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4571 - 4587 Application of Water in Hydrothermal Conditions for Upgrading Heavy Oils: A Review
Arcelus-Arrillaga P, Pinilla JL, Hellgardt K, Millan M
4588 - 4602 Challenges and Opportunities of Coalbed Methane Development in China
Lau HC, Li HY, Huang S
4603 - 4615 Overview of the Synthesis of Salts of Organophosphonic Acids and Their Application to the Management of Oilfield Scale
Mady MF, Kelland MA
4616 - 4625 Batch Solvent Extraction of Bitumen from Oil Sand. Part 1: Theoretical Basis
Khammar M, Xu YM
4626 - 4636 Batch Solvent Extraction of Bitumen from Oil Sand. Part 2: Experimental Development and Modeling
Khammar M, Xu YM
4637 - 4654 Tuning Foam Parameters for Mobility Control using CO2 Foam: Field Application to Maximize Oil Recovery from a High Temperature High Salinity Layered Carbonate Reservoir
Al Sumaiti A, Shaik AR, Mathew ES, Al Ameri W
4655 - 4662 Associating Copolymer Acrylamide/Diallyldimethylammonium Chloride/Butyl Acrylate/2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic Acid as a Tackifier in Clay-Free and Water-Based Drilling Fluids
Zhang XM, Jiang GC, Xuan Y, Wang L, Huang XB
4663 - 4669 Crude Oil Quantity and Its Effect on Chalk Surface Wetting
Hopkins PA, Omland I, Layti F, Strand S, Puntervold T, Austad T
4670 - 4680 Salinity-Dependent Adhesion Response Properties of Aluminosilicate (K-Feldspar) Surfaces
Lorenz B, Ceccato M, Andersson MP, Dobberschutz S, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Dalby KN, Hassenkam T, Stipp SLS
4681 - 4686 Characterization of Fly Ash Laser-Induced Plasma for Improving the On-line Measurement of Unburned Carbon in Gas-Solid Flow
Yao SC, Xu JL, Zhao JB, Bai KJ, Lu JD, Lu ZM
4687 - 4693 Favorable Temperature Gradient for Maximum Low-Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery Effects in Carbonates
Strand S, Henningsen SC, Puntervold T, Austad T
4694 - 4704 Distribution and Structural Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Abundant in Coal Tar Pitch
Fan XH, Fei YQ, Chen L, Lit W
4705 - 4713 Investigation on Asphaltenes Structures during Low Temperature Coal Tar Hydrotreatment under Various Reaction Temperatures
Pei LJ, Li D, Liu X, Cui WG, Shao RT, Xue FF, Li WH
4714 - 4720 Rare Earth Elements in Alberta Oil Sand Process Streams
Roth E, Bank T, Howard B, Granite E
4721 - 4730 Foams Stabilized by In Situ-Modified Nanoparticles and Anionic Surfactants for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Yang WP, Wang TF, Fan ZX, Miao Q, Deng ZY, Zhu YY
4731 - 4741 Effects of Supercritical CO2 Fluids on Pore Morphology of Coal: Implications for CO2 Geological Sequestration
Zhang KZ, Cheng YP, Jin K, Guo HJ, Liu QQ, Dong J, Li W
4742 - 4747 Study on Deposits Containing Rich Fluorine, Boron, and Ammonium on the Heating Surface of a Flue Gas Cooler in a 300 MW Coal-Fired Boiler
Ma HD, Wang YG, Zhao QX, Chen H
4748 - 4757 Studying Rotational Mobility of V=O Complexes in Atmospheric Residues and Their Resins and Asphaltenes by Electron Spin Resonance
Cui QY, Nakabayashi K, Ma XL, Miyawaki J, Ideta K, Tennich Y, Ueda M, Al-Mutairi A, Marafi AMJ, Park JI, Yoon SH, Mochida I
4758 - 4770 Simulation of a Large-Scale FCC Riser Using a Combination of MP-PIC and Four-Lump Oil-Cracking Kinetic Models
Berrouk AS, Pornsilph C, Bale SS, Du Y, Nandakumar K
4771 - 4779 Tracking Aging of Bitumen and Its Saturate, Aromatic, Resin, and Asphaltene Fractions Using High-Field Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Handle F, Harir M, Fussl J, Kosyun AN, Grossegger D, Hertkorn N, Eberhardsteiner L, Hofko B, Hospodka M, Blab R, Schmitt-Kopplin P, Grothe H
4780 - 4790 Supramolecular-Structure-Associating Weak Gel of Wormlike Micelles of Erucoylamidopropyl Hydroxy Sulfobetaine and Hydrophobically Modified Polymers
Jiang GC, Jiang QH, Sun YL, Liu P, Zhang ZH, Ni XX, Yang LL, Wang CL
4791 - 4798 Deposit Formation of the Low-Pressure Economizer in a Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant
Chen H, Jiao J, Pan PY, Zhao QX, Wang YG
4799 - 4807 Pyrolysis Characteristics and Evolution of Char Structure during Pulverized Coal Pyrolysis in Drop Tube Furnace: Influence of Temperature
Li Q, Wang ZH, He Y, Sun Q, Zhang YW, Kumar S, Zhang K, Cen KF
4808 - 4816 Characteristics of Estonian Oil Shale Kerogen and Its Pyrolysates with Thermal Bitumen as a Pyrolytic Intermediate
Shi J, Ma Y, Li SY, Wu JX, Zhu YK, Teng JS
4817 - 4825 Effect of Particle Hydrophobicity on Hydrate Formation in Water-in-Oil Emulsions in the Presence of Wax
Raman AKY, Aichele CP
4826 - 4842 Shale Oil Assessment for the Songliao Basin, Northeastern China, Using Oil Generation-Sorption Method
Cao HR, Zou YR, Lei Y, Xi DP, Wan XQ, Peng PA
4843 - 4850 Effect of Metal Loading in NiMo/A1(2)O(3) Catalysts on Maya Vacuum Residue Hydrocracking
Puron H, Pinilla JL, de la Fuente JAM, Millan M
4851 - 4865 Thermodynamic and Structural Characterization of Bulk Organic Matter in Chinese Silurian Shale: Experimental and Molecular Modeling Studies
Huang L, Nig ZF, Wang Q, Qi RR, Li J, Zeng Y, Ye HT, Qin HB
4866 - 4874 Wellhead Samples of High-Temperature, Low-Permeability Petroleum Reservoirs Reveal the Microbial Communities in Wellbores
Song ZY, Yao Z, Zhao FM, Sun GZ, Zhu WY
4875 - 4885 Microscale Detection of Hydrate Blockage Onset in High-Pressure Gas-Water Systems
Akhfash M, Aman ZM, Du JW, Pickering PF, Johns ML, Koh CA, May EF
4886 - 4894 Investigation of the Thermal Oxidation of Conventional and Alternate Aviation Fuels with Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography Accurate Mass Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
Webster RL, Rawson PM, Kulsing C, Evans DJ, Marriott PJ
4895 - 4903 Partial Coal Pyrolysis and Its Implication To Enhance Coalbed Methane Recovery: A Simulation Study
Cai YD, Liu DM, Pan ZJ
4904 - 4914 Polymer Flooding Enhanced Oil Recovery Evaluated with Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Relaxation Time Measurements
Li M, Romero-Zeron L, Marica F, Balcom BJ
4915 - 4924 Effect of the Flow Field on the Wax Deposition and Performance of Wax Inhibitors: Cold Finger and Flow Loop Testing
Chi YD, Daraboina N, Sarica C
4925 - 4938 FLASHCHAIN Theory for Rapid Coal Devolatilization Kinetics. 8. Modeling the Release of Sulfur Species from Various Coals
Niksa S
4939 - 4950 Performance of a 100 kW Heatpipe Reformer Operating on Lignite
Leimert JM, Treiber P, Neubert M, Sieber A, Karl J
4951 - 4965 Experimental Study of Miscible Thickened Natural Gas Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Al Hinai NM, Saeedi A, Wood CD, Valdez R, Esteban L
4966 - 4972 Fate of Organic Liquid-Crystal Domains during Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage/Cyclic Steam Stimulation Production of Heavy Oils and Bitumen
Qin C, Becerra M, Shaw JM
4973 - 4980 Effect of Water Imbibition on Shale Permeability and Its Influence on Gas Production
Shen YH, Ge HK, Meng MM, Jiang ZX, Yang XY
4981 - 4988 Experimental Investigation on the Interaction Forces between Clathrate Hydrate Particles in the Presence of a Water Bridge
Liu CW, Li MZ, Chen LT, Li YX, Zheng SX, Han GM
4989 - 4995 Effect of Temperature on Wettability of Oil/Brine/Rock Systems
Lu YD, Najafabadi NF, Firoozabadi A
4996 - 5002 Molecular Selectivity in Supercritical CO2 Extraction of a Crude Oil
Cao X, Peng B, Ma ST, Ni HX, Zhang LZ, Zhang WL, Li MY, Hsu CS, Shi Q
5003 - 5010 Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid as a Bitumen Modifier: A Novel Approach To Enhance Rheological Properties of Bitumen
Ortega FJ, Navarro FJ, Garcia-Morales M
5011 - 5023 Wax Deposition Modeling with Considerations of Non-Newtonian Characteristics: Application on Field-Scale Pipeline
Zheng S, Saidoun M, Palermo T, Mateen K, Fogler HS
5024 - 5030 Polymer-Stabilized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Dispersions in High-Salinity Brines
Kadhum MJ, Swatske D, Weston J, Resasco DE, Shiau B, Harwell JH
5031 - 5036 Study of Asphaltene Precipitation in Crude Oils at Desalter Conditions by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Santos D, Filho EBM, Dourado RS, Amaral M, Filipakis S, Oliveira LMSL, Guimaraes RCL, Santos AF, Borges GR, Franceschi E, Dariva C
5037 - 5045 Seven-Lump Kinetic Model for Non-catalytic Hydrogenation of Asphaltene
Sheng Q, Wang G, Zhang QY, Gan CD, Ren AL, Duan MC, Gao JS
5046 - 5054 Designing Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors-Eight Projects With Only Partial Success, But Some Lessons Learnt
Kelland MA
5055 - 5062 Comparison of the Physical and Chemical Properties, Performance, and Emissions of Ethyl Levulinate-Biodiesel-Diesel and n-Butanol-Biodiesel-Diesel Blends
Wang ZW, Lei TZ, Lin L, Yang M, Li ZF, Xin XF, Qi T, He XF, Shi J, Yan XY
5063 - 5072 Continuous Pyrolysis of Sewage Sludge in a Screw-Feeding Reactor: Products Characterization and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals
Gao NB, Quan C, Liu BL, Li ZY, Wu CF, Li AM
5073 - 5078 Simple Methodology To Quantify the Fragmentation on Batches of Char Pellets During Fluidized Bed Combustion
Ferreira T, Pereira C, Paiva JM, Pinho C
5079 - 5087 Effect of Calcium Hydroxide on the Pyrolysis Behavior of Sewage Sludge: Reaction Characteristics and Kinetics
Tang SQ, Tian SC, Zheng CM, Zhang ZT
5088 - 5096 Renewable Energy from Waste: Investigation of Co-pyrolysis between Sargassum Macroalgae and Polystyrene
Kositkanawuth K, Bhatt A, Sattler M, Dennis B
5097 - 5103 Modeling and Kinetic Study of Degradative Solvent Extraction of Biomass Wastes
Zhu XQ, Tang J, Li X, Lan W, Xu K, Fang Y, Ashida R, Miura K, Luo GQ, Yao H
5104 - 5110 Reduction of Tar and Soot Formation from Entrained-Flow Gasification of Woody Biomass by Alkali Impregnation
Umeki K, Haggstrom G, Bach-Oller A, Kirtania K, Furusjo E
5111 - 5119 Results of the International Energy Agency Round Robin on Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oil Production
Elliott DC, Meier D, Oasmaa A, Van De Beld B, Bridgwater AV, Marklund M
5120 - 5125 Determination of Biodiesel Content in Diesel Fuel by Time-Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR) Spectroscopy
da Rocha G, Colnago LA, Moraes TB, Zagonel GF, de Muniz GIB, Peralta-Zamora PG, Barison A
5126 - 5134 Pelletizing Properties of Wheat Straw Blending with Rice Straw
Wang Y, Wu K, Sun Y
5135 - 5144 Enhanced Accuracy of the Reaction Rate Prediction Model for Carbonaceous Solid Fuel Combustion
Lisandy KY, Kim GM, Kim JH, Kim GB, Jeon CH
5145 - 5157 Bioconversion of Tithonia diversifolia (Mexican Sunflower) and Poultry Droppings for Energy Generation: Optimization, Mass and Energy Balances, and Economic Benefits
Dahunsi SO, Oranusi SU, Efeovbokhan VE
5158 - 5164 Optimization of Catalytic Glycerol Etherification with Ethanol in a Continuous Reactor
Lemos COT, Rade LL, Barrozo MAD, Fernandes LD, Cardozo L, Horita CE
5165 - 5173 Flow Behavior and Aging of Pyrolysis Oils from Different Feedstocks
Jampolski L, Morgano MT, Seifert H, Kolb T, Willenbacher N
5174 - 5182 Experimental Investigation of Fe-Ni-Al Oxygen Carrier Derived from Hydrotalcite-like Precursors for the Chemical Looping Gasification of Biomass Char
Wei GQ, He F, Zhao WN, Huang Z, Zhao K, Zhao ZL, Zheng AQ, Wu XS, Li HB
5183 - 5192 Effect of Rice Husk Torrefaction on Syngas Production and Quality
Pinto F, Gominho J, Andre RN, Goncalves D, Miranda M, Varela F, Neves D, Santos J, Lourenco A, Pereira H
5193 - 5202 Selective Water Removal by Sorption from Butanol-Water Vapor Mixtures: Analyses of Key Operating Parameters and Site Energy Distribution
Jayaprakash D, Dhabhai R, Niu CH, Dalai AK
5203 - 5214 Biodiesel Production via Transesterification of Soybean Oil Catalyzed by Superhydrophobic Porous Poly(ionic liquid) Solid Base
Jiang B, Wang YM, Zhang LH, Sun YL, Yang HW, Wang BY, Yang N
5215 - 5221 Assessment of Methods for the Measurement of Wood Fuel Compositions
Rahman MA, Hopke PK
5222 - 5232 Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Treatment with Soluble Phosphate Added for Heavy Metals Solidification in MSWI Fly Ash
Qiu QL, Jiang XG, Chen ZL, Lu SY, Ni MJ
5233 - 5245 Effect of Reaction Temperature on the Chemical Looping Combustion of Coal with CuFe2O4 Combined Oxygen Carrier
Wang BW, Ma Q, Wang WS, Zhang C, Me DF, Zhao HB, Zheng CG
5246 - 5254 Effect of Hydrate Formation Conditions on Thermal Conductivity of Gas-Saturated Sediments
Chuvilin E, Bukhanov B
5255 - 5265 Enhanced Performance of Chemical Looping Combustion of CO with CaSO4-CaO Oxygen Carrier
Zheng M, Xing YB, Li KZ, Zhong SM, Wang H, Zhao BL
5266 - 5274 Desulfurization and Regeneration Performance of Titanium-Ore-Modified Activated Coke
Wang PC, Jiang X, Zhang CJ, Zhou QY, Li JJ, Jiang WJ
5275 - 5285 Effects of Mineral Surface Properties on Supercritical CO2 Wettability in a Siliciclastic Reservoir
Botto J, Fuchs SJ, Fouke BW, Clarens AF, Freiburg JT, Berger PM, Werth CJ
5286 - 5296 Optimization of CO2 Capture Process from Simulated Flue Gas by Dry Regenerable Alkali Metal Carbonate Based Adsorbent Using Response Surface Methodology
Amiri M, Shahhosseini S, Ghaemi A
5297 - 5305 Effect of Coal Rank on CO2 Adsorption Induced Coal Matrix Swelling with Different CO2 Properties and Reservoir Depths
Ranathunga KS, Perera MSA, Ranjith PG, Rathnaweera TD, Zhang XG
5306 - 5317 Developing a Novel CaO-Based Sorbent for Promoted CO2 Capture and Tar Reduction
Han L, Zhang Y, Lin K, Jia X, Zhang H, Zhong YJ, Wang QH, Li Z
5318 - 5323 Mechanism of the Reaction between HNCO and CaO in the Urea-Selective Non-catalytic Reduction deNO(x) Process
Fu SL, Song Q, Yao Q
5324 - 5332 Pore-Scale Investigation of Carbon Dioxide-Enhanced Oil Recovery
Zhu GP, Yao J, Li AF, Sun H, Zhang L
5333 - 5343 Interactions of Sulfur Dioxide with Coals: Implications for Oxy-coal Combustion Flue Gas Sequestration in Deep Coal Seams
Zhang DF, Jia SQ, Wang HH, Huo PL, Zhang J, Tao J
5344 - 5354 Numerical Study of Co-firing Biomass with Lean Coal under Air-Fuel and Oxy-fuel Conditions in a Wall-Fired Utility Boiler
Li DB, Lv Q, Feng YX, Wang CA, Liu X, Du YB, Zhong J, Che DF
5355 - 5362 Binding of Mercury Species and Typical Flue Gas Components on ZnS(110)
Li HL, Feng SH, Liu Y, Shih KM
5363 - 5375 Carbon Dioxide Capture by Diethylenetriamine Hydrobromide in Nonaqueous Systems and Phase-Change Formation
Chen Y, Hu H
5376 - 5384 High CO2 Adsorption Capacity and CO2/CH4 Selectivity by Nanocomposites of MOF-199
Salehi S, Anbia M
5385 - 5394 Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Oxy-Combustion Exhaust Gas Recycling for Fuel Reforming
Sanusi YS, Mokheimer EMA
5395 - 5401 Dendrimer-Based Demulsifiers for Polymer Flooding Oil-in-Water Emulsions
Bi YG, Li WS, Liu CC, Xu ZJ, Jia XR
5402 - 5410 Comparative Study of the Properties of the Coal Extractive and Commercial Pitches
Kuznetsov PN, Kamenskiy ES, Kuznetsova LI
5411 - 5418 Experimental Investigation into the Production Behavior of Methane Hydrate under Methanol Injection in Quartz Sand
Li G, Wu DM, Li XS, Zhang Y, Lv QN, Wang Y
5419 - 5427 Oxidative Desulfurization of Diesel Using Vanadium-Substituted Dawson-Type Emulsion Catalysts
Banisharif F, Dehghani MR, Campos-Martin JM
5428 - 5440 Experimental Insights into the Thermal Dehydrogenation of Ethylene Diamine Bisborane Using Allyl-Based Ionic Liquids
Banerjee B, Pugazhenthi G, Banerjee T
5441 - 5447 Kinetic Model for Low-Temperature Coal Tar Hydrorefining
Niu ML, Zheng HA, Sun XH, Zhang SJ, Li D, Qiao J, Li WH
5448 - 5460 Synthesis of Zirconium Modified Spherical Mesostructured Cellular Silica Foams and Its Hydrodesulfurization Performance for FCC Diesel
Wang B, Song ST, Han LN, Duan AJ, Xu CM, Chen ZT, Meng Q, Chen XG, Li JM, Wang D
5461 - 5471 Influence of Support Acidity and Ir Content on the Selective Ring Opening of Decalin over Ir/SiO2-Al2O3
D'Ippolito SA, Ballarini AD, Pieck CL
5472 - 5481 Oxidative Desulfurization of Gas Oil Catalyzed by (TBA)(4)PW11Fe@PbO as an Efficient and Recoverable Heterogeneous Phase-Transfer Nanocatalyst
Rezvani MA, Khandan S, Sabahi N
5482 - 5490 Steam Catalytic Cracking of n-Dodecane over Ni and Ni/Co Bimetallic Catalyst Supported on Hierarchical BEA Zeolite
Ahmed MHM, Muraza O, Jamil AK, Shafei EN, Yamani ZH, Choi KH
5491 - 5497 Kinetic Evaluation of Hydrodesulfurization and Hydrodenitrogenation Reactions via a Lumped Model
Yang YQ, Dai F, Li CS, Xiang SG, Yaseen M, Zhang SJ
5498 - 5506 Experimental Study on the Molecular Hydrogen Release Mechanism during Low-Temperature Oxidation of Coal
Wang YY, Wu JM, Xue S, Wang JF, Zhang YL
5507 - 5513 Effect of Ethanol on Ethylene Consumption in Premixed Laminar Flames of Ethylene and Ethanol: A Modeling Study
Su BY, Song JN, Chen CX, Zhao ZR, Li ZJ
5514 - 5524 Influence of Wood Species and Burning Conditions on Particle Emission Characteristics in a Residential Wood Stove
Nystrom R, Lindgren R, Avagyan R, Westerholm R, Lundstedt S, Boman C
5525 - 5532 Sulfur Release and Migration Characteristics of Sewage Sludge Combustion under the Effect of Organic Calcium Compound Addition
Duan F, Zhang LH, Huang YJ
5533 - 5542 Experimental Design for Discrimination of Chemical Kinetic Models for Oxy-Methane Combustion
Cai LM, Kruse S, Felsmann D, Thies C, Yalamanchi KK, Pitsch H
5543 - 5553 Quantities of Interest in Jet Stirred Reactor Oxidation of a High-Octane Gasoline
Chen BJ, Togbe C, Selim H, Dagaut P, Sarathy SM
5554 - 5560 Study on Combustion and Emission Characteristics of a Combined Injection Engine with Hydrogen Direct Injection
Yu XM, Zuo XYA, Wu HM, Du YD, Sun Y, Wang Y
5561 - 5570 Conversion of Petroleum Coke in a High-Pressure Entrained-Flow Gasifier: Comparison of Computational Fluid Dynamics Model and Experiment
Runstedtier A, Yandon R, Duchesne M, Hughes R, Boisvert P
5571 - 5580 Effects of Particle Size Distribution and Oxygen Concentration on the Propagation Behavior of Pulverized Coal Flames in O-2/CO2 Atmospheres
Gu MY, Chen X, Wu CC, He XH, Chu HQ, Liu FS
5581 - 5596 Pollutant and Corrosion Control Technology and Efficient Coal Combustion
Daood SS, Ottolini M, Taylor S, Ogunyinka O, Hossain MM, Lu G, Yan Y, Nimmo W
5597 - 5602 Influence of Biomass Reburning on NOx Reductions during Pulverized Coal Combustion
Zhuang HY, Niu YQ, Gong YH, Zhang Y, Zhang YR, Hui SE
5603 - 5611 Impact of Biomass and Main Biomass Components on Coal Reactivity under Oxy-Combustion Conditions-A Comparison of Physicochemical Char Properties Obtained under N-2 and CO2 Atmospheres
Betancur Y, Sanchez A, Bueno-Lopez A, Lopez D
5612 - 5621 Enhanced Oil Recovery of Low-Permeability Cores by SiO2 Nanofluid
Lu T, Li ZM, Zhou Y, Zhang C
5622 - 5628 Investigation of Solid Electrolyte Interphase Formed on Si Nanoparticle Composite Electrodes Using Hyperpolarized Xe-129 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Mao YG, Karan NK, Song M, Hopson R, Guduru PR, Wang LQ
5629 - 5634 Rapid Prediction of Camelina Seed Oil Content Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Zhang K, Tan ZL, Chen CC, Sun XZS, Wang DH
5635 - 5644 Experimental Study on Heat Transfer and Thermo-Physical Properties of Covalently Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes Nanofluids in an Annular Heat Exchanger: A Green and Novel Synthesis
Hosseini M, Sadri R, Kazi SN, Bagheri S, Zubir N, Teng CB, Zaharinie T
5645 - 5661 Maximization of Gasoline in an Industrial Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit
John YM, Patel R, Mujtaba IM
5662 - 5672 Novel Chemical Looping Combustion Assisted Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracking Process in Order To Reduce CO2 Emission and Gasoline Production Enhancement
Nabipour N, Iranshahi D
5673 - 5681 Development of a Structure-Based Lumping Kinetic Model for Light Gas Oil Hydrodesulfurization
Nguyen TTH, Teratan S, Tanaka R, Endo A, Hirao M
5682 - 5690 Lu Plot and Yao Plot: Models To Analyze Product Distribution of Long-Term Gas-Phase Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Experimental Data on an Iron Catalyst
Gorimbo J, Muleja A, Lu XJ, Yao YL, Liu XY, Hildebrandt D, Glasser D
5691 - 5700 Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Slurry-Phase Reactor for Hydrotreating of Oil Fractions
Calderon CJ, Ancheyta J
5701 - 5709 Biomass Torrefaction in a Two-Stage Rotary Reactor: Modeling and Experimental Validation
Granados DA, Basu P, Chejne F
5710 - 5710 Effect of Vanadium on the Petroleum Coke Ash Fusibility (vol 31, pg 2530, 2017)
Li JZ, Zhao JT, Dia X, Bai J, Fang YT