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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Energy performance contracting, risk factors, and policy implications: Identification and analysis of risks based on the best-worst network method
Wang ZF, Xu GY, Lin RJ, Wang H, Ren JZ
14 - 21 Visualization of liquid water in a lung-inspired flow-field based polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell via neutron radiography
Cho JIS, Neville TP, Trogadas P, Meyer Q, Wu YS, Ziesche R, Boillat P, Cochet M, Manzi-Orezzoli V, Shearing P, Brett DJL, Coppens MO
22 - 30 Counter-intuitive behaviour of energy system models under CO2 caps and prices
Weber J, Heinrichs HU, Gillessen B, Schumann D, Horsch J, Brown T, Witthaut D
31 - 39 Research on the gravity movement and mitigation potential of Asia's carbon dioxide emissions
Song Y, Zhang M
40 - 52 Recurrent wavelet-based Elman neural network with modified gravitational search algorithm control for integrated offshore wind and wave power generation systems
Lu KH, Hong CM, Xu QQ
53 - 61 Free-standing highly conducting PEDOT films for flexible thermoelectric generator
Ni D, Song HJ, Chen YX, Cai KF
62 - 72 Cost competitiveness of palm oil biodiesel production in Indonesia
Harahap F, Silveira S, Khatiwada D
73 - 84 A flexible CO2 capture operation scheme design and evaluation of a coal-fired power plant integrated with a novel DCP and retrofitted solar system
Yang N, Zhou YL, Ge XZ
85 - 92 Influence of fuel bio-alcohol content on the performance of a turbocharged, PFI, spark-ignition engine
Galloni E, Scala F, Fontana G
93 - 101 The energetic performance of a liquid chemical looping cycle with solar thermal energy storage
Silakhori M, Jafarian M, Arjomandi M, Nathan GJ
102 - 111 Assessment of the dimples as passive boundary layer control technique for laminar airfoils operating at wind turbine blades root region typical Reynolds numbers
D'Alessandro V, Clementi G, Giammichele L, Ricci R
112 - 119 Development and exergetic assessment of a new hybrid vehicle incorporating gas turbine as powering option
Ezzat MF, Dincer I
120 - 130 Understanding energy consumption and carbon emissions in Europe: A focus on inequality issues
Bianco V, Cascetta F, Marino A, Nardini S
131 - 138 Passive cooling of building-integrated photovolatics in desert conditions: Experiment and modeling
Abu Hamed T, Alshare A, El-Khalil H
139 - 148 An internal-integrated RED/ED system for energy-saving seawater desalination: A model study
Chen M, Mei Y, Yu YQ, Zeng RJ, Zhang F, Zhou SG, Tang CYY
149 - 158 Effect of air recirculation and heat pump on mass transfer and energy parameters in drying of kiwifruit slices
Mohammadi I, Tabatabaekoloor R, Motevali A
159 - 169 Hydrogen generation from hydrolysis of activated aluminum/organic fluoride/bismuth composites with high hydrogen generation rate and good aging resistance in air
Xiao F, Yang RJ, Li JM
170 - 184 Direct utilization of solar linear Fresnel reflector on multi-effect eccentric horizontal tubular still with falling film
Wu G, Yang QC, Zheng HF, Zhang Y, Fang H, Jin RH
185 - 198 Analysis of an improved economizer system for active control of the coal-fired boiler flue gas temperature
Xiao PC, Zhang YP, Wang YJ, Wang JZ
199 - 211 Assessing maize production systems in Mexico from an energy, exergy, and greenhouse-gas emissions perspective
Juarez-Hernandez S, Uson S, Pardo CS
212 - 227 Effects of flow rate and rotational speed on pressure fluctuations in a double-suction centrifugal pump
Wang ZY, Qian ZD, Lu J, Wu PF
228 - 238 Proposing new hybrid nano-engine oil for lubrication of internal combustion engines: Preventing cold start engine damages and saving energy
Hemmat Esfe M, Arani AAA, Esfandeh S, Afrand M
239 - 249 Fast pyrolysis of fermentation residue derived from Saccharina japonica for a hybrid biological and thermal process
Choi JH, Kim SS, Kim J, Woo HC
250 - 260 Low-carbon power dispatch with wind power based on carbon trading mechanism
Jin JL, Zhou P, Li CY, Guo XJ, Zhang MM
261 - 272 Industrial verification of energy saving for the single-tier cylinder based paper drying process
Chen XB, Man Y, Zheng QF, Hu YS, Li JG, Hong MN
273 - 283 Process targeting: An energy based comparison of waste plastic processing technologies
Fox JA, Stacey NT
284 - 304 Enhanced structure and optimal capacity sizing method for turbo-expander based microgrid with simultaneous recovery of cooling and electrical energy
Ghanaee R, Foroud AA
305 - 325 Study on static and dynamic characteristics of an axial fan with abnormal blade under rotating stall conditions
Zhang L, He RY, Wang X, Zhang Q, Wang SL
326 - 337 The catalytic effect of inherent and adsorbed metals on the fast/flash pyrolysis of biomass: A review
Nzihou A, Stanmore B, Lyczko N, Minh DP
338 - 348 In-plane flexible solid-state microsupercapacitors for on-chip electronics
Zhang XY, Zhao W, Wei L, Jin YY, Hou J, Wang XX, Guo X
349 - 355 An experimental study on combustion performance and flame spread characteristics over liquid diesel and ethanol-diesel blended fuel
Gao ZH, Lin SH, Ji J, Li MY
356 - 366 An optimal and comparison study on daylight and overall energy performance of double-glazed photovoltaics windows in cold region of China
Cheng YD, Gao M, Jia J, Sun YY, Fan Y, Yu M
367 - 374 Torrefaction of de-oiled Jatropha seed kernel biomass for solid fuel production
Gan YY, Ong HC, Ling TC, Chen WH, Chong CT
375 - 390 Auto-ignition of direct injection spray of light naphtha, primary reference fuels, gasoline and gasoline surrogate
Wang LB, Wu ZY, Ahmed A, Badra JA, Sarathy SM, Roberts WL, Fang TG
391 - 402 Pressure-transient behavior in class III hydrate reservoirs
Hou J, Zhao EM, Liu YG, Ji YK, Lu N, Liu YL, Li HA, Bai YJ
403 - 410 Numerical comparison study of methane catalytic combustion characteristic between newly proposed opposed counter-flow micro-combustor and the conventional ones
Yan YF, Wu GG, Huang WP, Zhang L, Li LX, Yang ZQ
411 - 422 Quantification of CH4 adsorption capacity in kerogen-rich reservoir shales: An experimental investigation and molecular dynamic simulation
Ju Y, He J, Chang E, Zheng LG
423 - 437 Bio-energy generation from sagwan sawdust via pyrolysis: Product distributions, characterizations and optimization using response surface methodology
Gupta GK, Mondal MK
438 - 458 Stoichiometry impact on the optimum efficiency of biomass conversion to biofuels
Goffe J, Ferrasse JH
459 - 470 An improved cascade mechanical compression-ejector cooling cycle
Chen GM, Ierin V, Volovyk O, Shestopalov K
471 - 479 Experimental study on an absorption refrigeration system driven by temperature-distributed heat sources
Xu QY, Lu D, Chen GF, Guo H, Dong XQ, Zhao YX, Shen J, Gong MQ
480 - 496 Correlation evaluation on circumferentially average heat transfer for supercritical carbon dioxide in non-uniform heating vertical tubes
Fan YH, Tang GH, Li XL, Yang DL, Wang SQ
497 - 506 CO2 gasification of woody biomass: Experimental study from a lab-scale reactor to a small-scale autothermal gasifier
Shen Y, Li X, Yao ZY, Cui XQ, Wang CH
507 - 520 Experimental investigations on the flame structure and temperature field of landfill gas in impinging slot burners
Kiani M, Houshfar E, Ashjaee M
521 - 536 Numerical evaluation of compatibility between comfort and energy recovery based on energy flow mechanism inside electromagnetic active suspension
Gao ZP, Chen SZ, Zhao YZ, Liu Z
537 - 545 Experimental and kinetic study of diisobutylene isomers in laminar flames
Yin GY, Hu EJ, Huang SH, Ku JF, Li XJ, Xu ZH, Huang ZH
546 - 556 Precooler-design & engine-performance conjugated optimization for fuel direct precooled airbreathing propulsion
Yu XF, Wang C, Yu DR
557 - 568 LNG cold energy utilization: Prospects and challenges
He TB, Chong ZR, Zheng JJ, Ju YL, Linga P
569 - 579 Extremely high efficient heat pump with desiccant coated evaporator and condenser
Hua LJ, Ge TS, Wang RZ
580 - 591 Analysis of wind farm output characteristics based on descriptive statistical analysis and envelope domain
Wang YB, Shao XY, Liu C, Cai GW, Kou L, Wu ZQ
592 - 603 Development of net energy ratios and life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of large-scale mechanical energy storage systems
Kapila S, Oni AO, Gemechu ED, Kumar A
604 - 610 Insights into induction time and agglomeration of methane hydrate formation in diesel oil dominated dispersed systems
Chen J, Chen GJ, Yuan Q, Deng B, Tao LM, Li CH, Xiao SX, Jiang JH, Li X, Li JY
611 - 618 Design and performance of a miniature free piston expander
Burugupally SP, Weiss L
619 - 635 Thermoeconomic analysis of a new ejector boosted hybrid heat pump (EBHP) and comparison with three conventional types of heat pumps
Farshi LG, Khalili S
636 - 651 Experimental investigation of a radiative heat pipe for waste heat recovery in a ceramics kiln
Delpech B, Axcell B, Jouhara H
652 - 667 Influence of turbulent flow characteristics on flame behaviour in diffuser combustors
Nazzal IT, Ertunc O
668 - 682 Renewable power integration: Experimental and simulation study to investigate the ability of integrating wave, solar and wind energies
Talaat M, Farahat MA, Elkholy MH
683 - 708 Mathematical models of solar chimneys with a phase change material for ventilation of buildings: A review using global energy balance
Vargas-Lopez R, Xaman J, Hernandez-Perez I, Arce J, Zavala-Guillen I, Jimenez MJ, Heras MR
709 - 719 Definition of new thermal climate zones for building energy efficiency response to the climate change during the past decades in China
Bai LJ, Wang SS
720 - 729 Towards an energy efficient chemistry. Switching from fossil to bio-based products in a life cycle perspective
Fiorentino G, Zucaro A, Ulgiati S
730 - 743 Study of the influence mechanism of China's electricity consumption based on multi-period ST-LMDI model
Fang DB, Hao P, Hao J
744 - 751 Experimental characterization of the spatiotemporal dynamics of a turbulent flame in a gas turbine model combustor using computed tomography of chemiluminescence
Ruan C, Yu T, Chen FE, Wang SX, Cai WW, Lu XC
752 - 762 Prediction of the solid effective thermal conductivity of fatty acid/carbon material composite phase change materials based on fractal theory
Song YL, Zhang N, Yuan YP, Yang L, Cao XL
763 - 776 On the environmental and economic issues associated with the forestry residues-to-heat and electricity route in Chile: Sawdust gasification as a case study
Casas-Ledon Y, Flores M, Jimenez R, Ronsse F, Dewulf J, Arteaga-Perez LE
777 - 790 Fire risk prevention in underground coal gasification (UCG) within active mines: Temperature forecast by means of MARS models
Krzemien A
791 - 803 Are renewables affecting income distribution and increasing the risk of household poverty?
Pereira DS, Marques AC, Fuinhas JA
804 - 817 Combustion optimization of ultra supercritical boiler based on artificial intelligence
Shi Y, Zhong WQ, Chen X, Yu AB, Li J
818 - 831 Energy efficiency promotion in Greece in light of risk: Evaluating policies as portfolio assets
Forouli A, Gkonis N, Nikas A, Siskos E, Doukas H, Tourkolias C
832 - 839 Urbanization and non-renewable energy demand: A comparison of developed and emerging countries
Mrabet Z, Alsamara M, Saleh AS, Anwar S
840 - 848 Influence of particle sizes on combustion characteristics of coal particles in oxygen-deficient atmosphere
Cong KL, Zhang YG, Han F, Li QH
849 - 861 Applications and thermal management of rechargeable batteries for industrial applications
Jouhara H, Khordehgah N, Serey N, Almahmoud S, Lester SR, Machen D, Wrobel L
862 - 868 Business-as-usual redefined: Energy systems under climate-damaged economies warrant review of nationally determined contributions
Bastien-Olvera BA
869 - 879 Test results of a novel twin-rotor radial inflow self-rectifying air turbine for OWC wave energy converters
Lopes BS, Gato LMC, Falcao AFO, Henriques JCC
880 - 888 Impacts of climate change on electricity demand in China: An empirical estimation based on panel data
Fan JL, Hu JW, Zhang X
889 - 905 A binary symmetric based hybrid meta-heuristic method for solving mixed integer unit commitment problem integrating with significant plug-in electric vehicles
Yang ZL, Li K, Guo YJ, Feng SZ, Niu Q, Xue YS, Foley A
906 - 914 Experimental investigations on the temperature lift performance of a novel diffusion absorption heat transformer
Wang SK, Liu YL, Chen Y, Wang Q, Xu XG, Chen GM, Deng SM
915 - 930 Thermal performance of an active thermoelectric ventilation system applied for built space cooling: Network model and finite time thermodynamic optimization
Cai Y, Wang L, Ding WT, Liu D, Zhao FY
931 - 941 Non-uniform temperature district heating system with decentralized heat pumps and standalone storage tanks
Arabkoohsar A
942 - 953 Numerical simulation of coal-air mixture flow in a real double-swirl burner and implications on combustion anomalies in a utility boiler
Dugum A, Hanjalic K
954 - 966 Performance analysis of high temperature cascade organic Rankine cycle coupled with water heating system
Aziz F, Salim MS, Kim MH
967 - 977 Numerical and experimental study on the thermal performance of the concrete accumulator for solar heating systems
Sacharczuk J, Taler D
978 - 985 Modeling of decay heat removal from CONSTOR RBMK-1500 casks during long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel
Poskas R, Simonis V, Jouhara H, Poskas P
986 - 997 Clocking effect of vaned diffuser on hydraulic performance of high-power pump by using the numerical flow loss visualization method
Gu YD, Pei J, Yuan SQ, Wang WJ, Zhang F, Wang P, Appiah D, Liu Y
998 - 1003 Ejectors on the cutting edge: The past, the present and the perspective
Besagni G
1004 - 1018 Sustainable wind plant location optimization using fuzzy cross efficiency data envelopment analysis
Khanjarpanah H, Jabbarzadeh A
1019 - 1035 Heterogeneity and asymmetric effects in energy resources allocation of the manufacturing sectors in China
He YD, Lin BQ
1036 - 1050 Domestic thermoelectric cogeneration drying system: Thermal modeling and case study
Jaber H, Khaled M, Lemenand T, Murr R, Faraj J, Ramadan M
1051 - 1066 Assessment of long-term energy efficiency improvement and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation options for the cement industry
Talaei A, Pier D, Iyer AV, Ahiduzzaman M, Kumar A
1067 - 1081 Thermal-hydraulic characteristics of supercritical pressure CO2 in vertical tubes under cooling and heating conditions
Guo JF, Xiang MR, Zhang HY, Huai XL, Cheng KY, Cui XY
1082 - 1097 Numerical investigations on combustion and emission characteristics of a novel elliptical jet-stabilized model combustor
Yang X, He ZH, Qiu PH, Dong SK, Tan HP
1098 - 1112 Investigation of organic Rankine cycle integrated with double latent thermal energy storage for engine waste heat recovery
Yu XL, Li Z, Lu YJ, Huang R, Roskilly AP
1113 - 1129 A multi-objective risk-based robust optimization approach to energy management in smart residential buildings under combined demand and supply uncertainty
Gopira H, Khan SAR
1130 - 1150 Exergy, environmental and economic analysis of modified domestic solar water heater with glass-to-glass PV module
Tewari K, Dev R
1151 - 1169 Multi-level and multi-granularity energy efficiency diagnosis scheme for ethylene production process
Gong SX, Shao C, Zhu L
1170 - 1180 Energy and exergy analysis of low GWP refrigerants in cascade refrigeration system
Sun ZL, Wang QF, Xie ZY, Liu SC, Su DD, Cui Q
1181 - 1190 Stability and emission characteristics of nonpremixed MILD combustion from a parallel-jet burner in a cylindrical furnace
Cheong KP, Wang G, Wang B, Zhu R, Ren W, Mi JC
1191 - 1201 Exploring energy flows embodied in China's economy from the regional and sectoral perspectives via combination of multi-regional input-output analysis and a complex network approach
Tang MH, Hong JK, Liu GW, Shen GQ
1202 - 1214 Fuzzy Logic based hybrid type control implementation of a heaving wave energy converter
Burgac A, Yavuz H
1215 - 1227 Short term electric load forecasting model and its verification for process industrial enterprises based on hybrid GA-PSO-BPNN algorithm-A case study of papermaking process
Hu YS, Li JG, Hong MN, Ren JZ, Lin RJ, Liu Y, Liu MR, Man Y
1228 - 1248 Two-stage design optimization based on artificial immune system and mixed-integer linear programming for energy supply networks
Wakui T, Hashiguchi M, Sawada K, Yokoyama R
1249 - 1260 A multi-layer energy modelling methodology to assess the impact of heat-electricity integration strategies: The case of the residential cooking sector in Italy
Lombardi F, Rocco MV, Colombo E
1261 - 1278 A quantity-quality-based optimization method for indoor thermal environment design
He Y, Liu M, Kvan T, Yan L
1279 - 1288 Flame front stability of low calorific fuel gas combustion with preheated air in a porous burner
Wang GQ, Tang PB, Li Y, Xu JR, Durst F