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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 18 Thermodynamic performance of cycle combined large temperature drop heat exchange process:Theoretical models and advanced process
Zhang CH, Li YP
19 - 27 Trade-offs between integration and isolation in Switzerland's energy policy
Eser P, Chokani N, Abhari R
28 - 37 The effect of gravity on inner transport and cell performance in passive micro direct methanol fuel cell
Yuan ZY, Zhang MN, Zuo KY, Ren YQ
38 - 48 Numerical simulation on thermoelectric and mechanical performance of annular thermoelectric generator
Fan SF, Gao YW
49 - 60 A novel data-driven approach for residential electricity consumption prediction based on ensemble learning
Chen KL, Jiang JC, Zheng FD, Chen KJ
61 - 68 Fast pyrolysis and steam gasification of pellets prepared from olive oil mill residues
Lajili M, Guizani C, Sanz FJE, Jeguirim M
69 - 76 Effect of Pt loading and catalyst type on the pore structure of porous electrodes in polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells
Zhao J, Ozden A, Shahgaldi S, Alaefour IE, Li XG, Hamdullahpur F
77 - 91 Heat release rate and performance simulation of DME fuelled diesel engine using oxygenate correction factor and load correction factor in double Wiebe function
Loganathan S, Martin MLJ, Nagalingam B, Prabhu L
92 - 108 Effects of hydrogen enrichment and injection location on in-cylinder flow characteristics, performance and emissions of gaseous LPG engine
Jemni MA, Kassem SH, Driss Z, Abid MS
109 - 121 A novel optimization model based on game tree for multi-energy conversion systems
Huang ZS, Yu H, Chu XY, Peng ZW
122 - 133 Flow-based nodal cost allocation in a heterogeneous highly renewable European electricity network
Tranberg B, Schwenk-Nebbe LJ, Schafer M, Horsch J, Greiner M
134 - 141 Investigating the kinetics and biofuel properties of Alstonia congensis and Ceiba pentandra via torrefaction
Oluoti K, Doddapaneni TRKC, Richards T
142 - 152 Understanding fly-ash formation during fluidized-bed gasification of high-silicon-aluminum coal based on its characteristics
Li FH, Liu QR, Li M, Fang YT
153 - 163 Potential of wastewater treating Chlorella minutissima for methane enrichment and CO2 sequestration of biogas and producing lipids
Khan SA, Malla FA, Rashmi, Malav LC, Gupta N, Kumar A
164 - 175 Effects of altitude on combustion and ignition characteristics of speed-up period during cold start in a diesel engine
Kan ZC, Hu ZY, Lou DM, Tan PQ, Cao ZY, Yang ZH
176 - 189 The combustion characteristics and performance evaluation of DME (dimethyl ether) as an alternative fuel in a two-section porous burner for domestic cooking application
Panigrahy S, Mishra SC
190 - 204 Modeling of PCM melting: Analysis of discrepancy between numerical and experimental results and energy storage performance
Soni V, Kumar A, Jain VK
205 - 221 Energetic performance of transcritical CO2 refrigeration cycles with mechanical subcooling using zeotropic mixture as refrigerant
Dai BM, Liu SC, Li HL, Sun ZL, Song MJ, Yang QR, Ma YT
222 - 235 Carbon footprint and fossil energy consumption of bio-ethanol fuel production from Arundo donax L. crops on marginal lands of Southern Italy
Forte A, Zucaro A, Faugno S, Basosi R, Fierro A
236 - 252 Airfoil optimization to improve power performance of a high-solidity vertical axis wind turbine at a moderate tip speed ratio
Ma N, Lei H, Han ZL, Zhou D, Bao Y, Zhang K, Zhou L, Chen CY
253 - 261 Methodology for evaluating the transition process dynamics towards 4th generation district heating networks
Volkova A, Masatin V, Siirde A
262 - 275 Mathematical model simulating the ignition of a droplet of coal water slurry containing petrochemicals
Glushkov DO, Kuznetsov GV, Strizhak PA, Syrodoy SV
276 - 288 Will the energy price bubble burst?
Liu TY, Lee CC
289 - 298 Diffusion of photovoltaic technology in Germany: A sustainable success or an illusion driven by guaranteed feed-in tariffs?
Baur L, Uriona M
299 - 309 Thermodynamic assessment of a novel SOFC based CCHP system in a wastewater treatment plant
Mehr AS, MosayebNezhad M, Lanzini A, Yari M, Mahmoudi SMS, Santarelli M
310 - 319 Active load control of large wind turbines using state-space methods and disturbance accommodating control
Menezes EJN, Araujo AM, Rohatgi JS, del Foyo PMG
320 - 328 Comparative performance evaluation of self-humidifying PEMFCs with short-side-chain and long-side-chain membranes under various operating conditions
Cha D, Jeon SW, Yang W, Kim D, Kim Y
329 - 341 Future costs of fuel cell electric vehicles in California using a learning rate approach
Ruffini E, Wei M
342 - 350 Experimental study of supercritical CO2 leakage behavior from pressurized vessels
Fan X, Wang YL, Zhou Y, Chen JT, Huang YP, Wang JF
351 - 362 Exergy-based optimization of a continuous reactor applied to produce value-added chemicals from glycerol through esterification with acetic acid
Aghbashlo M, Tabatabaei M, Rastegari H, Ghaziaskar HS, Valijanian E
363 - 376 Evaluation of economic feasibility under uncertainty of a thermochemical route for ethanol production in Brazil
Taylor-de-Lima RLN, da Silva AJG, Legey LFL, Szklo A
377 - 395 Experimental and modeling investigation on separation of methane from coal seam gas (CSG) using hydrate formation
Wang YW, Deng Y, Guo XQ, Sun Q, Liu AX, Zhang GQ, Yue G, Yang LY
396 - 409 Optimal combined heat-and-power plant for a low-temperature geothermal source
Van Erdeweghe S, Van Bael J, Laenen B, D'haeseleer W
410 - 433 Estimation of heat losses due to wind effects from linear parabolic secondary reflector -receiver of solar LFR module
Reddy KS, Balaji S, Sundararajan T
434 - 450 Thermodynamic performance study of the integrated MR-SOFC-CCHP system
Hou QL, Zhao HB, Yang XY
451 - 467 A new algorithm for obtaining the critical tube diameter and intercept factor of parabolic trough solar collectors
Zou B, Yao Y, Jiang YQ, Yang HX
468 - 481 Evaluation of Jerusalem artichoke as a sustainable energy crop to bioethanol: energy and CO(2)eq emissions modeling for an industrial scenario
Paixao SM, Alves L, Pacheco R, Silva CM
482 - 492 Analysis of wind power intermittency based on historical wind power data
Ren GR, Wan J, Liu JF, Yu DR, Soder L
493 - 507 The efficiencies of resource-saving and environment: A case study based on Chinese cities
Zhang B, Lu DT, He Y, Chiu YH
508 - 526 Forecasting spikes in electricity return innovations
Tafakori L, Pourkhanali A, Fard FA
527 - 543 Does one path fit all? An empirical study on the relationship between energy consumption and economic development for individual Chinese provinces
Zhang QX, Liao H, Hao Y
544 - 555 Nuclear contribution to the penetration of variable renewable energy sources in a French decarbonised power mix
Cany C, Mansilla C, Mathonniere G, da Costa P
556 - 564 Energy harvesting with the piezoelectric material integrated shoe
Turkmen AC, Celik C
565 - 574 The impact of the control method of cyclic operation on the power unit efficiency and life
Lukowicz H, Rusin A
575 - 582 Wind turbine power improvement utilizing passive flow control with microtab
Ebrahimi A, Movahhedi M
583 - 590 A study on environmental impact of insulation thickness of poultry building walls
Kucuktopcu E, Cemek B
591 - 600 Investigation on the charging process of a multi-PCM latent heat thermal energy storage unit for use in conventional air-conditioning systems
Li XY, Yang L, Wang XL, Miao XY, Yao Y, Qiang QQ
601 - 616 Investment risk for biomass integrated gasification combined heat and power unit with an internal combustion engine and a Stirling engine
Bartela L, Kotowicz J, Dubiel-Jurgas K
617 - 630 Lifetime optimization framework for a hybrid renewable energy system based on receding horizon optimization
Forough AB, Roshandel R
631 - 641 Optimal study of the rural house space heating systems employing the AHP and FCE methods
Zhang XH, Yang JJ, Zhao XD
642 - 652 Optimal capacity of storage systems and photovoltaic systems able to control reactive power using the sensitivity analysis method
Kim I
653 - 669 Simultaneous design of pump network and cooling tower allocations for cooling water system synthesis
Zheng CL, Chen X, Zhu LY, Shi JQ
670 - 680 Emergy based sustainability evaluation of remanufacturing machining systems
Liu CH, Cai W, Dinolov O, Zhang CX, Rao WZ, Jia S, Li L, Chan FTS
681 - 693 A techno-economic assessment of gas-to-liquid and coal-to-liquid plants through the development of scale factors
Mohajerani S, Kumar A, Oni AO
694 - 701 Resource use efficiency of rice production upon single cropping and ratooning agro-systems in terms of bioethanol feedstock production
Firouzi S, Nikkhah A, Aminpanah H
702 - 708 Feasibility analysis of introducing renewable energy systems in environmental basic facilities: A case study in Busan, South Korea
Kim J, Choi H, Kim S, Yu J
709 - 721 Soot formation characteristics of ethylene premixed burner-stabilized stagnation flame with dimethyl ether addition
Kang YH, Sun YM, Lu XF, Gou XL, Sun SC, Yan J, Song YF, Zhang PY, Wang QH, Ji XY
722 - 734 Impact of the phase out of French nuclear reactors on the Italian power sector
Bianco V, Scarpa F
735 - 744 Data-driven optimized layout of battery electric vehicle charging infrastructure
Tao Y, Huang MH, Yang L
745 - 758 Optimization of a Brayton external combustion gas-turbine system for extended range electric vehicles
Nader WSB, Mansour CJ, Nemer MG
759 - 769 Incremental capacity analysis and differential voltage analysis based state of charge and capacity estimation for lithium-ion batteries
Zheng LF, Zhu JG, Lu DDC, Wang GX, He TT
770 - 780 Energy and economic efficiency of camelina and crambe biomass production on a large-scale farm in north-eastern Poland
Stolarski MJ, Krzyzaniak M, Kwiatkowski J, Tworkowski J, Szczukowski S
781 - 796 Characterizing the Great Lakes marine renewable energy resources: Lake Michigan surge and wave characteristics
Sogut DV, Farhadzadeh A, Jensen RE
797 - 815 Optimization of multi-plants cooling water system
Ma JZ, Wang YF, Feng X
816 - 821 Punched H2Ti12O25 anode and activated carbon cathode for high energy/high power hybrid supercapacitors
Lee SH, Kim JM
822 - 838 A biased load manager home energy management system for low-cost residential building low-income occupants
Monyei CG, Adewumi AO, Akinyele D, Babatunde OM, Obolo MO, Onunwor JC
839 - 846 Hydropower unit commitment with nonlinearity decoupled from mixed integer nonlinear problem
Wang JW, Guo M, Liu Y
847 - 859 Exploring spatiotemporal patterns of electric power consumption in countries along the Belt and Road
Shi KF, Yu BL, Huang C, Wu JP, Sun XF
860 - 876 Optimization of single mixed-refrigerant natural gas liquefaction processes described by nondifferentiable models
Watson HAJ, Vikse M, Gundersen T, Barton PI
877 - 889 Adaptive model predictive control with propulsion load estimation and prediction for all-electric ship energy management
Hou J, Sun J, Hofmann H
890 - 900 Improved electrochemical performance of EMIMFSI ionic liquid based gel polymer electrolyte with temperature for rechargeable lithium battery
Singh SK, Shalu, Balo L, Gupta H, Singh VK, Tripathi AK, Verma YL, Singh RK
901 - 912 Generation of a driving cycle for battery electric vehicles : A case study of Beijing
Gong HM, Zou Y, Yang QK, Fan J, Sun FC, Goehlich D
913 - 925 Balancing demand and supply: Linking neighborhood-level building load calculations with detailed district energy network analysis models
Letellier-Duchesne S, Nagpal S, Kummert M, Reinhart C
926 - 937 The impact of global warming and building renovation measures on district heating system techno-economic parameters
Andric I, Fournier J, Lacarriere B, Le Corre O, Ferrao P
938 - 949 Technical assessment of electric heat boosters in low-temperature district heating based on combined heat and power analysis
Cai HM, You S, Wang JW, Bindner HW, Klyapovskiy S
950 - 964 Simulated moving bed adsorption process based on a polyethylenimine-silica sorbent for CO2 capture with sensible heat recovery
Jung W, Park J, Won W, Lee KS
965 - 978 A pulsed Coanda-effect reciprocating wind energy generator
Garzozi A, Greenblatt D
979 - 991 Transient analysis and optimization of a recuperative sCO(2) Brayton cycle assisted by heat and mass storage systems
Battisti FG, Delsoto GS, da Silva AK
992 - 1005 Stochastic electricity dispatch: A challenge for market design
Bjorndal E, Bjorndal M, Midthun K, Tomasgard A
1006 - 1017 Capacity investment in electricity markets under supply and demand uncertainty
Pinho J, Resende J, Soares I
1018 - 1030 Safety along the energy chain
Boccard N
1031 - 1038 Investigation on the applicability for reaction rates adjustment of the optimized biodiesel skeletal mechanism
Liu T, E JQQ, Yang WM, Deng YW, An H, Zhang ZQ, Pham M
1039 - 1057 Multiobjective economic-environmental power dispatch with stochastic wind-solar-small hydro power
Biswas PP, Suganthan PN, Qu BY, Amaratunga GAJ
1058 - 1069 Bottleneck of slab thermal efficiency in reheating furnace based on energy apportionment model
Chen DM, Lu B, Dai FQ, Chen G, Zhang XH