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1 - 8 Selection of refrigerants for a modified organic Rankine cycle
Kajurek J, Rusowicz A, Grzebielec A, Bujalski W, Futyma K, Rudowicz Z
9 - 29 Numerical study of the effect of combustion chamber structure on scavenging process in a boosted GDI engine
Qian YJ, Gong Z, Shao XW, Tao CF, Zhuang Y
30 - 42 Cooperative planning model of renewable energy sources and energy storage units in active distribution systems: A bi-level model and Pareto analysis
Li R, Wang W, Wu XZ, Tang F, Chen Z
43 - 56 On increasing the thermal mass of a salinity gradient solar pond with external heat addition: A transient study
Ganguly S, Date A, Akbarzadeh A
57 - 69 Effects of battery technology and load scalability on stand-alone PV/ICE hybrid micro-grid system performance
Das BK, Al-Abdeli YM, Woolridge M
70 - 79 Energy and emission impacts of liquid fueled engines compared to electric motors for small size motorcycles based on the Brazilian scenario
Weber NDB, da Rocha BP, Schneider PS, Daemme LC, Neto RDP
80 - 87 Magnesia phosphate cement composite bipolar plates for passive type direct methanol fuel cells
Hao WB, Ma HY, Sun GX, Li ZJ
88 - 98 A novel optical-thermal modeling of a parabolic dish collector with a helically baffled cylindrical cavity receiver
Soltani S, Bonyadi M, Avargani VM
99 - 110 Condensation characteristics of natural gas in the supersonic liquefaction process
Bian J, Cao XW, Yang W, Song XD, Xiang CC, Gao S
111 - 125 Scenario-based modelling of the potential for solar energy charging of electric vehicles in two Scandinavian cities
Good C, Shepero M, Munkhammar J, Bostrom T
126 - 135 Syngas production by chemical looping gasification using Fe supported on phosphogypsum compound oxygen carrier
Yang J, Wei Y, Yang J, Xiang HP, Ma LP, Zhang W, Wang LC, Peng YH, Liu HP
136 - 150 Modeling and experimental investigation for performance and emissions on a diesel engine using bio-oxygenated ternary fuel blends
Nayyar A, Sharma D, Soni SL, Bhardwaj B, Augustine M
151 - 159 Characteristics of stoichiometric CH4/O-2/CO2 flame up to the pure oxygen condition
Li B, Shi BL, Chu QZ, Zhao XY, Li JW, Wang NF
160 - 168 Energy consumption of cryptocurrency mining: A study of electricity consumption in mining cryptocurrencies
Li JM, Li NP, Peng JQ, Cui HJ, Wu ZB
169 - 181 Thermodynamic, dynamic and flow friction analysis of a Stirling engine with Scotch yoke piston driving mechanism
Karabulut H, Okur M, Halis S, Altin M
182 - 199 Contribution and investigation to compare models parameters of (PEMFC), comprehensives review of fuel cell models and their degradation
Blal M, Benatiallah A, NeCaibia A, Lachtar S, Sahouane N, Belasri A
200 - 206 Optimization of mixed refrigerant system for LNG processes through graphically reducing exergy destruction of cryogenic heat exchangers
Song C, Tan S, Qu FC, Liu WD, Wu Y
207 - 221 A novel curtain design to enhance the aerodynamic performance of Invelox: A steady-RANS numerical simulation
Anbarsooz M, Amiri M, Rashidi I
222 - 234 A novel empirical heat transfer model for a solar thermal storage process using phase change materials
Bie Y, Li M, Chen F, Krolczyk G, Yang L, Li ZX, Li WH
235 - 246 Solid oxide fuel cell hybrid system: A detailed review of an environmentally clean and efficient source of energy
Damo UM, Ferrari ML, Turan A, Massardo AF
247 - 260 Design and optimization of a novel system for trigeneration
Arabkoohsar A, Andresen GB
261 - 272 Integrated advanced nonlinear neural network-simulink control system for production of bio-methanol from sugar cane bagasse via pyrolysis
Kasmuri NH, Kamarudin SK, Abdullah SRS, Hasan HA, Som AM
273 - 284 Spray cooling system design and optimization for cooling performance enhancement of natural draft dry cooling tower in concentrated solar power plants
Sun YB, Guan ZG, Gurgenci H, Wang JY, Dong PX, Hooman K
285 - 294 Experimental observation and thermodynamic modeling of non-ideal expanding flows of siloxane MDM vapor for ORC applications
Spinelli A, Cammi G, Conti CC, Gallarini S, Zocca M, Cozzi F, Gaetani P, Dossena V, Guardone A
295 - 309 Supercritical CO2 and air Brayton-Joule versus ORC systems for heat recovery from glass furnaces: Performance and economic evaluation
Danieli P, Rech S, Lazzaretto A
310 - 331 Nocturnal electric vehicle charging interacting with a residential photovoltaic-battery system: a 3E (energy, economic and environmental) analysis
Mazzeo D
332 - 345 Energetic, exergetic, economic and environmental (4E) analysis and multi-factor evaluation method of low GWP fluids in trans-critical organic Rankine cycles
Zhang C, Liu C, Xu XX, Li QB, Wang SK
346 - 357 Thermal design and optimization of a heat recovery steam generator in a combined-cycle power plant by applying a genetic algorithm
Rezaie A, Tsatsaronis G, Hellwig U
358 - 369 Harvesting waste heat from cement kiln shell by thermoelectric system
Mirhosseini M, Rezania A, Rosendahl L
370 - 379 Uncertainty quantification and scenario generation of future solar photovoltaic price for use in energy system models
Kim H, Cheon H, Ahn YH, Choi DG
380 - 392 Thermodynamic considerations on MEA absorption: Whether thermodynamic cycle could be used as a tool for energy efficiency analysis
Wang JY, Sun TW, Zhao J, Deng S, Li KX, Xu YF, Fu JX
393 - 399 Study of the reaction mechanism of aluminum based composite fuel and chlorine trifluoride oxide
Liu XH, Ma Y, Li SY, Yan H, Wang DX, Luo YF
400 - 408 The implementation of building-integrated photovoltaics in Singapore: drivers versus barriers
Lu YJ, Chang RD, Shabunko V, Yee ATL
409 - 424 Prefeasibility techno-economic assessment of a hybrid power plant with photovoltaic, fuel cell and Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)
Sadeghi S, Askari IB
425 - 439 Multi-objective hydropower station operation using an improved cuckoo search algorithm
Meng XJ, Chang JX, Wang XB, Wang YM
440 - 449 Energy and exergy analysis of solar heat driven chiller under wide system boundary conditions
Petela K, Szlek A
450 - 461 Comprehensive assessment for battery energy storage systems based on fuzzy-MCDM considering risk preferences
Zhao HR, Guo S, Zhao HR
462 - 476 Exergy-based ecological indicators: From Thermo-Economics to cumulative exergy consumption to Thermo-Ecological Cost and Extended Exergy Accounting
Sciubba E
477 - 491 Natural gas displacement by wind curtailment utilization in combined-cycle power plants
Rao AG, van den Oudenalder FSC, Klein SA
492 - 504 Assessment of turbine performance under swirling inflow conditions
Ding ZM, Zhuge WL, Zhang YJ
505 - 515 Approaches to energy efficiency in air conditioning: A comparative study on purge configurations for indirect evaporative cooling
Oh SJ, Shahzad MW, Burhan M, Chun W, Jon CK, Kumja M, Ng KC
516 - 531 Sustainable economic development in China: Modelling the role of hydroelectricity consumption in a multivariate framework
Solarin SA, Shahbaz M, Hammoudeh S
532 - 541 Biomass in the electricity system: A complement to variable renewables or a source of negative emissions?
Johansson V, Lehtveer M, Goransson L
542 - 557 Advanced exergoeconomic evaluation of a mini-scale nitrogen dual expander process for liquefaction of natural gas
Palizdar A, Ramezani T, Nargessi Z, AmirAfshar S, Abbasi M, Vatani A
558 - 572 A novel combination forecasting model for wind power integrating least square support vector machine, deep belief network, singular spectrum analysis and locality-sensitive hashing
Zhang YC, Le J, Liao XB, Zheng F, Li YH
573 - 584 Microwave-assisted pyrolysis of furfural residue in a continuously operated auger reactor: Biochar characterization and analysis
Mao X, Kang QH, Liu Y, Siyal AA, Ao WY, Ran CM, Fu J, Deng ZY, Song YM, Dai JJ
585 - 600 Combustion characteristics, performances and emissions of a biodiesel-producer gas dual fuel engine with varied combustor geometry
Nayak SK, Mishra PC
601 - 608 Definition of cycle based comprehensive efficiency of a cooled turbine
Ba W, Wang XC, Li XS, Ren XD, Gu CW
609 - 618 Energy utilization of coal-coking wastes via coal slurry preparation: The characteristics of slurrying, combustion, and pollutant emission
Zhao ZH, Wang RK, Ge LC, Wu JH, Yin QQ, Wang CB
619 - 636 Multi-skill project scheduling problem under time-of-use electricity tariffs and shift differential payments
Najafzad H, Davari-Ardakani H, Nemati-Lafmejani R
637 - 650 Investigation into spacing restriction and layout optimization of wind farm with multiple types of wind turbines
Sun HY, Yang HX, Gao XX
651 - 661 Analysis of the temperatures of heating and cooling sources and the air states in liquid desiccant dehumidification systems regenerated by return air
Song X, Zhang L, Zhang XS
662 - 683 Exergy assessment and exergy cost analysis of a renewable-based and hybrid trigeneration scheme for domestic water and energy supply
Uson S, Uche J, Martinez A, del Amo A, Acevedo L, Bayod A
684 - 692 High penetration renewable generation within Australian isolated and remote power systems
Hamilton J, Negnevitsky M, Wang XL, Lyden S
693 - 701 Characteristics of charge/discharge and alternating current impedance in all-vanadium redox flow batteries
Sun H, Yu MF, Li Q, Zhuang KM, Li J, Almheiri S, Zhang XC
702 - 711 Performance evaluation of a turbojet engine integrated with interstage turbine burner and solid oxide fuel cell
Ji ZX, Qin J, Cheng KL, Liu H, Zhang SL, Dong P
712 - 727 Energetic and exergetic investigation of a novel refrigeration system utilizing ejector integrated subcooling using different refrigerants
Yilmaz T, Erdinc MT
728 - 736 Experimental investigation on the heating performance of a novel designed trombe wall
Dong JK, Chen ZH, Zhang L, Cheng YD, Sun SYT, Jie J
737 - 752 Experimental analysis of NOx reduction through water addition and comparison with exhaust gas recycling
Serrano J, Jimenez-Espadafor FJ, Lora A, Modesto-Lopez L, Ganan-Calvo A, Lopez-Serrano J
753 - 771 Convex decoupled-synergetic strategies for robust multi-objective power and gas flow considering power to gas
Qu KP, Zheng BM, Yu T, Li HF
772 - 781 Energy system impacts of grid tariff structures for flexible power-to-district heat
Sandberg E, Kirkerud JG, Tromborg E, Bolkesjo TF
782 - 795 Effect of dewatered sludge microwave pretreatment temperature and duration on net energy generation and biosolids quality from anaerobic digestion
Kor-Bicakci G, Ubay-Cokgor E, Eskicioglu C
796 - 814 A novel multi-objective Dynamic Programming optimization method: Performance management of a solar thermal power plant as a case study
Mahmoudimehr J, Sebghati P
815 - 822 The relationship between energy consumption, economic growth, and CO2 emission in MENA countries: Causality analysis in the frequency domain
Gorus MS, Aydin M
823 - 832 Transient behavior of concentrated solar oxide thermoelectric generator
Mahmoudinezhad S, Rezania A, Cotfas PA, Cotfas DT, Rosendahl LA
833 - 846 Effect of equivalence ratio on the performance of the downdraft gasifier - An experimental and modelling approach
Upadhyay DS, Sakhiya AK, Panchal K, Patel AH, Patel RN
847 - 857 H2S and CO2 capture from gaseous fuels using nanoparticle membrane
Abdolahi-Mansoorkhani H, Seddighi S
858 - 869 Performance enhancement of centrally finned twist inserted solar collector using corrugated booster reflectors
Murugan M, Vijayan R, Saravanan A, Jaisankar S
870 - 882 Balancing future variable wind and solar power production in Central-West Europe with Norwegian hydropower
Graabak I, Korpas M, Jaehnert S, Belsnes M
883 - 896 Adaptive full-range decoupled ventilation strategy and air-conditioning systems for cleanrooms and buildings requiring strict humidity control and their performance evaluation
Zhuang CQ, Wang SW, Shan K
897 - 908 Optimization procedure to minimize fuel consumption of a four-stroke marine turbocharged diesel engine
Tadros M, Ventura M, Soares CG
909 - 918 Optimization of diesel engine performance and emission parameters employing cassia tora methyl esters-response surface methodology approach
Singh Y, Sharma A, Tiwari S, Singla A
919 - 930 Unified energy management and load control in building equipped with wind-solar-battery incorporating electric and hydrogen vehicles under both connected to the grid and islanding modes
Mehrjerdi H, Bornapour M, Hemmati R, Ghiasi SMS
931 - 945 Thermo-mechanical behavior assessment of smart wire connected and busbarPV modules during production, transportation, and subsequent field loading stages
Li GQ, Akram MW, Jin Y, Chen X, Zhu CG, Ahmad A, Arshad RH, Zhao XD
946 - 952 Simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentation of corn stover pretreated by H2O2 oxidative degradation for ethanol production
Liu L, Zhang ZC, Wang J, Fan YJ, Shi WJ, Liu XC, Shun QS
953 - 965 Impedance matching control strategy for a solar cooling system directly driven by distributed photovoltaics
Han YH, Li M, Wang YF, Li GL, Ma X, Wang R, Wang L
966 - 974 Hub-and-spoke structure: Characterizing the global crude oil transport network with mass vessel trajectories
Peng P, Yang Y, Cheng SF, Lu F, Yuan ZM
975 - 988 Two-dimensional numerical study of a heat and mass exchanger for a dew-point evaporative cooler
Liu YT, Li JM, Yang X, Zhao XD
989 - 1001 CO2 emissions patterns in 7 top carbon emitter economies: The case of transport sector
Solaymani S
1002 - 1016 On the dynamic modeling of Brayton cycle power conversion systems with the CATHARE-3 code
Mauger G, Tauveron N, Bentivoglio F, Ruby A
1017 - 1030 A bionic approach for heat generation and latent heat storage inspired by the polar bear
August A, Kneer A, Reiter A, Wirtz M, Sarsour J, Stegmaier T, Barbe S, Gresser GT, Nestler B
1031 - 1044 Energy intensity determinants in an energy-exporting developing economy: Case of Iran
Dargahi H, Khameneh KB
1045 - 1062 Fate of a biomass particle during CO2 gasification: A mathematical model under entrained flow condition at high temperature
Kibria MA, Sripada P, Woo MW, Bhattacharya S
1063 - 1072 Modeling and simulation on a water vapor high temperature heat pump system
Wu D, Yan HZ, Hu B, Wang RZ
1073 - 1080 Exploring temporal and spatial evolution of global coal supply-demand and flow structure
Song YT, Wang N
1081 - 1093 Carbon emissions, energy use, real GDP per capita and trade matrix in the Indian economy-an ARDL approach
Akalpler E, Hove S
1094 - 1103 Experimental investigation on near wall ignited lean methane/hydrogen/air flame
Wang D, Ji CW, Wang SF, Yang JX, Tang CQ
1104 - 1118 Application of automated cubic-order mesh generation for efficient energy transfer using parabolic arcs for microwave problems
Smitha TV, Nagaraja KV
1119 - 1127 Real-time price-based demand response model for combined heat and power systems
Alipour M, Zare K, Seyedi H, Jalali M
1128 - 1137 Modeling of a dual fueled diesel engine operated by a novel fuel containing glycerol triacetate additive and biodiesel using artificial neural network tuned by genetic algorithm to reduce engine emissions
Najafi B, Akbarian E, Lashkarpour SM, Aghbashlo M, Ghaziaskar HS, Tabatabaei M
1138 - 1156 A numerical study on the angle of attack to the blade of a horizontal-axis offshore floating wind turbine under static and dynamic yawed conditions
Wen BR, Tian XL, Dong XJ, Peng ZK, Zhang WM, Wei KX
1157 - 1167 Effect of acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE)-gasoline blends on regulated and unregulated emissions in spark-ignition engine
Li YX, Ning Z, Lee CFF, Yan JH, Lee TH
1168 - 1180 One-dimensional modeling of a turbulent fluidized bed for a sorbent-based CO2 capture process with solid solid sensible heat exchange
Park J, Won W, Jung W, Lee KS
1181 - 1191 Mapping between transmission constraint penalty factor and OPF solution in electricity markets: analysis and fast calculation
Yang ZF, Zhong HW, Lin W, Lin J, Chen YH, Xia Q, Liu WT, Zhang X
1192 - 1207 Scheduling isolated power systems considering electric vehicles and primary frequency response
Carron M, Dominguez R, Canas-Carreton M, Zarate-Minano R
1208 - 1216 Investigation of effect of compression ratio on combustion and exhaust emissions in A HCCI engine
Calam A, Solmaz H, Yilmaz E, Icingur Y
1217 - 1236 Comparative evaluation of different combined cycle configurations having simple gas turbine, steam turbine and ammonia water turbine
Maheshwari M, Singh O
1237 - 1245 Experimental study on absorption/compression hybrid refrigeration cycle
Li JB, Xu SM, Kong XQ, Liu K, Cui FL