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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1867 - 1873 Integration of solar thermal for improved energy efficiency in low-temperature-pinch industrial processes
Atkins MJ, Walmsley MRW, Morrison AS
1874 - 1883 A numerical investigation of a diffusion-absorption refrigeration cycle based on R124-DMAC mixture for solar cooling
Ben Ezzine N, Garma R, Bellagi A
1884 - 1897 Hybrid membrane/cryogenic separation of oxygen from air for use in the oxy-fuel process
Burdyny T, Struchtrup H
1898 - 1907 Influence of the rated power in the performance of different proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells
San Martin JI, Zamora I, San Martin JJ, Aperribay V, Torres E, Eguia P
1908 - 1915 A probabilistic risk-based approach for spinning reserve provision using day-ahead demand response program
Shayesteh E, Yousefi A, Moghaddam MP
1916 - 1926 Quick-E-scan: A methodology for the energy scan of SMEs
Cagno E, Trucco P, Trianni A, Sala G
1927 - 1935 Experimental study on liquid/solid phase change for cold energy storage of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) refrigerated vehicle
Tan HB, Li YZ, Tuo HF, Zhou M, Tian BC
1936 - 1945 Second-law performance of heat exchangers for waste heat recovery
San JY
1946 - 1953 Generation of typical meteorological year for different climates of China
Jiang YN
1954 - 1963 Optimal the tilt angles for photovoltaic modules using PSO method with nonlinear time-varying evolution
Chang YP
1964 - 1972 Offshore and inshore wave energy assessment: Asturias (N Spain)
Iglesias G, Carballo R
1973 - 1980 From potential forecast to foresight of Turkey's renewable energy with Delphi approach
Celiktas MS, Kocar G
1981 - 1996 Thermoeconomic optimization of a hybrid pressurized water reactor (PWR) power plant coupled to a multi effect distillation desalination system with thermo-vapor compressor (MED-TVC)
Ansari K, Sayyaadi H, Amidpour M
1997 - 2005 Reheat optimization of the variable-air-volume box
Kusiak A, Li MY
2006 - 2012 Performance evaluation and modeling of a hybrid cooling system combining a screw water chiller with a ground source heat pump in a building
Jeon J, Lee S, Hong D, Kim Y
2013 - 2021 An oil demand and supply model incorporating monetary policy
Askari H, Krichene N
2022 - 2032 Numerical heat transfer analysis of the packed bed latent heat storage system based on an effective packed bed model
Xia L, Zhang P, Wang RZ
2033 - 2042 Short term decisions for long term problems - The effect of foresight on model based energy systems analysis
Keppo I, Strubegger M
2043 - 2048 Saving energy and reducing pollution by use of emulsified palm-biodiesel blends with bio-solution additive
Chen KS, Lin YC, Hsieh LT, Lin LF, Wu CC
2049 - 2058 Cold recovery during regasification of LNG part one: Cold utilization far from the regasification facility
La Rocca V
2059 - 2069 Theoretical efficiency limits for energy conversion devices
Cullen JM, Allwood JM
2070 - 2078 Energy demand for rural household heating to suitable levels in the Loess Hilly Region, Gansu Province, China
Niu SW, Li YX, Ding YX, Qin J
2079 - 2087 Hybrid Fuel Impact Reconciliation Method: An integral tool for thermoeconomic diagnosis
Ibarra JJP, Hernandez VHR, Aguilar AZ, Valero A
2088 - 2098 Structural analysis of electricity consumption by productive sectors. The Spanish case
Alcantara V, del Rio P, Hernandez F
2099 - 2108 Numerical model and investigations of the externally heated valve Joule engine
Wojewoda J, Kazimierski Z
2109 - 2118 Energy assessment of peri-urban horticulture and its uncertainty: Case study for Bogota, Colombia
Bojaca CR, Schrevens E
2119 - 2129 Wind power smoothing using fuzzy logic pitch controller and energy capacitor system for improvement Micro-Grid performance in islanding mode
Kamel RM, Chaouachi A, Nagasaka K
2130 - 2133 An energy-saving opportunity in producing lubricating oil using mixed-solvent in simulated Rotary Disc Contacting (RDC) extraction tower
Hatamipour MS, Hoseini SMF, Tavakkoli T, Mehrkesh AH
2134 - 2140 Numerical study of assembly pressure effect on the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Taymaz I, Benli M
2141 - 2148 PDA research on a novel pulverized coal combustion technology for a large utility boiler
Fan WD, Li YY, Lin ZC, Zhang MC
2149 - 2159 A one-dimensional, two-phase model for direct methanol fuel cells -Part I: Model development and parametric study
Ko J, Chippar P, Ju H
2160 - 2163 Heat induced voltage generation in electrochemical cell containing zinc oxide nanoparticles
Mondal A, Basu R, Das S, Nandy P
2164 - 2173 Modelling the existing Irish energy-system to identify future energy costs and the maximum wind penetration feasible
Connolly D, Lund H, Mathiesen BV, Leahy M
2174 - 2178 Energy loss in electrochemical diaphragm process of chlorine and alkali industry - A collateral effect of the undesirable generation of chlorate
Lima PR, Mirapalheta A, Andrade MHD, Vilar EO, Zanta CLDES, Tonholo J
2179 - 2183 Preparation and characterization of flame retardant form-stable phase change materials composed by EPDM, paraffin and nano magnesium hydroxide
Song GL, Ma SD, Tang GY, Yin ZS, Wang XW
2184 - 2193 Combined production of hydrogen and power from heavy oil gasification: Pinch analysis, thermodynamic and economic evaluations
Domenichini R, Gallio M, Lazzaretto A
2194 - 2202 Regulation strategies of cogeneration of heat and power (CHP) plants and electricity transit in Denmark
Ostergaard PA
2203 - 2209 Thermodynamic analysis of a tri-generation system based on micro-gas turbine with a steam ejector refrigeration system
Ameri M, Behbahaninia A, Tanha AA
2210 - 2222 Integrated design and evaluation of biomass energy system taking into consideration demand side characteristics
Ren HB, Zhou WS, Nakagami K, Gao WJ
2223 - 2234 Thermodynamic and carbon analyses of micro-generators for UK households
Allen SR, Hammond GP
2235 - 2241 High-pressure hydrogen storage on microporous zeolites with varying pore properties
Chung KH
2242 - 2250 Cost benefits analysis and emission reductions of optimum thickness and air gaps for selected insulation materials for building walls in Maldives
Mahlia TMI, Iqbal A
2251 - 2260 Methodology to estimate the threshold in-cylinder temperature for self-ignition of fuel during cold start of Diesel engines
Broatch A, Ruiz S, Margot X, Gil A
2261 - 2269 An assessment of fossil fuel energy use and CO2 emissions from farm field operations using a regional level crop and land use database for Canada
Dyer JA, Kulshreshtha SN, McConkey BG, Desjardins RL
2270 - 2280 An inexact two-stage stochastic energy systems planning model for managing greenhouse gas emission at a municipal level
Lin QG, Huang GH
2281 - 2294 Life cycle assessment of geothermal binary power plants using enhanced low-temperature reservoirs
Frick S, Kaltschmitt M, Schroder G
2295 - 2300 Magnetic field effects on selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3 over Fe2O3 catalyst in a magnetically fluidized bed
Yao GH, Wang F, Wang XB, Gui KT
2301 - 2308 A global transient, one-dimensional, two-phase model for direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs) - Part II: Analysis of the time-dependent thermal behavior of DMFCs
Chippar P, Ko J, Ju H
2309 - 2316 Constructing low emitting power systems through grid extension in Papua New Guinea (PNG) with rural electrification
Nagai Y, Yamamoto H, Yamaji K
2317 - 2322 Effect of low-temperature oxidation on the pyrolysis and combustion of whole oil
Murugan P, Mahinpey N, Mani T, Asghari K
2323 - 2332 Monitoring urban transport air pollution and energy demand in Rawalpindi and Islamabad using leap model
Shabbir R, Ahmad SS
2333 - 2337 Synergistic effect of metal deactivator and antioxidant on oxidation stability of metal contaminated Jatropha biodiesel
Sarin A, Arora R, Singh NP, Sarin R, Malhotra RK, Sharma M, Khan AA
2338 - 2347 Technoeconomic analysis of a methanol plant based on gasification of biomass and electrolysis of water
Clausen LR, Houbak N, Elmegaard B