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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 3 Energy technologies and perspectives for human and environmental wellbeing
Ulgiati S, Casazza M, Kordas O, Vanoli L, Basosi R, Mauro A
4 - 15 Exploring the relationship between planning and procurement in western US electric utilities
Carvallo JP, Sanstad AH, Larsen PH
16 - 24 Human Body Micro-power plant
Smith E, Hosseini SE
25 - 34 Insights into pyrolysis and co-pyrolysis of tobacco stalk and scrap tire: Thermochemical behaviors, kinetics, and evolved gas analysis
Chen RJ, Lun LY, Cong KL, Li QH, Zhang YG
35 - 47 Numerical analysis on the segmented annular thermoelectric generator for waste heat recovery
Fan SF, Gao YW
48 - 60 Thermodynamic analysis of waste heat recovery using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for a two-stroke low speed marine Diesel engine in IMO Tier II and Tier III operation
Lion S, Taccani R, Vlaskos I, Scrocco P, Vouvakos X, Kaiktsis L
61 - 74 Electric vehicle charging strategy to support renewable energy sources in Europe 2050 low-carbon scenario
Colmenar-Santos A, Munoz-Gomez AM, Rosales-Asensio E, Lopez-Rey A
75 - 91 From bidding strategy in smart grid toward integrated bidding strategy in smart multi-energy systems, an adaptive robust solution approach
Aghamohamadi M, Mahmoudi A
92 - 105 Fork-shaped bluff body for enhancing the performance of galloping-based wind energy harvester
Liu FR, Zhang WM, Peng ZK, Meng G
106 - 115 Experimental research on charge determination and accumulator behavior in trans-critical CO2 mobile air-conditioning system
Wang DD, Zhang ZY, Yu BB, Wang XN, Shi JY, Chen JP
116 - 126 An investigation of biomass grindability
Tymoszuk M, Mroczek K, Kalisz S, Kubiczek H
127 - 141 Reducing steam transport pipe temperatures in power plants
Wales C, Tierney M, Pavier M, Flewitt PEJ
142 - 148 The use of energy in milk production; a case study from Konya province of Turkey
Oguz C, Yener A
149 - 159 Experimental study on the evaporation and micro-explosion characteristics of nanofuel droplet at dilute concentrations
Wang JG, Qiao XQ, Ju DH, Wang LT, Sun CH
160 - 171 Forecasting China's oil consumption: A comparison of novel nonlinear-dynamic grey model (GM), linear GM, nonlinear GM and metabolism GM
Wang Q, Song XX
172 - 184 Numerical assessment of MILD combustion enhancement through plasma actuator
Mardani A, Khanehzar A
185 - 190 Pumped thermal energy storage (PTES) as smart sector-coupling technology for heat and electricity
Steinmann WD, Bauer D, Jockenhofer H, Johnson M
191 - 204 Estimation of realistic renewable and non-renewable energy use targets for livestock production systems utilising an artificial neural network method: A step towards livestock sustainability
Elahi E, Cui WJ, Jha SK, Zhang HM
205 - 219 Energy and reserve management of a smart distribution system by incorporating responsive-loads/battery/wind turbines considering uncertain parameters
Ghahramani M, Nazari-Heris M, Zare K, Mohammadi-Ivatloo B
220 - 234 Towards a smarter battery management system: A critical review on optimal charging methods of lithium ion batteries
Lin Q, Wang J, Xiong R, Shen WX, He HW
235 - 248 Data-driven surrogate assisted evolutionary optimization of hybrid powertrain for improved fuel economy and performance
Bhattacharjee D, Ghosh T, Bhola P, Martinsen K, Dan PK
249 - 261 Experimental Study on a new type of self-propping fracturing technology
Zhao LQ, Chen YX, Du J, Liu PL, Li NY, Luo ZF, Zhang CC, Huang FS
262 - 278 Systematic modeling under uncertainty of single, double and triple effect absorption refrigeration processes
Gkouletsos D, Papadopoulos AI, Seferlis P, Hassan I
279 - 290 Assessment of the carbon emissions reduction potential of China's iron and steel industry based on a simulation analysis
Li ZL, Dai HC, Song JN, Sun L, Geng Y, Lu KY, Hanaoka T
291 - 304 Characterization of CO2 storage and enhanced oil recovery in residual oil zones
Chen B, Pawar RJ
305 - 314 TiO2/water-based photovoltaic thermal (PVT) collector: Novel theoretical approach
Fudholi A, Razali NFM, Yazdi MH, Ibrahim A, Ruslan MH, Othman MY, Sopian K
315 - 330 The application of hybrid energy storage system with electrified continuously variable transmission in battery electric vehicle
Ruan JG, Song Q, Yang WW
331 - 340 An experimental study of the puffing and evaporation characteristics of acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) and diesel blend droplets
Han K, Pang B, Zhao CL, Ni ZJ, Qi ZD
341 - 357 Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) measurements of airfoil surface flow on a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine in boundary layer
Li QA, Xu JZ, Maeda T, Kamada Y, Nishimura S, Wu GX, Cai C
358 - 367 A versatile integrated rechargeable lead dioxide-polyaniline system with energy storage mechanism transformation
He YP, Wang X, Zhang PP, Huang H, Li XB, Shui Y, Chen BM, Guo ZC
368 - 384 Data reconciliation and gross error detection in crude oil pre-heat trains undergoing shell-side and tube-side fouling deposition
Loyola-Fuentes J, Smith R
385 - 397 A time varying approach on the price elasticity of electricity in India during 1975-2013
Tiwari AK, Menegaki AN
398 - 414 Enhancing ice slurry generation by using inclined cavity for subzero cold thermal energy storage: Simulation, experiment and performance analysis
Tiwari VK, Kumar A, Kumar A
415 - 427 Assessing the feasibility of wind energy as a power source in Turkmenistan; a major opportunity for Central Asia's energy market
Bahrami A, Teimourian A, Okoye CO, Khosravi N
428 - 436 Development of a math module of shell and tube phase-change energy storage system used in TRNSYS
Feng GH, Liu M, Huang KL, Qiang XQ, Chang QP
437 - 447 Energy and environmental performance of the office building facade scenarios
Krstic-Furundzic A, Vujosevic M, Petrovski A
448 - 461 Performance analysis of a combined cold and power (CCP) system with exergy recovery from LNG-regasification
Atienza-Marquez A, Bruno JC, Akisawa A, Coronas A
462 - 476 Effects of operating conditions on water and heat management by a transient multi-dimensional PEMFC system model
Yang ZR, Du Q, Jia ZW, Yang CG, Jiao K
477 - 486 Are EU's Climate and Energy Package 20-20-20 targets achievable and compatible? Evidence from the impact of renewables on electricity prices
Pena JI, Rodriguez R
487 - 496 An automated GIS-based planning and design tool for district heating: Scenarios for a Dutch city
Jebamalai JM, Marlein K, Laverge J, Vandevelde L, van den Broek M
497 - 503 Theoretical and experimental research on the thermal performance of ocean thermal energy conversion system using the rankine cycle mode
Chen FY, Liu L, Peng JP, Ge YZ, Wu HY, Liu WM
504 - 513 Optimization of supercapacitor sizing for high-fluctuating power applications by means of an internal-voltage-based method
Pedrayes JF, Melero MG, Cano JM, Norniella JG, Orcajo GA, Cabanas MF, Rojas CH
514 - 524 Performance improvement of self-humidifying PEM fuel cells using water injection at various start-up conditions
Cha D, Yang W, Kim Y
525 - 535 Influence of cooling architecture on data center power consumption
Moazamigoodarzi H, Tsai PJ, Pal S, Ghosh S, Puri IK
536 - 546 Application of the economic theory of self-control to model energy conservation behavioral change in households
Lundgren B, Schultzberg M
547 - 560 Dynamics and power generation of wave energy converters mimicking biaxial hula-hoop motion for mooring-less buoys
Wang YJ, Lee CK
561 - 572 Energy footprint controlled by urban demands: How much does supply chain complexity contribute?
Chen SQ, Zhu FY, Long HH, Yang J
573 - 583 Dynamic performance analysis and optimization of dish solar Stirling engine based on a modified theoretical model
Lai XT, Yu MJ, Long R, Liu ZC, Liu W
584 - 598 Experimental and numerical evaluation of the crystalline silicon PV window under the climatic conditions in southwest China
Chen M, Zhang W, Xie LZ, Ni ZC, Wei QZ, Wang W, Tian H
599 - 605 Optimal operation strategy of green supply chain based on waste heat recovery quality
Yang J, Zhang ZY, Yang MW, Chen JY
606 - 616 Citizens' images of a sustainable energy transition
Vainio A, Varho V, Tapio P, Pulkka A, Paloniemi R
617 - 629 Development and optimization of an integrated energy network with centralized and decentralized energy systems using mathematical modelling approach
Liu WH, Ho WS, Lee MY, Hashim H, Lim JS, Klernes JJ, Mah AXY
630 - 638 g-C3N4 promoted DBD plasma assisted dry reforming of methane
Ray D, Nepak D, Vinodkumar T, Subrahmanyam C
639 - 650 Spectral optimization of solar selective absorbing coating for parabolic trough receiver
Yang HL, Wang QL, Huang YH, Feng JS, Ao XZ, Hu MB, Pei G
651 - 669 Optimization of water-energy nexus in shale gas exploration: From production to transmission
Oke D, Mukherjee R, Sengupta D, Majozi T, El-Halwagi MM
670 - 682 Two-stage stochastic optimal operation model for hydropower station based on the approximate utility function of the carryover stage
Tan QF, Lei XH, Wen X, Fang GH, Wang X, Wang C, Ji Y, Huang XF
683 - 692 Efficient drying in washer dryers by combining sorption and heat pumping
Cranston J, Askalany A, Santori G
693 - 701 Impacts of eliminating the factor distortions on energy efficiency-A focus on China's secondary industry
Tan RP, Lin BQ, Liu XY
702 - 715 Statistical analysis of variation of economic parameters affecting different configurations of diesel hydrotreating unit
Bandyopadhyay R, Alkilde OF, Menjon I, Meyland LH, Sahlertz IV
716 - 732 Optimized scheduling of hydropower with increase in solar and wind installations
Gupta A, Kumar A, Khato DK
733 - 746 Load following of SMR based on a flexible load
Ma Q, Wei XY, Qing JY, Jiao W, Xu RS
747 - 755 Enhancement of photothermal conversion performance using nanofluids based on bimetallic Ag-Au alloys in nitrogen-doped graphitic polyhedrons
Zhu GH, Wang LL, Bing NC, Xie HQ, Yu W
756 - 765 Exergoeconomic analysis applied to supercritical CO2 power systems
Noaman M, Saade G, Morosuk T, Tsatsaronis G
766 - 775 Preliminary evaluation of CAES system concept with partial oxidation gas turbine technology
Wrobel M, Kalina J
776 - 787 Energy performance analysis of continuous processes using surrogate models
Beisheim B, Rahimi-Adli K, Kramer S, Engell S
788 - 802 Spatiotemporal model for estimating electric vehicles adopters
Rodrigues JL, Bolognesi HM, Melo JD, Heymann F, Soares FJ
803 - 811 Design of a concentrating solar thermal collector installation for a hotel complex in Gran Canaria
Lozano-Medina A, Manzano L, Marcos JD, Blanco-Marigorta AM
812 - 824 Exergoeconomic optimization of an adiabatic cryogenics-based energy storage system
Hamdy S, Morosuk T, Tsatsaronis G
825 - 836 Quantitative failure rates and modes analysis in photovoltaic plants
Gallardo-Saavedra S, Hernandez-Callejo L, Duque-Perez O
837 - 843 Research on the decoupling trend and mitigation potential of CO2 emissions from China's transport sector
Song Y, Zhang M, Shan C
844 - 853 Impact of solar energy on the integrated operation of electricity-gas grids
Badakhshan S, Hajibandeh N, Shafie-khah M, Catalao JPS
854 - 868 The impact of additives on the retention of heavy metals in the bottom ash during RDF incineration
Jagodzinska K, Mroczek K, Nowinska K, Golombek K, Kalisz S
869 - 879 Performance enhancement of the gasoline engine hydrocarbon catchers for reducing hydrocarbon emission during the cold-start period
Deng YW, Feng CL, Jiaqiang E, Wei KX, Zhang B, Zhang ZQ, Han DD, Zhao XH, Xu WW
880 - 891 Numerical determination of temperature distribution in heating network
Oclon P, Nowak-Oclon M, Vallati A, Quintino A, Corcione M
892 - 900 A novel strategy for a building-integrated diurnal photovoltaic and all-day radiative cooling system
Zhao B, Hu MK, Ao XZ, Chen N, Xuan QD, Su YH, Pei G
901 - 911 Effect of longitudinal baffled blades on the first-order tangential acoustic mode in cylindrical chamber
Duan RZ, Zhang H, Zhang Y, Liu LS, Tian L, Zhang XY
912 - 925 Benchmark of proton exchange membrane fuel cell parameters extraction with metaheuristic optimization algorithms
Kandidayeni M, Macias A, Khalatbarisoltani A, Boulon L, Kelouwani S
926 - 935 Study on optimization of economic dispatching of electric power system based on Hybrid Intelligent Algorithms (PSO and AFSA)
Yuan GH, Yang WX
936 - 945 Starting characteristics of a novel high temperature flat heat pipe receiver in solar power tower plant based of"Flat-front"Startup model
Yang L, Ling X, Peng H, Duan LF, Chen XY
946 - 957 A method for exergetic analysis of a real kraft biomass boiler
Ramos VF, Pinheiro OS, da Costa EF, da Costa AOS
958 - 970 Investigation on steam direct injection in a natural gas engine for fuel savings
Li LF, Zhang ZB
971 - 982 Performance and emission evaluation of a small-bore biodiesel compression-ignition engine
Hirner FS, Hwang J, Bae C, Patel C, Gupta T, Agarwal AK
983 - 995 Wind farm layout optimization for wake effect uniformity
Yang K, Kwak G, Cho K, Huh J
996 - 1011 An efficient automated higher-order finite element computation technique using parabolic arcs for planar and multiply-connected energy problems
Smitha TV, Nagaraja KV
1012 - 1022 Changes in Energy Intensity During the development Process : Evidence in Sub-Saharan Africa and Policy Implications
Lin B, Abudu H
1023 - 1031 Energetic and economic analysis of biogas plant with using the dairy industry waste
Kozlowski K, Pietrzykowski M, Czekala W, Dach J, Kowalczyk-Jusko A, Jozwiakowski K, Brzoski M
1032 - 1039 Skeleton double layer structure for high solar steam generation
Luo X, Wu DX, Huang CL, Rao ZH
1040 - 1048 Co-processing behavior of Golbasi lignite and poplar sawdust by factorial experimental design method
Karaca H, Koyunoglu C, Ozdemir A, Ergun K
1049 - 1060 Capacity factor estimation of variable-speed wind turbines considering the coupled influence of the QN-curve and the air density
Song DR, Yang YG, Zheng SY, Tang WY, Yang J, Su M, Yang XB, Joo YH
1061 - 1074 Power variability of tidal-stream energy and implications for electricity supply
Lewis M, McNaughton J, Marquez-Dominguez C, Todeschini G, Togneri M, Masters I, Allmark M, Stallard T, Neill S, Goward-Brown A, Robins P
1075 - 1088 Human body exergy consumption models' evaluation and their sensitivities towards different environmental conditions
Guo HS, Luo YQ, Meggers F, Simonetti M
1089 - 1103 Analysis of attitude planning and energy balance of stratospheric airship
Zhang LC, Li J, Wu YF, Lv MY
1104 - 1113 Intelligent decisions to stop or mitigate lost circulation based on machine learning
Abbas AK, Bashikh AA, Abbas H, Mohammed HQ
1114 - 1122 Catalyzed pyrolysis of SRC poplar biomass. Alkaline carbonates and zeolites catalysts
Dias APS, Rego F, Fonseca F, Casquilho M, Rosa F, Rodrigues A
1123 - 1135 Modeling and optimal energy management strategy for a catenary-battery-ultracapacitor based hybrid tramway
Yang JB, Xu XH, Peng YQ, Zhang JY, Song PY
1136 - 1149 Impact of substantial wind farms on the local and regional atmospheric boundary layer: Case study of Zhangbei wind power base in China
Wang Q, Luo K, Wu CL, Fan JR
1150 - 1165 Impacts of non-ideal optical factors on the performance of parabolic trough solar collectors
Zou B, Jiang YQ, Yao Y, Yang HX
1166 - 1177 Simultaneous optimization strategies for heat exchanger network synthesis and detailed shell-and-tube heat-exchanger design involving phase changes using GA/SA
Xiao W, Wang KF, Jiang XB, Li XC, Wu XM, Hao Z, He GH
1178 - 1194 A structure with density-weighted active learning-based model selection strategy and meteorological analysis for wind speed vector deterministic and probabilistic forecasting
Wu ZC, Xiao LY
1195 - 1210 Energy performance enhancement of a research centre based on solar potential analysis and energy management
Kichou S, Skandalos N, Wolf P
1211 - 1232 Energy recovery through natural gas turboexpander and solar collectors: Modelling and thermoeconomic optimization
Barone G, Buonomano A, Calise F, Forzano C, Palombo A
1233 - 1243 Numerical simulation of coal gasification in molten slag: Gas-liquid interaction characteristic
Duan WJ, Gao YK, Yu QB, Wu TW, Wang ZM
1244 - 1252 Novel kW scale hydrogen energy storage system utilizing fuel cell exhaust air for hydrogen desorption process from metal hydride reactor
Khayrullina AG, Blinov D, Borzenko V
1253 - 1265 A comparative assessment of Power-to-Fuel production pathways
Bargiacchi E, Antonelli M, Desideri U
1266 - 1277 Recovery of waste-derived and low-grade components within fuel slurries
Vershinina KY, Shlegel NE, Strizhak PA
1278 - 1294 Development of a simplified dynamic moisture transfer model of building wall layer of hygroscopic material
Yan T, Sun ZW, Xu XH, Wan H, Huang GS
1295 - 1313 Simulation of startup operation of an industrial twin-shaft gas turbine based on geometry and control logic
Mohammadian PK, Saidi MH
1314 - 1316 A comparative investigation of premixed flame propagation behavior of syngas-air mixtures in closed and half-open ducts (vol 178, pg 436, 2019)
Yang XF, Yu MG, Zheng K, Wan SJ, Wang L