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3117 - 3124 Detailed Modeling of NOx and SOx Formation in Co-combustion of Coal and Biomass with Reduced Kinetics
Wei XL, Guo XF, Li S, Han XH, Schnell U, Scheffknecht G, Risio B
3125 - 3131 Influences of CO and O-2 on the Reduction of N2O by Biomass Char
Wang XB, Xiong YY, Tan HZ, Liu YY, Niu YQ, Xu TM
3132 - 3140 Modeling and Experimental Study of Oxygen Absorption in Sulfite Solution with Fine Particles
Zhao B, Cao M, Wang SJ, Li Y, Zhuo YQ, Chen CH
3141 - 3149 Trends in NOx during Pulverized Fuel Oxy-fuel Combustion
Ikeda M, Toporov D, Christ D, Stadler H, Forster M, Kneer R
3150 - 3155 Iron Transformation and Ash Fusibility during Coal Combustion in Air and O-2/CO2 Medium
Yu DX, Zhao L, Zhang ZY, Wen C, Xu MH, Yao H
3156 - 3161 Comparative Study of the Effect of Different Coal Fly Ashes on the Performance of Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion
Rubel A, Zhang Y, Neathery JK, Liu KL
3162 - 3166 Effect of Phosphorus Transformation on the Reduction of Particulate Matter Formation during Co-combustion of Coal and Sewage Sludge
Zhuo JK, Li SQ, Duan L, Yao Q
3167 - 3178 In Situ Observation of Mesophase Formation and Coalescence in Catalytic Hydroconversion of Vacuum Residue Using a Stirred Hot-Stage Reactor
Bagheri SR, Gray MR, Shaw JM, McCaffrey WC
3179 - 3186 Gasification of Sugarcane Bagasse over Supported Ruthenium Catalysts in Supercritical Water
Osada M, Yamaguchi A, Hiyoshi N, Sato O, Shirai M
3187 - 3195 Conversion of Polyethylene into Transportation Fuels by the Combination of Thermal Cracking and Catalytic Hydroreforming over Ni-Supported Hierarchical Beta Zeolite
Escola JM, Aguado J, Serrano DP, Briones L, de Tuesta JLD, Calvo R, Fernandez E
3196 - 3200 Carbon Deposition of Biotar from Pine Sawdust by Chemical Vapor Infiltration on Steelmaking Slag as a Supplementary Fuel in Steelworks
Rozhan AN, Cahyono RB, Yasuda N, Nomura T, Hosokai S, Akiyama T
3201 - 3211 Study on in Situ Sulfur Removal from Gasoline in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Process
Wen YS, Wang G, Xu CM, Gao JS
3212 - 3217 Experimental Study on the Influences of the Water Vapor for the Methane Reburning Process
Wang EL, Zhang MC
3218 - 3229 Ash Characterization and Transformation Behavior of the Fixed-Bed Combustion of Novel Crops: Poplar, Brassica, and Cassava Fuels
Diaz-Ramirez M, Boman C, Sebastian F, Royo J, Xiong SJ, Bostrom D
3230 - 3243 A Simplified Pyrolysis Model of a Biomass Particle Based on Infinitesimally Thin Reaction Front Approximation
Haseli Y, van Oijen JA, de Goey LPH
3244 - 3256 Development of a Reduced Mechanism for n-Heptane Fuel in HCCI Combustion Engines by Applying Combined Reduction Methods
Bahlouli K, Saray RK, Atikol U
3257 - 3266 Dimensions of CH4-Jet Flame in Hot O-2/CO2 Coflow
Mei ZF, Mi JC, Wang FF, Zheng CG
3267 - 3274 Measurement of Laminar Burning Velocity of Liquified Petrolium Gas Air Mixtures at Elevated Temperatures
Akram M, Kumar S
3275 - 3283 Analysis of Reactivity of a CuO-Based Oxygen Carrier for Chemical Looping Combustion of Coal
Wang SZ, Luo M, Wang GX, Wang LF, Lv MM
3284 - 3303 Methodology for Formulating Diesel Surrogate Fuels with Accurate Compositional, Ignition-Quality, and Volatility Characteristics
Mueller CJ, Cannella WJ, Bruno TJ, Bunting B, Dettman HD, Franz JA, Huber ML, Natarajan M, Pitz WJ, Ratcliff MA, Wright K
3304 - 3315 Effects of Fuel-Side Nitrogen Dilution on Structure and NOx Formation of Turbulent Syngas Non-premixed Jet Flames
Lee J, Park S, Kim Y
3316 - 3328 Gas/Particle Flow Characteristics, Combustion and NOx Emissions of Down-Fired 600 MWe Supercritical Utility Boilers with Respect to Two Configurations of Combustion Systems
Kuang M, Li ZQ, Zhu QY, Chen LZ, Zhang Y, Lai JP
3329 - 3348 Effect of Chemical Reaction Mechanisms and NOx Modeling on Air-Fired and Oxy-Fuel Combustion of Lignite in a 100-kW Furnace
Al-Abbas AH, Naser J
3349 - 3356 Nongray-Gas Effects in Modeling of Large-Scale Oxy-Fuel Combustion Processes
Yin CG
3357 - 3367 Toward the Control of the Smoldering Front in the Reaction-Trailing Mode in Oil Shale Semicoke Porous Media
Sennoune M, Salvador S, Quintard M
3368 - 3380 Experimental and Modeling Study of n-Butanol Oxidation at High Temperature
Zhang JX, Wei LJ, Man XJ, Jiang X, Zhang YJ, Hu EJ, Huang ZH
3381 - 3387 Prediction of Tar and Light Gas during Pyrolysis of Black Liquor and Biomass
Fletcher TH, Pond HR, Webster J, Wooters J, Baxter LL
3388 - 3392 Characterization of Hg in Coals by Temperature-Programmed Decomposition-Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Acid-Leaching Techniques
Guo SQ, Yang JL, Liu ZY
3393 - 3398 Interaction among Metal Components of Zn-Mn-Cu-Based Sorbents Prepared by High-Pressure Impregnation Method and Its Effect on the Removal of H2S from Hot Coal Gas
Zheng XR, Bao WR, Chang LP, Jin QM, He RY, Xie KC
3399 - 3406 Mineralogical Associations of Mercury in FGD Products
Beatty WL, Schroeder K, Beatty CLK
3407 - 3415 Managing Injected Water Composition To Improve Oil Recovery: A Case Study of North Sea Chalk Reservoirs
Zahid A, Shapiro A, Stenby EH, Yan W
3416 - 3423 Wax Deposition in Stratified Oil/Water Flow
Hoffmann R, Amundsen L, Huang ZY, Zheng S, Fogler HS
3424 - 3431 Characterization of Middle-Temperature Gasification Coal Tar. Part 2: Neutral Fraction by Extrography Followed by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and Electrospray Ionization Coupled with Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Long HY, Shi Q, Pan N, Zhang YH, Cui DC, Chung KH, Zhao SQ, Xu CM
3432 - 3447 Prediction of Condensate-to-Gas Ratio for Retrograde Gas Condensate Reservoirs Using Artificial Neural Network with Particle Swarm Optimization
Zendehboudi S, Ahmadi MA, James L, Chatzis I
3448 - 3461 Thermal Behavior and Viscoelasticity of Heavy Oils
Abivin P, Taylor SD, Freed D
3462 - 3469 Impact of Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery on the Separation of Diluted Heavy Oil Emulsions
Dalmazzone C, Noik C, Argillier JF
3470 - 3480 Multiphase Analysis for High-Pressure Adsorption of CO2/Water Mixtures on Wet Coals
Mohammad SA, Gasem KAM
3481 - 3487 Characterization of Saturates, Aromatics, Resins, and Asphaltenes Heavy Crude Oil Fractions by Atmospheric Pressure Laser Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Gaspar A, Zellermann E, Lababidi S, Reece J, Schrader W
3488 - 3496 Effects of Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide on Interfacial Dilational Properties of Gudao Crude Oil and Its Acidic/Basic Fractions
Liu JH, Fang XW, Wang ZX, Yang PJ, Zhang QX
3497 - 3503 Evaluation of Low-Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery Effects in Sandstone: Effects of the Temperature and pH Gradient
Aksulu H, Hamso D, Strand S, Puntervold T, Austad T
3504 - 3509 High-Pressure Rheology of Hydrate Slurries Formed from Water-in-Oil Emulsions
Webb EB, Rensing PJ, Koh CA, Sloan ED, Sum AK, Liberatore MW
3510 - 3513 Characteristics of Coal Liquefaction in an Impinging Stream Reactor
Cai JQ, Zhang JK, Song WS
3514 - 3520 Performance Enhancement of Vapex by Varying the Propane Injection Pressure with Time
Muhamad H, Upreti SR, Lohi A, Doan H
3521 - 3526 Laser Desorption Single-Photon Ionization of Asphaltenes: Mass Range, Compound Sensitivity, and Matrix Effects
Sabbah H, Pomerantz AE, Wagner M, Mullen K, Zare RN
3527 - 3541 Melting Behavior of Typical Ash Particles in Reducing Atmosphere
Wang HG, Qiu PH, Wu SJ, Zhu Y, Li YQ, Zhao GB
3542 - 3547 Gasoline, Kerosene, and Diesel Fingerprinting via Polar Markers
Haddad R, Regiani T, Klitzke CF, Sanvido GB, Corilo YE, Augusti DV, Pasa VMD, Pereira RCC, Romao W, Vaz BG, Augusti R, Eberlin MN
3548 - 3552 Low-Temperature Treatment of Illinois No. 6 Coal in Ionic Liquids
Pulati N, Sobkowiak M, Mathews JP, Painter P
3553 - 3563 Operational Parameters, Evaluation Methods, And Fundamental Mechanisms: Aspects of Nonaqueous Extraction of Bitumen from Oil Sands
Li XG, He L, Wu GZ, Sun WJ, Li H, Sui H
3564 - 3576 Nonequilibrium Modeling of Hydrate Dynamics in Reservoir
Vafaei MT, Kvamme B, Chejara A, Jemai K
3577 - 3585 Kinetic Hydrate Inhibition of Poly(N-isopropylmethacrylamide)s with Different Tacticities
Chua PC, Kelland MA, Ishitake K, Satoh K, Kamigaito M, Okamoto Y
3586 - 3591 Coal Lithotypes before, during, and after Exposure to CO2: Insights from Direct Fourier Transform Infrared Investigation
Mastalerz M, Goodman A, Chirdon D
3592 - 3603 Thermal Cracking of Substituted Cholestane-Benzoquinoline Asphaltene Model Compounds
Alshareef AH, Scherer A, Stryker JM, Tykwinski RR, Gray MR
3604 - 3611 Production of Gasoline and Diesel from Coal Tar via Its Catalytic Hydrogenation in Serial Fixed Beds
Kan T, Sun XY, Wang HY, Li CS, Muhammad U
3612 - 3627 Coal Swelling Model for Pressurized High Particle Heating Rate Pyrolysis Applications
Shurtz RC, Hogge JW, Fowers KC, Sorensen GS, Fletcher TH
3628 - 3633 Narrow Fraction Model with Secondary Cracking for Low-Severity Thermal Cracking of Heavy Oil
Yang JW, Chen DX, Shen GP, Xiao JZ, Yang CH
3634 - 3643 Mechanistic Study of Wettability Alteration of Quartz Surface Induced by Nonionic Surfactants and Interaction between Crude Oil and Quartz in the Presence of Sodium Chloride Salt
Bera A, Kissmathulla S, Ojha K, Kumar T, Mandal A
3644 - 3650 Experimental Study of the Interaction between NaOH, Surfactant, and Polymer in Reducing Court Heavy Oil/Brine Interfacial Tension
Zhang HY, Dong MZ, Zhao SQ
3651 - 3660 Study of Chemical Structure Changes of Chinese Lignite upon Drying in Superheated Steam, Microwave, and Hot Air
Tahmasebi A, Yu JL, Han YN, Yin FK, Bhattacharya S, Stokie D
3661 - 3671 Application of the Advanced Distillation Curve Method to the Variability of Jet Fuels
Burger JL, Bruno TJ
3672 - 3679 Hydraulic and Thermal Effects of Coke Deposition during Pyrolysis of Hydrocarbon Fuel in a Mini-Channel
Liu ZH, Bi QC, Guo Y, Ma XS, Yang ZQ, Yan JG, Hu SL
3680 - 3690 Coal-Direct Chemical Looping Gasification for Hydrogen Production: Reactor Modeling and Process Simulation
Zeng L, He F, Li FX, Fan LS
3691 - 3696 Amine Borane Based Hydrogen Carriers: An Evaluation
Muller K, Stark K, Muller B, Arlt W
3697 - 3702 Adsorption Capacity Enhancement by Activation with CO2 of Monolithic Adsorbents Made of KOH-Activated Carbon and Polymer-Derived Binder
Machnikowski J, Kierzek K, Torchala K
3703 - 3710 Microporosity Development in Coal-Based Carbon Foams
Rodriguez E, Garcia R
3711 - 3716 Methane Capacity of Double Tetrabutylammonium Bromide plus Methane Ionic Clathrate Hydrates
Sizikov AA, Manakov AY, Rodionova TV
3717 - 3722 Crystallization of Coal Ash Slags at High Temperatures and Effects on the Viscosity
Yuan HP, Liang QF, Gong X
3723 - 3727 Extraction Process of Dibenzothiophene with New Distillable Amine-Based Protic Ionic Liquids
Li Z, Li CP, Chi YS, Wang AL, Zhang ZD, Li HX, Liu QS, Welz-Biermann U
3728 - 3738 On-Site Sampling at Industrial Fluid Catalytic Cracking Strippers and Laboratory-Scale Experiments on Chemical Stripping
Wang G, Wen YS, Gao JS, Xu CM, Wang XQ
3739 - 3746 Experimental and Kinetic Study of NOx Reduction by Reburning Using Syngas from Updraft Biomass Gasification with Phenol As a Model Compound for Tar
Liu CY, Yin RH, Zhang RZ, Luo YH
3747 - 3755 Hydrodeoxygenation of Methyl Palmitate over Supported Ni Catalysts for Diesel-like Fuel Production
Zuo HL, Liu QY, Wang TJ, Ma LL, Zhang O, Zhang Q
3756 - 3768 Application of the Conduct-like Screening Models for Real Solvent and Segment Activity Coefficient for the Predictions of Partition Coefficients and Vapor-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Equilibria of Bio-oil-Related Mixtures
Li JL, Paricaud P
3769 - 3776 Results of the IEA Round Robin on Viscosity and Stability of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oils
Elliott DC, Oasmaa A, Preto F, Meier D, Bridgwater AV
3777 - 3784 Ultrasound Assisted Lime Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Biomass toward Bioethanol Production
Sasmal S, Goud VV, Mohanty K
3785 - 3795 Minimizing Costs in Near-Critical Bioethanol Extraction and Dehydration Processes
Paulo CI, Diaz MS, Brignole EA
3796 - 3802 Bio-oil Analysis Using Negative Electrospray Ionization: Comparative Study of High-Resolution Mass Spectrometers and Phenolic versus Sugaric Components
Smith EA, Park S, Klein AT, Lee YJ
3803 - 3809 High-Resolution Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Molecules on Biochar from Pyrolysis and Gasification of Switchgrass
Cole DP, Smith EA, Lee YJ
3810 - 3815 Characterization of Pine Pellet and Peanut Hull Pyrolysis Bio-oils by Negative-Ion Electrospray Ionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Jarvis JM, McKenna AM, Hilten RN, Das KC, Rodgers RP, Marshall AG
3816 - 3825 Characterization of Bio-oils Produced from Fast Pyrolysis of Corn Stalks in an Auger Reactor
Pittman CU, Mohan D, Eseyin A, Li Q, Ingram L, Hassan EBM, Mitchell B, Guo H, Steele PH
3826 - 3839 A Study of Particle Size Effect on Biomass Torrefaction and Densification
Peng JH, Bi HT, Sokhansanj S, Lim JC
3840 - 3855 Detailed Modeling of Biomass Gasification in Dual Fluidized Bed Reactors under Aspen Plus
Abdelouahed L, Authier O, Mauviel G, Corriou JP, Verdier G, Dufour A
3856 - 3863 Effect of Palm Oil Content on Deep Hydrodesulfurization of Gas Oil-Palm Oil Mixtures
Vonortas A, Templis C, Papayannakos N
3864 - 3873 Guidelines for Transportation, Handling, and Use of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil. 1. Flammability and Toxicity
Oasmaa A, Kalli A, Lindfors C, Elliott DC, Springer D, Peacocke C, Chiaramonti D
3874 - 3881 Pyrolysis of a Naturally Dried Botryococcus braunii Residue
Garciano LO, Tran NH, Kannangara GSK, Milev AS, Wilson MA, McKirdy DM, Hall PA
3882 - 3890 Beyond the Fossil Fuel Era: On the Feasibility of Sustainable Electricity Generation Using Biogas from Microalgae
ter Veld F
3891 - 3896 Catalytic Hydroprocessing of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oil from Pine Sawdust
Elliott DC, Hart TR, Neuenschwander GG, Rotness LJ, Olarte MV, Zacher AH, Solantausta Y
3897 - 3902 Deactivation and in Situ Regeneration of Anion Exchange Resin in the Continuous Transesterification for Biodiesel Production
He BQ, Ren YB, Cheng Y, Li JX
3903 - 3909 Investigation of High-Temperature Steam Hydration of Naturally Derived Calcium Oxide for Improved Carbon Dioxide Capture Capacity over Multiple Cycles
Phalak N, Deshpande N, Fan LS
3910 - 3918 Absorption of CO2 into Aqueous Potassium Salt Solutions of L-Alanine and L-Proline
Lim JA, Kim DH, Yoon Y, Jeong SK, Park KT, Nam SC
3919 - 3927 Experimental Study of Natural Cu Ore Particles as Oxygen Carriers in Chemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU)
Wen YY, Li ZS, Xu L, Cai NS
3928 - 3934 CO2 Sorption on Coals: Contribution of Minerals and Influence of Supercritical CO2 Pre-exposure
Qu SJ, Yang JL, Liu ZY
3935 - 3950 Fluid Displacement and Solid Formation in a Porous Medium Using Invasion Percolation in a Gradient with Pore Blocking
Tsimpanogiannis IN, Lichtner PC
3951 - 3957 Investigation of Swelling and Elastic Property Changes Resulting from CO2 Injection into Cuboid Coal Specimens
Mishra B, Dlamini B
3958 - 3962 Interfacial Tensions between Reservoir Brine and CO2 at High Pressures for Different Salinity
Lun ZM, Fan HF, Wang HT, Luo M, Pan WY, Wang R
3963 - 3966 Comments on "The Effect of Operating Temperatures on Wax Deposition" by Huang et al.
Bidmus HO, Mehrotra AK