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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 5 100% sustainable energy
Olabi AG
6 - 18 Biomass gasification integrated with a solid oxide fuel cell and Stirling engine
Rokni M
19 - 24 The effect of hemicelluloses and lignin on acid hydrolysis of cellulose
Yoon SY, Han SH, Shin SJ
25 - 34 The progressive development of turbulence statistics and its impact on wind power predictability
Woolmington T, Sunderland K, Blackledge J, Conlon M
35 - 41 Impact of energy saving cultivations on soil parameters in northern Kazakhstan
Saljnikov E, Saljnikov A, Rahimgalieva S, Cakmak D, Kresovic M, Mrvic V, Dzhalankuzov T
42 - 48 Investigation of indoor and outdoor air quality of the classrooms at a school in Serbia
Jovanovic M, Vucicevic B, Turanjanin V, Zivkovic M, Spasojevic V
49 - 56 Water footprint for energy production and supply in Thailand
Okadera T, Chontanawat J, Gheewala SH
57 - 65 Economical optimization of energy-efficient timber buildings: Case study for single family timber house in Slovenia
Sorsak M, Leskovar VZ, Premrov M, Goricanec D, Psunder I
66 - 72 Modeling and optimization of energy-efficient procedures for removing lead(II) and zinc(II) ions from aqueous solutions using the central composite design
Savic IM, Savic IM, Stojiljkovic ST, Gajic DG
73 - 81 Challenges and prospects of electricity production from renewable energy sources in Slovenia
Al-Mansour F, Sucic B, Pusnik M
82 - 87 Experimental and analytical performance investigation of air to air two phase closed thermosyphon based heat exchangers
Danielewicz J, Sayegh MA, Sniechowska B, Szulgowska-Zgrzywa M, Jouhara H
88 - 96 Study of mixture formation and early flame development in a research GDI (gasoline direct injection) engine through numerical simulation and UV-digital imaging
Costa M, Marchitto L, Merola SS, Sorge U
97 - 107 Optimization of hydro energy storage plants by using differential evolution algorithm
Glotic A, Glotic A, Kitak P, Pihler J, Ticar I
108 - 116 Enhanced lubricant management to reduce costs and minimise environmental impact
Tic V, Tasner T, Lovrec D
117 - 124 Development of EU (European Union) energy market agenda and security of supply
Sencar M, Pozeb V, Krope T
125 - 132 Production of methanol from a mixture of torrefied biomass and coal
Trop P, Anicic B, Goricanec D
133 - 143 Domestic distributed power generation: Effect of sizing and energy management strategy on the environmental efficiency of a photovoltaic-battery-fuel cell system
Bruni G, Cordiner S, Mulone V
144 - 152 A multi-objective genetic approach to domestic load scheduling in an energy management system
Soares A, Antunes CH, Oliveira C, Gomes A
153 - 163 Towards measurement and verification of energy performance under the framework of the European directive for energy performance of buildings
Burman E, Mumovic D, Kimpian J
164 - 170 Stand-alone renewable combined heat and power system with hydrogen technologies for household application
Lacko R, Drobnic B, Mori M, Sekavcnik M, Vidmar M
171 - 182 Decomposition analysis of the change of energy intensity of manufacturing industries in Thailand
Chontanawat J, Wiboonchutikula P, Buddhivanich A
183 - 193 Energy retrofit of residential building envelopes in Israel: A cost-benefit analysis
Friedman C, Becker N, Erell E
194 - 200 Using electric vehicles for energy services: Industry perspectives
Weiller C, Neely A
201 - 211 Thermal management of fuel in advanced aeroengine in view of chemical recuperation
Zhang SL, Qin J, Bao W, Feng Y, Xie KL
212 - 219 Photosynthetic complex LH2-Absorption and steady state fluorescence spectra
Zapletal D, Herman P
220 - 225 Exploitation of the waste-heat from hydro power plants
Goritanec D, Pozeb V, Tomsic L, Trop P
226 - 234 Microturbine combustion and emission characterisation of waste polymer-derived fuels
Seljak T, Opresnik SR, Katrasnik T
235 - 243 Industrial applications of supercritical fluids: A review
Knez Z, Markocic E, Leitgeb M, Primozic M, Hrncic MK, Skerget M
244 - 253 Engineering bed models for solid fuel conversion process in grate-fired boilers
Costa M, Massarotti N, Indrizzi V, Rajh B, Yin C, Samec N
254 - 264 Design procedure of an innovative turbine with rotors rotating in opposite directions for the exploitation of the tidal currents
Barbarelli S, Florio G, Amelio M, Scornaienchi NM, Cutrupi A, Lo Zupone G
265 - 270 Heat pipe based thermal management systems for energy-efficient data centres
Jouhara H, Meskimmon R
271 - 278 An experimentally evaluated magnetic device's efficiency for water-scale reduction on electric heaters
Dobersek D, Goricanec D
279 - 289 Comparison between two methods of methanol production from carbon dioxide
Anicic B, Trop P, Goricanec D
290 - 296 Indoor CO2 measurements in Serbian schools and ventilation rate calculation
Turanjanin V, Vutiaevic B, Jovanovic M, La Mirkov N, Lazovic I
297 - 304 A vertical axis hydrodynamic turbine with flexible foils, passive pitching, and low tip speed ratio achieves near constant RPM
Zeiner-Gundersen DH
305 - 317 Multi-objective thermal analysis of a thermoelectric device: Influence of geometric features on device characteristics
Ibrahim A, Rahnamayan S, Martin MV, Yilbas B
318 - 326 A hybrid reduced model for borehole heat exchangers over different time-scales and regions
Kim EJ, Bernier M, Cauret O, Roux JJ
327 - 337 The effects of filter porosity and flow conditions on soot deposition/oxidation and pressure drop in particulate filters
Choi S, Oh KC, Lee CB
338 - 351 Development of new heat exchanger network designs for a four-step Cu-Cl cycle for hydrogen production
Ozbilen A, Dincer I, Rosen MA
352 - 361 A thermodynamic study of hot syngas impurities in steel reheating furnaces - Corrosion and interaction with oxide scales
Liu H, Saffaripour M, Mellin P, Grip CE, Yang W, Blasiak W
362 - 371 A method to estimate the size and remaining market potential of the US ESCO (energy service company) industry
Stuart E, Larsen PH, Goldman CA, Gilligan D
372 - 381 Solving non-convex economic dispatch problem via backtracking search algorithm
Modiri-Delshad M, Abd Rahim N
382 - 390 A novel application of exergy analysis: Lean manufacturing tool to improve energy efficiency and flexibility of hydrocarbon processing
Haragovics M, Mizsey P
391 - 396 Methodological differences behind energy statistics for steel production - Implications when monitoring energy efficiency
Morfeldt J, Silveira S
397 - 402 Travelling-wave thermoacoustic high-temperature heat pump for industrial waste heat recovery
Yang Z, Zhuo Y, Ercang L, Yuan Z
403 - 413 Performance analysis of turbulent convection heat transfer of Al2O3 water-nanofluid in circular tubes at constant wall temperature
Bianco V, Manca O, Nardini S
414 - 421 Rethinking how to support intermittent renewables
Narbel PA
422 - 433 A valuation of wind power projects in Germany using real regulatory options
Barroso MM, Iniesta JB
434 - 446 Life Cycle Assessment of solar energy systems: Comparison of photovoltaic and water thermal heater at domestic scale
Carnevale E, Lombardi L, Zanchi L
447 - 459 New efficiency charts for the optimum design of axial flow turbines for organic Rankine cycles
Da Lio L, Manente G, Lazzaretto A
460 - 477 Thermodynamic analysis of energy conversion and transfer in hybrid system consisting of wind turbine and advanced adiabatic compressed air energy storage
Zhang Y, Yang K, Li XM, Xu JZ
478 - 488 Energy and greenhouse-gas emissions in irrigated agriculture of SE (southeast) Spain. Effects of alternative water supply scenarios
Martin-Gorriz B, Soto-Garcia M, Martinez-Alvarez V
489 - 498 Comparison of the two-stage and traditional single-stage thermoelectric generator in recovering the waste heat of the high temperature exhaust gas of internal combustion engine
Sun XX, Liang XY, Shu GQ, Tian H, Wei HQ, Wang XX
499 - 508 Development and experimental study on organic Rankine cycle system with single-screw expander for waste heat recovery from exhaust of diesel engine
Zhang YQ, Wu YT, Xia GD, Ma CF, Ji WN, Liu SW, Yang K, Yang FB
509 - 519 Potential of organic Rankine cycle using zeotropic mixtures as working fluids for waste heat recovery
Li YR, Du MT, Wu CM, Wu SY, Liu C
520 - 532 Design and optimization of multi-component organic rankine cycle using liquefied natural gas cryogenic exergy
Lee U, Kim K, Han C
533 - 541 Evaluation of regulated and unregulated emissions from a diesel powered vehicle fueled with diesel/biodiesel blends in Korea
Lim C, Lee J, Hong J, Song C, Han J, Cha JS
542 - 552 Modeling of global horizontal irradiance in the United Arab Emirates with artificial neural networks
Hejase HAN, Al-Shamisi MH, Assi AH
553 - 561 Exergoeconomic analysis of a biomass post-firing combined-cycle power plant
Athari H, Soltani S, Mahmoudi SMS, Rosen MA, Morosuk T
562 - 569 Modeling and performance analysis of a two-stage thermoelectric energy harvesting system from blast furnace slag water waste heat
Xiong B, Chen LG, Meng FK, Sun FR
570 - 578 Performance characteristics of a two-stage CO2 heat pump water heater adopting a sub-cooler vapor injection cycle at various operating conditions
Baek C, Heo J, Jung J, Cho H, Kim Y
579 - 590 Design of the ORC (organic Rankine cycle) condensation temperature with respect to the expander characteristics for domestic CHP (combined heat and power) applications
Li J, Pei G, Ji J, Bai XM, Li PC, Xia LJ
591 - 596 Synergistic effect between ordered Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 pillar array and layered Ag electrode for remarkably enhancing thermoelectric device performance
Tan M, Deng Y, Hao YM
597 - 607 Integrated torrefaction vs. external torrefaction - A thermodynamic analysis for the case of a thermochemical biorefinery
Clausen LR
608 - 622 Exergoeconomic analysis of vehicular PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell systems with and without expander
Sayadi S, Tsatsaronis G, Duelk C
623 - 634 Optimal modeling and forecasting of the energy consumption and production in China
Xiong PP, Dang YG, Yao TX, Wang ZX
635 - 640 Privatisation and cross-border electricity trade: From internal market to European Supergrid?
Torriti J
641 - 666 Fossil fuel depletion and socio-economic scenarios: An integrated approach
Capellan-Perez I, Mediavilla M, de Castro C, Carpintero O, Miguel LJ
667 - 674 Probabilistic prediction of green roof energy performance under parameter uncertainty
Liu M
675 - 690 Optimal scheduling of combined heat and power plants using mixed-integer nonlinear programming
Kim JS, Edgar TF
691 - 702 A survey of integrated decision analysis in energy and environmental modeling
Wang Q, Poh KL
703 - 709 Experimental verification of the variable effect absorption refrigeration cycle
Xu ZY, Wang RZ
710 - 719 Feasibility analysis and application design of a novel long-distance natural gas and electricity combined transmission system
Zhang Y, Tan HB, Li YZ, Zheng JY, Wang CY
720 - 731 Thermal energy generation and distribution in friction stir welding of aluminum alloys
Su H, Wu CS, Pittner A, Rethmeier M
732 - 741 Performance evaluation of power generation system with fuel vapor turbine onboard hydrocarbon fueled scramjets
Zhang D, Qin J, Feng Y, Ren FZ, Bao W
742 - 751 Debottlenecking of condensate stabilization unit in a gas refinery
Tahouni N, Khoshchehreh R, Panjeshahi MH
752 - 759 Aerodynamics performance of continuously variable speed horizontal axis wind turbine with optimal blades
Sedaghat A, Assad ME, Gaith M
760 - 770 Thermodynamic analysis of a biomass-fired Kalina cycle with regenerative heater
Cao LY, Wang JF, Dai YP
771 - 782 A numerical study of parabolic trough receiver with nonuniform heat flux and helical screw-tape inserts
Song XW, Dong GB, Gao FY, Diao XG, Zheng LQ, Zhou FY
783 - 790 Evaluation of RME (rapeseed methyl ester) and mineral diesel fuels behaviour in quiescent vessel and EURO 5 engine
Allocca L, Mancaruso E, Montanaro A, Sequino L, Vaglieco BM
791 - 801 India's CO2 emissions pathways to 2050: Energy system, economic and fossil fuel impacts with and without carbon permit trading
Gambhir A, Napp TA, Emmott CJM, Anandarajah G
802 - 811 Energy production from tidal currents in an estuary: A comparative study of floating and bottom-fixed turbines
Sanchez M, Carballo R, Ramos V, Iglesias G
812 - 821 An energy and carbon life cycle assessment of industrial CHP (combined heat and power) in the context of a low carbon UK
Kelly KA, McManus MC, Hammond GP
822 - 830 Promoting carbon emissions reduction in China's chemical process industry
Lin BQ, Long HY
831 - 843 General procedure for long-term energy-environmental planning for transportation sector of developing countries with limited data based on LEAP (long-range energy alternative planning) and EnergyPLAN
Sadri A, Ardehali MM, Amirnekooei K
844 - 851 Net environmental impacts of low-share wood pellet co-combustion in an existing coal-fired CHP (combined heat and power) production in Helsinki, Finland
Judl J, Koskela S, Korpela T, Karvosenoja N, Hayrinen A, Rantsi J
852 - 858 Dynamic analysis of the CTAR (constant temperature adsorption refrigeration) cycle
Hassan HZ, Mohamad AA, Al-Ansary HA, Alyousef YM
859 - 870 Green power in Ontario: A dynamic model-based analysis
Qudrat-Ullah H
871 - 879 Performance study of a packed bed in a closed loop thermal energy storage system
Chai L, Wang L, Liu J, Yang L, Chen HS, Tan CQ
880 - 889 A fuel consumption model for off-road use of mobile machinery in agriculture
Van Linden V, Herman L
890 - 897 Optimization of China's energy structure based on portfolio theory
Gao CX, Sun M, Shen B, Li RR, Tian LX
898 - 908 Research on the evaluation system for heat metering and existing residential building retrofits in northern regions of China for the 12th five-year period
Kin L, Yan D, Tong YJ, Neng Z, Zhe T
909 - 925 A survey of district heating systems in the heating regions of northern China
Xu X, You SJ, Zheng XJ, Li H
926 - 931 Adsorption of carbon dioxide by sodium hydroxide-modified granular coconut shell activated carbon in a fixed bed
Tan YL, Islam MA, Asif M, Hameed BH
932 - 944 CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis of a novel reactor design using ion transport membranes for oxy-fuel combustion
Ahmed P, Habib MA, Ben-Mansour R, Kirchen P, Ghoniem AF
945 - 952 Advanced exergy analysis of an air conditioning system incorporating thermal energy storage
Mosaffa AH, Farshi LG, Ferreira CAI, Rosen MA
953 - 962 Energy and exergy performance analysis of a marine rotary desiccant air-conditioning system based on orthogonal experiment
Zhu J, Chen W
963 - 982 Review of ASP EOR (alkaline surfactant polymer enhanced oil recovery) technology in the petroleum industry: Prospects and challenges
Olajire AA
983 - 998 The size of sorbents in low pressure sorption or thermochemical energy storage processes
N'Tsoukpoe KE, Restuccia G, Schmidt T, Py X