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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Comparative evaluation of performance and emissions of CNG engine for heavy-duty vehicles fueled with various caloric natural gases
Park C, Kim C, Lee S, Lee S, Lee J
10 - 23 Energy management in hybrid microgrid with considering multiple power market and real time demand response
Tabar VS, Ghassemzadeh S, Tohidi S
24 - 32 Microsimulation of electric vehicle energy consumption
Luin B, Petelin S, Al-Mansour F
33 - 44 Co-estimation of capacity and state-of-charge for lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles
Li XY, Wang ZP, Zhang L
45 - 53 Effect of fuel composition fluctuation on the safety performance of an IT-SOFC/GT hybrid system
Lv XJ, Ding XY, Weng YW
54 - 68 Process optimization for biodiesel production from sheep skin and its performance, emission and combustion characterization in CI engine
Jayaprabakar J, Dawn SS, Ranjan A, Priyadharsini P, George RJ, Sadaf S, Rajha CR
69 - 84 Another look at the energy-growth nexus: New insights from MIDAS regressions
Salisu AA, Ogbonna AE
85 - 90 Diagnosis of GaAs solar-cell resistance via absolute electroluminescence imaging and distributed circuit modeling
Hu XB, Chen TF, Hong JY, Chen SQ, Weng GE, Zhu ZQ, Chu JH
91 - 96 Energy analysis of a thermal system composed by a heat pump coupled with a PVT solar collector
Vallati A, Oclon P, Colucci C, Mauri L, Vollaro RD, Taler J
97 - 109 Effect of fluid dryness and critical temperature on trans-critical organic Rankine cycle
Song CZ, Gu MY, Miao Z, Liu C, Xu JL
110 - 121 Numerical investigation of coupled optical-electrical-thermal processes for plasmonic solar cells at various angles of incident irradiance
Zhang JJ, Qu ZG, Maharjan A
122 - 137 Improved correlations for working fluid properties prediction and their application in performance evaluation of sub-critical Organic Rankine Cycle
Luo XL, Wang YP, Liang JW, Qi J, Su W, Yang Z, Chen JY, Wang C, Chen Y
138 - 147 Parameter analysis of single U-tube GHE and dynamic simulation of underground temperature field round one year for GSHP
Bi YH, Lyu TL, Wang HY, Sun RR, Yu MZ
148 - 168 Investigating structural and occupant drivers of annual residential electricity consumption using regularization in regression models
Satre-Meloy A
169 - 183 Time of day effects of temperature and daylight on short term electricity load
Moral-Carcedo J, Perez-Garcia J
184 - 190 Tailoring pyrogenic products from pyrolysis of defatted Euglena gracilis using CO2 as reactive gas medium
Jung JM, Kim S, Lee J, Oh JI, Choi YE, Kwon EE
191 - 197 Local heat, local food: Integrating vertical hydroponic farming with district heating in Sweden
Gentry M
198 - 205 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural production from watermelon peel by microwave hydrothermal liquefaction
Shao YC, Long YY, Zhou Y, Jin ZY, Zhou D, Shen DS
206 - 215 Determinants of willingness-to-pay for attributes of power outage - An empirical discrete choice experiment addressing implications for fuel switching in developing countries
Zemo KH, Kassahun HT, Olsen SB
216 - 235 Experimental and numerical investigations on the thermal performance of a borehole ground heat exchanger with PCM backfill
Yang WB, Xu R, Yang BB, Yang JJ
236 - 245 Influence of the heat capacity of the storage material on the efficiency of thermal regenerators in liquid air energy storage systems
Huttermann L, Span R
246 - 260 Dynamic stall control on a vertical axis wind turbine aerofoil using leading-edge rod
Zhong JW, Li JY, Guo PH, Wang Y
261 - 268 Hydrogen production from ethanol using dielectric barrier discharge
Ulejczyk B, Nogal L, Mlotek M, Krawczyk K
269 - 279 Energy auditing and optimization approach for improving energy efficiency of rice cultivation in south-western Punjab, India
Singh P, Singh G, Sodhi GPS
280 - 291 A realistic vapour phase heat transfer model for the weathering of LNG stored in large tanks
Huerta F, Vesovic V
292 - 309 Efficiency in RF energy harvesting systems: A comprehensive review
Cansiz M, Altinel D, Kurt GK
310 - 322 Integrated hybrid life cycle assessment and contribution analysis for CO2 emission and energy consumption of a concentrated solar power plant in China
Li RX, Zhang HR, Wang HR, Tu QS, Wang XJ
323 - 330 Game theory for multi-objective and multi-period framework generation expansion planning in deregulated markets
Sarjiya, Budi RFS, Hadi SP
331 - 338 Ammonia production from algae via integrated hydrothermal gasification, chemical looping, N-2 production, and NH3 synthesis
Wijayanta AT, Aziz M
339 - 349 Effect of steam concentration on demineralized coal char surface behaviors and structural characteristics during the oxy-steam combustion process
Wang ZZ, Sun R, Zhao YY, Li YP, Ren XH
350 - 358 Assessment of micro-cogeneration network in European mining areas: A prototype system
Paredes-Sanchez JP, Miguez JL, Blanco D, Rodriguez MA, Collazo J
359 - 374 Building envelope design: Multi-objective optimization to minimize energy consumption, global cost and thermal discomfort. Application to different Italian climatic zones
Ascione F, Bianco N, Mauro GM, Napolitano DF
375 - 385 Experimental and numerical study of a hydrokinetic turbine based on tandem flapping hydrofoils
Xu WH, Xu GD, Duan WY, Song ZJ, Lei J
386 - 406 Combined effect of influence of nano additives, combustion chamber geometry and injection timing in a DI diesel engine fuelled with ternary (diesel-biodiesel-ethanol) blends
Venu H, Raju VD, Subramani L
407 - 419 Urban heat island impacts on building energy consumption: A review of approaches and findings
Li XM, Zhou YY, Yu S, Jia GS, Li HD, Li WL
420 - 435 The performance analysis of a novel hybrid solar gradient utilization photocatalytic-thermal-catalytic-Trombe wall system
Yu BD, Yang JC, He W, Qin MH, Zhao XD, Chen HB
436 - 449 Effects of heat source temperature and mixture composition on the combined superiority of dual-pressure evaporation organic Rankine cycle and zeotropic mixtures
Li J, Ge Z, Duan YY, Yang Z
450 - 459 Performance optimization of a coaxial-cylinder wave energy converter
Jin P, Zhou BZ, Goteman M, Chen ZF, Zhang L
460 - 477 A hybrid method based on neural network and improved environmental adaptation method using Controlled Gaussian Mutation with real parameter for short-term load forecasting
Singh P, Dwivedi P, Kant V
478 - 487 A modified Allam cycle without compressors realizing efficient power generation with peak load shifting and CO2 capture
Zhu ZL, Chen YP, Wu JF, Zhang SB, Zheng SX
488 - 496 Application of artificial neural networks for testing long-term energy policy targets
Dozic DJ, Urosevic BDG
497 - 502 Willingness to pay for fuel-cell electric vehicles in South Korea
Kim JH, Kim HJ, Yoo SH
503 - 508 Environmental benefits of taxi ride sharing in Beijing
Cai H, Wang X, Adriaens P, Xu M
509 - 518 Experimental study and numerical analysis of the scaling effect on the flame stabilization of propane/air mixture in the micro-scale porous combustor
Wang W, Zuo ZX, Liu JX
519 - 525 Effects of flue gases (CO/CO2/SO2/H2O/O-2) on NO-Char interaction at high temperatures
Zhao YJ, Feng DD, Li BW, Wang PX, Tan HP, Sun SZ
526 - 533 Investigating various copper oxides-based counter electrodes for dye sensitized solar cell applications
Alami AH, Rajab B, Abed J, Faraj M, Abu Hawili A, Alawadhi H
534 - 542 Parametric analysis on the performance of flat plate collector with transparent insulation material
Zhou LQ, Wang YP, Huang QW
543 - 552 How to approach optimal practical Organic Rankine cycle (OP-ORC) by configuration modification for diesel engine waste heat recovery
Liu P, Shu GQ, Tian H
553 - 561 Performance of a straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine with inclined pitch axes by wind tunnel experiments
Guo J, Zeng P, Lei LP
562 - 575 Changing patterns and determinants of transportation carbon emissions in Chinese cities
Li FY, Cai BF, Ye ZY, Wang Z, Zhang W, Zhou P, Chen J
576 - 590 Real-time operation of multi-micro-grids using a multi-agent system
Keshta HE, Ali AA, Saied EM, Bendary FM
591 - 601 Investment timing and capacity choice under rate-of-return regulation for renewable energy support
Kozlova M, Fleten SE, Hagspiel V
602 - 610 Investigation of functionalized carbon nanotubes' performance on carbon dioxide hydrate formation
Nashed O, Partoon B, Lal B, Sabil KM, Shariff AM
611 - 624 A comprehensive analysis on development and transition of the solar thermal market in China with more than 70% market share worldwide
Huang JP, Tian ZY, Fan JH
625 - 637 Kalina power plant part load modeling: Comparison of different approaches to model part load behavior and validation on real operating data
Dawo F, Wieland C, Spliethoff H
638 - 646 Life cycle analysis of a coal to hydrogen process based on ash agglomerating fluidized bed gasification
Li G, Zhang K, Yang B, Liu F, Weng YJ, Liu ZY, Fang YT
647 - 663 Optimal design and performance analysis of solar hybrid CCHP system considering influence of building type and climate condition
Yang G, Zhai XQ
664 - 677 Experimental investigation on the effect of working fluid charge in a small-scale Organic Rankine Cycle under off-design conditions
Liu LC, Zhu T, Wang TT, Gao NP
678 - 686 Extended exergy accounting for a typical cement industry in China
Song D, Lin L, Wu Y
687 - 695 Correlations between microbial community and C:N:P stoichiometry during the anaerobic digestion process
Mao CL, Wang YB, Wang XJ, Ren GX, Yuan LY, Feng YZ
696 - 707 Optimization of electricity generation and interprovincial trading strategies in Southern China
Wang HY, Su B, Mu HL, Li N, Jiang B, Kong X
708 - 723 Optimal short-term coordination of water-heat-power nexus incorporating plug-in electric vehicles and real-time demand response programs
Jabari F, Jabari H, Mohammadi-ivatloo B, Ghafouri J
724 - 734 Investigation on fusion characteristics of deposition from biomass vibrating grate furnace combustion and its modification
Li FH, Li Y, Fan HL, Wang T, Guo MX, Fang YT
735 - 748 An agglomerative hierarchical clustering-based strategy using Shared Nearest Neighbours and multiple dissimilarity measures to identify typical daily electricity usage profiles of university library buildings
Li KH, Yang RJ, Robinson D, Ma J, Ma ZJ
749 - 767 The integration of exergy criterion in energy planning analysis for 100% renewable system
Bonati A, De Luca G, Fabozzi S, Massarotti N, Vanoli L
768 - 778 Thermodynamic, economic analysis and optimization of a heat pump driven desalination system with open-air humidification dehumidification configurations
He WF, Chen JJ, Zhen MR, Han D
779 - 791 Combustion and regulated/unregulated emissions of a direct injection spark ignition engine fueled with C-3-C-5 alcohol/gasoline surrogate blends
Qian Y, Chen FE, Zhang YH, Tao WC, Han D, Lu XC
792 - 804 Design assessment of a 5 MW fossil-fired supercritical CO2 power cycle pilot loop
Li HZ, Zhang YF, Yao MY, Yang Y, Han WL, Bai WG
805 - 813 The efficiency improvement of AC induction motor with constant frequency technology
Chuang HC, Li GD, Lee CT
814 - 822 Measurement study of the PCI process on the temperature distribution in raceway zone of blast furnace by using digital imaging techniques
Zhou DD, Cheng SS
823 - 834 A multi-objective optimization model for determining the building design and occupant behaviors based on energy, economic, and environmental performance
Hong T, Kim J, Lee M
835 - 847 Entropy generation analysis of heat and water recovery from flue gas by transport membrane condenser
Xiao LH, Yang ML, Zhao SF, Yuan WZ, Huang SM
848 - 860 Energy and exergy flows of a hydrogen supply chain with truck transportation of ammonia or methyl cyclohexane
Ohara S
861 - 872 Quantitative prediction of oil and gas prospects of the Sinian-Lower Paleozoic in the Sichuan Basin in central China
Wang WY, Pang XQ, Chen ZX, Chen DX, Zheng TY, Luo B, Li J, Yu R
873 - 885 Knowledge discovery of data-driven-based fault diagnostics for building energy systems: A case study of the building variable refrigerant flow system
Liu JY, Li GN, Liu B, Li KN, Chen HX
886 - 896 Season specific approach for short-term load forecasting based on hybrid FA-SVM and similarity concept
Barman M, Choudhury NBD
897 - 910 Investigation of biomass conversion on a moving grate by pyrolysis gas analysis and fuel bed modelling
Barroso G, Roth S, Nussbaumer T
911 - 921 A collaborative demand control of nearly zero energy buildings in response to dynamic pricing for performance improvements at cluster level
Huang P, Sun YJ
922 - 931 Experimental and numerical investigation of vitiation effects on the auto-ignition of n-heptane at high temperatures
Zhang DX, Wang YJ, Zhang CH, Li P, Li XY
932 - 937 Replacing commercial thermoelectric generators with a novel electrochemical device in low-grade heat applications
Fathabadi H
938 - 953 Application of the second law of thermodynamics to control: A review
Sangi R, Muller D
954 - 971 Improved design of a multi-stage continuous-resistance trim for minimum energy loss in control valves
Asim T, Oliveira A, Charlton M, Mishra R
972 - 984 Experimental and theoretical investigation on a radiative flat heat pipe heat exchanger
Almahmoud S, Jouhara H
985 - 998 A novel network data envelopment analysis model for performance measurement of Turkish electric distribution companies
Petridis K, Unsal MG, Dey PK, Orkcu HH
999 - 1011 Thermal and solid electrolyte interphase characterization of lithium-ion battery
Chang CC, Huang SY, Chen WH
1012 - 1025 Friction coefficient: A significant parameter for lost circulation control and material selection in naturally fractured reservoir
Xu CY, Yan XP, Kang YL, You LJ, You ZJ, Zhang H, Zhang JY
1026 - 1038 CFD and DEM modelling of particles plugging in shale pores
Yang XY, Chen SY, Shi YP, Feng RM, Cai JH, Jiang GS
1039 - 1048 A unified single stage ammonia-water absorption system configuration with producing best thermal efficiencies for freezing, air-conditioning and space heating applications
Du S, Wang RZ
1049 - 1059 Accounting for local thermal and hydraulic parameters of water fouling development in plate heat exchanger
Kapustenko PO, Klemes JJ, Matsegora OI, Arsenyev PY, Arsenyeva OP
1060 - 1078 Part load ratio characteristics and energy saving performance of standing column well geothermal heat pump system assisted with storage tank in an apartment
Lee DY, Seo BM, Hong SH, Choi JM, Lee KH
1079 - 1090 Memetic reinforcement learning based maximum power point tracking design for PV systems under partial shading condition
Zhang XS, Li SN, He TY, Yang B, Yu T, Li HF, Jiang L, Sun LM
1091 - 1099 Two-stage cascading desorption cycle for sorption thermal energy storage
An GL, Wang LW, Gao J
1100 - 1109 Vibration fault diagnosis of wind turbines based on variational mode decomposition and energy entropy
Chen XJ, Yang YM, Cui ZX, Shen J
1110 - 1120 Which dimensional model for the analysis of a coated tube adsorber for adsorption heat pumps?
Dias JMS, Costa VAF
1121 - 1132 Model of water injection process during closed phase of spark ignition engine
Bernal JLL, Ferreira JV
1133 - 1144 Analysis of a closed-loop water-cooled refrigeration system in the food retail industry: A UK case study
Efstratiadi M, Acha S, Shah N, Markides CN
1145 - 1157 Experimental comparative assessment of butanol or ethanol diesel-fuel extenders impact on combustion features, cyclic irregularity, and regulated emissions balance in heavy-duty diesel engine
Rakopoulos CD, Rakopoulos DC, Kosmadakis GM, Papagiannakis RG
1158 - 1175 A novel method for sizing of standalone photovoltaic system using multi-objective differential evolution algorithm and hybrid multi-criteria decision making methods
Muhsen DH, Nabil M, Haider HT, Khatib T
1176 - 1187 Numerical study and optimization of thermoelectric-hydraulic performance of a novel thermoelectric generator integrated recuperator
Ma T, Qu ZM, Yu XF, Lu X, Chen YT, Wang QW
1188 - 1199 Investigation of the comprehensive performance of turbine stator cascades with heating endwall fences
Han X, Zeng W, Han ZH
1200 - 1209 Experimental study on the characteristics of flame merging and tilt angle from twin propane burners under cross wind
Li B, Wan HX, Gao ZH, Ji J
1210 - 1218 Evaluation of environmental and energy effects of biomass district heating by a wide survey based on operational conditions in Italy
Caputo P, Ferla G, Ferrari S
1219 - 1237 An innovative hybrid system for wind speed forecasting based on fuzzy preprocessing scheme and multi-objective optimization
Li C, Zhu ZJ, Yang HF, Li RR
1238 - 1250 CVaR-constrained scheduling strategy for smart multi carrier energy hub considering demand response and compressed air energy storage
Jadidbonab M, Babaei E, Mohammadi-ivatloo B
1251 - 1266 Energy, environmental and economic evaluations of a CCHP system driven by Stirling engine with helium and hydrogen as working gases
Chahartaghi M, Sheykhi M
1267 - 1275 A destination choice model for very large gas carriers (VLGC) loading from the US Gulf
Bai XW, Lam JSL
1276 - 1282 Experimental studies of mitigating premixed flame-excited thermoacoustic oscillations in T-shaped Combustor using an electrical heater
Wu G, Xu X, Li S, Ji C
1283 - 1291 Synergistic bio-oil production from hydrothermal co-liquefaction of Spirulina platensis and alpha-Cellulose
Feng H, He ZX, Zhang B, Chen HT, Wang Q, Kandasamy S
1292 - 1304 Deep learning aided interval state prediction for improving cyber security in energy internet
Wang HZ, Ruan JQ, Ma ZW, Zhou B, Fu XQ, Cao GZ