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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Effect of different operating strategies for a SOFC-GT hybrid system equipped with anode and cathode ejectors
Chen JW, Chen Y, Zhang HS, Weng SL
15 - 26 Optimal load scheduling of household appliances considering consumer preferences: An experimental analysis
Yahia Z, Pradhan A
27 - 37 Analyzing the effects of inhomogeneity on the permeability of porous media containing methane hydrates through pore network models combined with CT observation
Yang L, Ai L, Xue KH, Ling Z, Li YH
38 - 51 Numerical investigation on heat extraction performance of a CO2 enhanced geothermal system with multilateral wells
Shi Y, Song XZ, Shen ZH, Wang GS, Li XJ, Zheng R, Geng LD, Li JC, Zhang SK
52 - 60 Energy performances of the vortex chamber supercharger
Rogovyi A
61 - 73 Experimental investigation of cavity length pulsation characteristics of jet pumps during limited operation stage
Wang J, Xu SJ, Cheng HY, Ji B, Zhang JQ, Long XP
74 - 87 Estimating the value of demand-side management in low-cost, solar micro-grids
Mehra V, Amatya R, Ram RJ
88 - 99 Exergoeconomic investigation of flue gas driven ejector absorption power system integrated with PEM electrolyser for hydrogen generation
Yosaf S, Ozcan H
100 - 114 Cost optimal scenarios of a future highly renewable European electricity system: Exploring the influence of weather data, cost parameters and policy constraints
Schlachtberger DP, Brown T, Schafer M, Schramm S, Greiner M
115 - 129 Integrated operation design and control of Organic Rankine Cycle systems with disturbances
Wu XL, Chen JH, Xie L
130 - 143 A geothermal energy system for wastewater sludge drying and electricity production in a small island
Calise F, Di Fraia S, Macaluso A, Massarotti N, Vanoli L
144 - 150 Effects of top gas recycling on in-furnace status, productivity, and energy consumption of oxygen blast furnaceN
Liu LZ, Jiang ZY, Zhang XR, Lu YX, He JK, Wang JS, Zhang XX
151 - 167 China's dependency on foreign oil will exceed 80% by 2030: Developing a novel NMGM-ARIMA to forecast China's foreign oil dependence from two dimensions
Wang Q, Li SY, Li RR
168 - 179 Ultrasound intensified CO2 desorption from pressurized loaded monoethanolamine solutions. I. parameters investigation and modelling
Ying JR, Eimer DA, Brakstad F, Haugen HA
180 - 190 Combustion behavior of coal pellets blended with Miscanthus biochar
Li YH, Lin HT, Xiao KL, Lasek J
191 - 207 Optimization with a simulated annealing algorithm of a hybrid system for renewable energy including battery and hydrogen storage
Zhang WP, Maleki A, Rosen MA, Liu JQ
208 - 220 Theoretical formulation and performance analysis of a novel hydride heat Pump(HHP) integrated heat recovery system
Yang FS, Wu Z, Liu SZ, Zhang Y, Wang G, Zhang ZX, Wang YQ
221 - 228 Low-grade waste heat driven desalination with an open loop heat pipe
Zhang XT, Liu YX, Wen XY, Li CZ, Hu XJ
229 - 244 Energy management using battery intervention power supply integrated with single phase solar roof top installationsN
Devi VK, Premkumar K, Beevi AB
245 - 257 Review of policies and measures for sustainable and energy efficient urban transport
Letnik T, Marksel M, Luppino G, Bardi A, Bozicnik S
258 - 269 The efficiency of electricity-use of China and its influencing factors
He YX, Guang FT, Wang MY
270 - 289 Evaluating performances of 1-D models to predict variable area supersonic gas ejector performances
Petrovic A, Jovanovic MZ, Genic S, Bugaric U, Delibasic B
290 - 337 Simulation of polygeneration systems
Calise F, di Vastogirardi GD, d'Accadia MD, Vicidomini M
338 - 350 Multi-objective scheduling of electric vehicles intelligent parking lot in the presence of hydrogen storage system under peak load management
Jannati J, Nazarpour D
351 - 363 Multi-objective genetic algorithm based sizing optimization of a stand-alone wind/PV power supply system with enhanced battery/supercapacitor hybrid energy storage
Abdelkader A, Rabeh A, Ali DM, Mohamed J
364 - 382 Long-term simulations for ocean energy off the Brazilian coast
Kirinus ED, Oleinik PH, Costi J, Marques WC
383 - 391 Laboratory assessment of residential building walls containing pipe-encapsulated phase change materials for thermal management
Sun XQ, Medina MA, Lee KO, Jin X
392 - 403 Conventional and advanced exergy analyses of a marine steam power plant
Koroglu T, Sogut OS
404 - 415 Influence of laser irradiation on rumen fluid for biogas production from dairy manure
Abdelsalam E, Samer M, Abdel-Hadi MA, Hassan HE, Badr Y
416 - 425 Should China support the development of biomass power generation?
He JX, Liu Y, Lin BQ
426 - 442 Combining petroleum coke and natural gas for efficient liquid fuels production
Okeke IJ, Adams TA
443 - 456 Planning and design of sustainable smart multi energy systems. The case of a food industrial district in Italy
Simeoni P, Nardin G, Ciotti G
457 - 474 Energy management for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles considering optimal engine ON/OFF control and fast state-of-charge trajectory planning
Guo NY, Shen JW, Xiao RX, Yan WS, Chen Z
475 - 489 Adjustable performance analysis of combined cooling heating and power system integrated with ground source heat pump
Wang JJ, Chen YZ, Dou C, Gao YF, Zhao Z
490 - 500 Experimental study on enhanced separation of a novel de-foulant hydrocyclone with a reflux ejector
Song T, Tian JY, Ni L, Shen C, Yao Y
501 - 512 Environmental impact assessment of building envelope components for low-rise buildings
Zigart M, Lukman RK, Premrov M, Leskovar VZ
513 - 518 Co-gasification of municipal solid waste and biomass in a commercial scale downdraft gasifier
Bhoi PR, Huhnke RL, Kumar A, Indrawan N, Thapa S
519 - 532 A novel optimal design method for concentration spectrum splitting photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid system
Yin ES, Li Q, Xuan YM
533 - 545 Cost-effective, low thermo-chemo disperser pretreatment for biogas production potential of marine macroalgae Chaetomorpha antennina
Tamilarasan K, Kavitha S, Selvam A, Banu JR, Yeom IT, Nguyen DD, Saratale GD
546 - 554 Financial model for energy efficiency projects in the mining industry
Nel AJH, Vosloo JC, Mathews MJ
555 - 569 Modeling and performance analysis of a hybrid system for a residential application
Bilir L, Yildirim N
570 - 584 Integration of a fluidised bed Ca-Cu chemical looping process in a steel mill
Martinez I, Fernandez JR, Abanades JC, Romano MC
585 - 603 A multi-objective optimization model of hybrid energy storage system for non-grid-connected wind power: A case study in China
Xu FQ, Liu JC, Lin SS, Dai QJ, Li CB
604 - 617 Development and analysis of an integrated gas turbine system with compressed air energy storage for load leveling and energy management
DinAli MN, Dincer I
618 - 628 Environmental impact indicators for the electricity mix and network development planning towards 2050-A POLES and EUTGRID model
Louis JN, Allard S, Debusschere V, Mima S, Tuan TQ, Hadjsaid N
629 - 640 Energy savings of hybrid dew-point evaporative cooler and micro-channel separated heat pipe cooling systems for computer data centers
Liu YT, Yang X, Li JM, Zhao XD
641 - 659 Numerical study of foulant-water separation using hydrocyclones enhanced by ejection device: Effect of ejection velocity
Tian JY, Ni L, Song T, Shen C, Zhao JN
660 - 681 Soot emission prediction in pilot ignited direct injection natural gas engine based on n-heptane/toluene/methane/PAH mechanism
Li MH, Zhang Q, Liu XR, Ma YX, Zheng QP
682 - 698 Numerical investigation of heat transfer in a CO2 two-phase ejector
Haida M, Smolka J, Hafner A, Mastrowski M, Palacz M, Madsen KB, Nowak AJ, Banasiak K
699 - 711 Performance enhancement of autonomous system comprising proton exchange membrane fuel cells and switched reluctance motor
El-Hay EA, El-Hameed MA, El-Fergany AA
712 - 721 Assessment of wastewater heat potential for district heating in Hungary
Somogyi V, Sebestyen V, Domokos E
722 - 733 An MILP-based model for short-term peak shaving operation of pumped-storage hydropower plants serving multiple power grids
Cheng CT, Su CG, Wang PL, Shen JJ, Lu JY, Wu XY
734 - 750 Is the implementation of the Increasing Block Electricity Prices policy really effective? - Evidence based on the analysis of synthetic control method
Lin BQ, Chen X
751 - 765 A novel defrosting method in gasoline vapor recovery application
Liang JR, Sun L, Li TX
766 - 781 Temporally explicit and spatially resolved global offshore wind energy potentials
Bosch J, Staffell I, Hawkes AD
782 - 799 Theoretical analysis and experimental investigation of material compatibility between refrigerants and polymers
Eyerer S, Eyerer P, Eicheldinger M, Tubke B, Wieland C, Spliethoff H
800 - 810 Autoignition and combustion behavior of emulsion droplet under elevated temperature and pressure conditions
Won J, Baek SW, Kim H
811 - 821 Multi-plant indirect heat integration based on the Alopex-based evolutionary algorithm
Pan HJ, Jin YH, Li SJ
822 - 836 A review of the role of distributed generation (DG) in future electricity systems
Mehigan L, Deane JP, Gallachoir BPO, Bertsch V
837 - 848 An artificial neural network-enhanced energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Xie SB, Hu XS, Qi SW, Lang K
849 - 862 Performance assessment of a low grade waste heat driven organic flash cycle (OFC) with ejector
Mondal S, Alam S, De S
863 - 872 Energy-efficient cellular manufacturing system: Eco-friendly revamping of machine shop configuration
Iqbal A, Al-Ghamdi KA
873 - 893 A robust heat recovery steam generator drum level control for wide range operation flexibility considering renewable energy integration
Sunil PU, Barve J, Nataraj PSV
894 - 904 Experimental study on combustion characteristics and emission performance of 2-phenylethanol addition in a downsized gasoline engine
Pan MZ, Wei HQ, Feng DQ, Pan JY, Huang R, Liao JY
905 - 919 A robust design of nearly zero energy building systems considering performance degradation and maintenance
Huang P, Huang GS, Sun YJ
920 - 931 Effects of external perturbations on dynamic performance of carbon dioxide transcritical power cycles for truck engine waste heat recovery
Li XY, Tian H, Shu GQ, Hu C, Sun R, Li LG
932 - 941 Cost and environmental efficiency of US electricity generation: Accounting for heterogeneous inputs and transportation costs
Hampf B
942 - 955 Charting the course: A possible route to a fully renewable Swiss power system
Bartlett S, Dujardin J, Kahl A, Kruyt B, Manso P, Lehning M
956 - 968 Off-design thermodynamic performances of a solar tower aided coal-fired power plant for different solar multiples with thermal energy storage
Li C, Yang ZP, Zhai RR, Yang YP, Patchigolla K, Oakey JE
969 - 985 Peak load management based on hybrid power generation and demand response
Yu DM, Liu HN, Bresser C
986 - 991 Simulation study of a strategy to produce gamma-valerolactone from ethyl levulinate
Kim J, Han J
992 - 1005 Comparative study of the regeneration characteristics of LiCl and a new mixed liquid desiccant solution
Wen T, Lu L, Li M, Zhong H
1006 - 1016 Analysis and optimization of underground thermal energy storage using depleted oil wells
Xie K, Nian YL, Cheng WL
1017 - 1031 Optimal siting of electric vehicle charging stations: A GIS-based fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Erbas M, Kabak M, Ozceylan E, Cetinkaya C
1032 - 1049 Heat transfer analysis of multi-row helically coiled tube heat exchangers for surface water-source heat pump
Zhou CH, Ni L, Yao Y
1050 - 1061 Performance improvement of gas turbine combined cycle power plant by dual cooling of the inlet air and turbine coolant using an absorption chiller
Kwon HM, Kim TS, Sohn JL, Kang DW
1062 - 1076 An appraisal of proportional integral control strategies for small scale waste heat to power conversion units based on Organic Rankine Cycles
Marchionni M, Bianchi G, Karvountzis-Kontakiotis A, Pesyridis A, Tassou SA
1077 - 1092 Numerical investigation into the effect of compressor and expander valve timings on the performance of an Ericsson engine equipped with a gas-to-gas heat exchanger
Komninos NP, Rogdakis ED
1093 - 1114 Providing an integrated Model for Planning and Scheduling Energy Hubs and preventive maintenance
Amiri S, Honarvar M, Sadegheih A
1115 - 1124 Dynamic heat transfer model and applicability evaluation of aerogel glazing system in various climates of China
Chen YM, Xiao YL, Zheng SQ, Liu Y, Li YP
1125 - 1139 Demand modelling in district heating systems within the conceptual design of a waste-to-energy plant
Putna O, Janostak F, Somplak R, Pavlas M
1140 - 1149 Assessing the exergy degradation of the natural capital: From Szargut's updated reference environment to the new thermoecological-cost methodology
Valero A, Valero A, Stanek W
1150 - 1177 A hybrid scenario-based decommissioning forecast for the shallow water US Gulf of Mexico, 2018-2038
Kaiser MJ, Narra S
1178 - 1192 Improvement of passive behaviour of existing buildings through the integration of active solar energy systems
Vassiliades C, Michael A, Savvides A, Kalogirou S
1193 - 1206 Cointegration and causality among electricity consumption, economic, climatic and environmental factors: Evidence from North -Africa region
Boukhelkhal A, Bengana I
1207 - 1216 A gas ejector for CO2 supercritical cycles
Palacz M, Haida M, Smolka J, Plis M, Nowak AJ, Banasiak K
1217 - 1230 Thermodynamic analysis of a novel Ejector Enhanced Vapor Compression Refrigeration (EEVCR) cycle
Elakhdar M, Tashtoush BM, Nehdi E, Kairouani L
1231 - 1244 Impact of model resolution on scenario outcomes for electricity sector system expansion
Mallapragada DS, Papageorgiou DJ, Venkatesh A, Lara CL, Grossmann IE
1245 - 1245 "Replacing critical radiators to increase the potential to use low-temperature district heating A case study of 4 Danish single-family houses from the 1930s" (vol 110, pg 75, 2016)
Ostergaard DS, Svendsen S
1246 - 1247 'Gravitational search algorithm applied to fixed head hydrothermal power system with transmission line security constraints' (vol 155, pg 392, 2018)
Ozyon S, Yasar C