Energy, Vol.76 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 3 Sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems
Markovska N, Klemes JJ, Duic N, Guzovic Z, Mathiesen BV, Lund H, Yan JY
4 - 9 Re-focussing research efforts on the public acceptance of energy infrastructure: A critical review
Cohen JJ, Reichl J, Schmidthaler M
10 - 18 Thermoecological cost of electricity production in the natural gas pressure reduction process
Kostowski WJ, Uson S, Stanek W, Bargiel P
19 - 31 Thermodynamic and thermoeconomic analysis of a system with biomass gasification, solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and Stirling engine
Rokni M
32 - 41 Decentralized demand-supply matching using community microgrids and consumer demand response: A scenario analysis
Ravindra K, Iyer PP
42 - 48 Exergo-ecological evaluation of adsorption chiller system
Stanek W, Gazda W
49 - 58 The potential for arbitrage of wind and solar surplus power in Denmark
Andresen GB, Rodriguez RA, Becker S, Greiner M
59 - 65 Potential bioethanol production from Taiwanese chenopods (Chenopodium formosanum)
Yang BY, Cheng MH, Ko CH, Wang YN, Chen WH, Hwang WS, Yang YP, Chen HT, Chang FC
66 - 72 Latent heat storage with tubular-encapsulated phase change materials (PCMs)
Zhang HL, Baeyens J, Degreve J, Caceres G, Segal R, Pitie F
73 - 81 The influence of reverse osmosis desalination in a combination with pump storage on the penetration of wind and PV energy: A case study for Jordan
Novosel T, Cosic B, Krajacic G, Duic N, Puksec T, Mohsen MS, Ashhab MS, Ababneh AK
82 - 90 Stated preferences based estimation of power interruption costs in private households: An example from Germany
Praktiknjo AJ
91 - 103 Energy storage systems sizing study for a high-altitude wind energy application
Pavkovic D, Hoic M, Deur J, Petric J
104 - 113 Synthetic fuel production costs by means of solid oxide electrolysis cells
Ridjan I, Mathiesen BV, Connolly D
114 - 129 Thermo-economic analysis of a solid oxide fuel cell and steam injected gas turbine plant integrated with woodchips gasification
Mazzucco A, Rokni M
130 - 138 Exergy analysis of pretreatment processes of bioethanol production based on sugarcane bagasse
Ortiz PS, de Oliveira S
139 - 160 Optimal design of process energy systems integrating sustainable considerati ons
Lira-Barragan LF, Ponce-Ortega JM, Serna-Gonzalez M, El-Halwagi MM
161 - 167 The impact of subsidies and carbon pricing on the wood biomass use for energy in the EU
Moiseyev A, Solberg B, Kallio AMI
168 - 174 A PSO (particle swarm optimization)-based model for the optimal management of a small PV(Photovoltaic)-pump hydro energy storage in a rural dry area
Stoppato A, Cavazzini G, Ardizzon G, Rossetti A
175 - 186 The comparision of a basic and a dual-pressure ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle): Geothermal Power Plant Velika Ciglena case study
Guzovic Z, Raskovic P, Blataric Z
187 - 197 Impact of offshore wind power forecast error in a carbon constraint electricity market
Higgins P, Foley AM, Douglas R, Li K
198 - 209 Assessing the impact of energy saving measures on the future energy demand and related GHG (greenhouse gas) emission reduction of Croatia
Puksec T, Mathiesen BV, Novosel T, Duic N
210 - 222 Implementation of different policy strategies promoting the use of wood fuel in the Latvian district heating system: Impact evaluation through a system dynamic model
Romagnoli F, Barisa A, Dzene I, Blumberga A, Blumberga D
223 - 232 Exergo-environmental analysis of a reverse osmosis desalination plant in Gran Canaria
Blanco-Marigorta AM, Masi M, Manfrida G
233 - 240 Feasibility assessment for high penetration of distributed photovoltaics based on net demand planning
Azzopardi B, Gabriel-Buenaventura A
241 - 253 Application of field synergy principle for optimization fluid flow and convective heat transfer in a tube bundle of a pre-heater
Hamid MOA, Zhang B, Yang LP
254 - 263 Drivers of rising global energy demand: The importance of spatial lag and error dependence
Huang YF
264 - 275 Sensitivity analysis for robust design of building energy systems
Ashouri A, Petrini F, Bornatico R, Benz MJ
276 - 283 Solar desalination system using spray evaporation
El-Agouz SA, Abd El-Aziz GB, Awad AM
284 - 291 Assessment of miscanthus biomass (Miscanthus sacchariflorus) for conversion and utilization of bio-oil by fluidized bed type fast pyrolysis
Kim JY, Oh S, Hwang H, Moon YH, Choi JW
292 - 305 Market power analysis in the Iberian electricity market using a conjectural variations model
Lagarto J, Sousa JAM, Martins A, Ferrao P
306 - 317 Fuel stacking in India: Changes in the cooking and lighting mix, 1987-2010
Cheng CY, Urpelainen J
318 - 325 Storing energy and powering small systems with mechanical springs made of carbon nanotube yarn
Hill FA, Havel TF, Lashmore D, Schauer M, Livermore C
326 - 335 A novel-strategy controller design for maximum power extraction in stand-alone windmill systems
Ganjefar S, Ghasemi AA
336 - 344 Marginal abatement cost curves and abatement strategies: Taking option interdependency and investments unrelated to climate change into account
Levihn F, Nuur C, Laestadius S
345 - 356 Real-world based approach for optimal management of electric vehicles in an intelligent parking lot considering simultaneous satisfaction of vehicle owners and parking operator
Mirzaei MJ, Kazemi A, Homaee O
357 - 374 Integrating persuasive technology with energy delegates for energy conservation and carbon emission reduction in a university campus
Emeakaroha A, Ang CS, Yan Y, Hopthrow T
375 - 384 Simulation-based method to determine climatic energy strategies of an adaptable building retrofit facade system
Capeluto IG, Ochoa CE
385 - 389 Lauric acid/intercalated kaolinite as form-stable phase change material for thermal energy storage
Song SK, Dong LK, Zhang Y, Chen S, Li Q, Guo Y, Deng SF, Si S, Xiong CX
390 - 399 Using compressor discharge air bypass to enhance power generation of a steam-injected gas turbine for combined heat and power
Kang DW, Jang HJ, Kim TS
400 - 405 Making adsorptive chillers faster by a proper choice of adsorption isobar shape: Comparison of optimal and real adsorbents
Okunev BN, Aristov YI
406 - 418 Simulation study on lignite-fired power system integrated with flue gas drying and waste heat recovery - Performances under variable power loads coupled with off-design parameters
Han XQ, Liu M, Wang JS, Yan JJ, Liu JP, Xiao F
419 - 427 Study of HKUST (Copper benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylate, Cu-BTC MOF)-1 metal organic frameworks for CH4 adsorption: An experimental Investigation with GCMC (grand canonical Monte-carlo) simulation
Sun B, Kayal S, Chakraborty A
428 - 435 Flow boiling heat transfer on nanowire-coated surfaces with highly wetting liquid
Shin S, Choi G, Kim BS, Cho HH
436 - 444 Feasibility study on thermoelectric device to energy storage system of an electric vehicle
Suh IS, Cho H, Lee M
445 - 452 Modeling of the Ericsson engine
Toure A, Stouffs P
453 - 467 Parametric study of an absorption refrigeration machine using advanced exergy analysis
Gong S, Boulama KG
468 - 476 Cooling performance enhancement of LED (Light Emitting Diode) using nano-pastes for energy conversion application
Kim CM, Kang YT
477 - 486 Perovskite catalysts enhanced combustion on porous media
Robayo MD, Beaman B, Hughes B, Delose B, Orlovskaya N, Chen RH
487 - 501 Nonlinear aeroelastic modelling for wind turbine blades based on blade element momentum theory and geometrically exact beam theory
Wang L, Liu XW, Renevier N, Stables M, Hall GM
502 - 512 The power of efficiency: Optimizing environmental and social benefits through demand-side-management
Miara A, Tarr C, Spellman R, Vorosmarty CJ, Macknick JE
513 - 525 A stochastic programming approach towards optimization of biofuel supply chain
Azadeh A, Arani HV, Dashti H
526 - 541 A hybrid forecasting model based on outlier detection and fuzzy time series - A case study on Hainan wind farm of China
Wang JZ, Xiong SH
542 - 551 Dynamic properties of the preferences for renewable energy sources - A wind power experience-based approach
Ladenburg J
552 - 558 Thermodynamic analysis on specific thrust of the hydrocarbon fueled scramjet
Yang QC, Chang JT, Bao W
559 - 571 Comparative analysis and evaluation of three crude oil vacuum distillation processes for process selection
Gu WG, Huang YQ, Wang K, Zhang BJ, Chen QL, Hui CW
572 - 583 Energy saving potential of semi-transparent photovoltaic elements for building integration
Olivieri L, Caamano-Martin E, Moralejo-Vazquez FJ, Martin-Chivelet N, Olivieri F, Neila-Gonzalez FJ
584 - 592 Syngas methanation from the supercritical water reforming of glycerol
Serrera A, Ortiz FJG, Ero P
593 - 606 Performance investigation of a M (Maisotsenko)-cycle cross-flow heat exchanger used for indirect evaporative cooling
Anisimov S, Pandelidis D, Jedlikowski A, Polushkin V
607 - 613 Hierarchical 3D micro-/nano-V2O5 (vanadium pentoxide) spheres as cathode materials for high-energy and high-power lithium ion-batteries
Bai HW, Liu ZY, Sun DD, Chan SH
614 - 621 Experimental study of NOx reduction on a medium speed heavy duty diesel engine by the application of EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and Miller timing
Verschaeren R, Schaepdryver W, Serruys T, Bastiaen M, Vervaeke L, Verhelst S
622 - 628 Feasibility and parametric study of tetrahydrofuran dehydration using reactive distillation with low energy requirement
Tavan Y
629 - 640 Spatial regression analysis of domestic energy in urban areas
Tian W, Song JT, Li ZY
641 - 651 Planning of carbon capture storage deployment using process graph approach
Chong FK, Lawrence KK, Lim PP, Poon MCY, Foo DCY, Lam HL, Tan RR
652 - 662 Energetic assessment of air-steam gasification of sewage sludge and of the integration of sewage sludge pyrolysis and air-steam gasification of char
Gil-Lalaguna N, Sanchez JL, Murillo MB, Atienza-Martinez M, Gea G
663 - 672 Global long-term cost dynamics of offshore wind electricity generation
Gernaat DEHJ, Van Vuuren DP, Van Vliet J, Sullivan P, Arent DJ
673 - 678 Effect of the storage environment on hydrogen production via hydrolysis reaction from activated Mg-based materials
Zou MS, Huang HT, Sun Q, Guo XY, Yang RJ
679 - 693 Novel fuzzy logic based sensorless maximum power point tracking strategy for wind turbine systems driven DFIG (doubly-fed induction generator)
Belmokhtar K, Doumbia ML, Agbossou K
694 - 703 Energetic analysis of a syngas-fueled chemical-looping combustion combined cycle with integration of carbon dioxide sequestration
Alvaro AJ, Paniagua IL, Fernandez CG, Carlier RN, Martin JR
704 - 715 Decomposition of useful work intensity: The EU (European Union)-15 countries from 1960 to 2009
Serrenho AC, Sousa T, Warr B, Ayres RU, Domingos T
716 - 732 Slip law effects on heat transfer and entropy generation of pressure driven flow of a power law fluid in a microchannel under uniform heat flux boundary condition
Anand V
733 - 748 Analytical tools for calculating the maximum heat transfer of annular stepped fins with internal heat generation and radiation effects
Kundu B, Lee KS
749 - 760 Development and validation of artificial neural network models of the energy demand in the industrial sector of the United States
Kialashaki A, Reisel JR
761 - 767 Experimental investigation and modeling of cooling processes of high temperature slags
Sun YQ, Shen HW, Wang H, Wang XD, Zhang ZT
768 - 779 Modeling knocking combustion in hydrogen assisted compression ignition diesel engines
Maghbouli A, Yang WM, An H, Shafee S, Li J, Mohammadi S
780 - 787 Prediction of energy demand for heating of residential buildings using variable degree day
Verbai Z, Lakatos A, Kalmar F
788 - 798 A study of using a thermoelectric generator to harvest energy from a table lamp
Weng CC, Huang MJ
799 - 806 Numerical simulation of a heave-only floating OWC (oscillating water column) device
Luo YY, Wang ZW, Peng GJ, Xiao YX, Zhai LM, Liu X, Zhang Q
807 - 815 Autotrophic production of biodiesel from microalgae: An updated process and economic analysis
Tercero EAR, Domenicali G, Bertucco A
816 - 821 Cr2O3/C composite coatings on stainless steel 304 as bipolar plate for proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Huang KK, Zhang DM, Hu MM, Hu QH
822 - 829 Catalytic hydrolysis of ammonia borane for hydrogen generation using cobalt nanocluster catalyst supported on polydopamine functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotube
Arthur EE, Li F, Momade FWY, Kim H
830 - 837 Carbon dioxide emissions and growth of the manufacturing sector: Evidence for China
Lin BQ, Moubarak M, Ouyang XL
838 - 849 Quantifying, measuring, and strategizing energy security: Determining the most meaningful dimensions and metrics
Ren JZ, Sovacool BK
850 - 856 The influence of meteorological variability on the mid-term evolution of the electricity load
OrtizBevia MJ, RuizdeElvira A, Alvarez-Garcia FJ
857 - 862 Particle size reduction optimization of Laminaria spp. biomass for enhanced methane production
Tedesco S, Mac Lochlainn D, Olabi AG
863 - 874 IRSP (integrated resource strategic planning) with interconnected smart grids in integrating renewable energy and implementing DSM (demand side management) in China
Zheng YA, Hu ZG, Wang JH, Wen Q
875 - 883 Design, analysis and implementation of a constant-voltage power generation system based on a novel memory machine
Li Y, Dong YX, Zhang Q, Cao LH
884 - 890 Measuring energy efficiency under heterogeneous technologies using a latent class stochastic frontier approach: An application to Chinese energy economy
Lin BQ, Du KR
891 - 898 Weight and power optimization of steam bottoming cycle for offshore oil and gas installations
Nord LO, Martelli E, Bolland O
899 - 910 The effect of climate change on electricity needs - A case study from Mediterranean Europe
Zachariadis T, Hadjinicolaou P
911 - 919 Performance evaluation of direct borohydride-hydrogen peroxide fuel cells with electrocatalysts supported on multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Oh TH, Jang B, Kwon S
920 - 930 Application of the hybrid Big Bang-Big Crunch algorithm to optimal reconfiguration and distributed generation power allocation in distribution systems
Sedighizadeh M, Esmaili M, Esmaeili M
931 - 941 A detailed survey of the palm and biodiesel industry landscape in Malaysia
Abdul-Manan AFN, Baharuddin A, Chang LW
942 - 948 A parametric analysis of periodic and coupled heat and mass diffusion in desiccant wheels
Nobrega CEL
949 - 957 An empirical study of the dry soot filtration behavior of a metal foam filter on a particle number concentration basis
Seok J, Chun KM, Song S, Lee J
958 - 966 The regional employment returns from wave and tidal energy: A Welsh analysis
Fanning T, Jones C, Munday M
967 - 975 Achieving negative emissions with BECCS (bioenergy with carbon capture and storage) in the power sector: New insights from the TIAM-FR (TIMES Integrated Assessment Model France) model
Selosse S, Ricci O
976 - 988 Key performance indicators: A useful tool to assess Smart Grid goals
Personal E, Guerrero JI, Garcia A, Pena M, Leon C
989 - 1000 Heat pumps in combined heat and power systems
Ommen T, Markussen WB, Elmegaard B
1001 - 1010 Performance optimization study on an integrated solar desalination system with multi-stage evaporation/heat recovery processes
Liu ZH, Guan HY, Wang GS
1011 - 1018 Realistic simulation of an aquifer thermal energy storage: Effects of injection temperature, well placement and groundwater flow
Yapparova A, Matthai S, Driesner T
1019 - 1028 Environomic design of vehicle energy systems for optimal mobility service
Dimitrova Z, Marechal F
1029 - 1035 Economic and thermal feasibility of multi stage flash desalination plant with brine-feed mixing and cooling
Alhazmy MM