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1 - 16 Development of a 5kW(th) internally circulating fluidized bed reactor containing quartz sand for continuously-fed coal-coke gasification and a beam-down solar concentrating system
Gokon N, Kumaki S, Miyaguchi Y, Bellan S, Kodama T, Cho H
17 - 31 The potential of exhaust waste heat recovery (WHR) from marine diesel engines via organic rankine cycle
Nawi ZM, Kamarudin SK, Abdullah SRS, Lam SS
32 - 46 Soft-linking energy demand and optimisation models for local long-term electricity planning: An application to rural India
Riva F, Gardumi F, Tognollo A, Colombo E
47 - 58 Multi-area economic dispatch using an improved stochastic fractal search algorithm
Lin J, Wang ZJ
59 - 71 Simulation and experimentation of an integrated collector storage solar water heater designed for integration into building facade
Harmim A, Boukar M, Amar M, Haida A
72 - 82 Machine Learning for the prediction of the dynamic behavior of a small scale ORC system
Palagi L, Pesyridis A, Sciubba E, Tocci L
83 - 95 Experimental investigation of a novel low concentrating photovoltaic/thermal-thermoelectric generator hybrid system
Chen HP, Huang JG, Zhang H, Liang K, Liu HW, Liang SY
96 - 107 Provincial energy efficiency of China quantified by three-stage data envelopment analysis
Zhao HR, Guo S, Zhao HR
108 - 117 Integration of thermo-vapor compressors with phenol and ammonia recovery process for coal gasification wastewater treatment system
Chen BK, Qian Y, Yang SY
118 - 130 Employing photovoltaic/thermal panels as a solar chimney roof: 3E analyses and multi-objective optimization
Habibollahzade A
131 - 141 The EIA WPSR release, OVX and crude oil internet interest
Nikkinen J, Rothovius T
142 - 156 A knowledge-driven method of adaptively optimizing process parameters for energy efficient turning
Xiao QE, Li CB, Tang Y, Li LL, Li L
157 - 169 Modeling of nuclear power plant export competitiveness and its implications: The case of Korea
Roh S, Choi JY, Chang SH
170 - 182 Industrial excess heat recovery in district heating: Data assessment methodology and application to a real case study in Milano, Italy
Denarie A, Muschera M, Calderoni M, Motta M
183 - 192 Carbon dioxide purity and combustion characteristics of oxy firing compared to air firing in a pilot-scale circulating fluidized bed
Moon JH, Jo SH, Park SJ, Khoi NH, Seo MW, Ra HW, Yoon SJ, Yoon SM, Lee JG, Mun TY
193 - 212 A pinch-based automated targeting technique for heating medium system
Diban P, Foo DCY
213 - 222 Seasonal solar thermal energy storage using thermochemical sorption in domestic dwellings in the UK
Ma ZW, Bao HS, Roskilly AP
223 - 235 R450A and R513A as lower GWP mixtures for high ambient temperature countries: Experimental comparison with R134a
Makhnatch P, Mota-Babiloni A, Lopez-Belchi A, Khodabandeh R
236 - 245 Economic performance study of the integrated MR-SOFC-CCHP system
Hou QL, Zhao HB, Yang XY
246 - 255 Ultrathin graphite sheets stabilized stearic acid as a composite phase change material for thermal energy storage
Li CC, Xie BS, Chen DL, Chen J, Li W, Chen ZS, Gibb SW, Long Y
256 - 266 Thermodynamic and optical analyses of a hybrid solar CPV/T system with high solar concentrating uniformity based on spectral beam splitting technology
Wang G, Yao YB, Chen ZS, Hu P
267 - 276 Heat transmission over long pipes: New model for fast and accurate district heating simulations
Denarie A, Aprile M, Motta M
277 - 286 Energy-water nexus in China's energy bases: From the Paris agreement to the Well Below 2 Degrees target
Li N, Chen WY
287 - 306 Prediction OF CI engine performance, emission and combustion parameters using fish oil as a biodiesel by fuzzy-GA
Sakthivel G, Sivaraja CM, Ikua BW
307 - 317 Steady state analysis and modeling of the gas compressor station using the electrical analogy
Vidovic D, Sutlovic E, Majstrovic M
318 - 325 Numerical investigations on the effects of turbulence intensity on knocking combustion in a downsized gasoline engine
Chen L, Wei HQ, Chen CY, Feng DQ, Zhou L, Pan JY
326 - 334 Angular speed control of an induction motor via a solar powered boost converter-voltage source inverter combination
Linares-Flores J, Guerrero-Castellanos JF, Lescas-Hernandez R, Hernandez-Mendez A, Vazquez-Perales R
335 - 342 Three-stage air gasification of waste polyethylene: In-situ regeneration of active carbon used as a tar removal additive
Jeong YS, Choi YK, Kim JS
343 - 351 Characteristics of a new type continuous two-stage pyrolysis of waste polyethylene
Park KB, Jeong YS, Guzelciftci B, Kim JS
352 - 358 Battery electric vehicles: What is the minimum range required?
Shi X, Pan J, Wang HW, Cai H
359 - 372 How to face the challenges caused by the abolishment of subsidies for electric vehicles in China?
Wang N, Tang LH, Zhang WJ, Guo JH
373 - 379 Thermal-calculation method for entrained-flow coal gasifiers
Wang HP, Chen ZC, Zhang B, Zeng LY, Li ZQ, Zhang XY, Fang N, Liu XY
380 - 391 A radial inflow air turbine design for a vented oscillating water column
Ansarifard N, Kianejad SS, Fleming A, Chai SH
392 - 400 Effect of methane addition to ethylene on the morphology and size distribution of soot in a laminar co-flow diffusion flame
Chu HQ, Han WW, Cao WJ, Gu MY, Xu GJ
401 - 413 Multi-aspect evaluation of integrated forest-based biofuel production pathways: Part 1. Product yields & energetic performance
Jafri Y, Wetterlund E, Anheden M, Kulander I, Hakansson A, Furusjo E
414 - 425 Error analysis of ORC performance calculation based on the Helmholtz equation with different binary interaction parameters of mixture
Su W, Hwang YH, Shao YW, Deng S, Zhao L, Nie XH, Zhang Y
426 - 450 Excess electricity and power-to-gas storage potential in the future renewable-based power generation sector in the United Arab Emirates
Eveloy V, Gebreegziabher T
451 - 461 Optimized Parameters of SOFC for steady state and transient simulations using interior search algorithm
El-Hay EA, El-Hameed MA, El-Fergany AA
462 - 470 Pressure drop in the thermochemical recuperators filled with the catalysts of various shapes: A combined experimental and numerical investigation
Pashchenko D
471 - 489 Investigation of wake characteristics for the offshore floating vertical axis wind turbines in pitch and surge motions of platforms
Lei H, Su J, Bao Y, Chen YR, Han ZL, Zhou D
490 - 505 Performance evaluation of hybrid solar chimney for uninterrupted power generation
Al-Kayiem HH, Aurybi MA, Gilani SIU, Ismaeel AA, Mohammad ST
506 - 518 Experimental investigation on performance of a novel composite desiccant coated heat exchanger in summer and winter seasons
Valarezo AS, Sun XY, Ge TS, Dai YJ, Wang RZ
519 - 529 Numerical analysis and optimization of an indirectly irradiated solar receiver for a Brayton cycle
Ndiogou BA, Thiam A, Mbow C, Stouffs P, Azilinon D
530 - 540 Optimal sizing of hybrid fuel cell-supercapacitor storage system for off-grid renewable applications
Luta DN, Raji AK
541 - 551 Hydrogen-rich syngas production by reforming of ethanol blended with aqueous urea using a thermodynamic analysis
Wu HW, Lin KW
552 - 568 Performance modeling of MED-MVC systems: Exergy-economic analysis
Elsayed ML, Mesalhy O, Mohammed RH, Chow LC
569 - 576 Linear alpha-alcohols production from supercritical ethanol over Cu/Al2O3 catalyst
Chistyakov AV, Nikolaev SA, Zharova PA, Tsodikov MV, Manenti F
577 - 586 The time-varying linkages between global oil market and China's commodity sectors: Evidence from DCC-GJR-GARCH analyses
Jiang YH, Jiang C, Nie H, Mo B
587 - 597 Effect of phase formation on hydrogen storage properties in Ti-V-Mn alloys by zirconium substitution
Chen XY, Chen RR, Ding X, Fang HZ, Li XZ, Ding HS, Su YQ, Guo JJ, Fu HZ
598 - 609 A new hybrid model to predict the electrical load in five states of Australia
Wu JR, Cui ZS, Chen YY, Kong DM, Wang YG
610 - 623 Optimal scenario design of steam-assisted gravity drainage to enhance oil recovery with temperature and rate control
Baghernezhad D, Siavashi M, Nakhaee A
624 - 636 Cost sensitivity of optimal sector-coupled district heating production systems
Dahl M, Brun A, Andresen GB
637 - 652 Physical adequacy of a power generation system: The case of Spain in the long term
Abadie LM, Chamorro JM
653 - 663 Short term load forecasting based on feature extraction and improved general regression neural network model
Liang Y, Niu DX, Hong WC
664 - 673 Production of biochars from textile fibres through torrefaction and their characterisation
Hanoglu A, Cay A, Yanik J
674 - 689 Novel solutions for closed-loop reverse electrodialysis: Thermodynamic characterisation and perspective analysis
Giacalone F, Olkis C, Santori G, Cipollina A, Brandani S, Micale G
690 - 700 The wall-flow-guided and interferential interactions of the lateral swirl combustion system for improving the fuel/air mixing and combustion performance in DI diesel engines
Chen YL, Li XR, Li XL, Zhao WH, Liu FS
701 - 714 Predictive vehicle-following power management for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Xie SB, Hu XS, Liu T, Qi SW, Lang K, Li HL
715 - 723 Energy and exergy analyses of a biogas driven multigenerational system
Sevinchan E, Dincer I, Lang HX
724 - 737 Advanced exergy analysis of a combined Brayton/Brayton power cycle
Idrissa AKM, Boulama KG
738 - 754 A novel system for large-scale storage of electricity as synthetic natural gas using reversible pressurized solid oxide cells
Butera G, Jensen SH, Clausen LR
755 - 764 Dynamic economic dispatch using complementary quadratic programming
McLarty D, Panossian N, Jabbari F, Traverso A
765 - 774 Oscillating water column performance under the influence of storm development
Medina-Lopez E, Monino A, Bergillos RJ, Clavero M, Ortega-Sanchez M
775 - 788 Loss analysis of a mix-flow turbine with nozzled twin-entry volute at different admissions
Xue YX, Yang MY, Martinez-Botas RF, Romagnoli A, Deng KY
789 - 795 Innovative multipolymer electrolyte membrane designed by oxygen inhibited UV-crosslinking enables solid-state in plane integration of energy conversion and storage devices
Scalia A, Bella F, Lamberti A, Gerbaldi C, Tresso E
796 - 806 Degradation model and cycle life prediction for lithium-ion battery used in hybrid energy storage system
Liu C, Wang YJ, Chen ZH
807 - 818 Thermodynamic analysis of chemical looping gasification coupled with lignite pyrolysis
Kun Z, He DM, Guan J, Zhang QM
819 - 833 Experimental investigation of the performance and wake effect of a small-scale wind turbine in a wind tunnel
Dou BZ, Guala M, Lei L, Zeng P
834 - 844 Gas recovery enhancement from methane hydrate reservoir in the Nankai Trough using vertical wells
Yu T, Guan GQ, Abudula A, Yoshida A, Wang DY, Song YC
845 - 861 Conventional and advanced exergy analysis of parallel and series compression-ejection hybrid refrigeration system for a household refrigerator with R290
Zhao HX, Yuan TP, Gao J, Wang XL, Yan J
862 - 870 Introducing modern heat pumps to existing district heating systems - Global lessons from viable decarbonizing of district heating in Finland
Kontu K, Rinne S, Junnila S
871 - 885 Energy, exergy and economic analysis of a hybrid spray-assisted low-temperature desalination/thermal vapor compression system
Chen Q, Ja MK, Li Y, Chua KJ
886 - 894 Optimization model for charging infrastructure planning with electric power system reliability check
Davidov S, Pantos M
895 - 907 Performance evaluation of low-pressure turbine, turbo-compounding and air-Brayton cycle as engine waste heat recovery method
Teo AE, Chiong MS, Yang M, Romagnoli A, Martinez-Botas RF, Rajoo S
908 - 917 Design and implementation of a battery management system with active charge balance based on the SOC and SOH online estimation
Ren HB, Zhao YZ, Chen SZ, Wang TP
918 - 928 Simulated performance analysis of a solar aided power generation plant in fuel saving operation mode
Zhang N, Hou HJ, Yu G, Hu E, Duan LQ, Zhao J
929 - 938 Fuel economy optimization of power split hybrid vehicles: A rapid dynamic programming approach
Yang YL, Pei HX, Hu XS, Liu YG, Hou C, Cao DP
939 - 950 Flexible TwoStage biomass gasifier designs for polygeneration operation
Gadsboll RO, Clausen LR, Thomsen TP, Ahrenfeldt J, Henriksen UB
951 - 960 Unlocking the coupling mechanical-electrochemical behavior of lithium-ion battery upon dynamic mechanical loading
Jia YK, Yin S, Liu BH, Zhao H, Yu HL, Li J, Xu J
961 - 962 Energy transition: The economics & engineering nexus
Soares I, Ferreira P, Lund H
963 - 971 Energy harvesting and self-powered microphone application on multifunctional inorganic-organic hybrid nanogenerator
Sultana A, Alam MM, Ghosh SK, Middya TR, Mandal D
972 - 978 Determination of random pore model parameters for underground coal gasification simulation
Iwaszenko S, Howaniec N, Smolinski A
979 - 988 Technical potential and cost estimates for seawater air conditioning
Hunt JD, Byers E, Sanchez AS
989 - 999 Direct or indirect electrification? A review of heat generation and road transport decarbonisation scenarios for Germany 2050
Ruhnau O, Bannik S, Otten S, Praktiknjo A, Robinius M
1000 - 1012 How the removal of producer subsidies influences oil and gas extraction: A case study in the Gulf of Mexico
Zhao X, Luo DK, Lu K, Wang XY, Dahl C
1013 - 1024 Real-time diagnosis of micro-short circuit for Li-ion batteries utilizing low-pass filters
Zhang ZD, Kong XD, Zheng YJ, Zhou L, Lai X
1025 - 1036 Assessment of diesel engine performance using spirulina microalgae biodiesel
Rajak U, Nashine P, Verma TN
1037 - 1046 Economic effects in the UK periphery from unconventional gas development: Evidence from Wales
Evans N, Jones C, Munday M, Song M
1047 - 1062 Renewable electricity finance in the resource-rich countries of the Middle East and North Africa: A case study on the Gulf Cooperation Council
Krupa J, Poudineh R, Harvey LDD
1063 - 1073 Long-term optimization of Egypt's power sector: Policy implications
Mondal MAH, Ringler C, Al-Riffai P, Eldidi H, Breisinger C, Wiebelt M
1074 - 1088 Thermodynamic performance evaluation of supercritical CO2 closed Brayton cycles for coal-fired power generation with solvent-based CO2 capture
Olumayegun O, Wang MH, Oko E
1089 - 1096 Comparative evaluation of lead emissions and toxicity potential in the life cycle of lead halide perovskite photovoltaics
Billen P, Leccisi E, Dastidar S, Li SM, Lobaton L, Spatari S, Fafarman AT, Fthenakis VM, Baxter JB
1097 - 1105 Design of energy utilization test for a biomass cook stove: Formulation of an optimum air flow recipe
Jain T, Sheth PN
1106 - 1119 Numerical analysis of gas production from layered methane hydrate reservoirs by depressurization
Feng YC, Chen L, Suzuki A, Kogawa T, Okajima J, Komiya A, Maruyama S
1120 - 1133 Planning municipal-scale mixed energy system for stimulating renewable energy under multiple uncertainties - The City of Qingdao in Shandong Province, China
Yu L, Li YP, Huang GH
1134 - 1148 Modeling and performance analysis of a PTC for industrial phosphate flash drying
Moudakkar T, El Hallaoui Z, Vaudreuil S, Bounahmidi T
1149 - 1167 Discovering the patterns of energy consumption, GDP, and CO2 emissions in China using the cluster method
Gong B, Zheng XC, Guo Q, Ordieres-Mere J
1168 - 1180 Wake and performance interference between adjacent wind farms: Case study of Xinjiang in China by means of mesoscale simulations
Wang Q, Luo K, Yuan RY, Zhang SX, Fan JR
1181 - 1193 Research on the energy control of a dual-motor hybrid vehicle during engine start-stop process
Tang XL, Zhang DJ, Liu T, Khajepour A, Yu HS, Wang H
1194 - 1206 Long-term degradation based analysis for lithium-ion batteries in off-grid wind-battery renewable energy systems
Ghorbanzadeh M, Astaneh M, Golzar F
1207 - 1215 Sustainable energy storage for solar home systems in rural Sub-Saharan Africa - A comparative examination of lifecycle aspects of battery technologies for circular economy, with emphasis on the South African context
Charles RG, Davies ML, Douglas P, Hallin IL, Mabbett I
1216 - 1228 Numerical investigation of the flow structures inside mixing section of the ejector
Metin C, Gok O, Atmaca AU, Erek A
1229 - 1240 Entransy analysis optimization of cooling water flow distribution in a dry cooling tower of power plant under summer crosswinds
Wei HM, Wu T, Ge ZH, Yang LJ, Du XZ
1241 - 1248 Porous Co3O4 nanoplates as the active material for rechargeable Zn-air batteries with high energy efficiency and cycling stability
Tan P, Chen B, Xu HR, Cai WZ, He W, Ni M
1249 - 1266 Performance comparison of encapsulated PCM PV/T, microchannel heat pipe PV/T and conventional PV/T systems
Modjinou M, Ji J, Yuan WQ, Zhou F, Holliday S, Waqas A, Zhao XD
1267 - 1275 Experimental research on propulsive performance of the pulse detonation rocket engine with a fluidic nozzle
Zhang QB, Wang K, Dong RX, Fan W, Lu W, Wang YJ
1276 - 1290 Study of combustion in CO2-Capturing semi-closed Brayton cycle conditions
Alvarez JFG, de Grado JG
1291 - 1302 Optimal design of cogeneration systems in total site using exergy approach
Pirmohamadi A, Ghazi M, Nikian M
1303 - 1313 Comparative analysis of selected thermoelectric generators operating with wood-fired stove
Sornek K, Filipowicz M, Zoladek M, Kot R, Mikrut M
1314 - 1322 Facile and cost-efficient indirect carbonation of blast furnace slag with multiple high value-added products through a completely wet process
Chu GR, Li C, Liu WZ, Zhang GQ, Yue HR, Liang B, Wang Y, Luo DM