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3867 - 3874 Improvement of Ebullated-Bed Effluent Stability at High Conversion Operation
Marques J, Maget S, Verstraete JJ
3875 - 3884 Measurements of Laminar Flame Velocity for Components of Natural Gas
Dirrenberger P, Le Gall H, Bounaceur R, Herbinet O, Glaude PA, Konnov A, Battin-Leclerc F
3885 - 3891 Experimental Study on the Characteristics of Self-Desulfurization during Sugarcane Leaf Combustion in a Circulating Fluidized Bed
Yu CJ, Bai JS, Nie H, Li LM, Wang QH, Luo ZY
3892 - 3899 Flamelet-Based Time-Scale Analysis of a High-Pressure Gasifier
Vegendla SNP, Messig D, Weise S, Hasse C
3900 - 3908 Flash Point and Cetane Number Predictions for Fuel Compounds Using Quantitative Structure Property Relationship (QSPR) Methods
Saldana DA, Starck L, Mougin P, Rousseau B, Pidol L, Jeuland N, Creton B
3909 - 3916 Relative Reactivities of the Isomeric Butanols and Ethanol in an Ignition Quality Tester
Haas FM, Ramcharan A, Dryer FL
3917 - 3924 Sulfur Release from Cement Raw Materials during Solid Fuel Combustion
Nielsen AR, Larsen MB, Glarborg P, Dam-Johansen K
3925 - 3933 Ignition Catalyzed by Unsupported Metal Nanoparticles
Ma XF, Liu L, Aronhime N, Zachariah MR
3934 - 3939 Effects of Hydrothermally Pretreated Sewage Sludge on the Stability and Dispersibilty of Slurry Fuel Using Pulverized Coal
Park SJ, Bae JS, Lee DW, Ra HW, Hong JC, Choi YC
3940 - 3949 Catalytic Mechanism of MCM-41 Supported Phosphoric Acid Catalyst for FCC Gasoline Desulfurization by Alkylation: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation
Wang R, Li YH, Guo BS, Sun HW
3950 - 3960 Effect of Vacuum on Lignocellulosic Biomass Flash Pyrolysis in a Conical Spouted Bed Reactor
Amutio M, Lopez G, Aguado R, Artetxe M, Bilbao J, Olazar M
3961 - 3965 Effect of the Particle Size on Asphaltene Adsorption and Catalytic Oxidation onto Alumina Particles
Nassar NN, Hassan A, Pereira-Almao P
3966 - 3973 Wettability Altering Secondary Oil Recovery in Carbonate Rocks
Mohan K, Gupta R, Mohanty KK
3974 - 3987 Network Modeling of Gas Trapping and Mobility in Foam Enhanced Oil Recovery
Balan HO, Balhoff MT, Nguyen QP, Rossen WR
3988 - 3996 Volatility and Speciation of Mercury during Pyrolysis and Gasification of Five Chinese Coals
Li Y, Zhang JY, Zhao YC, Zheng CG
3997 - 4005 Reductive Alkylation of Anthracite: Edge Functionalization
Sun YQ, Kuznetsov O, Alemany LB, Billups WE
4006 - 4013 Evaluation of Structural Characteristics of Huadian Oil Shale Kerogen Using Direct Techniques (Solid-State C-13 NMR, XPS, FT-IR, and XRD)
Tong JH, Han XG, Wang S, Jiang XM
4014 - 4023 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Lignite Particle Drying in a Fixed Bed
Zhang K, You CF
4024 - 4035 Geochemically Based Modeling of pH-Sensitive Polymer Injection in Berea Sandstone
Kazempour M, Alvarado V
4036 - 4042 Integrated Process of Coal Pyrolysis with CO2 Reforming of Methane by Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma
He XF, Jin LJ, Wang D, Zhao YP, Zhu SW, Hu HQ
4043 - 4048 Kinetic Analysis of CO2 Gasification of Petroleum Coke at High Pressures
Malekshahian M, Hill JM
4049 - 4054 Adsorption of Athabasca Vacuum Residues and Their Visbroken Products over Macroporous Solids: Influence of Their Molecular Characteristics
Lopez-Linares F, Carbognani L, Hassan A, Pereira-Almao P, Rogel E, Ovalles C, Pradhan A, Zintsmaster J
4055 - 4062 Influence of Processing Temperature on the Modification Route and Rheological Properties of Thiourea Dioxide-Modified Bitumen
Cuadri AA, Partal P, Navarro FJ, Garcia-Morales M, Gallegos C
4063 - 4069 Thermochemical Process Study on a Jet-Fluidized-Bed Gasifier Reaction System by an Equivalent Chemical Reactor Network
Feng J, Hou XC, Chen XH, Jia YL, Li WY
4070 - 4076 Proposition of a Minimum Set of Independent Chemical Reactions To Model Gas-Phase Composition during Gasification of Complex Cokes
Paniagua-Rodriguez JC, Jimenez-Garcia G, Maya-Yescas R
4077 - 4084 Numerical Study on the Hydrodynamics of a Self-Heating Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Reactor
Zhang HY, Shao SS, Xiao R, Pan QW, Chen R, Zhang JB
4085 - 4094 Evaluation of Catalytic Effects in Gasification of Biomass at Intermediate Temperature and Pressure. II. Process Performance Analysis
Nanou P, van Swaaij WPM, Kersten SRA, van Rossum G
4095 - 4105 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)-Discrete Element Method (DEM) Simulation of Gas-Solid Turbulent Flow in a Cylindrical Spouted Bed with a Conical Base
Ren B, Zhong WQ, Jin BS, Yuan ZL, Lu Y
4106 - 4112 Factors Influencing the Kinetics of Esterification of Fatty Acids over Solid Acid Catalysts
Satyarthi JK, Radhakrishnan S, Srinivas D
4113 - 4121 Fast Pyrolysis of Rice Husk in a Fluidized Bed: Effects of the Gas Atmosphere and Catalyst on Bio-oil with a Relatively Low Content of Oxygen
Meesuk S, Cao JP, Sato K, Ogawa Y, Takarada T
4122 - 4128 Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Raw Gas Composition from a Black Liquor Gasifier-Comparison with Experiments
Carlsson P, Iisa K, Gebart R
4129 - 4137 Eulerian Model for Municipal Solid Waste Gasification in a Fixed-Bed Plasma Gasification Melting Reactor
Zhang QL, Dor L, Yang WH, Blasiak W
4138 - 4144 Thermal Stability of Cyclopentane as an Organic Rankine Cycle Working Fluid
Ginosar DM, Petkovic LM, Guillen DP
4145 - 4154 Bio-oil from Sawdust: Effect of Operating Parameters on the Yield and Quality of Pyrolysis Products
Salehi E, Abedi J, Harding T
4155 - 4162 Anisole and Guaiacol Hydrodeoxygenation over Monolithic Pt-Sn Catalysts
Gonzalez-Borja MA, Resasco DE
4163 - 4171 Sampling and Online Analysis of Alkalis in Thermal Process Gases with a Novel Surface Ionization Detector
Wellinger M, Biollaz S, Wochele J, Ludwig C
4172 - 4181 Combustion of Volatiles Produced in Situ from the Fast Pyrolysis of Woody Biomass: Direct Evidence on Its Substantial Contribution to Submicrometer Particle (PM1) Emission
Gao XP, Wu HW
4182 - 4189 Evolution of Aromatic Tar Composition in Relation to Methane and Ethylene from Biomass Pyrolysis-Gasification
Dufour A, Masson E, Girods P, Rogaume Y, Zoulalian A
4190 - 4194 Caffeic Acid: An Efficient Antioxidant for Soybean Biodiesel Contaminated with Metals
Santos NA, Damasceno SS, de Araujo PHM, Marques VC, Rosenhaim R, Fernandes VJ, Queiroz N, Santos IMG, Maia AS, Souza AG
4195 - 4205 Comprehensive and Detailed Kinetic Model of a Traveling Grate Combustor of Biomass
Ranzi E, Pierucci S, Aliprandi PC, Stringa S
4206 - 4210 Effect of the Pore Length on CO2 Adsorption over Amine-Modified Mesoporous Silicas
Heydari-Gorji A, Yang Y, Sayari A
4211 - 4215 CO2 Adsorption Inside the Pore Structure of Different Rank Coals during Low Temperature Oxidation of Open Air Coal Stockpiles
Green U, Aizenstat Z, Gieldmeister F, Cohen H