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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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2 - 3 Special issue dedicated to "Cleaner Combustion 2011" conference
Alzueta MU, Braun-Unkhoff M, Glaude PA, Lendvay G, Serra LM
4 - 18 Progress in detailed kinetic modeling of the combustion of oxygenated components of biofuels
Tran LS, Sirjean B, Claude PA, Fournet R, Battin-Leclerc F
19 - 29 Validation and analysis of detailed kinetic models for ethylene combustion
Xu CQ, Konnov AA
30 - 36 Formation of PAH and soot during acetylene pyrolysis at different gas residence times and reaction temperatures
Sanchez NE, Callejas A, Millera A, Bilbao R, Alzueta MU
37 - 46 Gas and soot products formed in the pyrolysis of acetylene mixed with methanol, ethanol, isopropanol or n-butanol
Esarte C, Abian M, Millera A, Bilbao R, Alzueta MU
47 - 54 Crossed molecular beam studies of bimolecular reactions of relevance in combustion
Balucani N, Leonori F, Casavecchia P
55 - 63 Influence of water vapor addition on soot oxidation at high temperature
Arnal C, Alzueta MU, Millera A, Bilbao R
64 - 72 A canonical form of the complex reaction mechanism
Ratkiewicz A, Truong TN
73 - 84 Modeling of PAHs in low pressure sooting premixed methane flame
El Bakali A, Mercier X, Wartel M, Acevedo F, Burns I, Gasnot L, Pauwels JF, Desgroux P
85 - 93 Determination of rate parameters of cyclohexane and 1-hexene decomposition reactions
Zsely IG, Varga T, Nagy T, Cserhati M, Turanyi T, Peukert S, Braun-Unkhoff M, Naumann C, Riedel U
94 - 102 Experimental and kinetic modeling study of tert-butanol combustion at low pressure
Cai JH, Zhang LD, Yang JZ, Li YY, Zhao L, Qi F
103 - 110 Experimental and computational study of methane mixtures pyrolysis in a flow reactor under atmospheric pressure
Keramiotis C, Vourliotakis G, Skevis G, Founti MA, Esarte C, Sanchez NE, Millera A, Bilbao R, Alzueta MU
111 - 123 An experimental and modeling study of burning velocities of possible future synthetic jet fuels
Kick T, Herbst J, Kathrotia T, Marquetand J, Braun-Unkhoff M, Naumann C, Riedel U
124 - 139 A wide range kinetic modeling study of pyrolysis and oxidation of methyl butanoate and methyl decanoate. Note I: Lumped kinetic model of methyl butanoate and small methyl esters
Grana R, Frassoldati A, Cuoci A, Faravelli T, Ranzi E
140 - 145 Measurements of flat-flame velocities of diethyl ether in air
Gillespie F, Metcalfe WK, Dirrenberger P, Herbinet O, Glaude PA, Battin-Leclerc F, Curran HJ
146 - 160 A comprehensive study of methyl decanoate pyrolysis
Pyl SP, Van Geem KM, Puimege P, Sabbe MK, Reyniers MF, Marin GB
161 - 171 JTHERGAS: Thermodynamic estimation from 2D graphical representations of molecules
Blurock ES, Warth V, Grandmougin X, Bounaceur R, Glaude PA, Battin-Leclerc F
174 - 191 Sustainable energy development: The present (2011) situation and possible paths to the future
Lior N
192 - 200 The economic crisis and sustainable development: The design of job creation strategies by use of concrete institutional economics
Lund H, Hvelplund F
201 - 213 Heat transfer modelling in honeycomb wall-flow diesel particulate filters
Galindo J, Serrano JR, Piqueras P, Garcia-Afonso O
214 - 224 Characteristics of performance and emissions in high-speed direct injection diesel engine fueled with diethyl ether/diesel fuel blends
Rakopoulos DC, Rakopoulos CD, Giakoumis EG, Dimaratos AM
225 - 236 Effects of variable renewable power on a country-scale electricity system: High penetration of hydro power plants and wind farms in electricity generation
Purvins A, Papaioannou IT, Oleinikova I, Tzimas E
237 - 245 Aquasar: A hot water cooled data center with direct energy reuse
Zimmermann S, Meijer I, Tiwari MK, Paredes S, Michel B, Poulikakos D
246 - 252 Improving second generation ethanol production through optimization of first generation production process from sugarcane
Dias MOS, Junqueira TL, Jesus CDF, Rossell CEV, Maciel R, Bonomi A
253 - 260 Crude oil conservation policy hypothesis in OECD (organisation for economic cooperation and development) countries: A multivariate panel Granger causality test
Behmiri NB, Manso JRP
261 - 272 Industrial energy usage in Australia and the potential for implementation of solar thermal heat and power
Beath AC
273 - 282 Improving biodegradability and biogas production of wheat straw substrates using sodium hydroxide and hydrothermal pretreatments
Chandra R, Takeuchi H, Hasegawa T, Kumar R
283 - 292 Energy supply and use in a rural West African village
Johnson NG, Bryden KM
293 - 300 Energy productivity and efficiency of the'gher' (prawn-fish-rice) farming system in Bangladesh
Rahman S, Barmon BK
301 - 305 Pyrolysis of the lignocellulose fermentation residue by fixed-bed micro reactor
Wang Z, Lin WG, Song WL, Wu XX
306 - 314 Environmental sustainability assessment of palm biodiesel production in Thailand
Silalertruksa T, Gheewala SH
315 - 328 Fuel and diluent effects on entropy generation in a constant internal energy-volume (uv) combustion process
Knizley AA, Srinivasan KK, Krishnan SR, Ciatti SA
329 - 333 Gasification of biomass micron fuel with oxygen-enriched air: Thermogravimetric analysis and gasification in a cyclone furnace
Cheng G, He PW, Xiao B, Hu ZQ, Liu SM, Zhang LG, Cai L
334 - 343 A system dynamics analysis of energy consumption and corrective policies in Iranian iron and steel industry
Ansari N, Seifi A
344 - 354 Evaluation indicators for energy-chemical systems with multi-feed and multi-product
He C, Feng X
355 - 360 The application of entransy theory in optimization design of Isopropanol-Acetone-Hydrogen chemical heat pump
Guo JF, Huai XL
361 - 375 A novel Carnot-based cycle for ocean thermal energy conversion
Semmari H, Stitou D, Mauran S
376 - 384 Aspects of energy reduction by autogenous copper production in the copper smelting plant Bor
Najdenov I, Raic KT, Kokeza G
385 - 395 Performance analysis of a novel system combining a dual loop organic Rankine cycle (ORC) with a gasoline engine
Wang EH, Zhang HG, Zhao Y, Fan BY, Wu YT, Mu QH
396 - 401 Evaluation of marine biomass as a source of methane in batch tests: A lab-scale study
Gurung A, Van Ginkel SW, Kang WC, Qambrani NA, Oh SE
402 - 415 Transcritical or supercritical CO2 cycles using both low- and high-temperature heat sources
Kim YM, Kim CG, Favrat D
416 - 426 Performance and emission analysis of hydrogen fueled compression ignition engine with variable water injection timing
Adnan R, Masjuki HH, Mahlia TMI
427 - 437 Probabilistic energy and operation management of a microgrid containing wind/photovoltaic/fuel cell generation and energy storage devices based on point estimate method and self-adaptive gravitational search algorithm
Niknam T, Golestaneh F, Malekpour A
438 - 447 Integrating large shares of wind energy in macro-economical cost-effective way
Bove R, Bucher M, Ferretti F
448 - 468 Swedish biomass strategies to reduce CO2 emission and oil use in an EU context
Joelsson J, Gustavsson L
469 - 476 Energy and economic analysis of different seed corn harvesting systems in Iran
Pishgar-Komleh SH, Keyhani A, Mostofi-Sarkari MR, Jafari A
477 - 488 Thermoeconomics, cost benefit analysis, and a novel way of dealing with revenue generating dissipative units applied to candidate decentralised energy systems for Indian rural villages
Banerjee A, Tierney MJ, Thorpe RN
489 - 489 Solar linear Fresnel collector using molten nitrates as heat transfer fluid (vol 36, pg 1048, 2011)
Grena R, Tarquini P
490 - 490 Design and experimental study of ORC (organic Rankine cycle) and radial turbine using R245fa working fluid (vol 41, pg 514, 2012)
Kang SH