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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Tradeoffs between revenue and emissions in energy storage operation
Arciniegas LM, Hittinger E
12 - 24 A new heuristic algorithm with the step size adjustment strategy for heat exchanger network synthesis
Liu P, Cui GM, Xiao Y, Chen JX
25 - 34 Optimization and kinetic study of CaO nano-particles catalyzed biodiesel production from Bombax ceiba oil
Hebbar HRH, Math MC, Yatish KV
35 - 42 Experiment and simulation study of CO2 solubility in dimethyl carbonate, 1-octy1-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate and their mixtures
Zhao ZJ, Xing X, Tang ZG, Zheng Y, Fei WY, Liang XF, Ataeivarjovi E, Guo D
43 - 55 Nitrogen and sulfur co-doped porous carbon derived from bio-waste as a promising electrocatalyst for zinc-air battery
Ma Z, Wang KX, Qiu YF, Liu XZ, Cao CY, Feng YJ, Hu PA
56 - 68 Intelligent parameter optimization of Savonius rotor using Artificial Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
Mohammadi M, Lakestani M, Mohamed MH
69 - 90 Primary energy benefits of cost-effective energy renovation of a district heated multi-family building under different energy supply systems
Dodoo A, Gustavsson L, Truong NL
91 - 103 Spatial planning to estimate the offshore wind energy potential in coastal regions and islands. Practical case: The Canary Islands
Schallenberg-Rodriguez J, Montesdeoca NG
104 - 113 Summer performance analysis of coal-based CCHP with new configurations comparing with separate system
Wei ML, Yuan WX, Fu L, Zhang SG, Zhao XL
114 - 127 Investigation on solar assisted liquid desiccant dehumidifier and evaporative cooling system for fresh air treatment
Chen Y, Yang HX, Luo YM
128 - 140 Construction and simulation of reservoir scale layered model for production and utilization of methane hydrate: The case of Nankai Trough Japan
Chen L, Feng YC, Kogawa T, Okajima J, Komiya A, Maruyama S
141 - 150 Generalized pinch point design method of subcritical-supercritical organic Rankine cycle for maximum heat recovery
Sarkar J
151 - 167 Comprehensive evaluation for different modes of solar-aided coal-fired power generation system under common framework regarding both coal-savability and efficiency-promotability
Wang RL, Sun J, Hong H, Jin HG
168 - 180 Thermoeconomic analysis and optimization of a Re-compression supercritical CO2 cycle using waste heat of Gaziantep Municipal Solid Waste Power Plant
Tozlu A, Abusoglu A, Ozahi E
181 - 190 Grid-connected modular PV-Converter system with shuffled frog leaping algorithm based DMPPT controller
Mao MX, Zhang L, Duan P, Duan QC, Yang M
191 - 201 Residential energy efficiency policies: Costs, emissions and rebound effects
Bye B, Faehn T, Rosnes O
202 - 211 Simultaneous co-integration of multiple electrical storage applications in a consumer setting
Metz D, Saraiva JT
212 - 218 Experimental study on the influence of the flame retardants on the flammability of R1234yf
Feng B, Yang Z, Zhai R
219 - 240 Generation of data sets for semi-empirical models of circulated fluidized bed boilers using hybrid Euler-Lagrange technique
Adamczyk WP, Myohanen K, Hartge EU, Ritvanen J, Klimanek A, Hyppanen T, Bialecki RA
241 - 256 A multi-featured model for estimation of thermodynamic properties, adiabatic flame temperature and equilibrium combustion products of fuels, fuel blends, surrogates and fuel additives
Kayadelen HK
257 - 272 A real option assessment of flexibilities in the integrated planning of natural gas distribution network and distributed natural gas-fired power generations
Odetayo B, MacCormack J, Rosehart WD, Zareipour H
273 - 283 Analysis of a hydraulic coupling system for dual oscillating foils with a parallel configuration
Ma PL, Wang Y, Xie YD, Zhang JH
284 - 294 Energy and exergy analyze of PEM fuel cell: A case study of modeling and simulations
Taner T
295 - 309 An intuitionistic fuzzy multi-criteria framework for large-scale rooftop PV project portfolio selection: Case study in Zhejiang, China
Wu YN, Xu CB, Ke YM, Chen KF, Sun XK
310 - 322 An emergy based sustainability evaluation on a combined landfill and LFG power generation system
Pan HY, Geng Y, Jiang P, Dong HJ, Sun L, Wu R
323 - 336 CVaR risk-based optimization framework for renewable energy management in distribution systems with DGs and EVs
Wu JK, Wu ZJ, Wu F, Tang HL, Mao XM
337 - 346 One-day performance evaluation of photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid system
Yin ES, Li Q, Xuan YM
347 - 362 A renewable energy system for a nearly zero greenhouse city: Case study of a small city in southern Italy
De Luca G, Fabozzi S, Massarotti N, Vanoli L
363 - 371 Assessment of the energy recovery potential of a thermoelectric generator system for passenger vehicles under various drive cycles
Kim TY, Kim J
372 - 384 Analysis of the loss and thermal characteristics of a SMES (Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage) magnet with three practical operating conditions
Xu Y, Ren L, Zhang ZP, Tang YJ, Shi J, Xu C, Li JD, Pu DS, Wang Z, Liu HJ, Chen L
385 - 405 Detailed entropy generation analysis of a Wells turbine using the variation of the blade thickness
Nazeryan M, Lakzian E
406 - 416 Performance analysis and parametric optimization of supercritical carbon dioxide (S-CO2) cycle with bottoming Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)
Song J, Li XS, Ren XD, Gu CW
417 - 423 Energy, exergy utilization and CO2 emission of strawberry production in greenhouse and open field
Yildizhan H
424 - 438 A real-time demand response market through a repeated incomplete-information game
Motalleb M, Annaswamy A, Ghorbani R
439 - 447 PM and NOx reduction characteristics of LNT/DPF plus SCR/DPF hybrid system
Kang W, Choi B, Jung S, Park S
448 - 457 Thermal performance analysis of a cascaded cold storage unit using multiple PCMs
Cheng XW, Zhai XQ
458 - 466 A limiting efficiency of subcritical Organic Rankine cycle under the constraint of working fluids
Su W, Zhao L, Deng S, Xu WC, Yu ZX
467 - 477 Novel fuel cell/battery/supercapacitor hybrid power source for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicles
Fathabadi H
478 - 487 First law energy analysis of thermochemical waste-heat recuperation by steam methane reforming
Pashchenko D
488 - 499 Determination of methane potential of mixtures composed of sewage sludge, organic fraction of municipal waste and grease trap sludge using biochemical methane potential assays. A comparison of BMP tests and semi-continuous trial results
Grosser A
500 - 516 Performance analysis and multi-objective optimization of a hybrid photovoltaic/thermal collector for domestic hot water application
Chen JF, Zhang L, Dai YJ
517 - 532 Analysis of catalytic pyrolysis of municipal solid waste and paper sludge using TG-FTIR, Py-GC/MS and DAEM (distributed activation energy model)
Fang SW, Yu ZS, Ma XQ, Lin Y, Chen L, Liao YF
533 - 545 Development of an extended mean value engine model for predicting the marine two-stroke engine operation at varying settings
Theotokatos G, Guan C, Chen H, Lazakis I
546 - 553 Crystal morphology-based kinetic study of carbon dioxide-hydrogen-tetra-n-butyl ammonium bromide hydrates formation in a static system
Yu YS, Xu CG, Li XS
554 - 561 An experimental study on the detonation transmission behaviours in acetylene-oxygen-argon mixtures
Wu YW, Zheng Q, Weng CS
562 - 574 Experimental investigation on thermochemical heat storage using manganese chloride/ammonia
Yan T, Wang RZ, Li TX
575 - 584 Analysis of barriers to the implementation of energy efficiency actions in the production of ceramics in Colombia
Manrique R, Vasquez D, Vallejo G, Chejne F, Amell AA, Herrera B
585 - 596 The long-term scenario and greenhouse gas effects cost-benefit analysis of Iran's electricity sector
Kachoee MS, Salimi M, Amidpour M
597 - 605 Experimental and numerical investigation on H-2/CO formation and their effects on combustion characteristics in a natural gas SI engine
Liu CP, Wang Z, Song HP, Qi YL, Li YF, Li FB, Zhang W, He X
606 - 614 CO2 based ventilation control in energy retrofit: An experimental assessment
Schibuola L, Scarpa M, Tambani C
615 - 623 Fluidized bed reactors for solid-gas thermochemical energy storage concepts - Modelling and process limitations
Flegkas S, Birkelbach F, Winter F, Freiberger N, Werner A
624 - 633 Experimental investigation on knocking combustion characteristics of gasoline compression ignition engine
Wei HQ, Hua JX, Pan MZ, Feng DQ, Zhou L, Pan JY
634 - 644 Multi-verse optimizer for identifying the optimal parameters of PEMFC model
Fathy A, Rezk H
645 - 657 Effects of carbon and environmental tax on power mix planning - A case study of Hebei Province, China
Wang B, Liu L, Huang GH, Li W, Xie YL
658 - 665 MVR heat pump distillation coupled with ORC process for separating a benzene-toluene mixture
Gao XX, Gu Q, Ma JQ, Zeng YF
666 - 681 Direct route from ethanol to pure hydrogen through autothermal reforming in a membrane reactor: Experimental demonstration, reactor modelling and design
Spallina V, Matturro G, Ruocco C, Meloni E, Palma V, Fernandez E, Melendez J, Tanaka ADP, Sole JLV, Annaland MV, Gallucci F
682 - 695 Optimization and characterization of a thermoelectric generator prototype for marine engine application
Eddine AN, Chalet D, Faure X, Aixala L, Chesse P
696 - 703 Effects of particle size, pretreatment, and catalysis on microwave pyrolysis of corn stover
Huang YF, Kuan WH, Chang CY
704 - 718 A novel coupled hydro-pneumatic energy storage system for hybrid mining trucks
Yi T, Ma F, Jin C, Huang YJ
719 - 731 Modeling, size optimization and sensitivity analysis of a remote hybrid renewable energy system
Singh SS, Fernandez E
732 - 745 How to promote the development of energy-saving and emission-reduction with changing economic growth rate-A case study of China
Fang GC, Tian LX, Fu M, Sun M, He Y, Lu LX
746 - 756 Effects of pyrolysis temperature on the physicochemical properties of gas and biochar obtained from pyrolysis of crop residues
He XY, Liu ZX, Niu WJ, Yang L, Zhou T, Qin D, Niu ZY, Yuan QX
757 - 771 Thermo-economic sensitivity analysis by dynamic simulations of a small Italian solar district heating system with a seasonal borehole thermal energy storage
Ciampi G, Rosato A, Sibilio S
772 - 784 Corresponding-point methodology for physical energy storage system analysis and application to compressed air energy storage system
Guo H, Xu YJ, Chen HS, Zhang XH, Qin W
785 - 796 Methodology that improves water utilization and hydropower generation without increasing flood risk in mega cascade reservoirs
Zhou YL, Guo SL, Chang FJ, Liu P, Chen AB
797 - 811 Optimization of organic Rankine cycle used for waste heat recovery of construction equipment engine with additional waste heat of hydraulic oil cooler
Negash A, Kim YM, Shin DG, Cho GS
812 - 821 How to promote energy efficiency through technological progress in China?
Li K, Lin BQ
822 - 832 CO2-air based two stage gasification of low ash and high ash Indian coals in the context of underground coal gasification
Kumari G, Vairakannu P
833 - 845 The dynamics and power absorption of cone-cylinder wave energy converters with three degree of freedom in irregular waves
Gao H, Yu Y
846 - 853 Geothermal energy potential from analysis of aeromagnetic data of part of the Niger-delta basin, southern Nigeria
Chukwu CG, Udensi EE, Abraham EM, Ekwe AC, Selemo AO
854 - 866 Multi-objective programming of pumped-hydro-thermal scheduling problem using normal boundary intersection and VIKOR
Simab M, Javadi MS, Nezhad AE
867 - 880 Wind loads on heliostats of various column heights: An experimental study
Mammar M, Djouimaa S, Gartner U, Hamidat A
881 - 899 A novel multi-period mixed-integer linear optimization model for optimal distribution of byproduct gases, steam and power in an iron and steel plant
Zeng YJ, Xiao X, Li J, Sun L, Floudas CA, Li HC
900 - 910 Energy storage in Spain: Forecasting electricity excess and assessment of power-to-gas potential up to 2050
Bailera M, Lisbona P
911 - 933 Network design and technology management for waste to energy production: An integrated optimization framework under the principles of circular economy
Balaman SY, Wright DG, Scott J, Matopoulos A
934 - 942 The benefit of long-term high resolution wind data for electricity system analysis
Henckes P, Knaut A, Obermuller F, Frank C
943 - 949 Investigation of warm gas clean-up of biofuel flue and producer gas using electrostatic precipitator
Poskas R, Sirvydas A, Poskas P, Jouhara H, Striugas N, Pedisius N, Valincius V
950 - 960 On biodiesels from castor raw oil using catalytic pyrolysis
Abdelfattah MSH, Abu-Elyazeed OSM, Abd El Mawla E, Abdelazeem MA
961 - 972 A combined resource allocation framework for PEVs charging stations, renewable energy resources and distributed energy storage systems
Kandil SM, Farag HEZ, Shaaban MF, El-Sharafy MZ
973 - 979 A unique optimized double-stator permanent-magnet synchronous generator in high-power wind plants
Yousefian HA, Kelk HM
980 - 994 A two-stage robust investment model for a risk-averse price-maker power producer
Aryani M, Ahmadian M, Sheikh-El-Eslami MK
995 - 1005 The heat and mass transfer characteristics of superheated steam coupled with non-condensing gases in horizontal wells with multi-point injection technique
Sun FR, Yao YD, Li XF
1006 - 1019 Comprehensive feasibility study of two-well-horizontal caverns for natural gas storage in thinly-bedded salt rocks in China
Liu W, Jiang DY, Chen J, Daemen JJK, Tang K, Wu F
1020 - 1028 Optimization of variable-head hydropower system operation considering power shortage aspect with quadratic programming and successive approximation
Niu WJ, Feng ZK, Cheng CT
1029 - 1047 Sustainable energy hub design under uncertainty using Benders decomposition method
Hemmati S, Ghaderi SF, Ghazizadeh MS
1048 - 1055 A global degree days database for energy-related applications
Atalla T, Gualdi S, Lanza A
1056 - 1071 Semi-empirical model of a multi-diaphragm pump in an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) experimental unit
D'Amico F, Pallis P, Leontaritis AD, Karellas S, Kakalis NM, Rech S, Lazzaretto A
1072 - 1084 Small scale radial inflow turbine performance and pre-design maps for Organic Rankine Cycles
Mounier V, Olmedo LE, Schiffmann J
1085 - 1106 Hydrokinetic power conversion using Flow Induced Vibrations with nonlinear (adaptive piecewise-linear) springs
Sun H, Ma CH, Bernitsas MM
1107 - 1124 Investigation on aerodynamic performance of horizontal axis wind turbine by setting micro-cylinder in front of the blade leading edge
Wang Y, Li GH, Shen S, Huang DG, Zheng ZQ