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1 - 9 Facilely synthesized porous polymer as support of poly(ethyleneimine) for effective CO2 capture
Irani M, Jacobson AT, Gasem KAM, Fan MH
10 - 18 Simulation and modeling of MEG (Monoethylene Glycol) regeneration for the estimation of energy and MEG losses
Son H, Kim Y, Park S, Binns M, Kim JK
19 - 30 Fuel consumption and engine-out emissions estimations of a light-duty engine running in dual-mode RCCl/CDC with different fuels and driving cycles
Benajes J, Garcia A, Monsalve-Serrano J, Sari RL
31 - 44 Thermodynamic and applicability analysis of a hybrid CAES system using abandoned coal mine in China
Fan JY, Liu W, Jiang DY, Chen JC, Tiedeu WN, Chen J, Deaman JJK
45 - 53 Experimental study on the effects of co-firing coal mine waste residues with coal in PF swirl burners
Pena B, Pallares J, Bartolome C, Herce C
54 - 64 Experimental study on hydrate-based gas separation of mixed CH4/CO2 using unstable ice in a silica gel bed
Liu J, Ding JX, Liang DQ
65 - 75 Thermodynamic analysis and optimization of single and combined power cycles for concentrated solar power applications
Javanshir A, Sarunac N, Razzaghpanah Z
76 - 86 Flame stability and propagation characteristics for combustion in air for an equimolar mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in turbulent conditions
Li HM, Li GX, Jiang YH, Li L, Li FS
87 - 95 Optimal price of electricity of solar power plants and small hydro power plants - Technical and economical part of investments
Seme S, Sredensek K, Praunseis Z, Stumberger B, Hadziselimovic M
96 - 105 Alkali enhanced biomass gasification with in situ S capture and novel syngas cleaning. Part 1: Gasifier performance
Furusjo E, Ma CY, Ji XY, Carvalho L, Lundgren J, Wetterlund E
106 - 114 Analysis of some renewable energy uses and demand side measures for hotels on small Mediterranean islands: A case study
Beccali M, Finocchiaro P, Ippolito MG, Leone G, Panno D, Zizzo G
115 - 130 Model development and experimental verification for tubular solar still operating under vacuum condition
Xie G, Sun LC, Yan TT, Tang JG, Bao JJ, Du M
131 - 140 Impact of introducing flexibility in the Colombian transmission expansion planning
Henao A, Sauma E, Gonzalez A
141 - 149 Thermal load forecasting in district heating networks using deep learning and advanced feature selection methods
Suryanarayana G, Lago J, Geysen D, Aleksiejuk P, Johansson C
150 - 161 Analysis of working fluids applicable in Enhanced Geothermal Systems: Nitrous oxide as an alternative working fluid
Olasolo P, Juarez MC, Morales MP, Olasolo A, Agius MR
162 - 172 Evaluation of increasing block pricing for households' natural gas: A case study of Beijing, China
Li LL, Luo X, Zhou KL, Xu TT
173 - 187 Influences of fuel injection strategies on combustion performance and regular/irregular emissions in a turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine: Commercial gasoline versus multi-components gasoline surrogates
Jiang CX, Li ZL, Qian Y, Wang XL, Zhang YH, Lu XC
188 - 199 Layer-by-layer assembly of carbide derived carbon-polyamide membrane for CO2 separation from natural gas
Awad A, Aljundi IH
200 - 210 An inhouse code for simulating heat recovery from boilers to heat water
Ramadan M, Khaled M, Haddad A, Abdulhay B, Durrant A, El Hage H
211 - 226 Short-term probabilistic forecasting of wind energy resources using the enhanced ensemble method
Kim D, Hur J
227 - 246 Key issues and solution strategies for supercritical carbon dioxide coal fired power plant
Xu JL, Sun EH, Li MJ, Liu H, Zhu BG
247 - 257 Performance analysis and optimization of an integrated azimuth tracking solar tower
Hu P, Huang WD
258 - 269 Study of combustion, performance and emissions of diesel engine fueled with diesel/biodiesel/alcohol blends having the same oxygen concentration
Ghadikolaei MA, Cheung CS, Yung KF
270 - 277 Catalytic conversion of waste cooking oil to fuel oil: Catalyst design and effect of solvent
Li ZX, Huang ZT, Ding SL, Li FW, Wang ZH, Lin HF, Chen CJ
278 - 296 Multi-criteria decision support system with negotiation process for vehicle technology selection
Al-Alawi BM, Coker AD
297 - 313 Theoretical analysis on a segmented annular thermoelectric generator
Shen ZG, Liu X, Chen S, Wu SY, Xiao L, Chen ZX
314 - 326 Quantitative study on influence factors of power performance of variable valve timing (VVT) engines and correction of its governing equation
Yuan ZP, Fu JQ, Liu Q, Ma YJ, Zhan ZS
327 - 335 Using a novel multi-variable grey model to forecast the electricity consumption of Shandong Province in China
Wu LF, Gao XH, Xiao YL, Yang YJ, Chen XN
336 - 352 Automated load pattern learning and anomaly detection for enhancing energy management in smart buildings
Capozzoli A, Piscitelli MS, Brandi S, Grassi D, Chicco G
353 - 366 Waste heat recovery from a 1180 kW proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) system by Recuperative organic Rankine cycle (RORC)
Sheshpoli MA, Ajarostaghi SSM, Delavar MA
367 - 378 Actual energy savings when replacing high-pressure sodium with LED luminaires in street lighting
Djuretic A, Kostic M
379 - 390 Wind field effect on the power generation and aerodynamic performance of offshore floating wind turbines
Li L, Liu YC, Yuan ZM, Gao Y
391 - 401 Effect of geraniol on performance, emission and combustion characteristics of CI engine fuelled with gutter oil obtained from different sources
Boopathi D, Thiyagarajan S, Geo VE, Madhankumar S, Gheith R
402 - 411 Production of clean oil with low levels of chlorine and olefins in a continuous two-stage pyrolysis of a mixture of waste low-density polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride
Park KB, Oh SJ, Begum G, Kim JS
412 - 423 Numerical prediction of thermal performance of liquid-flow window in different climates with anti-freeze
Lyu YL, Chow TT, Wang JL
424 - 435 Hybrid biogeography-based optimization with brain storm optimization for non-convex dynamic economic dispatch with valve-point effects
Xiong GJ, Shi DY
436 - 447 Experimental and numerical investigation of solar flat plate cooking unit for domestic applications
Kumaresan G, Santosh R, Raju G, Velraj R
448 - 459 Thermal performance of solid walls in a mesoscale combustor with a plate flame holder and preheating channels
Wan JL, Zhao HB
460 - 471 Resource portfolio design considerations for materially-efficient planning of 100% renewable electricity systems
Tarroja B, Shaffer BP, Samuelsen S
472 - 482 Catalytic deoxygenation co-pyrolysis of bamboo wastes and microalgae with biochar catalyst
Chen W, Li KX, Xia MW, Yang HP, Chen YQ, Chen X, Che QF, Chen HP
483 - 492 Hydrofluoroolefin-based novel mixed refrigerant for energy efficient and ecological LNG production
Qyyum MA, Lee M
493 - 502 No-moving-part commutation of gas flows in generating plasma by cumulative detonations (survey)
Tesat V, Sonsky J
503 - 515 Proposed 2nd Law of Thermodynamics: An assertive statement
Gaggioli RA
516 - 525 Investigation on thermal behaviours of a methane charged cryogenic loop heat pipe
Guo YD, Lin GP, Zhang HX, Miao JY
526 - 538 A randomized-algorithm-based decomposition-ensemble learning methodology for energy price forecasting
Tang L, Wu Y, Yu LA
539 - 549 How heat pumps and thermal energy storage can be used to manage wind power: A study of Ireland
Vorushylo I, Keatley P, Shah N, Green R, Hewitt N
550 - 560 How fast can one overcome the paradox of the energy transition? A physico-economic model for the European power grid
Pagnier L, Jacquod P
561 - 570 A numerical model for wind turbine wakes based on the vortex filament method
Liu WQ, Liu WX, Zhang L, Sheng QH, Zhou BZ
571 - 587 Investigation of the ejector nozzle in refrigeration system
Chen JY, Li YH, Chen WX, Luo XL, Chen Y, Yang Z, Eames IW
588 - 598 Performance enhancement of two-stage condensation combined cycle for LNG cold energy recovery using zeotropic mixtures
Bao JJ, Lin Y, Zhang RX, Zhang XP, Zhang N, He GH
599 - 607 A novel CO2 gas removal design for a micro passive direct methanol fuel cell
Li Y, Zhang XL, Yuan WJ, Zhang YF, Liu XW
608 - 614 Hydrogen generation from hydrolysis of activated aluminum composites in tap water
Xiao F, Guo YP, Li JM, Yang RJ
615 - 624 Microturbine with new design of nozzles
Fershalov YY, Fershalov AY, Fershalov MY
625 - 632 Experimental investigation on n-octadecane/polystyrene/expanded graphite composites as form-stable thermal energy storage materials
Zhang ZS, Alva G, Gu M, Fang GY
633 - 646 Novel method to simulate large-scale thermal city models
Nageler P, Schweiger G, Schranzhofer H, Mach T, Heimrath R, Hochenauer C
647 - 657 Experimental research on the pull-down performance of an ejector enhanced auto-cascade refrigeration system for low-temperature freezer
Bai T, Yan G, Yu JL
658 - 668 A simplified combustion model integrated with a particle growth dynamic model for top-lit updraft cookstoves
Patel S, Biswas P
669 - 678 A case study on the impact of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings on distribution transformer aging
Lopes RA, Magalhaes P, Gouveia JP, Aelenei D, Lima C, Martins J
679 - 689 Exploring prospective benefits of electric vehicles for optimal energy conditioning in distribution networks
Pirouzi S, Aghaei J, Niknam T, Farahmand H, Korpas M
690 - 706 Experimental study on the thermodynamic performance of cascaded latent heat storage in the heat charging process
Zhao Y, You Y, Liu HB, Zhao CY, Xu ZG
707 - 717 Enhancement of biogas production from sewage sludge in a wastewater treatment plant: Evaluation of pretreatment techniques and co-digestion under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions
Mirmasoumi S, Ebrahimi S, Saray RK
718 - 733 Experimental investigation and theoretical analysis of oil circulation rates in ejector cooling cycles
Zhu JW, Botticella F, Elbel S
734 - 743 Linking residential electricity consumption and outdoor climate in a tropical city
744 - 751 Methane recovery in a combined amine absorption and gas steam boiler as a self-provided system for biogas upgrading
Gong HJ, Chen ZZ, Yu HQ, Wu WL, Wang WX, Pang HL, Du MF
752 - 763 A two-stage reactive power optimization in transmission network incorporating reserves from voltage-dependent loads
Jin HY, Li ZS, Sun HB, Guo QL, Wang B
764 - 777 A refined global reaction mechanism for modeling coal combustion under moderate or intense low-oxygen dilution condition
Wang FF, Li PF, Mi JC, Wang JB
778 - 791 Analytical approach for performance estimation of BSPVT system with liquid spectrum filters
Joshi SS, Dhoble AS
792 - 805 Biomass fast pyrolysis in a shaftless screw reactor: A 1-D numerical model
Luz FC, Cordiner S, Manni A, Mulone V, Rocco V
806 - 814 Experimental study of near-field structure and thermo-hydraulics of supercritical CO2 releases
Teng L, Li YX, Hu QH, Zhang DT, Ye X, Gu SW, Wang CL
815 - 829 An investigation on solar drying: A review with economic and environmental assessment
El Hage H, Herez A, Ramadan M, Bazzi H, Khaled M
830 - 842 Energy integration of CO2 networks and power to gas for emerging energy autonomous cities in Europe
Suciu R, Girardin L, Marechal F
843 - 852 Biodiesel production from castor oil in Egypt: Process optimisation, kinetic study, diesel engine performance and exhaust emissions analysis
Aboelazayem O, El-Gendy NS, Abdel-Rehim AA, Ashour F, Sadek MA
853 - 861 Performance of the domestic micro ORC equipped with the shell-and-tube condenser with minichannels
Wajs J, Mikielewicz D, Jakubowska B
862 - 876 Experimental study of a novel hybrid solar-thermal/PV-hydrogen system: Towards 100% renewable heat and power supply to standalone applications
Assaf J, Shabani B
877 - 885 Improving xylose utilization and ethanol production from dry dilute acid pretreated corn stover by two-step and fed-batch fermentation
Li WC, Li X, Zhu JQ, Qin L, Li BZ, Yuan YJ
886 - 893 Intelligent techniques for forecasting electricity consumption of buildings
Amber KP, Ahmad R, Aslam MW, Kousar A, Usman M, Khan MS
894 - 903 Near theoretical saccharification of sweet sorghum bagasse using simulated green liquor pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis
Pham HTT, Nghiem NP, Kim TH
904 - 913 Experimental investigation of the stability of a turbulent diffusion flame in a gas turbine combustor
Said SA, Aliyu M, Nemitallah MA, Habib MA, Mansir IB
914 - 931 Long-term policy evaluation: Application of a new robust decision framework for Iran's energy exports security & nbsp;
Alipour M, Hafezi R, Ervural B, Amin M, Kabak O
932 - 939 Multiyear calibration of simulations of energy systems
Figueiredo R, Nunes P, Brito MC
940 - 948 Developing the ecological compensation criterion of industrial solid waste based on emergy for sustainable development
Cai W, Liu CH, Zhang CX, Ma MD, Rao WZ, Li WY, He K, Gao MD
949 - 956 Application of central composite design in the optimization of lipid yield from Scenedesmus obliquus microalgae by ultrasound-assisted solvent extraction
Ido AL, de Luna MDG, Capareda SC, Maglinao AL, Nam H
957 - 968 Influence of different bed material mixtures on dual fluidized bed steam gasification
Mauerhofer AM, Benedikt F, Schmid JC, Fuchs J, Muller S, Hofbauer H
969 - 978 Numerical investigation of key parameters of the porous media combustion based Micro-Thermophotovoltaic system
Bani S, Pan JF, Tang AK, Lu QB, Zhang Y
979 - 989 Do nanofluids affect the future of heat transfer?" A benchmark study on the efficiency of nanofluids"
Alirezaie A, Hajmohammad MH, Alipour A, Salari M
990 - 1014 Investigating the EGR rate and temperature impact on diesel engine combustion and emissions under various injection timings and loads by comprehensive two-zone modeling
Rakopoulos CD, Rakopoulos DC, Mavropoulos GC, Kosmadakis GM
1015 - 1024 Environmental burden mitigation potential of oil field gas-assisted coal-to-olefin production
Ye LP, Xie F, Hong JL, Yang DL, Ma XT, Li XZ
1025 - 1034 Solar facade module for nearly zero energy building
Vanaga R, Blumberga A, Freimanis R, Mols T, Blumberga D
1035 - 1052 Multi-agent-system-based coupling control optimization model for micro-grid group intelligent scheduling considering autonomy-cooperative operation strategy
Ju LW, Zhang Q, Tan ZF, Wang W, Xin H, Zhang ZH
1053 - 1062 Comparison study and synthetic evaluation of combined injection in a spark ignition engine with hydrogen-blended at lean burn condition
He FS, Li S, Yu XM, Du YD, Zuo XYA, Dong W, Sun P, He L
1063 - 1078 An enhanced moth-flame optimizer for solving non-smooth economic dispatch problems with emissions
Elsakaan AA, El-Sehiemy RA, Kaddah SS, Elsaid MI
1079 - 1089 Developing a multi-objective framework for expansion planning studies of distributed energy storage systems (DESSs)
Saber H, Moeini-Aghtaie M, Ehsan M
1090 - 1101 Batch evaporation power cycle: Influence of thermal inertia and residence time
Gleinser M, Wieland C, Spliethoff H
1102 - 1102 Statistical Modeling and Optimization of the Combustion Efficiency in Cement Kiln Precalciner (vol 155, pg 351, 2018)
Fellaou S, Harnoune A, Seghra MA, Bounahmidi T