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11515 - 11522 Analysis of the Geological Conditions for Shale Gas Accumulation: Two Different Carboniferous Marine-Continental Transitional Facies in the Bayanhot Basin, China
Wang HL, Liang JT, Li XH, Ji XY, Zhang QX, Huang RJ
11523 - 11531 Evaluation of the Adsorbed Gas Amount in a Shale Reservoir Using the Three Compositions Adsorbing Methane (TCAM) Method: A Case from the Longmaxi Shale in Southeast Chongqing, China
Chen FW, Lu SF, Ding X, He XP, Xing HL
11532 - 11547 Wax Deposit Thermal Conductivity Measurements under Flowing Conditions
Veiga HMB, Fleming FP, Azevedo LFA
11548 - 11557 Influence of Grain Size and Moisture Content on the High-Pressure Methane Sorption Capacity of Kimmeridge Clay
Li XQ, Krooss BM
11558 - 11568 Impact of Mineralization on Digital Coal Properties
Jing Y, Armstrong RT, Mostaghimi P
11569 - 11586 Characterization and Control of Mesopore Structural Heterogeneity for Low Thermal Maturity Shale: A Case Study of Yanchang Formation Shale, Ordos Basin
Huang ZL, Liu GH, Li TJ, Li YT, Yin Y, Wang L
11587 - 11593 Structural Transformations of Coal Components upon Heat Treatment and Explanation on Their Abnormal Thermal Behaviors
Wang SQ, Chen H, Ma W, Liu PH, Yang ZD
11594 - 11600 Detection of Adulterated Diesel Using Fluorescent Test Strips and Smartphone Readout
Gotor R, Tiebe C, Schlischka J, Bell J, Rurack K
11601 - 11614 Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Kerogen Thermal Maturation and Cross-Linking Pathways
Pawar G, Meakin P, Huang H
11615 - 11626 Method Development for Selective and Nontargeted Identification of Nitro Compounds in Diesel Particulate Matter
Bataineh M, Arabi AA, Iqbal J, Howari FM, Brack W
11627 - 11639 Designing Injection Water for Enhancing Oil Recovery from Kaolinite Laden Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: A Spectroscopic Approach for Understanding Molecular Level Interaction during Saline Water Flooding
Sanyal S, Bhui UK, Kumar SS, Balaga D
11640 - 11650 Role of HZSM-5 Aluminosilicates on Asphaltenes Deposition by High-Throughput in Situ Characterizations of a Microreservoir
Pinho B, Minsariya K, Yen A, Joshi N, Hartman RL
11651 - 11659 Proof of Concept of High-Temperature Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for Two-Dimensional Simulated Distillation of Crude Oils
Jennerwein MK, Eschner MS, Wilharm T, Zimmermann R, Groger TM
11660 - 11668 Characterizing Asphaltene Deposition in the Presence of Chemical Dispersants in Porous Media Micromodels
Lin YJ, He P, Tavakkoli M, Mathew NT, Fatt YY, Chai JC, Goharzadeh A, Vargas FM, Biswal SL
11669 - 11680 Formulation of the Heat Generation Rate of Low-Temperature Oxidation of Coal by Measuring Heat Flow and Weight Change at Constant Temperatures Using Thermogravimetry-Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Miura K, Ohgaki H, Sato N, Matsumoto M
11681 - 11689 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Production and Catalyst Regeneration in Pyrolysis of Oily Sludge Using ZSM-5 Zeolites as Catalysts
Wang J, Lin BC, Huang QX, Ma ZY, Chi Y, Yan JH
11690 - 11697 Methods To Calculate Hydrogen Consumption during Hydrocracking Experiments in Batch Reactors
Felix G, Quitian A, Rodriguez E, Ancheyta J, Trejo F
11698 - 11709 Effect of Organic Matter and Thermal Maturity on Methane Adsorption Capacity on Shales from the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin in Colombia
Cancino OPO, Mancilla DP, Pozo M, Perez E, Bessieres D
11710 - 11722 Investigation on Combustion and Emission Performance of a Common Rail Diesel Engine Fueled with Diesel/Biodiesel/Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers Blends
Chen H, He JJ, Hua HN
11723 - 11730 Examination of Interactions of Solvent-Treated Coal with Oxygen and Water Vapor at Over 100 degrees C Using TG-DSC for Examining Propensity to Spontaneous Heating of the Solvent-Treated Coal
Muangthong-on T, Wannapeera J, Ohgaki H, Miura K
11731 - 11742 Removal of Sulfur and Nitrogen Compounds from Diesel Oil by Adsorption Using Clays as Adsorbents
Baia LV, Souza WC, de Souza RJF, Veloso CO, Chiaro SSX, Figueiredo MAG
11743 - 11754 From Single Asphaltenes and Resins to Nanoaggregates: A Computational Study
Lima FCDA, Alvim RDS, Miranda CR
11755 - 11764 Microencapsulation of Acids by Nanoparticles for Acid Treatment of Shales
Singh R, Panthi K, Mohanty KK
11765 - 11772 Effects of Natural Dolomite Catalysts on Cracking Anthracene Oil
Liang P, Yu J, Zhang YQ, Jiao TT, Qin XZ
11773 - 11782 Thermodynamic Analysis of Chalk-Brine-Oil Interactions
Eftekhari AA, Thomsen K, Stenby EH, Nick HM
11783 - 11792 Hydrate Management of Deadlegs in Oil and Gas Production Systems - Background and Development of Experimental Systems
Kinnari KJ, Askvik KM, Li XY, Austvik T, Zhang XW, Sa JH, Lee BR, Sum AK
11793 - 11801 Optical Property Measurements of Mixed Coal Fly Ash and Particulate Carbon Aerosols Likely Emitted during Activated Carbon Injection for Mercury Emissions Control
Xia T, Clack HL
11802 - 11810 Hydrate Management in Deadlegs: Effect of Header Temperature on Hydrate Deposition
Zhang XW, Lee BR, Sa JH, Kinnari KJ, Askvik KM, Li XY, Sum AK
11811 - 11817 Self-heating Potential of Coal Inferred from Elemental Data - A Case Study of the Witbank Coalfield of South Africa
Moroeng OM, Roberts RJ, Bussio JP, Dixon RD
11818 - 11837 Distribution of Trace Elements in Fractions after Micronization and Density-Gradient Centrifugation of High-Ge Coals from the Wulantuga and Lincang Ge Ore Deposits in China
Wei Q, Rimmer SM, Dai SF
11838 - 11851 Deposition of Inorganic Carbonate, Sulfate, and Sulfide Scales on Antifouling Surfaces in Multiphase Flow
Keogh W, Neville A, Huggan M, Eroini V, Olsen JH, Nielsen FM, Baraka-Lokmane S, Bourdelet E, Ellingsen JA, Bache O, Charpentier T
11852 - 11865 Dissolution of Rock During Smart Water Injection in Heavy Oil Carbonate Reservoirs by Natural Generation of Acidic Water
Gachuz-Muro H, Sohrabi M, Benavente D
11866 - 11883 Alteration of Interfacial Properties by Chemicals and Nanomaterials To Improve Heavy Oil Recovery at Elevated Temperatures
Wei Y, Babadagli T
11884 - 11891 Analysis of Water Forms in Lignite and Pore Size Distribution Measurement Utilizing Bound Water as a Molecular Probe
Wan KJ, Ji PC, Miao ZY, Chen ZS, Wan YJ, He QQ
11892 - 11901 Effect of Low Salinity on the Oil Desorption Efficiency from Calcite and Silica Surfaces
AI-Khafaji A, Neville A, Wilson M, Wen DS
11902 - 11910 Extracting Natural Biosurfactants from Humus Deposits for Subsurface Engineering Applications
Wan JM, Tokunaga TK, Dong WM, Kim Y
11911 - 11917 Ionic-Liquid-Catalyzed Alkylation of Extracted Oil from a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Slurry
Lin Y, Nan GZ, Li YF, Luo H, Fan WY
11918 - 11924 Chemical Alteration of Wettability of Sandstones with Polysorbate 80. Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Study
Moncayo-Riascos I, Cortes FB, Hoyos BA
11925 - 11931 Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds in Froth Multiphase Systems from Oil Sands Operations Using a Headspace GC-MS Method
Duflin L, Wang XM, Stoesz J
11932 - 11938 Stochastic Reconstruction of Complex Heavy Oil Molecules Using an Artificial Neural Network
Deniz CU, Yasar M, Klein MT
11939 - 11946 Investigation into the Relationship between Oxygen-Containing Groups and the Release of Na and Cl during Preoxidation and Pyrolysis of Na-Enriched Zhundong Coal
Zhao D, Liu H, Jiang LX, Ge JW, Xu LF, Cao QX
11947 - 11953 Thermoplastic Properties of Coal and Coal Extract
Chu CC, Chang CM, Wang DH, Whang TJ
11954 - 11962 Effect of Solvent on the Degradative Solvent Extraction of Low Rank Coal
Muangthong-On T, Wannapeera J, Jadsadajerm S, Worasuwannarak N, Ohgaki H, Miura K
11963 - 11970 Novel Acrylamide/2-Acrylamide-2-methylpropanesulfonic Acid/4-Vinylpyridine Terpolymer as an Anti-calcium Contamination Fluid-Loss Additive for Water-Based Drilling Fluids
Cao J, Meng LW, Yang YP, Zhu YJ, Wang XQ, Yao CY, Sun MB, Zhong HY
11971 - 11976 Characterization of Dissolved Metals and Metallic Nanoparticles in Asphaltene Solutions by Single-Particle Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Nelson J, Yamanaka M, Lopez-Linares F, Poirier L, Rogel E
11977 - 11986 Experimental Study on the Strength of Original Samples of Wax Deposits from Pipelines in the Field
Li M, Sun MR, Lu YD, Zhang JJ
11987 - 11994 Catalytic Cracking of JP-10 over HZSM-5 Nanosheets
Tian YJ, Qiu Y, Hou X, Wang L, Liu GZ
11995 - 12003 Exploring Compositional Changes along In Situ Combustion and Their Implications on Emulsion Stabilization via Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (FT-ICR MS)
Rojas-Ruiz FA, Bottia-Ramirez H, Rodriguez-Rodriguez L, Orrego-Ruiz JA
12004 - 12009 Benchtop Euler Wheel for Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Screening: Comparison to Rocking Cells
Kelland MA, Grinrod A, Milanovic J
12010 - 12020 Use of a Novel Surfactant To Prepare Oil-in-Water Emulsion of an Indian Heavy Crude Oil for Pipeline Transportation
Kumar S, Mahto V
12021 - 12034 A New Diminishing Interface Method for Determining the Minimum Miscibility Pressures of Light Oil-CO2 Systems in Bulk Phase and Nanopores
Zhang KG, Jia N, Zeng FH, Luo P
12035 - 12045 Influence of Individual Ions on Oil/Brine/Rock Interfacial Interactions and Oil-Water Flow Behaviors in Porous Media
Wei B, Wu RN, Lu LM, Ning XW, Xu XG, Wood C, Yang Y
12046 - 12053 Sulfur Transformation Characteristics and Mechanisms during Hydrogen Production by Coal Gasification in Supercritical Water
Liu S, Li LH, Guo LJ, Jin H, Kou JJ, Li GL
12054 - 12063 Upgrading Heavy Crude Oils and Extra Heavy Fractions in Supercritical Methanol
Khan MK, Kwek W, Kim J
12064 - 12071 Dual-Column Aromatic Ring Class Separation with Improved Universal Detection across Mobile-Phase Gradients via Eluate Dilution
Putman JC, Rowland SM, Podgorski DC, Robbins WK, Rodgers RP
12072 - 12080 Structures of Aromatic Clusters of Different Coals Based on Benzene Carboxylic Acids from Coal via Oxidation
Yang F, Hou YC, Wu WZ, Liu ZY
12081 - 12092 Effect of Temperature on Methane Adsorption in Shale Gas Reservoirs
Zou J, Rezaee R, Liu KQ
12093 - 12099 Data Processing Method for the Measurement of Unburned Carbon in Fly Ash by PF-SIBS
Yao SC, Zhang LF, Xu JL, Yu ZY, Lu ZM
12100 - 12107 Production of Highly Upgraded Bio-oils through Two-Step Catalytic Pyrolysis of Water Hyacinth
Hussain Z, Bashir N, Khan MI, Hussain K, Sulaiman SA, Naz MY, Ibrahim KA, AbdEl-Salam NM
12108 - 12119 Experimental and Modeling Investigations on Soot Formation of Ethanol, n-Butanol, 2,5-Dimethylfuran, and Biodiesel in Diesel Engines
Liu XL, Wang H, Yao MF
12120 - 12132 A Compact Kinetic Model for Biomass Pyrolysis at Gasification Conditions
Goyal H, Pepiot P
12133 - 12140 Enhanced Biogas Production from Co-digestion of Intestine Waste from Slaughterhouse and Food Waste
Porselvam S, Mahendra B, Srinivasan SV, Ravindranath E, Suthanthararajan R
12141 - 12155 Kinetic Model of Steam Gasification of Biomass in a Dual Fluidized Bed Reactor: Comparison with Pilot-Plant Experimental Results
Hejazi B, Grace JR, Bi XT, Mahecha-Botero A
12156 - 12167 Peculiarities of Pyrolysis of Hydrolytic Lignin in Dispersed Gas Phase and in Solid State
Barekati-Goudarzi M, Boldor D, Marculescu C, Khachatryan L
12168 - 12173 Variation in Endogenous Trace Elements during Methane Generation from Different Coal Ranks
Xia DP, Zhang HW, Hong JT, Su XB, Liu XL
12174 - 12182 Performance Evaluation of Two 25 kW Residential Wood Pellet Boiler Heating Systems
Wang K, Masiol M, Thimmaiah D, Zhang YY, Hopke PK
12183 - 12191 Effects of Percolate Recirculation on Dry Anaerobic Co-digestion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste and Corn Straw
Qian MY, Zhang YX, Li RH, Nelles M, Stinner W, Li YQ
12192 - 12199 Explosion Characteristics of Torrefied Wheat Straw, Rape Straw, and Vine Shoots Fuels
Szamosi Z, Toth P, Koos T, Baranyai VZ, Szepesi GL, Simenfalvi Z
12200 - 12208 Acetic Acid and Sodium Hydroxide-Aided Hydrothermal Carbonization of Woody Biomass for Enhanced Pelletization and Fuel Properties
Wang TF, Zhai YB, Zhu Y, Peng C, Xu BB, Wang T, Li CT, Zeng GM
12209 - 12216 Enzymatic Transesterification of Coconut Oil Using Chitosan-Immobilized Lipase Produced by Fluidized-Bed System
Costa-Silva TA, Carvalho AKF, Souza CRF, De Castro HF, Said S, Oliveira WP
12217 - 12222 Improvement of Biohydrogen Production from Dark Fermentation by Cocultures and Activated Carbon Immobilization
Zhang CS, Kang XX, Liang NN, Abdullah A
12223 - 12231 Catalytic Conversion of Chlamydomonas to Hydrocarbons via the Ethanol-Assisted Liquefaction and Hydrotreating Processes
Zhang B, Wang LJ, Li R, Rahman QM, Shahbazi A
12232 - 12237 Continuous Hydrogenation of Ethyl Levulinate to gamma-Valerolactone over Cu-Zn/ZrO2 Catalyst with Alumina Binder
Kong XJ, Wu SX, Jin YZ, Liu LY, Liu JH
12238 - 12246 Role of Potassium and Calcium on the Combustion Characteristics of Biomass Obtained from Thermogravimetric Experiments
Abian M, Alzueta MU, Carvalho A, Rabacal M, Costa M
12247 - 12255 Effect of Multiple Inhibitions in Corncob Hydrolysate on the Lipid Production by Rhodotorula glutinis
Lin ZN, Zhou YJ, Wu J, Liu HJ, Zhang JN
12256 - 12262 Alternative Hydrocarbon Biofuel Production via Hydrotreating under a Synthesis Gas Atmosphere
Pongsiriyakul K, Kiatkittipong W, Kiatkittipong K, Laosiripojana N, Faungnawakij K, Adhikari S, Assabumrungrat S
12263 - 12271 Investigation into the Interactions during Staged Thermal Co-conversion of Kraft Lignin and Lignite
Huang YQ, Li LW, Zheng AQ, Zhao ZL, Li HB
12272 - 12277 Solid-Acid-Catalyzed Etherification of Glycerol to Potential Fuel Additives
Magar S, Kamble S, Mohanraj GT, Jana SK, Rode C
12278 - 12287 Catalytic Effect of Iron and Nickel on Gas Formation from Fast Biomass Pyrolysis in a Microfluidized Bed Reactor: A Kinetic Study
Liu Y, Guo FQ, Li XL, Li TT, Peng KY, Guo CL, Chang JF
12288 - 12296 Mineral Particles in Sugar Cane Bagasse: Localization and Morphometry Using Microtomography Analysis
Yancy-Caballero D, Ling LY, Archilha NL, Ferreira JE, Driemeier C
12297 - 12304 Determination of the Aging Profile of Pyrolysis Oil Derived from Apricot Seed Cake through Solvent Extraction and GC-MS Analysis
Naik DV, Kumar R, Tripathi D, Kanaujia PK
12305 - 12316 Effect of Sulfur Content on Microbial Composition and Biodegradation of a Brazilian Diesel and Biodiesel Blend (B10)
de Azambuja AO, Cazarolli JC, de Quadros PD, Bucker F, Correa C, Casagranda JC, Ferrao MF, Celikkol S, Ogawa A, Bonifay V, Sunner JA, Beech IB, Bento FM
12317 - 12326 Lignin Alkylation Enhances Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass
Lai CH, Tu MB, Xia CL, Shi ZQ, Sun SL, Yong Q, Yu SY
12327 - 12338 Optimizing the Preparation of Meso- and Microporous Canola Stalk-Derived Hydrothermal Carbon via Response Surface Methodology for Methylene Blue Removal
Salmi M, Balou S, Kohansal K, Babaei K, Tavasoli A, Andache M
12339 - 12349 Apparent Kinetics of Fast Pyrolysis of Four Different Microalgae and Product Analyses Using Pyrolysis-FTIR and Pyrolysis-GC/MS
Gautam R, Varma AK, Vinu R
12350 - 12357 Syngas Production from Steam Gasification of Palm Kernel Shell with Subsequent CO2 Capture Using CaO Sorbent: An Aspen Plus Modeling
Shahbaz M, Yusup S, Inayat A, Ammar M, Patrick DO, Pratama A, Naqvi SR
12358 - 12363 The Consideration of Different Effective Zeolite Based Catalysts and Heating Rate on the Pyrolysis of Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) in a Stirred Reactor
Abbas-Abadi MS, Haghighi MN
12364 - 12375 Absorption of NO and Simultaneous Absorption of SO2/NO Using a Vacuum Ultraviolet Light/Ultrasound/KHSO5 System
Liu YX, Xu W, Zhao L, Wang Y, Zhang J
12376 - 12382 Coal Wettability After CO2 Injection
Al-Yaseri AZ, Roshan H, Xu XM, Zhang YH, Sarmadivaleh M, Lebedev M, Barifcani A, Iglauer S
12383 - 12389 Partitioning and Emission of Hazardous Trace Elements in a 100 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction, Electrostatic Precipitator, and Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization
Zhao SL, Duan YF, Li CF, Li YN, Chen C, Liu M, Lu JH
12390 - 12398 Permeability Evolution in Sandstone Due to CO2 Injection
Al-Yaseri A, Zhang YH, Ghasemiziarani M, Sarmadivaleh M, Lebedev M, Roshan H, Iglauer S
12399 - 12406 SO3 Reduction in the Flue Gas by Adding a Chemical Agent
Bin H, Yang Y, Zhang SP, Liang C, Roszak S, Yang LJ
12407 - 12416 Utilization of Waste Heat Gas in a Converter Flue for CO Generation by Coal Injection
Xie JB, Zhou JN, Zhang H, Liu ZQ, Tao X, Wang B, Jiang XK, Ni HW
12417 - 12424 Removal of HCl in Flue Gases by Calcined Limestone at High Temperatures
Lin GM, Chyang CS
12425 - 12433 Mechanism and Kinetics Study of CO2 Absorption into Blends of N-Methyldiethanolamine and 1-Hydroxyethyl-3-methylimidazolium Glycine Aqueous Solution
Sun C, Wen SJ, Zhao JK, Zhao CJ, Li W, Li SJ, Zhang DX
12434 - 12438 Visible-Light-Assisted Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction over InTaO4: Selective Methanol Formation
Singhal N, Goyal R, Kumar U
12439 - 12445 Highly Efficient Nitric Oxide Absorption by Environmentally Friendly Deep Eutectic Solvents Based on 1,3-Dimethylthiourea
Sun YL, Wei GS, Tantai XW, Huang ZH, Yang HW, Zhang LH
12446 - 12454 Effects of Microwave-Assisted Thermal Treatment on the Fate of Heavy Metals in Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash
Gong B, Deng Y, Yang YY, Wang CY, He Y, Sun XL, Liu QN, Yang WZ
12455 - 12465 Effect of an Iron Compound Added to Diesel Fuels in Both Soot Reduction Capacity and Soot Oxidation Reactivity
Rojas-Valencia N, Gallego J, Santamaria A
12466 - 12476 Dynamic Coupling of Pore Structure Evolution with Carbonation Kinetics of CaO-Based Sorbents: Experiments and Modeling
Li MC, Yang H, Song LT, Wu YS
12477 - 12486 Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbons Derived from Triarylisocyanurate-Cored Polymers with High CO2 Adsorption Properties
Tian K, Wu ZC, Xie FF, Hu W, Li L
12487 - 12499 Wormhole Generations in Indiana Limestone with CO2 Intrusion: Numerical Simulations Based on Core Flooding Experiments
Xiao T, Kweon H, McPherson B, Deo M
12500 - 12507 Kinetic Study on NO Reduction Using Dimethyl Ether as a Reburning Fuel
Yamamoto T, Kajimura S
12508 - 12520 CO2 Adsorption Behavior and Kinetics on Amine-Functionalized Composites Silica with Trimodal Nanoporous Structure
Zhao PY, Zhang GJ, Sun YH, Xu Y
12521 - 12529 Effects of Drying Methods on Wet Chemistry Synthesis of Al-Stabilized CaO Sorbents for Cyclic CO2 Capture
Song YQ, Ji GZ, Zhao X, He X, Cui XM, Zhao M
12530 - 12539 Novel Ternary Absorbent: Dibutylamine Aqueous-Organic Solution for CO2 Capture
Jing GH, Liu F, Lv BH, Zhou XB, Zhou ZM
12540 - 12551 Oxy-fuel Combustion in a 600 MW Gaseous Fuel Tangentially Fired Boiler
Ben-Mansour R, Habib MA, Qasem NAA, Abuelyamen A
12552 - 12569 Influence of Fluid Exposure on Surface Chemistry and Pore-Fracture Morphology of Various Rank Coals: Implications for Methane Recovery and CO2 Storage
Li W, Liu HF, Song XX
12570 - 12581 Combustion Performance of Sewage Sludge in a Novel CLC System with a Two-Stage Fuel Reactor
Yan JC, Shen LH, Jiang SX, Wu J, Shen TX, Song T
12582 - 12593 Sulfur-Looping Mechanism for the Two-Step Cyclic Process of Fluidized-Bed CO2 Capture and Phosphogypsum Thermal Decomposition Assisted by H2S
Zhao SQ, Ma LP, Wang DD, Yang J, Peng YH, Wang LC
12594 - 12602 High Yield of Hydrocarbons from Catalytic Hydrodenitrogenation of Indole under Hydrothermal Conditions
Luo LG, Liu ST, Liu CZ, Wang YY, Dai LY
12603 - 12611 Hydrogen Storage in Formic Acid: A Comparison of Process Options
Muller K, Brooks K, Autrey T
12612 - 12623 Iron- and Cobalt-Doped Ceria-Zirconia Nanocomposites for Catalytic Cracking of Naphtha with Regenerative Capability
Ajumobi OO, Muraza O, Bakare IA, Al Amer AM
12624 - 12632 Catalytic In Situ Hydrogenation of Fatty Acids into Fatty Alcohols over Cu-Based Catalysts with Methanol in Hydrothermal Media
Zhang ZH, Zhou F, Chen KQ, Fu J, Lu XY, Ouyang PK
12633 - 12644 Performance of Promoted Iron/CNT Catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis: Influence of Pellet Shapes and Binder Loading
Badoga S, Vosoughi V, Dalai AK
12645 - 12653 Kinetic Modeling of the Catalytic Steam Reforming of High-Density Polyethylene Pyrolysis Volatiles
Barbarias I, Lopez G, Artetxe M, Arregi A, Bilbao J, Olazar M
12654 - 12664 Identification and Observability of Lumped Kinetic Models for Vacuum Gas Oil Hydrocracking
Till Z, Varga T, Szabo L, Chovan T
12665 - 12676 Comparison of Different Kinetic Models for Heavy Oil Oxidation Characteristic Evaluation
Pu WF, Chen YF, Li YB, Zou P, Li D
12677 - 12684 Catalytic Cracking of Light Crude Oil: Effect of Feed Mixing with Liquid Hydrocarbon Fractions
Usman A, Aitani A, Al-Khattaf S
12685 - 12690 Upgrading Asphaltenes by Oil Droplets Striking a Charged TiO2-Immobilized Paper Surface
Lai YH, Zhou ZP, Basheer C, Zare RN
12691 - 12700 Selective Isomerization of n-Butane over Mordenite Nanoparticles Fabricated by a Sequential Ball Milling-Recrystallization-Dealumination Route
Kurniawan T, Muraza O, Hakeem AS, Bakare IA, Nishitoba T, Yokoi T, Yamani ZH, Al Amer AM
12701 - 12711 Effects of Various Lubricants and Fuels on Pre-Ignition in a Turbocharged Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition Engine
Park S, Woo S, Oh H, Lee K
12712 - 12720 Comprehensive Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study of n-Tetradecane Combustion
Zeng MR, Yuan WH, Li W, Zhang Y, Cao CC, Li TY, Zou JB
12721 - 12740 Effect of Dimethyl Ether as an Additive to Liquefied Petroleum Gas Flame in SiC-Al2O3-Based Porous Inert Burner
Panigrahy S, Mishra SC
12741 - 12755 Effect of Operating Conditions on the Combustion Characteristics of Coal, Rice Husk, and Co-firing of Coal and Rice Husk in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustor
Sathitruangsak P, Madhiyanon T
12756 - 12769 Thermodynamic Prediction of the Effect of Excess Air Ratios and Combustion Temperatures on the Equilibrium Phases Formed during Ash Fusion from Coal and Cedar Nut Shells
Jerzak W
12770 - 12779 Trends of the Flow-Field Deflection and Asymmetric Combustion in a 600 MWe Supercritical Down-Fired Boiler with Respect to the Furnace Arch's Burner Span
Kuang M, Yang GH, Zhu QY, Ti SG
12780 - 12790 Shock-Induced Ignition of Methane, Ethane, and Methane/Ethane Mixtures Sensitized by NO2
Zhang X, Ye W, Shi JC, Wu XJ, Zhang RT, Luo SN
12791 - 12803 Pore-Scale Simulation of Hydrogen-Air Premixed Combustion Process in Randomly Packed Beds
Jiang LS, Liu HS, Wu D, Wang JS, Xie MZ, Bai ML
12804 - 12814 Effects of Fuel Properties on Ignition Characteristics of Parallel-Bias Pulverized-Coal Jets
Zhao YJ, Zeng G, Zhang LY, Zhang YJ, Sun SZ, Wei CH
12815 - 12822 Analysis of Turbulent Lean Premixed Methane-Air Flame Statistics at Elevated Pressures
Yilmaz B, Gokalp I
12823 - 12830 Sulfate Removal by Kaolin Addition To Address Fouling in a Full-Scale Furnace Burning High-Alkaline Zhundong Coal
Wang XB, Ruan RH, Yang T, Adeosun A, Zhang LM, Wei B, Tan HZ, Axelbaum RL
12831 - 12838 Effect of Volatile and Ash Contents in Coal on the Volatilization of Arsenic during Isothermal Coal Combustion
Zou C, Wang CB, Liu HM, Wang HF, Zhang Y
12839 - 12847 Effect of Different Clay Minerals on Heavy Oil Oxidation during Ignition Process
Yu XC, Qu Z, Kan CB, Zhao XJ
12848 - 12856 Time-Dependent Layer Formation on K-Feldspar Bed Particles during Fluidized Bed Combustion of Woody Fuels
He HB, Skoglund N, Ohman M
12857 - 12866 Alloy Selection for a Cofired Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Vortex Finder Application at 880 degrees C in a Complex Mixed Mode Corrosion Environment
Hagman H, Lundberg M, Bostrom D
12867 - 12874 Catalytic Effects of CeO2/Fe2O3 and Inherent Mineral Matter on Anthracite Combustion Reactions and Its Kinetic Analysis
Gong XZ, Zhang S
12875 - 12892 Exploring Conditions That Enhance Durability and Performance of a Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Fed with Simulated Biogas
Jones CM, Persky J, Datta R
12893 - 12913 Toward the Accurate Prediction of Liquid Phase Oxidation of Aromatics: A Detailed Kinetic Mechanism for Toluene Autoxidation
Mielczarek DC, Matrat M, Ben Amara A, Bouyou Y, Wund P, Starck L
12914 - 12931 Influence of Regenerated Monoethylene Glycol on Natural Gas Hydrate Formation
AlHarooni K, Gubner R, Iglauer S, Pack D, Barifcani A
12932 - 12941 Copper-Based Water Gas Shift Catalysts for Hydrogen Rich Syngas Production from Biomass Steam Gasification
Lang C, Secordel X, Courson C
12942 - 12950 Thermal in Situ and System-Integrated Regeneration Strategy for Adsorptive On-Board Desulfurization Units
Neubauer R, Kienzl N, Bitschnau B, Schroettner H, Hochenauer C
12951 - 12958 Removal of Mercury from Fine Coal Based on Combined Coal Processing Approaches
Liu C, Zhou CC, Cong LF, Zhang NN, Pan JH, Tang MC, Cao SS
12959 - 12964 Rapid Diagnosis of Normal and Abnormal Conditions in Solid-State Fermentation of Bioethanol Using Fourier Transform Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Jiang H, Wang W, Mei CL, Huang YH, Chen QS
12965 - 12976 Efficiency Estimation and Improvement of the 1,3-Butadiene Production Process from Lignin via Syngas through Process Simulation
Hanaoka T, Fujimoto S, Yoshida M
12977 - 12987 Comparative Analysis of Typical Low Rank Coal Pyrolysis Technology Based on a Nonlinear Programming Model
Huang Y, Li WY, Wu GS, Feng J, Yi Q
12988 - 12996 Techno-economic Analysis of a Bioethanol to Hydrogen Centralized Plant
Compagnoni M, Mostafavi E, Tripodi A, Mahinpey N, Rossetti I
12997 - 13009 Screening Monoethanolamine As Solvent to Extract Phenols from Alkane
Ma ST, Yu Q, Hou YF, Li JF, Li Y, Ma ZH, Sun LY
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