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1 - 2 Comment on "Multi-objective optimization for combined heat and power economic dispatch with power transmission loss and emission reduction" Shi B, Yan LX, Wu W [Energy 2013; 56: 226-34]
Ahmadia A, Ahmadi MR
3 - 16 Characterisation of a low pressure turbine for turbocompounding applications in a heavily downsized mild-hybrid gasoline engine
Mamat AMI, Romagnoli A, Martinez-Botas RF
17 - 30 Optimal investment and scheduling of distributed energy resources with uncertainty in electric vehicle driving schedules
Cardoso G, Stadler M, Bozchalui MC, Sharma R, Marnay C, Barbosa-Povoa A, Ferrao R
31 - 43 Analysis of a high performance model Stirling engine with compact porous-sheets heat exchangers
Li ZG, Haramura Y, Kato Y, Tang DW
44 - 57 Performance comparison of renewable incentive schemes using optimal control
Oak N, Lawson D, Charnpneys A
58 - 68 Process simulation and thermodynamic analysis of an IGCC (integrated gasification combined cycle) plant with an entrained coal gasifier
Lee JC, Lee HH, Joo YJ, Lee CH, Oh M
69 - 94 Bejan's heatlines and numerical visualization of convective heat flow in differentially heated enclosures with concave/convex side walls
Biswal P, Basak T
95 - 108 Long-term transport energy demand and climate policy: Alternative visions on transport decarbonization in energy-economy models
Pietzcker RC, Longden T, Chen WY, Fu S, Kriegler E, Kyle P, Luderer G
109 - 119 Efficiency analysis of a hard-coal-fired supercritical power plant with a four-end high-temperature membrane for air separation
Kotowicz J, Michalski S
120 - 129 Assessment of the influence of shortening the duration of TRT (thermal response test) on the precision of measured values
Bujok P, Grycz D, Klempa M, Kunz A, Porzer M, Pytlik A, Rozehnal Z, Vojcinak P
130 - 153 Forecasting the limits to the availability and diversity of global conventional oil supply: Validation
Hallock JL, Wu W, Hall CAS, Jefferson M
154 - 163 Thermodynamic and thermoeconomic analyses of seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant with energy recovery
El-Emam RS, Dincer I
164 - 171 Thermal properties of big bluestem as affected by ecotype and planting location along the precipitation gradient of the Great Plains
Zhang K, Johnson L, Nelson R, Yuan WQ, Pei ZJ, Sun XS, Wang DH
172 - 186 Multi-level investment planning and scheduling under electricity and carbon market dynamics: Retrofit of a power plant with PCC (post-combustion carbon capture) processes
Khalilpour R
187 - 199 Thermal performance of a solar water heater with internal exchanger using thermosiphon system in Cote d'Ivoire
Koffi PME, Koua BK, Gbaha P, Toure S
200 - 211 Towards improvement of natural gas-diesel dual fuel mode: An experimental investigation on performance and exhaust emissions
Lounici MS, Loubar K, Tarabet L, Balistrou M, Niculescu DC, Tazerout M
212 - 219 Melting over a wavy surface in a rectangular cavity heated from below
Kousksou T, Mahdaoui M, Ahmed A, Msaad AA
220 - 233 Modelling and optimization of retrofitting residential energy systems at the urban scale
Jennings M, Fisk D, Shah N
234 - 241 Influence of electrodeposition modes on the supercapacitive performance of Co3O4 electrodes
Jagadale AD, Kumbhar VS, Bulakhe RN, Lokhande CD
242 - 247 Effect of surface treatment on the interfacial contact resistance and corrosion resistance of Fe-Ni-Cr alloy as a bipolar plate for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Yang MJ, Zhang DM
248 - 258 Distribution of sulfur species in gaseous and condensed phase during downdraft gasification of corn straw
Gai C, Dong YP, Zhang TH
259 - 267 Influence of port-inducted ethanol or gasoline on combustion and emission of a closed cycle diesel engine
Wu HW, Wang RH, Chen YC, Ou DJ, Chen TY
268 - 276 An assessment of different solvent-based capture technologies within an IGCC-CCS power plant
Urech J, Tock L, Harkin T, Hoadley A, Marechal F
277 - 286 Achieving carbon emission reduction through industrial & urban symbiosis: A case of Kawasaki
Dong HJ, Ohnishi S, Fujita T, Geng Y, Fujii M, Dong L
287 - 297 Modeling and simulation for the design of thermal-concentrated solar thermoelectric generator
Chen WH, Wang CC, Hung CI, Yang CC, Juang RC
298 - 306 Methane hydrate dissociation using inverted five-spot water flooding method in cubic hydrate simulator
Li G, Li XS, Li B, Wang Y
307 - 322 Numerical investigation of fluid flow and heat transfer in a doublet enhanced geothermal system with CO2 as the working fluid (CO2-EGS)
Luo F, Xu RN, Jiang PX
323 - 329 The effects of unburned hydrocarbon recirculation on ignition and combustion during diesel engine cold starts
Cui Y, Peng HY, Deng KY, Shi L
330 - 341 Performance assessment of carbonation process integrated with coal fired power plant to reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions
Rasul MG, Moazzem S, Khan MMK
342 - 354 Multi-objective stochastic Distribution Feeder Reconfiguration from the reliability point of view
Kavousi-Fard A, Niknam T
355 - 366 Energy and exergy utilization efficiencies and emission performance of Canadian transportation sector, 1990-2035
Motasemi F, Afzal MT, Salema AA, Moghavvemi M, Shekarchian M, Zarifi F, Mohsin R
367 - 374 Performance analysis of a small-scale combined heat and power system using agricultural biomass residues: The SMARt-CHP demonstration project
Mertzis D, Mitsakis P, Tsiakmakis S, Manara P, Zabaniotou A, Samaras Z
375 - 388 Modelling and operation optimization of an integrated energy based direct district water-heating system
Jiang XS, Jing ZX, Li YZ, Wu QH, Tang WH
389 - 397 Performance research on modified KCS (Kalina cycle system) 11 without throttle valve
He JC, Liu C, Xu XX, Li YR, Wu SY, Xu JL
398 - 403 Low platinum, high limiting current density of the PEMFC (proton exchange membrane fuel cell) based on multilayer cathode catalyst approach
Fofana D, Natarajan SK, Hamelin J, Benard P
404 - 418 Transmission grid extensions during the build-up of a fully renewable pan-European electricity supply
Becker S, Rodriguez RA, Andresen GB, Schramm S, Greiner M
419 - 428 A new reaction model for low temperature oxidation of heavy oil: Experiments and numerical modeling
Khansari Z, Kapadia P, Mahinpey N, Gates ID
429 - 436 Modeling solar radiation of Mediterranean region in Turkey by using fuzzy genetic approach
Kisi O
437 - 449 User-expected price-based demand response algorithm for a home-to-grid system
Li XH, Hong SH
450 - 461 Performance prediction of a multi-MW wind turbine adopting an advanced hydrostatic transmission
Silva P, Giuffrida A, Fergnani N, Macchi E, Cantu M, Suffredini R, Schiavetti M, Gigliucci G
462 - 472 Power generation using waste heat recovery by organic Rankine cycle in oil and gas sector in Egypt: A case study
Khatita MA, Ahmed TS, Ashour FH, Ismail IM
473 - 483 A comprehensive energy-exergy-based assessment and parametric study of a hydrogen production process using steam glycerol reforming
Hajjaji N, Chahbani A, Khila Z, Pons MN
484 - 494 System analysis and optimisation of a Kalina split-cycle for waste heat recovery on large marine diesel engines
Larsen U, Nguyen TV, Knudsen T, Haglind F
495 - 505 Risk implications of renewable support instruments: Comparative analysis of feed-in tariffs and premiums using a mean-variance approach
Kitzing L
506 - 512 A top-down approach to assess physical and ecological limits of biofuels
de Castro C, Carpintero O, Frechoso F, Mediavilla M, de Miguel LJ
513 - 523 Economic analysis of a supercritical coal-fired CHP plant integrated with an absorption carbon capture installation
Bartela L, Skorek-Osikowska A, Kotowicz J
524 - 532 Differential electricity pricing and energy efficiency in South Africa
Kohler M
533 - 540 Feasibility analysis of changing turbine load in power plants using continuous condenser pressure adjustment
Wang W, Zeng DL, Liu JZ, Niu YG, Cui C
541 - 550 Multi-perspective analysis of China's energy supply security
Geng JB, Ji Q
551 - 556 Effects of multiple irradiations on luminescent materials and energy savings - A case study for the synthesis of BaMO4: Ln(3+) (M = W, Mo; Ln = Eu, Tb) phosphors
Lin JT, Zeng Z, Ma QM, Wang QM, Zhang YF
557 - 566 Economic, environmental and social assessment of briquette fuel from agricultural residues in China - A study on flat die briquetting using corn stalk
Hu JJ, Lei TZ, Wang ZW, Yan XY, Shi XG, Li ZF, He XF, Zhang QG
567 - 574 Microwave plasma studies of Spirulina algae pyrolysis with relevance to hydrogen production
Lin KC, Lin YC, Hsiao YH
575 - 581 Pickering emulsion: A novel template for microencapsulated phase change materials with polymer-silica hybrid shell
Yin DZ, Ma L, Liu JJ, Zhang QY
582 - 600 Exergoeconomic, sustainability and environmental damage cost analyses of T56 turboprop engine
Balli O, Hepbasli A
601 - 606 Estimating the economic value of residential electricity use in the Republic of Korea using contingent valuation
Lim KM, Lim SY, Yoo SH
607 - 614 Progress in polymeric material for hydrogen storage application in middle conditions
Pedicini R, Schiavo B, Rispoli P, Sacca A, Carbone A, Gatto I, Passalacqua E
615 - 625 Effect of flue gas recirculation during oxy-fuel combustion in a rotary cement kiln
Granados DA, Chejne F, Mejia JM, Gomez CA, Berrio A, Jurado WJ
626 - 631 Production and use of electrolytic hydrogen in Ecuador towards a low carbon economy
Pelaez-Samaniego MR, Riveros-Godoy G, Torres-Contreras S, Garcia-Perez T, Albornoz-Vintimilla E
632 - 639 Numerical study of turbulent fluid flow and heat transfer in lateral perforated extended surfaces
Ismail F, Hasan MN, Saha SC
640 - 647 A quantitative discussion on the assessment of power supply technologies: DEA (data envelopment analysis) and SAW (simple additive weighting) as complementary methods for the "Grammar"
Shakouri GH, Nabaee M, Aliakbarisani S
648 - 662 Multi-objective optimized management of electrical energy storage systems in an islanded network with renewable energy sources under different design scenarios
Ippolito MG, Di Silvestre ML, Sanseverino ER, Zizzo G, Graditi G
663 - 672 Improvement of the greenhouse climate using a solar air heater with latent storage energy
Bouadila S, Kooli S, Skouri S, Lazaar M, Farhat A
673 - 677 A small-sample hybrid model for forecasting energy-related CO2 emissions
Meng M, Niu DX, Shang W
678 - 687 Use of water containing acetone-butanol-ethanol for NOx-PM (nitrogen oxide-particulate matter) trade-off in the diesel engine fueled with biodiesel
Chang YC, Lee WJ, Wu TS, Wu CY, Chen SJ
688 - 696 A hybrid method of incorporating extended priority list into equal incremental principle for energy-saving generation dispatch of thermal power systems
Cheng CT, Li SS, Li G
697 - 706 Exergetic performance evaluation of a single pass baffled solar air heater
Sabzpooshani M, Mohammadi K, Khorasanizadeh H
707 - 718 Experimental study on compound HCCI (homogenous charge compression ignition) combustion fueled with gasoline and diesel blends
Lu XC, Qian Y, Yang Z, Han D, Ji JB, Zhou XX, Huang Z
719 - 733 Optimal structural design of residential cogeneration systems in consideration of their operating restrictions
Wakui T, Yokoyama R
734 - 746 Optimization mathematical model for the detailed design of air cooled heat exchangers
Manassaldi JI, Scenna NJ, Mussati SF
747 - 757 G-Functions for multiple interacting pile heat exchangers
Loveridge F, Powrie W
758 - 770 Active power estimation of photovoltaic generators for distribution network planning based on correlation models
Ramon-Marin M, Sumper A, Villafafila-Robles R, Bergas-Jane J
771 - 778 Experimental investigation into gas/particle flow in a down-fired 350 MWe supercritical utility boiler at different over-fire air ratios
Liu CL, Li ZQ, Jing XJ, Xie YQ, Zhang QH, Zong QD
779 - 792 Multi-objective optimization for component capacity of the photovoltaic-based battery switch stations: Towards benefits of economy and environment
Liu NA, Chen Z, Liu J, Tang X, Xiao XN, Zhang JH
793 - 810 Cost and performance analysis of concentrating solar power systems with integrated latent thermal energy storage
Nithyanandam K, Pitchumani R
811 - 817 Electricity consumption-GDP nexus in Pakistan: A structural time series analysis
Javid M, Qayyum A
818 - 827 Experimental study of the drag reduction in turbulent pipe flow
Chemloul NS
828 - 841 Techno-economical analysis of stand-alone hybrid renewable power system for Ras Musherib in United Arab Emirates
Rohani G, Nour M
842 - 852 Experimental investigation in an optically accessible diesel engine of a fouled piezoelectric injector
Magno A, Mancaruso E, Vaglieco BM
853 - 867 The role of demand response in single and multi-objective wind-thermal generation scheduling: A stochastic programming
Falsafi H, Zakariazadeh A, Jadid S
868 - 874 Adaptive neuro-fuzzy maximal power extraction of wind turbine with continuously variable transmission
Petkovic D, Cojbasic Z, Nikolic V, Shamshirband S, Kiah MLM, Anuar NB, Wahab AWA
875 - 886 Internal and external HIDiCs (heat-integrated distillation columns) optimization by genetic algorithm
Shahandeh H, Ivakpour J, Kasiri N
887 - 899 A CFD (computational fluid dynamic) simulation for oil leakage from damaged submarine pipeline
Zhu HJ, Lin PZ, Pan Q
900 - 911 A study of the optimal operating conditions in the organic Rankine cycle using a turbo-expander for fluctuations of the available thermal energy
Cho SY, Cho CH, Ahn KY, Lee YD
912 - 922 A mathematical model for the optimal operation of the University of Genoa Smart Polygeneration Microgrid: Evaluation of technical, economic and environmental performance indicators
Bracco S, Delfino F, Pampararo F, Robba M, Rossi M
923 - 930 Performance optimum analysis of an irreversible molten carbonate fuel cell-Stirling heat engine hybrid system
Chen LW, Zhang HC, Gao SH, Yan HX
931 - 941 Automatically varying the composition of a mixed refrigerant solution for single mixed refrigerant LNG (liquefied natural gas) process at changing working conditions
Xu XW, Liu JP, Cao L, Pang WQ
942 - 952 Thermodynamic analysis of carbon dioxide blends with low GWP (global warming potential) working fluids-based transcritical Rankine cycles for low-grade heat energy recovery
Dai BM, Li MX, Ma YT
953 - 960 Enhanced sample entropy-based health management of Li-ion battery for electrified vehicles
Hu XS, Li SE, Jia ZZ, Egardt B
961 - 969 Thermal analysis and modeling of surface heat exchangers operating in the transonic regime
Sousa J, Villafane L, Paniagua G
970 - 978 Optimization of rhombic drive mechanism used in beta-type Stirling engine based on dimensionless analysis
Cheng CH, Yang HS
979 - 990 Entropy generation of nanofluid flow with streamwise conduction in microchannels
Ting TW, Hung YM, Guo NQ
991 - 1001 Cooling energy efficiency and classroom air environment of a school building operated by the heat recovery air conditioning unit
Wang Y, Zhao FY, Kuckelkorn J, Liu D, Liu LQ, Pan XC
1002 - 1025 Biomass pyrolysis in a fixed-bed reactor: Effects of pyrolysis parameters on product yields and characterization of products
Aysu T, Kucuk MM
1026 - 1034 The changing trend and influencing factors of energy efficiency: The case of nine countries
Cui Q, Kuang HB, Wu CY, Li Y
1035 - 1043 On in situ hydrogen sulfide evolution and catalytic scavenging in steam-based oil sands recovery processes
Kapadia PR, Wang J, Gates ID
1044 - 1056 Energy propagation in plasma arc welding with keyhole tracking
Li Y, Feng YH, Zhang XX, Wu CS
1057 - 1070 Numerical and experimental study of a heat recovery steam generator during start-up procedure
Alobaid F, Karner K, Belz J, Epple B, Kim HG
1071 - 1079 Electricity-generation mix considering energy security and carbon emission mitigation: Case of Korea and Mongolia
Ryu H, Dorjragchaa S, Kim Y, Kim K
1080 - 1091 The influence of an estimated energy saving due to natural ventilation on the Mexican energy system
Oropeza-Perez I, Ostergaard PA
1092 - 1101 Thermodynamic assessment of active cooling/heating methods for lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles in extreme conditions
Zhang XW, Kong X, Li GJ, Li J
1102 - 1116 Air source heat pump water heater: Dynamic modeling, optimal energy management and mini-tubes condensers
Ibrahim O, Fardoun F, Younes R, Louahlia-Gualous H