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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 16 Co-firing of coal/biomass blends in a pilot plant facility: A comparative study between Opuntia ficus-indica and Pinus radiata
Perez-Jeldres R, Flores M, Cornejo P, Gordon A, Garcia X
17 - 24 Control strategy and experimental analysis of a direct-expansion solar-assisted heat pump water heater with R134a
Kong XQ, Jiang KL, Dong SD, Li Y, Li JB
25 - 37 Thermodynamic analysis of a modified system for a 1000 MW single reheat ultra-supercritical thermal power plant
Liu YH, Li QL, Duan XL, Zhang Y, Yang Z, Che DF
38 - 51 Multi-generation system incorporated with PEM electrolyzer and dual ORC based on biomass gasification waste heat recovery: Exergetic, economic and environmental impact optimizations
Boyaghchi FA, Chavoshi M, Sabeti V
52 - 64 Exergoenvironmental model of Organic Rankine Cycle system including the manufacture and leakage of working fluid
Ding Y, Liu C, Zhang C, Xu XX, Li QB, Mao LF
65 - 78 The increasing impact of weather on electricity supply and demand
Staffell I, Pfenninger S
79 - 87 Urban water networks as an alternative source for district heating and emergency heat-wave cooling
Guo XF, Hendel M
88 - 104 Impact of human interventions on tidal stream power: The case of Cadiz Bay
Zarzuelo C, Lopez-Ruiz A, Ortega-Sanchez M
105 - 115 Performance analysis of an evaporation process of plate heat exchangers installed in a Kalina power plant
Mergner H, Schaber K
116 - 127 Thermo-economic analysis of a novel cascade integrated solar combined cycle system
Li YY, Xiong YM
128 - 140 Simulation and optimization of humidification-dehumidification evaporation system
Li Y, Huang X, Peng H, Ling X, Tu SD
141 - 151 An investigation into the effect of manifold geometry on uniformity of temperature distribution in a PEMFC stack
Amirfazli A, Asghari S, Sarraf M
152 - 170 Cooperative game of electricity retailers in China's spot electricity market
Peng X, Tao XM
171 - 181 A coordinated energy security model taking strategic petroleum reserve and alternative fuels into consideration
Gao D, Li Z, Liu P, Zhao JZ, Zhang YN, Li CB
182 - 194 Multi-objective optimization framework for the selection of configuration and equipment sizing of solar thermal combisystems
Rey A, Zmeureanu R
195 - 205 Assisted power management of a stand-alone renewable multi-source system
Abdelkafi A, Masmoudi A, Krichen L
206 - 216 Performance study and comparative analysis of traditional and double-selective-coated parabolic trough receivers
Yang HL, Wang QL, Huang XN, Li J, Pei G
217 - 227 Effect of Reynolds number on supercritical helium axial compressor rotors performance in closed Brayton cycle
Tian ZT, Zheng Q, Jiang B
228 - 237 Catalytic cracking of biomass tar over char supported nickel catalyst
Hu M, Laghari M, Cui BH, Xiao B, Zhang BP, Guo DB
238 - 245 Performance, combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine fuelled with papaya and watermelon seed oil bio-diesel/diesel blends
Asokan MA, Prabu SS, Kamesh S, Khan W
246 - 260 A framework for real-time monitoring of energy efficiency of marine vessels
Chi HT, Pedrielli G, Ng SH, Kister T, Bressan S
261 - 275 Transient response of the flexible blade of horizontal-axis wind turbines in wind gusts and rapid yaw changes
Ebrahimi A, Sekandari M
276 - 287 Wind resource assessment offshore the Atlantic Iberian coast with the WRF model
Salvacao N, Soares CG
288 - 300 Novel classification of pure working fluids for Organic Rankine Cycle
Gyorke G, Deiters UK, Groniewsky A, Lassu I, Imre AR
301 - 312 Hierarchical control strategy with battery aging consideration for hybrid electric vehicle regenerative braking control
Wu J, Wang XY, Li L, Qin CA, Du YC
313 - 328 Influence of the steam generator on the exergetic and exergoeconomic analysis of solar tower plants
Gomez-Hernandez J, Gonzalez-Gomez PA, Briongos JV, Santana D
329 - 337 Understanding the thermodynamic and kinetic performances of the substituted phosphorus ylides as a new class of compounds in carbon dioxide activation
Sabet-Sarvestani H, Izadyar M, Eshghi H, Noroozi-Shad N
338 - 355 A thorough investigation on hybrid application of biomass gasifier and PV resources to meet energy needs for a northern rural off-grid region of Bangladesh: A potential solution to replicate in rural off-grid areas or not?
Islam MS, Akhter R, Rahman MA
356 - 366 Feasibility assessment of a novel refrigeration FCC gas plant driven by self waste heat
Liu SY, Cui CT, He J, Sun JS
367 - 373 Selective catalytic reduction in a rotary air heater (RAH-SCR)
Wejkowski R, Wojnar W
374 - 387 Design, construction, testing and performance of split power solar source using mirror photovoltaic glass for electric vehicles
Prasad RM, Krishnamoorthy A
388 - 399 The causality link between energy electricity consumption, CO2 emissions, R&D stocks and economic growth in Mediterranean countries (MCs)
Kahouli B
400 - 407 Atmospheric extinction levels of solar radiation at Plataforma Solar de Almeria. Application to solar thermal electric plants
Carra E, Ballestrin J, Polo J, Barbero J, Fernandez-Reche J
408 - 416 Industrial sectors' energy rebound effect: An empirical study of Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration
Ouyang XL, Gao BY, Du KR, Du G
417 - 429 Spatial and geographic heterogeneity of wind turbine farms for temporally decoupled power output
Pearre NS, Swan LG
430 - 441 Effect of ambient temperature on the puffing characteristics of single butanol-hexadecane droplet
Zhang Y, Huang RH, Huang YH, Huang S, Ma YJ, Xu SJ, Zhou P
442 - 457 A flexible active distribution system expansion planning model: A risk-based approach
Moradijoz M, Moghaddam MP, Haghifam MR
458 - 467 Study on ammonia/water hybrid absorption/compression heat pump cycle to produce high temperature process water
Jung CW, Song JY, Kang YT
468 - 476 Value of performance baseline in voluntary carbon trading under uncertainty
Liu XY, Cui QB
477 - 485 Repeated batch methanol production from a simulated biogas mixture using immobilized Methylocystis bryophila
Patel SKS, Kondaveeti S, Otari SV, Pagolu RT, Jeong SH, Kim SC, Cho BK, Kang YC, Lee JK
486 - 495 A study of the relationship between coulombic efficiency and capacity degradation of commercial lithium-ion batteries
Yang FF, Wang D, Zhao Y, Tsui KL, Bae SJ
496 - 506 NOx model development and validation with diesel and hydrogen/diesel dual-fuel system on diesel engine
Kumar M, Tsujimura T, Suzuki Y
507 - 514 Analysis of a displacer-coupled multi-stage thermoacoustic-Stirling engine
Hu JY, Luo EC, Zhang LM, Chen YY, Wu ZH, Gao B
515 - 525 The pattern of electricity use in residential sector: The experiences from 133 economies
Liao H, Cao HS
526 - 539 Novel low temperature heat distribution technology
Averfalk H, Werner S
540 - 547 A historical assessment of Turkey's natural gas import vulnerability
Berk I, Ediger VS
548 - 556 Risk modeling of domestic solar water heater using Monte Carlo simulation for east-coastal region of India
Rout A, Sahoo SS, Thomas S
557 - 566 Biomass supply contract pricing and environmental policy analysis: A simulation approach
Huang SY, Hu GP
567 - 581 Control of nitrogen oxide formation in power generation using modified reaction kinetics and mixing
Bashtani J, Seddighi S, Bahrabadi-Jovein I
582 - 591 Factor substitution and decomposition of carbon intensity in China's heavy industry
Liu K, Bai HK, Yin S, Lin BQ
592 - 602 Effects of port injection of hydrous ethanol on combustion and emission characteristics in dual-fuel reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) mode
Liu HF, Ma GX, Hu B, Zheng ZQ, Yao MF
603 - 613 Structure optimization of parallel air-cooled battery thermal management system with U-type flow for cooling efficiency improvement
Chen K, Song MX, Wei W, Wang SF
614 - 625 Exergetic diagnosis and performance analysis of a typical sugar mill based on Aspen Plus (R) simulation of the process
Dogbe ES, Mandegari MA, Gorgens JF
626 - 637 Analysis of the novel cross vane expander-compressor: Mathematical modelling and experimental study
Yap KS, Ooi KT, Chakraborty A
638 - 656 A lumped-parameter dynamical model of a nuclear heating reactor cogeneration plant
Dong Z, Pan YF
657 - 664 Modeling and optimization of a biogas plant for a demand-driven energy supply
Rieke C, Stollenwerk D, Dahmen M, Pieper M
665 - 676 Detailed numerical investigation of a pumped thermal energy storage with low temperature heat integration
Jockenhofer H, Steinmann WD, Bauer D
677 - 690 Understanding energy consumption in high-performance social housing buildings: A case study from Canada
Rouleau J, Gosselin L, Blanchet P
691 - 699 A study of soot quantification in diesel flame with hydrogenated catalytic biodiesel in a constant volume combustion chamber
Xuan TM, Cao JW, He ZX, Wang Q, Zhong WJ, Leng XY, Li D, Shang WW
700 - 709 A comparative life cycle assessment of chalcogenide/Si tandem solar modules
Lunardi MM, Moore S, Alvarez-Gaitan JP, Yan C, Hao XJ, Corkish R
710 - 720 A regional hybrid GOA-SVM model based on similar day approach for short-term load forecasting in Assam, India
Barman M, Choudhury NBD, Sutradhar S
721 - 733 Comparing heat flow models for interpretation of precast quadratic pile heat exchanger thermal response tests
Alberdi-Pagola M, Poulsen SE, Loveridge F, Madsen S, Jensen RL
734 - 746 Dynamic modeling and operation optimization for the cold end system of thermal power plants during transient processes
Wang CY, Liu M, Zhao YL, Qiao YQ, Chong DT, Yan JJ
747 - 753 Trade-off optimization between energy efficiency and spectral efficiency in large scale MIMO systems
Hei YQ, Zhang C, Shi GM
754 - 769 Human in the loop heterogeneous modelling of thermostatically controlled loads for demand side management studies
Kleidaras A, Kiprakis AE, Thompson JS
770 - 792 Mathematical and experimental evaluation of thermal and electrical efficiency of PV/T collector using different water based nano-fluids
Al-Shamani AN, Alghoul MA, Elbreki AM, Ammar AA, Abed AM, Sopian K
793 - 809 Study of the unsteady aerodynamics of floating wind turbines
Shen X, Chen JG, Hu P, Zhu XC, Du ZH
810 - 822 Exergetic and exergoeconomic evaluation of an SOFC-Engine hybrid power generation system
Lee YD, Ahn KY, Morosuk T, Tsatsaronis G
823 - 838 Comparative study on off-design characteristics of CHP based on GTCC under alternative operating strategy for gas turbine
Yang C, Huang ZF, Ma XQ
839 - 855 Optimal integration of renewable energy sources for autonomous tri-generation combined cooling, heating and power system based on evolutionary particle swarm optimization algorithm
Lorestani A, Ardehali MM
856 - 870 Deploying storage assets to facilitate variable renewable energy integration: The impacts of grid flexibility, renewable penetration, and market structure
McPherson M, Tahseen S
871 - 885 An objective-based scenario selection method for transmission network expansion planning with multivariate stochasticity in load and renewable energy sources
Sun M, Teng F, Konstantelos I, Strbac G