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1 - 1 Special Section: The 27th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems -ECOS 2014 Introduction
Stevanovic V, Zevenhoven R
2 - 8 An exergoecological analysis of the mineral economy in Spain
Calvo G, Valero A, Valero A, Carpintero O
9 - 17 High-purity H-2 production with CO2 capture based on coal gasification
Jordal K, Anantharaman R, Peters TA, Berstad D, Morud J, Neksa P, Bredesen R
18 - 36 Renewable and non-renewable exergy costs and CO2 emissions in the production of fuels for Brazilian transportation sector
Florez-Orrego D, da Silva JAM, Velasquez H, de Oliveira S
37 - 45 Thermoecological analysis of an oxy-fuel combustion power plant integrated with a CO2 processing unit
Ziebik A, Gladysz P
46 - 56 Exergy analysis of offshore primary petroleum processing plant with CO2 capture
Sanchez YAC, de Oliveira S
57 - 66 Exergy efficiency graphs for thermal power plants
Taillon J, Blanchard RE
67 - 79 Exergy analysis and energy improvement of a Brazilian floating oil platform using Organic Rankine Cycles
Barrera JE, Bazzo E, Kami E
80 - 92 Low grade waste heat recovery with subcritical and supercritical Organic Rankine Cycle based on natural refrigerants and their binary mixtures
Braimakis K, Preissinger M, Bruggemann D, Karellas S, Panopoulos K
93 - 100 Performance of ammonia-water based cycles for power generation from low enthalpy heat sources
Mergner H, Weimer T
101 - 110 A comprehensive analysis of the effect of ethanol, methane and methane-hydrogen blend on the combustion process in a PFI (port fuel injection) engine
Catapano F, Di Iorio S, Magno A, Sementa P, Vaglieco BM
111 - 117 Effect of leakage losses on the performance of a beta type Stirling engine
Mabrouk MT, Kheiri A, Feidt M
118 - 125 Heat transfer and pressure drop correlations for finned plate ceramic heat exchangers
Villanueva HHS, de Mello PEB
126 - 138 Effect of prominent gas diffusion layer (GDL) on non-isothermal transport characteristics and cell performance of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)
Perng SW, Wu HW, Shih GJ
139 - 148 Orthogonal test design to optimize products and to characterize heavy oil via biomass hydrothermal treatment
Gao Y, Yu B, Wang XH, Yuan QX, Yang HP, Chen HP, Zhang SH
149 - 156 Development and experiment of a 60 kW horizontal-axis marine current power system
Xu QK, Liu HW, Lin YG, Yin XX, Li W, Gu YJ
157 - 167 Interpretation of ongoing thermal response tests of vertical (BHE) borehole heat exchangers with predictive uncertainty based stopping criterion
Poulsen SE, Alberdi-Pagola M
168 - 179 Public preferences for electricity contracts including renewable energy: A marketing analysis with choice experiments
Vecchiato D, Tempesta T
180 - 193 Optimizing long-term investments for a sustainable development of the ASEAN power system
Huber M, Roger A, Hamacher T
194 - 201 A study of single multiplicative neuron model with nonlinear filters for hourly wind speed prediction
Wu XD, Zhu ZY, Su XL, Fan SS, Du ZP, Chang YC, Zeng QJ
202 - 208 A study of influence on nanocomposite membrane of sulfonated TiO2 and sulfonated polystyrene-ethylene-butylene-polystyrene for microbial fuel cell application
Ayyaru S, Dharmalingam S
209 - 222 A solid thermal storage model for the optimization of buildings operation strategy
Fazlollahi S, Schuler N, Marechal F
223 - 233 Evolution of competition in energy alternative pathway and the influence of energy policy on economic growth
Yang HL, Wang L, Tian LX
234 - 243 Making optimal investment decisions for energy service companies under uncertainty: A case study
Deng QL, Jiang XL, Zhang LM, Cui QB
244 - 259 A semi-analytical non-iterative primary approach based on priority list to solve unit commitment problem
Moradi S, Khanmohammadi S, Hagh MT, Mohammadi-Ivatloo B
260 - 267 Estimation of inter-fuel substitution possibilities in China's transport industry using ridge regression
Xie CP, Hawkes AD
268 - 280 Optimal synthesis of expansion liquefaction cycle for distributed-scale LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant
He TB, Ju YL
281 - 291 Synergistic yield of dual energy forms through biocatalyzed electrofermentation of waste: Stoichiometric analysis of electron and carbon distribution
Nikhil GN, Subhash GV, Yeruva DK, Mohan SV
292 - 303 Investigation of solar parabolic trough power plants with and without integrated TES (thermal energy storage) and FBS (fuel backup system) using thermic oil and solar salt
Boukelia TE, Mecibah MS, Kumar BN, Reddy KS
304 - 313 Design and optimization of cascade organic Rankine cycle for recovering cryogenic energy from liquefied natural gas using binary working fluid
Kim K, Lee U, Kim C, Han C
314 - 321 Environmental exergonomics for sustainable design and analysis of energy systems
Golberg A
322 - 333 Methodology for forecasting in the Swedish-Norwegian market for el-certificates
Wolfgang O, Jaehnert S, Mo B
334 - 350 Business cycle and economic-wide energy intensity: The implications for energy conservation policy in Algeria
Adom PK
351 - 363 A micro-grid ensuring multi-objective control strategy of a power electrical system for quality improvement
Rekik M, Abdelkafi A, Krichen L
364 - 376 A stochastic model for scheduling energy flexibility in buildings
Ottesen SO, Tomasgard A
377 - 384 Microbial electrolysis cells with polyaniline/multi-walled carbon nanotube-modified biocathodes
Chen YW, Xu Y, Chen LL, Li PW, Zhu SM, Shen SB
385 - 398 Structural optimization of nanofluid flow around an equilateral triangular obstacle
Rashidi S, Bovand M, Esfahani JA
399 - 407 Hydrogen production from methanol partial oxidation over Pt/Al2O3 catalyst with low Pt content
Chen WH, Shen CT, Lin BJ, Liu SC
408 - 416 MgO-Therminol 55 nanofluids for efficient energy management: Analysis of transient heat transfer performance
Manikandan S, Rajan KS
417 - 429 Energy markets and CO2 emissions: Analysis by stochastic copula autoregressive model
Marimoutou V, Soury M
430 - 442 Multi-objective operation management of a multi-carrier energy system
Shabanpour-Haghighi A, Seifi AR
443 - 456 Effects of wet torrefaction on pyrolysis of woody biomass fuels
Bach QV, Tran KQ, Skreiberg O, Trinh TT
457 - 468 Multi-objective optimisation of renewable hybrid energy systems with desalination
Clarke DP, Al-Abdeli YM, Kothapalli G
469 - 477 Metal hydride thermal heat storage prototype for concentrating solar thermal power
Paskevicius M, Sheppard DA, Williamson K, Buckley CE
478 - 488 Does a carbon tax make sense in countries with still a high potential for energy efficiency? Comparison between the reducing-emissions effects of carbon tax and energy efficiency measures in the Chilean case
Vera S, Sauma E
489 - 496 Thermodynamic analysis of chemical heat pumps
Obermeier J, Muller K, Arlt W
497 - 505 Parameter estimation of in-situ thermal response test with unstable heat rate
Zhang CX, Song W, Sun SC, Peng DG
506 - 514 Energy efficiency of a direct-injection internal combustion engine with high-pressure methanol steam reforming
Poran A, Tartakovsky L
515 - 527 Combined mean value engine model and crank angle resolved in-cylinder modeling with NOx emissions model for real-time Diesel engine simulations at high engine speed
Maroteaux F, Saad C
528 - 536 Production and storage of biohydrogen during sequential batch fermentation of Spirogyra hydrolyzate by Clostridium butyricum
Ortigueira J, Pinto T, Gouveia L, Moura P
537 - 543 Experimental study on the effect of low melting point metal additives on hydrogen production in the aluminum-water reaction
Yang WJ, Zhang TY, Zhou JH, Shi W, Liu JZ, Cen KF
544 - 554 Life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from Canada's oil sands-derived transportation fuels
Nimana B, Canter C, Kumar A
555 - 562 Exergoeconomic analysis of a solar-powered/fuel assisted Rankine cycle for power generation
Cavalcanti EJC, Motta HP
563 - 571 Partial modification of flow-through porous electrodes in microfluidic fuel cell
Li L, Zheng KQ, Ni M, Leung MKH, Xuan J
572 - 583 Distributed solar photovoltaics in China: Policies and economic performance
Zhao XG, Zeng YP, Zhao D
584 - 594 Experimental studies on combustion and emissions of RCCI (reactivity controlled compression ignition) with gasoline/n-heptane and ethanol/n-heptane as fuels
Qian Y, Wang XL, Zhu LF, Lu XC
595 - 603 A decomposition method for network-constrained unit commitment with AC power flow constraints
Bai Y, Zhong HW, Xia Q, Kang CQ, Xie L
604 - 609 The impact of the mean daily air temperature change on electricity consumption
Jovanovic S, Savic S, Bojic M, Djordjevic Z, Nikolic D
610 - 620 A choice between RBD (refined, bleached, and deodorized) palm olein and palm methyl ester productions from carbon movement categorization
Polprasert C, Patthanaissaranukool W, Englande AJ
621 - 635 Mathematical modelling of gas production and compositional shift of a CSG (coal seam gas) field: Local model development
Psaltis S, Farrell T, Burrage K, Burrage P, McCabe P, Moroney T, Turner I, Mazumder S
636 - 649 A dynamic model to optimize municipal electric power systems by considering carbon emission trading under uncertainty
Zhu Y, Li YP, Huang GH, Fan YR, Nie S
650 - 657 Evaluation of non-steady state condition contribution to the total emissions of residential wood pellet stove
Venturini E, Vassura I, Zanetti C, Pizzi A, Toscano G, Passarini F
658 - 666 Economic analysis of biomethane and bioelectricity generation from biogas using different support schemes and plant configurations
Budzianowski WM, Budzianowska DA
667 - 679 Solar fuel processing efficiency for ceria redox cycling using alternative oxygen partial pressure reduction methods
Lin M, Haussener S
680 - 689 Experimental investigation of a dual-source powered absorption chiller based on gas engine waste heat and solar thermal energy
Wang JL, Wu JY, Wang HB
690 - 696 Performance of an organic Rankine cycle with multicomponent mixtures
Prasad GSC, Kumar CS, Murthy SS, Venkatarathnam G
697 - 702 Fast pyrolysis of corn stover using ZnCl2: Effect of washing treatment on the furfural yield and solvent extraction of furfural
Oh SJ, Choi GG, Kim JS
703 - 710 Thermogravimetric study on the influence of structural, textural and chemical properties of biomass chars on CO2 gasification reactivity
Bouraoui Z, Jeguirim M, Guizani C, Limousy L, Dupont C, Gadiou R
711 - 717 Aero-acoustics prediction of a vertical axis wind turbine using Large Eddy Simulation and acoustic analogy
Ghasemian M, Nejat A
718 - 733 Diversity of energy-saving control strategy for a parallel chilled water pump based on variable differential pressure control in an air-conditioning system
Liu XF, Liu JP, Lu ZT, Xing KZ, Mai YB
734 - 745 Payback period estimation and parameter optimization of subcritical organic Rankine cycle system for waste heat recovery
Wang XQ, Li XP, Li YR, Wu CM
746 - 755 Thermodynamic evaluation of a geothermal power plant for advanced exergy analysis
Kecebas A, Gokgedik H
756 - 764 Economic process design for separation of CO2 from the off-gas in ironmaking and steelmaking plants
Kim H, Lee J, Lee S, Lee IB, Park JH, Han J
765 - 774 Performance analysis and binary working fluid selection of combined flash-binary geothermal cycle
Zeyghami M
775 - 782 Production of bioethanol from apple pomace by using cocultures: Conversion of agro-industrial waste to value added product
Evcan E, Tari C
783 - 792 Harvesting vortex energy in the cylinder wake with a pivoting vane
Li SW, Sun ZQ
793 - 800 Performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers (PODE3-4)/diesel blends
Liu HY, Wang Z, Wang JX, He X, Zheng YY, Tang Q, Wang JF
801 - 820 Investigation of an integrated hydrogen production system based on nuclear and renewable energy sources: Comparative evaluation of hydrogen production options with a regenerative fuel cell system
Orhan MF, Babu BS
821 - 836 Geothermal source heat pumps under energy services companies finance scheme to increase energy efficiency and production in stockbreeding facilities
Borge-Diez D, Colmenar-Santos A, Perez-Molina C, Lopez-Rey A
837 - 848 Joint cost of energy under an optimal economic policy of hybrid power systems subject to uncertainty
Diaz G, Planas E, Andreu J, Kortabarria I
849 - 862 A framework for the exergy analysis of future transport pathways: Application for the United Kingdom transport system 2010-2050
Byers EA, Gasparatos A, Serrenho AC
863 - 873 Comprehensive study on solar air heater with circular and V-type turbulators attached on absorber plate
Rajaseenivasan T, Srinivasan S, Srithar K
874 - 884 Investigations on an advanced power system based on a high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell and an organic Rankine cycle for heating and power production
Perna A, Minutillo M, Jannelli E
885 - 896 Utilization efficiency of electrical equipment within life cycle assessment: Indexes, analysis and a case
Hu ZL, Zhang YJ, Li CB, Li J, Cao YJ, Luo DS, Cao HZ
897 - 906 Optimal Heat Source Temperature for thermodynamic optimization of sub-critical Organic Rankine Cycles
Liu W, Meinel D, Gleinser M, Wieland C, Spliethoff H
907 - 916 Area equivalents for spinning reserve determination in interconnected power systems
Shayesteh E, Amelin M, Soder L
917 - 926 Comparing the life cycle impacts of using harvest residue as feedstock for small- and large-scale bioenergy systems (part I)
Cleary J, Caspersen JP
927 - 934 An improved coordinated control strategy for boiler-turbine units supplemented by cold source flow adjustment
Wang W, Liu JZ, Zeng DL, Niu YG, Cui C
935 - 945 Size optimization of a biomass-fired cogeneration plant CHP/CCHP (Combined heat and power/Combined heat, cooling and power) based on Organic Rankine Cycle for a district network in Spain
Uris M, Linares JI, Arenas E
946 - 972 An overview of processes and considerations in the modelling of fixed-bed biomass combustion
Khodaei H, Al-Abdeli YM, Guzzomi F, Yeoh GH
973 - 973 The simple hourly method of EN ISO 13790 standard in Matlab/Simulink: A comparative study for the climatic conditions of Poland (vol 75, pg 568, 2015)
Michalak P
974 - 974 An experimental investigation of performance-emission trade off characteristics of a CI engine using hydrogen as dual fuel (vol 85, pg 569, 2015)
Deb M, Paul A, Debroy D, Sastry GRK, Panua RS, Bose PK, Banerjee R