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2641 - 2641 18th International Conference on Petroleum Phase Behavior and Fouling
Giusti P, Bouyssiere B, Carrier H, Afonso C
2642 - 2652 Crude Oil Surface Active Species: Consequences for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Emulsion Stability
Bourrel M, Passade-Boupat N
2653 - 2660 Characterization of Asphaltenes Precipitated at Different Solvent Power Conditions Using Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization (APPI) and Laser Desorption Ionization (LDI) Coupled to Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (FT-ICR MS)
Witt M, Godejohann M, Oltmanns S, Moir M, Rogel E
2661 - 2672 New Two-Dimensional Particle-Scale Model To Simulate Asphaltene Deposition in Wellbores and Pipelines
Hassanpouryouzband A, Joonaki E, Taghikhani V, Boozarjomehry RB, Chapoy A, Tohidi B
2673 - 2680 Photocatalytic Activity of Reduced Graphene Oxide-Gold Nanoparticle Nanomaterials: Interaction with Asphaltene and Conversion of a Model Compound
Pereira MLD, Grasseschi D, Toma HE
2681 - 2692 Sensitivity of Asphaltene Aggregation toward the Molecular Architecture under Desalting Thermodynamic Conditions
Silva HS, Alfarra A, Vallverdu G, Begue D, Bouyssiere B, Baraille I
2693 - 2698 Growth of Clathrate Hydrates from Water Drops in Cyclopentane
Peixinho J, Ageorges V, Duchemin B
2699 - 2711 Combination of Different Thermal Analysis Methods Coupled to Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Asphaltenes and Their Parent Crude Oils: Comprehensive Characterization of the Molecular Pyrolysis Pattern
Ruger CP, Grimmer C, Sklorz M, Neumann A, Streibel T, Zimmermann R
2712 - 2721 Comparison of Experimental Techniques for Evaluation of Chemistries against Asphaltene Aggregation and Deposition: New Application of High-Pressure and High-Temperature Quartz Crystal Microbalance
Joonaki E, Burgass R, Hassanpouryouzband A, Tohidi B
2722 - 2732 Delayed Coker Coke Characterization: Correlation between Process Conditions, Coke Composition, and Morphology
Zambrano NP, Duarte LJ, Poyeda-Jaramillo JC, Picon HJ, Ortega FM, Nino-Gomez ME
2733 - 2741 Analysis of CO2 Hydrates in Crude Oils from a Rheological Point of View
Sandoval GAB, Soares EJ, Thompson RL, Siqueira RD, de Andrade RM, Campos F, Teixeira A
2742 - 2748 Phase Envelopes for Reservoir Fluids with Asphaltene Onset Lines: An Integral Computation Strategy for Complex Combinations of Two- and Three-Phase Behaviors
Cismondi M
2749 - 2759 Viscosity of Water-in-Oil Emulsions from Different American Petroleum Institute Gravity Brazilian Crude Oils
de Oliveira MCK, Miranda LRO, de Carvalho ABM, Miranda DFS
2760 - 2768 Could, the Asphaltene Solubility Class Index Be Used as the "Wax Appearance Temperature" of Asphaltenes? Illustration through the Study of the Polydispersity of PetroPhase 2017 Asphaltenes
Passade-Boupat N, Gingras JP, Desplobins C, Zhou HG
2769 - 2780 Correlations between Molecular Composition and Adsorption, Aggregation, and Emulsifying Behaviors of PetroPhase 2017 Asphaltenes and Their Thin-Layer Chromatography Fractions
Giraldo-Davila D, Chacon-Patino ML, McKenna AM, Blanco-Tirado C, Combariz MY
2781 - 2792 Development of Digital Oil for Heavy Crude Oil: Molecular Model and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Iwase M, Sugiyama S, Liang YF, Masuda Y, Morimoto M, Matsuoka T, Boek ES, Ueda R, Nakagawa K
2793 - 2800 Diffusion-Ordered Spectroscopy Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as an Alternative Technique to Improve Asphaltene Characterization
Chinelatto LS, de Menezes SMC, Honorato HD, de Oliveira MCK, Marques LCD
2801 - 2810 Asphaltene Precipitation in Paraffinic Froth Treatment: Effects of Solvent and Temperature
2811 - 2818 Effects of pH and Temperature on the Phase Behavior and Properties of Asphaltene Liquid Films
Kabbach CB, dos Santos RG
2819 - 2833 Influence of Adsorption and Capillary Pressure on Phase Equilibria inside Shale Reservoirs
Sandoval DR, Yan W, Michelsen ML, Stenby EH
2834 - 2839 Characterization of an Iron-Oxide-Based Catalyst Used for Catalytic Cracking of Heavy Oil with Steam
Fumoto E, Sato S, Takanohashi T
2840 - 2854 Zirconia-Based Nanocatalysts in Heavy Oil Upgrading: A Mini Review
Masudi A, Muraza O
2855 - 2868 Lean Burn Performance of a Spark Ignition Engine with an Ethanol-Gasoline Dual Injection System
Zhuang Y, Qian YJ, Hong G
2869 - 2877 Laboratory and Semipilot Bioreactor Feasibility Tests for Desulphurization of Turkish Lignite using Leptospirillum ferriphilum
Mishra S, Akcil A, Panda S, Agcasulu I
2878 - 2888 Characterization of Naphthenic Acids in Thermally Degraded Petroleum by ESI(-)-FT-ICR MS and H-1 NMR after Solid-Phase Extraction and Liquid/Liquid Extraction
Barros EV, Dias HP, Pinto FE, Gomes AO, Moura RR, Neto AC, Freitas JCC, Aquije GMFV, Vaz BG, Romao W
3152 - 3162 Experimental Study on Spontaneous Imbibition under Confining Pressure in Tight Sandstone Cores Based on Low-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurements
Jiang Y, Shi Y, Xu GQ, Jia C, Meng Z, Yang XY, Zhu HG, Ding B
3163 - 3175 Experimental Investigation of Nanolaponite Stabilized Nitrogen Foam for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Bai YR, Shang XS, Wang ZB, Zhao XT, Dong CY
3176 - 3188 Characterization of Whole-Aperture Pore Structure and Its Effect on Methane Adsorption Capacity for Transitional Shales
Sun YS, Guo SB
3189 - 3193 Rapid Determination of Bitumen Content in Athabasca Oil Sands by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Harhira A, El Haddad J, Blouin A, Sabsabi M
3194 - 3201 2-D Pore-Scale Experimental Investigations of Asphaltene Deposition and Heavy Oil Recovery by CO2 Flooding
Song ZY, Zhu WY, Wang X, Guo SX
3202 - 3210 Influencing Factors and Selection of CH4 and CO2 Adsorption on Silurian Shale in Yibin, Sichuan Province of China
Niu Y, Yue CT, Li SY, Ma Y, Xu XY
3211 - 3224 Energy Evaluation and Techno-economic Analysis of Low-Rank Coal (Victorian Brown Coal) Utilization for the Production of Multi-products in a Drying-Pyrolysis Process
Hosseini T, De Girolamo A, Zhang L
3225 - 3231 A Molecular Dynamics Study of the Effect of Asphaltenes on Toluene/Water Interfacial Tension: Surfactant or Solute?
Jian CY, Liu QX, Zeng HB, Tang T
3232 - 3242 Detailed Compositional Characterization of the 2014 Bangladesh Furnace Oil Released into the World's Largest Mangrove Forest
Chen H, Nelson RK, Swarthout RF, Shigenaka G, de Oliveira AHB, Reddy CM, McKenna AM
3243 - 3253 Investigation into the Cleavage of Chemical Bonds Induced by CO2 and Its Mechanism during the Pressurized Pyrolysis of Coal
Gao SP, Zhai LR, Qin YH, Wang ZQ, Zhao JT, Fang YT
3254 - 3262 Hydrate Management in Deadlegs: Effect of Wall Temperature on Hydrate Deposition
Zhang XW, Lee BR, Sa JH, Kinnari KJ, Askvik KM, Li XY, Sum AK
3263 - 3271 Structural Evolution Characteristics of Middle-High Rank Coal Samples Subjected to High-Voltage Electrical Pulse
Yan FZ, Lin BQ, Xu J, Wang YH, Zhang XL, Peng SJ
3272 - 3280 Influencing Mechanism of Additives on Ash Fusion Behaviors of Straw
Li FH, Fan HL, Guo MX, Guo QQ, Fang YT
3281 - 3289 Successful Approach to Mimic the Solvent Power of Maltenes Based on SARA Analysis, Solvatochromic and Solubility Parameters
Novaki LP, Lira R, Kwon MMN, de Oliveira MCK, Meireles FA, Gonzalez G, El Seoud OA
3290 - 3298 Quantitative Structure Property Relationship Model for Hydrocarbon Liquid Viscosity Prediction
Cai GQ, Liu ZF, Zhang LZ, Zhao SQ, Xu CM
3299 - 3311 Partial Upgrading of Bitumen by Thermal Conversion at 150-300 degrees C
Jaramillo LMY, de Klerk A
3312 - 3321 In Situ Surface Decorated Polymer Microsphere Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery in High-Temperature Petroleum Reservoirs
Zhu DY, Hou JR, Chen YG, Zhao SD, Bai BJ
3322 - 3334 A Comparative Study on the Pore Size Distribution of Different Indian Shale Gas Reservoirs for Gas Production and Potential CO2 Sequestration
Tripathy A, Srinivasan V, Singh TN
3335 - 3343 Dynamics, Aggregation, and Interfacial Properties of the Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide Polymer for Enhanced Oil Recovery Applications: Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Abdel-Azeim S, Kanj MY
3344 - 3355 Effect of Boiling Point and Density Prediction Methods on Stochastic Reconstruction
Deniz CU, Yasar SHO, Yasar M, Klein MT
3356 - 3367 Catalytic Gasification of Crushed Coke and Changes of Structural Characteristics
Bai BY, Guo QJ, Li YK, Hu XD, Ma JJ
3368 - 3379 Investigation of Pore Characteristics and Irreducible Water Saturation of Tight Reservoir Using Experimental and Theoretical Methods
Lai FP, Li ZP, Zhang W, Dong HK, Kong FS, Jiang ZY
3380 - 3390 Peptizing Effect of the Native Heavy Resin Fraction on Asphaltenes
Liu H, Liu ZX, Guo AJ, Chen K, Sun SN, Wang ZX
3391 - 3398 Enhanced Bimolecular Reaction in a Two-Component Fluid under Pyrolytic Conditions: In Situ Probing of the Pyrolysis of Jet Fuel Surrogates Using a Supersonic Expansion Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer
Bunker CE, DeBlase AF, Youtsler TA, Sanders NL, Lewis WK
3399 - 3405 Gas Hydrate Sloughing as Observed and Quantified from Multiphase Flow Conditions
Straume EO, Kakitani C, Salomao LAS, Morales REM, Sum AK
3406 - 3419 Wax Deposition Experiment with Highly Paraffinic Crude Oil in Laminar Single-Phase Flow Unpredictable by Molecular Diffusion Mechanism
Van der Geest C, Guersoni VCB, Merino-Garcia D, Bannwart AC
3420 - 3427 Integrated Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Fluid Thermal Conversion Process: Experiment Realization and Comparison of Thermal Converted Liquids
Song HP, Xu ZM, Sun XW, Zhang LZ, Xu CM, Zhao SQ, Huang H
3428 - 3435 Long-Term Storage Stability of Epoxides Derived from Vegetable Oils and Their Methyl Esters
Borugadda VB, Goud VV
3436 - 3446 Kinetic Modeling of Cellulose Fractional Pyrolysis
Bennadji H, Khachatryan L, Lomnicki SM
3447 - 3459 Solubility and Nucleation of Methyl Stearate as a Function of Crystallization Environment
Camacho DM, Roberts KJ, More I, Lewtas K
3460 - 3468 Torrefaction and Degradative Solvent Extraction As Means of Processing Rice Husk Waste
Fauzan RFS, Chun D, Yoo J, Kim S, Lim J, Rhim Y, Lee S, Choi H
3469 - 3476 Impact of Torrefaction on the Fuel Properties and Combustion Characteristics of Compost of Food Waste and Sawdust
Yuan HR, Yang Q, Wang YZ, Gu J, He MY, Sun FA
3477 - 3487 High-Quality Fuel from the Upgrading of Heavy Bio-oil by the Combination of Ultrasonic Treatment and Mutual Solvent
Xu XW, Li ZY, Sun Y, Jiang EC, Huang LH
3488 - 3498 Separation of Landfill Gas CH4 from N-2 Using Pressure Vacuum Swing Adsorption Cycles with Heavy Reflux
Erden L, Ebner AD, Ritter JA
3499 - 3509 Fate of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons during Tertiary Tar Formation in Steam Gasification of Biomass
Nguyen HNT, Seemann M, Thunman H
3510 - 3518 Fast Pyrolysis of Opuntia ficus-indica (Prickly Pear) and Grindelia squarrosa (Gumweed)
Cross P, Mukarakate C, Nimlos M, Carpenter D, Donohoe BS, Mayer JA, Cushman JC, Neupane B, Miller GC, Adhikari S
3519 - 3525 Waste Polypropylene and Waste Cooking Oil As Feedstocks for an Alternative Component Containing Diesel Fuel Production
Sagi D, Solymosi P, Hollo A, Varga Z, Hancsok J
3526 - 3531 Concentrated Levulinic Acid Production from Sugar Cane Molasses
Kang SM, Fu JX, Zhou NF, Liu RB, Peng ZZ, Xu YJ
3532 - 3542 Conventional Hydrothermal Carbonization of Shrimp Waste
Kannan S, Gariepy Y, Raghavan GSV
3543 - 3550 Repeatability in Particulate and Gaseous Emissions from Pellet Stoves for Space Heating
Trojanowski R, Butcher T, Wei G, Celebi Y
3551 - 3558 DOSY Plus Selective TOCSY: An Efficient NMR Copbination for Analyzing Hydrogenation/Hydrogenolysis Mixtures of Biomass-Derived Platform Compounds
Lyu ZX, Gao FE, Wen LZ, Shi KM, Ma MJ, Li CJ, Wang YX, Qiao Y
3559 - 3565 Separation of Bio-oil by Hydrophilic Surfactants
Zhang MM, Wu HW
3566 - 3578 Potassium Capture by Kaolin, Part 2: K2CO3, KCI, and K2SO4
Wang GL, Jensen PA, Wu H, Frandsen FJ, Sander B, Glarborg P
3579 - 3587 Detailed Investigation into the Asphaltene Fraction of Hydrothermal Liquefaction Derived Bio-Crude and Hydrotreated Bio-Crudes
Bjelic S, Yu JL, Iversen BB, Glasius M, Biller P
3588 - 3598 Stability of a Rh/CeO2-ZrO2 Catalyst in the Oxidative Steam Reforming of Raw Bio-oil
Remiro A, Arandia A, Oar-Arteta L, Bilbao J, Gayubo AG
3599 - 3607 Graphene Oxide and Microwave Synergism for Efficient Esterification of Fatty Acids
Quitain AT, Sumigawa Y, Mission EG, Sasaki M, Assabumrungrat S, Kida T
3608 - 3613 Bed Agglomeration during Bio-oil Fast Pyrolysis in a Fluidized-Bed Reactor
Gao WR, Zhang MM, Wu HW
3614 - 3626 Experimental and Mechanistic Research on Enhancing the Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Fly-Ash-Cemented Filling Materials Modified by Electrochemical Treatment
Yin B, Kang TH, Kang JT, Chen YJ
3627 - 3636 Surface Modification to Fabricate Superhydrophobic and Superoleophilic Alumina Membranes for Oil/Water Separation
Tang HY, Hao LT, Chen JC, Wang F, Zhang HP, Guo YH
3637 - 3646 Carbon Dioxide Absorption from Biogas by Amino Acid Salt Promoted Potassium Carbonate Solutions in a Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor: A Numerical Study
Li YF, Wang LA, Zhang ZE, Hu XY, Cheng Y, Zhong C
3647 - 3659 Experimental Study on Simultaneous Absorption and Desorption of CO2, SO2, and NOx Using Aqueous N-Methyldiethanolamine and Dimethyl Sulfoxide Solutions
Luo QL, Feng B, Liu ZH, Zhou QL, Zhang YF, Li N
3660 - 3667 Study of an Iron-Based Oxygen Carrier on the Moving Bed Chemical Looping System
Chen C, Lee HH, Chen W, Chang YC, Wang E, Shen CH, Huang KE
3668 - 3680 Kinetic Study of CO2 Absorption in Aqueous Benzylamine Solvent Using a Stirred Cell Reaction Calorimeter
Mukherjee S, Bandyopadhyay SS, Samanta AN
3681 - 3689 Carbon Dioxide Methanation over Nickel-Based Catalysts Supported on Various Mesoporous Material
Guo XP, Traitangwong A, Hu MX, Zuo CC, Meeyoo V, Peng ZJ, Li CS
3690 - 3696 Experimental Study on In Situ Preparation of Supported Sorbent for Moderate Temperature CFB-FGD
Xie D, You CF, Liu QX
3697 - 3708 Geochemistry and Nanomineralogy of Feed Coals and Their Coal Combustion Residues from Two Different Coal-Based Industries in Northeast India
Rabha S, Saikia J, Subramanyam KSV, Hower JC, Hood MM, Khare P, Saikia BK
3709 - 3715 Experimental Study on the Stabilization Mechanisms of CO2 Foams by Hydrophilic Silica Nanoparticles
Wang P, You Q, Han L, Deng WB, Liu YF, Fang JC, Gao MW, Dai CL
3716 - 3725 Calcination Thermokinetics of Carbon Capture Using Coal Fly Ash Stabilized Sorbent
Sreenivasulu B, Sreedhar I, Singh AS, Venugopal A
3726 - 3732 Nitrogen-Doped Coal Tar Pitch Based Microporous Carbons with Superior CO2 Capture Performance
Yu D, Hu J, Zhou LH, Li JX, Tang J, Peng CJ, Liu HL
3733 - 3742 Synergistic Mechanism of Particulate Matter (PM) from Coal Combustion and Saponin from Camellia Seed Pomace in Stabilizing CO2 Foam
Lv QC, Li ZM, Li BF, Husein M, Li SY, Shi DS, Liu W, Bai H, Sheng L
3743 - 3750 Slow Pyrolysis Performance and Energy Balance of Corn Stover in Continuous Pyrolysis-Based Poly-Generation Systems
Cong HB, Masek O, Zhao LX, Yao ZL, Meng HP, Hu EF, Ma T
3751 - 3759 Energetic Viability of a Polyolefin Pyrolysis Plant
Elordi G, Arabiourrutia M, Bilbao J, Olazar M
3760 - 3774 Property Prediction of Diesel Fuel Based on the Composition Analysis Data by two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography
Chakravarthy R, Acharya C, Savalia A, Naik GN, Das AK, Saravanan C, Verma A, Gudasi KB
3775 - 3782 Compressed-Liquid Density Measurements of Four Polyol Ester-Based Lubricants
Outcalt SL
3783 - 3791 Acid Modified H-USY Zeolite for Efficient Catalytic Transformation of Fructose to 5-Hydroxymethyl Furfural (Biofuel Precursor) in Methyl lsobutyl Ketone-Water Biphasic System
Pande A, Niphadkar P, Pandare K, Bokade V
3792 - 3799 Catalytic Decomposition of Pyrolysis Fuel Oil over in Situ Carbon Coated-Ferrierite Zeolite for Selective Hydrogen Production
Kim J, Han GY, Park J, Bae JW
3800 - 3813 A Shock Tube Experimental and Modeling Study of Multicomponent Gasoline Surrogates Diluted with Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Li H, Yu L, Sun SZ, Wang SX, Lu XC, Huang Z
3814 - 3823 Ignition Delay Characteristics and Kinetic Investigation of Dimethyl Ether/n-Pentane Binary Mixtures: Interpreting the Effect of the Equivalence Ratio and Dimethyl Ether Blending
Jiang X, Deng FQ, Yang FY, Huang ZH
3824 - 3832 Numerical Investigation on Effects of Nonequilibrium Plasma on Laminar Burning Velocity of Ammonia Flame
Shioyoke A, Hayashi J, Murai R, Nakatsuka N, Akamatsu F
3833 - 3841 Combustion Behavior of Coals in Rotary Kiln and Their Interaction on Co-combustion
Zhong Q, Zhang J, Yang YB, Jiang T, Li Q, Xu B
3842 - 3850 Skeletal Kinetic Mechanism Generation and Uncertainty Analysis for Combustion of Iso-octane at High Temperatures
Li R, He GQ, Zhang D, Qin F
3851 - 3868 Numerical Investigation of Supercritical Combustion of H-2-O-2
Mardani A, Barani E
3869 - 3882 Potential for Reducing Emissions in Reactivity-Controlled Compression Ignition Engines by Fueling Syngas and Diesel
Xu Z, Jia M, Xu GF, Li YP, Zhao L, Xu LL, Lu XC
3883 - 3890 Size Distribution of Soot Particles in Premixed n-Heptane and Methylcyclohexane Flames
Lin BY, Gu H, Ni H, Guan B, Li ZZ, Han D, Huang Z, Lin H
3891 - 3899 Calculated Impacts of Diluents on Flame Temperature, Ignition Delay, and Flame Speed of Methane-Oxygen Mixtures at High Pressure and Low to Moderate Temperatures
Shareh FB, Silcox G, Eddings EG
3900 - 3907 Effects of Methane Addition on Exhaust Gas Emissions and Combustion Efficiency of the Premixed n-Heptane/Air Combustion
Zhang P, Ran JY, Qin CL, Du XS, Niu JT, Yang L
3908 - 3919 Advanced Methodology for the Detection of Smoke Point Heights in Hydrocarbon Flames
Graziano B, Ottenwalder T, Manderfeld D, Pischinger S, Grunefeld G
3920 - 3934 Detailed Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study of Cyclopentadiene Pyrolysis in the Presence of Ethene
Vervust AJ, Djokic MR, Merchant SS, Carstensen HH, Long AE, Marin GB, Green WH, Van Geem KM
3935 - 3949 Laminar Flame Characteristics and Kinetic Modeling Study of Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether Compared with Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether, Ethanol, iso-Octane, and Gasoline
Hu EJ, Ku JF, Yin GY, Li CC, Lu X, Huang ZH
3950 - 3957 Utilization of an Organic Calcium Compound to Reduce SO2 and NO Emissions from Sewage Sludge Combustion
Zhang LH, Duan F, Chyang CS
3958 - 3966 Reaction Mechanism for Sulfur Species during Pulverized Coal Combustion
Ma HH, Zhou L, Ma SX, Wang ZJ, Cui ZG, Zhang W, Li J
3967 - 3974 Plasma-Assisted Stabilization of Lifted Non-premixed Jet Flames
Liao YH, Zhao XH
3975 - 3984 Kinetic Modeling of the Influence of Cyclohexane on the Homogeneous Ignition of a Gasoline Surrogate Fuel
Andrae JCG
3985 - 3994 Influence of Load Changes on the Deposit Behavior during Combustion of Five Different Hard Coals
Dohrn M, Muller M
3995 - 4007 Investigation on Kinetic Parameters of Combustion and Oxy-Combustion of Calcined Pet Coke Employing Thermogravimetric Analysis Coupled to Artificial Neural Network Modeling
Govindan B, Jakka SCB, Radhakrishnan TK, Tiwari AK, Sudhakar TM, Shanmugavelu P, Kalburgi AK, Sanyal A, Sarkar S
4008 - 4015 Promotional Effect of Cu and Influence of Surface Ni-Cu Alloy for Enhanced H-2 Yields from CH4 Decomposition over Cu-Modified Ni Supported on MCM-41 Catalyst
Gutta N, Velisoju VK, Chatla A, Boosa V, Tardio J, Patel J, Akula V
4016 - 4024 Thermal Property Enhancement of Paraffin-Wax-Based Hydroxyl-Terminated Polybutadiene Binder with a Novel NanoSiO(2)-Expanded Graphite-PW Ternary Form-Stable Phase Change Material
Gao X, Zhao TB, Luo G, Zheng BH, Huang H, Han X, Ma R, Chai YQ
4025 - 4039 Experimental and Modeling Study of Organic Chloride Compounds Removal from Naphtha Fraction of Contaminated Crude Oil Using Sintered gamma-Al2O3 Nanoparticles: Equilibrium, Kinetic, and Thermodynamic Analysis
Arjang S, Motahari K, Saidi M
4040 - 4048 Investigation of Pressure Effect on Thermal Cracking of n-Decane at Supercritical Pressures
Jiao S, Li SF, Pu H, Dong M, Shang Y
4049 - 4056 Role of Bubble-Drop Interactions and Salt Addition in Flotation Performance
Chakibi H, Henaut I, Salonen A, Langevin D, Argillier JF
4057 - 4064 Research on a Dual Solvent To Separate Olefin/Aromatic-Sulfide from Heavy Fluid Catalytic Cracking Naphtha
Zhang YH, Wang YT, Chen F, Liu SX, Zhao L, Gao JS, Hao TZ, Xu CM