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11067 - 11079 From Coreflooding and Scaled Physical Model Experiments to Field-Scale Enhanced Oil Recovery Evaluations: Comprehensive Review of the Gas-Assisted Gravity Drainage Process
Al-Mudhafar WJ
11080 - 11092 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Salinity Effect on the n-Decane/Water/Vapor Interfacial Equilibrium
Zhao J, Yao GC, Ramisetti SB, Hammond RB, Wen DS
11093 - 11104 Synergistic Mechanism of Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide Enhanced Branched-Preformed Particle Gel for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Mature Oilfields
He H, Fu JY, Zhao H, Yuan FQ, Guo LL, Li ZY, Wang X, Peng H
11105 - 11117 Characteristics of Lacustrine Shale Reservoir and Its Effect on Methane Adsorption Capacity in Fuxin Basin
Chen D, Zhang JC, Wang XM, Lan B, Li Z, Liu T
11118 - 11135 Wettability of Hybrid Nanofluid-Treated Sandstone/Heavy Oil/Brine Systems: Implications for Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery Potential
Sun XF, Zhang YY, Chen GP, Liu TL, Ren DN, Ma JY, Sheng YK, Karwani S
11136 - 11142 Molecular Characterization of Ketones in a Petroleum Source Rock
Wang P, Zhang YH, Xu CM, Zhang WL, Zhu GY, Li ZY, Ji HC, Shi Q
11143 - 11152 Estimation of Diffusion Coefficients in Liquid Solvent-Bitumen Systems
Mendoza AM, Babak P, Kantzas A
11153 - 11164 Impact of H-Bonds and Porphyrins on Asphaltene Aggregation As Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Silva HS, Alfarra A, Vallverdu G, Begue D, Bouyssiere B, Baraille I
11165 - 11176 Preservation of Ultradeep Liquid Oil and Its Exploration Limit
Zhu GY, Zhang ZY, Zhou XX, Yan L, Sun CH, Zhao B
11177 - 11189 Probing the Effect of Oil Type and Saturation on Foam Flow in Porous Media: Core-Flooding and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Imaging
Amirmoshiri M, Zeng Y, Chen Z, Singer PM, Puerto MC, Grier H, Bahrim RZK, Vincent-Bonnieu S, Farajzadeh R, Biswal SL, Hirasaki GJ
11190 - 11202 Application of Raman Spectroscopy as Thermal Maturity Probe in Shale Petroleum Systems: Insights from Natural and Artificial Maturation Series
Hackley PC, Lunsdorf NK
11203 - 11211 Characteristics of Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopes in Produced Water and Productivity Response of Coalbed Methane Wells in Western Guizhou
Wu CC, Yang ZB, Qin Y, Chen J, Zhang ZG, Li YY
11212 - 11221 An Effective Approach for Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Nickel Nanoparticles Assisted Polymer Flooding
Rellegadla S, Bairwa HK, Kumari MR, Prajapat G, Nimesh S, Pareek N, Jain S, Agrawal A
11222 - 11233 Experimental Investigation of Wettability Alteration of Oil-Wet Carbonates by a Non-ionic Surfactant
Souayeh M, Al-Maamari RS, Aoudia M, Karimi M, Hadji M
11234 - 11242 Chemical Composition and Structure of Adsorbed Material on Pore Surfaces in Middle East Reservoir Rocks
Norrman K, Solling TI, Ceccato M, Stamate E, Bovet N, Stipp SLS
11243 - 11252 Hydrophilic Nanoparticle-Based Enhanced Oil Recovery: Microfluidic Investigations on Mechanisms
Xu K, Agrawal D, Darugar Q
11253 - 11260 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Crystallization Process of n-Alkane Mixtures and the Resulting Thermal Conductivity
Zeng Y, Khodadadi JM
11261 - 11268 Proton-Radical Interaction in Crude Oil-A Combined NMR and EPR Study
Gizatullin B, Gafurov M, Rodionov A, Mamin G, Mattea C, Stapf S, Orlinskii S
11269 - 11278 Experimental Study of Effective Amphiphilic Graphene Oxide Flooding for an Ultralow-Permeability Reservoir
Chen LF, Zhu XM, Wang L, Yang H, Wang DG, Fu ML
11279 - 11288 Influence of Fractions Isolated from Crude Oils and Refined Petroleum Product on Decomposition Process of Methane Hydrate
Stoporev AS, Sizikov AA, Cheshkova TV, Loskutova AO, Grinko AA, Yarkova EA, Semenov AP, Manakov AY, Vinokurov VA
11289 - 11295 Oxidation Absorption of Gaseous H2S Using Fenton-Like Advanced Oxidation Systems
Wang Y, Wang ZL, Liu YX
11296 - 11303 Determination of Hansen Solubility Parameters of Asphaltene Model Compounds
Morimoto M, Fukatsu N, Tanaka R, Takanohashi T, Kumagai H, Morita T, Tykwinski RR, Scott DE, Stryker JM, Gray MR, Sato T, Yamamoto H
11304 - 11309 Tracking Chemical Reactions of Pulverized Coal Char in a Pilot-Scale Blowpipe Using Raman Spectroscopy
Akaotsu S, Tanimoto J, Saito Y, Matsushita Y, Aoki H, Murao A
11310 - 11316 Characterization of Crude Oil and Its Saturate, Aromatic, and Resin Fractions by High-Field Asymmetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Szykula KM, Wicking C, Whitmarsh S, Creaser CS, Reynolds JC
11317 - 11327 Dispersed Particle Gel-Strengthened Polymer/Surfactant as a Novel Combination Flooding System for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Zhao G, Li JM, Gu CL, Li L, Sun YP, Dai CL
11328 - 11334 Investigation into the Ash Deposits in a Coal-Fired Traveling Grate Boiler with Ammonia Present in the Flue Gas
Chen XL, Liang ZY, Yang WJ, Zhao QX
11335 - 11343 New Slag-Char Interaction Mode in the Later Stage of High Ash Content Coal Char Gasification
Liu M, Shen ZJ, Liang QF, Xu JL, Liu HF
11344 - 11361 Performance Evaluation of Novel Sunflower Oil-Based Gemini Surfactant(s) with Different Spacer Lengths: Application in Enhanced Oil Recovery
Pal N, Kumar N, Verma A, Ojha K, Mandal A
11362 - 11374 Enhanced Hydrogen Generation for Fe2O3/CeO2 Oxygen Carrier via Rare-Earth (Y, Sm, and La) Doping in Chemical Looping Process
Ma SW, Chen SY, Zhao ZH, Soomro A, Zhu M, Hu J, Wu MD, Xiang WG
11375 - 11382 New Design and Optimization for Replacing Dimethyl Disulfide with Wasted Disulfide Oil in Olefin Furnaces
Ziarifar E, Rahimi R, Zivdar M
11383 - 11389 Kinetic and Mechanistic Analysis of Dibenzothiophene Hydrodesulfurization on Ti-SBA-15-NiMo Catalysts
Jalilov AS, Tanimu A, Ganiyu SA, Alhooshani K
11390 - 11397 Mechanism Discussion of Nanofluid for Enhanced Oil Recovery: Adhesion Work Evaluation and Direct Force Measurements between Nanoparticles and Surfaces
Wang D, Tian BX, Cao MW, Sun YW, Li SY, Lu T, Wang JQ
11398 - 11410 Industrial Waste as Part of Coal-Water Slurry Fuels
Nyashina GS, Shlegel NE, Vershinina KY, Strizhak PA
11411 - 11420 Test Operation of a Separated-Gasification Chemical Looping Combustion System for Coal
Wang XD, Wang XJ, Zhang S, Kong ZW, Jin ZY, Shao YL, Jin BS
11421 - 11431 A New Strategy for Fuel Desulfurization by Molecular Inclusion with Copper(II)-beta-cyclodextrin@SiO2@Fe3O4 for Removing Thiophenic Sulfides
Duan ZB, Ding XC, Wang Y, Zhu LJ, Xia DH
11432 - 11439 Competitive Hydrogenation of Benzene in Reformate Gasoline over Ni Supported on SiO2, SiO2-Al2O3, and Al2O3 Catalysts: Influence of Support Nature
Peyrovi MH, Rostamikia T, Parsafard N
11440 - 11451 Oscillating Electric Field Effects on Adsorption of the Methane-Water System on Kaolinite Surface
Wang YD, Liao B, Kong ZY, Sun ZG, Qiu L, Wang DS
11452 - 11466 Water Content and Equilibrium Saturation and Their Influencing Factors of the Lower Paleozoic Overmature Organic-Rich Shales in the Upper Yangtze Region of Southern China
Cheng P, Xiao XM, Tian H, Wang X
11467 - 11476 Evolution of Shale Microstructure under Microwave Irradiation Stimulation
Hu GZ, Sun C, Huang JX, Xu G, Zhu JQ
11477 - 11488 Characteristics and Mechanism of Soot Formation during the Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass in an Entrained Flow Reactor
Li Y, Tan HZ, Wang XB, Bai SJ, Mei JY, You XQ, Ruan RH, Yang FX
11489 - 11501 Pelletization of Agroindustrial Biomasses from the Tropics as an Energy Resource: Implications of Pellet Quality
Valdes CF, Marrugo G, Chejne F, Cogollo K, Vallejos D
11502 - 11510 Spray Characteristics, Combustion Performance, and Palm Oil Emissions in a Low-Pressure Auxiliary Air Fluid Pulverization Burner
San Jose J, Sanz-Tejedor MA, Arroyo Y
11511 - 11518 Soot Particle Size Distribution Measurements in Laminar Diffusion Flames of n-Heptane with Oxygenated Aromatic Fuel Additives by Time-Resolved Laser-Induced Incandescence
Xiong GH, Boot M, Zhou L, Reijnders J, De Goey P
11519 - 11528 Development of an Adsorption Process To Selectively Remove Oligomers in an Aging Engine Oil Resulting from the Use of Biodiesel or Its Blends
Kpan J, Singer A, Krahl J
11529 - 11537 Direct Hydrogenolysis of Cellulose into Methane under Mild Conditions
Wang HY, Zhang CH, Liu QY, Zhu CH, Chen LG, Wang CG, Ma LL
11538 - 11546 Characterization of Hydrochar Pellets from Hydrothermal Carbonization of Agricultural Residues
Zhu YJ, Si YH, Wang XH, Zhang WN, Shao JG, Yang HP, Chen HP
11547 - 11554 Analysis and Quantitation of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in Biodiesel by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
de Souza CG, de Araujo MT, dos Santos RC, de Andrade DF, da Silva BV, d'Avila LA
11555 - 11563 Solvent Recycling Operation of the Degradative Solvent Extraction of Biomass to Minimize the Amount of Solvent Required
Jadsadajerm S, Miura K, Worasuwannarak N
11564 - 11575 Production of Phenol-Rich Monomers from Kraft Lignin Hydrothermolysates in Basic-Subcritical Water over MoO3/SBA-15 Catalyst
Rana M, Islam MN, Agarwal A, Taki G, Park SJ, Dong S, Jo YT, Park JH
11576 - 11586 Effects of Process Water Recycling and Particle Sizes on Hydrothermal Carbonization of Biomass
Heidari M, Salaudeen S, Dutta A, Acharya B
11587 - 11594 Effect of Narrow Feeding Regimes on Anaerobic Digestion Performance and Microbial Community Structure of Rice Straw in Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors
Guan RL, Yuan HR, Wachemo AC, Li XJ, Zuo XY, Zou DX, Liu YP, Gu JY
11595 - 11606 Impact of HEFA Feedstocks on Fuel Composition and Properties in Blends with Jet A
Vozka P, Simacek P, Kilaz G
11607 - 11618 A Composition-Based Model to Predict and Optimize Biodiesel-Fuelled Engine Characteristics Using Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
Menon PR, Krishnasamy A
11619 - 11631 Physical and Chemical Properties of 1-Butanol-Diesel Fuel Blends
Kuszewski H
11632 - 11638 Dramatic Simplification of Lignin Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence Spectra from Ring-and-Puck Milling Followed by Oxidation
Fang Z, Mobley JK, Meier MS
11639 - 11644 Reforming of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) to Oils and Propylene over Cerium Oxide
Kang SM, Zhang XQ, Zhang WJ, Li WS, Chen HG, Yang PJ, Tang PF, Cheng KK, Xu YJ
11645 - 11655 Application of Potassium Ion Impregnated Titanium Dioxide as Nanocatalyst for Transesterification of Linseed Oil
Ambat I, Srivastava V, Haapaniemi E, Sillanpaa M
11656 - 11665 Effects of Coal Ash on CuO as an Oxygen Carrier for Chemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling
Dai JZ, Whitty K
11666 - 11673 Experimental Investigation and Process Simulation of Oxy-fuel Flue Gas Denitrification in CO2 Compression Process
Li XS, Zhang LQ, Luo C, Zhang ZW, Xu YQ, Zheng CG
11674 - 11682 Chemical Looping Gasification of a Biomass Pellet with a Manganese Ore as an Oxygen Carrier in the Fluidized Bed
Yin SY, Shen LH, Dosta M, Hartge EU, Heinrich S, Lu P, Werther J, Song T
11683 - 11693 Comparative Study on Nascent Soot Formation Characteristics in Laminar Premixed Acetylene, Ethylene, and Ethane Flames
Mei JY, Wang MD, Hou DY, Tang QX, You XQ
11694 - 11700 Simultaneous Desulfurization and Denitrification on the SAPO-34@Al2O3 Core Shell Structure Adsorbent
Yi HH, Yang K, Tang XL, Zhao SZ, Gao FY, Huang YH, Yang ZY, Wang JG, Shi YR, Xie XZ
11701 - 11709 Steam-Stable Covalently Bonded Polyethylenimine Modified Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes for Carbon Dioxide Capture
Zhou Z, Balijepalli SK, Nguyen-Sorenson AHT, Anderson CM, Park JL, Stowers KJ
11710 - 11717 Experimental Study of Alkali Salt Adsorption in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
Shi H, Zhang Y, Wu YX, Lyu J
11718 - 11730 Asphaltene-Derived Activated Carbon and Carbon Nanotube Membranes for CO2 Separation
Kueh B, Kapsi M, Veziri CM, Athanasekou C, Pilatos G, Reddy KSK, Raj A, Karanikolos GN
11731 - 11741 Life Cycle Analysis of Natural Gas-Fired Distributed Combined Heat and Power versus Centralized Power Plant
Meng FX, Dillingham G
11742 - 11748 Nitrogen Functionalized Biochar as a Renewable Adsorbent for Efficient CO2 Removal
Bamdad H, Hawboldt K, MacQuarrie S
11749 - 11760 Antiscalant-Driven Inhibition and Stabilization of "Magnesium Silicate" under Geothermal Stresses: The Role of Magnesium Phosphonate Coordination Chemistry
Spinthaki A, Matheis J, Hater W, Demadis KD
11761 - 11771 Methane Hydrate Intrinsic Dissociation Kinetics Measured in a Microfluidic System by Means of in Situ Raman Spectroscopy
Chen WQ, Hartman RL
11772 - 11784 Improving the Efficiency of the THAI-CAPRI Process by Nanocatalysts Originated from Rock Minerals
Karimian M, Schaffie M, Fazaelipoor MH
11785 - 11795 Synergistic Mercury Removal over the CeMnO3 Perovskite Structure Oxide as a Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalyst from Coal Combustion Flue Gas
Zhang SB, Zhao YC, Diaz-Somoano M, Yang JP, Zhang JY
11796 - 11801 Stable Production of Gasoline-Ranged Hydrocarbons from Dimethyl Ether over Iron-Modified ZSM-22 Zeolite
Jamil AK, Muraza O, Miyake K, Ahmed MHM, Yamani ZH, Hirota Y, Nishiyama N
11802 - 11813 Effect of Fuels and Oxygen Indices on the Morphology of Soot Generated in Laminar Coflow Diffusion Flames
Cortes D, Moran J, Liu F, Escudero F, Consalvi JL, Fuentes A
11814 - 11820 Comparison of Fuel Properties of Nanoemulsions of Diesel Fuel Dispersed with Solketal by Microwave Irradiation and Mechanical Homogenization Methods
Lin CY, Tsai SM
11821 - 11830 Combustion Flame Speeds and Stability of Associated Natural Gas with High Concentrations of C-2-C-4 Alkanes
Arafin F, Belmont E
11831 - 11842 Theoretical Study of Abstraction and Addition Reactions of 2,4,4-Trimethyl-1-pentene with H and O(P-3) Radical
Yin GY, Hu EJ, Li XJ, Ku JF, Gao ZH, Huang ZH
11843 - 11851 Use of Alkali Carbonate Sorbents for Capturing Chlorine-Bearing Gases from Corn Straw Torrefaction
Ren XH, Rokni E, Zhang L, Wang ZZ, Liu Y, Levendis YA
11852 - 11863 Combustion Mechanisms and Kinetics of Fuel Additives: A ReaxFF Molecular Simulation
Chen ZJ, Sun WZ, Zhao L
11864 - 11875 Methane and Methyl Propanoate High-Temperature Kinetics
Jouzdani S, Zheng X, Coombs DM, Akih-Kumgeh B
11876 - 11886 Effect of Oxidizing Honeycomb Catalysts Integrated in a Firewood Room Heater on Gaseous and Particulate Emissions, Including Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Klauser F, Schmidl C, Reichert G, Carlon E, Kistler M, Schwabl M, Haslinger W, Kasper-Giebl A
11887 - 11898 Fluidized Bed Drying and Devolatilization of Lignite Washery Tailing Particles: Experiments and Modeling
Chen DD, Jiang XG
11899 - 11912 Experimental Validation of an Unscented Kalman Filter for Estimating Transient Engine Exhaust Composition with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Wilson D, Allen C
11913 - 11923 Combustion Behavior of Single Pellets of Coal-Wood Mixtures in a Hot Gas Flow Field
Mock C, Lee H, Choi SC, Yang W, Choi S, Manovic V
11924 - 11935 Promotion of Anthracite Burnout for a 300 MWe Down-Fired Boiler with a Novel Combustion Technology
Wang QX, Chen ZC, Yan TS, Liu T, Zeng LY, Li ZQ
11936 - 11946 Chain Reactions Approach to the Initial Stages of Crude Oil Oxidation
Pu WF, Ushakova A, Zatsepin V
11947 - 11960 Development of an Online Ash-Deposition Thermogravimetric Analyzer for Pulverized Coal Combustion
Chen DG, Fang JG, Zhou MM, Li ZS, Cai NS
11961 - 11969 Experimental Evaluation of Various Gasoline Surrogates Based on Soot Formation Characteristics
Hua Y, Liu FS, Wu H, Lee CF, Wang ZM
11970 - 11978 Kinetic Effects of n-Heptane Addition on Low and High Temperature Oxidation of Methane in a Jet-Stirred Reactor
Zhang ZH, Zhao H, Cao L, Li GS, Ju YG
11979 - 11990 Characterization of a High-Performance Biosorbent for Natural Gas Dehydration
Ghanbari S, Niu CH
11991 - 11999 Modifying the Viscosity of Heavy Crude Oil Using Surfactants and Polymer Additives
Malkin AY, Zuev KV, Arinina MP, Kulichikhin VG