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1 - 13 Influence of liquid properties on atomization characteristics of flow-blurring injector at ultra-low flow rates
Khan MA, Gadgil H, Kumar S
14 - 26 Enhancement of the performance of Photovoltaic/Trombe wall system using the porous medium: Experimental and theoretical study
Ahmed OK, Hamad KI, Salih AM
27 - 36 Improving the power share of waste-driven CHP plants via parallelization with a small-scale Rankine cycle, a thermodynamic analysis
Nami H, Arabkoohsar A
37 - 48 Geometric optimization of two-stage thermoelectric generator using genetic algorithms and thermodynamic analysis
Sun HN, Ge Y, Liu W, Liu ZC
49 - 60 Geothermal heat exchanger energy prediction based on time series and monitoring sensors optimization
Baruque B, Porras S, Jove E, Calvo-Rolle JL
61 - 68 Impacts of the surfactant sulfonated lignin on hydrate based CO2 capture from a CO2/CH4 gas mixture
Yi J, Zhong DL, Yan J, Lu YY
69 - 76 Forecasting carbon prices in the Shenzhen market, China: The role of mixed-frequency factors
Han M, Ding LL, Zhao X, Kang WL
77 - 94 Experimental and CFD validation of the thermal performance of a cryogenic batch freezer with the effect of loading
Chauhan A, Trembley J, Wrobel LC, Jouhara H
95 - 108 Off-design performance analysis of basic ORC, ORC using zeotropic mixtures and composition-adjustable ORC under optimal control strategy
Liu CW, Gao TY
109 - 119 Non-aqueous energy-efficient absorbents for CO2 capture based on porous silica nanospheres impregnated with amine
Li XQ, Ding YD, Guo LH, Liao Q, Zhu X, Wang H
120 - 134 Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of a balanced-type single-stage NH3-H2O absorption-resorption heat pump cycle for residential heating application
Jia T, Dai EQ, Dai YJ
135 - 148 CMIP-5 models project photovoltaics are a no-regrets investment in Europe irrespective of climate change
Muller J, Folini D, Wild M, Pfenninger S
149 - 160 Applying moderate or intense low-oxygen dilution combustion to a co-axial-jet I-shaped recuperative radiant tube for further performance enhancement
Tian Y, Zhou X, Ji XY, Bai JS, Yuan L
161 - 169 Quantitative characterization of crack and cell's morphological evolution in premixed expanding spherical flames
Huang S, Zhang Y, Huang RH, Xu SJ, Ma YJ, Wang ZW, Zhang XH
170 - 179 A practical research on capillaries used as a front-end heat exchanger of seawater-source heat pump
Liu L, Wang MQ, Chen Y
180 - 189 Modelling and performance analysis of a stand-alone hybrid solar PV/Fuel Cell/Diesel Generator power system for university building
Ghenai C, Bettayeb M
190 - 204 Power performance and dynamic responses of a combined floating vertical axis wind turbine and wave energy converter concept
Cheng ZS, Wen TR, Ong MC, Wang K
205 - 217 A realistic model for battery state of charge prediction in energy management simulation tools
Homan B, ten Kortenaar MV, Hurink JL, Smit GJM
218 - 240 A high performance social spider optimization algorithm for optimal power flow solution with single objective optimization
Nguyen TT
241 - 255 Multi-objective complementary scheduling of hydro-thermal-RE power system via a multi-objective hybrid grey wolf optimizer
Li CS, Wang WX, Chen DS
256 - 269 Environmental economic dispatch with heat optimization in the presence of renewable energy based on modified shuffle frog leaping algorithm
Elattar EE
270 - 283 Dynamic tests of CO2-Based waste heat recovery system with preheating process
Shi LF, Shu GQ, Tian H, Chen TY, Liu P, Li LG
284 - 295 MAS-based distributed control method for multi-microgrids with high-penetration renewable energy
Li Q, Gao MK, Lin HF, Chen ZY, Chen MY
296 - 305 Cold energy storage in a packed bed of novel graphite/PCM composite spheres
Al-Shannaq R, Young B, Farid M
306 - 314 Experimental investigation on a fresh air dehumidification system using heat pump with desiccant coated heat exchanger
Chai SW, Sun XY, Zhao Y, Dai YJ
315 - 325 Adsorption of multiple H-2 molecules on the complex TiC6H6: An unusual combination of chemisorption and physisorption
Ma LJ, Wang JF, Han M, Jia JF, Wu HS, Zhang X
326 - 340 Optimal inter- and intra-hour scheduling of islanded integrated-energy system considering linepack of gas pipelines
Bao ZJ, Chen DW, Wu L, Guo XG
341 - 359 Thermodynamic evaluation of the novel distillation column of the air separation unit with integration of liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification
Chen SQ, Dong XZ, Xu J, Zhang HL, Gao Q, Tan CQ
360 - 371 Performance ratio prediction of photovoltaic pumping system based on grey clustering and second curvelet neural network
Zhao B, Ren Y, Gao DK, Xu LZ
372 - 384 Ambient Tracer-LIF for 2-D quantitative measurement of fuel concentration in gas jets
Zhang ZF, Li T, Shi WQ
385 - 392 The role of air density in wind energy assessment - A case study from Germany
Jung C, Schindler D
393 - 402 Is straw return-to-field always beneficial? Evidence from an integrated cost-benefit analysis
Liu BB, Wu QR, Wang F, Zhang B
403 - 418 Quantification of urban water-carbon nexus using disaggregated input-output model: A case study in Beijing (China)
Meng FX, Liu GY, Chang Y, Su MR, Hu YC, Yang ZF
419 - 434 Analysis strategy for multi-criteria optimization: Application to inter-seasonal solar heat storage for residential building needs
Launay S, Kadoch B, Le Metayer O, Parrado C
435 - 443 Optimal scheduling in a microgrid with a tidal generation
Faridnia N, Habibi D, Lachowicz S, Kavousifard A
444 - 455 A comprehensive working state monitoring method for power battery packs considering state of balance and aging correction
Wang SL, Fernandez C, Zou CY, Yu CM, Chen L, Zhang L
456 - 464 Dynamics of financial development, trade openness, technological innovation and energy intensity: Evidence from Bangladesh
Pan XF, Uddin MK, Han CC, Pan XY
465 - 474 Role of the nanoparticles of Cu-Co alloy derived from perovskite in dry reforming of methane
Touahra F, Chebout R, Lerari D, Halliche D, Bachari K
475 - 484 Integrated strategic heating and cooling planning on regional level for the case of Brasov
Buchele R, Kranzl L, Hummel M
485 - 492 Enhanced piezoelectric response in nanoclay induced electrospun PVDF nanofibers for energy harvesting
Tiwari S, Gaur A, Kumar C, Maiti P
493 - 501 Fossil fuels, foreign direct investment, and economic growth have triggered CO2 emissions in emerging Asian economies: Some empirical evidence
Hanif I, Raza SMF, Gago-de-Santos P, Abbas Q
502 - 509 Performance of a modified solar chimney power plant for power generation and vegetation
Xu YY, Zhou XP
510 - 522 Towards 4th generation district heating: Prediction of building thermal load for optimal management
Guelpa E, Marincioni L, Verda V
523 - 534 Energy consumption assessment due to the mobility of inhabitants and multiannual prospective on the horizon 2030-2050 in one Belgium city
Nematchoua MK, Orosa JA, Reiter S
535 - 546 Stochastic programming-based optimal bidding of compressed air energy storage with wind and thermal generation units in energy and reserve markets
Akbari E, Hooshmand RA, Gholipour M, Parastegari M
547 - 555 An efficiency model and optimal control of the vehicular diesel exhaust heat recovery system using an organic Rankine cycle
Yang C, Wang WY, Xie H
556 - 565 Unbalance evaluation of a scaled wind turbine under different rotational regimes via detrended fluctuation analysis of vibration signals combined with pattern recognition techniques
Melo FEA, de Moura EP, Rocha PAC, de Andrade CF
566 - 580 Analytical and experimental study of an innovative multiple-throughout-flowing micro-channel-panels-array for a solar-powered rural house space heating system
Fan Y, Zhao XD, Li GQ, Cheng YD, Zhou JZ, Yu M, Du ZY, Ji J, Zhu ZS, Diallo T, Ma XL
581 - 598 Insights into biochar and hydrochar production and applications: A review
Zhang ZK, Zhu ZY, Shen BX, Liu LN
599 - 610 Comparative analysis of thermoelectric elements optimum geometry between photovoltaic-thermoelectric and solar thermoelectric
Li GQ, Shittu S, Ma XL, Zhao XD
611 - 623 Energetic and exergetic analyses on structural optimized parabolic trough solar receivers in a concentrated solar-thermal collector system
Wang QL, Hu MK, Yang HL, Cao JY, Li J, Su YH, Pei G
624 - 630 Numerical and experimental investigation on configuration optimization of the large-size ionic wind pump
Zhang JF, Kong LJ, Qu JG, Wang S, Qu ZG
631 - 653 Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical modeling on well pairs in heterogeneous porous geothermal reservoirs
Liu GH, Pu H, Zhao ZH, Liu YG
654 - 665 Experimental study on auto-ignition characteristics of a butanol-hexadecane droplet under elevated pressures and temperatures
Zhang Y, Huang RH, Chen X, Qin T, Huang S, Zhou P, Lou C
666 - 677 Flame range and energy output in two-phase propylene oxide/air mixtures beyond the original premixed zone
Liu LJ, Zhang Q
678 - 688 Experimental and modeling study of potassium catalyzed gasification of woody char pellet with CO2
Hu Q, Yang HP, Wu ZQ, Lim CJ, Bi XTT, Chen HP
689 - 700 Risk-aware stochastic bidding strategy of renewable micro-grids in day-ahead and real-time markets
Fazlalipour P, Ehsan M, Mohammadi-Ivatloo B
701 - 709 A new model for reliability-centered maintenance prioritisation of distribution feeders
Afzali P, Keynia F, Rashidinejad M
710 - 720 Optimization and experimental tests of a centrifugal turbine for an OWC device equipped with a twin turbines configuration
Rodriguez L, Pereiras B, Fernandez-Oro J, Castro F
721 - 730 Energy harvesting properties of the functionally graded flexoelectric microbeam energy harvesters
Qi L
731 - 750 Planning and operation method of the regional integrated energy system considering economy and environment
Wang YL, Wang YD, Huang YJ, Li F, Zeng M, Li JP, Wang XH, Zhang FW
751 - 769 Melting and solidification characteristics of a double-pipe latent heat storage system with sinusoidal wavy channels embedded in a porous medium
Shahsavar A, Al-Rashed AAAA, Entezari S, Sardari PT
770 - 784 Solution for short-term hydrothermal scheduling with a logarithmic size mixed-integer linear programming formulation
Jian JB, Pan SS, Yang LF
785 - 794 Pressure-type generator for harvesting mechanical energy from human gait
Deng F, Cai YY, Fan XY, Gui P, Chen J
795 - 808 Experimental study on spray and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with preheated bio-oils and diesel fuel
Hoang AT
809 - 818 Bottom ash characteristics and pollutant emission during the co-combustion of pulverized coal with high mass-percentage sewage sludge
Zhao ZH, Wang RK, Wu JH, Yin QQ, Wang CB
819 - 829 Application and analysis of the moving mesh algorithm AMI in a small scale HAWT: Validation with field test's results against the frozen rotor approach
Carneiro FOM, Moura LFM, Rocha PAC, Lima RJP, Ismail KAR
830 - 841 Numerically investigation of ignition process in a premixed methane-air swirl configuration
EidiAttarZade M, Tabejamaat S, Mani M, Farshchi M
842 - 852 Advanced analysis of various effects of water on natural gas HCCI combustion, emissions and chemical procedure using artificial inert species
Ahari MF, Neshat E
853 - 865 Characterization of woodstove briquettes from torrefied biomass and coal
Trubetskaya A, Leahy JJ, Yazhenskikh E, Muller M, Layden P, Johnson R, Stahl K, Monaghan RFD
866 - 878 Economic feasibility of solar power plants based on PV module with levelized cost analysis
Gurturk M
879 - 892 Experimental investigation of tribo-corrosion and engine characteristics of Aegle Marmelos Correa biodiesel and its diesel blends on direct injection diesel engine
Thangarasu V, Balaji B, Ramanathan A
893 - 909 Adaptive state-observer for monitoring flexible nuclear reactors
Dong Z, Liu M, Guo ZW, Huang XJ, Zhang YJ, Zhang ZY
910 - 927 Performance analysis and carbon reduction assessment of an integrated syngas purification process for the co-production of hydrogen and power in an integrated gasification combined cycle plant
Lee WS, Oh HT, Lee JC, Oh M, Lee CH
928 - 943 Comprehensive analysis of risk-based energy management for dependent micro-grid under normal and emergency operations
Mansour-lakouraj M, Shahabi M
944 - 955 Optimal household appliances scheduling of multiple smart homes using an improved cooperative algorithm
Zhu JW, Lin YS, Lei WD, Liu YQ, Tao ML
956 - 970 A theoretical fundamental investigation on boilers equipped with vapor-pump system for Flue-Gas Heat and Moisture Recovery
Wang JY, Hua J, Fu L, Wang Z, Zhang SG
971 - 980 Thermochemical behavior of perovskite oxides based on LaxSr1-x(Mn, Fe, Co)O3-delta and BaySr(1-y)CoO(3-delta) redox system for thermochemical energy storage at high temperatures
Gokon N, Yawata T, Bellan S, Kodama T, Cho HS
981 - 999 Effects of gasoline and polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers blending in diesel on the combustion and emission of a common rail diesel engine
Chen H, Su X, Li JH, Zhong XL
1000 - 1008 Energy subsidy and oil price fluctuation, and price behavior in Malaysia:A time series analysis
Husaini DH, Puah CH, Lean HH
1009 - 1016 Shortcomings of the traditional "levelized cost of energy" [LCOE] for the determination of grid parity
Nissen U, Harfst N
1017 - 1032 Critical review of the energy-water-carbon nexus in cities
Meng FX, Liu GY, Liang S, Su MR, Yang ZF
1033 - 1045 Life-cycle assessment of biofuel production from microalgae via various bioenergy conversion systems
Sun CH, Fu Q, Liao Q, Xia A, Huang Y, Zhu X, Reungsang A, Chang HX
1046 - 1052 Biogas production from three-phase olive mill solid waste in lab-scale continuously stirred tank reactor
Al Afif R, Linke B
1053 - 1065 Optimal load dispatch of community microgrid with deep learning based solar power and load forecasting
Wen LL, Zhou KL, Yang SL, Lu XH
1066 - 1076 Performance enhancement of an integrated system with solar flat plate collector for hydrogen production using waste heat recovery
Khanmohammadi S, Saadat-Targhi M
1077 - 1087 Affordability of battery electric vehicles based on disposable income and the impact on provincial residential electricity requirements in South Africa
Pillay NS, Brent AC, Musango JK
1088 - 1099 Studies on optimum fins number in PCM-based heat sinks
Kalbasi R, Afrand M, Alsarraf J, Tran MD
1100 - 1106 One dimensional liner temperature prediction in a tubular combustor
Topal A, Turan O
1107 - 1125 Biomass-related sustainability: A review of the literature and interpretive structural modeling
Azevedo SG, Sequeira T, Santos M, Mendes L
1126 - 1138 On the use of different gasification agents in a biomass fueled SOFC by integrated gasifier: A comparative exergo-economic evaluation and optimization
Shayan E, Zare V, Mirzaee I
1139 - 1149 Analysis of regional difference decomposition of changes in energy consumption in China during 1995-2015
Liu H, Wang C, Tian MY, Wen FH
1150 - 1163 A multi-control vehicle-to-grid charger with bi-directional active and reactive power capabilities for power grid support
Tan KM, Padmanaban S, Yong JY, Ramachandaramurthy VK
1164 - 1172 Potential and sensitivity analysis of long-term hydrogen production in resolving surplus RES generation-a case study in Japan
Li YX, Gao WJ, Ruan YJ
1173 - 1182 A coulombic efficiency-based model for prognostics and health estimation of lithium-ion batteries
Yang FF, Song XB, Dong GZ, Tsui KL
1183 - 1192 The role of environmental values, socio-demographics and building characteristics in setting room temperatures in winter
Namazkhan M, Albers C, Steg L
1193 - 1205 Cold condensing scrubbing method for fine particle reduction from saturated flue gas
Feng YP, Li YZ, Cui L, Yan LF, Zhao C, Dong Y
1206 - 1216 Optimization of the counter-flow heat and mass exchanger for M-Cycle indirect evaporative cooling assisted with entropy analysis
Wang L, Zhan CH, Zhang JL, Zhao XD
1217 - 1228 Investigation of the temperature dependence of lithium plating onset conditions in commercial Li-ion batteries
Cabanero MA, Altmann J, Gold L, Boaretto N, Muller J, Hein S, Zausch J, Kallo J, Latz A