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4867 - 4877 Catalytic Aquaprocessing of Arab Light Vacuum Residue via Short Space Times
Fathi MM, Pereira-Almao P
4878 - 4885 Detailed Description of Coal Tar Hydrogenation Process Using the Kinetic Lumping Approach
Dai F, Gao MJ, Li CS, Xiang SG, Zhang SJ
4886 - 4895 Kinetics Oxidation of Heavy Oil. 1. Compositional and Full Equation of State Model
Lapene A, Debenest G, Quintard M, Castanier LM, Gerritsen MG, Kovscek AR
4896 - 4905 Characterization of the Products of the Clay Mineral Thermal Reactions during Pulverization Coal Combustion in Order to Study the Coal Slagging Propensity
Tian SD, Zhuo YQ, Chen CH
4906 - 4914 Evaluation of Diesel Engine Cold-Start Performance: Definition of a Grading System To Assess the Impact of Fuel
Starck L, Perrin H, Walter B, Jeuland N
4915 - 4936 Comprehensive Detailed Chemical Kinetic Modeling Study of Toluene Oxidation
Metcalfe WK, Dooley S, Dryer FL
4937 - 4943 Effect of Furnace Purging on Kinetic Rate Parameter Determination Using Isothermal Thermogravimetric Analysis
Naredi P, Yeboah YD, Pisupati SV
4944 - 4951 Combustion of Black Liquor-Solid Biomass Mixtures in a Single Particle Reactor-Characteristics and Fate of Nitrogen
Vaha-Savo N, DeMartini N, Hupa M
4952 - 4960 Effects of Air Staging and Load on Fine-Particle and Gaseous Emissions from a Small-Scale Pellet Boiler
Lamberg H, Sippula O, Tissari J, Jokiniemi J
4961 - 4971 Release of K, Cl, and S during Pyrolysis and Combustion of High-Chlorine Biomass
Johansen JM, Jakobsen JG, Frandsen FJ, Glarborg P
4972 - 4976 Group Contribution Method To Predict Boiling Points and Flash Points of Alkylbenzenes
Godinho JM, Lin CY, Carroll FA, Quina FH
4977 - 4985 Ethanol Blends and Engine Operating Strategy Effects on Light-Duty Spark-Ignition Engine Particle Emissions
Szybist JP, Youngquist AD, Barone TL, Storey JM, Moore WR, Foster M, Confer K
4986 - 4998 Experimental and Detailed Kinetic Modeling Study of Isoamyl Alcohol (Isopentanol) Oxidation in a Jet-Stirred Reactor at Elevated Pressure
Dayma G, Togbe C, Dagaut P
4999 - 5006 Investigation of NOx Emissions for Superfine Pulverized Coal in Air-Staging Combustion
Shen J, Jiang XM, Liu JX, Huang XY, Zhang H
5007 - 5014 Innovative Desulfurization Process of Coal Water Slurry under Atmospheric Condition via Sodium Metaborate Electroreduction in the Isolated Slot
Shen YF, Yang XL, Sun TH, Jia JP
5015 - 5021 Emission Characterization and Efficiency Measurements of High-Efficiency Wood Boilers
Chandrasekaran SR, Laing JR, Holsen TM, Raja S, Hopke PK
5022 - 5032 Low Temperature Fluorescence Studies of Crude Petroleum Oils
Owens P, Ryder AG
5033 - 5037 Viscosity Model of Preformed Microgels for Conformance and Mobility Control
Shi JT, Varavei A, Huh C, Belshad M, Sepehrnoori K, Li XF
5038 - 5043 Studies on the Enhancement of Flue Gas Desulfurization with Oxidation Reaction
Zhi YT, Zheng JJ, Zhou YP, Sun Y, Su W, Zhou L
5044 - 5054 Study of the Effect of Coal Type and Particle Size on Char-CO2 Gasification via Gas Analysis
Kim YT, Seo DK, Hwang J
5055 - 5062 Influence of Coal Blending Methods on Unburned Carbon and NO Emissions in a Drop-Tube Furnace
Lee BH, Kim SG, Song JH, Chang YJ, Jeon CH
5063 - 5075 Transport Model Implementation and Simulation of Microgel Processes for Conformance and Mobility Control Purposes
Shi JT, Varavei A, Huh C, Delshad M, Sepehrnoori K, Li XF
5076 - 5082 Evaluation of Different Methodologies to Determine the Molecular Weight of Petroleum Fractions
Espada JJ, Almendros C, Coto B
5083 - 5089 Partitioning of Crude Oil Acidic Compounds into Subfractions by Extrography and Identification of Isoprenoidyl Phenols and Tocopherols
Zhang YH, Shi Q, Li AQ, Chung KH, Zhao SQ, Xu CM
5090 - 5099 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Dispersion of Distributions as a Probe of Aggregation in Crude Oils
Zielinski L, Hurlimann MD
5100 - 5112 Characterization of Physically and Chemically Separated Athabasca Asphaltenes Using Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
Hurtado JLA, Chodakowski M, Long BW, Shaw JM
5113 - 5125 Effect of Water Salinity and pH on the Wettability of a Model Substrate
Fogden A
5126 - 5137 Enhancement in Triethylene Glycol (TEG) Purity via Hydrocarbon Solvent Injection to a TEG plus Water System in a Batch Distillation Column
Paymooni K, Rahimpour MR, Raeissi S, Abbasi M, Baktash MS
5138 - 5144 High-Pressure Behavior of Intermediate Fuel Oils
Martinez-Boza FJ, Martin-Alfonso MJ, Gallegos C, Fernandez M
5145 - 5157 Oxidative Stability of Middle Distillate Fuels. Part 1: Exploring the Soluble Macromolecular Oxidatively Reactive Species (SMORS) Mechanism with Jet Fuels
Kabana CG, Botha S, Schmucker C, Woolard C, Beaver B
5158 - 5164 Sample Preparation Method for Characterization of Fine Solids in Athabasca Oil Sands by Electron Microscopy
Eslahpazir R, Kupsta M, Liu Q, Ivey DG
5165 - 5172 Dual Kinetic Hydrate Inhibition and Scale Inhibition by Polyaspartamides
Chua PC, Saebo M, Lunde A, Kelland MA
5173 - 5179 Water-Based Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) by "Smart Water": Optimal Ionic Composition for EOR in Carbonates
Fathi SJ, Austad T, Strand S
5180 - 5188 The Effect of Operating Temperatures on Wax Deposition
Huang ZY, Lu YD, Hoffmann R, Amundsen L, Fogler HS
5189 - 5199 Mineral-Char Interaction during Gasification of High-Ash Coals in Fluidized-Bed Gasification
Oboirien BO, Engelbrecht AD, North BC, Eramus RM, Falcon R
5200 - 5214 Assessment of the Composition and Distillation Properties of Thermally Stressed RP-1 and RP-2: Application to Fuel Regenerative Cooling
Windom BC, Bruno TJ
5215 - 5223 An Approach for Formulating Surrogates for Gasoline with Application toward a Reduced Surrogate Mechanism for CFD Engine Modeling
Mehl M, Chen JY, Pitz WJ, Sarathy SM, Westbrook CK
5224 - 5231 Ionic Liquid Enhanced Solvent Extraction for Bitumen Recovery from Oil Sands
Li XG, Sun WJ, Wu GZ, He L, Li H, Sui H
5232 - 5241 Characterization of Precipitated Asphaltenes and Deasphalted Oils of the Medium Crude Oil-CO2 and Medium Crude Oil-n-Pentane Systems
Wang XQ, Gu YA
5242 - 5249 Gas Upgrading in a Downdraft Fixed-Bed Reactor Downstream of a Fluidized-Bed Coal Pyrolyzer
Zeng X, Wang Y, Yu J, Wu SS, Han JZ, Xu SP, Xu GW
5250 - 5256 Effect of Pyrolysis and CO2 Gasification Pressure on the Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution of Petroleum Coke
Malekshahian M, Hill JM
5257 - 5263 Facile Solvothermal Method for Fabricating Arrays of Vertically Oriented alpha-Fe2O3 Nanowires and Their Application in Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation
Qin DD, Tao CL, In SI, Yang ZY, Mallouk TE, Bao NZ, Grimes CA
5264 - 5297 Predictive Modeling of Large-Scale Integrated Refinery Reaction and Fractionation Systems from Plant Data. Part 1: Hydrocracking Processes
Chang AF, Liu YA
5298 - 5319 Predictive Modeling of Large-Scale Integrated Refinery Reaction and Fractionation Systems from Plant Data. Part 2: Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Process
Pashikanti K, Liu YA
5320 - 5344 Predictive Modeling of Large-Scale Integrated Refinery Reaction and Fractionation Systems from Plant Data. Part 3: Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR) Reforming Process
Pashikanti K, Liu YA
5345 - 5352 New Process Concept for H2S Capture from Syngas
Ruggeri F, Sudiro M, Papa I, Gallio A, Bertucco A, Fontana M
5353 - 5359 Theoretical Model of Heating Patterns during Carbonization of Green Carbon Blocks
Zhang C, Lu GM, Sun Z, Yu JG
5360 - 5365 Stability Change of Asphaltene in the Residue during Slurry-Phase Hydrocracking
Deng WA, Luo H, Gao JJ, Que GH
5366 - 5377 Effect of Pressure Drop Due to Grate-Bed Resistance on the Performance of a Downdraft Gasifier
Donaj P, Izadpanah MR, Yang WH, Blasiak W
5378 - 5386 Enhanced Methane Formation through Application of Enzymes: Results from Continuous Digestion Tests
Quinones TS, Plochl M, Budde J, Heiermann M
5387 - 5393 Reforming of Volatiles from the Biomass Pyrolysis over Charcoal in a Sequence of Coke Deposition and Steam Gasification of Coke
Hosokai S, Norinaga K, Kimura T, Nakano M, Li CZ, Hayashi J
5394 - 5406 Nascent Biomass Tar Evolution Properties under Homogeneous/Heterogeneous Decomposition Conditions in a Two-Stage Reactor
Wu WG, Luo YH, Su Y, Zhang YL, Zhao SH, Wang Y
5407 - 5415 Ternary Matrix for the Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) Analysis of Non-fuel Lipid Components in Biodiesel
McAlpin CR, Voorhees KJ, Alleman TL, McCormick RL
5416 - 5421 Evaluation of the Oxidation Stability of Biodiesel Produced from Moringa oleifera Oil
Kivevele TT, Mbarawa MM, Bereczky A, Zoldy M
5422 - 5428 Properties and Performance of Levulinate Esters as Diesel Blend Components
Christensen E, Williams A, Paul S, Burton S, McCormick RL
5429 - 5437 Analyses of Liquid Products from Catalytic Pyrolysis of Jatropha Seed Cakes
Murata K, Somwongsa P, Larpkiattaworn S, Liu YY, Inaba M, Takahara I
5438 - 5443 Study of Catalytic Hydropyrolysis of Rice Husk under Nickel-Loaded Brown Coal Char
Meesuk S, Cao JP, Sato K, Ogawa Y, Takarada T
5444 - 5451 Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis of White Oak Wood in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed
Mullen CA, Boateng AA, Mihalcik DJ, Goldberg NM
5452 - 5461 Characterizing Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Oils by C-13 NMR and Chemometric Analysis
Strahan GD, Mullen CA, Boateng AA
5462 - 5471 Analysis of Oxygenated Compounds in Hydrotreated Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Oil Distillate Fractions
Christensen ED, Chupka GM, Luecke J, Smurthwaite T, Alleman TL, Iisa K, Franz JA, Elliott DC, McCormick RL
5472 - 5482 Comparative Evaluation of Thermochemical Liquefaction and Pyrolysis for Bio-Oil Production from Microalgae
Jena U, Das KC
5483 - 5492 Study on Characteristics of Steel Slag for CO2 Capture
Yu J, Wang KB
5493 - 5502 Prospects of Al2O3 and MgAl2O4-Supported CuO Oxygen Carriers in Chemical-Looping Combustion (CLC) and Chemical-Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU)
Arjmand M, Azad AM, Leion H, Lyngfelt A, Mattisson T
5503 - 5513 On the Atmospheric Residence Time of Anthropogenically Sourced Carbon Dioxide
Cawley GC
5514 - 5520 Removal of CO2 by CaO/MgO and CaO/Ca9Al6O18 in the Presence of SO2
Guo M, Zhang L, Yang ZQ, Tang Q
5521 - 5527 Precalcination of CaCO3 as a Method to Stabilize CaO Performance for CO2 Capture from Combustion Gases
Alonso M, Lorenzo M, Gonzalez B, Abanades JC
5528 - 5537 Mesoporous Alumina-Supported Amines as Potential Steam-Stable Adsorbents for Capturing CO2 from Simulated Flue Gas and Ambient Air
Chaikittisilp W, Kim HJ, Jones CW
5538 - 5538 Modes of Formation of Carbon Oxides (COx (x = 1,2)) From Coals During Atmospheric Storage: Part I Effect of Coal Rank (vol 24, pg 6366, 2010)
Aizenshtat Z, Green U, Stark S, Weidner C, Cohen H
5539 - 5539 CO2 Adsorption Inside the Pore Structure of Different Rank Coals during Low Temperature Oxidation of Open Air Coal Stockpiles (vol 25, pg 4211, 2011)
Green U, Aizenshtat Z, Gieldmeister F, Cohen H