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2753 - 2753 Chemeca 2010
Biggs MJ, Ashman PJ, Alwahabi ZT
2754 - 2763 Alkali Pretreatment of Cereal Crop Residues for Second-Generation Biofuels
Vancov T, McIntosh S
2764 - 2771 Effect of Coal Drying on the Behavior of Inorganic Species during Victorian Brown Coal Pyrolysis and Combustion
Binner E, Facun J, Chen LG, Ninomiya Y, Li CZ, Bhattacharya S
2772 - 2781 Investigation of Agglomeration and Defluidization during Spouted-Bed Gasification of High-Sodium, High-Sulfur South Australian Lignite
McCullough DP, van Eyk PJ, Ashman PJ, Mullinger PJ
2782 - 2793 Premixed Moderate or Intense Low-Oxygen Dilution (MILD) Combustion from a Single Jet Burner in a Laboratory-Scale Furnace
Li PF, Mi JC, Dally BB, Craig RA, Wang FF
2794 - 2802 Methanolysis of Soybean Oil Using Tungsten-Containing Heterogeneous Catalysts
dos Santos VC, Bail A, Okada HD, Ramos LP, Ciuffi KJ, Lima OJ, Nakagaki S
2803 - 2807 Pyrolysis of Oat Straw and the Comparison of the Product Yield to Wheat and Flax Straw Pyrolysis
Mani T, Murugan P, Mahinpey N
2808 - 2814 Catalytic Cracking of Supercritical n-Dodecane over Wall-Coated HZSM-5 with Different Si/Al Ratios
Qu SD, Liu GZ, Meng FX, Wang L, Zhang XW
2815 - 2825 Catalytic Deoxygenation of Tall Oil Fatty Acid over Palladium Supported on Mesoporous Carbon
Maki-Arvela P, Rozmyslowicz B, Lestari S, Simakova O, Eranen K, Salmi T, Murzin DY
2826 - 2832 Kinetic Studies of Base-Catalyzed Transesterification Reactions of Non-edible Oils To Prepare Biodiesel: The Effect of Co-solvent and Temperature
Kumar GR, Ravi R, Chadha A
2833 - 2840 2D Axisymmetric Coupled Computational Fluid Dynamics-Kinetics Modeling of a Nonthermal Arc Plasma Torch for Diesel Fuel Reforming
Lebouvier A, Cauneau F, Fulcheri L
2841 - 2849 Ash Deposition in Co-firing Three-Fuel Blends Consisting of Woody Biomass, Peat, and Lignite in a Pilot-Scale Fluidized-Bed Reactor
Shao YY, Xu CB, Zhu J, Preto F, Wang JS, Li HN, Badour C
2850 - 2861 Emissions of NOx and SO2 from Coals of Various Ranks, Bagasse, and Coal-Bagasse Blends Burning in O-2/N-2 and O-2/CO2 Environments
Kazanc F, Khatami R, Crnkovic PM, Levendis YA
2862 - 2873 Dust-Firing of Straw and Additives: Ash Chemistry and Deposition Behavior
Wu H, Glarborg P, Frandsen FJ, Dam-Johansen K, Jensen PA
2874 - 2886 Release and Transformation of Inorganic Elements in Combustion of a High-Phosphorus Fuel
Wu H, Castro M, Jensen PA, Frandsen FJ, Glarborg P, Dam-Johansen K, Rokke M, Lundtorp K
2887 - 2895 Experimental Study of Biogas Combustion in a Two-Layer Packed Bed Burner
Gao HB, Qu ZG, Tao WQ, He YL, Zhou J
2896 - 2908 Ignition Characteristics of Diesel and Canola Biodiesel Sprays in the Low-Temperature Combustion Regime
Allen CM, Toulson E, Hung DLS, Schock H, Miller D, Lee T
2909 - 2916 Experimental and Detailed Kinetic Modeling Study of the Effect of Ozone on the Combustion of Methane
Halter F, Higelin P, Dagaut P
2917 - 2926 High-Temperature Release of SO2 from Calcined Cement Raw Materials
Nielsen AR, Larsen MB, Glarborg P, Dam-Johansen K
2927 - 2931 Simultaneous Removal of SO2 and NO2 on alpha-Al2O3 Absorbents Loaded with Sodium Humate and Ammonia Water
Zhao Y, Hu GX, Sun ZG, Yang JT
2932 - 2938 Density Functional Theory Study of Arsenic and Selenium Adsorption on the CaO (001) Surface
Zhang SH, Hu X, Lu Q, Zhang JM
2939 - 2944 Experimental Study of Gaseous Elemental Mercury Removal with CeO2/gamma-Al2O3
Wen XY, Li CT, Fan XP, Gao HL, Zhang W, Chen L, Zeng GM, Zhao YP
2945 - 2955 Investigation of Pyrolysis of Hydrocarbons and Biomass Model Compounds Using a Micropyrolysis Flow Cell
Ross AB, Lea-Langton A, Fitzpatrick EM, Jones JM, Williams A, Andrews GE, Li H, Bartle KD
2956 - 2962 Study on NO Reduction and Its Heterogeneous Mechanism through Biomass Reburning in an Entrained Flow Reactor
Lu P, Wang YQ, Huang Z, Lu F, Liu YS
2963 - 2967 Novel Desulfurization Method of Sodium Borohydride Reduction for Coal Water Slurry
Shen YF, Sun TH, Jia JP
2968 - 2979 Experimental and Modeling Study of Sulfur Capture by Limestone in Selected Conditions of Air-Fired and Oxy-fuel Circulating Fluidized-Bed Boilers
Takkinen S, Hyppanen T, Saastamoinen J, Pikkarainen T
2980 - 2987 Speciation of Selenium, Arsenic, and Zinc in Class C Fly Ash
Luo Y, Giammar DE, Huhmann BL, Catalano JG
2988 - 2996 Desorption Kinetics of the Monoethanolamine/Macroporous TiO2-Based CO2 Separation Process
Sun ZY, Fan MH, Argyle M
2997 - 3001 Use of High-Pressure Impregnation in Preparing Zn-Based Sorbents for Deep Desulfurization of Hot Coal Gas
Zheng XR, Bao WR, Jin QM, Chang LP, Xie KC
3002 - 3008 Avoiding Mercury Emissions by Combustion in a Spanish Circulating Fluidized-Bed Combustion (CFBC) Plant
Lopez-Anton MA, Diaz-Somoano M, Diaz L, Martinez-Tarazona MR
3009 - 3013 P rho T Behavior of Several Chemicals from Biomass
Guerrero H, Lafuente C, Royo F, Lomba L, Giner B
3014 - 3020 Distribution of Sulfides and Thiophenic Compounds in VGO Subfractions: Characterized by Positive-Ion Electrospray Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Liu P, Shi Q, Pan N, Zhang YH, Chung KH, Zhao SQ, Xu CM
3021 - 3028 Initial Wetting Properties of Carbonate Oil Reservoirs: Effect of the Temperature and Presence of Sulfate in Formation Water
Shariatpanahi SF, Strand S, Austad T
3029 - 3039 A Study of the Hydrogen Exchange Reactions Occurring during Loy Yang Lignite Pyrolysis Using Deuterium-Labeled Water and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Analysis
Larcher AV, Kajitani S
3040 - 3052 Rheo-PIV Analysis of the Yielding and Flow of Model Waxy Crude Oils
Dimitriou CJ, McKinley GH, Venkatesan R
3053 - 3059 Study on Non-equilibrium Effects during Spontaneous Imbibition
Mirzaei-Paiaman A, Masihi M, Standnes DC
3060 - 3067 Softening Point: An Indicator of Asphalt Granulation Behavior in the Selective Asphaltene Extraction (SELEX-Asp) Process
Fan M, Sun XW, Xu ZM, Zhao SQ, Xu CM, Chung KH
3068 - 3076 Comparison of Coal-Derived and Petroleum Asphaltenes by C-13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, DEPT, and XRS
Andrews AB, Edwards JC, Pomerantz AE, Mullins OC, Nordlund D, Norinaga K
3077 - 3082 Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry: A Proposal for Routine Analysis of Nonvolatile Components of Petroleum
Pomerantz AE, Mullins OC, Paul G, Ruzicka J, Sanders M
3083 - 3092 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Gas Hydrate Formation in a Bed of Silica Sand Particles
Bagherzadeh SA, Moudrakovski IL, Ripmeester JA, Englezos P
3093 - 3099 Adsorptive Removal of Thiophene by Cu-Modified Mesoporous Silica MCM-48 Derived from Direct Synthesis
Shan JH, Chen L, Sun LB, Liu XQ
3100 - 3107 Effect of Preparation Methods and Content of Boron on Hydrotreating Catalytic Activity
Maity SK, Lemus M, Ancheyta J
3108 - 3115 Gas Production from Methane-Hydrate-Bearing Sands by Ethylene Glycol Injection Using a Three-Dimensional Reactor
Yuan Q, Sun CY, Yang X, Ma PC, Ma ZW, Li QP, Chen GJ
3116 - 3124 Molecular Investigation of Crude Oil Sludge from an Electric Dehydrator
Zhang YH, Zhao H, Shi Q, Chung KH, Zhao SQ, Xu CM
3125 - 3134 Supramolecular Assembly Model for Aggregation of Petroleum Asphaltenes
Gray MR, Tykwinski RR, Stryker JM, Tan XL
3135 - 3141 Promotional Effects of Ir Addition in Carbon-Supported Pt5Rh Electrocatalysts for the Electrooxidation of Ethanol at Room Temperature
Liu B, Chia ZW, Cheng CH, Lee JY
3142 - 3149 Development of Ordered Structures in the High-Temperature (HT) Cokes from Binary and Ternary Coal Blends Studied by Means of X-ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy
Smedowski L, Krzesinska M, Kwasny W, Kozanecki M
3150 - 3156 Inhibition of Asphaltene Precipitation by TiO2, SiO2, and ZrO2 Nanofluids
Mohammadi M, Akbari M, Fakhroueian Z, Bahramian A, Azin R, Arya S
3157 - 3171 Effect of Functional Groups on Autothermal Partial Oxidation of Bio-oil. Part 1: Role of Catalyst Surface and Molecular Oxygen
Kruger JS, Rennard DC, Josephson TR, Schmidt LD
3172 - 3185 Effect of Functional Groups on Autothermal Partial Oxidation of Bio-oil. Part 2: Role of Homogeneous and Support-Mediated Reactions
Kruger JS, Rennard DC, Josephson TR, Schmidt LD
3186 - 3191 Etherification of Biodiesel-Based Glycerol with Bioethanol over Tungstophosphoric Acid To Synthesize Glyceryl Ethers
Yuan ZL, Xia SX, Chen P, Hou ZY, Zheng XM
3192 - 3203 Combustion Characteristics and Soot Distributions of Neat Butanol and Neat Soybean Biodiesel
Liu HF, Lee CFF, Huo M, Yao MF
3204 - 3211 Effects of Polyvinyl Alcohol on the Adhesion Force of Tetrahydrofuran Hydrate Particles
Du J, Wang YH, Lang XM, Fan SS
3212 - 3222 Identification and Counting of Oxygen Functionalities in Aromatic Analytes Related to Lignin by Using Negative-Mode Electrospray Ionization and Multiple Collision-Activated Dissociation Steps
Amundson LM, Eismin RJ, Reece JN, Fu MK, Habicht SC, Mossman AB, Shea RC, Kenttamaa HI
3223 - 3234 Optimal Mixtures To Reduce the Formation of Corrosive Compounds during Straw Combustion: A Thermodynamic Analysis
Becidan M, Houshfar E, Khalil RA, Skreiberg O, Lovas T, Sorum L
3235 - 3243 Characterization of Product Fractions from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Nannochloropsis sp and the Influence of Solvents
Valdez PJ, Dickinson JG, Savage PE
3244 - 3250 Low-Temperature Behavior of Biodiesel: Solid-Liquid Phase Diagrams of Binary Mixtures Composed of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters
Costa MC, Boros LAD, Coutinho JAP, Krahenbuhl MA, Meirelles AJA
3251 - 3265 Is Elevated Pressure Required To Achieve a High Fixed-Carbon Yield of Charcoal from Biomass? Part 1: Round-Robin Results for Three Different Corncob Materials
Wang L, Trninic M, Skreiberg O, Gronli M, Considine R, Antal MJ
3266 - 3274 Mild Hydrotreating of Bio-Oil: Effect of Reaction Severity and Fate of Oxygenated Species
French RJ, Stunkel J, Baldwin RM
3275 - 3282 Commercial Hydrated Lime as a Cost-Effective Solid Base for the Transesterification of Wasted Soybean Oil with Methanol for Biodiesel Production
Sanchez-Cantu M, Perez-Diaz LM, Rosales R, Ramirez E, Apreza-Sies A, Pala-Rosas I, Rubio-Rosas E, Aguilar-Franco M, Valente JS
3283 - 3288 Estimation of Opacity Tendency of Ethanol- and Biodiesel-Diesel Blends by Means of the Smoke Point Technique
Armas O, Gomez MA, Barrientos EJ, Boehman AL
3289 - 3297 Steam Reforming of Bio-oil Fractions: Effect of Composition and Stability
Ortiz-Toral PJ, Satrio J, Brown RC, Shanks BH
3298 - 3306 Phase Equilibria in Synthetic Coal-Petcoke Slags (Al2O3-CaO-FeO-SiO2-V2O3) under Simulated Gasification Conditions
Nakano J, Kwong KS, Bennett J, Lam T, Fernandez L, Komolwit P, Sridhar S
3307 - 3313 An Approach for Stability Measurement of Wood-Based Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oils
Oasmaa A, Korhonen J, Kuoppala E
3314 - 3317 Real-Time Viscosity Measurements during the Accelerated Aging of Biomass Pyrolysis Oil
Nolte MW, Liberatore MW
3318 - 3322 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Method for Monitoring Hydroprocessing of Vegetable Oils To Produce Hydrocarbon-Based Biofuel
Satyarthi JK, Srinivas D
3323 - 3333 Ex Situ Dissolution of CO2: A New Engineering Methodology Based on Mass-Transfer Perspective for Enhancement of CO2 Sequestration
Zendehboudi S, Khan A, Carlisle S, Leonenko Y
3334 - 3343 Evaluation of Statistical Associating Fluid Theory (SAFT) and Perturbed Chain-SAFT Equations of State for the Calculation of Thermodynamic Derivative Properties of Fluids Related to Carbon Capture and Sequestration
Diamantonis NI, Economou IG
3344 - 3354 Investigation of Chemical Looping Combustion of Coal with CuFe2O4 Oxygen Carrier
Wang BW, Yan R, Zhao HB, Zheng Y, Liu ZH, Zheng CG
3355 - 3367 Ono-Kondo Model for High-Pressure Mixed-Gas Adsorption on Activated Carbons and Coals
Sudibandriyo M, Mohammad SA, Robinson RL, Gasem KAM