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1 - 15 Feasibility of ORC application in natural gas compressor stations
Bianchi M, Branchini L, De Pascale A, Melino F, Peretto A, Archetti D, Campana F, Ferrari T, Rossetti N
16 - 27 Performance simulation of a parallel dual-pressure once-through steam generator
Chen YZ, Li YG, Newby MA
28 - 37 Performance and feasibility study of hybrid ground source heat pump system assisted with cooling tower for one office building based on one Shanghai case
Liu ZJ, Li YW, Xu W, Yin H, Gao J, Jin GY, Lun LY, Jin GH
38 - 47 Energy saving with Optic-Variable Wall for stable air temperature control
Wang C, Guo XF, Zhu Y
48 - 58 Research on effects of early intake valve closure (EIVC) miller cycle on combustion and emissions of marine diesel engines at medium and low loads
Wei SL, Zhao XQ, Liu X, Qu XN, He CH, Leng XY
59 - 74 Energy and economic analysis of air-to-air heat pumps as an alternative to domestic gas boiler heating systems in the South of Italy
Ala G, Orioli A, Di Gangi A
75 - 91 Building heating and cooling load under different neighbourhood forms: Assessing the effect of external convective heat transfer
Shen PY, Dai MK, Xu P, Dong W
92 - 108 Numerical analysis of heat mining and geological carbon sequestration in supercritical CO2 circulating enhanced geothermal systems inlayed with complex discrete fracture networks
Wang Y, Li T, Chen Y, Ma GW
109 - 120 Experimental study on the impact of adding NH3 on NO production in coal combustion and the effects of char, coal ash, and additives on NH3 reducing NO under high temperature
Fan WD, Wu XF, Guo H, Zhu JT, Liu P, Chen C, Wang Y
121 - 132 Power performance assessment of H-rotor vertical axis wind turbines with different aspect ratios in turbulent flows via experiments
Peng HY, Lam HF, Liu HJ
133 - 139 Potential of bioethanol production waste for methane recovery
Rocha-Meneses L, Raud M, Orupold K, Kikas T
140 - 150 Co-liquefaction of sewage sludge and rice straw/wood sawdust: The effect of process parameters on the yields/properties of bio-oil and biochar products
Huang HJ, Chang YC, Lai FY, Zhou CF, Pan ZQ, Xiao XF, Wang JX, Zhou CH
151 - 161 Performance improvement of polymer fuel cell by simultaneously inspection of catalyst loading, catalyst content and ionomer using home-made cathodic half-cell and response surface method
Roudbari MN, Ojani R, Raoof JB
162 - 173 Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of liquefied air energy storage system
He Q, Wang LJ, Zhou Q, Lu C, Du DM, Liu WY
174 - 195 The investigation of thermo-economic performance and conceptual design for the miniaturized lead-cooled fast reactor composing supercritical CO2 power cycle
Li MJ, Xu JL, Cao F, Guo JQ, Tong ZX, Zhu HH
196 - 206 Influence of coupling action of oxygenated fuel and gas circuit oxygen on hydrocarbons formation in diesel engine
Han ZQ, Li BL, Tian W, Xia Q, Leng SP
207 - 217 Computational investigation of the flow inside a Tesla turbine rotor
Ciappi L, Fiaschi D, Niknam PH, Talluri L
218 - 228 Ultrasound intensify CO2 desorption from pressurized loaded monoethanolamine solutions. II. Optimization and cost estimation
Ying JR, Eimer DA, Mathisen A, Brakstad F, Haugen HA
229 - 243 Upgrading existing gas-steam combined cycle power plants through steam injection and methane steam reforming
Carapellucci R, Giordano L
244 - 262 Applicability of thermoelectric heat pump in a dedicated outdoor air system
Cheon SY, Lim H, Jeong JW
263 - 277 Study on the comprehensive utilization of city kitchen waste as a resource in China
Wang HX, Xu JL, Sheng LX
278 - 289 Facile fabrication and nanostructure control of mesoporous iridium oxide films for efficient electrocatalytic water oxidation
Chandra D, Sato T, Tanahashi Y, Takeuchi R, Yagi M
290 - 305 An experimental analysis on the effect of n-pentanol- Calophyllum Inophyllum Biodiesel binary blends in CI engine characteristcis
Ashok B, Jeevanantham AK, Nanthagopal K, Saravanan B, Kumar MS, Johny A, Mohan A, Kaisan MU, Abubakar S
306 - 316 Modeling heat transfer properties in an ORC direct contact evaporator using RBF neural network combined with EMD
Huang JW, Xiao QT, Liu JJ, Wang H
317 - 331 Information needs for progressive BIM methodology supporting the holistic energy renovation of office buildings
Stegnar G, Cerovsek T
332 - 351 Analysis of the prospective vibrational energy harvesting of heavy-duty truck suspensions: A simulation approach
Abdelkareem MAA, Xu L, Ali MKA, El-Daly ARBM, Hassan MA, Elagouz A, Bo Y
352 - 363 Thermodynamic analysis of a 660 MW ultra-supercritical CFB boiler unit
Zhu SH, Zhang M, Huang YQ, Wu YX, Yang HR, Lyu JF, Gao XY, Wang FJ, Yue GX
364 - 373 Enhancement of efficiency for steam cycle of thermal power plants using process integration
Chauhan SS, Khanam S
374 - 383 Renewable and non-renewable categories of energy consumption and trade: Do the development degree and the industrialization degree matter?
Amri F
384 - 399 Probabilistic optimization in operation of energy hub with participation of renewable energy resources and demand response
Rakipour D, Barati H
400 - 412 Optimising energy flows and synergies between energy networks
Badami M, Fambri G
413 - 422 Optimization of hydrothermal co-liquefaction of seaweeds with lignocellulosic biomass: Merging 2nd and 3rd generation feedstocks for enhanced bio-oil production
Yuan C, Wang S, Cao B, Hu YM, Abomohra A, Wang Q, Qian LL, Liu L, Liu XL, He ZX, Sun CQ, Feng YQ, Zhang B
423 - 435 Liberalisation lowers primary energy efficiency: Evidence from twin power systems
Tsybina E, Moreno-Cruz J, Tereshin A
436 - 442 Optimization of Y2O3 dopant concentration of yttria stabilized zirconia thin film electrolyte prepared by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition for high performance thin film solid oxide fuel cells
Cho GY, Lee YH, Yu W, An J, Cha SW
443 - 456 Design optimization and sensitivity analysis of the radiation mini-channel metal hydride reactor
Wang D, Wang YQ, Huang ZN, Yang FS, Wu Z, Zheng L, Wu L, Zhang ZX
457 - 467 Parameter estimation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells using eagle strategy based on JAYA algorithm and Nelder-Mead simplex method
Xu SH, Wang Y, Wang Z
468 - 482 Modeling for chaotic time series based on linear and nonlinear framework: Application to wind speed forecasting
Jiang P, Wang B, Li HM, Lu HY
483 - 493 Trade off between environment, energy consumption and human development: Do levels of economic development matter?
Tran NV, Tran QV, Do LTT, Dinh LH, Do HTT
494 - 510 Comparative assessment of hexanol and decanol as oxygenated additives with calophyllum inophyllum biodiesel
Ashok B, Nanthagopal K, Darla S, Chyuan OH, Ramesh A, Jacob A, Sahil G, Thiyagarajan S, Geo VE
511 - 522 A novel two-stage enriched air biomass gasification for producing low-tar high heating value fuel gas: Pilot verification and performance analysis
Niu MM, Huang YJ, Jin BS, Liang SH, Dong Q, Gu HM, Sun RY
523 - 539 Numerical analysis of radial and angular stratification in turbulent swirling flames
Sahebjamei M, Amani E, Nobari MRH
540 - 547 Experimental and numerical investigation of a micro-thermophotovoltaic system with different backward-facing steps and wall thicknesses
Peng QG, Jiaqiang E, Yang WM, Xu HP, Chen JW, Zhang F, Meng T, Qiu RZ
548 - 553 Location of electric vehicle charging stations: A perspective using the grey decision-making model
Ren XQ, Zhang HM, Hu RH, Qiu YM
554 - 568 Dynamic multi agent-based management and load frequency control of PV/Fuel cell/ wind turbine/ CHP in autonomous microgrid system
Yu DM, Zhu HM, Han WQ, Holburn D
569 - 585 Performance assessment of a rigid wing Airborne Wind Energy pumping system
Licitra G, Koenemann J, Burger A, Williams P, Ruiterkamp R, Diehl M
586 - 597 Experimental study of the heat transfer problem in expansion devices in CO2 refrigeration systems
Mastrowski M, Smolka J, Hafner A, Haida M, Palacz M, Banasiak K
598 - 609 A novel modification on preheating process of natural gas in pressure reduction stations to improve energy consumption, exergy destruction and CO2 emission: Preheating based on real demand
Olfati M, Bahiraei M, Veysi F
610 - 625 Simulation and evaluation of utilization pathways of biomasses based on thermodynamic data prediction
Qian HL, Chen W, Zhu WW, Liu C, Lu XH, Guo XJ, Huang DC, Liang XD, Kontogeorgis GM
626 - 636 An investigation of mixture formation characteristics of a free-piston gasoline engine with direct-injection
Yuan CH, Liu Y, Han CJ, He YT
637 - 646 Flow field design pathways from lab-scale toward large-scale flow batteries
Sun J, Zheng ML, Yang ZS, Yu ZT
647 - 657 The impact of battery energy storage for renewable energy power grids in Australia
Keck F, Lenzen M, Vassallo A, Li MY
658 - 666 Selective low temperature chemical looping combustion of higher alkanes with Cu- and Mn-oxides
Gulec F, Meredith W, Sun CG, Snape CE
667 - 678 Model predictive energy management for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles considering optimal battery depth of discharge
Xie SB, Hu XS, Qi SW, Tang XL, Lang K, Xin ZK, Brighton J
679 - 690 A bottom-up model of industrial energy system with positive mathematical programming
Lee H, Eom J, Cho C, Koo Y
691 - 705 A novel cryogenic energy storage system with LNG direct expansion regasification: Design, energy optimization, and exergy analysis
Lee I, Park J, You FQ, Moon I
706 - 720 Time frequency relationship between energy consumption, economic growth and environmental degradation in the United States: Evidence from transportation sector
Raza SA, Shah N, Sharif A
721 - 731 Simultaneous experimental comparison of low-GWP refrigerants as drop-in replacements to R245fa for Organic Rankine cycle application: R1234ze(Z), R1233zd(E), and R1336mzz(E)
Yang JY, Ye ZH, Yu BB, Ouyang HS, Chen JP
732 - 739 Gasification performance of the hydrochar derived from co-hydrothermal carbonization of sewage sludge and sawdust
Ma J, Chen MJ, Yang TX, Liu ZG, Jiao WT, Li D, Gai C
740 - 754 Investigation of mass and heat transfer transitional processes of water droplets in wet gas flow in the framework of energy recovery technologies for biofuel combustion and flue gas removal
Miliauskas G, Maziukiene M, Jouhara H, Poskas R
755 - 771 Numerical analysis and performance assessment of the Thermal Energy Storage unit aimed to be utilized in Smart Electric Thermal Storage (SETS)
Cisek P, Taler D
772 - 784 A new approach to generate turbine map data in the sub-idle operation regime of gas turbines
Kim JH, Kim TS
785 - 798 Thermodynamic performance analysis of different supercritical Brayton cycles using CO2-based binary mixtures in the molten salt solar power tower systems
Guo JQ, Li MJ, Xu JL, Yan JJ, Wang K
799 - 808 The development of a process simulation model for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of a vapor solvent-based oil sands extraction and recovery process
Soiket MIH, Oni AO, Kumar A
809 - 819 Effect of nitrogen doping on the electrochemical performance of resorcinol-formaldehyde based carbon aerogels as electrode material for supercapacitor applications
Mirzaeian M, Abbas Q, Gibson D, Mazur M
820 - 832 Energy and exergy analysis of an air-cooled waste heat-driven absorption refrigeration cycle using R290/oil as working fluid
Gao Y, He GG, Chen PD, Zhao X, Cai DH
833 - 843 Energy audit for pyro-processing unit of a new generation cement plant and feasibility study for recovering waste heat: A case study
Ghalandari V, Majd MM, Golestanian A
844 - 856 Numerical analysis of operating conditions effects on PEMFC with anode recirculation
Wang BW, Wu KC, Xi FQ, Xuan J, Xie X, Wang XY, Jiao K
857 - 869 LNG-FSRU cold energy recovery regasification using a zeotropic mixture of ethane and propane
Yoonho L
870 - 882 Effects of supercritical CO2 adsorption on the mechanical characteristics and failure mechanisms of shale
Feng G, Kang Y, Sun ZD, Wang XC, Hu YQ
883 - 892 Performance, combustion and emission characteristics of juliflora biodiesel fuelled DI diesel engine
Asokan MA, Prabu SS, Bade PKK, Nekkanti VM, Gutta SG
893 - 901 Exergy loss based allocation method for hybrid renewable-fossil power plants applied to an integrated solar combined cycle
Iora P, Beretta GP, Ghoniem AF
902 - 910 Direct aqueous carbonation on olivine at a CO2 partial pressure of 6.5 MPa
Li JJ, Jacobs AD, Hitch M
911 - 925 Analysis of the effect of the hydrogen as main fuel on the performance of a modified compression ignition engine with water injection
Serrano J, Jimenez-Espadafor FJ, Lopez A
926 - 936 The use of pressure hot water storage tanks to improve the energy flexibility of the steam power unit
Trojan M, Taler D, Dzierwa P, Taler J, Kaczmarski K, Wrona J
937 - 950 Flywheel hybridization to improve battery life in energy storage systems coupled to RES plants
Barelli L, Bidini G, Bonucci F, Castellini L, Fratini A, Gallorini F, Zuccari A
951 - 958 The performance of COD removal and hydrogen production in a single stage system from starch using the consortium PB-Z under simulated natural conditions
Liu YX, Liang T, Yuan X, Lv YK
959 - 970 Predicting intra-day load profiles under time-of-use tariffs using smart meter data
Kiguchi Y, Heo Y, Weeks M, Choudhary R
971 - 984 Flexible electricity dispatch for CSP plant using un-fired closed air Brayton cycle with particles based thermal energy storage system
Rovense F, Reyes-Belmonte MA, Gonzalez-Aguilar J, Amelio M, Bova S, Romero M
985 - 994 Study on the formation and dissipation mechanism of gas phase products during rapid pyrolysis of superfine pulverized coal in entrained flow reactor
Luo L, Zhang H, Jiao AY, Jiang YZ, Liu JX, Jiang XM, Tian F
995 - 1005 Simulation of rapid increase in the steam mass flow rate at a supercritical power boiler outlet
Zima W
1006 - 1020 Numerical simulation research on the unique thermal deviation in a 1000 MW tower type boiler
Wu XF, Fan WD, Liu YC, Bian B
1021 - 1029 Enhancement of methane production from anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge with choline supplement
Yu L, Bian C, Zhu NW, Shen YW, Yuan HP
1030 - 1040 High-temperature PCM-based thermal energy storage for industrial furnaces installed in energy-intensive industries
Royo P, Acevedo L, Ferreira VJ, Garcia-Armingol T, Lopez-Sabiron AM, Ferreira G
1041 - 1053 Analysis of cyclic aging performance of commercial Li4Ti5O12-based batteries at room temperature
Liu SJ, Winter M, Lewerenz M, Becker J, Sauer DU, Ma ZY, Jiang JC
1054 - 1077 Thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical couplings controlling CH4 production and CO2 sequestration in enhanced coalbed methane recovery
Fan CJ, Elsworth D, Li S, Zhou LJ, Yang ZH, Song Y
1078 - 1091 Private investor-based distributed generation expansion planning considering uncertainties of renewable generations
Barati F, Jadid S, Zangeneh A
1092 - 1105 Portfolio optimization of energy communities to meet reductions in costs and emissions
Fleischhacker A, Lettner G, Schwabeneder D, Auer H
1106 - 1118 Forecasting annual natural gas consumption using socio-economic indicators for making future policies
Sen D, Gunay ME, Tunc KMM
1119 - 1129 Process design and economic optimization of boil-off-gas re-liquefaction systems for LNG carriers
Kim D, Hwang C, Gundersen T, Lim Y
1130 - 1140 Process simulation of hydrogen rich gas production from producer gas using HTS catalysis
Patra TK, Mukherjee S, Sheth PN
1141 - 1153 The development of a hydrocarbon high temperature heat pump for waste heat recovery
Bamigbetan O, Eikevik TM, Neksa P, Bantle M, Schlemminger C
1154 - 1171 Assessment of battery-hybrid diesel-electric locomotive fuel savings and emission reduction potentials based on a realistic mountainous rail route
Cipek M, Pavkovic D, Kljaic Z, Mlinaric TJ
1172 - 1181 Computational investigation of a lifted hydrogen flame with LES and FGM
Benim AC, Pfeiffelmann B, Oclon P, Taler J
1182 - 1195 Assessing solar potential and battery instalment for self-sufficient buildings with simplified model
Kovac M, Stegnar G, Al-Mansour F, Merse S, Pecjak A
1196 - 1207 Comparison of two-prototype near-horizontal Drain Water Heat Recovery units on the basis of effectiveness
Pochwat K, Kordana S, Starzec M, Slys D
1208 - 1220 Stabilizing operation of a solar aided power generation (SAPG) plant by adjusting the burners' tilt and attemperation flows in the boiler
Huang C, Hou HJ, Hu E, Yu G, Peng H, Zhao J, Yang YP
1221 - 1233 A minimal simplified model for assessing and devising global LNG equilibrium trade portfolios while maximizing energy security
Magnier HJ, Jrad A
1234 - 1241 The effects of oil and gasoline prices on confidence and stock return of the energy companies for Turkey and the US
Bildirici ME, Badur MM
1242 - 1255 Accelerated start-up of the steam turbine by means of controlled cooling steam injection
Badur J, Bryk M
1256 - 1272 Dual fluidized bed steam gasification: Change of product gas quality along the reactor height
Mauerhofer AM, Schmid JC, Benedikt F, Fuchs J, Muller S, Hofbauer H
1273 - 1284 The implications of choice between sour and sweet shift on process design and operation of an IGCC power plant integrated with a dual-stage selexol unit
Zhang YX, Ahn H
1285 - 1303 Energy utilization in major crop cultivation
Elsoragaby S, Yahya A, Mahadi MR, Nawi NM, Mairghany M
1304 - 1305 Optimization of a hybrid solar-fossil fuel plant: Solar steam reforming of methane in a combined cycle (vol 51, pg 193, 2013)
Konig A, Sheu EJ, Mitsos A
1306 - 1306 Biofuels from broom clearings: Production and combustion in commercial boilers (vol 141, pg 1845, 2017)
Mediavilla I, Borjabad E, Fernandez MJ, Ramos R, Perez P, Bados R, Carrasco JE, Esteban LS