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1 - 13 Kinetic triplet determination and modified mechanism function construction for thermo-oxidative degradation of waste polyurethane foam using conventional methods and distributed activation energy model method
Li M, Jiang L, He JJ, Sun JH
14 - 22 Economic assessment of nuclear electricity from VVER-1000 reactor deployment in a developing country
Xoubi N
23 - 35 A phenomenological theory of steady-state vertical geothermal systems: A novel approach
Kordas O, Nikiforovich E
36 - 45 Process simulation of bio-dimethyl ether synthesis from tri-reforming of biogas: CO2 utilization
Saebea D, Authayanun S, Arpornwichanop A
46 - 57 A combined pressure regulation technology with multi-optimization of the entrainment passage for performance improvement of the steam ejector in MED-TVC desalination system
Tang YZ, Liu ZL, Li YX, Shi C, Lv C
58 - 65 Influence of spear needle eccentricity on jet quality in micro Pelton turbine for power generation
Jung IH, Kim YS, Shin DH, Chung JT, Shin Y
66 - 75 State-of-charge estimation of lithium-ion batteries based on gated recurrent neural network
Yang FF, Li WH, Li C, Miao Q
76 - 97 Aerodynamic and aeroacoustic performance assessment of H-rotor darrieus VAWT equipped with wind-lens technology
Dessoky A, Bangga G, Lutz T, Kramer E
98 - 112 Deep learning for multi-scale smart energy forecasting
Ahmad T, Chen HX
113 - 122 Joint routing and scheduling for electric vehicles in smart grids with V2G
Trivino-Cabrera A, Aguado JA, de la Torre S
123 - 138 Thermodynamic analysis and performance prediction on dynamic response characteristic of PCHE in 1000 MW S-CO2 coal fired power plant
Ma T, Li MJ, Xu JL, Cao F
139 - 150 Monitoring of transient thermal stresses in pressure components of steam boilers using an innovative technique for measuring the fluid temperature
Jaremkiewicz M, Dzierwa P, Taler D, Taler J
151 - 164 CFD-assisted analysis of the characteristics of stratified-charge combustion inside a wall-guided gasoline direct injection engine
Su YH, Kuo TF
165 - 181 Overview of ocean power technology
Wilberforce T, El Hassan Z, Durrant A, Thompson J, Soudan B, Olabi AG
182 - 194 An efficient SD-PAR technique for maximum power generation from modules of partially shaded PV arrays
Satpathy PR, Sharma R, Dash S
195 - 204 What drives CO2 emissions from the transport sector? A linkage analysis
Du HB, Chen ZN, Peng BB, Southworth F, Ma SF, Wang Y
205 - 217 The impact of demand uncertainties and China-US natural gas tariff on global gas trade
Guo YJ, Hawkes A
218 - 227 Forecasting Chinese greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption using a novel grey rolling model
Xu N, Ding S, Gong YD, Bai J
228 - 249 Optimum DG placement for known power injection from utility/substation by a novel zero bus load flow approach
Das B, Mukherjee V, Das D
250 - 258 Experimental and numerical study of laminar flame speeds of CH4/NH3 mixtures under oxy-fuel combustion
Liu SB, Zou C, Song Y, Cheng SZ, Lin QJ
259 - 264 Can various bioenergy technologies add value to each other?
Heinsoo K, Tali K
265 - 277 PEVs data mining based on factor analysis method for energy storage and DG planning in active distribution network: Introducing S2S effect
Ahmadian A, Sedghi M, Fgaier H, Mohammadi-ivatloo B, Golkar MA, Elkamel A
278 - 291 Steady wind performance of a 5 kW three-bladed H-rotor Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) with cambered tubercle leading edge (TLE) blades
Lositano ICM, Danao LAM
292 - 299 High-performance flexible Bi2Te3 films based wearable thermoelectric generator for energy harvesting
Kong DY, Zhu W, Guo ZP, Deng Y
300 - 308 Performance comparisons of two flat-plate photovoltaic thermal collectors with different channel configurations
Yu Y, Yang H, Peng J, Long E
309 - 319 Compound control for energy management of the hybrid ultracapacitor-battery electric drive systems
Peng H, Wang JZ, Shen W, Shi DW, Huang Y
320 - 332 Effects of heating rate and gas atmosphere on the pyrolysis and combustion characteristics of different crop residues and the kinetics analysis
Liu JZ, Zhong F, Niu WJ, Su J, Gao ZQ, Zhang K
333 - 344 Analytic versus solver-based calculated daily operations of district energy plants
Andersen AN, Ostergaard PA
345 - 352 Corrosion performance of heat-resisting steels and alloys in supercritical carbon dioxide at 650 degrees C and 15 MPa
Liang ZY, Gui Y, Wang YG, Zhao QX
353 - 364 Numerical analysis on the advantages of evacuated gap insulation of vacuum-water flow window in building energy saving under various climates
Lyu YL, Liu WJ, Su H, Wu X
365 - 377 Short-term load forecasting by using a combined method of convolutional neural networks and fuzzy time series
Sadaei HJ, Silva PCDE, Guimaraes FG, Lee MH
378 - 392 A novel MPC-based adaptive energy management strategy in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Guo JQ, He HW, Peng JK, Zhou NN
393 - 401 Complementarity assessment of south Greenland katabatic flows and West Europe wind regimes
Radu D, Berger M, Fonteneau R, Hardy S, Fettweis X, Le Du M, Panciatici P, Balea L, Ernst D
402 - 409 Tar reduction in biomass syngas using heat exchanger and vegetable oil bubbler
Thapa S, Indrawan N, Bhoi PR, Kumar A, Huhnke RL
410 - 422 Energy and exergy analyses of a hydrogen fueled SI engine: Effect of ignition timing and compression ratio
Sohret Y, Gurbuz H, Akcay IH
423 - 433 Fuel cell as an effective energy storage in reverse osmosis desalination plant powered by photovoltaic system
Rezk H, Sayed ET, Al-Dhaifallah M, Obaid M, El-Sayed AM, Abdelkareem MA, Olabi AG
434 - 444 An experimental investigation of the use of gasoline-acetylene mixtures at different excess air ratios in an SI engine
Ilhak MI, Tangoz S, Akansu SO, Kahraman N
445 - 455 Thermodynamic assessment and optimization of a pressurized fluidized bed oxy-fuel combustion power plant with CO2 capture
Chen SY, Yu R, Soomro A, Xiang WG
456 - 470 A Nash-Stackelberg game approach in regional energy market considering users' integrated demand response
Lu Q, Lu SK, Leng YJ
471 - 480 Status and perspectives on 100% renewable energy systems
Hansen K, Breyer C, Lund H
481 - 504 Optimal component selection of integrated renewable energy system for power generation in stand-alone applications
Patel AM, Singal SK
505 - 514 Evaluation of electricity storage versus thermal storage as part of two different energy planning approaches for the islands Samso and Orkney
Marczinkowski HM, Ostergaard PA
515 - 533 Economic and thermodynamic evaluation of a new solid oxide fuel cell based polygeneration system
Sadat SMS, Lavasani AM, Ghaebi H
534 - 545 Assessing the performance potential of climate adaptive greenhouse shells
Lee CS, Hoes P, Costola D, Hensen JLM
546 - 553 Catalytic conversion of corn stover for < gamma >-valerolactone production by two different solvent strategies: Techno-economic assessment
Byun J, Han J
554 - 566 Fuel and air mixing characteristics of wall-flow-guided combustion systems under a low excess air ratio condition in direct injection diesel engines
Li XR, Zhao WH, Gao HB, Liu FS
567 - 579 Dynamic modeling and operation strategy of an NG-fueled SOFC-WGS-TSA-PEMFC hybrid energy conversion system for fuel cell vehicle by using MATLAB/SIMULINK
Wu Z, Tan P, Chen B, Cai WZ, Chen MN, Xu XM, Zhang ZX, Ni M
580 - 592 Mathematical model of a supercritical power boiler for simulating rapid changes in boiler thermal loading
Taler J, Zima W, Oclon P, Gradziel S, Taler D, Cebula A, Jaremkiewicz M, Korzen A, Cisek P, Kaczmarski K, Majewski K
593 - 603 Numerical study on the effect of separated over-fire air ratio on combustion characteristics and NOx emission in a 1000 MW supercritical CO2 boiler
Gu MY, Wang MM, Chen X, Wang JM, Lin YY, Chu HQ
604 - 617 Effect of hydrogen addition on combustion and heat release characteristics of ammonia flame
Li J, Huang HY, Deng LS, He ZH, Osaka Y, Kobayashi N
618 - 629 A mixed integer linear programming model for unit commitment of thermal plants with peak shaving operation aspect in regional power grid lack of flexible hydropower energy
Feng ZK, Niu WJ, Wang WC, Zhou JZ, Cheng CT
630 - 644 Experimental study and artificial neural network based prediction of a free piston expander-linear generator for small scale organic Rankine cycle
Yang FB, Zhang HG, Hou XC, Tian YM, Xu YH
645 - 666 Thermal stress monitoring in thick walled pressure components of steam boilers
Taler J, Dzierwa P, Jaremkiewicz M, Taler D, Kaczmarski K, Trojan M, Sobota T
667 - 676 Effect of different flow schemes on heat recovery from Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)
Asai P, Panja P, McLennan J, Deo M
677 - 686 Conventional photovoltaic panel for nocturnal radiative cooling and preliminary performance analysis
Zhao B, Hu MK, Ao XZ, Huang XN, Ren X, Pei G
687 - 693 Experimental evaluation of 100 kW grade micro humid air turbine cycles converted from a microturbine
Xu Z, Lu Y, Wang B, Zhao LF, Chen CN, Xiao YH
694 - 703 Condensation and expansion characteristics of water steam and carbon dioxide in a Laval nozzle
Deng QH, Jiang Y, Hu ZF, Li J, Feng ZP
704 - 721 Optimal battery management for vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid operations in a residential case study
Lazzeroni P, Olivero S, Repetto M, Stirano F, Vallet M
722 - 729 Implementation of a new modular facility to detoxify agro-wastewater polluted with neonicotinoid insecticides in farms by solar photocatalysis
Fenoll J, Garrido I, Flores P, Hellin P, Vela N, Navarro G, Garcia-Garcia J, Navarro S
730 - 744 CO2-utilization in the synthesis of methanol: Potential analysis and exergetic assessment
Blumberg T, Morosuk T, Tsatsaronis G
745 - 757 Performance study of the internally-cooled ultrasonic atomization liquid desiccant dehumidification system
Yang ZL, Tao RY, Ni H, Zhong K, Lian ZW
758 - 767 Influence of the kinetic scheme and heat balance on the modelling of biomass combustion in a conical spouted bed
Aguado R, Saldarriaga JF, Atxutegi A, Bilbao J, Olazar M
768 - 780 A priori study of an extended flamelet/progress variable model for NO prediction in pulverized coal flames
Luo K, Zhao CG, Wen X, Gao ZW, Bai Y, Xing JK, Fan JR
781 - 797 Stochastic optimization of trigeneration systems for decision-making under long-term uncertainty in energy demands and prices
Onishi VC, Antunes CH, Fraga ES, Cabezas H
798 - 809 A statistical thermodynamic model for prediction of vapor pressure of mixed liquid desiccants near saturated solubility
Che CW, Yin YG
810 - 817 Increased utilisation of renewable energies through demand response in the water supply sector - A case study
Meschede H
818 - 829 Long-term planning methodology for improving wood biomass utilization
Vukasinovic V, Gordic D, Zivkovic M, Koncalovic D, Zivkovic D
830 - 846 An assessment of the wind and wave power potential in the island environment
Rusu E, Onea F
847 - 861 Opportunities for power-to-Gas and Power-to-liquid in CO2-reduced energy scenarios: The Italian case
Bellocchi S, De Falco M, Gambini M, Manno M, Stilo T, Vellini M
862 - 878 Leaf extract additives: A solution for reduction of NOx emission in a biodiesel operated compression ignition engine
Senthil R, Pranesh G, Silambarasan R
879 - 890 A copula-based method to consider uncertainties for multi-objective energy management of microgrid in presence of demand response
Shahryari E, Shayeghi H, Mohammadi-ivatloo B, Moradzadeh M
891 - 899 Performance maximization of a solar aided power generation (SAPG) plant with a direct air-cooled condenser in power-boosting mode
Huang C, Hou HJ, Hu E, Yu G, Peng H, Yang YP, Wang L, Zhao J
900 - 913 Fuel consumption potential of different external combustion gas-turbine thermodynamic configurations for extended range electric vehicles
Reine A, Nader WB
914 - 930 A techno-economical assessment of solar/wind resources and hydrogen production: A case study with GIS maps
Nematollahi O, Alamdari P, Jahangiri M, Sedaghat A, Alemrajabi AA
931 - 940 Effect of particle size and temperature on gasification performance of coconut and palm kernel shells in downdraft fixed-bed reactor
Yahaya AZ, Somalu MR, Muchtar A, Sulaiman SA, Daud WRW
941 - 951 Integrating industrial waste heat recovery into sustainable smart energy systems
Simeoni P, Ciotti G, Cottes M, Meneghetti A
952 - 966 Impact of carbon pricing on the cruise ship energy systems optimal configuration
Trivyza NL, Rentizelas A, Theotokatos G
967 - 977 3D experimental visualization of water flooding in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Afra M, Nazari M, Kayhani MH, Sharifpur M, Meyer JP
978 - 985 Determination of the heat transfer coefficient of PV panels
Ceylan I, Yilmaz S, Inanc O, Ergun A, Gurel AE, Acar B, Aksu AI
986 - 997 Transport enhancement study on small-scale methanol steam reforming reactor with waste heat recovery for hydrogen production
Yao L, Wang F, Wang L, Wang GQ
998 - 1008 Compact physical model for simulation of thermal networks
Guelpa E, Verda V
1009 - 1020 Comparative study on power efficiency of China's provincial steel industry and its influencing factors
Wu Y, Su JR, Li K, Sun CW
1021 - 1037 Integrated optimization of cutting tool and cutting parameters in face milling for minimizing energy footprint and production time
Chen XZ, Li CB, Tang Y, Li L, Du YB, Li LL
1038 - 1054 Potentiality of biomass-nuclear hybrid system deployment scenario: Techno-economic feasibility perspective in South Korea
Nam H, Konishi S
1055 - 1066 Development of energy management system based on a rule-based power distribution strategy for hybrid power sources
Wang YJ, Sun ZD, Chen ZH
1067 - 1074 Pyrolysis behavior of cellulose in a fixed bed reactor: Residue evolution and effects of parameters on products distribution and bio-oil composition
Gao ZX, Li N, Yin SY, Yi WM
1075 - 1084 Corrosion behavior of ferritic and ferritic-martensitic steels in supercritical carbon dioxide
Zhu ZL, Cheng Y, Xiao B, Khan HI, Xu H, Zhang NQ
1085 - 1099 Optimizing for clean-heating improvements in a district energy system with high penetration of wind power
Wang JD, Zhou ZG, Zhao JN, Zheng JF, Guan ZQ
1100 - 1120 Comprehensive multivariable analysis of the possibility of an increase in the electrical efficiency of a modern combined cycle power plant with and without a CO2 capture and compression installations study
Kotowicz J, Brzeczek M
1121 - 1129 Carbon dioxide dissolution and ammonia losses in bubble columns for precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) production
Zevenhoven R, Legendre D, Said A, Jarvinen M
1130 - 1137 Results of a literature review on methods for estimating buildings energy demand at district level
Ferrari S, Zagarella F, Caputo P, D'Amico A
1138 - 1152 The design, construction and experimental characterization of a novel concentrating photovoltaic/daylighting window for green building roof
Xuan QD, Li GQ, Lu YS, Zhao B, Zhao XD, Pei G
1153 - 1163 Performance optimization of common plate-type thermoelectric generator in vehicle exhaust power generation systems
He W, Guo R, Takasu H, Kato Y, Wang SX
1164 - 1173 Retrofit of a steam power plant using the adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system in response to the load variation
Sayyaadi H, Baghsheikhi M
1174 - 1180 A study on dynamic desorption process of methane in slits
Chen L, Huang DB, Wang SY, Nie YN, He YL, Tao WQ
1181 - 1193 Dynamic transmission mechanisms in global crude oil prices: Estimation and implications
Zhang DY, Ji Q, Kutan AM
1194 - 1208 Modeling of a steam boiler operation using the boiler nonlinear mathematical model
Trojan M
1209 - 1221 The investigations on the heat transfer in thermal energy storage with time-dependent heat flux for power plants
Huo YT, Zong JH, Rao ZH
1222 - 1233 Advanced thermochemical resorption heat transformer for high-efficiency energy storage and heat transformation
Wu S, Li TX, Yan T, Wang RZ
1234 - 1245 Search for optimum renewable mix for Australian off-grid power generation
Balaji V, Gurgenci H
1246 - 1258 Energy, exergy, exergoeconomic and environmental (4E) analysis of a distributed generation solar-assisted CCHP (combined cooling, heating and power) gas turbine system
Wang JJ, Lu ZR, Li M, Lior N, Li WH
1259 - 1270 Balanced scorecard-based analysis of investment decisions for the renewable energy alternatives: A comparative analysis based on the hybrid fuzzy decision-making approach
Dincer H, Yuksel S
1271 - 1282 Multi-objective optimisation of hybrid power systems under uncertainties
Lee JY, Aviso KB, Tan RR
1283 - 1295 Coordinating scheduling of production and utility system using a Stackelberg game
Leenders L, Bahl B, Hennen M, Bardow A
1296 - 1296 A stochastic evaluation of economic and environmental effects of Taiwan's biofuel development under climate change (vol 167, pg 1051, 2019)
Kung CC