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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Steady state performance of an axial impulse turbine for oscillating water column wave energy converters
Liu Z, Cui Y, Li M, Shi HD
11 - 11 Virtual special issue on ECOS 2016
Stevanovic V, Poredos A, Morosuk T, Kitanovski A
12 - 19 US shale oil production and WTI prices behaviour
Monge M, Gil-Alana LA, de Gracia FP
20 - 31 A fundamental investigation into chemical effects of carbon dioxide on intermediate temperature oxidation of biodiesel surrogate with laminar flow reactor
Li A, Zhu L, Deng ZW, Gao Z, Huang Z
32 - 39 Photothermal conversion characteristics of gold nanoparticles under different filter conditions
Zhang H, Yang H, Chen HJ, Du X, Wen D, Wu H
40 - 49 Gas purging effect on the degradation characteristic of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell with dead-ended mode operation I. With different electrolytes
Chen B, Cai YH, Tu ZK, Chan SH, Wang J, Yu Y
50 - 55 Effect of substrate temperature on the structural properties of ZnO nanorods
Karakose E, Colak H
56 - 65 Study on the thermal effect of the ground heat exchanger of GSHP in the eastern China area
Xi J, Li Y, Liu M, Wang RZ
66 - 75 Performance characteristics of domestic hybrid dehumidifier combined with solid desiccant rotor and vapor compression system
Chung HJ, Jeon Y, Kim D, Kim S, Kim Y
76 - 86 Economic and environmental analyses of coal and biomass to liquid fuels
Liu WG, Wang JX, Bhattacharyya D, Jiang Y, DeVallance D
87 - 96 Displacing natural gas with electric vehicles for grid stabilization
Nunes P, Brito MC
97 - 107 Optimization on pinch point temperature difference of ORC system based on AHP-Entropy method
Wang JS, Diao MZ, Yue KH
R1 - R1 Effect of temperature on yield and properties of the sub-fractions derived from pyrolysis of Calophyllum inophyllum deoiled cake (Retraction of Vol 141, Pg 159, 2017)
Sakthivel R, Ramesh K
108 - 122 Daily electricity consumption profiles from smart meters - Proxies of behavior for space heating and cooling
Gouveia JP, Seixas J, Mestre A
123 - 138 Some important uncertainties related to climate change in projections for the Brazilian hydropower expansion in the Amazon
Mendes CAB, Beluco A, Canales FA
139 - 148 Thermo-economic and environmental comparison of supercritical water and enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse in a biorefinery concept
Albarelli JQ, Santos DT, Ensinas AV, Marechal F, Mato FA, Cocero MJ, Meireles MAA
149 - 158 Experimental study on performance of silica gel and potassium formate composite desiccant coated heat exchanger
Ge TS, Zhang JY, Dai YJ, Wang RZ
159 - 169 Effect of temperature on yield and properties of the sub-fractions derived from pyrolysis of Calophyllum inophyllum deoiled cake
Sakthivel R, Ramesh K
170 - 178 Economics-energy-environment nexus in Latin America and the Caribbean
Hanif I
179 - 188 Simultaneous ammonia stripping and anaerobic digestion for efficient thermophilic conversion of dairy manure at high solids concentration
Yao YQ, Yu L, Ghogare R, Dunsmoor A, Davaritouchaee M, Chen SL
189 - 201 Stochastic expansion planning of the electric-drive vehicle charging infrastructure
Davidov S, Pantos M
202 - 214 Theoretical and experimental study of Reversible Solid Oxide Cell (r-SOC) systems for energy storage
Santhanam S, Heddrich MP, Riedel M, Friedrich KA
215 - 238 Proposal and assessment of a solar thermoelectric generation system characterized by Fresnel lens, cavity receiver and heat pipe
Shen ZG, Wu SY, Xiao L, Chen ZX
239 - 249 Feasibility study on the influence of steam injection in the compressed air energy storage system
Kim MJ, Kim TS
250 - 259 Electrothermal dynamics-conscious lithium-ion battery cell-level charging management via state-monitored predictive control
Zou CF, Hu XS, Wei ZB, Tang XL
262 - 272 Investigation of wake characteristics of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine in vertical axis direction with field experiments
Li Q, Maeda T, Kamada Y, Mori N
273 - 289 Multi-criteria evaluation of solid oxide fuel cell based combined cooling heating and power (SOFC-CCHP) applications for public buildings in China
Jing R, Wang M, Brandon N, Zhao YR
290 - 303 Mutual information for evaluating renewable power penetration impacts in a distributed generation system
Luo Y, Shi YX, Zheng Y, Gang ZX, Cai NS
304 - 315 Energy saving evaluation of a novel energy system based on spray cooling for supercomputer center
Chen H, Cheng WL, Zhang WW, Peng YH, Jiang LJ
316 - 332 Modelling and assessment of the combined technical impact of electric vehicles and photovoltaic generation in radial distribution systems
Hernandez JC, Ruiz-Rodriguez FJ, Jurado F
333 - 347 Profitability analysis of power generation using waste heat of sponge iron process
Gaurav GK, Khanam S
348 - 357 Experimental study on the shrinkage characteristics and devolatilization time of wood in a turbulent fluidized bed combustor using computed tomography
Fang DD, Chen J, Zhang LH, Duan F, Wang P, Chyang CS
358 - 367 Impact of hydraulic retention time (HRT) and pH on dark fermentative hydrogen production from glycerol
Silva-Illanes F, Tapia-Venegas E, Schiappacasse MC, Trably E, Ruiz-Filippi G
368 - 379 An analysis of different pumped storage schemes from a technological and economic perspective
Ruppert L, Schurhuber R, List B, Lechner A, Bauer C
380 - 388 A sorption thermal storage system with large concentration glide
Xu ZY, Wang RZ
389 - 397 Operation scheduling for an energy storage system considering reliability and aging
Kim WW, Shin JS, Kim SY, Kim JO
398 - 422 Optimal shale oil and gas investments in the United States
Tan SH, Barton PI
423 - 434 The shale revolution and entrepreneurship: An assessment of the relationship between energy sector expansion and small business entrepreneurship in US counties
Tsvetkova A, Partridge M
435 - 450 Modeling, thermodynamic and techno-economic analysis of coke production process with waste heat recovery
Qin SY, Chang SY
451 - 460 Co-digestion of cattle manure and grass harvested with different technologies. Effect on methane yield, digestate composition and energy balance
Moset V, Fontaine D, Moller HB
461 - 471 Modeling and parametrical analysis on internally-heated liquid desiccant regenerator in liquid desiccant air conditioning
Peng DG, Luo DT
472 - 482 Study on the formation of direct reduced iron by using biomass as reductants of carbon containing pellets in RHF process
Yuan P, Shen BX, Duan DP, Adwek G, Mei X, Lu FJ
483 - 491 Greenhouse gas emissions of local wood pellet heat from northeastern US forests
Buchholz T, Gunn JS, Saah DS
492 - 505 Investigation of the performance of a combined Brayton/Brayton cycle with humidification
Idrissa AKM, Boulama KG
506 - 518 Optimal design and operations of a flexible oxyfuel natural gas plant
Teichgraeber H, Brodrick PG, Brandt AR
519 - 536 Coordination of heat and power scheduling in micro-grid considering inter-zonal power exchanges
Kia M, Nazar MS, Sepasian MS, Heidari A, Sharaf AM
537 - 549 Performance comparison of conventional, hybrid, hydrogen and electric urban buses using well to wheel analysis
Correa G, Munoz P, Falaguerra T, Rodriguez CR
550 - 562 Long-term optimisation model of the Tunisian power system
Dhakouani A, Gardumi F, Znouda E, Bouden C, Howells M
563 - 578 Multiple-feedback control of power output and platform pitching motion for a floating offshore wind turbine-generator system
Wakui T, Yoshimura M, Yokoyama R
579 - 597 Simulation based risk management for multi-objective optimal wind turbine placement using MOEA/D
Yin PY, Wu TH, Hsu PY
598 - 602 Upgrading the fuel properties of sludge and low rank coal mixed fuel through hydrothermal carbonization
Kim D, Park S, Park KY
603 - 612 Impact of stochastic driving range on the optimal charging infrastructure expansion planning
Davidov S, Pantos M
613 - 623 A thermal management system for rectangular LiFePO4 battery module using novel double copper mesh-enhanced phase change material plates
Situ WF, Zhang GQ, Li XX, Yang XQ, Wei C, Rao MM, Wang ZY, Wang C, Wu WX
624 - 634 Wave energy trends over the Bay of Biscay and the consequences for wave energy converters
Ulazia A, Penalba M, Ibarra-Berastegui G, Ringwood J, Saenz J
635 - 651 Two alternative robust optimization models for flexible power management of electric vehicles in distribution networks
Pirouzi S, Aghaei J, Niknam T, Shafie-Khah M, Vahidinasab V, Catalao JPS
652 - 660 Optimized liquid-separated thermodynamic states for working fluids of organic Rankine cycles with liquid-separated condensation
Li J, Liu Q, Ge Z, Duan YY, Yang Z, Di JW
661 - 672 Theoretical analysis of heat and mass transfer characteristics of a counter-flow packing tower and liquid desiccant dehumidification systems based on entransy theory
Zhang L, Wei HY, Zhang XS
673 - 691 Numerical investigations to determine the optimal operating conditions for 1 kW-class flat-tubular solid oxide fuel cell stack
Rashid K, Dong SK, Mehran MT
692 - 701 Modeling and performance analysis of twin-screw steam expander under fluctuating operating conditions in steam pipeline pressure energy recovery applications
Tian YF, Xing ZW, He ZL, Wu HG
702 - 714 Asymmetric twin-scroll turbocharging in diesel engines for energy and emission improvement
Zhu DT, Zheng XQ
715 - 728 Numerical study of energy recovery from the wakes of moving vehicles on highways by using a vertical axis wind turbine
Tian WL, Mao ZY, An XY, Zhang BS, Wen HB
729 - 743 Numerical analysis of the heat recovery efficiency for the post-combustion flue gas treatment in a coffee roaster plant
Milan M, Montorsi L, Terzi S
744 - 756 Numerical modeling of an active elastocaloric regenerator refrigerator with phase transformation kinetics and the matching principle for materials selection
Qian SX, Yuan LF, Yu JL, Yan G
757 - 769 Inclusion of connate water in enhanced gas recovery reservoir simulations
Patel MJ, May EF, Johns ML
770 - 781 A novel energy-saving pressure swing distillation process based on self-heat recuperation technology
Xia H, Ye Q, Feng SY, Li R, Suo XM
782 - 791 High potential of employing bentonite in adsorption cooling systems driven by low grade heat source temperatures
Askalany AA, Ernst SJ, Hugenell PPC, Bart HJ, Henninger SK, Alsaman AS
792 - 802 Analysis and assessment of novel liquid air energy storage system with district heating and cooling capabilities
Al-Zareer M, Dincer I, Rosen MA
803 - 817 Challenges in top-down and bottom-up soft-linking: Lessons from linking a Swedish energy system model with a CGE model
Krook-Riekkola A, Berg C, Ahlgren EO, Soderholm P
818 - 838 Tubular solar-energy collector integration: Performance enhancement of classical distillation unit
Bait O, Si-Ameur M
839 - 852 An experimental study of combustion, performance, exergy and emission characteristics of a CI engine fueled by Diesel-ethanol-biodiesel blends
Paul A, Panua R, Debroy D
853 - 868 Assessment of the intra-annual and inter-annual variability of the wave energy resource in the Bay of Biscay (France)
Sierra JP, White A, Mosso C, Mestres M
869 - 879 Experimental testing of a small-scale two stage Organic Rankine Cycle engine operating at low temperature
Ntavou E, Kosmadakis G, Manolakos D, Papadakis G, Papantonis D
880 - 891 Design and simulation of a petcoke gasification polygeneration plant integrated with a bitumen extraction and upgrading facility and net energy analysis
Lazzaroni E, Elsholkami M, Martelli E, Elkamel A
892 - 897 A TPV power system consisting of a composite radiant burner and combined cells
Liu Z, Qiu K
898 - 906 Size distributions, PAHs and inorganic ions of exhaust particles from a heavy duty diesel engine using B20 biodiesel with different exhaust aftertreatments
Tan PQ, Zhong YM, Hu ZY, Lou DM
907 - 923 Assessment of engine operating parameters on working characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with 20% proportion of biodiesel diesel blend
Ramalingam S, Rajendran S, Ganesan P
924 - 936 Performance of a vapour absorption heat transformer operating with ionic liquids and ammonia
Sujatha I, Venkatarathnam G
937 - 948 Dynamic battery equalization with energy and time efficiency for electric vehicles
Wu Z, Ling R, Tang RL
949 - 963 Total Site Heat Integration: Utility selection and optimisation using cost and exergy derivative analysis
Tarighaleslami AH, Walmsley TG, Atkins MJ, Walmsley MRW, Neale JR
964 - 974 Thermal comfort model analysis and optimization performance evaluation of a multifunctional ice storage air conditioning system in a confined mine refuge chamber
Du Y, Gai WM, Jin LZ, Sheng W
975 - 990 Selection of cooling fluid for an organic Rankine cycle unit recovering heat on a container ship sailing in the Arctic region
de la Fuente SS, Larsen U, Pierobon L, Kaern MR, Haglind F, Greig A
991 - 1003 Production and distribution planning in petroleum supply chains regarding the impacts of gas injection and swap
Farahani M, Rahmani D
1004 - 1018 Thermodynamic equilibrium analysis of water-gas shift reaction using syngases-effect of CO2 and H2S contents
Chein RY, Yu CT
1019 - 1026 Direct conversion of sewage sludge to electricity using polyoxomatelate catalyzed flow fuel cell
Zhang Z, Liu CM, Liu W, Du X, Cui Y, Gong J, Guo H, Deng YL
1027 - 1037 Multi-objective optimization of hot steam injection variables to control wetness parameters of steam flow within nozzles
Mirhoseini MS, Boroomand M
1038 - 1051 Dynamic control strategy of a distillation system for a composition-adjustable organic Rankine cycle
Wang EH, Yu ZB, Collings P
1052 - 1058 Energy budgeting and carbon footprint of pearl millet - mustard cropping system under conventional and conservation agriculture in rainfed semi-arid agro-ecosystem
Choudhary M, Rana KS, Bana RS, Ghasal PC, Choudhary GL, Jakhar P, Verma RK
1059 - 1071 Strategic decision-making of distribution network operator with multi-microgrids considering demand response program
Jalali M, Zare K, Seyedi H
1072 - 1083 Reducing uncertainty accumulation in wind-integrated electrical grid
Hung TC, Chong J, Chan KY
1084 - 1096 Expander selection for an on board ORC energy recovery system
Pantano F, Capata R
1097 - 1112 Advanced exergy analysis for an anode gas recirculation solid oxide fuel cell
Fallah M, Mahmoudi SMS, Yari M
1113 - 1123 Investigation of power performance and wake on a straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbine with field experiments
Li QA, Maeda T, Kamada Y, Ogasawara T, Nakai A, Kasuya T
1124 - 1132 Input-output energy analysis of rice production in different crop management practices in central China
Yuan S, Peng SB
1133 - 1145 Optimized design of layered bridge transducer for piezoelectric energy harvesting from roadway
Jasim A, Wang H, Yesner G, Safari A, Maher A
1146 - 1155 Wavy-tape insert designed for managing highly concentrated solar energy on absorber tube of parabolic trough receiver
Zhu XW, Zhu L, Zhao JQ
1156 - 1165 A new approach to transforming PVC waste into energy via combined hydrothermal carbonization and fast pyrolysis
Yao ZL, Ma XQ
1166 - 1176 GIS-based site suitability analysis for wind farm development in Saudi Arabia
Baseer MA, Rehman S, Meyer JP, Alam MM
1177 - 1186 Performance analysis of the mechanical vapor compression desalination system driven by an organic Rankine cycle
He WF, Ji C, Han D, Wu YK, Huang L, Zhang XK
1187 - 1203 A thermal model to predict the dynamic performances of parabolic trough lines
Fasquelle T, Falcoz Q, Neveu P, Lecat F, Flamant G
1204 - 1214 Natural circulation solar thermal system for water disinfection
Manfrida G, Petela K, Rossi F
1215 - 1225 Impact of electric vehicles and synthetic gaseous fuels on final energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in Germany based on long-term vehicle fleet modelling
Trost T, Sterner M, Bruckner T
1226 - 1238 Who will build new trade relations? Finding potential relations in international liquefied natural gas trade
Feng SD, Li HJ, Qi YB, Guan Q, Wen SB
1239 - 1253 Experimental investigation of a R245fa-based organic Rankine cycle adapting two operation strategies: Stand alone and grid connect
Feng YQ, Hung TC, Su TY, Wang S, Wang Q, Yang SC, Lin JR, Lin CH
1254 - 1268 Redefining the energy-growth nexus with an index for sustainable economic welfare in Europe
Menegaki AN, Marques AC, Fuinhas JA
1269 - 1284 Breeder hybrid algorithm approach for natural gas demand forecasting model
Karadede Y, Ozdemir G, Aydemir E
1285 - 1299 Influence of plant and soil layer on energy balance and thermal performance of green roof system
He Y, Yu H, Ozaki A, Dong NN, Zheng SL
1300 - 1312 Research on dynamics of a laminar diffusion flame with bulk flow forcing
Li YQ, Cao HL, Zhou HC, Zhou JJ, Liao XY
1313 - 1323 Long-term solar heat storage process by absorption with the KCOOH/H2O couple: Experimental investigation
Le Pierres N, Huaylla F, Stutz B, Perraud J
1324 - 1331 An effective strategy for the preparation of nitrogen-doped carbon from Imperata cylindrica panicle and its use as a metal-free catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction
Yuan WJ, Xu WH, Xie AJ, Zhang H, Wang CP, Shen YH
1332 - 1349 Thermal type seawater desalination with barometric vacuum and solar energy
Choi SH
1350 - 1362 Energy recovery and hygienic water production from wastewater using an innovative integrated microbial fuel cell-membrane separation process
Zinadini S, Zinatizadeh AA, Rahimi M, Vatanpour V, Bahrami K
1363 - 1373 GIS-based assessment of the opportunities for small-scale pumped hydro energy storage in middle-mountain areas focusing on artificial landscape features
Soha T, Munkacsy B, Harmat A, Csontos C, Horvath G, Tomas L, Csullog G, Daroczi H, Safian F, Szabo M
1374 - 1383 Built environment energy trade-offs scaling
Pan R, Gutowski TG, Sekulic DP
1384 - 1392 Design and validation of a Cooking Stoves Thermal Performance Simulator (Cook-STePS) to simulate water heating procedures in selected conditions
Lombardi F, Colombo L, Colombo E
1393 - 1401 Spatiotemporal variability in building energy use in New York City
Olivo Y, Hamidi A, Ramamurthy P
1402 - 1415 A multi-model probability SOC fusion estimation approach using an improved adaptive unscented Kalman filter technique
Li YW, Wang C, Gong JF
1416 - 1428 Improving the stability of diesel emulsions with high pyrolysis bio-oil content by alcohol co-surfactants and high shear mixing strategies
de Luna MDG, Cruz LAD, Chen WH, Lin BJ, Hsieh TH
1429 - 1438 Comparison of the characteristics and mechanism of CO formation in O-2/N-2, O-2/CO2 and O-2/H2O atmospheres
He YZ, Zou C, Song Y, Luo JH, Jia HQ, Chen WZ, Zheng JM, Zheng CG
1439 - 1455 Hybrid optimization method and seasonal operation strategy for distributed energy system integrating CCHP, photovoltaic and ground source heat pump
Ma WW, Fang S, Liu G
1456 - 1465 Bond graph based modeling for parameter identification of photovoltaic module
Madi S, Kheldoun A
1466 - 1478 Do natural gas and renewable energy consumption lead to less CO2 emission? Empirical evidence from a panel of BRICS countries
Dong KY, Sun RJ, Hochman G
1479 - 1488 Modelling and control of vanadium redox flow battery for profile based charging applications
Badrinarayanan R, Tseng KJ, Soong BH, Wei Z
1489 - 1503 Heat extraction performance simulation for various configurations of a downhole heat exchanger geothermal system
Song XZ, Shi Y, Li GS, Yang RY, Xu ZM, Zheng R, Wang GS, Lyu ZH
1504 - 1516 An input-output based net-energy assessment of an electricity supply industry
Palmer G
1517 - 1523 Effects of soil tillage on energy use in potato farming in Central Anatolia of Turkey
Ozgoz E, Altuntas E, Asilturk M
1524 - 1537 Exergo-economic analysis of a direct biogas upgrading process to synthetic natural gas via integrated high-temperature electrolysis and methanation
Lorenzi G, Lanzini A, Santarelli M, Martin A
1538 - 1546 The role of CO played in the nitric oxide heterogeneous reduction: A quantum chemistry study
Jiao AY, Zhang H, Liu JX, Shen J, Jiang XM
1547 - 1554 Ground simulation of a hybrid power strategy using fuel cells and solar cells for high-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles
Gang BG, Kim H, Kwon S
1555 - 1568 Synthesis of energy efficient chilled and cooling water network by integrating waste heat recovery refrigeration system
Chan WM, Leong YT, Foo JJ, Chew IML
1569 - 1584 Operational optimization of an integrated solar combined cycle under practical time-dependent constraints
Brodrick PG, Brandt AR, Durlofsky LJ
1585 - 1599 Heat integration of ammonia-water absorption refrigeration system through heat-exchanger network analysis
Chen X, Wang RZ, Du S
1600 - 1609 A cost-effective approach to handle measurement and verification uncertainties of energy savings
Olinga Z, Xia XH, Ye XM
1610 - 1621 A physical and semi-analytical comparison between coaxial BHE designs considering various piping materials
Gordon D, Bolisetti T, Ting DSK, Reitsma S
1622 - 1628 Maximum recoverable gas from hydrate bearing sediments by depressurization
Terzariol M, Goldsztein G, Santamarina JC
1629 - 1649 Numerical study of the effect of jet velocity on methane-oxygen confined inverse diffusion flame in a 4 Lug-Bolt array
De la Cruz-Avila M, Martinez-Espinosa E, Polupan G, Vicente W
1650 - 1660 Natural albite as a novel solid basic catalyst for the effective synthesis of biodiesel: Characteristics and performance
Wang JY, Wang ZY, Yang LM, Yang GX, Miao CL, Lv PM
1661 - 1670 Verification of a novel innovative blade root design for wind turbines using a hybrid numerical method
Zhu WJ, Shen WZ, Sorensen JN, Yang H
1671 - 1680 US liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports: Boom or bust for the global climate?
Gilbert AQ, Sovacool BK
1681 - 1694 Economic potential of industrial demand side management in pulp and paper industry
Helin K, Kaki A, Zakeri B, Landelma R, Syri S
1695 - 1704 Liquid digestate recycled utilization in anaerobic digestion of pig manure: Effect on methane production, system stability and heavy metal mobilization
Ni P, Lyu T, Sun H, Dong RJ, Wu SB
1705 - 1716 Study of ammoniated salts based thermochemical energy storage system with heat up-gradation: A thermodynamic approach
Sharma R, Kumar EA
1717 - 1727 Tradable green certificates for renewable support: The role of expectations and uncertainty
Hustveit M, Frogner JS, Fleten SE
1728 - 1736 Determination of optimal inclination function for external reflector of basin type still for maximum distillate productivity
Huang CH, Chang TR
1737 - 1749 Thermodynamic analysis of a novel solar-hybrid system for low-rank coal upgrading and power generation
Xu C, Xin TT, Xu G, Li XS, Liu WY, Yang YP
1750 - 1763 A MINLP model of optimal scheduling for a district heating and cooling system: A case study of an energy station in Tianjin
Deng N, Cai RC, Gao Y, Zhou ZH, He GS, Liu DY, Zhang AW
1764 - 1778 Thermodynamic assessment of the operation of a self-sufficient, biomass based district heating system integrated with a Stirling engine and biomass gasification
Skorek-Osikowska A, Kotowicz J, Uchman W
1779 - 1794 A profitability investigation into the collaborative operation of wind and underwater compressed air energy storage units in the spot market
Moradi J, Shahinzadeh H, Khandan A, Moazzami M
1795 - 1809 Performance analysis of optimal designed hybrid energy systems for grid-connected nearly/net zero energy buildings
Huang ZJ, Lu YH, Wei MM, Liu JJ
1810 - 1818 Biodiesel synthesis from Saussurea heteromalla (D.Don) Hand-Mazz integrating ethanol production using biorefinery approach
Rozina, Ahmad M, Zafar M, Ali N, Lu HF
1819 - 1828 Optimal factors estimation for diesel/methanol engines changing methanol injection timing and inlet air temperature
Wu HW, Fan CM, He JY, Hsu TT
1829 - 1835 High-performance energy storage of poly (o-methoxyaniline) film using an ionic liquid as electrolyte
Christinelli WA, da Trindade LG, Trench AB, Quintans CS, Paranhos CM, Pereira EC
1836 - 1844 Thermodynamic analysis and kinetic investigations on biomass char chemical looping gasification using Fe-Ni bimetallic oxygen carrier
Huang Z, Deng ZB, Chen DZ, He F, Liu S, Zhao K, Wei GQ, Zheng AQ, Zhao ZL, Li HB
1845 - 1856 Biofuels from broom clearings: Production and combustion in commercial boilers
Mediavilla I, Borjabad E, Fernandez MJ, Ramos R, Perez P, Bados R, Carrasco JE, Esteban LS
1857 - 1868 Spectral impact on PV performance in mid-latitude sunny inland sites: Experimental vs. modelled results
Nofuentes G, de la Casa J, Solis-Aleman EM, Fernandez EF
1869 - 1879 The economy-wide energy efficiency in China's regional building industry
Feng C, Wang M
1880 - 1891 Multi-criteria evaluation of renewable and nuclear resources for. electricity generation in Kazakhstan
Ahmad S, Nadeem A, Akhanova G, Houghton T, Muhammad-Sukki F
1892 - 1904 Stochastic multi-objective optimization of combined heat and power economic/emission dispatch
Shaabani YA, Seifi AR, Kouhanjani MJ
1905 - 1913 Investigation on the exhaust heat marine products drying integrated to a bottom sea water desalinization cycle
Yue C, Wang B, Zhu BS
1914 - 1927 A porous building approach for modelling flow and heat transfer around and inside an isolated building on night ventilation and thermal mass
Liu Y, Yang L, Hou LQ, Li SY, Yang J, Wang QW
1928 - 1939 Experimental and theoretical investigation of a flat heat pipe heat exchanger for waste heat recovery in the steel industry
Jouhara H, Almahmoud S, Chauhan A, Delpech B, Bianchi G, Tassou SA, Llera R, Lago F, Arribas JJ
1940 - 1954 Thermo-environmental and economic analyses of an integrated heat recovery steam-injected gas turbine
Rad EA, Kazemiani-Najafabadi P
1955 - 1968 Method for evaluating the real-world driving energy consumptions of electric vehicles
Yuan XM, Zhang CP, Hong GK, Huang XQ, Li LL
1969 - 1981 Optimal trade-off planning for wind-solar power day-ahead scheduling under uncertainties
Chen JJ, Zhao YL, Peng K, Wu PZ
1982 - 1988 High electrochemical performance flexible solid-state supercapacitor based on Co-doped reduced graphene oxide and silk fibroin composites
Rath T, Pramanik N, Kumar S
1989 - 1997 Chromium-tungsten-manganese oxides for synthesis of fatty acid methyl ester via esterification of palm fatty acid distillate
Wan Z, Lim JK, Hameed BH
1998 - 2012 Comparing regional effects of climate policies to promote non-fossil fuels in China
Li AJ, Peng D, Wang DP, Yao X
2013 - 2044 Municipal solid waste management and waste-to-energy in the context of a circular economy and energy recycling in Europe
Malinauskaite J, Jouhara H, Czajczynska D, Stanchev P, Katsou E, Rostkowski P, Thorne RJ, Colon J, Ponsa S, Al-Mansour F, Anguilano L, Krzyzynska R, Lopez IC, Vlasopoulos A, Spencer N
2045 - 2053 The causes of two-way US-Brazil ethanol trade and the consequences for greenhouse gas emission
Debnath D, Whistance J, Thompson W
2054 - 2068 Influences of surge motion on the power and thrust characteristics of an offshore floating wind turbine
Wen BR, Tian XL, Dong XJ, Peng ZK, Zhang WM
2069 - 2080 Experimental investigation of woody and non-woody biomass combustion in a bubbling fluidised bed combustor focusing on gaseous emissions and temperature profiles
Sher F, Pans MA, Afilaka DT, Sun CG, Liu H
2081 - 2090 Climate impacts on hydropower and consequences for global electricity supply investment needs
Turner SWD, Hejazi M, Kim SH, Clarke L, Edmonds J
2091 - 2099 Characterization of the KTH high-flux solar simulator combining three measurement methods
Garrido J, Aichmayer L, Wang WJ, Laumert B
2100 - 2107 Effective hydrogen purification from methane via polyimide Matrimid (R) 5218-Deca-dodecasil 3R type zeolite mixed matrix membrane
Peydayesh M, Mohammadi T, Bakhtiari O
2108 - 2119 D-optimal design of experiments applied to lithium battery for ageing model calibration
Mathieu R, Baghdadi I, Briat O, Gyan P, Vinassa JM
2120 - 2134 Study of cycle-to-cycle dynamic characteristics of adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage using packed bed Thermal Energy Storage
He W, Wang JH, Wang Y, Ding YL, Chen HS, Wu YT, Garvey S
2135 - 2144 Optimal scheduling of distributed energy resources in smart grids: A complementarity approach
Aghajani S, Kalantar M
2145 - 2153 Integrating renewable energy sources by electric vehicle fleets under uncertainty
Seddig K, Jochem P, Fichtner W
2154 - 2163 Characterization of Zhundong lignite and biomass co-pyrolysis in a thermogravimetric analyzer and a fixed bed reactor
Guo FQ, Li XL, Wang Y, Liu Y, Li TT, Guo CL
2164 - 2176 Techno-economic optimization of ethanol synthesis from rice-straw supply chains
Kristianto Y, Zhu LD
2177 - 2185 Duty cycle of an energy storage system in a renewable energy applications: Construction and analysis
Chen JZ, Hou CY, Wu GL, Wang KY, Li YN, Jia XC, Li XJ, Hui D
2186 - 2195 Upgrading of pinyon-juniper catalytic pyrolysis oil via hydrodeoxygenation
Jahromi H, Agblevor FA
2196 - 2205 Experimental and ANN modeling investigations of energy traits for rough rice drying
Beigi M, Torki-Harchegani M, Tohidi M
2206 - 2217 The adsorption-swelling and permeability characteristics of natural and reconstituted anthracite coals
Niu QH, Cao LW, Sang SX, Zhou XZ, Wang ZZ, Wu ZY
2218 - 2233 Impact of EV penetration in the interconnected urban environment of a smart city
Calvillo CF, Sanchez-Miralles A, Villar J, Martin F
2234 - 2241 Clean pyrolysis oil from a continuous two-stage pyrolysis of scrap tires using in-situ and ex-situ desulfurization
Choi GG, Oh SJ, Kim JS
2242 - 2250 Absorption heat exchangers for long-distance heat transportation
Xie XY, Jiang Y
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