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1 - 20 Effect of varying extent of PCM capsule filling on thermal stratification performance of a storage tank
Majumdar R, Saha SK
21 - 32 Parameterized evaluation of thermal characteristics for a lithium-ion battery
Gu L, Gui JYP, Wang JV, Zhu GR, Kang JQ
33 - 49 Survey of energy scavenging for wearable and implantable devices
Ghomian T, Mehraeen S
50 - 56 High performance of electrocatalytic oxidation in direct glucose fuel cell using molybdate nanostructures synthesized by microwave-assisted method
Khoobi A, Salavati-Niasari M
57 - 71 A review of factors affecting the efficiency of clean-in-place procedures in closed processing systems
Li GZ, Tang L, Zhang XX, Dong J
72 - 78 An experimental study of the drag reducing surfactant for district heating and cooling
Kotenko M, Oskarsson H, Bojesen C, Nielsen MP
79 - 88 A multi-scale parameter adaptive method for state of charge and parameter estimation of lithium-ion batteries using dual Kalman filters
Guo F, Hu GD, Xiang S, Zhou PK, Hong R, Xiong N
89 - 100 Investigation on the catalytic effect of AAEMs in Zhundong coal on the combustion characteristics of Changji oil shale and its kinetics
Lu Y, Wang Y, Zhang J, Xu Y, Li GA, Zhang YF
101 - 114 Analysis of operation cost and wind curtailment using multi-objective unit commitment with battery energy storage
Wang B, Zhou M, Xin B, Zhao X, Watada J
115 - 125 Quick design of regular heliostat fields for commercial solar tower power plants
Collado FJ, Guallar J
126 - 133 Effect of injection strategy on cold start firing, combustion and emissions of a LPG/methanol dual-fuel spark-ignition engine
Gong CM, Liu ZL, Su H, Chen YL, Li JB, Liu FH
134 - 144 Problems of calculation the energy efficiency of a dual-fuel steam boiler fired with industrial waste gases
Szega M, Czyz T
145 - 157 Heat requirement for fixed bed pyrolysis of beechwood chips
Abrego J, Atienza-Martinez M, Plou F, Arauzo J
158 - 167 A novel wake model for yawed wind turbines
Lopez D, Kuo J, Li N
168 - 175 Efficient photocatalytic CO2 reduction by P-O linked g-C3N4/TiO2-nanotubes Z-scheme composites
Wu J, Feng YJ, Li D, Han XY, Liu J
176 - 185 Analysis of techno-economic viability with demand response strategy of a grid-connected microgrid model for enhanced rural electrification in Uttar Pradesh state, India
Kumar J, Suryakiran BV, Verma A, Bhatti TS
186 - 194 Study of flame propagation in an external space under vented explosion conditions
Sun S, Wang MY, Qiu YY, Gao KH
195 - 206 Effect of blade tip leakage flow on erosion of a radial inflow turbine for compressed air energy storage system
Wang X, Zhang XH, Zhu YL, Zhang XJ, Li W, Chen HS
207 - 233 Performance of ground heat exchangers: A comprehensive review of recent advances
Javadi H, Ajarostaghi SSM, Rosen MA, Pourfallah M
234 - 251 Visiting effects of crude oil price on economic growth in BRICS countries: Fresh evidence from wavelet-based quantile-on-quantile tests
Mo B, Chen CQ, Nie H, Jiang YH
252 - 262 A Monte Carlo simulation-based decision support system for reliability analysis of Taiwan's power system: Framework and empirical study
Yu HH, Chang KH, Hsu HW, Cuckler R
263 - 276 Towards less energy intensive heavy-duty machine tools: Power consumption characteristics and energy-saving strategies
Shang ZD, Gao D, Jiang ZP, Lu Y
277 - 292 Sustainable and reliable design of reverse osmosis desalination with hybrid renewable energy systems through supply chain forecasting using recurrent neural networks
Li Q, Loy-Benitez J, Nam K, Hwangbo S, Rashidi J, Yoo C
293 - 308 Syngas production with thermo-chemically recuperated gas expansion systems: An exergy analysis and energy integration study
Florez-Orrego D, Silva FN, de Oliveira S
309 - 317 A novel hybrid Phase Shifted-Modified Synchronous Optimal Pulse Width Modulation based 27-level inverter for grid-connected PV system
Devi BG, Keshavan BK
318 - 333 A comparison of methods for the optimal design of Distributed Energy Systems under uncertainty
Karmellos M, Georgiou PN, Mavrotas G
334 - 343 A fully automated smooth calibration generation methodology for optimization of latest generation of automotive diesel engines
Arya P, Millo F, Mallamo F
344 - 355 Production of hydrocarbons from a green algae (Oscillatoria) with exploration of its fuel characteristics over different reaction atmospheres
Kawale HD, Kishore N
356 - 367 Projections of wind energy resources in the Caribbean for the 21st century
Costoya X, deCastro M, Santos F, Sousa MC, Gomez-Gesteira M
368 - 377 Comparative study of bioelectricity generation in a microbial fuel cell using ceramic membranes made of ceramic powder, Kalporgan's soil, and acid leached Kalporgan's soil
Cheraghipoor M, Mohebbi-Kalhori D, Noroozifar M, Maghsoodlou MT
378 - 385 Experimental prediction on the performance and propagation of ceiling jets under the influence of wall confinement
Gao ZH, Wan HX, Ji J, Bi YB
386 - 399 Design/off-design performance simulation and discussion for the gas turbine combined cycle with inlet air heating
Yang YP, Bai ZW, Zhang GQ, Li YY, Wang ZY, Yu GY
400 - 418 Research on the energy efficiency of energy regeneration systems for a battery-powered hydrostatic vehicle
He XY, Liu H, He SH, Hu BL, Xiao GX
419 - 435 Energy technology dependence - A value chain analysis of geothermal power in the EU
Vonsee B, Crijns-Graus W, Liu W
436 - 446 A comparative investigation of premixed flame propagation behavior of syngas-air mixtures in closed and half-open ducts
Yang XF, Yu MG, Zheng K, Wan SJ, Wang L
447 - 459 Nanoparticle-based solar vapor generation: An experimental and numerical study
Jin HC, Lin GP, Zeiny A, Bai LZ, Wen DS
460 - 470 Merging velocity measurements and modeling to improve understanding of tidal stream resource in Alderney Race
Thiebaut M, Sentchev A, du Bois PB
471 - 486 Experimental study and performance analysis on solar photovoltaic panel integrated with phase change material
Li ZP, Ma T, Zhao JX, Song AT, Cheng YD
487 - 507 A novel fractional time delayed grey model with Grey Wolf Optimizer and its applications in forecasting the natural gas and coal consumption in Chongqing China
Ma X, Mei X, Wu WQ, Wu XX, Zeng B
508 - 521 Research of fracture initiation and propagation in HDR fracturing under thermal stress from meso-damage perspective
Zhang W, Guo TK, Qu ZQ, Wang ZY
522 - 529 Investigation on fuel gas production from pulp and paper waste water impregnated coconut husk in fluidized bed gasifier via humidified air and CO2 gasification
Ram M, Mondal MK
530 - 537 Numerical investigation behavior of reacting flow for flameless oxidation technology of MILD combustion: Effect of fluctuating temperature of inlet co-flow
Jozaalizadeh T, Toghraie D
538 - 543 Electricity generation from sugarcane molasses using microbial fuel cell technologies
Hassan SHA, Zohri AA, Kassim RMF
544 - 553 Gold and crude oil as safe-haven assets for clean energy stock indices: Blended copulas approach
Elie B, Naji J, Dutta A, Uddin GS
554 - 571 An integrated mathematical optimisation approach to synthesise and analyse a bioelectricity supply chain network
Ling WC, Verasingham AB, Andiappan V, Wan YK, Chew IML, Ng DKS
572 - 584 Parabolic trough solar thermal power plant Noor I in Morocco
Aqachmar Z, Allouhi A, Jamil A, Gagouch B, Kousksou T
585 - 597 A hybrid hourly natural gas demand forecasting method based on the integration of wavelet transform and enhanced Deep-RNN model
Su H, Zio E, Zhang JJ, Xu MJ, Li XY, Zhang ZJ
598 - 609 Modified JAYA algorithm for optimal power flow incorporating renewable energy sources considering the cost, emission, power loss and voltage profile improvement
Elattar EE, ElSayed SK
610 - 623 Forecasting the residential solar energy consumption of the United States
Wang ZX, He LY, Zheng HH
624 - 630 A framework to consider energy transfers within growth theory
Leiva B, Ramirez OA, Schramski JR
631 - 643 Advanced exergy analysis of recompression supercritical CO2 cycle
Mohammadi Z, Fallah M, Mahmoudi SMS
644 - 655 Novel control implementation for electric vehicles based on fuzzy -back stepping approach
Sellali M, Betka A, Drid S, Djerdir A, Allaoui L, Tiar M
656 - 666 Estimating the failure probability in an integrated energy system considering correlations among failure patterns
Fu XQ, Zhang XR, Qiao Z, Li GY
667 - 675 Revisiting and revising the energy-growth nexus: A non-linear modeling analysis
Tiba S
676 - 684 Effect of compression ratio on combustion, performance, and emission characteristics of compression ignition engine fueled with palm (B20) biodiesel blend
Rosha P, Mohapatra SK, Mahla SK, Cho H, Chauhan BS, Dhir A
685 - 694 The static and dynamic heterogeneity and determinants of marginal abatement cost of CO2 emissions in Chinese cities
Wu JX, Ma CB, Tang K
695 - 713 The impact of climatic extreme events on the feasibility of fully renewable power systems: A case study for Sweden
Holtinger S, Mikovits C, Schmidt J, Baumgartner J, Arheimer B, Lindstrom G, Wetterlund E
714 - 722 Small low-temperature district heating network development prospects
Volkova A, Krupenski I, Pieper H, Ledvanov A, Latosov E, Siirde A
723 - 738 The influence of demand response on wind-integrated power system considering participation of the demand side
Gao JW, Ma ZY, Guo FJ
739 - 750 Investigation on the temperature sensitivity of the S-CO2 Brayton cycle efficiency
Wang L, Pan LM, Wang JF, Chen DQ, Huang YP, Hu L
751 - 764 Optimal sizing and techno-economic analysis of energy- and cost-efficient standalone multi-carrier microgrid
Lorestani A, Gharehpetian GB, Nazari MH
765 - 771 Improved performance of ferroelectric nanocomposite flexible film based triboelectric nanogenerator by controlling surface morphology, polarizability, and hydrophobicity
Singh HH, Khare N
772 - 780 The effect of blade angle of turbine impellers on anaerobic digestion efficiency in stirred digesters
Mahmoodi-Eshkaftaki M, Ebrahimi R
781 - 803 Integrating linear and nonlinear forecasting techniques based on grey theory and artificial intelligence to forecast shale gas monthly production in Pennsylvania and Texas of the United States
Wang Q, Jiang F
804 - 813 Oxygenated sunflower biodiesel: Spectroscopic and emissions quantification under reacting swirl spray conditions
Chong CT, Chiong MC, Ng JH, Lim M, Tran MV, Valera-Medina A, Chong WWF
814 - 831 Energy production during regasification of liquefied natural gas: Identification of optimal working fluids in low temperature Rankine cycles
Truchon P, Mathieu-Potvin F
832 - 852 Downstream electric utility restructuring and upstream generation efficiency: Productivity dynamics of Indian coal and gas based electricity generators
Sugathan A, Malghan D, Chandrashekar S, Sinha DK
853 - 866 Transshipment type heat exchanger network model for intra- and inter-plant heat integration using process streams
Hong XD, Liao ZW, Sun JY, Jiang BB, Wang JD, Yang YR
867 - 878 Experimental and numerical investigation of direct liquid injection into an ORC twin-screw expander
Eyerer S, Dawo F, Rieger F, Schuster A, Aumann R, Wieland C, Spliethoff H
879 - 886 Reply to the comments on the article "Spatial planning to estimate the offshore wind energy potential in coastal regions and islands. Practical case: The Canary Islands"
Schallenberg-Rodriguez J, Montesdeoca NG