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4508 - 4509 The 3rd international conference on sustainable energy and environmental protection SEEP 2009-Guest Editor's Introduction
Olabi AG
4510 - 4513 Electric buses - An energy efficient urban transportation means
Kuhne R
4514 - 4521 Can EV (electric vehicles) address Ireland's CO2 emissions from transport?
Smith WJ
4522 - 4530 A strategic review of electricity systems models
Foley AM, Gallachoir BPO, Hur J, Baldick R, McKeogh EJ
4531 - 4535 Biogas quality upgrade by simultaneous removal of CO2 and H2S in a packed column reactor
Tippayawong N, Thanompongchart P
4536 - 4544 Wind/hydrogen hybrid systems: Opportunity for Ireland's wind resource to provide consistent sustainable energy supply
Carton JG, Olabi AG
4545 - 4555 Computer simulation of a biomass gasification-solid oxide fuel cell power system using Aspen Plus
Doherty W, Reynolds A, Kennedy D
4556 - 4561 Effect of thermal, chemical and thermo-chemical pre-treatments to enhance methane production
Rafique R, Poulsen TG, Nizami AS, Asam ZU, Murphy JD, Kiely G
4562 - 4571 Combining the nuclear power plant steam cycle with gas turbines
Darwish MA, Al Awadhi FM, Bin Amer AO
4572 - 4581 Remarkable improvement of NOx-PM trade-off in a diesel engine by means of bioethanol and EGR
Ishida M, Yamamoto S, Ueki H, Sakaguchi D
4582 - 4586 Carbon dioxide neutral, integrated biofuel facility
Powell EE, Hill GA
4587 - 4591 Effects of CO2 gas as leaks from geological storage sites on agro-ecosystems
Patil RH, Colls JJ, Steven MD
4592 - 4599 Experimental investigation of wraparound loop heat pipe heat exchanger used in energy efficient air handling units
Jouhara H, Meskimmon R
4600 - 4606 Opportunities for the integration of absorption heat pumps in the pulp and paper process
Bakhtiari B, Fradette L, Legros R, Paris J
4607 - 4611 Preliminary observations of a continuous flow solar disinfection system for a rural community in Kenya
Gill LW, Price C
4622 - 4626 Preparation and characterization of stearic acid/expanded graphite composites as thermal energy storage materials
Fang GY, Li H, Chen Z, Liu X
4627 - 4644 An interval fixed-mix stochastic programming method for greenhouse gas mitigation in energy systems under uncertainty
Xie YL, Li YP, Huang GH, Li YF
4645 - 4648 Natural and synthetic antioxidants: Influence on the oxidative stability of biodiesel synthesized from non-edible oil
Sarin A, Singh NP, Sarin R, Malhotra RK
4649 - 4657 Analysis of power and cooling cogeneration using ammonia-water mixture
Padilla RV, Demirkaya G, Goswami DY, Stefanakos E, Rahman MM
4658 - 4662 Micro-/nanoscaled irreversible Otto engine cycle with friction loss and boundary effects and its performance characteristics
Nie WJ, Liao QH, Zhang CQ, He JZ
4663 - 4670 CO2 emissions and reduction potential in China's chemical industry
Zhu B, Zhou WJ, Hu SY, Li QA, Griffy-Brown C, Jin Y
4671 - 4678 Potential for reducing GHG emissions and energy consumption from implementing the aluminum intensive vehicle fleet in China
Du JD, Han WJ, Peng YH, Cu CC
4679 - 4684 Thermodynamic analysis of fluidized bed drying of carrot cubes
Nazghelichi T, Kianmehr MH, Aghbashlo M
4685 - 4690 Energy efficiency optimization in distribution transformers considering Spanish distribution regulation policy
Pezzini P, Gomis-Bellmunt O, Frau-Valenti J, Sudria-Andreu A
4691 - 4699 Plant characteristics of an integrated solid oxide fuel cell cycle and a steam cycle
Rokni M
4700 - 4709 Wind energy estimation of the Wol-Ryong coastal region
Lim HC, Jeong TY
4710 - 4725 Cylinder pressure, performance parameters, heat release, specific heats ratio and duration of combustion for spark ignition engine
Shehata MS
4726 - 4730 Assessment of a modified method for determining the cooling load of residential buildings
Fouda A, Melikyan Z
4731 - 4739 Exergy analysis of two cryogenic air separation processes
van der Ham LV, Kjelstrup S
4740 - 4747 Thermal performance evaluation of a four pan jaggery processing furnace for improvement in energy utilization
Sardeshpande VR, Shendage DJ, Pillai IR
4748 - 4753 Optimization of an industrial retrofitted heat exchanger network, using a stage-wise model
Kralj AK
4754 - 4760 Effects of hydrogen addition and cylinder cutoff on combustion and emissions performance of a spark-ignited gasoline engine under a low operating condition
Wang SF, Ji CW, Zhang B
4761 - 4770 Multiobjective fuzzy dominance based bacterial foraging algorithm to solve economic emission dispatch problem
Panigrahi BK, Pandi VR, Das S, Das S
4771 - 4779 Exploring the impact of technology development and adoption for sustainable hydroelectric power and storage technologies in the Pacific Northwest United States
Cowan K, Daim T, Anderson T
4780 - 4785 An end-use energy analysis in a Malaysian public hospital
Saidur R, Hasanuzzaman M, Yogeswaran S, Mohammed HA, Hossain MS
4786 - 4794 Effects of porosity gradient in gas diffusion layers on performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Huang YX, Cheng CH, Wang XD, Jang JY
4795 - 4801 Modeling of solar radiation using remote sensing and artificial neural network in Turkey
Senkal O
4802 - 4811 Feasibility of monitoring large wind turbines using photogrammetry
Ozbek M, Rixen DJ, Erne O, Sanow G
4812 - 4818 Modeling and simulating the transcritical CO2 heat pump system
Yang JL, Ma YT, Li MX, Hua J
4819 - 4823 A compact and accurate empirical model for turbine mass flow characteristics
Fang XD, Dai QM, Yin YX, Xu Y
4824 - 4830 An analysis of power generation from municipal solid waste (MSW) incineration plants in Taiwan
Tsai WT, Kuo KC
4831 - 4842 Technoeconomic analysis of a low CO2 emission dimethyl ether (DME) plant based on gasification of torrefied biomass
Clausen LR, Elmegaard B, Houbak N
4843 - 4861 Power loss reduction in radial distribution system with multiple distributed energy resources through efficient islanding detection
Choudhry MA, Khan H
4862 - 4869 Quantifying the decrease of the photovoltaic panels' energy yield due to phenomena of natural air pollution disposal
Kaldellis JK, Kokala A
4870 - 4879 Prediction of wind speed time series using modified Taylor Kriging method
Liu HP, Shi J, Erdem E
4880 - 4891 City-level energy and CO2 reduction effect by introducing new residential water heaters
Shimoda Y, Okamura T, Yamaguchi Y, Yamaguchi Y, Taniguchi A, Morikawa T
4892 - 4901 A renewable energy scenario for Aalborg Municipality based on low-temperature geothermal heat, wind power and biomass
Ostergaard PA, Mathiesen BV, Moller B, Lund H
4902 - 4909 The future choice of technologies and co-benefits of CO2 emission reduction in Bangladesh power sector
Mondal MAH, Denich M, Vlek PLG
4910 - 4916 LCI (Life cycle inventory) analysis of fuels and electricity generation in Singapore
Tan RBH, Wijaya D, Khoo HH
4917 - 4931 An optimized SVPWM switching strategy for three-level NPC VSI and a novel switching strategy for three-level two-quadrant chopper to stabilize the voltage of capacitors
Reza APM, Ali MH
4932 - 4940 An investigation of the heat pump performance and ground temperature of a piled foundation heat exchanger system for a residential building
Wood CJ, Liu H, Riffat SB
4941 - 4948 Performance of a gas engine heat pump (GEHP) using R410A for heating and cooling applications
Elgendy E, Schmidt J, Khalil A, Fatouh M
4949 - 4954 Fatty acids composition as a means to estimate the high heating value (HHV) of vegetable oils and biodiesel fuels
Fassinou WF, Sako A, Fofana A, Koua KB, Toure S
4955 - 4965 Numerical modeling of aquifer thermal energy storage system
Kim J, Lee Y, Yoon WS, Jeon JS, Koo MH, Keehm Y
4966 - 4974 Long-term performance of BHE (borehole heat exchanger) fields with negligible groundwater movement
Lazzari S, Priarone A, Zanchini E
4975 - 4985 Design, analysis, and construction of a small scale self-excited induction generator for a wind energy application
Sawetsakulanond B, Kinnares V
4986 - 4995 Study of a solar PV-diesel-battery hybrid power system for a remotely located population near Rafha, Saudi Arabia
Rehman S, Al-Hadhrami LM
4996 - 5007 AGA (Asset Governance Assessment) for analyzing affect of subsidy on MC (Marginal Cost) in electricity distribution sector
Dashti R, Afsharnia S, Ghaderi F
5008 - 5012 Low voltage H2O electrolysis for enhanced hydrogen production
Mbah J, Weaver E, Srinivasan S, Krakow B, Wolan J, Goswami Y, Stefanakos E
5013 - 5021 Wave power for La Isla Bonita
Iglesias G, Carballo R
5022 - 5030 A multi-objective control strategy for grid connection of DG (distributed generation) resources
Pouresmaeil E, Montesinos-Miracle D, Gomis-Bellmunt O, Bergas-Jane J
5031 - 5036 Hybrid SOA-SQP algorithm for dynamic economic dispatch with valve-point effects
Sivasubramani S, Swarup KS
5037 - 5042 Studies on metal oxide nanoparticles catalyzed sodium aluminum hydride
Pukazhselvan D, Hudson MSL, Sinha ASK, Srivastava ON
5043 - 5048 Simple correlation for estimating the global solar radiation on horizontal surfaces in India
Katiyar AK, Pandey CK
5049 - 5062 Parametric optimization and performance analysis of a waste heat recovery system using Organic Rankine Cycle
Roy JP, Mishra MK, Misra A
5063 - 5069 Performance analysis of energy recovery in an Italian municipal solid waste landfill
Zappini G, Cocca P, Rossi D
5070 - 5081 Conventional and advanced CO2 based district energy systems
Weber C, Favrat D
5082 - 5092 A stochastic method for battery sizing with uninterruptible-power and demand shift capabilities in PV (photovoltaic) systems
Tan CW, Green TC, Hernandez-Aramburo CA
5093 - 5107 Analysis of distributed thermal management policy for energy-efficient processing of materials by natural convection
Kaluri RS, Basak T
5108 - 5114 A new process of desalination by air passing through seawater based on humidification-dehumidification process
El-Agouz SA
5115 - 5120 Economic growth, CO2 emissions, and fossil fuels consumption in Iran
Lotfalipour MR, Falahi MA, Ashena M
5121 - 5131 Optimum generation capacities of micro combined heat and power systems in apartment complexes with varying numbers of apartment units
Kim J, Cho W, Lee KS
5132 - 5142 Systems interactions analysis for the energy efficiency improvement of a Kraft process
Mateos-Espejel E, Savulescu L, Marechal F, Paris J
5143 - 5150 An experimental investigation of bubble nucleation of a refrigerant in pressurized boiling flows
Murshed SMS, Vereen K, Strayer D, Kumar R
5151 - 5160 SLA (Second-law analysis) of transient radiative transfer processes
Makhanlall D, Liu LH, Zhang HC
5161 - 5172 Exergoenvironmental analysis and optimization of a cogeneration plant system using Multimodal Genetic Algorithm (MGA)
Ahmadi P, Dincer I
5173 - 5184 Investigating the emissions during acceleration of a turbocharged diesel engine operating with bio-diesel or n-butanol diesel fuel blends
Rakopoulos CD, Dimaratos AM, Giakoumis EG, Rakopoulos DC
5185 - 5191 A quantitative model of regulator's preference factor (RPF) in electricity-environment coordinated regulation system
Ren YL, Fu SJ
5192 - 5201 Dehumidification and humidification process of desiccant solution by air injection
Kabeel AE
5202 - 5208 Debottlenecking procedure of effluent thermal treatment system
Panjeshahi MH, Gharaie M, Ataei A
5209 - 5216 Investigation of water and CO2 (carbon dioxide) flooding using micro-CT (micro-computed tomography) images of Berea sandstone core using finite element simulations
Gunde AC, Bera B, Mitra SK
5217 - 5222 Adequacy evaluation of wind power generation systems
Mabel MC, Raj RE, Fernandez E
5223 - 5229 Application of PSO (particle swarm optimization) and GA (genetic algorithm) techniques on demand estimation of oil in Iran
Assareh E, Behrang MA, Assari MR, Ghanbarzadeh A
5230 - 5240 Which is the best solar thermal collection technology for electricity generation in north-west India? Evaluation of options using the analytical hierarchy process
Nixon JD, Dey PK, Davies PA
5241 - 5249 Effect of gas-diffusion electrode material heterogeneity on the structural integrity of polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Poornesh KK, Cho C, Kim DY, Tak Y
5250 - 5259 Influence of FeCl3 and lime added to sludge on sludge-coal pyrolysis
Folgueras MB, Diaz RM
5260 - 5268 Synthesis and characterization of anhydrous proton conducting inorganic-organic composite membranes for medium temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs)
Lakshminarayana G, Nogami M, Kityk IV
5269 - 5276 Rebound effect in Chinese household energy efficiency and solution for mitigating it
Ouyang JL, Long ES, Hokao K
5277 - 5285 Exergy analysis of a solar assisted absorption cooling system on an hourly basis in villa applications
Onan C, Ozkan DB, Erdem S
5286 - 5293 Design and analysis of fuel ethanol production from raw glycerol
Posada JA, Cardona CA
5294 - 5299 The parametric optimum analysis of a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell and its load matching
Zhang XQ, Guo JC, Chen JC
5300 - 5308 Multi-objective optimization of batteries and hydrogen storage technologies for remote photovoltaic systems
Avril S, Arnaud G, Florentin A, Vinard M
5309 - 5319 Optimal design of distillation column using three dimensional exergy analysis curves
Khoa TD, Shuhaimi M, Hashim H, Panjeshahi MH
5320 - 5327 Prospect of the upper limit of the energy demand in China from regional aspects
Ito T, Chen YQ, Ito S, Yamaguchi K
5328 - 5335 Hydraulic/electric synergy system (HESS) design for heavy hybrid vehicles
Sun H, Yang LF, Jing JQ
5336 - 5346 Energy and exergy analyses of malt drink production in Nigeria
Fadare DA, Nkpubre DO, Oni AO, Falana A, Waheed MA, Bamiro OA
5347 - 5353 Structural characterization of Nigerian coals by X-ray diffraction, Raman and FTIR spectroscopy
Sonibare OO, Haeger T, Foley SF
5354 - 5356 Energy price uncertainty and the manufacturing sector
Alghalith M
5357 - 5364 Local heat transfer and thermal performance on periodically dimple-protrusion patterned walls for compact heat exchangers
Hwang SD, Kwon HG, Cho HH
5365 - 5373 Exergetic optimization of single level combined gas-steam power plants considering different objective functions
Bracco S, Siri S
5374 - 5379 Entropy generation analysis for fully developed laminar convection in hexagonal duct subjected to constant heat flux
Jarungthammachote S
5380 - 5384 Thermoelectric device and optimum external load parameter and slenderness ratio
Yilbas BS, Sahin AZ
5385 - 5390 Fabrication and evaluation of the thin NiFe supported solid oxide fuel cell by co-firing method
Kim KH, Park YM, Kim H
5391 - 5399 Operating pressure dependence of the pressurized oxy-fuel combustion power cycle
Hong J, Field R, Gazzino M, Ghoniem AF
5400 - 5405 Determination of fuel consumption and indirect factors affecting it in wheat production in Canterbury, New Zealand
Safa M, Samarasinghe S, Mohssen M
5406 - 5411 Production and characterization of bio-oil from hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae Dunaliella tertiolecta cake
Zou SP, Wu YL, Yang MD, Kaleem I, Chun L, Tong JM
5412 - 5420 On the relationship between energy consumption, CO2 emissions and economic growth in Europe
Acaravci A, Ozturk I
5421 - 5429 Direct liquefaction of paulownia in hot compressed water: Influence of catalysts
Sun PQ, Heng MX, Sun SH, Chen JW
5430 - 5442 Analysis of multi-pollutant policies for the US power sector under technology and policy uncertainty using MARKAL
Hu MC, Hobbs BF
5443 - 5454 Evaluation of wind power planning in Denmark - Towards an integrated perspective
Sperling K, Hvelplund F, Mathiesen BV
5455 - 5463 Effects of foreign disasters on the petroleum industry in Japan: A financial market perspective
Hanabusa K
5464 - 5471 Comparison of energy of irrigation regimes in sugar beet production in a semi-arid region
Topak R, Suheri S, Acar B
5472 - 5482 Fault detection and diagnosis of an industrial steam turbine using fusion of SVM (support vector machine) and ANFIS (adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system) classifiers
Salahshoor K, Kordestani M, Khoshro MS
5483 - 5496 A multi-objective decision model for the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings
Diakaki C, Grigoroudis E, Kabelis N, Kolokotsa D, Kalaitzakis K, Stavrakakis G
5497 - 5502 Energy performance and consumption for biogas heat pump air conditioner
Xu ZJ, Wu HZ, Wu ML
5503 - 5505 Viktor Mikhailovich Brodyansky, 16 March 1919-19 March 2009 Obituary
Rivero R, Santos JM, Sorin M
5506 - 5506 Verifying the spin of centrifuges (vol 35, pg 3123, 2010)
Delbeke JFA, Eklund G, van Esch BPM, Janssens-Maenhout G, Janssens W
5507 - 5507 Impact Analysis of Carbon Tax on the Renewal Planning of Energy Supply System for an Office Building (vol 35, pg 1040, 2010)
Amano Y, Ito K, Yoshida S, Matsuo K, Hashizume T, Favrat D, Marechal F