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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Non-oxidative torrefaction of biomass to enhance its fuel properties
Alvarez A, Nogueiro D, Pizarro C, Matos M, Bueno JL
9 - 16 Sustainable nanoporous carbon for CO2, CH4, N-2, H-2 adsorption and CO2/CH4 and CO2/N-2 separation
Park J, Attia NF, Jung M, Lee ME, Lee K, Chung J, Oh H
17 - 32 Supervised based machine learning models for short, medium and long-term energy prediction in distinct building environment
Ahmad T, Chen HX, Huang RG, Guo YB, Wang JY, Shair J, Akram HMA, Mohsan SAH, Kazim M
33 - 40 An upgraded Tesla turbine concept for ORC applications
Manfrida G, Pacini L, Talluri L
41 - 58 A review of solar photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid system for electricity generation
Li GQ, Shittu S, Diallo TMO, Yu M, Zhao XD, Ji J
59 - 71 Experimental investigations and simulations of the microturbine unit with permanent magnet generator
Wlodarski W
72 - 80 Pyrolysis of cashew nutshells: Characterization of products and energy balance
Abrego J, Plaza D, Luno F, Atienza-Martinez M, Gea G
81 - 88 Multi-criteria analysis of storages integration and operation solutions into the district heating network of Aarhus - A simulation case study
Marguerite C, Andresen GB, Dahl M
89 - 104 Deployment characterization of a floatable tidal energy converter on a tidal channel, Ria Formosa, Portugal
Pacheco A, Gorbena E, Plomaritis TA, Garel E, Goncalves JMS, Bentes L, Monteiro P, Afonso CML, Oliveira F, Soares C, Zabel F, Sequeira C
105 - 110 Economic assessment of an integrated waste to energy system for an urban sewage treatment plant: A numerical approach
Montorsi L, Milani M, Venturelli M
111 - 120 Process intensification of the transesterification of palm oil to biodiesel in a batch agitated vessel provided with mesh screen extended baffles
Metawea R, Zewail T, El-Ashtoukhy ES, El Gheriany I, Hamad H
121 - 127 Quantifying uncertainties in greenhouse gas accounting of biomass power generation in China: System boundary and parameters
Wang CB, Chang Y, Zhang LX, Chen YS, Pang MY
128 - 138 Zero-dimensional robust model of an SOFC with internal reforming for hybrid energy cycles
Badur J, Lemanski M, Kowalczyk T, Ziolkowski P, Kornet S
139 - 147 Statistical method for the determination of the minichannel heat exchanger's thermal characteristics
Rybinski W, Mikielewicz J
148 - 163 Modeling shared autonomous electric vehicles: Potential for transport and power grid integration
Iacobucci R, McLellan B, Tezuka T
164 - 180 Theoretical investigation on energy storage characteristics of a solar liquid desiccant air conditioning system in Egypt
Kabeel AE, Khalil A, Elsayed SS, Alatyar AM
181 - 191 Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) and partially premixed combustion (PPC) in compression ignition engine with low octane gasoline
An YZ, Jaasim M, Raman V, Perez FEH, Sim J, Chang J, Im HG, Johansson B
192 - 203 Parametric studies on corn straw combustion characteristics in a fixed bed: Ash and moisture content
Meng XX, Sun R, Ismail TM, Zhou W, Ren XH, Zhang RH
204 - 215 Optimizing renewable based generations in AC/DC microgrid system using hybrid Nelder-Mead - Cuckoo Search algorithm
Kumar JS, Raja SC, Nesamalar JJD, Venkatesh P
216 - 227 Numerical modeling on pumping performance of piccolo-tube multi-nozzles supersonic ejector in an oil radiator passage
Shan Y, Zhang JZ, Ren XW
228 - 237 Numerical study on the impact of runner inlet arc angle on the performance of inline cross-flow turbine used in urban water mains
Du JY, Shen ZC, Yang HX
238 - 255 Simulation and evaluation of a biomass gasification-based combined cooling, heating, and power system integrated with an organic Rankine cycle
Li CY, Deethayat T, Wu JY, Kiatsiriroat T, Wang RZ
256 - 268 Performance, combustion and knock assessment of a high compression ratio and lean-burn heavy-duty spark-ignition engine fuelled with n-butane and liquefied methane gas blend
Duan XB, Liu JP, Yao J, Chen Z, Wu C, Chen CY, Dong H
269 - 280 NTUm-based optimization of heat or heat pump driven liquid desiccant dehumidification systems regenerated by fresh air or return air
Song X, Zhang L, Zhang XS
281 - 292 Heat Roadmap Europe: Identifying local heat demand and supply areas with a European thermal atlas
Moller B, Wiechers E, Persson U, Grundahl L, Connolly D
293 - 304 Key pillars of successful energy saving projects in small and medium industrial enterprises
Masa V, Stehlik P, Tous M, Vondra M
305 - 316 A novel steam ejector with pressure regulation to optimize the entrained flow passage for performance improvement in MED-TVC desalination system
Tang YZ, Liu ZL, Shi C, Li YX
317 - 329 Energy extraction of wave energy converters embedded in a very large modularized floating platform
Zhang HC, Xu DL, Zhao H, Xia SY, Wu YS
330 - 342 Entropy generation analysis on a heat exchanger with different design and operation factors during transient processes
Wang CY, Liu M, Zhao YL, Qiao YQ, Yan JJ
343 - 356 Thermo-economic analysis based on objective functions of an organic Rankine cycle for waste heat recovery from marine diesel engine
Zhu YL, Li WY, Sun GZ, Li HJ
357 - 372 An optimal renewable energy management strategy with and without hydropower using a factor weighted multi-criteria decision making analysis and nation-wide big data - Case study in Iran
Ifaei P, Farid A, Yoo C
373 - 382 Practical limit of energy production from seawater by full-scale pressure retarded osmosis
Kim M, Kim S
383 - 395 An interval-based stochastic dominance approach for decision making in forward contracts of electricity market
Jamshidi M, Kebriaei H, Sheikh-El-Eslami MK
396 - 416 Comparison of working fluids and cycle optimization for heat recovery ORCs from large internal combustion engines
Scaccabarozzi R, Tavano M, Invernizzi CM, Martelli E
417 - 426 Co-combustion of sewage sludge from different treatment processes and a lignite coal in a laboratory scale combustor
Akdag AS, Atak O, Atimtay AT, Sanin FD
427 - 436 Performance analysis of reverse electrodialysis stacks: Channel geometry and flow rate optimization
Long R, Li BD, Liu ZC, Liu W
437 - 448 Experimental study on the flame propagation and laminar combustion characteristics of landfill gas
Zeng W, Liu J, Ma HA, Liu Y, Liu AG
449 - 457 CFD simulation of the transient gas transport in a PEM fuel cell cathode during AC impedance testing considering liquid water effects
Iranzo A, Boillat P
458 - 470 The impact of a bilateral symmetric discharge structure on the performance of a scroll expander for ORC power generation system
Song PP, Wei MS, Zhang YJ, Sun LW, Emhardt S, Zhuge WL
471 - 483 Energy-efficient process intensification for post-combustion CO2 capture: A modeling approach
Jin H, Liu P, Li Z
484 - 484 Virtual special issue ECOS 2017
Stevanovic V, Beyene A
485 - 494 Prediction on performance degradation and maintenance of centrifugal gas compressors using genetic programming
Safiyullah F, Sulaiman SA, Naz MY, Jasmani MS, Ghazali SMA
495 - 503 Oxygen-blown operation of the TwoStage Viking gasifier
Gadsboll RO, Sarossy Z, Jorgensen L, Ahrenfeldt J, Henriksen UB
504 - 511 Simultaneous determination of optimal capacity and charging profile of plug-in electric vehicle parking lots in distribution systems
Landi MM, Mohammadi M, Rastegar M
512 - 523 Enhanced heat transfer by an original immersed spray cooling system integrated with an ejector
Wang JX, Li YZ, Li JX, Li C, Xiong K, Ning XW
524 - 536 The compound-choking theory as an explanation of the entrainment limitation in supersonic ejectors
Lamberts O, Chatelain P, Bourgeois N, Bartosiewicz Y
537 - 545 Interfacial properties of high-order aggregation of organic dyes: A combination of static and dynamic properties
Wen YP, Zhang WY, Zhu XR, Zhang JL, Wang L
546 - 554 Characterizing nonlinear interaction between a premixed swirling flame and acoustics: Heat-driven acoustic mode switching and triggering
Wu G, Lu ZL, Guan YH, Li YL, Ji CZ
555 - 563 Self-powered monoelectrodes made from graphene composite films to harvest rain energy
Zhao YY, Pang ZB, Duan JL, Duan YY, Jiao ZB, Tang QW
564 - 579 Floating search space: A new idea for efficient solving the Economic and emission dispatch problem
Amiri M, Khanmohammadi S, Badamchizadeh MA
580 - 591 A detailed statistical study of heterogeneous, homogeneous and nucleation models for dissolution of waste concrete sample for mineral carbonation
Irfan MF, Usman MR, Rashid A
592 - 606 Numerical investigation of performance refinement of a drag wind rotor using flow augmentation and momentum exchange optimization
Mohammadi M, Mohammadi R, Ramadan A, Mohamed MH
607 - 622 Decentralized optimization of coordinated electrical and thermal generations in hierarchical integrated energy systems considering competitive individuals
Wang LX, Jing ZX, Zheng JH, Wu QH, Wei F
623 - 631 Numerical analysis of a non-steady state phenomenon during the ignition process in a condensing boiler
Mohr M, Klancisar M, Schloen T, Samec N, Kokalj F
632 - 655 A comprehensive review on coupling different types of electrolyzer to renewable energy sources
Mohammadi A, Mehrpooya M
656 - 665 Energy efficiency enhancement and waste heat recovery in industrial processes by means of the heat pipe technology: Case of the ceramic industry
Delpech B, Milani M, Montorsi L, Boscardin D, Chauhan A, Almahmoud S, Axcell B, Jouhara H
666 - 680 A comprehensive investigation on performance of oil development in Nigeria: Technical and non-technical and gas analyses
Rui ZH, Cui KH, Wang XQ, Chun JH, Li YW, Zhang ZE, Lu J, Chen G, Zhou XY, Patil S
681 - 692 Characterizing the fossil fuel impacts in water desalination plants in Kuwait: A Life Cycle Assessment approach
Al-Shayji K, Aleisa E
693 - 708 Runoff forecast uncertainty considered load adjustment model of cascade hydropower stations and its application
Jiang ZQ, Li RB, Li AQ, Ji CM
709 - 718 Thermal analysis of a conceptual loop heat pipe for solar central receivers
Liao ZR, Xu C, Ren YX, Gao F, Ju X, Du XZ
719 - 729 An analysis of the heat loss and overheating protection of a cavity receiver with a novel movable cover for parabolic trough solar collectors
Liang HB, Fan M, You SJ, Xia JB, Zhang H, Wang YR
730 - 745 Novel energy coefficient used to predict efflux velocity of tidal current turbine
Wang SG, Lam WH, Cui YG, Zhang TM, Jiang JX, Sun C, Guo JH, Ma YB, Hamill G
746 - 759 Analytical study of impact of the wick's fractal parameters on the heat transfer capacity of a novel micro-channel loop heat pipe
Yu M, Diallo TMO, Zhao XD, Zhou JZ, Du ZY, Ji J, Cheng YD
760 - 773 Geothermal energy extraction in CO2 rich basin using abandoned horizontal wells
Sun FR, Yao YD, Li GZ, Li XF
774 - 781 Short term electricity load forecasting using a hybrid model
Zhang JL, Wei YM, Li DZ, Tan ZF, Zhou JH
782 - 795 Exploring the effects of influencing factors on energy efficiency in industrial sector using cluster analysis and panel regression model
Liao N, He Y
796 - 806 Work and heat integration: An emerging research area
Fu C, Vikse M, Gundersen T
807 - 819 Optimization of automotive diesel engine calibration using genetic algorithm techniques
Millo F, Arya P, Mallamo F
820 - 829 High-efficiency utilization of CO2 in the methanol production by a novel parallel-series system combining steam and dry methane reforming
Yang Y, Liu J, Shen WF, Li J, Chien IL
830 - 844 Exhaust emissions and performance of ternary iso-butanol biomethanol gasoline and n-butanol bio-ethanol gasoline fuel blends in spark-ignition engines: Assessment and comparison
Elfasakhany A
845 - 858 A zero-dimensional model to simulate injection rate from first generation common rail diesel injectors under thermodynamic diagnosis
Soriano JA, Mata C, Armas O, Avila C
859 - 880 Economic-financial modeling for marine current harnessing projects
Segura E, Morales R, Somolinos JA
881 - 889 Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil catalyzed by in-situ decorated TiO2 on reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite
Borah MJ, Devi A, Saikia RA, Deka D
890 - 898 The demand for natural gas in the Northeastern United States
Gautam TK, Paudel KP
899 - 910 Study on pollutants formation under knocking combustion conditions using an optical single cylinder SI research engine
Karvountzis-Kontakiotis A, Vafamehr H, Cairns A, Peckham M
911 - 923 LES simulation and experimental validation of the unsteady aerodynamics of blunt wind turbine airfoils
Wang GF, Zhang L, Shen WZ
924 - 935 Standard molar chemical exergy: A new accurate model
Gharagheizi F, Ilani-Kashkouli P, Hedden RC
936 - 943 The positive impact of trade openness on consumption of energy: Fresh evidence from Andean community countries
Koengkan M
944 - 956 Efficiency and effectiveness of factors affecting renewable energy projects; an empirical perspective
Maqbool R
957 - 966 Optimization of solar assisted heating system for electro-winning process in the copper complex
Jannesari H, Babaei B
967 - 974 Energy use efficiency and economic analysis of peach and cherry production regarding good agricultural practices in Turkey: A case study in canakkale province
Aydin B, Akturk D
975 - 985 A novel approach for plug-in electric vehicle planning and electricity load management in presence of a clean disruptive technology
Hajebrahimi A, Kamwa I, Huneault M
986 - 1000 Energy and exergy analysis of reciprocating natural gas expansion engine based on valve configurations
Jannatabadi M, Farzaneh-Gord M, Rahbari HR, Nersi A
1001 - 1016 Convexification for natural gas transmission networks optimization
Liang YZ, Hui CW
1017 - 1027 Design of the compressor-assisted LNG fuel gas supply system
Park H, Lee S, Jeong J, Chang D
1028 - 1037 Differential voltage analysis based state of charge estimation methods for lithium-ion batteries using extended Kalman filter and particle filter
Zheng LF, Zhu JG, Wang GX, Lu DDC, He TT
1038 - 1051 An industrial facility layout design method considering energy saving based on surplus rectangle fill algorithm
Wang RQ, Zhao H, Wu Y, Wang YF, Feng X, Liu MX
1052 - 1059 A facile approach to synthesize microencapsulated phase change materials embedded with silver nanoparicle for both thermal energy storage and antimicrobial purpose
Wang H, Li Y, Zhao L, Shi XH, Song GL, Tang GY
1060 - 1069 Impact of building geometry description within district energy simulations
De Jaeger I, Reynders G, Ma YX, Saelens D
1070 - 1079 Experimental and numerical study on internal pressure load capacity and failure mechanism of CO2 corroded tubing
Liu ZY, Zhao Y, Zhou Y, Qian XM, Li MZ, Li PL, Li X, Zhang Q, Liu Y, Zhao L, Zhang DP
1080 - 1091 Technical approach for the inclusion of superconducting magnetic energy storage in a smart city
Colmenar-Santos A, Molina-Ibanez EL, Rosales-Asensio E, Lopez-Rey A
1092 - 1104 Resilience oriented water and energy hub scheduling considering maintenance constraint
Ghaffarpour R, Mozafari B, Ranjbar AM, Torabi T
1105 - 1119 Investigation of a hybrid water desalination, oxy-fuel power generation and CO2 liquefaction process
Ghorbani B, Mehrpooya M, Ghasemzadeh H
1120 - 1129 A novel multilevel network slacks-based measure with an application in electric utility companies
Mahmoudabadi MZ, Azar A, Emrouznejad A
1130 - 1149 Spatio-temporal optimization of a future energy system for power-to-hydrogen applications in Germany
Welder L, Ryberg DS, Kotzur L, Grube T, Robinius M, Stolten D
1150 - 1159 Reliability mechanism design: An economic approach to enhance adequate remuneration and enable efficient expansion
Bastos JP, Cunha G, Barroso LA, Aquino T
1160 - 1191 Simultaneous optimisation and heat integration of evaporation systems including mechanical vapour recompression and background process
Ahmetovic E, Ibric N, Kravanja Z, Grossmann IE, Marechal F, Cucek L, Kermani M
1192 - 1203 Hydrothermal dewatering of low-rank coals: Influence on the properties and combustion characteristics of the solid products
Ullah H, Liu GJ, Yousaf B, Ali MU, Abbas Q, Zhou CC, Rashid A
1204 - 1212 A novel hydro-kite like energy converter for harnessing both ocean wave and current energy
Yin XX, Zhao XW, Zhang WC
1213 - 1213 Hydropower unit commitment with nonlinearity decoupled from mixed integer nonlinear problem (vol 150, pg 839, 2018)
Wang JW, Guo M, Liu Y