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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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2 - 2 SPECIAL SECTION: 23rd International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems, ECOS 2010 Introduction to ECOS 2010
Favrat D, Marechal F
3 - 9 Energetic and economic investigation of the operation management of an Organic Rankine Cycle cogeneration plant
Stoppato A
10 - 17 Prototype of a thermally driven heat pump based on integrated Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC)
Demierre J, Henchoz S, Favrat D
18 - 30 Transient simulation of polygeneration systems based on PEM fuel cells and solar heating and cooling technologies
Calise F, Ferruzzi G, Vanoli L
31 - 37 Optimal sizing of a solar thermal building installation using particle swarm optimization
Bornatico R, Pfeiffer M, Witzig A, Guzzella L
38 - 47 Thermoeconomic approach for the analysis of control system of energy plants
Verda V, Baccino G
48 - 55 Low exergy building systems implementation
Meggers F, Ritter V, Goffin P, Baetschmann M, Leibundgut H
56 - 64 Fuel cell-based cogeneration system covering data centers' energy needs
Guizzi GL, Manno M
65 - 74 Optimal sizing of residential SOFC cogeneration system for power interchange operation in housing complex from energy-saving viewpoint
Wakui T, Yokoyama R
75 - 82 The contribution of heat storage to the profitable operation of combined heat and power plants in liberalized electricity markets
Christidis A, Koch C, Pottel L, Tsatsaronis G
83 - 92 Closed and open thermochemical energy storage: Energy- and exergy-based comparisons
Abedin AH, Rosen MA
93 - 103 The impact of CHP (combined heat and power) planning restrictions on the efficiency of urban energy systems
Keirstead J, Samsatli N, Shah N, Weber C
104 - 112 A new thermal-hydraulic process for solar cooling
Martins M, Mauran S, Stitou D, Neveu P
113 - 120 Thermoeconomic optimization of a combined-cycle solar tower power plant
Spelling J, Favrat D, Martin A, Augsburger G
121 - 127 The thermodynamic properties of the upper continental crust: Exergy, Gibbs free energy and enthalpy
Valero A, Valero A, Vieillard P
128 - 137 The impact of demand side management strategies in the penetration of renewable electricity
Pina A, Silva C, Ferrao P
138 - 145 Exergy efficiency analysis of chemical and biochemical stages involved in liquid biofuels production processes
Velasquez-Arredondo HI, De Oliveira S, Benjumea P
146 - 152 Conventional and advanced exergetic analyses applied to a combined cycle power plant
Petrakopoulou F, Tsatsaronis G, Morosuk T, Carassai A
153 - 164 Energy efficiency in waste water treatments plants: Optimization of activated sludge process coupled with anaerobic digestion
Descoins N, Deleris S, Lestienne R, Trouve E, Marechal F
165 - 174 Methodological aspects in synthesis of combined sugar and ethanol production plant
Lazzaretto A, Morandin M, Toffolo A
175 - 183 Energetic optimization of wet air oxidation process using experimental design coupled with process simulation
Lefevre S, Ferrasse JH, Faucherand R, Viand A, Boutin O
184 - 191 CO2 fixation using magnesium silicate minerals part 1: Process description and performance
Fagerlund J, Nduagu E, Romao I, Zevenhoven R
192 - 202 Sustainability and reliability assessment of microgrids in a regional electricity market
Lo Prete C, Hobbs BF, Norman CS, Cano-Andrade S, Fuentes A, von Spakovsky MR, Mili L
203 - 211 CO2 fixation using magnesium silicate minerals. Part 2: Energy efficiency and integration with iron-and steelmaking
Romao I, Nduagu E, Fagerlund J, Gando-Ferreira LM, Zevenhoven R
212 - 219 Dispersion of pollutants, environmental externalities due to a pulverized coal power plant and their effect on the cost of electricity
Czarnowska L, Frangopoulos CA
220 - 227 Decomposition analysis of energy-related carbon emissions from UK manufacturing
Hammond GP, Norman JB
228 - 235 Using multi-objective optimisation in the design of CO2 capture systems for retrofit to coal power stations
Harkin T, Hoadley A, Hooper B
236 - 243 On the nature of the heat transfer feasibility constraint in the optimal synthesis/design of complex energy systems
Toffolo A, Lazzaretto A, von Spakovsky MR
244 - 251 Prediction of oxy-coal combustion through an optimized weighted sum of gray gases model
Kangwanpongpan T, da Silva RC, Krautz HJ
252 - 260 Experimental analysis on a spark ignition petrol engine fuelled with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)
Masi M
261 - 270 Experimental investigation of a solid/gas thermochemical storage process for solar air-conditioning
Stitou D, Mazet N, Mauran S
271 - 277 Comparison of direct and indirect PV power output using filters, lens, and fiber transport
Firat C, Beyene A
280 - 297 Value-added carbon management technologies for low CO2 intensive carbon-based energy vectors
Budzianowski WM
298 - 312 The current state of offshore wind energy technology development
Sun XJ, Huang DG, Wu GQ
313 - 325 Decomposition and statistical analysis for regional electricity demand forecasting
Wang CH, Grozev G, Seo S
326 - 334 Prototype large-scale renewable energy system optimisation for Victoria, Australia
Huva R, Dargaville R, Caine S
335 - 343 Optimization design of recuperator in a chemical heat pump system based on entransy dissipation theory
Guo JF, Huai XL
344 - 353 Biodiesel production over thermal activated cerium modified Mg-Al hydrotalcites
Dias APS, Bernardo J, Felizardo P, Correia MJN
354 - 367 Analytic solution for heat transfer of wet fins on account of all nonlinearity effects
Kundu B, Lee KS
368 - 379 Economic and environmental evaluation of customers' flexibility participating in operation markets: Application to the meat industry
Alcazar-Ortega M, Alvarez-Bel C, Domijan A, Escriva-Escriva G
380 - 385 Calculation of higher and lower heating values and chemical exergy values of liquid products obtained from pyrolysis of hazelnut cupulae
Bilgen S, Keles S, Kaygusuz K
386 - 391 Empirical modelling of sediment erosion in Francis turbines
Thapa BS, Thapa B, Dahlhaug OG
392 - 400 Numerical modelling and experimental measurements for a low-temperature district heating substation for instantaneous preparation of DHW with respect to service pipes
Brand M, Thorsen JE, Svendsen S
401 - 407 Stratified lean combustion characteristics of a spray-guided combustion system in a gasoline direct injection engine
Park C, Kim S, Kim H, Moriyoshi Y
408 - 419 Process integration and optimization of a solid oxide fuel cell - Gas turbine hybrid cycle fueled with hydrothermally gasified waste biomass
Facchinetti E, Gassner M, D'Amelio M, Marechal F, Favrat D
420 - 428 Feasibility of accompanying uncontrolled linear heater with solar system in natural gas pressure drop stations
Farzaneh-Gord M, Arabkoohsar A, Dasht-Bayaz MD, Farzaneh-Kord V
429 - 435 Oxy-fuel combustion of coal and biomass blends
Riaza J, Gil MV, Alvarez L, Pevida C, Pis JJ, Rubiera F
436 - 442 Co-benefit of polycrystalline large-scale photovoltaic power in China
Zhang D, Tang SL, Lin B, Liu Z, Zhang XL, Zhang DW
443 - 453 A novel intensified heat integration in multicomponent distillation
Kiran B, Jana AK, Samanta AN
454 - 461 Updraft fixed bed gasification of mesquite and juniper wood samples
Chen W, Annamalai K, Ansley J, Mirik M
462 - 472 Optimal localisation of biofuel production on a European scale
Wetterlund E, Leduc S, Dotzauer E, Kindermann G
473 - 482 Characterizing and modeling of an 88 MW grate-fired boiler burning wheat straw: Experience and lessons
Yin CG, Rosendahl L, Clausen S, Hvid SL
483 - 490 A GIS-based model to calculate the potential for transforming conventional hydropower schemes and non-hydro reservoirs to pumped hydropower schemes
Fitzgerald N, Arantegui RL, McKeogh E, Leahy P
491 - 498 Numerical simulation and exergetic performance assessment of charging process in encapsulated ice thermal energy storage system
MacPhee D, Dincer I, Beyene A
499 - 507 The importance of flexible power plant operation for Jiangsu's wind integration
Hong LX, Lund H, Moller B
508 - 513 Specific energy consumption of dynamic random access memory module supply chain in Taiwan
Chang CK, Hu SC, Liu VC, Chan DYL, Huang CY, Weng LC
514 - 524 Design and experimental study of ORC (organic Rankine cycle) and radial turbine using R245fa working fluid
Kang SH
525 - 540 Sensitivity of district heating system operation to heat demand reductions and electricity price variations: A Swedish example
Aberg M, Widen J, Henning D
541 - 548 Designing time-of-use program based on stochastic security constrained unit commitment considering reliability index
Nikzad M, Mozafari B, Bashirvand M, Solaymani S, Ranjbar AM
549 - 559 A simulation and optimisation study: Towards a decentralised microgrid, using real world fluctuation data
Quiggin D, Cornell S, Tierney M, Buswell R
562 - 562 "Long-term performance of large borehole heat exchanger fields with unbalanced seasonal loads and groundwater flow" (vol 38, pg 66, 2012)
Zanchini E, Lazzari S, Priarone A