Energy, Vol.151 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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289 - 296 Nuclear power supply: Going against the misconceptions. Evidence of nuclear flexibility from the French experience
Cany C, Mansilla C, Mathonniere G, da Costa P
297 - 308 Integrated tech-paradigm based innovative approach towards ecological coal mining
Xu JP, Gao W, Xie HP, Dai JQ, Lv CW, Li MH
309 - 316 Impact of time expenditure on household preferences for cooking fuels
Das K, Hiloidhari M, Baruah DC, Nonhebel S
317 - 323 Construction of an innovative adsorbent bed configuration in the adsorption chiller - Selection criteria for effective sorbent-glue pair
Grabowska K, Krzywanski J, Nowak W, Wesolowska M
324 - 331 Analysis of oil-free linear compressor operated at high pressure ratios for household refrigeration
Liang K
332 - 346 Planning for variable renewable energy and electric vehicle integration under varying degrees of decentralization: A case study in Lusaka, Zambia
McPherson M, Ismail M, Hoornweg D, Metcalfe M
347 - 357 Innovative hybrid models for forecasting time series applied in wind generation based on the combination of time series models with artificial neural networks
Camelo HD, Lucio PS, Leal JB, De Carvalho PCM, dos Santos DV
358 - 375 Development of a new flux density function for a focusing heliostat
Huang WD, Yu L
376 - 386 Thermodynamic optimization of heat transfer process in thermal systems using CO2 as the working fluid based on temperature glide matching
Zhang FZ, Zhu YH, Li CH, Jiang PX
387 - 401 Energy, economic and environmental (3E) analysis and multi-objective optimization of a spray-assisted low-temperature desalination system
Chen Q, Ja MK, Li Y, Chua KJ
402 - 407 Exchange rate fluctuations, oil price shocks and economic growth in a small net-importing economy
Wesseh PK, Lin BQ
408 - 419 Analysis of operating diagram for H-2/Air rotating detonation combustors under lean fuel condition
Xie QF, Wen HC, Li WH, Ji ZF, Wang B, Wolanski P
420 - 429 Forecasting China's total energy demand and its structure using ADL-MIDAS model
He YD, Lin BQ
430 - 441 Risk assessment of industrial excess heat recovery in district heating systems
Lygnerud K, Werner S
442 - 454 Implications of diversification strategies in the European natural gas market for the German energy system
Hauser P, Heinrichs HU, Gillessen B, Muller T
455 - 466 Long-term modelling and assessment of the energy-economy decoupling in Spain
Garcia-Gusano D, Suarez-Botero J, Dufour J
467 - 477 Optimization of well spacing to achieve a stable combustion during the THAI process
Zhao RB, Yu S, Yang J, Heng MH, Zhang CH, Wu YH, Zhang JH, Yue XA
478 - 489 Network-constrained optimal bidding strategy of a plug-in electric vehicle aggregator: A stochastic/robust game theoretic approach
Moghaddam SZ, Akbari T
490 - 500 Asymptotic analysis of anode relative humidity effects on the fastest voltage decay single cell in a stack
Liu YF, Wang N, Pei PC, Yao SZ, Wang F
501 - 519 Assessment of primary air on corn straw in a fixed bed combustion using Eulerian-Eulerian approach
Meng XX, Sun R, Ismail TM, Abd El-Salam M, Zhou W, Zhang RH, Ren XH
520 - 535 Comparative scaling analysis of two different sized pilot-scale fluidized bed reactors operating with biomass substrates
Cardoso J, Silva V, Eusebio D, Brito P, Hall MJ, Tarelho L
536 - 544 Insight into the high-pressure CO2 pre-treatment of sugarcane bagasse for a delivery of upgradable sugars
Fockink DH, Morais ARC, Ramos LP, Lukasik RM
545 - 555 Thermochemical performance of solar driven CO2 reforming of methane in volumetric reactor with gradual foam structure
Chen X, Wang FQ, Yan XW, Han YF, Cheng ZM, Jie Z
556 - 568 Recycling construction and industrial landfill waste material for backfill in horizontal ground heat exchanger systems
Al-Ameen Y, Ianakiev A, Evans R
569 - 580 Investment in the future electricity system - An agent-based modelling approach
Kraan O, Kramer GJ, Nikolic I
581 - 593 Comparative techno-economic assessment and environmental impacts of rice husk-to-fuel conversion technologies
Unrean P, Fui BCL, Rianawati E, Acda M
594 - 604 Impact of a reduction in heating, cooling and electricity loads on the performance of a polygeneration district heating and cooling system based on waste gasification
Kabalina N, Costa M, Yang WH, Martin A
605 - 621 On the use of dynamic reliability for an accurate modelling of renewable power plants
Chiacchio F, D'Urso D, Famoso F, Brusca S, Aizpurua JI, Catterson VM
622 - 632 Impact of electricity shortages during energy transitions in Taiwan
Wu KY, Huang YH, Wu JH
633 - 646 Allocation of economic costs in trigeneration systems at variable load conditions including renewable energy sources and thermal energy storage
Pina EA, Lozano MA, Serra LM
647 - 661 Validated dynamic model of an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) for waste heat recovery in a diesel truck
Huster WR, Vaupel Y, Mhamdi A, Mitsos A
662 - 674 Simulation and testing of a solar reciprocating steam engine
Dellicompagni P, Saravia L, Altamirano M, Franco J
675 - 688 Optimal sizing of distributed generation in gas/electricity/heat supply networks
Li B, Roche R, Paire D, Miraoui A
689 - 695 Gas diffusion layer development using design of experiments for the optimization of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance
Laoun B, Kasat HA, Ahmad R, Kannan AM
696 - 706 Optimization of a novel liquefaction process based on Joule-Thomson cycle utilizing high-pressure natural gas exergy by genetic algorithm
Guo H, Tang QX, Gong MQ, Cheng KW
707 - 714 Experimental study on an SI engine fuelled by gasoline/acetylene mixtures
Ilhak MI, Akansu SO, Kahraman N, Unalan S
715 - 728 Spatiotemporal and economic analysis of industrial excess heat as a resource for district heating
Buhler F, Petrovic S, Holm FM, Karlsson K, Elmegaard B
729 - 739 A zone-level, building energy optimisation combining an artificial neural network, a genetic algorithm, and model predictive control
Reynolds J, Rezgui Y, Kwan A, Piriou S
740 - 747 Numerical simulations of flow interactions between steep hill terrain and large scale wind turbine
Yan S, Shi SP, Chen XM, Wang XD, Mao LZ, Liu XJ
748 - 759 How does information and communication technology affect China's energy intensity? A three-tier structural decomposition analysis
Zhou XY, Zhou DQ, Wang QW
760 - 770 Assessment of continuous fermentative hydrogen and methane co-production using macro- and micro-algae with increasing organic loading rate
Ding LK, Gutierrez EC, Cheng J, Xia A, O'Shea R, Guneratnam AJ, Murphy JD
771 - 781 Optimal control strategy of central air-conditioning systems of buildings at morning start period for enhanced energy efficiency and peak demand limiting
Tang R, Wang SW, Shan K, Cheung H
782 - 798 Variations of apparent activation energy based on thermodynamics analysis of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks including pyrolysis and combustion
Yi HH, Yang ZY, Tang XL, Zhao SZ, Gao FY, Wang JG, Huang YH, Yang K, Shi YR, Xie XZ
799 - 811 Drying kinetics, exergy and energy analyses of Kodo millet grains and Fenugreek seeds using wall heated fluidized bed dryer
Yogendrasasidhar D, Setty YP
812 - 825 Local smart energy systems and cross-system integration
Bacekovic I, Ostergaard PA
826 - 838 CO2 mitigation costs of catalytic methane decomposition
Zhang X, Katelhon A, Sorda G, Helmin M, Rose M, Bardow A, Madlener R, Palkovits R, Mitsos A
839 - 853 Shape optimization and experimental validation of a drag vertical axis wind turbine
Ramadan A, Yousef K, Said M, Mohamed MH
854 - 863 A synergistic energy-efficient planning approach for urban rail transit operations
Ning JJ, Zhou YH, Long FC, Tao X
864 - 874 Assessment of energy policies to promote photovoltaic generation in the European Union
Garcia-Alvarez MT, Cabeza-Garcia L, Soares I
875 - 888 Global crude oil price prediction and synchronization based accuracy evaluation using random wavelet neural network
Huang LL, Wang J
889 - 902 Challenges and potentials for low-temperature district heating implementation in Norway
Nord N, Nielsen EKL, Kauko H, Tereshchenko T
903 - 912 Technological and energetic evaluation of maize stover silage for methane production on technical scale
Wojcieszak D, Przybyl J, Myczko R, Myczko A
913 - 929 Defining corporate energy policy and strategy to achieve carbon emissions reduction targets via energy management in non-energy intensive multi-site manufacturing organisations
Finnerty N, Sterling R, Contreras S, Coakley D, Keane MM
930 - 939 Combined fluidized bed retorting and circulating fluidized bed combustion system of oil shale: 3. Exergy analysis
Mu M, Han XX, Jiang XM
940 - 953 Analysis and design of a radial waveguide concentrator for concentrated solar thermal applications
Nithyanandam K, Narayan A, Pitchumani R
954 - 965 Two-level planning for coordination of energy storage systems and wind-solar-diesel units in active distribution networks
Mandavi S, Hemmati R, Jirdehi MA
966 - 983 Hydropower and potential for interfuel substitution: The case of electricity sector in Malaysia
Bello MO, Solarin SA, Yen YY
984 - 997 Testing Co-Volatility spillovers for natural gas spot, futures and ETF spot using dynamic conditional covariances
Chang CL, McAleer M, Wang YHT
998 - 1006 Role of of soil in improving process performance and methane yield of anaerobic digestion with corn straw as substrate
Yao YQ, Zhou JY, An LZ, Kafle GK, Chen SL, Qiu L
1007 - 1017 Multi reaction apparent kinetic scheme for the pyrolysis of large size biomass particles using macro-TGA
Sharma R, Sheth PN