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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Prior-knowledge-independent equalization to improve battery uniformity with energy efficiency and time efficiency for lithium-ion battery
Zhang SM, Qiang JX, Yang L, Zhao XW
13 - 28 A modular dynamic mathematical model of thermoelectric elements for marine applications
Georgopoulou CA, Dimopoulos GG, Kakalis NMP
29 - 37 A new smart approach for state estimation of distribution grids considering renewable energy sources
Khorshidi R, Shabaninia F, Niknam T
38 - 49 Thermal efficiency boundary analysis of an internal combustion Rankine cycle engine
Wu ZJ, Fu LZ, Gao Y, Yu X, Deng J, Li LG
50 - 63 Wave energy resource assessment in the Mediterranean Sea on the basis of a 35-year hindcast
Besio G, Mentaschi L, Mazzino A
64 - 77 Energy and exergoeconomic evaluation of a new power/cooling cogeneration system based on a solid oxide fuel cell
Khani L, Mahmoudi SMS, Chitsaz A, Rosen MA
78 - 86 Simulation and optimization of enhanced gas recovery utilizing CO2
Biagi J, Agarwal R, Zhang ZM
87 - 99 Silica gel/polymer composite desiccant wheel combined with heat pump for air-conditioning systems
Chen CH, Hsu CY, Chen CC, Chiang YC, Chen SL
100 - 109 Performance evaluation of an irreversible Miller cycle comparing FTT (finite-time thermodynamics) analysis and ANN (artificial neural network) prediction
Mousapour A, Hajipour A, Rashidi MM, Freidoonimehr N
110 - 123 Diesel-hydrogen dual-fuel combustion and its impact on unregulated gaseous emissions and particulate emissions under different engine loads and engine speeds
Zhou JH, Cheung CS, Zhao WZ, Leung CW
124 - 137 Towards post-2020 climate change regime: Analyses of various mitigation scenarios and contributions for Macedonia
Dedinec A, Taseska-Gjorgievska V, Markovska N, Grncarovska TO, Duic N, Pop-Jordanov J, Taleski R
138 - 156 Techno-economic optimization based approach for energy management of a stand-alone integrated renewable energy system for remote areas of India
Chauhan A, Saini RP
157 - 170 A comprehensive model for self-scheduling an energy hub to supply cooling, heating and electrical demands of a building
Moghaddam IG, Saniei M, Mashhour E
171 - 179 Immediate catalytic upgrading of soybean shell bio-oil
Bertero M, Sedran U
180 - 194 Introducing the Temporal Distortion Index to perform a bidimensional analysis of renewable energy forecast
Frias-Paredes L, Mallor F, Leon T, Gaston-Romeo M
195 - 205 Indirect energy flow between industrial sectors in China: A complex network approach
Sun XQ, An HZ, Gao XY, Jia XL, Liu XJ
206 - 217 Influence of cathode flow pulsation on performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell with interdigitated gas distributors
Ramiar A, Mahmoudi AH, Esmaili Q, Abdollahzadeh M
218 - 232 Effect of anode-cathode exhaust gas recirculation on energy recuperation in a solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine hybrid power system
Saebea D, Authayanun S, Patcharavorachot Y, Arpornwichanop A
233 - 242 Photovoltaic potential and land-use estimation methodology
Martin-Chivelet N
243 - 249 Thermodynamic boundaries of energy saving in conventional CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heating and Power) systems
Li MZ, Jiang XZ, Zheng DX, Zeng GB, Shi L
250 - 261 Experimental and numerical studies of hybrid PCM embedded in plastering mortar for enhanced thermal behaviour of buildings
Kheradmand M, Azenha M, de Aguiar JLB, Castro-Gomes J
262 - 272 Desalination using renewable energy sources on the arid islands of South Aegean Sea
Mentis D, Karalis G, Zervos A, Howells M, Taliotis C, Bazilian M, Rogner H
273 - 291 Lowering district heating temperatures - Impact to system performance in current and future Danish energy scenarios
Ommen T, Markussen WB, Elmegaard B
292 - 303 Study of hydrogen crossover and proton conductivity of self-humidifying nanocomposite proton exchange membrane based on sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone)
Sayadi P, Rowshanzamir S, Parnian MJ
304 - 315 Exergetic analysis of hybrid power plants with biomass and photovoltaics coupled with a solid-oxide electrolysis system
Petrakopoulou F, Sanz-Bermejo J, Dufour J, Romero M
316 - 325 Determining energy and climate market policy using multiobjective programs with equilibrium constraints
Siddiqui S, Christensen A
326 - 343 A SES (sustainable energy security) index for developing countries
Narula K, Reddy BS
344 - 351 Analytical method towards an optimal energetic and economical wind-energy converter
Pelz PF, Holl M, Platzer M
352 - 366 Selection of a suitable energy management strategy for a hybrid energy system in a remote rural area of India
Upadhyay S, Sharma MP
367 - 379 Development of a PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) formation model for gasoline surrogates and its application for GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation
An YZ, Pei YQ, Qin J, Zhao H, Teng SP, Li B, Li X
380 - 390 A new modular procedure for industrial plant simulations and its reliable implementation
Carcasci C, Marini L, Morini B, Porcelli M
391 - 400 Exergoenvironmental analysis for a geothermal district heating system: An application
Kecebas A
401 - 408 Ultrasonication aided biodiesel production from one-step and two-step transesterification of sludge derived lipid
Zhang XL, Yan S, Tyagi RD, Drogui P, Surampalli RY
409 - 421 Analysis of supply-push strategies governing the transition to biofuel vehicles in a market-oriented renewable energy system
Shafiei E, Davidsdottir B, Leaver J, Stefansson H, Asgeirsson EI, Keith DR
422 - 430 2050 LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) projection for a hybrid PV (photovoltaic)-CSP (concentrated solar power) plant in the Atacama Desert, Chile
Parrado C, Girard A, Simon F, Fuentealba E
431 - 442 A systematic kinetic study to evaluate the effect of tetrahydrofuran on the clathrate process for pre-combustion capture of carbon dioxide
Babu P, Ong HWN, Linga P
443 - 456 The use of ELM-WT (extreme learning machine with wavelet transform algorithm) to predict exergetic performance of a DI diesel engine running on diesel/biodiesel blends containing polymer waste
Aghbashlo M, Shamshirband S, Tabatabaei M, Yee PL, Larimi YN
457 - 465 Hydrogen from intermittent renewable energy sources as gasification medium in integrated waste gasification combined cycle power plants: A performance comparison
Perna A, Minutillo M, Jannelli E
466 - 475 Novel fast dynamic MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technique with the capability of very high accurate power tracking
Fathabadi H
476 - 482 Multi-criteria evaluation and priority analysis for localization equipment in a thermal power plant using the AHP (analytic hierarchy process)
Yagmur L
483 - 496 Techno-economic analysis of the biomass gasification and Fischer-Tropsch integrated process with off-gas recirculation
Im-orb K, Simasatitkul L, Arpornwichanop A
497 - 507 Theoretical investigation of the efficiency of a U-tube solar collector using various nanofluids
Kim H, Ham J, Park C, Cho H
508 - 523 Neural network-based control of an intelligent solar Stirling pump
Tavakolpour-Saleh AR, Jokar H
524 - 532 Self-ignition and reaction promotion of H-2 with CO2/O-2 in Pt-Coated gamma-Al2O3 bead reactor
Wu CY, Yang SY, Hsu TC, Chen KH
533 - 541 Looking the wrong way: Bias, renewable electricity, and energy modelling in the United States
Gilbert AQ, Sovacool BK
542 - 556 Mixture formation in a direct injection gas engine: Numerical study on nozzle type, injection pressure and injection timing effects
Keskinen K, Kaario O, Nuutinen M, Vuorinen V, Kunsch Z, Liavag LO, Larmi M
557 - 568 Durability studies of single cylinder diesel engine running on emulsion fuel
Hasannuddin AK, Wira JY, Sarah S, Ahmad MI, Aizam SA, Aiman MAB, Watanabe S, Hirofumi N, Azrin MA
569 - 578 Characteristics of products from the pyrolysis of oil palm fiber and its pellets in nitrogen and carbon dioxide atmospheres
Chen WH, Lin BJ
579 - 588 Energy, exergy and environmental analyses of conventional, steam and CO2-enhanced rice straw gasification
Parvez AM, Mujtaba IM, Wu T
589 - 599 Investigation of NaOH concentration effect in injected fuel on the performance of passive direct methanol alkaline fuel cell with modified cation exchange membrane
Najmi AA, Rowshanzamir S, Parnian MJ
600 - 608 Generation of biofuel from hydrothermal carbonization of cellulose. Kinetics modelling
Alvarez-Murillo A, Sabio E, Ledesma B, Roman S, Gonzalez-Garcia CM
609 - 622 Performance assessment of various fan ribs inside a centrifugal blower
Lee YT, Lim HC
623 - 632 Analysis and performance evaluation of a renewable energy based multigeneration system
Bicer Y, Dincer I
633 - 653 Effects of shading and blocking in compact linear fresnel reflector field
Sharma V, Khanna S, Nayak JK, Kedare SB
654 - 665 A multi-criterion renewable energy system design optimization for net zero energy buildings under uncertainties
Zhang S, Huang P, Sun YJ
666 - 671 Pyrolytic cyanobacteria derived activated carbon as high performance electrode in symmetric supercapacitor
Wang KL, Cao YH, Wang XM, Fan QH, Gibbons W, Johnson T, Luo B, Gu ZR
672 - 679 Modeling and reduction of NOX emissions for a 700 MW coal-fired boiler with the advanced machine learning method
Tan P, Xia J, Zhang C, Fang QY, Chen G
680 - 692 A decomposition analysis of the driving factors of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) emissions from the power sector in the European Union countries
Karmellos M, Kopidou D, Diakoulaki D
693 - 704 A comparative assessment of battery and fuel cell electric vehicles using a well-to-wheel analysis
Li MY, Zhang XW, Li GJ
705 - 714 Impact of thermostatically controlled loads' demand response activation on aggregated power: A field experiment
Lakshmanan V, Marinelli M, Kosek AM, Norgard PB, Bindner HW
715 - 727 Estimating the grid payments necessary to compensate additional costs to prospective electric vehicle owners who provide vehicle-to-grid ancillary services
Bishop JDK, Axon CJ, Bonilla D, Banister D
728 - 741 Experimental and theoretical analysis of the combustion process at low loads of a diesel natural gas dual-fuel engine
Li WF, Liu ZC, Wang ZS
742 - 754 Co-combustion of coal and waste in pulverized coal boiler
Vekemans O, Laviolette JP, Chaouki J
755 - 765 The impact of stepped fuel economy targets on automaker's light-weighting strategy: The China case
Hao H, Wang SN, Liu ZW, Zhao FQ
766 - 774 Effects of carbon dioxide in oxy-fuel atmosphere on catalytic combustion in a small-scale channel
Li YH, Chen GB, Wu FH, Hsieh HF, Chao YC
775 - 785 Joint optimization of a Microgrid's structure design and its operation using a two-steps evolutionary algorithm
Mallol-Poyato R, Jimenez-Fernandez S, Diaz-Villar P, Salcedo-Sanz S
786 - 798 An aggregated model for coordinated planning and reconfiguration of electric distribution networks
Arasteh H, Sepasian MS, Vahidinasab V
799 - 810 Exergy loss-based efficiency optimization of a double-pass/glazed v-corrugated plate solar air heater
Hedayatizadeh M, Sarhaddi F, Safavinejad A, Ranjbar F, Chaji H
811 - 820 Analysis of the predicted effect of passive climate adaptation measures on energy demand for cooling and heating in a residential building
van Hooff T, Blocken B, Timmermans HJP, Hensen JLM
821 - 827 The impact of subsidies on overcapacity: A comparison of wind and solar energy companies in China
Zhang HM, Zheng Y, Ozturk UA, Li SJ
828 - 843 Prosumer bidding and scheduling in electricity markets
Ottesen SO, Tomasgard A, Fleten SE
844 - 856 Computational fluid dynamics evaluation of the operating conditions for a volumetric receiver installed in a solar tower
Roldan MI, Fernandez-Reche J, Ballestrin J
857 - 858 High resolution local wave energy modelling in the Iberian Peninsula (vol 91, pg 1099, 2015)
Silva D, Bento AR, Martinho P, Soares CG