa B
4617 - 4627 Occurrence and Transformation Characteristics of Recoverable Soluble Sodium in High Alkali, High Carbon Fly Ash during Zhundong Coal Gasification in a Circulating Fluidized Bed
Song GL, Yang SB, Qi XB, Yang Z
4628 - 4637 Effect of Pressure on Ethane Dehydrogenation in MFI Zeolite Membrane Reactor
Dangwal S, Liu RC, Kirk SV, Kim SJ
4638 - 4650 Fractionation of Pyrrolic Nitrogen Compounds Compounds during Primary Migration of Petroleum within the Barnett Shale Sequence of Marathon 1 Mesquite Well, Texas
Han YJ, Poetz S, Mahlstedt N, Karger C, Horsfield B
4651 - 4654 Role of Minerals in Hydrogen Sulfide Generation during Steam-Assisted Recovery of Heavy Oil
Montgomery W, Watson JS, Lewis JMT, Zeng H, Sephton MA
4655 - 4661 Effects of Cleaning Treatments on the Surface Composition of Porous Materials
Jelavic S, Nielsen AR, Blazanovic M, Bovet N, Bechgaard K, Stipp SLS
4662 - 4670 Separation and Molecular Characterization of Ketones in a Low-Temperature Coal Tar
Chen X, Xu CM, Zhang WL, Ma C, Liu XX, Zhao SQ, Shi Q
4671 - 4681 Microscopic Mechanism of Clay Minerals on Reservoir Damage during Steam Injection in Unconsolidated Sandstone
Zhuang Y, Liu XJ, Xiong HQ, Liang LX
4682 - 4694 Evaluation of Accessible Porosity Using Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure Data in Shale Samples
Davudov D, Moghanloo RG, Lan YZ
4695 - 4704 Effects of Dissolved Oxygen on Water Imbibition in Gas Shales
Xu MX, Binazadeh M, Zolfaghari A, Dehghanpour H
4705 - 4714 Impact of Capillary Pressure and Nanopore Confinement on Phase Behaviors of Shale Gas and Oil
Zuo JLY, Guo XQ, Liu YS, Pang S, Canas J, Mullins OC
4715 - 4723 Rational Design of Hydrogen-Donor Solvents for Direct Coal Liquefaction
Hou PD, Zhou YW, Guo WP, Ren PJ, Guo Q, Xiang HW, Li YW, Wen XD, Yang Y
4724 - 4731 Downhole Kinetics of Reactions Involving Alcohol-Based Hydraulic Fracturing Additives with Implications in Delayed H2S Production
Marrugo-Hernandez JJ, Prinsloo R, Sunba S, Marriott RA
4732 - 4746 Investigation into the Influence of the Ethanol Concentration on the Flame Structure and Soot Precursor Formation of the n-Heptane/Ethanol Premixed Laminar Flame
Li RZ, Liu ZC, Han YQ, Tan MZ, Xu Y, Tian J, Yan JY, Yu XF, Liu JH, Chai JH
4747 - 4753 Synthesis of an Amphiphobic Nanofluid with a Novel Structure and Its Wettability Alteration on Low-Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs
Ni XX, Jiang GC, Liu F, Deng ZQ
4754 - 4762 Effect of Carbonization Temperature on the Product Distributions and Characteristics for Integrated Mild Liquefaction and Carbonization of Low-Rank Coals
Huang S, Zhou XH, Wu SY, Wu YQ, Gao JS
4763 - 4771 Comparison of Temperature-Dependent Gas Adsorption Models and Their Application to Shale Gas Reservoirs
Fianu J, Gholinezhad J, Hassan M
4772 - 4782 Influence of Fatty-Alkylamine Amphiphile on the Asphaltene Adsorption/Deposition at the Solid/Liquid Interface under Precipitating Conditions
Subramanian S, Buscetti L, Simon S, Sacre M, Sjoblom J
4783 - 4796 Molecular Simulations of Methane Adsorption Behavior in Illite Nanopores Considering Basal and Edge Surfaces
Hao YZ, Yuan LF, Li PC, Zhao WH, Li DL, Lu DT
4797 - 4807 Multifractal Study of Three-Dimensional Pore Structure of Sand-Conglomerate Reservoir Based on CT Images
Zhou Y, Wu ST, Li ZP, Zhu RK, Xie SY, Jing C, Lei L
4808 - 4822 Long-Time-Period, Low-Temperature Reactions of Green River Oil Shale
Fei Y, Marshall M, Jackson WR, Qi Y, Auxilio AR, Chaffee AL, Gorbaty ML, Daub GJ, Cassidy PJ
4823 - 4832 Influence of Conversion Conditions on Heavy-Oil Coking During in Situ Combustion Process
Liu D, Chen LJ, Chen L, Zheng RN, Song Q, Cai G
4833 - 4840 Slurrying Property and Mechanism of Coal-Coal Gasification Wastewater-Slurry
Wang JQ, Liu JZ, Wang SN, Cheng J
4841 - 4849 Synergism of tert-Heptylated Quaternary Ammonium Salts with Poly(N-vinyl caprolactam) Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor in High-Pressure and Oil-Based Systems
Mady MF, Kelland MA
4850 - 4858 Experimental Study on Aquathermolysis of Different Viscosity Heavy Oil with Superheated Steam
Huang SJ, Cao M, Cheng LS
4859 - 4872 Chemical, Molecular, and Microstructural Evolution of Kerogen during Thermal Maturation: Case Study from the Woodford Shale of Oklahoma
Craddock PR, Bake KD, Pomerantz AE
4873 - 4884 Synthesis and Application of Amphiphilic Poly(ionic liquid) Dendron from Cashew Nut Shell Oil as a Green Oilfield Chemical for Heavy Petroleum Crude Oil Emulsion
Atta AM, Abdullah MMS, Al-Lohedan HA, Gaffer AK
4885 - 4893 Determining the Occurrence of Oil in Micro/Nanopores of Tight Sand: A New Approach Using Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy Combined with Energy-Dispersive Spectrometry
Gong YJ, Liu KY, Liu SB
4894 - 4902 Separation of Viscous Oil Emulsions Using Three-Dimensional Nanotetrapodal ZnO Membranes
O'Loughlin TE, Ngamassi FE, McKay P, Banerjee S
4903 - 4910 Microfluidic Investigation of Asphaltenes-Stabilized Water-in-Oil Emulsions
Lin YJ, Perrard A, Biswal SL, Hill RM, Trabelsi S
4911 - 4924 Gravitational Gradient of Asphaltene Molecules in an Oilfield Reservoir with Light Oil
Betancourt SS, Johansen YB, Forsythe JC, Rinna J, Christoffersen K, Skilhngstad P, Achourov V, Canas J, Chen L, Pomerantz AE, Zuo JLY, Mullins OC
4925 - 4931 Optimizing the Kinetic Hydrate Inhibition Performance of N-Alkyl-N-vinylamide Copolymers
Zhang Q, Kawatani R, Ajiro H, Kelland MA
4932 - 4941 Synergetic Performance of the Mixture of Poly(N-vinylcaprolactam) and a Pyrrolidinium-Based Ionic Liquid for Kinetic Hydrate Inhibition in the Presence of the Mineral Oil Phase
Lee W, Kim KS, Kang SP, Kim JN
4942 - 4950 A Novel Air Flooding Technology for Light Crude Oil Reservoirs Applied under Reservoir Conditions
Wang TF, Wang JX, Yang WP, Kalitaani S, Deng ZY
4951 - 4958 Analysis of Adsorption and Desorption of Ethylene on Hard Coals
Dudzinska A
4959 - 4968 Mechanism Study of Disproportionate Permeability Reduction Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance T2
Liang B, Jiang HQ, Li JJ, Chen FZ, Miao WP, Yang HX, Qiao Y, Chen WB
4969 - 4978 Computational Evaluation of Mg-Salen Compounds as Subsurface Fluid Tracers: Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Toluene-Water Mixtures and Clay Mineral Nanopores
Greathouse JA, Boyle TJ, Kemp RA
4979 - 4987 Combined Hydrotreating and Fluid Catalytic Cracking Processing for the Conversion of Inferior Coker Gas Oil: Effect on Nitrogen Compounds and Condensed Aromatics
Sheng Q, Wang G, Liu YJ, Husein MM, Gao CD, Shi Q, Gao JS
4988 - 4995 Membrane Performance Analysis for Smart Water Production for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Carbonate and Sandstone Reservoirs
Nair RR, Protasova E, Strand S, Bilstad T
4996 - 5000 Higher Ethanodiamondoids in Petroleum
Zhu GY, Wang M, Zhang Y, Zhang ZY
5001 - 5009 New Insights from Supercritical Methane Adsorption in Coal: Gas Resource Estimation, Thermodynamics, and Engineering Application
Wang ZF, Tang X
5010 - 5019 Improving the Conductivity and Porosity of Coal with NaCl Solution for High-Voltage Electrical Fragmentation
Lin BQ, Zhang XL, Yan FZ, Zhu CJ, Guo C
5020 - 5032 Study on the Parametric Regression of a Multiparameter Thixotropic Model for Waxy Crude Oil
Yuan Q, Liu HF, Li JF, Yu B, Wu CC
5033 - 5044 Pyrolysis and Oxidation of Asphaltene-Born Coke-like Residue Formed onto in Situ Prepared NiO Nanoparticles toward Advanced in Situ Combustion Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes
Biyouki AA, Hosseinpour N, Nassar NN
5045 - 5061 Impact of Paleosalinity, Dilution, Redox, and Paleoproductivity on Organic Matter Enrichment in a Saline Lacustrine Rift Basin: A Case Study of Paleogene Organic-Rich Shale in Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China
Hu T, Pang XQ, Jiang S, Wang QF, Xu TW, Lu K, Huang C, Chen YY, Zheng XW
5062 - 5071 Investigation on the Occurrences and Interactions of Corrosive Species during Pyrolysis of Zhundong Coal Using SSNMR and HT-XRD
Lin XC, Yang YP, Chen XJ, Wang CH, Hayashi J, Wang YG
5072 - 5080 Compositional Effect of Gasoline on Fuel Economy and Emissions
Han YQ, Hu SC, Sun YC, Sun XY, Tan MZ, Xu Y, Tian J, Li RZ, Shao ZJ
5081 - 5089 Effect of Compression Ratio on Combustion Performance and Emission Characteristic of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Fueled with Upgraded Biogas-Karanja Methyl Ester-Diethyl Ether Port Injection
Barik D, Kumar A, Murugan S
5090 - 5102 2D and 3D Spectrum Graphics of the Chemical-Morphological Domains of Complex Biomass by Low Field Proton NMR Energy Relaxation Signal Analysis
Wiesman Z, Linder C, Resende MT, Ayalon N, Levi O, Bernardinelli OD, Colnago LA, Mitre CIN, Jackman R
5103 - 5108 High-Accuracy, Temperature Dependent Density and Viscosity Measurements of a 50/50 JP-10+Terpene Mixture
Outcalt SL, Fortin TJ
5109 - 5114 Comparative Characterization of a Torrefied Wood Pellet under Steam and Nitrogen Atmospheres
Lee Y, Yang W, Chae T, Kang B, Park J, Ryu C
5115 - 5124 Bio-Oil Viscosity of Sisal Residue: Process and Temperature Influence
Pereira LGG, Pires CAM
5125 - 5133 Influence on Performance and Emissions of an Automotive Diesel Engine Fueled with Biodiesel and Paraffinic Fuels: GTL and Biojet Fuel Farnesane
Soriano JA, Garcia-Contreras R, Leiva-Candia D, Soto F
5134 - 5144 The Effects of Temperature and Gas Species on Ammonia Removal in the Simulated Producer Gas of Biomass Gasification by H-2-Reduced Titanomagnetite
Wang YJ, Pang SS
5145 - 5156 Study of Corrosion Effects of Oxidized Ethanol-Gasoline Blends on Metallic Materials
Matejovsky L, Macak J, Pospisil M, Stas M, Baros P, Krausova A
5157 - 5163 Biogas Production and Microbial Community Dynamics during the Anaerobic Digestion of Rice Straw at 39-50 degrees C: A Pilot Study
Yu Q, Tian ZZ, Liu JY, Zhou J, Yan ZY, Yong XY, Jia HH, Wu XY, Wei P
5164 - 5170 Role of CO2 in the Conversion of Toluene as a Tar Surrogate in a Nonthermal Plasma Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor
Saleem F, Zhang K, Harvey A
5171 - 5180 Influence of the Feedstock Ratio and Organic Loading Rate on the Co-digestion Performance of Pennisetum hybrid and Cow Manure
Li LH, Li Y, Sun YM, Yuan ZH, Lv PM, Kang XH, Zhang Y, Yang GX
5181 - 5186 Reducing Volatile Organic Compound Off-Gassing during the Production of Pelletized Steam-Exploded Bark: Impact of Storage Time and Controlled Ventilation
Boren E, Larsson SH, Averheim A, Thyrel M, Brostrom M
5187 - 5198 Assessment of Chopped Corn Straw Lengths for Combustion in a Fixed Bed Using a Numerical Model
Meng XX, Sun R, Liu X, Ismail TM, Zhou W, Abd El-Salam M, Ren XH
5199 - 5208 Elemental Migration and Transformation from Sewage Sludge to Residual Products during the Pyrolysis Process
Praspaliauskas M, Pedisius N, Striugas N
5209 - 5217 Production of Biodiesel from Broiler Chicken Rendering Fat and Investigation of Its Effects on Combustion, Performance, and Emissions of a Diesel Engine
Sen M, Emiroglu AO, Keskin A
5218 - 5225 Fractionating Wheat Straw via Phosphoric Acid with Hydrogen Peroxide Pretreatment and Structural Elucidation of the Derived Lignin
Wan X, Tian D, Shen F, Hu JG, Yang G, Zhang YZ, Deng SH, Zhang J, Zeng YM
5226 - 5233 Ethanol Production from Brewers' Spent Grain Pretreated by Dilute Phosphoric Acid
Rojas-Chamorro JA, Cara C, Romero I, Ruiz E, Romero-Garcia JM, Mussatto SI, Castro E
5234 - 5243 Thermal Characteristics of Biomass Pyrolysis Oil and Potential Hydrogen Production by Catalytic Steam Reforming
Gao NB, Quan C, Ma ZZ, Wu CF
5244 - 5251 Ash Fusion Characteristics and Transformation Behaviors during Bamboo Combustion in Comparison with Straw and Poplar
Zhu YJ, Hu JH, Yang W, Zhang WN, Zeng K, Yang HP, Du SL, Chen HP
5252 - 5263 Prediction of Carboxylic and Polyphenolic Chemical Feedstock Quantities in Sweet Sorghum
Uchimiya M, Knoll JE
5264 - 5270 Molecular-Level Kinetic Modeling of Methyl Laurate: The Intrinsic Kinetics of Triglyceride Hydroprocessing
Agarwal P, Evenepoel N, Al-Khattaf SS, Klein MT
5271 - 5278 Dewatering of Oil Sands Tailings with Novel Chitosan-Based Flocculants
de Oliveira LP, Gumfekar SP, Motta FL, Soares JBP
5279 - 5288 Removal of NO, from Flue Gas Using Yellow Phosphorus and Phosphate Slurry as Adsorbent
Li S, Yang JG, Wang C, Xie DL, Luo YM, Li K, He DD, Mei Y
5289 - 5301 Dissolution Evaluation of Coquina, Part 1: Carbonated-Brine Continuous Injection Using Computed Tomography and PHREEQC
Yasuda EY, Koroishi ET, Vargas JAV, Trevisan OV
5302 - 5312 CO2 Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste in a Drop-Tube Reactor: Experimental Study and Thermodynamic Analysis of Syngas
Zheng XY, Ying Z, Wang B, Chen C
5313 - 5320 Adsorption of CO2 on MgAl-CO3 LDHs-Derived Sorbents with 3D Nanoflower-like Structure
Kou XC, Guo HX, Ayele EG, Li S, Zhao YJ, Wang SP, Ma XB
5321 - 5330 Effect of Pore Size Distribution on Dissociation Temperature Depression and Phase Boundary Shift of Gas Hydrate in Various Fine-Grained Sediments
Park T, Lee JY, Kwon TH
5331 - 5337 Unveiling Adsorption Mechanisms of Elemental Mercury on Defective Boron Nitride Monolayer: A Computational Study
Gao XP, Zhou YN, Tan YJ, Cheng ZW, Tang QL, Jia JP, Shen ZM
5338 - 5344 Integrated Dynamic and Steady State Method and Its Application on the Screening of MoS2 Nanosheet-Containing Adsorbents for Hg-0 Capture
Zhao HT, Fan H, Yang G, Lu L, Zheng CG, Gao X, Wu T
5345 - 5354 Roles of Cation and Anion of Amino Acid Anion-Functionalized Ionic Liquids Immobilized into a Porous Support for CO2 Capture
Uehara Y, Karami D, Mahinpey N
5355 - 5363 Impact of Surfactant on the Retention of CO2 and Methane in Carbonate Reservoirs
Eliebid M, Mahmoud M, Hussein I, Elkatatny S, Shawabkeh R, Sultan A, Al-Marri MJ
5364 - 5373 SO3 Removal from Flue Gas with Ca(OH)(2) in Entrained Flow Reactors
Wang H, Chen DG, Li ZS, Zhang DH, Cai NS, Yang J, Wei G
5374 - 5385 A Novel Mesoporous SiO2 Material with MCM-41 Structure from Coal Gangue: Preparation, Ethylenediamine Modification, and Adsorption Properties for CO2 Capture
Du H, Ma L, Liu XY, Zhang F, Yang XY, Wu Y, Zhang JB
5386 - 5395 CO2 Uptake Potential of Ca-Based Air Pollution Control Residues over Repeated Carbonation-Calcination Cycles
Dal Pozzo A, Armutlulu A, Rekhtina M, Muller CR, Cozzani V
5396 - 5404 Emission Characteristics of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins and Dibenzofurans from the Co-combustion of Municipal Solid Waste in a Lab-Scale Drop-Tube Furnace
Lin XQ, Chen ZL, Lu SY, Zhang SR, Zhang MM, Li XD, Yan JH
5405 - 5408 Mercury Interaction on Modified Activated Carbons under Oxyfuel Combustion Conditions
Quiros-Alvarez M, Somoano MD, Bongartz W, Vinjarapu S
5409 - 5417 Effect of CO2 on the Interfacial and Transport Properties of Water/Binary and Asphaltenic Oils: Insights from Molecular Dynamics
Mohammed S, Mansoori GA
5418 - 5432 An Investigation on Gas Transport Properties of Cross-Linked Poly(ethylene glycol diacrylate) (XLPEGDA) and XLPEGDA/TiO2 Membranes with a Focus on CO2 Separation
Ghadimi A, Norouzbahari S, Vatanpour V, Mohammadi F
5433 - 5442 Synergistic Mechanisms of CaCl2 and CaO on the Vaporization of Cs from Cs-Doped Ash during Thermal Treatment
Jiao FC, Kinoshita N, Kawaguchi M, Asada M, Honda M, Sueki K, Ninomiya Y, Sergeev D, Blasing M, Muller M
5443 - 5452 Demonstration of Polymorphic Spacing Strategy against Sintering: Synthesis of Stabilized Calcium Looping Absorbents for High-Temperature CO2 Sorption
Zhao M, Song YQ, Ji GZ, Zhao X
5453 - 5461 Preparation and Characterization of Modified Porous Wood Flour/Lauric-Myristic Acid Eutectic Mixture as a Form-Stable Phase Change Material
Ma LY, Guo CG, Ou RX, Sun LC, Wang QW, Li LP
5462 - 5470 Effects of Temperature and Equivalence Ratio on Carbon Nanotubes and Hydrogen Production from Waste Plastic Gasification in Fluidized Bed
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