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4667 - 4682 Problems Associated with Sour Gas in the Oilfield Industry and Their Solutions
Goodwin MJ, Musa OM, Steed JW
4683 - 4689 Laboratory Study on the Spontaneous Combustion Propensity of Lignite Undergone Heating Treatment at Low Temperature in Inert and Low-Oxygen Environments
Tang YB, Xue S
4690 - 4700 2,3,6-/2,3,4-Aryl lsoprenoids in Paleocene Crude Oils from Chinese Jianghan Basin: Constrained by Water Column Stratification
Lu H, Shen CC, Zhang ZR, Liu M, Sheng GY, Peng PA, Hsu CS
4701 - 4710 Mechanism Study of the Cross-Linking Reaction of Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide/Ac3Cr in Formation Water
Zhang L, Pu CS, Sang HB, Zhao Q
4711 - 4720 Measurement and Prediction of Volumetric Properties for Undersaturated Athabasca Bitumen
Nourozieh H, Kariznovi M, Abedi J
4721 - 4729 Impact of Secondary and Tertiary Floods on Microscopic Residual Oil Distribution in Medium-to-High Permeability Cores with NMR Technique
Gao H, Liu YL, Zhang Z, Niu BL, Li HZ
4730 - 4737 Polydisperse Size Distribution of Monomers and Aggregates of Sulfur-Containing Compounds in Petroleum Residue Fractions
Chen ZT, Liu JF, Wu Y, Xu ZM, Liu XX, Zhao SQ, Xu CM
4738 - 4746 Production of High H-2/CO Syngas by Steam Gasification of Shengli Lignite: Catalytic Effect of Inherent Minerals
Li Y, Zhou CL, Li N, Zhi KD, Song YM, He RX, Teng YY, Liu QS
4747 - 4754 Influence of Formation Water Salinity/Composition on the Low-Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery Effect in High-Temperature Sandstone Reservoirs
Aghaeifar Z, Strand S, Austad T, Puntervold T, Aksulu H, Navratil K, Storas S, Hamso D
4755 - 4767 Combined Petroleum System Modeling and Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography To Improve Understanding of the Crude Oil Chemistry in the Llanos Basin, Colombia
Bartha A, De Nicolais N, Sharma V, Roy SK, Srivastava R, Pomerantz AE, Sanclemente M, Perez W, Nelson RK, Reddy CM, Gros J, Arey JS, Lelijveld J, Dubey S, Tortella D, Hantschel T, Peters KE, Mullins OC
4768 - 4773 Catalytic Aquathermolysis of Heavy Oil with Iron Tris(acetylacetonate): Changes of Heavy Oil Composition and in Situ Formation of Magnetic Nanoparticles
Galukhin AV, Erokhin AA, Osin YN, Nurgaliev DK
4774 - 4782 Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors: Structure-Activity Relationship Studies on a Series of Branched Poly(ethylene citramide)s with Varying Lipophilic Groups
Reyes FT, Kelland MA, Sun L, Dong J
4783 - 4794 Asphaltene Subfractions Responsible for Stabilizing Water-in-Crude Oil Emulsions. Part 2: Molecular Representations and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Yang F, Tchoukov P, Dettman H, Teklebrhan RB, Liu L, Dabros T, Czarnecki J, Masliyah J, Xu ZH
4795 - 4802 Isothermal Gasification of in Situ/ex Situ Coal Char with CO2 in a Micro Fluidized Bed Reaction Analyzer
Wang F, Zeng X, Shao RY, Wang YG, Yu J, Xu GW
4803 - 4813 Characterization of Vanadyl and Nickel Porphyrins Enriched from Heavy Residues by Positive-Ion Electrospray Ionization FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry
Liu H, Mu J, Wang ZX, Ji SF, Shi Q, Guo AJ, Chen K, Lu JC
4814 - 4826 Construction Strategy for Atomistic Models of Coal Chars Capturing Stacking Diversity and Pore Size Distribution
Wang CA, Watson JK, Louw E, Mathews JP
4827 - 4834 Effect of Long-Term Storage and Thermal History on the Gas Content of Natural Gas Hydrate Pellets under Ambient Pressure
Mimachi H, Takahashi M, Takeya S, Gotoh Y, Yoneyama A, Hyodo K, Takeda T, Murayama T
4835 - 4841 Microstructure Observations of Natural Gas Hydrate Occurrence in Porous Media Using Microfocus X-ray Computed Tomography
Yang L, Zhao JF, Liu WG, Li YH, Yang MJ, Song YC
4842 - 4849 Separation and Characterization of Sulfur Compounds in Ultra-deep Formation Crude Oils from Tarim Basin
Wang M, Zhu GY, Ren LM, Liu XX, Zhao SQ, Shi Q
4850 - 4854 Experimental Study on Sorption and Desorption of Propylene on Polish Hard Coals
Dudzinska A, Howaniec N, Smolinski A
4855 - 4863 On the Phase Behavior of Athabasca Asphaltene plus Polystyrene plus Toluene Mixtures at 298 K
Pouralhosseini S, Alizadehgiashi M, Shaw JM
4864 - 4873 Temperature-Independent Colloidal Phase Behavior of Maya Asphaltene plus Toluene plus Polystyrene Mixtures
Pouralhosseini S, Shaw JM
4874 - 4885 H-1 and C-13 NMR Analysis of Gas Turbine Fuels As Applied to the Advanced Distillation Curve Method
Burger JL, Widegren JA, Lovestead TM, Bruno TJ
4886 - 4892 Petroleum Biodegradation Effects on Polar Acidic Compounds and Correlation with Their Corresponded Hydrocarbon Fractions
Angolini CFF, Capilla R, Marsaioli AJ
4893 - 4901 Thermo-swelling Properties of Particle Size Cuts of Coal Maceral Concentrates
Xie W, Stanger R, Lucas J, Mahoney M, Elliott L, Yu JL, Wall T
4902 - 4910 Upgrading Shale Oil Distillation to Clean Fuel by Coupled Hydrogenation and Ring Opening Reaction of Aromatics on W-Ni/gamma-Al2O3 Catalysts
Wang HY, Dai F, Li ZX, Li CS
4911 - 4920 Probing Dynamics and Interaction of Maltenes with Asphaltene Aggregates in Crude Oils by Multiscale NMR
Vorapalawut N, Nicot B, Louis-Joseph A, Korb JP
4921 - 4926 Modeling Light Gas and Tar Yields from Pyrolysis of Green River Oil Shale Demineralized Kerogen Using the Chemical Percolation Devolatilization Model
Fletcher TH, Barfuss D, Pugmire RJ
4927 - 4935 Extraction of Bitumen from Oil Sands Using Deep Eutectic Ionic Liquid Analogues
Pulati N, Lupinsky A, Miller B, Painter P
4936 - 4940 Laser-Induced Voltage of Oil Shale for Characterizing the Oil Yield
Lu ZQ, Sun Q, Zhao K, Liu H, Feng X, Wang J, Xiao LZ
4941 - 4946 Kinetic Hydrate Inhibition with N-Alkyl-N-vinylformamide Polymers: Comparison of Polymers to n-Propyl and Isopropyl Groups
Kelland MA, Abrahamsen E, Ajiro H, Akashi M
4947 - 4955 Alkylation of Asphaltenes Using a FeCl3 Catalyst
Prado GHC, de Klerk A
4956 - 4965 Method for Determining the Effectiveness of Asphaltene Antifoulants at High Temperature: Application to Residue Hydroprocessing and Comparison to the Thermal Fouling Test
Ovalles C, Rogel E, Morazan H, Moir ME, Dickakian G
4966 - 4975 Impacts of Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide Pretreatment on Chemical Composition and Biochemical Methane Potential of Agricultural Crop Stalks
Sun C, Liu RH, Cao WX, Yin RZ, Mei YF, Zhang L
4976 - 4980 Study of Fuel Properties of Torrefied Municipal Solid Waste
Yuan HR, Wang YZ, Kobayashi N, Zhao DD, Xine SY
4981 - 4989 Enzymatic Production of Biodiesel from Nannochloropsis gaditana Microalgae Using Immobilized Lipases in Mesoporous Materials
Bautista LF, Vicente G, Mendoza A, Gonzalez S, Morales V
4990 - 4997 Kinetics of Upgrading of Anisole with Hydrogen Catalyzed by Platinum Supported on Alumina
Saidi M, Rostami P, Rahimpour HR, Fallah MAR, Rahimpour MR, Gates BC, Raeissi S
4998 - 5006 Intensification of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose Using High-Frequency Ultrasound: An Investigation of the Effects of Process Parameters on Glucose Yield
Adewuyi YG, Deshmane VG
5007 - 5017 Fouling Deposits from Residual Biomass with High Sodium Content in Power Plants
Lapuerta M, Acosta A, Pazo A
5018 - 5027 Biodiesel Production from Green Microalgae Schizochytrium limacinum via in Situ Transesterification
Bi ZT, He BB, McDonald AG
5028 - 5035 Syngas Purification in Cryogenic Packed Beds Using a One-Dimensional Pseudo-homogenous Model
DiMaria PC, Dutta A, Mahmud S
5036 - 5046 Pyrolysis Characteristics of Coal, Biomass, and Coal-Biomass Blends under High Heating Rate Conditions: Effects of Particle Diameter, Fuel Type, and Mixing Conditions
Wang ZH, Wan KD, Xia J, He Y, Liu YZ, Liu JZ
5047 - 5055 Pyrolysis Characteristics and Char Reactivity of Oedogonium sp and Loy Yang Coal
Zhu YJ, Kwong CW, van Eyk PJ, de Nys R, Wang DB, Ashman PJ
5056 - 5068 A ReaxFF Molecular Dynamics Study of the Pyrolysis Mechanism of Oleic-type Triglycerides
Zhang Y, Wang XL, Li QM, Yang R, Li CR
5069 - 5077 Determining Cooling Screen Slagging Reactor Operating Temperature
Froment K, Seiler JM, Poirier J, Colombel L
5078 - 5087 Packed-Bed Torrefaction of Bagasse under Inert and Oxygenated Atmospheres
Joshi Y, Di Marcello M, Krishnamurthy E, de Jong W
5088 - 5094 Nitrogen Transformation during Sewage Sludge Pyrolysis
Wei LH, Wen L, Yang TH, Zhang N
5095 - 5102 Properties of Ethanol Fuel Blends Made with Natural Gasoline
Alleman TL, McCormick RL, Yanowitz J
5103 - 5116 Potential Uses of Xylanase-Rich Lignocellulolytic Enzymes Cocktail for Oil Palm Trunk (OPT) Degradation and Lignocellulosic Ethanol Production
Ang SK, Adibah Y, Abd-Aziz S, Madihah MS
5117 - 5126 Thermal and Storage Stability of Bio-Oil from Pyrolysis of Torrefied Wood
Meng JJ, Moore A, Tilotta DC, Kelley SS, Adhikari S, Parkt S
5127 - 5135 Effects of Particle Shrinkage and Devolatilization Models on High-Temperature Biomass Pyrolysis and Gasification
Ku XK, Li T, Lovas T
5136 - 5144 Rubber Seed Oil Methyl Ester Synthesis, Engine Performance, and Emission Characteristics of Blends
Reshad AS, Barman P, Chaudhari AJ, Tiwari P, Kulkarni V, Goud VV, Sahoo N
5145 - 5153 Comprehensive Investigation of the Thermal Degradation Characteristics of Biodiesel and Its Feedstock Oil through TGA-FTIR
Li H, Niu SL, Lu CM, Wang YZ
5154 - 5163 Conversion of Lignin to Phenol-Rich Oil Fraction under Supercritical Alcohols in the Presence of Metal Catalysts
Kim JY, Park J, Kim UJ, Choi JW
5164 - 5170 Assessing the Biological Stability of a Terpene-Based Advanced Biofuel and Its Relationship to the Corrosion of Carbon Steel
Liang RX, Harvey BG, Quintana RL, Suflita JM
5171 - 5175 Emission of Inorganic PM10 during the Combustion of Spent Biomass from Mal lee Leaf Steam Distillation
Gao XP, Yani S, Wu HW
5176 - 5186 Effects of Biodiesel Contamination on Oxidation and Storage Stability of Neat and Blended Hydroprocessed Renewable Diesel
Fu JX, Turn SQ
5187 - 5203 Using Ground and Intact Coal Samples To Evaluate Hydrocarbon Fate during Supercritical CO2 Injection into Coal Beds: Effects of Particle Size and Coal Moisture
Kolak JJ, Hackley PC, Ruppert LF, Warwick PD, Burruss RC
5204 - 5212 Oil Sands Energy Intensity Assessment Using Facility-Level Data
Englander JG, Brandt AR, Elgowainy A, Cai H, Han JW, Yeh S, Wang MQ
5213 - 5221 Experimental Study on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Caused by Spontaneous Coal Combustion
Wang HY, Chen C
5222 - 5230 Investigation on the Physical and Chemical Properties of Hydrochar and Its Derived Pyrolysis Char for Their Potential Application: Influence of Hydrothermal Carbonization Conditions
Zhu XD, Liu YC, Qian F, Zhang SC, Chen JM
5231 - 5236 Effects of Multi-component Flue Gases on Hg-0 Removal over HNO3-Modified Activated Carbon
Tong L, Xu WQ, Zhou X, Liu RH, Zhu TY
5237 - 5244 1-Amine-2-propanol + Triethanolamine Aqueous Blends for Carbon Dioxide Absorption in a Bubble Reactor
Lopez AB, La Rubia MD, Navaza JM, Pacheco R, Gomez-Diaz D
5245 - 5252 Temperature Effect on Central-Mode Particulate Matter Formation in Combustion of Coals with Different Mineral Compositions
Zhang PA, Yu DX, Luo GQ, Yao H
5253 - 5258 Focus on Fuel Quality: Removal of Sulfur-, Nitrogen-, and Oxygen-Containing Aromatic Compounds by Extraction from Hydrocarbons into the Regenerable Ionic Liquid
Lebedeva O, Root N, Kultin D, Moiseevait A, Kustov L
5259 - 5266 Effects of As-Produced and Amine-Functionalized Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes on Carbon Dioxide Hydrate Formation
Pasieka J, Jorge L, Coulombe S, Servio P
5267 - 5273 Mercury Transformation and NO Emission of Coal Combustion with CaCl2 and NH4Cl Additives in a 6 kW CFB Combustor
Zhou Q, Duan YF, Zhao SL, Du HF, Zhu C, She M, Wei HQ
5274 - 5281 Slurry-Phase Batch Microreactor for Hydroconversion Studies
Kukard RS, Smith KJ
5282 - 5289 Synergistic Effect of Non-thermal Plasma on NOx Reduction by CH4
Pan H, Guo YH, Jian YF, He C
5290 - 5302 Supercritical Water Treatment of Crude Oil and Hexylbenzene: An Experimental and Mechanistic Study on Alkylbenzene Decomposition
Carr AG, Class CA, Lai L, Kida Y, Monrose T, Green WH
5303 - 5310 Desorption Kinetics of Naphthalene and Acenaphthene over Two Activated Carbons via Thermogravimetric Analysis
Li ZY, Liu YS, Yang X, Xing Y, Wang ZY, Yang Q, Yang RT
5311 - 5321 Two-Dimensional Experimental Study of Superadiabatic Combustion in a Packed Bed Burner
Dai HM, Lin BQ, Ji KG, Hong YD
5322 - 5333 Model for the Evolution of Pore Structure in a Lignite Particle during Pyrolysis
Li SF, Yang H, Fletcher TH, Dong M
5334 - 5348 Laminar Flame Speeds and Kinetic Modeling of n-Pentanol and Its Isomers
Li QQ, Tang CL, Cheng Y, Guan L, Huang ZH
5349 - 5360 Reactivity Analysis of Pakistani Thar Lignite Reserves in Oxidizing Thermogravimetric Analysis Atmospheres
Rizvi AH, Daood SS, Javed MT, Munir S, Pourkashanian M, Nimmo W
5361 - 5371 Effects of an Iron Pentacarbonyl Additive on Counterflow Natural Gas and Ethanol Flames
Raj A, Pan K, Qi HX, Zhu H, Wen JZ, Croiset E
5372 - 5381 Experimental and Kinetic Study on the Ignition Delay Times of 2,5-Dimethylfuran and the Comparison to 2-Methylfuran and Furan
Xu N, Tang CL, Meng X, Fan XS, Tian ZM, Huang ZH
5382 - 5389 Experimental Study on New Ignition Agents Used in Initiating in Situ Combustion
Jiao AH, Huang P, Qian XM, Feng CG, Liu ZY, Tang YX
5390 - 5403 Characterization of Fly Ash Cenospheres Produced from the Combustion of Ekibastuz Coal
Fomenko EV, Anshits NN, Vasilieva NG, Mikhaylova OA, Rogovenko ES, Zhizhaev AM, Anshits AG
5404 - 5414 Characterization of Ferrospheres Recovered from High-Calcium Fly Ash
Sharonova OM, Anshits NN, Fedorchak MA, Zhizhaev AM, Anshits AG
5415 - 5422 Carbon Surface Characteristics after Electrochemical Oxidation in a Direct Carbon Fuel Cell Using a Single Carbon Pellet and Molten Carbonates
Watanabe H, Furuyama T, Okazaki K
5423 - 5433 Thermal Investigation of a Doped Alkali-Metal Carbonate Ternary Eutectic for Direct Carbon Fuel Cell Applications
Glenn MJ, Allen JA, Donne SW
5434 - 5451 Modeling and Analysis of an Indirect Coal Biomass to Liquids Plant Integrated with a Combined Cycle Plant and CO2 Capture and Storage
Jiang Y, Bhattacharyya D
5452 - 5457 Effect of Operating Conditions and Additives on the Product Yield and Sulfur Content in Thermal Cracking of a Vacuum Residue from the Abadan Refinery
Safiri A, Ivakpour J, Khorasheh F
5458 - 5466 Prospects for Obtaining High Quality Fuels from the Hydrocracking of a Hydrotreated Scrap Tires Pyrolysis Oil
Hita I, Rodriguez E, Olazar M, Bilbao J, Arandes JM, Castano P