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Influence of herbaceous biomass ash pre-treated by alkali metal leaching on the agglomeration/sintering and corrosion behaviors
Namkung H, Lee YJ, Park JH, Song GS, Choi JW, Kim JG, Park SJ, Park JC, Kim HT, Choi YC
Reduction in PM and NOX of a diesel engine integrated with n-octanol fuel addition and exhaust gas recirculation
Pan MZ, Zheng ZY, Huang R, Zhou XR, Huang HZ, Pan JY, Chen ZH
Numerical simulation and experimental validation of a photovoltaic/thermal system based on a roll-bond aluminum collector
Pang W, Zhang Q, Cui YN, Zhang LR, Yu HW, Zhang XY, Zhang YZ, Yan H
Enhancing ecosystem services and energy use efficiency under organic and conventional nutrient management system to a sustainable arecanut based cropping system
Paramesh V, Arunachalam V, Nath AJ
High power output based on watch-strap-shaped body heat harvester using bulk thermoelectric materials
Park H, Eom Y, Lee D, Kim J, Kim H, Park G, Kim W
Physics-induced graph neural network: An application to wind-farm power estimation
Park J, Park J
Performance evaluation of the electrodialysis regenerator for the lithium bromide solution with high concentration in the liquid desiccant air-conditioning system
Pei W, Cheng Q, Jiao S, Liu L
Coyote optimization algorithm for parameters extraction of three-diode photovoltaic models of photovoltaic modules
Qais MH, Hasanien HM, Alghuwainem S, Nouh AS
A series of methods for investigating the effect of a flow improver on the asphaltene and resin of crude oil
Quan HP, Li PF, Duan WM, Chen L, Xing LM
A detailed experimental analysis of air steam gasification in a dual fired downdraft biomass gasifier enabling hydrogen enrichment in the producer gas
Ram NK, Singh NR, Raman P, Kumar A, Kaushal P
Optimum capacity of the inverters in concentrator photovoltaic power plants with emphasis on shading impact
Rodrigo PM, Talavera DL, Fernandez EF, Almonacid FM, Perez-Higueras PJ
Probability-Power Pinch Analysis targeting approach for diesel/biodiesel plant integration into hybrid power systems
Rozali NEM, Ho WS, Alwi SRW, Manan ZA, Klemes JJ, Cheong JS
Energy and cost efficiency of phase change materials integrated in building envelopes under Tunisia Mediterranean climate
Saafi K, Daouas N
ASPEN dynamics simulation for combined cycle power - plant Validation with hot start-up measurement
Sabia G, Heinze C, Alobaid F, Martelli E, Epple B
Photocatalytic hydrogen generation from raw water using zeolite/polyaniline@Ni2O3 nanocomposite as a novel photo-electrode
Sayed MA, Abukhadra MR, Salam MA, Yakout SM, Abdeltawab AA, Aziz IM
Optimal operation of electrical and thermal resources in microgrids with energy hubs considering uncertainties
Shams MH, Shahabi M, Kia M, Heidari A, Lotfi M, Shafie-Khah M, Catalao JPS
Efficiency and power upgrade at the aged lignite-fired power plant by flue gas waste heat utilization: High pressure versus low pressure economizer installation
Stevanovic VD, Petrovic MM, Wala T, Milivojevic S, Ilic M, Muszynski S
Does geopolitical risk strengthen or depress oil prices and financial liquidity? Evidence from Saudi Arabia
Su CW, Khan K, Tao R, Nicoleta-Claudia M
Optimization based higher order sliding mode controller for efficiency improvement of a wave energy converter
Suchithra R, Ezhilsabareesh K, Samad A
Production of gasoline-like-fuel and diesel-like-fuel from hard-resin of Yang (Dipterocarpus alatus) using a fast pyrolysis process
Suivay C, Sudajan S, Katekaew S, Senawong K, Laloon K
An annular thermoelectric couple analytical model by considering temperature-dependent material properties and Thomson effect
Sun YJ, Chen G, Duan B, Li GD, Zhai PC
Combustion and exergy analysis of multi-component diesel-DME-methanol blends in HCCI engine
Taghavifar H, Nemati A, Walther JH
Optimal synthesis of negative emissions polygeneration systems with desalination
Tan RR, Aviso KB, Foo DCY, Lee JY, Ubando AT
Enhanced low-velocity wind energy harvesting from transverse galloping with super capacitor
Tan T, Hu XY, Yan ZM, Zhang WM
Glyme-based electrolyte formulation analysis in aprotic lithium-oxygen battery and its cyclic stability
Tang M, Chang JC, Kumar SR, Lue SJ
Improved maintenance optimization of offshore wind systems considering effects of government subsidies, lost production and discounted cost model
Nguyen TAT, Chou SY
The use of a PCM heat accumulator to improve the efficiency of the district heating substation
Turski M, Nogaj K, Sekret R
Global estimations of wind energy potential considering seasonal air density changes
Ulazia A, Saenz J, Ibarra-Berastegi G, Gonzalez-Roji SJ, Carreno-Madinabeitia S
Multi-criteria feasibility assessment of cost-optimized alternatives to comply with heating demand of existing office buildings - A case study
Walker S, Katic K, Maassen W, Zeiler W
MILD combustion versus conventional bluff-body flame of a premixed CH4/air jet in hot coflow
Wang G, Si J, Xu M, Mi J
A novel combined system for LNG cold energy utilization to capture carbon dioxide in the flue gas from the magnesite processing industry
Wang X, Zhao L, Zhang LH, Zhang MH, Dong H
Life cycle cost-benefit analysis of refrigerant replacement based on experience from a supermarket project
Wang YB, Liu SC, Nian V, Li XQ, Yuan J
Effect of velocity non-uniformity of supply air on the mixing characteristics of push-pull ventilation systems
Wang Y, Quan MF, Zhou Y
A new optimization method of wind turbine airfoil performance based on Bessel equation and GABP artificial neural network
Wen H, Sang S, Qiu CH, Du XR, Zhu X, Shi Q
Impacts of hydrogen-addition on methanol-air laminar burning coupled with pressures variation effects
Xiao P, Lee CF, Wu H, Akram MZ, Liu FS
Multi-component energy modeling and optimization for sustainable dry gear hobbing
Xiao QG, Li CB, Tang Y, Pan J, Yu J, Chen XZ
Co-hydrothermal carbonization of digested sewage sludge and cow dung biogas residue: Investigation of the reaction characteristics
Xu ZX, Song H, Zhang S, Tong SQ, He ZX, Wang Q, Li B, Hu X
Applications of supercapacitor energy storage systems in microgrid with distributed generators via passive fractional-order sliding-mode control
Yang B, Wang JB, Sang YY, Yu L, Shu HC, Li SN, He TY, Yang L, Zhang XS, Yu T
Phi-T map analysis on RCCI engine fueled by methanol and biodiesel
Yang WM, Meng Y
Day-ahead stochastic coordinated scheduling for thermal-hydro-wind-photovoltaic systems
Yin Y, Liu TQ, He C
Predictive energy management strategy for connected 48V hybrid electric vehicles
Yuan JN, Yang L
Solar pyrolysis of heavy metal contaminated biomass for gas fuel production
Zeng K, Li R, Minh DP, Weiss-Hortala E, Nzihou A, He X, Flamant G
Design and optimization of novel dehumidification strategies based on modified nucleation model in three-dimensional cascade
Zhang GJ, Zhang XZ, Wang FF, Wang DB, Jin ZL, Zhou ZN
Theoretical analysis of exergy destruction and exergy flow in direct contact process between humid air and water/liquid desiccant solution
Zhang L, Song X, Zhang XS
Experimental study of combustion and emission characteristics of gasoline compression ignition (GCI) engines fueled by gasoline-hydrogenated catalytic biodiesel blends
Zhang YZ, Li ZL, Tamilselvan P, Jiang CX, He ZX, Zhong WJ, Qian Y, Wang Q, Lu XC
Effects of root Gurney flaps on the aerodynamic performance of a horizontal axis wind turbine
Zhang Y, Ramdoss V, Saleem Z, Wang XF, Schepers G, Ferreira C
The economic performance of industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaic in China
Zhao XG, Xie YM
Numerical investigations on performance of phase change material Trombe wall in building
Zhu N, Li SS, Hu PF, Lei F, Deng RJ
A state of charge estimation method for lithium-ion batteries based on fractional order adaptive extended kalman filter
Zhu Q, Xu MG, Liu WQ, Zheng MQ
The effect of CO on the transformation of arsenic species: A quantum chemistry study
Zou C, Wang CB, Anthony E
Hybrid algorithm for optimal operation of hybrid energy systems in electric ferries
Al-Falahi MDA, Jayasinghe SDG, Enshaei H
Design, dynamic analysis and control-based exergetic optimization for solar-driven Kalina power plant
Babaelahi M, Mofidipour E, Rafat E
SAPO-34 based zeolite coatings for adsorption heat pumps
Calabrese L, Bonaccorsi L, Bruzzaniti P, Proverbio E, Freni A
Experimental analysis of a small-scale scroll expander for low-temperature waste heat recovery in Organic Rankine Cycle
Campana C, Cioccolanti L, Renzi M, Caresana F
Effect of adjacent shading on the energy and environmental performance of photovoltaic glazing system in building application
Chan ALS
Electricity price prediction based on hybrid model of adam optimized LSTM neural network and wavelet transform
Chang ZH, Zhang Y, Chen WB
Airfoil parameterization evaluation based on a modified PARASEC method for a H-Darrious rotor
Chen J, Pan X, Wang CX, Hu GJ, Xu HT, Liu PW
Modeling and characterization of the mass transfer and thermal mechanics of the power lithium manganate battery under charging process
Chen JW, Jiaqiang E, Kang SY, Zhao XH, Zhu H, Deng YW, Peng QG, Zhang ZQ
Inflationary and distributional effects of fossil energy price fluctuation on the Chinese economy
Chen ZM, Chen PL, Ma ZM, Xu SY, Hayat T, Alsaedi A
The effects of the air-fuel ratio on a stationary diesel engine under dual-fuel conditions and multi-objective optimization
Cho J, Park S, Song S
Sodium receiver designs for integration with high temperature power cycles
Conroy T, Collins MN, Grimes R
A comparative energy and environmental analysis of a diesel, hybrid, hydrogen and electric urban bus
Correa G, Munoz PM, Rodriguez CR
Exergetic and exergoeconomic analyses of novel methanol synthesis processes driven by offshore renewable energies
Crivellari A, Cozzani V, Dincer I
Facile fabrication of nitrogen doped carbon from filter paper for CO2 adsorption
Cui HM, Xu JG, Shi JS, Yan NF, Liu YW
Security region of renewable energy integration: Characterization and flexibility
Dai W, Yang ZF, Yu J, Zhao K, Wen SY, Lin W, Li WY
Hydrodynamic performance of an offshore-stationary OWC device with a horizontal bottom plate: Experimental and numerical study
Deng ZZ, Wang C, Wang P, Higuera P, Wang RQ
Off-design performance of the supercritical carbon dioxide recompression Brayton cycle with NDDCT cooling for concentrating solar power
Duniam S, Veeraragavan A
Refrigerant charge fault detection method of air source heat pump system using convolutional neural network for energy saving
Eom YH, Yoo JW, Hong SB, Kim MS
Accelerated CO2 capture on adsorbent coated finned tube: An experimental study
Esmaeili F, Gholami M, Hojjat M
Preparation of low hydration heat cement slurry with micro- encapsulated thermal control material
Feng Q, Liu XJ, Peng ZG, Zheng Y, Huo JH, Liu H
An econometric evaluation of daylight saving time in Mexico
Flores D, Luna EM
Silica gel microfibres by electrospinning for adsorption chillers
Freni A, Calabrese L, Malara A, Frontera P, Bonaccorsi L
Day-ahead power forecasting in a large-scale photovoltaic plant based on weather classification using LSTM
Gao MM, Li JJ, Hong F, Long DT
Data-driven approach to prediction of residential energy consumption at urban scales in London
Gassar AAA, Yun GY, Kim S
Direction-adaptive energy harvesting with a guide wing under flow-induced oscillations
Gong Y, Shan XB, Luo XW, Pan J, Xie T, Yang ZB
Spatiotemporal investigation of energy network patterns of agglomeration economies in China: Province-level evidence
Hong JK, Gu JP, Liang X, Liu GW, Shen GQ, Tang MH
New intelligent control strategy by robust neural network algorithm for real time detection of an optimized maximum power tracking control in photovoltaic systems
Issaadi S, Issaadi W, Khireddine A
Multi-objective NSGA-II optimization of a compression ignition engine parameters using biodiesel fuel and exhaust gas recirculation
Jaliliantabar F, Ghobadian B, Najafi G, Mamat R, Carlucci AP
Exergetic, economic and carbon emission studies of bio-olefin production via indirect steam gasification process
Jiang P, Parvez AM, Meng Y, Xu MX, Shui TC, Sun CG, Wu T
Energy savings and greenhouse gas mitigation potential in the Swedish wood industry
Johnsson S, Andersson E, Thollander P, Karlsson M
Optimal sizing and adaptive energy management of a novel four-wheel-drive hybrid powertrain
Ju F, Zhuang WC, Wang LM, Zhang Z
Microwave-assisted pyrolysis of furfural residue in a continuously operated auger reactor: Characterization and analyses of condensates and non-condensable gases
Kang QH, Mao X, Siyal AA, Liu Y, Ran CM, Deng ZY, Fu J, Ao WY, Song YM, Dai JJ
Investigation of a small Horizontal-Axis wind turbine performance with and without winglet
Khaled M, Ibrahim MM, Hamed HEA, AbdelGwad AF
Energy, exergy and exergo-environment analyses, and tri-objective optimization of a solar still desalination with different insulations
Khanmohammadi S, Khanmohammadi S
Novel optimized operating strategies of two-phase injection heat pumps for achieving best performance with safe compression
Kim D, Myeong S, Cha D, Kim Y
Evaluation of aqueous polyamines as CO2 capture solvents
Kim J, Lee J, Lee Y, Kim H, Kim E, Lee KS
Techno-economic analysis of hybrid renewable energy system with solar district heating for net zero energy community
Kim MH, Kim D, Heo J, Lee DW
Pyrolysis characteristics of biomass torrefied in a quiescent mineral layer
Korshunov A, Kichatov B, Melnikova K, Gubernov V, Yakovenko I, Kiverin A, Golubkov A
The impacts of tidal energy development and sea-level rise in the Gulf of Maine
Kresning B, Hashemi MR, Neill SP, Green JAM, Xue HJ
Enhancement of maximum power output through reconfiguration techniques under non-uniform irradiance conditions
Krishna GS, Moger T
Stability implications of bulk power networks with large scale PVs
Kumar DS, Sharma A, Srinivasan D, Reindl T
Multi-scale analysis of drying thermally thick biomass for bioenergy applications
Kung KS, Ghoniem AF
Integration of liquid air energy storage into the spanish power grid
Legrand M, Rodriguez-Anton LM, Martinez-Arevalo C, Gutierrez-Martin F
Effects of microwave-assisted pyrolysis on the microstructure of bituminous coals
Li H, Shi SL, Lin BQ, Lu JX, Ye Q, Lu Y, Wang Z, Hong YD, Zhu XN
Synthesis and characterization of mixed alkanes microcapsules with phase change temperature below ice point for cryogenic thermal energy storage
Li SL, Dong BB, Wang JH, Li J, Shen TT, Peng H, Ling X
Performance analysis of a biomass gasification-based CCHP system integrated with variable-effect LiBr-H2O absorption cooling and desiccant dehumidification (vol 176, pg 961, 2019)
Li X, Kan X, Sun XY, Zhao Y, Ge TS, Dai YJ, Wang CH
Primary air ratio affects coal utilization mode and NOx emission in lignite pulverized boiler
Li ZX, Miao ZQ
Random forest forest solar power forecast based on classification optimization
Liu D, Sun K
Design and downhill speed control of an electric-hydrostatic hydraulic hybrid powertrain in battery-powered rail vehicles
Liu HL, Jiang Y, Li S
Towards accurate modeling of dynamic startup/shutdown and ramping processes of thermal units in unit commitment problems
Liu YK, Wu L, Li J
Data reconciliation and gross error detection in crude oil pre-heat trains undergoing shell-side and tube-side fouling deposition (vol 183, pg 368, 2019)
Loyola-Fuentes J, Smith R
The characteristics and mechanism of NO formation during pyridine oxidation in O-2/N-2 and O-2/CO2 atmospheres
Luo JH, Zou C, He YZ, Jing HX, Cheng SZ
Temporal and spatial characteristics of wave energy in the Persian Gulf based on the ERA5 reanalysis dataset
Mahmoodi K, Ghassemi H, Razminia A
Characterization of the flame front inversion of Ethanol-Air deflagrations inside A closed tube
Mendiburu AZ, Serra AM, Andrade JC, Silva LM, Santos JC, de Carvalho JA
Scale-resolving CFD modeling of a thick wind turbine airfoil with application of vortex generators: Validation and sensitivity analyses
Mereu R, Passoni S, Inzoli F