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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Can electricity market prices control power-to-heat production for peak shaving of renewable power generation? The case of Sweden
Aberg M, Lingfors D, Olauson J, Widen J
15 - 22 Experimental study on anode components optimization for direct glucose fuel cells
Song BY, He Y, He YL, Huang D, Zhang YW
23 - 33 Experimental investigation on model predictive control of radiant floor cooling combined with underfloor ventilation system
Zhang DL, Cai N, Cui XB, Xia XY, Shi JZ, Huang XQ
34 - 57 Energy from waste: Plant design and control options for high efficiency and emissions' compliance under waste variability
Tsiliyannis CA
58 - 66 Energy and economic analysis on retrofit actions for Italian public historic buildings
Galatioto A, Ricciu R, Salem T, Kinab E
67 - 80 Uncertainty analysis of impact of geometric variations on turbine blade performance
Wang XJ, Zou ZP
81 - 90 A theoretical study on a novel combined organic Rankine cycle and ejector heat pump
Zhang CH, Lin JY, Tan YF
91 - 102 Feature parameter extraction and intelligent estimation of the State-of-Health of lithium-ion batteries
Deng YW, Ying HJ, Jiaqiang E, Zhu H, Wei KX, Chen JW, Zhang F, Liao GL
103 - 118 Comprehensive correction of thermal conductivity of moist porous building materials with static moisture distribution and moisture transfer
Wang YY, Zhao ZJ, Liu YF, Wang DJ, Ma C, Liu JP
119 - 130 Experimental study on convection heat transfer of supercritical CO2 in small upward channels
Lei XL, Zhang J, Gou LT, Zhang Q, Li HX
131 - 142 Life-cycle sustainability assessment of key electricity generation systems in Portugal
Kabayo J, Marques P, Garcia R, Freire F
143 - 155 Comparison of the LCOE between coal-fired power plants with CCS and main low-carbon generation technologies: Evidence from China
Fan JL, Wei SJ, Yang L, Wang H, Zhong P, Zhang X
156 - 170 Assessment of a combination of three heat sources for heat pumps to supply district heating
Pieper H, Ommen T, Elmegaard B, Markussen WB
171 - 183 Generic modelling and optimal day-ahead dispatch of micro-energy system considering the price-based integrated demand response
Chen ZX, Zhang YJ, Tang WH, Lin XM, Li QF
184 - 194 Solar and wind energy: Challenges and solutions in desert regions
Al-Dousari A, Al-Nassar W, Al-Hemoud A, Alsaleh A, Ramadan A, Al-Dousari N, Ahmed M
195 - 210 The effect of atmospheric pressure plasma pretreatment with various gases on the structural characteristics and chemical composition of wheat straw and applications to enzymatic hydrolysis
Shaghaleh H, Xu X, Liu H, Wang SF, Hamoud YA, Dong FH, Luo JY
211 - 223 Disturbance modelling through steady-state value deviations: The determination of suitable energy indicators and parameters for energy consumption monitoring in a typical sugar mill
Mkwananzi T, Mandegari M, Gorgens JF
224 - 234 Economic analysis of wet waste-to-energy resources in the United States
Badgett A, Newes E, Milbrandt A
235 - 248 Experimental investigation of gas turbine compressor water injection for NOx emission reductions
Novelo DAB, Igie U, Prakash V, Szymanski A
249 - 264 Game-theoretic planning for integrated energy system with independent participants considering ancillary services of power-to-gas stations
Zhang X, Chan KW, Wang HZ, Hu JF, Zhou B, Zhang Y, Qiu J
265 - 271 Evolution of premixed stoichiometric hydrogen/air flame in a closed duct
Shen XB, Zhang C, Xiu GL, Zhu HY
272 - 280 Unveiling the factors of oil versus non-oil sources in affecting the global commodity prices: A combination of threshold and asymmetric modeling approach
Sek SK
281 - 291 Identifying the peak point of systemic risk in international crude oil importing trade
Du RJ, Dong GG, Tian LX, Wang YG, Zhao LF, Zhang X, Vilela ALM, Stanley HE
292 - 308 Receding horizon control-based energy management for plug-in hybrid electric buses using a predictive model of terminal SOC constraint in consideration of stochastic vehicle mass
Guo HQ, Lu SL, Hui HZ, Bao CJ, Shangguan JY
309 - 319 Evaluating the technological evolution of battery electric buses: China as a case
Du JY, Li FQ, Li JQ, Wu XG, Song ZY, Zou YF, Ouyang MG
320 - 334 Investigation of pre-stall flow control on wind turbine blade airfoil using roughness element
Genc MS, Koca K, Acikel HH
335 - 352 Towards nearly zero-energy buildings in Mediterranean countries: Energy Performance of Buildings Directive evolution and the energy rehabilitation challenge in the Spanish residential sector
Lopez-Ochoa LM, Las-Heras-Casas J, Lopez-Gonzalez LM, Olasolo-Alonso P
353 - 364 Assessing the sustainability of the shale gas industry by combining DPSIRM model and RAGA-PP techniques: An empirical analysis of Sichuan and Chongqing, China
Wang Q, Zhan LN
365 - 379 Economic model predictive control for demand flexibility of a residential building
Finck C, Li RL, Zeiler W
380 - 391 Application of optimized artificial intelligence algorithm to evaluate the heating energy demand of non-residential buildings at European level
Ciulla G, D'Amico A, Lo Brano V, Traverso M
392 - 409 A comparative study of performance and regulated emissions in a medium-duty diesel engine fueled with sugarcane diesel-farnesane and sugarcane biodiesel-LS9
Soto F, Marques G, Torres-Jimenez E, Vieira B, Lacerda A, Armas O, Guerrero-Villar F
410 - 417 Laminar burning velocity of n-butane/Hydrogen/Air mixtures at elevated temperatures
Jithin EV, Dinesh K, Mohammad A, Velamati RK
418 - 428 Broadening human thermal comfort range based on short-term heat acclimation
Chong DK, Zhu N, Luo W, Zhang ZY
429 - 436 Dynamic modeling of NOx emission in a 660 MW coal-fired boiler with long short-term memory
Tan P, He B, Zhang C, Rao DB, Li SN, Fang QY, Chen G
437 - 456 Energy performance comparison of a 3-fluid and 2-fluid liquid desiccant membrane air-conditioning systems in an office building
Stolle D, Abdel-Salam MRH, Simonson CJ
457 - 467 Development of Photovoltaic abnormal condition detection system using combined regression and Support Vector Machine
Jufri FH, Oh S, Jung J
468 - 478 Design and performance analysis of coal-fired fluidized bed for supercritical CO2 power cycle
Liu XJ, Zhong WQ, Li PJ, Xiang J, Liu GY
479 - 492 Thermo-ecological cost assessment and optimization for a hybrid combined cooling, heating and power system coupled with compound parabolic concentrated-photovoltaic thermal solar collectors
Chen YZ, Wang JJ, Ma CF, Gao YF
493 - 504 Investigation on novel desiccant wheel using wood pulp fiber paper with high coating ratio as matrix
Wu XN, Ge TS, Dai YJ, Wang RZ
505 - 520 A new approach to consider the influence of aging state on Lithium-ion battery state of power estimation for hybrid electric vehicle
Esfandyari MJ, Esfahanian V, Yazdi MRH, Nehzati H, Shekoofa O
521 - 530 An investigation on performance and combustion characteristics of pure n-butanol and a blend of n-butanol/ethanol as fuels in a spark ignition engine
Fagundez JLS, Golke D, Martins MES, Salau NPG
531 - 543 Numerical simulation of renewable power generation using reverse electrodialysis
Chanda S, Tsai PA
544 - 551 Assessment of tools for urban energy planning
Ferrari S, Zagarella F, Caputo P, Bonomolo M
552 - 560 A unified model to optimize configuration of battery energy storage systems with multiple types of batteries
Jiang YH, Kang LX, Liu YZ
561 - 569 Modeling and characterization of permendur cantilever beam for energy harvesting
Ghodsi M, Ziaiefar H, Mohammadzaheri M, Al-Yahmedi A
570 - 581 Ferrous sulfate as an in-situ anodic coagulant for enhanced bioelectricity generation and COD removal from landfill leachate
Kumar SS, Kumar V, Kumar R, Malyan SK, Bishnoi NR
582 - 588 The accuracy and efficiency of GA and PSO optimization schemes on estimating reaction kinetic parameters of biomass pyrolysis
Ding YM, Zhang WL, Yu L, Lu KH
589 - 595 Analysis of feed conversion efficiency in dairy cattle farms in Thrace Region, Turkey
Unakitan G, Kumbar N
596 - 603 Closed loop elastic demand control by dynamic energy pricing in smart grids
Kaygusuz A
604 - 622 Heat Roadmap Europe: Heat distribution costs
Persson U, Wiechers E, Moller B, Werner S
623 - 640 Investment risk assessment of coal-fired power plants in countries along the Belt and Road initiative based on ANP-Entropy-TODIM method
Yuan JH, Li XY, Xu CB, Zhao CH, Liu YX
641 - 655 Modeling the effect of climate change on building energy demand in Los Angeles county by using a GIS-based high spatial- and temporal-resolution approach
Zheng YF, Weng QH
656 - 666 Design and optimization of power hubs for Brazilian off-shore oil production units
Vidoza JA, Andreasen JG, Haglind F, dos Reis MML, Gallo W
667 - 681 Occupant behavior long-term continuous monitoring integrated to prediction models: Impact on office building energy performance
Piselli C, Pisello AL
682 - 692 Mapping district heating potential under evolving thermal demand scenarios and technologies: A case study for Switzerland
Chambers J, Narula K, Sulzer M, Patel MK
693 - 703 Thermal load prediction in district heating systems
Guelpa E, Marincioni L, Capone M, Deputato S, Verda V
704 - 717 Techno-economic assessment of a stand-alone hybrid solar-wind-battery system for a remote island using genetic algorithm
Javed MS, Song AT, Ma T
718 - 727 Costs and benefits of preparing existing Danish buildings for low-temperature district heating
Ostergaard DS, Svendsen S
728 - 741 Investigation on the effective thermal conductivity of carbonate salt based composite phase change materials for medium and high temperature thermal energy storage
Li C, Li Q, Ding YL
742 - 752 Home energy management of thermostatically controlled loads and photovoltaic-battery systems
Al Essa MJM
753 - 764 LNG boil-off gas reliquefaction by Brayton refrigeration system - Part 1: Exergy analysis and design of the basic configuration
Kochunni SK, Chowdhury K
765 - 777 The heat transfer of supercritical CO2 in helically coiled tube: Trade-off between curvature and buoyancy effect
Zhang SJ, Xu XX, Liu C, Liu XX, Zhang YD, Dang CB
778 - 791 Study on the performance of distributed energy systems based on historical loads considering parameter uncertainties for decision making
Zhang C, Xue X, Du QZ, Luo YM, Gang WJ
792 - 804 Co-optimization of energy and reserve in standalone micro-grid considering uncertainties
Bahramara S, Sheikhahmadi P, Golpir H
805 - 815 Optimisation and analysis of system integration between electric vehicles and UK decentralised energy schemes
Chakrabarti A, Proeglhoef R, Turu GB, Lambert R, Mariaud A, Acha S, Markides CN, Shah N
816 - 829 Energetic and exergetic performance evaluation of a solar cooling and heating system assisted with thermal storage
Mendecka B, Cozzolino R, Leveni M, Bella G
830 - 852 Effect of combustion chamber bowl geometry modification on engine performance, combustion and emission characteristics of biodiesel fuelled diesel engine with its energy and exergy analysis
Karthickeyan V
853 - 860 Scalable free-standing polypyrrole films for wrist-band type flexible thermoelectric power generator
Bharti M, Jha P, Singh A, Chauhan AK, Misra S, Yamazoe M, Debnath AK, Marumoto K, Muthe KP, Aswal DK
861 - 873 LNG boil-off gas reliquefaction by Brayton refrigeration system - Part 2: Improvements over basic configuration
Kochunni SK, Joy J, Chowdhury K
874 - 887 Frequency and time domain modelling and online state of charge monitoring for ultracapacitors
Tian JP, Xiong R, Shen WX, Wang J
888 - 899 Wall roughness modification of a standard Lagrangian model for the prediction of saltation velocities in gas-solid flows
Biobaku A, Schmitz W, Naidoo R
900 - 916 Regime differences and industry heterogeneity of the volatility transmission from the energy price to the PPI
He YD, Lin BQ
917 - 928 Rotor power performance and flow physics in lateral sinusoidal gusts
929 - 939 Multiobjective robust fuzzy stochastic approach for sustainable smart grid design
Tsao YC, Thanh VV, Lu JC
940 - 960 Bio-Inspired adaptive damping in hydrokinetic energy harnessing using flow-induced oscillations
Sun H, Bernitsas MM
961 - 979 Performance analysis of a biomass gasification-based CCHP system integrated with variable-effect LiBr-H2O absorption cooling and desiccant dehumidification
Li X, Kan X, Sun XY, Zhao Y, Ge TS, Dai YJ, Wang CH
980 - 990 Design space exploration for waste heat recovery system in automotive application under driving cycle
Zhao MR, Canova M, Tian H, Shu GQ
991 - 1006 Energy efficiency analysis of marine high-powered medium-speed diesel engine base on energy balance and exergy
Yao ZM, Qian ZQ, Li R, Hu E
1007 - 1019 A novel energy supply and demand matching model in park integrated energy system
Liu ZY, Yu H, Liu R
1020 - 1036 Fluids selection and performance analysis of a polygeneration plant with exergy recovery from LNG-regasification
Atienza-Marquez A, Bruno JC, Akisawa A, Nakayama M, Coronas A
1037 - 1043 Perspectives for low-temperature waste heat recovery
Xu ZY, Wang RZ, Yang C