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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Thermal performance characteristics of an absorber plate fin having temperature dependent thermal conductivity and overall loss coefficient
Jilani G, Thomas C
9 - 18 Integrated multiperiod power generation and transmission expansion planning with sustainability aspects in a stochastic environment
Seddighi AH, Ahmadi-Javid A
19 - 30 Impact on vehicle fuel economy of the soot loading on diesel particulate filters made of different substrate materials
Millo F, Andreata M, Rafigh M, Mercuri D, Pozzi C
31 - 41 Energy control strategies for the Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Source under unknown load profile
Bizon N, Radut M, Oproescu M
42 - 50 Analysis of current and voltage indicators in grid connected PV (photovoltaic) systems working in faulty and partial shading conditions
Silvestre S, Kichou S, Chouder A, Nofuentes G, Karatepe E
51 - 58 Determination of extreme wind values using the Gumbel distribution
Kang D, Ko K, Huh J
59 - 73 Organic Rankine cycle saves energy and reduces gas emissions for cement production
Wang HR, Xu JL, Yang XF, Miao Z, Yu C
74 - 84 Thermo-economic optimization of low-grade waste heat recovery in Yazd combined-cycle power plant (Iran) by a CO2 transcritical Rankine cycle
Amini A, Mirkhani N, Pourfard PP, Ashjaee M, Khodkar MA
85 - 92 Recovering energy from flue gas by using a utilities grid technique
Kralj AK
93 - 104 Organic Rankine cycle model for well-described and not-so-well-described working fluids
Brignoli R, Brown JS
105 - 114 Experimental analysis of oxygen-methane combustion inside a gas turbine reactor under various operating conditions
Habib MA, Nemitallah MA, Ahmed P, Sharqawy MH, Badr HM, Muhammad I, Yaqub M
115 - 127 Design consideration of supercritical CO2 power cycle integral experiment loop
Ahn Y, Lee J, Kim SG, Lee JI, Cha JE, Lee SW
128 - 138 A novel feedstock for biodiesel production: The application of palmitic acid from Schizochytrium
Chen W, Ma L, Zhou PP, Zhu YM, Wang XP, Luo XA, Bao ZD, Yu LJ
139 - 151 Parameter extraction of different fuel cell models with transferred adaptive differential evolution
Gong WY, Yan XS, Liu XB, Cai ZH
152 - 163 Modeling and optimization of batteryless hybrid PV (photovoltaic)/Diesel systems for off-grid applications
Tsuanyo D, Azoumah Y, Aussel D, Neveu P
164 - 174 A modeling method for hybrid energy behaviors in flexible machining systems
Li YF, He Y, Wang Y, Wang YL, Yan P, Lin SL
175 - 185 Analysis of battery lifetime extension in a SMES-battery hybrid energy storage system using a novel battery lifetime model
Li JW, Gee AM, Zhang M, Yuan WJ
186 - 195 Performance and NOx emissions of a biogas-fueled turbocharged internal combustion engine
Jung C, Park J, Song S
196 - 203 High-efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells based on electrospun TiO2 multi-layered composite film photoanodes
Wang GX, Xiao W, Yu JG
204 - 218 Turbocharger heat transfer and mechanical losses influence in predicting engines performance by using one-dimensional simulation codes
Serrano JR, Olmeda P, Arnau FJ, Dombrovsky A, Smith L
219 - 231 High performance ocean energy harvesting turbine design-A new casing treatment scheme
Halder P, Samad A, Kim JH, Choi YS
232 - 239 Predicting the wind power density based upon extreme learning machine
Mohammadi K, Shamshirband S, Yee PL, Petkovic D, Zamani M, Ch S
240 - 246 The heat transfer coefficient of new construction - Brick masonry with fly ash blocks
Li JH, Cao WL, Chen GX
247 - 256 Study on the optimal heat supply control algorithm for district heating distribution network in response to outdoor air temperature
Byun SJ, Park HS, Yi SJ, Song CH, Choi YD, Lee SH, Shin JK
257 - 266 Effect of droplet sizes on evaporation of a bi-component droplet at DME (dimethyl ether)/n-heptane-fueled engine conditions
Ju DH, Zhang TT, Xiao J, Qiao XQ, Huang Z
267 - 275 \ An analysis of the thermodynamic efficiency for exhaust gas recirculation-condensed water recirculation-waste heat recovery condensing boilers (EGR-CWR-WHR CB)
Lee CE, Yu B, Lee S
276 - 291 Hybrid methodologies for electricity load forecasting: Entropy-based feature selection with machine learning and soft computing techniques
Jurado S, Nebot A, Mugica F, Avellana N
292 - 299 Controlling hydrazine reduction to deposit iron oxides on oxidized activated carbon for supercapacitor application
Oh I, Kim M, Kim J
300 - 310 Experimental assessment of thermoelectric generator package properties: Simulated results validation and real gradient capabilities
Francioso L, De Pascali C, Siciliano P
311 - 322 DFIG-based offshore wind power plant connected to a single VSC-HVDC operated at variable frequency: Energy yield assessment
De-Prada-Gil M, Diaz-Gonzalez F, Gomis-Bellmunt O, Sumper A
323 - 334 Modelling the spectral irradiance distribution in sunny inland locations using an ANN-based methodology
Torres-Ramirez M, Elizondo D, Garcia-Domingo B, Nofuentes G, Talavera DL
335 - 343 Life-cycle comparison of greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption for coal and shale gas fired power generation in China
Chang Y, Huang RZ, Ries RJ, Masanet E
344 - 353 Energy and exergy analysis of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as a drop in replacement for R134a in domestic refrigerators
El-Morsi M
354 - 368 Managing the moisture content of wood biomass for the optimisation of Ireland's transport supply strategy to bioenergy markets and competing industries
Sosa A, Acuna M, McDonnell K, Devlin G
369 - 384 Oil-saving pathways until 2030 for road freight transportation in China based on a cost-optimization model
Li WQ, Dai YP, Ma LW, Hao H, Lu HY, Albinson R, Li Z
385 - 392 Energy harvesting from a vehicle suspension system
Xie XD, Wang Q
393 - 402 Predictive modeling and optimization of a multi-zone HVAC system with data mining and firefly algorithms
Zeng YH, Zhang ZJ, Kusiak A
403 - 413 The efficiency improvement potential for coal, oil and electricity in China's manufacturing sectors
Li K, Lin BQ
414 - 422 Energy and exergy analyses of a modified combined cooling, heating, and power system using. supercritical CO2
Xu XX, Liu C, Fu X, Gao H, Li YR
423 - 435 Stand-alone seawater RO (reverse osmosis) desalination powered by PV (photovoltaic) and PRO (pressure retarded osmosis)
He W, Wang Y, Shaheed MH
436 - 445 Long-run relationship between sectoral productivity and energy consumption in Malaysia: An aggregated and disaggregated viewpoint
Rahman MS, Ha J, Shahari F, Aslam M, Masud MM, Banna H, Ma L
446 - 454 Heat transfer enhancement and pressure drop performance for R417A flow boiling in internally grooved tubes
Zhang XY, Zhang J, Ji HW, Zhao DY
455 - 466 Simple engineering design for complex thermoelectric generators based on reduced current approach
Wijesekara W, Rezania A, Rosendahl L
467 - 475 Combustion, performance and emission of a diesel engine fuelled with diesel doped with carbon black
Wamankar AK, Murugan S
476 - 487 Integrating life cycle assessment and emergy synthesis for the evaluation of a dry steam geothermal power plant in Italy
Buonocore E, Vanoli L, Carotenuto A, Ulgiati S
488 - 499 Preparation of jet fuel range hydrocarbons by catalytic transformation of bio-oil derived from fast pyrolysis of straw stalk
Wang JC, Bi PY, Zhang YJ, Xue H, Jiang PW, Wu XP, Liu JX, Wang TJ, Li QX
500 - 513 Mitigating crystallization of saturated FAMES (fatty acid methyl esters) in biodiesel. 3. The binary phase behavior of 1,3-dioleoyl-2-palmitoyl glycerol - Methyl palmitate - A multi-length scale structural elucidation of mechanism responsible for inhibiting FAME crystallization
Mohanan A, Darling B, Bouzidi L, Narine SS
514 - 524 An exergy-based approach for hydrogen network integration
Wang YF, Wu SD, Feng X, Deng C
525 - 538 Numerical study on energy harvesting from concentration gradient by reverse electrodialysis in anodic alumina nanopores
Kang BD, Kim HJ, Lee MG, Kim DK
539 - 547 Comparing the life cycle costs of using harvest residue as feedstock for small- and large-scale bioenergy systems (part II)
Cleary J, Wolf DP, Caspersen JP
548 - 559 Assessment of renewable energy technologies for charging electric vehicles in Canada
Verma A, Raj R, Kumar M, Ghandehariun S, Kumar A
560 - 573 An experimental study of the performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a CI engine under dual fuel mode using CNG and oxygenated pilot fuel blends
Paul A, Panua RS, Debroy D, Bose PK
574 - 588 Performance and economic optimization of an organic rankine cycle for a gasoline hybrid pneumatic powertrain
Dimitrova Z, Lourdais P, Marechal F
589 - 602 Key issues and solutions in a district heating system using low-grade industrial waste heat
Fang H, Xia JJ, Jiang Y
603 - 616 Methodologies for estimating shipping emissions and energy consumption: A comparative analysis of current methods
Moreno-Gutierrez J, Calderay F, Saborido N, Boile M, Valero RR, Duran-Grados V
617 - 626 Energy saving of side-column DWCs for quaternary separation
Kim YH
627 - 637 Simulation and optimization of enhanced geothermal systems using CO2 as a working fluid
Biagi J, Agarwal R, Zhang ZM
638 - 648 Discharge capacity estimation for Li-ion batteries based on particle filter under multi-operating conditions
Li JF, Wang LX, Lyu C, Zhang LQ, Wang H
649 - 660 Integration of nodal hourly pricing in day-ahead SDC (smart distribution company) optimization framework to effectively activate demand response
Ghasemi A, Mortazavi SS, Mashhour E
661 - 671 Effects of both blended and pure biodiesel on waste heat recovery. potentiality and exhaust emissions of a small CI (compression ignition) engine
Magno A, Mancaruso E, Vaglieco BM
672 - 684 Parametric investigation and thermo-economic multi-objective optimization of an ammonia-water power/cooling cycle coupled with an HCCI (homogeneous charge compression ignition) engine
Bahlouli K, Saray RK, Sarabchi N
685 - 695 Thermodynamic optimization of several (heat recovery steam generator) HRSG configurations for a range of exhaust gas temperatures
Nadir M, Ghenaiet A
696 - 708 Entransy dissipation-based constraint for optimization of heat exchanger networks in thermal systems
Xu YC, Chen Q, Guo ZY
709 - 721 Dynamic modeling of exergy efficiency of turboprop engine components using hybrid genetic algorithm-artificial neural networks
Baklacioglu T, Turan O, Aydin H
722 - 736 An exergy way to quantify sustainability metrics for a high bypass turbofan engine
Turan O
737 - 748 Integrated solar thermal Brayton cycles with either one or two regenerative heat exchangers for maximum power output
Jansen E, Bello-Ochende T, Meyer JP
749 - 757 A TGA/DTA-MS investigation to the influence of process conditions on the pyrolysis of Jimsar oil shale
Pan LW, Dai FQ, Li GQ, Liu S
758 - 771 Thermodynamic analysis of the partial oxidation of coke oven gas for indirect reduction of iron oxides in a blast furnace
Chen WH, Hsu CL, Du SW