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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 17 MES (multi-energy systems): An overview of concepts and evaluation models
Mancarella P
18 - 24 Effects of tumble combined with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) on the combustion and emissions in a spark ignition engine at part loads
Zhang ZJ, Zhang HY, Wang TY, Jia M
25 - 43 An efficient harmony search with new pitch adjustment for dynamic economic dispatch
Niu Q, Zhang HY, Li K, Irwin GW
44 - 51 Exergy recovery from the exhaust cooling in a DI diesel engine for BSFC reduction purposes
Ghazikhani M, Hatami M, Ganji DD, Gorji-Bandpy M, Behravan A, Shahi G
52 - 61 China's total factor energy efficiency of provincial industrial sectors
Zhao XL, Yang R, Ma Q
62 - 70 Experimental evaluation of BZ-GW (BACnet-ZigBee smart grid gateway) for demand response in buildings
Hong SH, Kim SH, Kim GM, Kim HL
71 - 79 Support for the integration of green roof constructions within Chinese building energy performance policies
Kokogiannakis G, Darkwa J
80 - 90 Thermodynamic analysis of a low-pressure economizer based waste heat recovery system for a coal-fired power plant
Wang CJ, He BS, Yan LB, Pei XH, Chen SN
91 - 100 Thermodynamic analysis of an organic Rankine cycle for waste heat recovery from gas turbines
Carcasci C, Ferraro R, Miliotti E
101 - 108 Possibility of using biodiesel from sunflower oil as an additive for the improvement of lubrication properties of low-sulfur diesel fuel
Tomic M, Savin L, Micic R, Simikic M, Furman T
109 - 115 Influence of blending vegetable oil methyl esters on biodiesel fuel properties: Oxidative stability and cold flow properties
Serrano M, Oliveros R, Sanchez M, Moraschini A, Martinez M, Aracil J
116 - 122 Engine performance of optimized hydrogen-fueled direct injection engine
Yadav VS, Soni SL, Sharma D
123 - 133 A simple sizing method for combined heat and power units
Cho W, Lee KS
134 - 144 The relationship among oil, natural gas and coal consumption and economic growth in BRICTS (Brazil, Russian, India, China, Turkey and South Africa) countries
Bildirici ME, Bakirtas T
145 - 151 Influence of cable losses on the economic analysis of efficient and sustainable electrical equipment
Lobao JA, Devezas T, Catalao JPS
152 - 165 Solar-thermal hybridization of advanced zero emissions power cycle
Gunasekaran S, Mancini ND, El-Khaja R, Sheu EJ, Mitsos A
166 - 171 Palladium nanoparticle catalysts synthesis on graphene in sodium dodecyl sulfate for oxygen reduction reaction
Kakaei K, Gharibi H
172 - 181 Whole-vehicle modelling of exhaust energy recovery on a diesel-electric hybrid bus
Briggs I, McCullough G, Spence S, Douglas R
182 - 189 Estimation of energy saving potential in China's paper industry
Lin BQ, Moubarak M
190 - 199 A GIS (geographic information system)-based optimization model for estimating the electricity generation of the rooftop PV (photovoltaic) system
Hong T, Koo C, Park J, Park HS
200 - 208 Energy savings in CO2 (carbon dioxide) capture using ejectors for waste heat upgrading
Reddick C, Sorin M, Rheault F
209 - 220 Economic feasibility of district heating delivery from industrial excess heat: A case study of a Swedish petrochemical cluster
Morandin M, Hackl R, Harvey S
221 - 232 Energy consumption comparison analysis of high energy efficiency office buildings in typical climate zones of China and US based on correction model
Liu L, Zhao J, Liu X, Wang ZX
233 - 239 Variation with time of cell voltage for coal slurry electrolysis in sulfuric acid
Gong XZ, Wang MY, Liu Y, Wang Z, Guo ZC
240 - 249 Thermodynamic performance assessment of a small size CCHP (combined cooling heating and power) system with numerical models
Jannelli E, Minutillo M, Cozzolino R, Falcucci G
250 - 263 Enhanced geothermal systems in Europe: An estimation and comparison of the technical and sustainable potentials
Chamorro CR, Garcia-Cuesta JL, Mondejar ME, Perez-Madrazo A
264 - 271 Direct liquid-immersion cooling of concentrator silicon solar cells in a linear concentrating photovoltaic receiver
Sun Y, Wang YP, Zhu L, Yin BQ, Xiang HJ, Huang QW
272 - 284 Solution procedure and performance evaluation for a water-LiBr absorption refrigeration machine
Wonchala J, Hazledine M, Boulama KG
285 - 294 Integrating electric vehicles as flexible load in unit commitment modeling
Madzharov D, Delarue E, D'haeseleer W
295 - 302 Energy performance of different photovoltaic module technologies under outdoor conditions
Canete C, Carretero J, Sidrach-de-Cardona M
303 - 318 Macro economic impact, reduction of fee deficit and profitability of a sustainable transport model based on electric mobility. Case study: City of Leon (Spain)
Colmenar-Santos A, Borge-Diez D, Ortega-Cabezas PM, Miguez-Camina JV
319 - 332 Parametric study and optimization of a RCCI (reactivity controlled compression ignition) engine fueled with methanol and diesel
Li YP, Jia M, Chang YC, Liu YD, Xie MZ, Wang TY, Zhou L
333 - 345 Evaluation and update of Norwegian and Danish oil production forecasts and implications for Swedish oil import
Sallh D, Hook M, Grandell L, Davidsson S
346 - 356 Non-grain fuel ethanol expansion and its effects on food security: A computable general equilibrium analysis for China
Ge JP, Lei YL, Tokunaga S
357 - 363 Investigation on heat transfer and friction factor characteristics of thermosiphon solar water heating system with left-right twist regularly spaced with rod and spacer
Ananth J, Jaisankar S
364 - 373 Systematic analysis of the heat exchanger arrangement problem using multi-objective genetic optimization
Daroczy L, Janiga G, Thevenin D
374 - 386 Envisioning a renewable electricity future for the United States
Mai T, Mulcahy D, Hand MM, Baldwin SF
387 - 397 Classical entropy generation analysis in cooled homogenous and functionally graded material slabs with variation of internal heat generation with temperature, and convective-radiative boundary conditions
Torabi M, Zhang KL
398 - 411 Distribution expansion planning considering reliability and security of energy using modified PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithm
Aghaei J, Muttaqi KM, Azizivahed A, Gitizadeh M
412 - 418 k-omega SST (shear stress transport) turbulence model calibration: A case study on a small scale horizontal axis wind turbine
Rocha PAC, Rocha HHB, Carneiro FOM, da Silva MEV, Bueno AV
419 - 429 Performance analysis of two-stage TECs (thermoelectric coolers) using a three-dimensional heat-electricity coupled model
Wang XD, Wang QH, Xu JL
430 - 440 Performance comparisons of honeycomb-type adsorbent beds (wheels) for air dehumidification with various desiccant wall materials
Zhang LZ, Fu HX, Yang QR, Xu JC
441 - 451 A heat pump driven and hollow fiber membrane-based liquid desiccant air dehumidification system: Modeling and experimental validation
Zhang LZ, Zhang N
452 - 461 Long-term electrical energy consumption forecasting for developing and developed economies based on different optimized models and historical data types
Ardakani FJ, Ardehali MM
462 - 471 Experimental and data collection methods for a large-scale smart grid deployment: Methods and first results
Rhodes JD, Upshaw CR, Harris CB, Meehan CM, Walling DA, Navratil PA, Beck AL, Nagasawa K, Fares RL, Cole WJ, Kumar H, Duncan RD, Holcomb CL, Edgar TF, Kwasinski A, Webber ME
472 - 487 Numerical simulation of electricity generation potential from fractured granite reservoir through a single horizontal well at Yangbajing geothermal field
Zeng YC, Wu NY, Su Z, Hu J
488 - 502 Daylight factor estimation at an early design stage to reduce buildings' energy consumption due to artificial lighting: A numerical approach based on Doehlert and Box-Behnken designs
Mavromatidis LE, Marsault X, Lequay H
503 - 510 Multiple regression models for the prediction of the maximum obtainable thermal efficiency of organic Rankine cycles
Larsen U, Pierobon L, Wronski J, Haglind F
511 - 516 Coupling induction motors to improve the energy conversion process during balanced and unbalanced operation
El-Kharashi E, El-Dessouki M
517 - 526 Thermodynamic measurement and analysis of dual-temperature thermoacoustic oscillations for energy harvesting application
Zhao D, Ji CZ, Li SH, Li JW
527 - 532 Factors affecting the precipitation of pure calcium carbonate during the direct aqueous carbonation of flue gas desulfurization gypsum
Song K, Jang YN, Kim W, Lee MG, Shin D, Bang JH, Jeon CW, Chae SC
533 - 543 Exergoeconomic assessment and parametric study of a Gas Turbine-Modular Helium Reactor combined with two Organic Rankine Cycles
Mohammadkhani F, Shokati N, Mahmoudi SMS, Yari M, Rosen MA
544 - 549 Dynamic operation model of the battery swapping station for EV (electric vehicle) in electricity market
Yang SJ, Yao JG, Kang T, Zhu XQ
550 - 559 Transshipment model-based MILP (mixed-integer linear programming) formulation for targeting and design of hybrid power systems
Chen CL, Lai CT, Lee JY
560 - 571 Top management and the adoption of energy efficiency practices: Evidence from small and medium-sized manufacturing firms in the US
Blass V, Corbett CJ, Delmas MA, Muthulingam S
572 - 579 Optimal scheduling of electric vehicles in an intelligent parking lot considering vehicle-to-grid concept and battery condition
Honarmand M, Zakariazadeh A, Jadid S
580 - 589 Energy analysis of the cryogenic CO2 capture process based on Stirling coolers
Song CF, Kitamura Y, Li SH
590 - 595 Research on characteristics of varying conditions for nozzle governing stage based on dimensional analysis
Xu JQ, Ma L, Sun YY, Cao ZQ
596 - 604 Aero-acoustics noise evaluation of H-rotor Darrieus wind turbines
Mohamed MH
605 - 611 Convergence of carbon dioxide emissions in different sectors in China
Wang J, Zhang KZ
612 - 620 Enhanced performance of a silicon microfabricated direct methanol fuel cell with PtRu catalysts supported on few-walled carbon nanotubes
Borghei M, Scotti G, Kanninen P, Weckman T, Anoshkin IV, Nasibulin AG, Franssila S, Kauppinen EI, Kallio T, Ruiz V
621 - 630 Moving beyond the limits of mass transport in liquid absorbent microfilms through the implementation of surface-induced vortices
Bigham S, Yu DZ, Chugh D, Moghaddam S
631 - 638 Performance of a hydrokinetic energy system using an axial-flux permanent magnet generator
Davila-Vilchis JM, Mishra RS
639 - 646 Multi-functional energy conversion and storage electrodes using flower-like Zinc oxide nanostructures
Cauda V, Pugliese D, Garino N, Sacco A, Bianco S, Bella F, Lamberti A, Gerbaldi C
647 - 664 Object-oriented modeling for the transient response simulation of multi-pass shell-and-tube heat exchangers as applied in active indirect thermal energy storage systems for concentrated solar power
Zaversky F, Sanchez M, Astrain D
665 - 674 Battery capacity determination with respect to optimized energy dispatch schedule in grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems
Gitizadeh M, Fakharzadegan H
675 - 691 Experimental investigation of energy and exergy performance of short term adsorption heat storage for residential application
Li G, Qian SX, Lee H, Hwang Y, Radermacher R