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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 17 Energy optimization of high-rise commercial buildings integrated with photovoltaic facades in urban context
Chen X, Yang HX, Peng JQ
18 - 25 Original Pt-Sn/Al2O3 catalyst for selective hydrodeoxygenation of vegetable oils
Zharova PA, Chistyakov AV, Shapovalov SS, Pasynskii AA, Tsodikov MV
26 - 35 Optimization of local porosity in the electrode as an advanced channel for all-vanadium redox flow battery
Yoon SJ, Kim S, Kim DK
36 - 44 Performance study of supplying cooling load and output power combined cycle using the cold energy of the small scale LNG
Ning JH, Sun ZL, Dong Q, Liu XH
45 - 56 Capacity certificate mechanism: A step forward toward a market based generation capacity incentive
Heidarizadeh M, Ahmadian M
57 - 67 Numerical investigation and optimization of an experimentally analyzed solar CPC
Korres DN, Tzivanidis C
68 - 78 Theoretical simulation of the optimal relation between active material, binder and conductive additive for lithium-ion battery cathodes
Miranda D, Goren A, Costa CM, Silva MM, Almeida AM, Lanceros-Mendez S
79 - 105 Distributed energy resource and network expansion planning of a CCHP based active microgrid considering demand response programs
Varasteh F, Nazar MS, Heidari A, Shafie-khah M, Catalao JPS
106 - 116 Design validation and analysis of the drive range enhancement and battery bank deration in electric vehicle integrated with split power solar source
Prasad RM, Krishnamoorthy A
117 - 133 Combustion and emission characteristics of premixed CNG/H-2/CO/CO2 blending synthetic gas flames in a combustor with variable geometric swirl number
Yilmaz H, Yilmaz I
134 - 140 Enhancing the performance of an underwater piezoelectric energy harvester based on flow-induced vibration
Shan XB, Li HL, Yang YC, Feng J, Wang YC, Xie T
141 - 154 Investigation of energy performance and operational schemes of a Tibet-focused PCM-integrated solar heating system employing a dynamic energy simulation model
Zhao J, Yuan YP, Haghighat F, Lu J, Feng GH
155 - 172 Fuel cell membranes - Pros and cons
Ogungbemi E, Ijaodola O, Khatib FN, Wilberforce T, El Hassan Z, Thompson J, Ramadan M, Olabi AG
173 - 180 Enhancing power generation and treatment of dairy waste water in microbial fuel cell using Cu-doped iron oxide nanoparticles decorated anode
Sekar AD, Jayabalan T, Muthukumar H, Chandrasekaran NI, Mohamed SN, Matheswaran M
181 - 195 On using the minimum energy dissipation to estimate the steady-state of a flow network and discussion about the resulting power-law:application to tree-shaped networks in HVAC systems
Soto-Frances VM, Pinazo-Ojer JM, Sarabia-Escriva EJ, Martinez-Beltran PJ
196 - 206 Power optimization of the environmental control system for the civil more electric aircraft
Yang YC, Gao ZC
207 - 219 Direct hydrocarbon fuel cells: A promising technology for improving energy efficiency
Mohammed H, Al-Othman A, Nancarrow P, Tawalbeh M, Assad ME
220 - 231 Numerical modeling and parametric study of a vertical earth-to-air heat exchanger system
Liu ZX, Yu Z, Yang TT, Roccamena L, Sun PC, Li SS, Zhang GQ, El Mankibi M
232 - 242 Comparison of the biochemical and thermochemical routes for bioenergy production: A techno-economic (TEA), energetic and environmental assessment
Garcia-Velasquez CA, Cardona CA
243 - 254 Who will buy electric vehicles after early adopters? Using machine learning to identify the electric vehicle mainstream market
de Rubens GZ
255 - 269 Energy efficiency in industry: EU and national policies in Italy and the UK
Malinauskaite J, Jouhara H, Ahmad L, Milani M, Montorsi L, Venturelli M
270 - 285 Relationship between pore structure and mechanical properties of shale on supercritical carbon dioxide saturation
Lu YY, Chen XY, Tang JR, Li HL, Zhou L, Han SB, Ge ZL, Xia BW, Shen HJ, Zhang J
286 - 303 Enhancing the performance of a parallel nitrogen expansion liquefaction process (NELP) using the multi-objective particle swarm optimization (MOPSO) algorithm
Mofid H, Jazayeri-Rad H, Shahbazian M, Fetanat A
304 - 319 Thermodynamic and economic analysis of a hybrid ocean thermal energy conversion/photovoltaic system with hydrogen-based energy storage system
Khosravi A, Syri S, Assad MEH, Malekan M
320 - 332 Energy-saving investigation for diethyl carbonate synthesis through the reactive dividing wall column combining the vapor recompression heat pump or different pressure thermally coupled technique
Yang A, Sun SR, Eslamimanesh A, Wei SA, Shen WF
333 - 342 Global oil traffic network and diffusion of influence among ports using real time data
Peng P, Poon JPH, Yang Y, Lu F, Cheng SF
343 - 353 Analysis of gas network storage capacity for alternative fuels in Poland
Szoplik J, Stelmasinska P
354 - 365 Optimized energy consumption model for smart home using improved differential evolution algorithm
Essiet IO, Sun YX, Wang ZH
366 - 379 Computational study on the effect of collector cover inclination angle, absorber plate diameter and chimney height on flow and performance parameters of solar updraft tower (SUT) plant
Das P, Chandramohan VP
380 - 390 Computational modeling and experimental analysis of heterojunction with intrinsic thin-layer photovoltaic module under different environmental conditions
Gulkowski S, Diez JVM, Tejero JA, Nofuentes G
391 - 400 Effect of flow losses in heat exchangers on the performance of organic Rankine cycle
Sun HC, Qin J, Hung TC, Huang HY, Yan PG, Lin CH
401 - 408 Combined heat and water system for long-distance heat transportation
Li YM, Pan WB, Xia JJ, Jiang Y
409 - 422 Evaporatively-cooled facade integrated with photovoltaic thermal panel applied in hot and humid climates
Al Touma A, Ouahrani D
423 - 434 Natural gas hydrates: Comparison between two different applications of thermal stimulation for performing CO2 replacement
Gambelli AM, Rossi F
435 - 442 Sensitivity analysis of operation parameters on the system performance of organic rankine cycle system using orthogonal experiment
Xi H, Zhang HH, He YL, Huang ZH
443 - 456 Residential demand response considering distributed PV consumption: A model based on China's PV policy
Lu Q, Yu H, Zhao KL, Leng YJ, Hou JC, Xie PJ
457 - 466 Reasons for recent stagnancy of carbon emissions in China's industrial sectors
Wu R, Geng Y, Cui XW, Gao ZY, Liu ZQ
467 - 476 Improving the performance of volumetric solar receivers with a spectrally selective gradual structure and swirling characteristics
Zhu QB, Xuan YM
477 - 486 Analysis of energy saving potentials in intelligent manufacturing: A case study of bakery plants
Wang YX, Li K, Gan SJ, Cameron C
487 - 497 Energy prices volatility and the United Kingdom: Evidence from a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model
Aminu N
498 - 508 Monte Carlo Simulation approach for economic risk analysis of an emergency energy generation system
Zaroni H, Maciel LB, Carvalho DB, Pamplona ED
509 - 516 Valorization of eucalyptus urograndis wood via carbonization: Product yields and characterization
Silva FTM, Ataide CH
517 - 530 Numerical investigations on serpentine channel for supercritical CO2 recuperator
Cui XY, Guo JF, Huai XL, Zhang HY, Cheng KY, Zhou JZ
531 - 544 Furanic biofuels production from biomass using Cu-based heterogeneous catalysts
Viar N, Requies JM, Agirre I, Iriondo A, Arias PL
545 - 554 Hydrothermal pretreatment of safflower straw to enhance biogas production
Hashemi SS, Karimi K, Mirmohamadsadeghi S
555 - 565 Model predictive control for load frequency of hybrid power system with wind power and thermal power
Liu JZ, Yao Q, Hu Y
566 - 579 Cofiring characteristics of coal blended with torrefied Miscanthus biochar optimized with three Taguchi indexes
Huang CW, Li YH, Xiao KL, Lasek J
580 - 591 Effects of thermal conductivity and density on phase change materials-based thermal energy storage systems
Peng BL, Huang GH, Wang PT, Li WM, Chang W, Ma JX, Li C
592 - 598 Pressure retarded osmosis: Operating in a compromise between power density and energy efficiency
Long R, Lai XT, Liu ZC, Liu W
599 - 617 Morphology-controlled synthesis of microencapsulated phase change materials with TiO2 shell for thermal energy harvesting and temperature regulation
Liu H, Wang XD, Wu DZ, Ji SF
618 - 629 Performance enhancement of industrial high loaded gas compressor using Coanda jet flap
Du J, Li YW, Li ZH, Li JC, Wang ZN, Zhang HW
630 - 646 Day-ahead stochastic multi-objective economic/emission operational scheduling of a large scale virtual power plant
Hadayeghparast S, Farsangi AS, Shayanfar H
647 - 660 Transient analysis of solar polygeneration systems including seawater desalination: A comparison between linear Fresnel and evacuated solar collectors
Calise F, d'Accadia MD, Vanoli R, Vicidomini M
661 - 674 A comprehensive understanding of enhanced condensation heat transfer using phase separation concept
Xie J, Xu JH, Liang C, She QT, Li MJ
675 - 690 Investigating potential benefits of a salinity gradient solar pond for ejector refrigeration cycle coupled with a thermoelectric generator
Rostamzadeh H, Nourani P
691 - 701 Do oil prices drive agricultural commodity prices? Further evidence in a global bio-energy context
Su CW, Wang XQ, Tao R, Oana-Ramona L
702 - 711 Analysis of the effect of different hydrogen/diesel ratios on the performance and emissions of a modified compression ignition engine under dual-fuel mode with water injection. Hydrogen-diesel dual-fuel mode
Serrano J, Jimenez-Espadafor FJ, Lopez A
712 - 732 Theoretical model of energy performance prediction and BEP determination for centrifugal pump as turbine
Liu M, Tan L, Cao SL
733 - 739 Hydrogen enrichment of biogas via dry and autothermal-dry reforming with pure nickel (Ni) nanoparticle
Rosha P, Mohapatra SK, Mahla SK, Dhir A
740 - 751 Electricity system and emission impact of direct and indirect electrification of heavy-duty transportation
Keller V, Lyseng B, Wade C, Scholtysik S, Fowler M, Donald J, Palmer-Wilson K, Robertson B, Wild P, Rowe A
752 - 768 An agent-based model for energy investment decisions in the residential sector
Sachs J, Meng YM, Giarola S, Hawkes A
769 - 776 Comparison and analysis of two nitrogen expansion cycles for BOG Re-liquefaction systems for small LNG ships
Yin L, Ju YL
777 - 786 Life-cycle assessment of SNG and power generation: The role of implement of chemical looping combustion for carbon capture
He YD, Zhu L, Li LL, Rao D
787 - 793 Design and synchronizing of Pelton turbine with centrifugal pump in RO package
Sani AE
794 - 807 Multi-objective combined heat and power unit commitment using particle swarm optimization
Anand H, Narang N, Dhillon JS
808 - 822 Conditions accommodating a dominant stakeholder in the design of renewable air conditioning systems for tourism complexes
Hernandez-Romero IM, Fuentes-Cortes LF, Napoles-Rivera F
823 - 839 Evaluation of electric vehicle component performance over eco-driving cycles
Gao ZM, LaClair T, Ou SQ, Huff S, Wu GY, Hao P, Boriboonsomsin K, Barth M
840 - 851 Energy management and economic analysis for a fuel cell supercapacitor excavator
Li TY, Huang LT, Liu HY
852 - 860 Comparisons of Nu correlations for H2O/LiBr solution in plate heat exchanger for triple effect absorption chiller application
Song JY, Lee JW, Kang YT
861 - 873 Assessing the impact of Brazilian economic growth on demand for electricity
de Lima LM, Bacchi MRP
874 - 880 Bending-durable membrane-electrode assembly using metal nanowires for bendable polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Kang YS, Won P, Ko SH, Park T, Yoo SJ
881 - 891 Analysis of thermal and flow phenomena in natural circulation boiler evaporator
Gradziel S
892 - 912 Rapid multi-objective optimization with multi-year future weather condition and decision-making support for building retrofit
Shen PY, Braham W, Yi Y, Eaton E
913 - 921 Least-cost operation of a battery swapping station with random customer requests
Mahoor M, Hosseini ZS, Khodaei A
922 - 931 Wind turbine control using T-S systems with nonlinear consequent parts
Moodi H, Bustan D
932 - 944 Simulation of steam superheater operation under conditions of pressure decrease
Zima W
945 - 957 An improved NSGA-III integrating adaptive elimination strategy to solution of many-objective optimal power flow problems
Zhang J, Wang S, Tang QH, Zhou YL, Zeng T
958 - 967 A model-based control strategy to recover cooling energy from thermal mass in commercial buildings
Shan K, Wang JY, Hu MM, Gao DC
968 - 976 Experimental and numerical study on the influence of cooled EGR on knock tendency, performance and emissions of a downsized spark-ignition engine
Tornatore C, Bozza F, De Bellis V, Teodosio L, Valentino G, Marchitto L
977 - 990 Role of electricity interconnections and impact of the geographical scale on the French potential of producing hydrogen via electricity surplus by 2035
Tlili O, Mansilla C, Robinius M, Syranidis K, Reuss M, Linssen J, Andre J, Perez Y, Stolten D
991 - 996 Lowering the pressure in district heating and cooling networks by alternating the connection of the expansion vessel
Sommer T, Mennel S, Sulzer M
997 - 1004 Hybrid renewable energy systems: Influence of short term forecasting on model predictive control performance
Bartolucci L, Cordiner S, Mulone V, Santarelli M
1005 - 1015 Microgrids with energy storage systems as a means to increase power resilience: An application to office buildings
Rosales-Asensio E, de Simon-Martin M, Borge-Diez D, Blanes-Peiro JJ, Colmenar-Santos A
1016 - 1026 Experimental study and energy saving potential analysis of a hybrid air treatment cooling system in tropical climates
Cui X, Islam MR, Chua KJ
1027 - 1036 Energy recovery potential of anaerobic digestion of excess sludge from high-rate activated sludge systems co-treating municipal wastewater and food waste
Guven H, Ersahin ME, Dereli RK, Ozgun H, Isik I, Ozturk I
1037 - 1052 Performance analysis of a solar dryer integrated with the packed bed thermal energy storage (TES) system
Atalay H
1053 - 1065 An energy-saving oriented air balancing strategy for multi-zone demand-controlled ventilation system
Jing G, Cai WJ, Zhang X, Cui C, Yin XH, Xian HC
1066 - 1078 Efficiency investigation on energy harvesting from airflows in HVAC system based on galloping of isosceles triangle sectioned bluff bodies
Wang JL, Tang LH, Zhao LY, Zhang Z
1079 - 1086 Obstacles of solar-powered photocatalytic water splitting for hydrogen production: A perspective from energy flow and mass flow
Guo LJ, Chen YB, Su JZ, Liu MC, Liu Y
1087 - 1097 Estimating the diffusion of rooftop PVs: A real estate economics perspective
Vimpari J, Junnila S
1098 - 1116 Zone method based coupled simulation of industrial steam cracking furnaces
Hu GH, Zhang Y, Du WL, Long J, Qian F
1117 - 1131 High efficiency SNG production from biomass and electricity by integrating gasification with pressurized solid oxide electrolysis cells
Clausen LR, Butera G, Jensen SHJ
1132 - 1143 Thermodynamic analysis of a 200 MWh electricity storage system based on high temperature thermal energy storage
Attonaty K, Stouffs P, Pouvreau J, Oriol J, Deydier A
1144 - 1150 Natural microtubule encapsulated phase change material with high thermal energy storage capacity
Song SK, Zhao TT, Qiu F, Zhu WT, Chen TR, Guo Y, Zhang Y, Wang YQ, Feng R, Liu Y, Xiong CX, Zhou J, Dong LJ
1151 - 1160 Energy use efficiency, GHG emissions, and cost-effectiveness of organic and sustainable fertilisation
Sarauskis E, Masilionyte L, Juknevicius D, Buragiene S, Kriauciuniene Z
1161 - 1178 Real-time optimal energy management strategy for a dual-mode power-split hybrid electric vehicle based on an explicit model predictive control algorithm
Li XM, Han LJ, Liu H, Wang WD, Xiang CL
1179 - 1186 Implementation of machine learning based real time range estimation method without destination knowledge for BEVs
Yavasoglu HA, Tetik YE, Gokce K
1187 - 1197 Numerical investigations investigations of optimal phase change material incorporated into ventilated walls
Ling HS, Wang L, Chen C, Chen HS
1198 - 1210 Dynamic linkages and spillover effects between CET market, coal market and stock market of new energy companies: A case of Beijing CET market in China
Lin BQ, Chen YF
1211 - 1224 Thermo-mechanical analysis on a compact thermoelectric cooler
Gong TR, Wu YJ, Gao L, Zhang L, Li JT, Ming TZ
1225 - 1242 An efficient correlation for heat and mass transfer effectiveness in tumble-type clothes dryer drums
Gluesenkamp KR, Boudreaux P, Patel VK, Goodman D, Shen B
1243 - 1253 Exergy and cost analyses of waste heat recovery from furnace cement slag for clean hydrogen production
Ishaq H, Dincer I, Naterer GF
1254 - 1267 Looking under the hood: A comparison of techno-economic assumptions across national and global integrated assessment models
Krey V, Guo F, Kolp P, Zhou WJ, Schaeffer R, Awasthy A, Bertram C, de Boer HS, Fragkos P, Fujimori S, He CM, Iyer G, Keramidas K, Koberle AC, Oshiro K, Reis LA, Shoai-Tehrani B, Vishwanathan S, Capros P, Drouet L, Edmonds JE, Garg A, Gernaat DEHJ, Jiang KJ, Kannavou M, Kitous A, Kriegler E, Luderer G, Mathur R, Muratori M, Sano F, van Vuuren DP
1268 - 1276 Run-of-river hydro generation in presence of sub-daily source flow variations
Roy S
1277 - 1290 Prediction and parametric analysis of cavity growth for the underground coal gasification project Thar
Javed SB, Uppal AA, Bhatti AI, Samar R
1291 - 1311 Simulation and analysis of vane-blade interaction in a two-stage high-pressure axial turbine
Touil K, Ghenaiet A
1312 - 1328 Multi-aspect evaluation of integrated forest-based biofuel production pathways: Part 2. economics, GHG emissions, technology maturity and production potentials
Jafri Y, Wetterlund E, Anheden M, Kulander I, Hakansson A, Furusjo E
1329 - 1329 RETRACTION: Optimal performance of fuel cell-CHP-battery based micro-grid under real-time energy management: An epsilon constraint method and fuzzy satisfying approach (Retraction of Vol 159, Pg 121, 2018)
Nouri A, Khodaei H, Darvishan A, Sharifian S, Ghadimi N