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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Investigation on drying performance and alternative analysis of different liquid desiccants in compressed air drying system
Zhan CF, Yin YG, Guo XS, Jin X, Zhang XS
1 - 1 Editorial to XXIII congress of thermodynamics 2017
Szlek A, Stanek W
2 - 11 Impact of shape-optimization on the unsteady aerodynamics and performance of a centrifugal turbine for ORC applications
Persico G, Romei A, Dossena V, Gaetani P
10 - 20 Evaluating electric power generation technologies: A multicriteria analysis based on the FITradeoff method
Kang THA, Soares AMD, de Almeida AT
12 - 25 A critical study on passive flow control techniques for straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine
Zhu HT, Hao WX, Li C, Ding QW, Wu BH
21 - 32 Learning rates and cost reduction potential of indirect coal-to-liquid technology coupled with CO2 capture
Zhou L, Duan MS, Yu YD, Zhang XL
26 - 40 Linking design and operation performance analysis through model calibration: Parametric assessment on a Passive House building
Tronchin L, Manfren M, James PAB
33 - 54 Prospective on energy related carbon emissions peak integrating optimized intelligent algorithm with dry process technique application for China's cement industry
Li W, Gao SB
41 - 52 Combustion characteristics of coaxial nonpremixed flames for low heating value gases
Shin C, Oh Y, Lee S
53 - 62 Effects of climate change on the health of citizens modelling urban weather and air pollution
San Jose R, Perez JL, Perez L, Barras RMG
55 - 67 Effect of split injection on particle number (PN) emissions in GDI engine at fast-idle through integrated analysis of optics and mechanics
Sun Y, Yu XM, Dong W, Chen H, Hu YF
63 - 74 Impact of climate change on heating and cooling energy demand in a residential building in a Mediterranean climate
Perez-Andreu V, Aparicio-Fernandez C, Martinez-Ibernon A, Vivancos JL
68 - 75 Experimental analysis of super-knock occurrence based on a spark ignition engine with high compression ratio
Zhou L, Kang R, Wei HQ, Feng DQ, Hua JX, Pan JY, Chen R
75 - 92 1-D model for finding geometry of a single phase ejector
Kumar V, Sachdeva G
76 - 89 Clustering-based short-term load forecasting for residential electricity under the increasing-block pricing tariffs in China
Fu X, Zeng XJ, Feng PP, Cai XW
90 - 105 Development of a reduced n-heptane-n-butylbenzene-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) mechanism for engine combustion simulation and soot prediction
Huang HZ, Zhu JZ, Lv DL, Wei YP, Zhu ZJ, Yu BB, Chen YJ
93 - 111 Analysis of a recompression supercritical carbon dioxide power cycle with an integrated turbine design/optimization algorithm
Saeed M, Kim MH
106 - 117 Experimental investigation of a compression ignition engine operating on B7 direct injected and hydrous ethanol fumigation
Telli GD, Altafini CR, Rosa JS, Costa CA
112 - 133 Modeling of a new absorption heat pump-transformer used to produce heat and power simultaneously
Hernandez-Magallanes JA, Heard CL, Best R, Rivera W
118 - 125 Energy consumption associated with urbanization in China: Efficient- and inefficient-use
Sheng PF, Guo XH
126 - 139 Use of steam jet booster as an integration strategy to operate a natural gas combined cycle with post-combustion CO2 capture at part-load
Apan-Ortiz JI, Sanchez-Fernandez E, Gonzalez-Diaz A
134 - 142 Data-driven heating and cooling load predictions for non-residential buildings based on support vector machine regression and NARX Recurrent Neural Network: A comparative study on district scale
Koschwitz D, Frisch J, van Treeck C
140 - 152 Thermodynamic study on a novel lignite poly-generation system of electricity-gas-tar integrated with pre-drying and pyrolysis
Liu RT, Liu M, Fan PP, Zhao YL, Yan JJ
143 - 152 Decomposition and forecasting analysis of China's household electricity consumption using three-dimensional decomposition and hybrid trend extrapolation models
Meng M, Wang LX, Shang W
153 - 163 Lithium-ion battery modeling and parameter identification based on fractional theory
Hu MH, Li YX, Li SX, Fu CY, Qin DT, Li ZH
153 - 163 Battery degradation minimization oriented energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric bus with multi-energy storage system
Du JY, Zhang XB, Wang TZ, Song ZY, Yang XQ, Wang HW, Ouyang MG, Wu XG
164 - 178 Application of aqueous blends of AMP and piperazine to the low CO2 partial pressure capturing: New experimental and theoretical analysis
Hassankiadeh MN, Jahangiri A
164 - 175 Do renters skimp on energy efficiency during economic recessions? Evidence from Northeast Scotland
Liu N, Zhao Y, Ge JQ
176 - 190 Control of laminar separation bubble over wind turbine airfoil using partial flexibility on suction surface
Acikel HH, Genc MS
179 - 186 Natural gas consumption and economic growth nexus for top 10 natural Gas-Consuming countries: A granger causality analysis in the frequency domain
Aydin M
187 - 197 Modelling and predicting energy consumption of a range extender fuel cell hybrid vehicle
Zeng T, Zhang CZ, Hu MH, Chen Y, Yuan CR, Chen JR, Zhou AJ
191 - 204 A generalized fuzzy chance-constrained energy systems planning model for Guangzhou, China
Cai MT, Huang GH, Chen JP, Li YH, Fan YR
198 - 209 Modelling for power generation sector in Developing Countries: Case of Egypt
Rady YY, Rocco MV, Serag-Eldin MA, Colombo E
205 - 221 A cyber-physical-social system with parallel learning for distributed energy management of a microgrid
Zhang XS, Yu T, Xu Z, Fan Z
210 - 222 Mechanical degradation of proton exchange membrane along the MEA frame in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Qiu DK, Peng LF, Liang P, Yi PY, Lai XM
222 - 234 Safety assessment of hydro -generating units using experiments and grey-entropy correlation analysis
Li HH, Chen DY, Arzaghi E, Abbassi R, Xu BB, Patelli E, Tolo S
223 - 234 Application of the novel fractional grey model FAGMO(1,1,k) to predict China's nuclear energy consumption
Wu WQ, Ma X, Zeng B, Wang Y, Cai W
235 - 245 Thermal and chemical characteristics of torrefied biomass derived from a generated volatile atmosphere
Zhang Y, Song KY
235 - 245 Geospatial characteristics investigation of suitable areas for photovoltaic water pumping erections, in the southern region of Ghardaia, Algeria
Boutelhig A, Hanini S, Arab AH
246 - 256 A simple stochastic method for modelling the uncertainty of photovoltaic power production based on measured data
Barukcic M, Hederic Z, Hadziselimovic M, Seme S
246 - 266 Mechanism study of scavenging process and its effect on combustion characteristics in a boosted GDI engine
Qian YJ, Gong Z, Zhuang Y, Wang CM, Zhao P
257 - 268 Modeling and forecasting hourly electricity demand by SARIMAX with interactions
Elamin N, Fukushige M
267 - 274 The role of driving range in consumers' purchasing decision for electric cars in Italy
Giansoldati M, Danielis R, Rotaris L, Scorrano M
269 - 280 Investigation of the ejector application in the cryogenic Joule-Thomson refrigeration system
Lee J, Baek S, Jeong S
275 - 289 Thermal characteristics of the combined flat plate heat receiver in solar power tower plant
Zhou RW, Ling X, Peng H, Yang L
281 - 298 Performance analysis of solar air collector in the climatic condition of North Eastern India
Debnath S, Das B, Randive PR, Pandey KM
290 - 302 A novel renewable energy selection model for United Nations' sustainable development goals
Buyukozkan G, Karabulut Y, Mukul E
299 - 314 Energy recovery from plastic and biomass waste by means of fluidized bed gasification: A life cycle inventory model
Ardolino F, Lodato C, Astrup TF, Arena U
303 - 313 Oxidative torrefaction of briquetted birch shavings in the bentonite
Leontiev A, Kichatov B, Korshunov A, Kiverin A, Medvetskaya N, Melnikova K
314 - 325 Extinction limits and structure of counterflow nonpremixed methane-ammonia/air flames
Ku JW, Choi S, Kim HK, Lee S, Kwon OC
315 - 325 Ignition of CH4 intensely diluted with N-2 and CO2 versus hot air in a counterflow jets
Jia HQ, Zou C, Lu LX, Zheng HF, Qian X, Yao H
326 - 342 Experimental study and performance evaluation of a PV-blind embedded double skin facade in winter season
Luo YQ, Zhang L, Liu ZB, Xie L, Wang XL, Wu J
326 - 339 Economic evaluation of a PV combined energy storage charging station based on cost estimation of second-use batteries
Han XJ, Liang YB, Ai YY, Li JL
340 - 349 Maximization of energy absorption for a wave energy converter using the deep machine learning
Li L, Yuan ZM, Gao Y
343 - 348 Effect of activated persulfate on gas production from food waste anaerobic digestion
Long YY, Wang HY, Yu XQ, Shen DS, Yin J, Chen T
349 - 359 Compression performance optimization considering variable charge pressure in an adiabatic compressed air energy storage system
He Y, Chen HS, Xu YJ, Deng JQ
350 - 368 Carbon abatement in China's commercial building sector: A bottom-up measurement model based on Kaya-LMDI methods
Ma MD, Cai W, Cai WG
360 - 369 Performance of piggery wastewater treatment and biogas upgrading by three microalgal cultivation technologies under different initial COD concentration
Gao SM, Hu CW, Sun SQ, Xu J, Zhao YJ, Zhang H
369 - 386 The determinants of residential energy expenditure in Italy
Besagni G, Borgarello M
370 - 384 Biocarbon, biomethane and biofertilizer from corn residue: A hybrid thermo-chemical and biochemical approach
Paul S, Dutta A, Defersha F
385 - 398 A MILP methodology to optimize sizing of PV - Wind renewable energy systems
Lamedica R, Santini E, Ruvio A, Palagi L, Rossetta I
387 - 395 Universal scalable sorption-based atmosphere water harvesting
Wang JY, Wang RZ, Tu YD, Wang LW
396 - 407 Systems approach to energy and exergy analyses
Ziebik A, Gladysz P
399 - 410 Effects of secondary air distribution in primary combustion zone on combustion and NOx emissions of a large-scale down-fired boiler with air staging
Wang QX, Chen ZC, Wang JQ, Zeng LY, Zhang X, Li XG, Li ZQ
408 - 421 Placement and sizing of multiple distributed generation and battery swapping stations using grasshopper optimizer algorithm
Sultana U, Khairuddin AB, Sultana B, Rasheed N, Qazi SH, Malik NR
411 - 418 Effect of addition of biogas slurry for anaerobic fermentation of deer manure on biogas production
Wang HX, Xu JL, Sheng LX, Liu XJ
419 - 431 Energy and exergy analyses of a solar-driven ejector-cascade heat pump cycle
Li FL, Chang Z, Li XC, Tian Q
422 - 438 Shape optimization of a long-tapered R134a ejector mixing chamber
Sierra-Pallares J, del Valle JG, Paniagua JM, Garcia J, Mendez-Bueno C, Castro F
432 - 441 Experimental investigations on air/particle flow characteristics in a 2000 t/d GSP pulverized coal gasifier with an improved burner
Fang N, Li ZQ, Wang JQ, Zhang B, Zeng LY, Chen ZC, Wang HP, Liu XY, Zhang XY
439 - 455 Solid-state refrigeration: A comparison of the energy performances of caloric materials operating in an active caloric regenerator
Aprea C, Greco A, Maiorino A, Masselli C
442 - 454 Low-cost catalysts for in-situ improvement of producer gas quality during direct gasification of biomass
Pio DT, Tarelho LAC, Pinto RG, Matos MAA, Frade JR, Yaremchenko A, Mishra GS, Pinto PCR
455 - 470 Experimental investigation of the effects of injection strategies on cycle-to-cycle variations of a DISI engine fueled with ethanol and gasoline blend
Duan XB, Liu JP, Yuan ZP, Guo GM, Liu Q, Tang QJ, Deng BL, Guan JH
456 - 468 Modeling the long-term impact of demand response in energy planning: The Portuguese electric system case study
Anjo J, Neves D, Silva C, Shivakumar A, Howells M
469 - 486 Analysis of the international propagation of contagion between oil and stock markets
Zhang GF, Liu W
471 - 482 Alkali enhanced biomass gasification with in situ S capture and a novel syngas cleaning. Part 2: Techno-economic assessment
Carvalho L, Furusjo E, Ma CY, Ji XY, Lundgren J, Hedlund J, Grahn M, Ohrman OGW, Wetterlund E
483 - 500 Two-step optimization procedure for the conceptual design of A-frame systems for solar power plants
Luceno JA, Martin M
487 - 498 Simulation of accumulated performance of a solar thermal powered adsorption refrigeration system with daily climate conditions
Wang J, Hu E, Blazewicz A, Ezzat AW
499 - 511 Valuing variable renewable energy for peak demand requirements
Zhou E, Cole W, Frew B
501 - 511 Stage analysis and production evaluation for class III gas hydrate deposit by depressurization
Lu N, Hou J, Liu YG, Barrufet MA, Ji YK, Xia ZZ, Xu BY
512 - 526 Long-term electricity demand forecast and supply side scenarios for Pakistan (2015-2050): A LEAP model application for policy analysis
Mirjat NH, Uqaili MA, Harijan K, Das Walasai G, Mondal MAH, Sahin H
512 - 521 Reverse Electrodialysis for energy production from natural river water and seawater
Avci AH, Tufa RA, Fontananova E, Di Profio G, Curcio E
522 - 531 Effect of a catalytic segment on flame stability in a micro combustor with controlled wall temperature profile
Wang SX, Li LH, Xia YF, Fan AW, Yao H
527 - 536 Comparison study on fuel properties of hydrochars produced from corn stalk and corn stalk digestate
Zhang DL, Wang F, Shen XL, Yi WM, Li ZH, Li YJ, Tian CY
532 - 542 Reviewing Nordic transport challenges and climate policy priorities: Expert perceptions of decarbonisation in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Sovacool BK, Noel L, Kester J, de Rubens GZ
537 - 548 Bifunctional hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution catalysis using CoP-embedded N-doped nanoporous carbon synthesized via TEOS-assisted method
Zhang YY, Sun HH, Qiu YF, Zhan EH, Ma TG, Gao GG, Cao CY, Ma Z, Hu PA
543 - 561 Multipoint shape optimisation of an automotive radial compressor using a coupled computational fluid dynamics and genetic algorithm approach
Tuchler S, Chen ZH, Copeland CD
549 - 562 Multi-objective optimum charging management of electric vehicles through battery swapping stations
Amiri SS, Jadid S, Saboori H
562 - 571 Rural households' willingness to accept compensation for energy utilization of crop straw in China
He K, Zhang JB, Zeng YM
563 - 576 EPBD independent control system for energy performance certification: The Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy) pioneering experience
Fabbri K, Marinosci C
572 - 590 Integrated supermarket refrigeration for very high ambient temperature
Purohit N, Sharma V, Sawalha S, Fricke B, Llopis R, Dasgupta MS
577 - 592 Impact of split injection strategy on combustion, performance and emissions characteristics of biodiesel fuelled common rail direct injection assisted diesel engine
Babu D, Karvembu R, Anand R
591 - 613 Passive design optimization of low energy buildings in different climates
Harkouss F, Fardoun F, Biwole PH
593 - 602 Robust hydrothermal unit commitment: A mixed-integer linear framework
Razavi SE, Nezhad AE, Mavalizadeh H, Raeisi F, Ahmadi A
603 - 609 Use of Zymomonas mobilis immobilized in doped calcium alginate threads for ethanol production
Nordmeier A, Chidambaram D
610 - 621 Biomass-gasification-based atmospheric water harvesting in India
Chaitanya B, Bahadur V, Thakur AD, Raj R
614 - 619 Future district heating systems and technologies: On the role of smart energy systems and 4th generation district heating
Lund H, Duic N, Ostergaard PA, Mathiesen BV
620 - 629 Solar irradiation prediction with machine learning: Forecasting models selection method depending on weather variability
Fouilloy A, Voyant C, Notton G, Motte F, Paoli C, Nivet ML, Guillot E, Duchaud JL
622 - 633 Thermodynamics analysis on a heat exchanger unit during the transient processes based on the second law
Wang CY, Liu M, Zhao YL, Wang Z, Yan JJ
630 - 638 Experimental study of a PH-CAES system: Proof of concept
Camargos TPL, Pottie DLF, Ferreira RAM, Maia TAC, Porto MP
634 - 650 Optimal contracts of energy mix in a retail market under asymmetric information
Chen Y, Wei W, Liu F, Shafie-khah M, Mei SW, Catalao JPS
639 - 665 Thermal hybrid power systems using multiple heat sources of different temperature: Thermodynamic analysis for Brayton cycles
Yue T, Lior N
651 - 661 Benefits of a multi-energy day-ahead market
van Stiphout A, Virag A, Kessels K, Deconinck G
662 - 672 Microwave-assisted hydrothermal carbonization of dairy manure: Chemical and structural properties of the products
Gao Y, Liu YH, Zhu GK, Xu JY, Xu H, Yuan QX, Zhu YZ, Sarma J, Wang YF, Wang J, Ji L
666 - 676 Effects of injection strategies on the flow and fuel behavior characteristics in port dual injection engine
Lee SY, Lee HJ, Kang YT, Chung JT
673 - 688 Multi-stage Rankine cycle (MSRC) model for LNG cold-energy power generation system
Ma GG, Lu HF, Cui GB, Huang K
677 - 684 High-performance and cost-effective triboelectric nanogenerators by sandpaper-assisted micropatterned polytetrafluoroethylene
Mule AR, Dudem B, Yu JS
685 - 708 Review on thermal performances and applications of thermal energy storage systems with inorganic phase change materials
Lin YX, Alva G, Fang GY
689 - 700 Vertical specialisation measurement of energy embodied in international trade of the construction industry
Liu B, Wang DD, Xu YQ, Liu CL, Luther M
701 - 708 Energy characteristics of a fixed-speed flywheel energy storage system with direct grid-connection
Kondoh J, Funamoto T, Nakanishi T, Arai R
709 - 726 Forecasting energy consumption time series using machine learning techniques based on usage patterns of residential householders
Chou JS, Tran DS
709 - 719 Hydrogen absorption and desorption behavior of Ni catalyzed Mg-Y-C Ni nanocomposites
Yang T, Wang P, Li Q, Xia CQ, Yin FX, Liang CY, Zhang YH
720 - 730 Pyrolysis of textile dyeing sludge in fluidized bed: Characterization and analysis of pyrolysis products
Liu Y, Ran CM, Siddiqui AR, Mao X, Kang QH, Fu J, Deng ZY, Song YM, Jiang ZH, Zhang TH, Ao WY, Dai JJ
727 - 738 Experimental and modeling study of the mutual oxidation of N-pentane and nitrogen dioxide at low and high temperatures in a jet stirred reactor
Zhao H, Dana AG, Zhang ZH, Green WH, Ju YG
731 - 742 Kinetic study for the co-pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass and plastics using the distributed activation energy model
Navarro MV, Lopez JM, Veses A, Callen MS, Garcia T
739 - 759 On the impact of safety requirements, energy prices and investment costs in street lighting refurbishment design
Beccali M, Bonomolo M, Leccese F, Lista D, Salvadori G
743 - 751 Nano-encapsulated phase change material slurry (Nano-PCMS) saturated in metal foam: A new stable and efficient strategy for passive thermal management
Li WQ, Zhang D, Jing TT, Gao MY, Liu PJ, He GQ, Qin F
752 - 767 Parallel chance-constrained dynamic programming for cascade hydropower system operation
Liu BX, Cheng CT, Wang S, Liao SL, Chau KW, Wu XY, Li WD
760 - 768 Biogas potential from spent tea waste: A laboratory scale investigation of co-digestion with cow manure
Khayum N, Anbarasu S, Murugan S
768 - 781 Research on the CFD numerical simulation of flash boiling atomization
Bi RS, Chen C, Li JS, Tan XS, Xiang SG
769 - 775 Experimental study on the net efficiency of an Organic Rankine Cycle with single screw expander in different seasons
Zhao YK, Lei B, Wu YT, Zhi RP, Wang W, Guo H, Ma CF
776 - 789 Exergoeconomic and environmental analysis of a novel configuration of solar-biomass hybrid power generation system
Anvari S, Khalilarya S, Zare V
782 - 791 Battery life-cycle optimization and runtime control for commercial buildings Demand side management: A New York City case study
Wang YB, Song Z, De Angelis V, Srivastava S
790 - 801 A 33-year hindcast on wave energy assessment in the western French coast
Goncalves M, Martinho P, Soares CG
792 - 810 Effect of airfoil profile on aerodynamic performance and economic assessment of H-rotor vertical axis wind turbines
Jafari M, Razavi A, Mirhosseini M
802 - 811 Methane/air premixed flame topology structure in a mesoscale combustor with a plate flame holder and preheating channels
Wan JL, Xu ZW, Zhao HB
811 - 824 Parametric analysis and annual performance evaluation of an air-based integrated solar heating and radiative cooling collector
Hu MK, Zhao B, Ao XZ, Su YH, Pei G
812 - 823 Annual and seasonal variabilities in the performances of wave energy converters
Guillou N, Chapalain G
824 - 835 Reducing environmental impacts of the ups system based on PEM fuel cell with circular economy
Stropnik R, Sekavcnik M, Ferriz AM, Mori M
825 - 839 Effects of momentum ratio and velocity difference on combustion performance in lignite-fired pulverized boiler
Li ZX, Miao ZQ, Shen XS, Li JT
836 - 845 Application of artificial neural network method for prediction of osmotic pretreatment based on the energy and exergy analyses in microwave drying of orange slices
Azadbakht M, Torshizi MV, Noshad F, Rokhbin A
840 - 852 Deep belief network based k-means cluster approach for short-term wind power forecasting
Wang KJ, Qi XX, Liu HD, Song JK
846 - 858 Combined effect of inlet pressure, total cycle energy, and start of injection on low load reactivity controlled compression ignition combustion and emission characteristics in a multi-cylinder heavy-duty engine fueled with gasoline/diesel
Han WQ, Li BL, Pan SZ, Lu Y, Li X
853 - 866 Economic analysis of support policies for residential photovoltaic systems in Iran
Sheikhhoseini M, Rashidinejad M, Ameri M, Abdollahi A
859 - 867 Performance analysis of an advanced ejector-expansion autocascade refrigeration cycle
Liu Y, Yu JL
867 - 876 Greener synthesis of 1,2-butylene carbonate from CO2 using graphene-inorganic nanocomposite catalyst
Onyenkeadi V, Kellici S, Saha B
868 - 876 Thermal stability of hexamethyldisiloxane and octamethyltrisiloxane
Keulen L, Gallarini S, Landolina C, Spinelli A, Iora P, Invernizzi C, Lietti L, Guardone A
877 - 889 Combined carbon and energy intensity benchmarks for sustainable retail stores
Ferreira A, Pinheiro MD, de Brito J, Mateus R
877 - 894 Counter-flow indirect evaporative cooler for heat recovery in the temperate climate
Pandelidis D, Cichon A, Pacak A, Anisimov S, Drag P
890 - 899 A plant for methanol and electricity production: Technical-economic analysis
Kler AM, Tyurina EA, Mednikov AS
895 - 901 An artificial intelligence based approach to predicting syngas composition for downdraft biomass gasification
Mutlu AY, Yucel O
900 - 910 Technical and economic assessment of RES penetration by modelling China's existing energy system
You W, Geng Y, Dong HJ, Wilson J, Pan HY, Wu R, Sun L, Zhang X, Liu ZQ
902 - 915 Operational optimization in district heating systems with the use of thermal energy storage
Lesko M, Bujalski W, Futyma K
911 - 924 Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition combustion and emissions using n-butanol and methyl oleate
Soloiu V, Moncada JD, Gaubert R, Knowles A, Molina G, Ilie M, Harp S, Wiley JT
916 - 930 Stirling engine powered reverse osmosis for brackish water desalination to utilize moderate temperature heat
Lai XT, Long R, Liu ZC, Liu W
925 - 938 Theoretical models for wall solar chimney under cooling and heating modes considering room configuration
Shi L
931 - 948 Enhanced geothermal system modelling with multiple pore media: Thermo-hydraulic coupled processes
Aliyu MD, Chen HP
939 - 957 An adaptive dynamic short-term wind speed forecasting model using secondary decomposition and an improved regularized extreme learning machine
Sun N, Zhou JZ, Chen L, Jia BJ, Tayyab M, Peng T
949 - 964 Numerical investigation on the effect of the cross-sectional aspect ratio of a rectangular cylinder in FIM on hydrokinetic energy conversion
Zhang BS, Wang KH, Song BW, Mao ZY, Tian WL
958 - 971 On the exergy analysis of the counter-flow dew point evaporative cooler
Lin J, Bui DT, Wang RZ, Chua KJ
965 - 978 A design and experimental investigation of a large-scale solar energy/diesel generator powered hybrid ship
Yuan YP, Wang JX, Yan XP, Li Q, Long T
972 - 983 Optimal design of the electric connection of a wind farm
Smail H, Alkama R, Medjdoub A
979 - 996 Flow field and combustion characteristics of integrated combustion mode using cavity with low flow resistance for gas turbine engines
Zhang RC, Bai NJ, Fan WJ, Yan WH, Hao F, Yin CM
984 - 998 An advanced modeling and experimental study to improve temperature uniformity of a solar receiver
Najafabadi HA, Ozalp N
997 - 1007 Profitability and greenhouse gas emissions of gasification-based biofuel production - Analysis of sector specific policy instruments and comparison to conventional biomass conversion technologies
Holmgren KM, Berntsson T, Lonnqvist T
999 - 1008 Overview of the liquid natural gas (LNG) regasification technologies with the special focus on the Prof. Szargut's impact
Szczygiel I, Bulinski Z
1008 - 1020 Experimental and numerical study on a novel dual-resonance wave energy converter with a built-in power take-off system
Chen ZF, Zhou BZ, Zhang L, Li C, Zang J, Zheng XB, Xu JN, Zhang WC
1009 - 1023 An active perceivable device-oriented modeling framework for hydropower plant simulation
Zhang BQ, Yuan XH, Yuan YB, Wang X
1021 - 1033 Dependency network of international oil trade before and after oil price drop
An Q, Wang L, Qu DB, Zhang HJ
1024 - 1033 A novel coke-oven gas-to-natural gas and hydrogen process by integrating chemical looping hydrogen with methanation
Xiang D, Huang WQ, Huang P
1034 - 1047 Issues of an optimization of measurements location in redundant measurements systems of an energy conversion process - A case study
Szega M
1034 - 1049 Determination of a Building's balance point temperature as an energy characteristic
Krese G, Lampret Z, Butala V, Prek M
1048 - 1060 Off-design heating/power flexibility for steam injected gas turbine based CCHP considering variable geometry operation
Huang ZF, Yang C, Yang HX, Ma XQ
1050 - 1059 Thermo-ecological cost - Szargut's proposal on exergy and ecology connection
Stanek W, Czarnowska L
1060 - 1071 Gas turbine exhaust gas heat recovery by organic Rankine cycles (ORC) for offshore combined heat and power applications - Energy and exergy analysis
Nami H, Ertesvag IS, Agromayor R, Riboldi L, Nord LO
1061 - 1077 A comparative evaluation of Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) against Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) for thermodynamic performance a geothermal power plant
Ozkaraca O
1072 - 1084 Prioritizing the gaseous alternatives for the road transport sector of Pakistan: A multi criteria decision making analysis
Ullah K, Hamid S, Mirza FM, Shakoor U
1078 - 1088 Deformation of receiver in solar parabolic trough collector due to non uniform temperature and solar flux distribution and use of bimetallic absorber tube with multiple supports
Khanna S, Newar S, Sharma V, Panigrahi PK, Mallick TK
1085 - 1096 A methodological concept for phase change material selection based on multi-criteria decision making (MCDM): A case study
Yang K, Zhu N, Chang C, Wang DQ, Yang S, Ma SM
1089 - 1101 Risk management of public-private partnership charging infrastructure projects in China based on a three-dimension framework
Wu YN, Song ZX, Li LWY, Xu RH
1097 - 1105 Waste heat recovery of power plant with large scale serial absorption heat pumps
Xu ZY, Mao HC, Liu DS, Wang RZ
1102 - 1118 Recent meteorological and marine studies to support nuclear power plant safety in Finland
Jylha K, Kamarainen M, Fortelius C, Gregow H, Helander J, Hyvarinen O, Johansson M, Karppinen A, Korpinen A, Kouznetsov R, Kurzeneva E, Leijala U, Makela A, Pellikka H, Saku S, Sandberg J, Sofiev M, Vajda A, Venalainen A, Vira J
1106 - 1118 Analysis on energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction of an SOFC-based energy system served public buildings with large interior zones
Tan LZ, Dong XM, Gong ZQ, Wang MT
1119 - 1127 Experimental investigation and optimal performance assessment of four volumetric expanders (scroll, screw, piston and roots) tested in a small-scale organic Rankine cycle system
Dumont O, Parthoens A, Dickes R, Lemort V
1119 - 1128 Experimental investigation on the coal combustion in a pressurized fluidized bed
Pang L, Shao YJ, Zhong WQ, Liu H
1129 - 1148 Towards optimal aerodynamic design of vertical axis wind turbines: Impact of solidity and number of blades
Rezaeiha A, Montazeri H, Blocken B
1149 - 1159 Experimental investigation of a CO2-based Transcritical Rankine Cycle (CTRC) for exhaust gas recovery
Shi LF, Shu GQ, Tian H, Huang GD, Li XY, Chen TY, Li LG
1160 - 1172 Performance assessment of photovoltaic modules based on daily energy generation estimation
Wang JY, Qian Z, Zareipour H, Wood D
1173 - 1177 Catalytic gasification characteristics of rice husk with calcined dolomite
Zhang GZ, Liu H, Wang J, Wu BJ
1178 - 1190 A mechanism of fluid exchange associated to CO2 leakage along activated fault during geologic storage
Zhang LS, Zhang SY, Jiang WZ, Wang ZY, Li J, Bian YH
1191 - 1199 Application value of energy storage in power grid: A special case of China electricity market
Wu W, Lin BQ
1200 - 1219 A quantitative analysis of Japan's optimal power generation mix in 2050 and the role of CO2-free hydrogen
Matsuo Y, Endo S, Nagatomi Y, Shibata Y, Komiyama R, Fujii Y
1220 - 1227 Improving forecasting accuracy of daily enterprise electricity consumption using a random forest based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition
Li C, Tao Y, Ao WG, Yang S, Bai Y
1228 - 1239 Assessment of overheating risk and the impact of natural ventilation in educational buildings of Southern Europe under current and future climatic conditions
Heracleous C, Michael A
1240 - 1247 Solar thermal energy storage based on sodium acetate trihydrate phase change hydrogels with excellent light-to-thermal conversion performance
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1248 - 1258 Optimisation of high-temperature heat pump cascades with internal heat exchangers using refrigerants with low global warming potential
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1282 - 1291 Steam generation enabled by a high efficiency solar absorber with thermal concentration
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1292 - 1319 Engine characteristics analysis of chaulmoogra oil blends and corrosion analysis of injector nozzle using scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spectroscopy
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1320 - 1331 A novel hybridization of nonlinear grey model and linear ARIMA residual correction for forecasting US shale oil production
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1332 - 1351 A comparative analysis of the engine performance, exhaust emissions and combustion behaviors of a compression ignition engine fuelled with biodiesel/diesel/1-butanol (C4 alcohol) and biodiesel/diesel/n-pentanol (C5 alcohol) fuel blends
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1352 - 1369 Techno-economic comparative study of grid-connected PV power systems in five climate zones, China
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1370 - 1379 The feasibility of cost-effective gas through network interconnectivity: Possibility or pipe dream?
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1380 - 1391 A modified H-bridge voltage source converter with Fault Ride Capability
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1392 - 1400 Characterization of the performance of a free-stream water wheel using computational fluid dynamics
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1401 - 1414 Experimental and numerical analysis of non-premixed oxy-combustion of hydrogen-enriched propane in a swirl stabilized combustor
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