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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 17 Effects of tube shapes on the performance of recuperative and regenerative heat exchangers
Tran N, Wang CC
18 - 28 Relative combustion efficiency of composite fuels based on of wood processing and oil production wastes
Vershinina KY, Shlegel NE, Strizhak PA
29 - 37 A new model to evaluate solar spectrum impacts on the short circuit current of solar photovoltaic modules
Peng JQ, Lu L, Wang M
38 - 49 Smart distribution system management considering electrical and thermal demand response of energy hubs
Davatgaran V, Saniei M, Mortazavi SS
50 - 60 Gas and electricity supply implications of decarbonising heat sector in GB
Qadrdan M, Fazeli R, Jenkins N, Strbac G, Sansom R
61 - 78 Evaluation of an optimal integrated design multi-fuel multi-product electrical power plant by energy and exergy analyses
Mehrpooya M, Sharifzadeh MMM, Mousavi SA
79 - 91 Performance of buoyant shell horizontal axis wind turbine under fluctuating yaw angles
Saleem A, Kim MH
92 - 104 Optimal battery technology selection and incentive-based demand response program utilization for reliability improvement of an insular microgrid
Khalili T, Jafari A, Abapour M, Mohammadi-Ivatloo B
105 - 114 CFD simulation and optimization of industrial boiler
Echi S, Bouabidi A, Driss Z, Abid MS
115 - 129 The impact of policy on residential energy consumption
Aydin E, Brounen D
130 - 141 Modeling of downdraft gasification process: Part I - Studies on shrinkage effect on tabular, cylindrical and spherical geometries
Chaurasia A
142 - 159 A 3D-CFD study of a gamma-type Stirling engine
Kuban L, Stempka J, Tyliszczak A
160 - 171 Crude oil price prediction model with long short term memory deep learning based on prior knowledge data transfer
Cen ZP, Wang J
172 - 185 Experimental investigation on effects of thermal resistances on a photovoltaic-thermoelectric system integrated with phase change materials
Yin ES, Li Q, Li DH, Xuan YM
186 - 205 Modelling the return and volatility spillovers of crude oil and food prices in Nigeria
Fasanya I, Akinbowale S
206 - 212 Solar energy storing rock-bed to heat an agricultural greenhouse
Gourdo L, Fatnassi H, Tiskatine R, Wifaya A, Demrati H, Aharoune A, Bouirden L
213 - 227 Impact of geometric, operational, and model uncertainties on the non-ideal flow through a supersonic ORC turbine cascade
Razaaly N, Persico G, Congedo PM
228 - 237 All UK electricity supplied by wind and photovoltaics - The 30-30 rule
Fragaki A, Markvart T, Laskos G
238 - 246 Advanced exergy-based methods used to understand and improve energy-conversion systems
Morosuk T, Tsatsaronis G
247 - 262 Exergy-based analysis combined with LCA for waste heat recovery in coal-fired CHP plants
Zhang Q, Gao JT, Wang YJ, Wang L, Yu ZH, Song DY
263 - 276 Performance analysis of a PV/Diesel hybrid system for a remote area in Bangladesh: Effects of dispatch strategies, batteries, and generator selection
Das BK, Zaman F
277 - 293 Bridging the gap using energy services: Demonstrating a novel framework for soft linking top-down and bottom-up models
Andersen KS, Termansen LB, Gargiulo M, Gallachoirc BPO
294 - 304 High power density energy harvester with non-uniform cantilever structure due to high average strain distribution
Hu YL, Yi ZR, Dong XX, Mou FX, Tian YW, Yang QH, Yang B, Liu JQ
305 - 318 Comparative evaluation of performance of high and low ash coal fuelled chemical looping combustion integrated combined cycle power generating systems
Mishra N, Bhui B, Vairakannu P
319 - 328 Multi-objective optimization of district heating and cooling systems for a one-year time horizon
Dorotic H, Puksec T, Duic N
329 - 337 Oxygen transport capacity and kinetic study of ilmenite ores for methane chemical-looping combustion
Khakpoor N, Mostafavi E, Mahinpey N, Siegler HD
338 - 343 Three-dimensional study of stack on the performance of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Lim BH, Majlan EH, Daud WRW, Rosli MI, Husaini T
344 - 355 Study of bio-oil properties and ageing through fractionation and ternary mixtures with the heavy fraction as the main component
Ribeiro LAB, Martins RC, Mesa-Perez JM, Bizzo WA
356 - 368 Capturing energy from ultra-low frequency vibrations and human motion through a monostable electromagnetic energy harvester
Fan KQ, Cai ML, Liu HY, Zhang YW
369 - 379 Enhanced prioritisation of prospective scenarios for power generation in Spain: How and which one?
Martin-Gamboa M, Iribarren D, Garcia-Gusano D, Dufour J
380 - 397 Energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions analysis in Colombia: A LEAP model application
Nieves JA, Aristizabal AJ, Dyner I, Baez O, Ospina DH
398 - 419 Ameliorated grey wolf optimization for economic load dispatch problem
Singh D, Dhillon JS
420 - 432 Economic feasibility of combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) systems considering electricity standby tariffs
Ahn H, Freihaut JD, Rim D
433 - 443 Computationally efficient model for energy demand prediction of electric city bus in varying operating conditions
Vepsalainen J, Otto K, Lajunen A, Tammi K
444 - 455 Aerodynamic shape optimization of a single turbine stage based on parameterized Free-Form Deformation with mapping design parameters
Li L, Jiao JK, Sun SY, Zhao ZA, Kang JL
456 - 466 The impact of wind generation on wholesale electricity market prices in the midcontinent independent system operator energy market: An empirical investigation
Quint D, Dahlke S
467 - 477 Natural gas consumption and economic growth: Evidence from selected natural gas vehicle markets in Europe
Fadiran G, Adebusuyi AT, Fadiran D
478 - 488 Experimental and numerical performance analyses of Dish-Stirling cavity receivers: Radiative property study and design
Garrido J, Aichmayer L, Abou-Taouk A, Laumert B
489 - 495 Automobile components: Lithium and cobalt. Evidence of persistence
Monge M, Gil-Alana LA
496 - 507 Detailed study, multi-objective optimization, and design of an AC-DC smart microgrid with hybrid renewable energy resources
Ghiasi M
508 - 514 Fuel consumption model optimization based on transient correction
Guang H, Jin H
515 - 526 A stochastic optimisation model for biomass outsourcing in the cement manufacturing industry with production planning constraints
Abriyantoro D, Dong JX, Hicks C, Singh SP
527 - 541 Improved combustion air preheating design using multiple heat sources incorporating bypass flue in large-scale coal-fired power unit
Chen H, Wu YY, Qi Z, Chen Q, Xu G, Yang YP, Liu WY
542 - 557 Heat transfer investigation of supercritical R134a for trans-critical organic Rankine cycle system
Wang DB, Tian R, Zhang Y, Li LL, Ma YZ, Shi L, Li H
558 - 571 Experimental study the effects of various compression ratios and spark timing on performance and emission of a lean-burn heavy-duty spark ignition engine fueled with methane gas and hydrogen blends
Duan XB, Li YY, Liu JP, Guo GM, Fu JQ, Zhang QC, Zhang SH, Liu WQ
572 - 579 Effect of hydrogen peroxide additive on the combustion and emission characteristics of an n-butanol homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
Zhou A, Zhang CH, Li YY, Li SF, Yin P
580 - 586 Novel 3D hierarchical bifunctional NiTiO3 nanoflower for superior visible light photoreduction performance of CO2 to CH4 and high lithium storage performance
Wang YA, Chen XY, Wang QY, Zeng YQ, Liao K, Zhang SL, Zhong Q
587 - 596 Assessing the effectiveness of a high-temperature-programmed experimental system for simulating the spontaneous combustion properties of bituminous coal through thermokinetic analysis of four oxidation stages
Zhao JY, Deng J, Wang T, Song JJ, Zhang YN, Shu CM, Zeng Q
597 - 612 High efficiency solar chemical-looping methane reforming with ceria in a fixed-bed reactor
Fosheim JR, Hathaway BJ, Davidson JH
613 - 624 Potential, optimization and sensitivity analysis of photovoltaic-diesel-battery hybrid energy system for rural electrification in Algeria
Fodhil F, Hamidat A, Nadjemi O
625 - 636 Modeling the performance of the indirect dry cooling system in a thermal power generating unit under variable ambient conditions
Wu T, Ge ZH, Yang LJ, Du XZ
637 - 645 How do fossil energy prices affect the stock prices of new energy companies? Evidence from Divisia energy price index in China's market
Sun CW, Ding D, Fang XM, Zhang HM, Li JL
646 - 659 A Layered Uncertainties Scenario Synthesizing (LUSS) model applied to evaluate multiple potential long-run outcomes for Iran's natural gas exports
Hafezi R, Akhavan A, Pakseresht S, Wood DA
660 - 673 Study on the general system integration optimization method of the solar aided coal-fired power generation system
Wang JX, Duan LQ, Yang YP, Yang ZP, Yang LS
674 - 683 An electricity consumption model for synthesizing scalable electricity load curves
Huang YY, Zhan JF, Luo CJ, Wang L, Wang NN, Zheng DY, Fan FD, Ren R
684 - 695 Thermodynamic evaluation of a waste gas-fired steam power plant in an iron and steel facility using enhanced exergy analysis
Yilmaz K, Kayfeci M, Kecebas A
696 - 709 Multi-objective design optimization of a solar based system for electricity, cooling, and hydrogen production
Behzadi A, Habibollahzade A, Ahmadi P, Gholamian E, Houshfar E
710 - 718 Improving the benefits of demand response participation in facilities with distributed energy resources
Roldan-Blay C, Escriva-Escriva G, Roldan-Porta C
719 - 729 Performance enhancement of microwave assisted regeneration in a wall-flow diesel particulate filter based on field synergy theory
Jiaqiang E, Zhao XH, Xie LF, Zhang B, Chen JW, Zuo QS, Han DD, Hu WY, Zhang ZQ
730 - 738 Experimental investigation of a prototype R-600 compressor for high temperature heat pump
Bamigbetan O, Eikevik TM, Neksa P, Bantle M, Schlemminger C
739 - 749 Optimal gas treatment and coal blending for reduced emissions in power plants: A case study in Northwest Spain
Guerras LS, Martin M
750 - 761 Distributed energy system for sustainability transition: A comprehensive assessment under uncertainties based on interval multi-criteria decision making method by coupling interval DEMATEL and interval VIKOR
Wang ZF, Xu GY, Wang H, Ren JZ
762 - 775 Will Trump's coal revival plan work? - Comparison of results based on the optimal combined forecasting technique and an extended IPAT forecasting technique
Wang Q, Li SY, Li RR
776 - 782 Micro-tubular flame-assisted fuel cells running methane, propane and butane: On soot, efficiency and power density
Milcarek RJ, Ahn J
783 - 796 Feasibility of offshore wind energy as an alternative source for the state of Kuwait
Al-Nassar WK, Neelamani S, Al-Salem KA, Al-Dashti HA
797 - 818 Autonomous connected electric vehicle (ACEV)-based car-sharing system modeling and optimal planning: A unified two-stage multi-objective optimization methodology
Miao HZ, Jia HF, Li JC, Qiu TZ
819 - 832 Enhancement of wave energy absorption efficiency via geometry and power take-off damping tuning
Jin SY, Patton RJ, Guo BY
833 - 843 Estimating remaining driving range of battery electric vehicles based on real-world data: A case study of Beijing, China
Bi J, Wang YX, Sai QY, Ding C
844 - 853 GIS-Based Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization of charging stations for electric vehicles
Zhang Y, Zhang Q, Farnoosh A, Chen SY, Li Y
854 - 867 A GIS-based method to identify potential sites for pumped hydro energy storage - Case of Iran
Ghorbani N, Makian H, Breyer C
868 - 880 Overcharge investigation of large format lithium-ion pouch cells with Li(Ni0.6Co0.2Mn0.2)O-2 cathode for electric vehicles: Thermal runaway features and safety management method
Zhu XQ, Wang ZP, Wang YT, Wang H, Wang C, Tong L, Yi M
881 - 894 A compressed air energy storage system with variable pressure ratio and its operation control
He Q, Li GQ, Lu C, Du DM, Liu WY
895 - 913 The co-movement between oil and clean energy stocks: A wavelet-based analysis of horizon associations
Maghyereh AI, Awartani B, Abdoh H
914 - 923 Experimental investigation and assessment of direct ammonia fuel cells utilizing alkaline molten and solid electrolytes
Siddiqui O, Dincer I
924 - 936 Searching for the 'smart' definition through its spatial approach
Koutra S, Becue V, Ioakimidis CS
937 - 957 Optimization of compound power split configurations in PHEV bus for fuel consumption and battery degradation decreasing
Zhang FT, Yang FY, Xue DL, Cai YC
958 - 971 Dynamic performance investigation for two types of ORC system driven by waste heat of automotive internal combustion engine
Lin S, Zhao L, Deng S, Ni JX, Zhang Y, Ma ML
972 - 987 High resolution spatio-temporal modelling of solar photovoltaic potential for tropical islands: Case of Mauritius
Doorga JRS, Rughooputh SDDV, Boojhawon R
988 - 999 Combined heat and power control considering thermal inertia of district heating network for flexible electric power regulation
Wang W, Jing ST, Sun Y, Liu JZ, Niu YG, Zeng DL, Cui C
1000 - 1011 Emission reduction through highly oxygenated viscous biofuels: Use of glycerol in a micro gas turbine
Seljak T, Katrasnik T
1012 - 1021 Evaluation on a combined model for low-rank coal pyrolysis
Yi L, Feng J, Li WY
1022 - 1038 Assessment of damping coefficients of power take-off systems of wave energy converters: A hybrid approach
Rodriguez CA, Rosa-Santos P, Taveira-Pinto F
1039 - 1053 Acceleration curve optimization for electric vehicle based on energy consumption and battery life
Li LF, Liu Q
1054 - 1063 Robust neuro-fuzzy sliding mode control with extended state observer for an electric drive system
Bouguenna IF, Azaiz A, Tahour A, Larbaoui A
1064 - 1078 Energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, information and communications technology, and gross domestic product in Iranian economic sectors: A panel causality analysis
Shabani ZD, Shahnazi R
1079 - 1089 Investigation of onboard fuel separation for passenger vehicles
Khan A, Morganti K, Sendi M, Almansour M, Hamad E
1090 - 1100 Pressure boost thermochemical sorption heat pump cycle
Gao P, Shao LL, Zhang CL
1101 - 1111 Numerical investigations of the impact of inflow conditions on characteristics of a large-scale pyrolysis unit
Khodaei H, Olson C, Nikrityuk P
1112 - 1118 Super-knock suppression for highly turbocharged spark ignition engines using the fuel of propane or methanol
Liu H, Wang Z, Qi YL, He X, Wang YD, Wang JX
1119 - 1131 Strategies for decarbonising the Swiss heating system
Narula K, Chambers J, Streicher KN, Patel MK
1132 - 1138 Determinants of household energy use and fuel switching behavior in Nepal
Acharya B, Marhold K
1139 - 1152 Performance analysis of low speed axial impulse turbine using two type nozzles for small-scale organic Rankine cycle
Sun HC, Qin J, Hung TC, Huang HY, Yan PG
1153 - 1165 From lab-to-road & vice-versa: Using a simulation-based approach for predicting real-world CO2 emissions
Tsiakmakis S, Fontaras G, Dornoff J, Valverde V, Komnos D, Ciuffo B, Mock P, Samaras Z
1166 - 1174 Impact of external shading strategy on energy performance of multi-story hotel building in hot-humid climate
Alhuwayil WK, Mujeebu MA, Algarny AMM
1175 - 1190 Syngas production from oil sludge gasification and its potential use in power generation systems: An energy and exergy analysis
Gonzalez AM, Lora EES, Palacio JCE
1191 - 1201 Analysis and improvement of dynamic heat exchanger models for nominal and start-up operation
Vaupel Y, Huster WR, Holtorf F, Mhamdi A, Mitsos A
1202 - 1213 The effect of air/fuel ratio on the CO and NOx emissions for a twin-spark motorcycle gasoline engine under wide range of operating conditions
Deng BL, Li Q, Chen YY, Li M, Liu AD, Ran JQ, Xu Y, Liu XQ, Fu JQ, Feng RH
1214 - 1223 Performance analysis and experimental validation of a solar-assisted heat pump fed by photovoltaic-thermal collectors
Del Amo A, Martinez-Gracia A, Bayod-Rujula AA, Canada M
1224 - 1241 Inter- and intra-annual variability of potential power production from wave energy converters
Morim J, Cartwright N, Hemer M, Etemad-Shahidi A, Strauss D
1242 - 1258 Cooperative controls of micro gas turbine and super capacitor hybrid power generation system for pulsed power load
Duan JD, Liu JJ, Xiao Q, Fan SG, Sun L, Wang GL
1259 - 1273 Assessment of optimized pattern in milling factories of rice production based on energy, environmental and economic objectives
Nabavi-Pelesaraei A, Rafiee S, Mohtasebi SS, Hosseinzadeh-Bandbafha H, Chau KW
1274 - 1291 Energy performance and economic analysis of a TIM-PCM wall under different climates
Souayfane F, Biwole PH, Fardoun F, Achard P