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1 - 19 Multi-objective optimization of a solar receiver considering both the dimple/protrusion depth and delta-winglet vortex generators
Luo L, Du W, Wang ST, Wang L, Sunden B, Zhang XH
20 - 30 Thermodynamic analysis of a gas turbine cycle combined with fuel reforming for solar thermal power generation
Ni MJ, Yang TF, Xiao G, Ni D, Zhou X, Liu HL, Sultan U, Chen JL, Luo ZY, Cen KF
31 - 41 Renewable energy technology integration for the island of Cyprus: A cost-optimization approach
Taliotis C, Taibi E, Howells M, Rogner H, Bazilian M, Welsch M
42 - 57 Comparative study of dynamic wireless charging of electric vehicles in motorway, highway and urban stretches
Garcia-Vazquez CA, Llorens-Iborra F, Fernandez-Ramirez LM, Sanchez-Sainz H, Jurado F
58 - 68 Impact of gasoline and Diesel blends on combustion noise and pollutant emissions in Premixed Charge Compression Ignition engines
Torregros AJ, Broatch A, Novella R, Gomez-Soriano J, Moonico LF
69 - 82 Investigation of the effect of geometric and operating parameters on thermal behavior of vertical shell-and-tube latent heat energy storage systems
Seddegh S, Wang XL, Joybari MM, Haghighat F
83 - 94 Superstructure based techno-economic optimization of the organic rankine cycle using LNG cryogenic energy
Lee U, Jeon J, Han C, Lim Y
95 - 103 Micro-siting optimization of a wind farm built in multiple phases
Song MX, Wen Y, Duan B, Wang J, Gong Q
104 - 117 Evaluation of energy retrofit in buildings under conditions of uncertainty: The prominence of the discount rate
Copiello S, Gabrielli L, Bonifaci P
118 - 128 Detection of non-technical losses in smart meter data based on load curve profiling and time series analysis
Villar-Rodriguez E, Del Ser J, Oregi I, Bilbao MN, Gil-Lopez S
129 - 139 A cooperative game theoretic analysis of electric vehicles parking lot in smart grid
Aghajani S, Kalantar M
140 - 151 Accounting and structure decomposition analysis of embodied carbon trade: A global perspective
Deng GY, Xu Y
152 - 159 Techno-economic assessment of forced-convection rubber smoking room for rubber cooperatives
Dejchanchaiwong R, Tirawanichakul Y, Tirawanichakul S, Kumar A, Tekasakul P
160 - 171 Multi-objective optimization of nanofluid flow in double tube heat exchangers for applications in energy systems
Esfe MH, Hajmohammad H, Toghraie D, Rostamian H, Mahian O, Wongwises S
172 - 182 Investigation of liquid desiccant regenerator with fixed-plate heat recovery system
Shen SP, Cai WJ, Wang XL, Wu Q, Yon HR
183 - 192 Joint optimization of power plant cycle parameters and gas turbine flow path parameters with blade airfoils represented by cubic splines
Kler A, Zakharov Y
193 - 208 High solar photovoltaic penetration in the absence of substantial wind capacity: Storage requirements and effects on capacity adequacy
Fattori F, Anglani N, Staffell I, Pfenninger S
209 - 218 Reconsidering the scarcity factor in the dynamics of oil markets: An empirical investigation of the (mis)measurement of oil reserves
Karanfil F, Omgba LD
219 - 233 The growing importance of natural gas as a predictor for retail electricity prices in US
Alexopoulos TA
234 - 250 Modeling and optimization of an industrial ammonia synthesis unit: An exergy approach
Florez-Orrego D, de Oliveira S
251 - 259 Li-ion battery capacity cycling fading dynamics cognition: A stochastic approach
Lu C, Zhang LP, Ma J, Chen ZH, Tao LF, Su YZ, Chong J, Jin HZ, Lin YS
260 - 271 Modeling the impact of road network configuration on vehicle energy consumption
Luin B, Petelin S, Al Mansour F
272 - 284 Study on the combined influence of battery models and sizing strategy for hybrid and battery-based electric vehicles
Pinto C, Barreras JV, de Castro R, Araujo RE, Schaltz E
285 - 291 Optimisation of aiming strategies in Solar Power Tower plants
Ashley T, Carrizosa E, Fernandez-Cara E
292 - 301 Survey of radiator temperatures in buildings supplied by district heating
Jangsten M, Kensby J, Dalenback JO, Truschel A
302 - 313 Effect of number and arrangement of separator electrode assembly (SEA) on the performance of square tubular PEM fuel cells
Mohammadi-Ahmar A, Solati A, Osanloo B, Hatami M
314 - 324 Computing life-cycle emissions from transitioning the electricity sector using a discrete numerical approach
Hamilton NE, Howard BS, Diesendorf M, Wiedmann T
325 - 335 Black-Scholes option pricing strategy and risk-averse coordination for designing vehicle-to-grid reserve contracts
Huang SJ, Yang J, Li SJ
336 - 349 Cumulative and momentary skin exposures to solar radiation in central receiver solar systems
Rascon DS, Ferreira AD, da Silva MG
350 - 352 Advanced technologies on sustainable energy and environment: SET2016 virtual special issue
Wang CH, Tong YW, Loh KC, Wang RZ, Li X
353 - 368 Solar coolfacades: Framework for the integration of solar cooling technologies in the building envelope
Prieto A, Knaack U, Auer T, Klein T
369 - 376 Life cycle assessment of a sewage sludge and woody biomass co-gasification system
Ramachandran S, Yao ZY, You SM, Massier T, Stimming U, Wang CH
377 - 390 A literature research on feasible application of mixed working fluid in flexible distributed energy system
Zhang Y, Deng S, Ni JX, Zhao L, Yang XY, Li MX
391 - 398 CFD analysis of roof tile coverings
Bottarelli M, Bortoloni M, Zannoni G, Allen R, Cherry N
399 - 411 Comparison of performance characteristics of desiccant coated air-water heat exchanger with conventional air-water heat exchanger - Experimental and analytical investigation
Sun XY, Dai YJ, Ge TS, Zhao Y, Wang RZ
412 - 418 Functional modification of hydrothermal liquefaction products of microalgal biomass using, CO2
Lee J, Choi D, Kwon EE, Ok YS
419 - 430 Preliminary thermal analysis of a combined photovoltaic-photothermic-nocturnal radiative cooling system
Hu MK, Zhao B, Li J, Wang YY, Pei G
431 - 440 Micro hydro power generation from water supply system in high rise buildings using pump as turbines
Du JY, Yang HX, Shen ZC, Chen J
441 - 448 Evaluation of a dehumidifier with adsorbent coated heat exchangers for tropical climate operations
Oh SJ, Ng KC, Chun W, Chua KJE
449 - 456 A comparative performance analysis on daylighting for two different types of solar concentrators: Dish vs. Fresnel lens
Kim Y, Jeong HJ, Kim W, Chun W, Han HJ, Lim SH
457 - 467 Process assessment associated to microbial community response provides insight on possible mechanism of waste activated sludge digestion under typical chemical pretreatments
Zhou AJ, Zhang JG, Varrone C, Wen KL, Wang GY, Liu WZ, Wang AJ, Yue XP
468 - 478 Experimental investigation on solar powered desiccant coated heat exchanger humidification air conditioning system in winter
Zhang JY, Ge TS, Dai YJ, Zhao Y, Wang RZ
479 - 486 Enhancement of biogas production in anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and waste activated sludge by biological co-pretreatment
Zhang JX, Li WL, Lee J, Loh KC, Dai YJ, Tong YW
487 - 494 Toward cost-effective and energy-efficient heat recovery systems in buildings: Thermal performance monitoring
Cuce PM, Cuce E
495 - 509 A comparative study on CO2 capture performance of vacuum-pressure swing adsorption and pressure-temperature swing adsorption based on carbon pump cycle
Zhao RK, Zhao L, Deng S, Song CF, He JN, Shao YW, Li SJ
510 - 517 Study on susceptibility of CO2-assisted pyrolysis of various biomass to CO2
Lee J, Oh JI, Ok YS, Kwon EE
518 - 529 Effect of KCl and MgCl2 on the kinetics of methane hydrate formation and dissociation in sandy sediments
Chong ZR, Koh JW, Linga P
530 - 543 The impact of changes in the geometry of a radial microturbine stage on the efficiency of the micro CHP plant based on ORC
Kaczmarczyk TZ, Zywica G, Ihnatowicz E
544 - 555 Performance of ultra low temperature district heating systems with utility plant and booster heat pumps
Ommen T, Thorsen JE, Markussen WB, Elmegaard B
556 - 565 Smart energy and smart energy systems
Lund H, Ostergaard PA, Connolly D, Mathiesen BV
566 - 578 District heating and cooling systems - Framework for Modelica-based simulation and dynamic optimization
Schweiger G, Larsson PO, Magnusson F, Lauenburg P, Velut S
579 - 585 Integration of solar thermal systems in existing district heating systems
Winterscheid C, Dalenback JO, Holler S
586 - 594 Solar energy use in district heating systems. A case study in Latvia
Soloha R, Pakere I, Blumberga D
595 - 606 Combining energy efficiency at source and at consumer to reach 4th generation district heating: Economic and system dynamics analysis
Ziemele J, Gravelsins A, Blumberga A, Blumberga D
607 - 616 Bottlenecks in district heating networks and how to eliminate them - A simulation and cost study
Brange L, Lauenburg P, Sernhed K, Thern M
617 - 631 International review of district heating and cooling
Werner S
632 - 648 Optimisation of a district energy system with a low temperature network
Prasanna A, Dorer V, Vetterli N
649 - 660 Comparison of distributed and centralised integration of solar heat in a district heating system
Rama M, Mohammadi S
661 - 669 The potential of power-to-heat in Swedish district heating systems
Schweiger G, Rantzer J, Ericsson K, Lauenburg P
670 - 678 CHP and heat pumps to balance renewable power production: Lessons from the district heating network in Stockholm
Levihn F
679 - 695 Techno-economic assessment of the by-products contribution from non-catalytic hydrothermal liquefaction of lignocellulose residues
Magdeldin M, Kohl T, Jarvinen M
696 - 705 Energy and economic assessment of a polygeneration district heating and cooling system based on gasification of refuse derived fuels
Kabalina N, Costa M, Yang WH, Martin A
706 - 714 Peak-shaving in district heating systems through optimal management of the thermal request of buildings
Guelpa E, Barbero G, Sciacovelli A, Verda V
715 - 728 Cost optimal sizing of smart buildings' energy system components considering changing end-consumer electricity markets
Wolisz H, Schutz T, Blanke T, Hagenkamp M, Kohrn M, Wesseling M, Muller D
729 - 738 Benefits of DSM measures in the future Finnish energy system
Olkkonen V, Rinne S, Hast A, Syri S
739 - 751 Integration of exergy analysis into model-based design and evaluation of aircraft environmental control systems
Bender D
752 - 760 A critical review of definitions for exergetic efficiency in reverse osmosis desalination plants
Blanco-Marigorta AM, Lozano-Medina A, Marcos JD
761 - 774 Thermodynamic assessment of an integrated MILD oxyfuel combustion power plant
Gladysz P, Stanek W, Czarnowska L, Wecel G, Langorgen O
775 - 788 The role of heat storages in facilitating the adaptation of district heating systems to large amount of variable renewable electricity
Hast A, Rinne S, Syri S, Kiviluoma J
789 - 797 Optimal use of biomass in large-scale energy systems: Insights for energy policy
Girones VC, Moret S, Peduzzi E, Nasato M, Marechal F
798 - 810 Improving photovoltaics efficiency by water cooling: Modelling and experimental approach
Schiro F, Benato A, Stoppato A, Destro N
811 - 822 Robust multi-objective optimization of gasifier and solid oxide fuel cell plant for electricity production using wood
Sharma S, Celebi AD, Marechal F
823 - 833 Value of power plant flexibility in power systems with high shares of variable renewables: A scenario outlook for Germany 2035
Kopiske J, Spieker S, Tsatsaronis G
834 - 845 Sustainability of heat energy tariff in district heating system: Statistic and dynamic methodologies
Ziemele J, Gravelsins A, Blumberga A, Blumberga D
846 - 853 Lean-Green models for eco-efficient and sustainable production
Abreu MF, Alves AC, Moreira F
854 - 864 Comparison of different ammonia synthesis loop configurations with the aid of advanced exergy analysis
Penkuhn M, Tsatsaronis G
865 - 877 Design of serially connected district heating heat pumps utilising a geothermal heat source
Jensen JK, Ommen T, Markussen WB, Elmegaard B
878 - 887 Performance comparison of energy supply systems under uncertain energy demands based on a mixed-integer linear model
Yokoyama R, Nakamura R, Wakui T
888 - 897 Optimal operation of heat supply systems with piping network
Yokoyama R, Kitano H, Wakui T
898 - 907 Application of exergoeconomic, exergoenvironmental, and advanced exergy analyses to Carbon Black production
Mergenthaler P, Schinkel AP, Tsatsaronis G
908 - 916 Early-stage decision making approach for the selection of optimally integrated biorefinery processes
Celebi AD, Ensinas AV, Sharma S, Marechal F
917 - 926 Environmental assessment of waste management scenarios with energy recovery using life cycle assessment and multi-criteria analysis
Milutinovic B, Stefanovic G, Dekic PS, Mijailovic I, Tomic M
927 - 940 Modelling and transient simulation of a supercritical coal-fired power plant: Dynamic response to extended secondary control power output
Hentschel J, Zindler H, Spliethoff H
941 - 960 On the way towards smart energy supply in cities: The impact of interconnecting geographically distributed district heating grids on the energy system
Dominkovic DP, Batekovic I, Sveinbjornsson D, Pedersen AS, Krajacic G
961 - 968 Experimental validation of heat transport modelling in district heating networks
Sartor K, Dewalef P
969 - 979 Numerical analysis of a compression ignition engine powered in the dual-fuel mode with syngas and biodiesel
Costa M, La Villetta M, Massarotti N, Piazzullo D, Rocco V
980 - 990 Feasibility analysis of 100% tire pyrolysis oil in a common rail Diesel engine
Baskovic UZ, Vihar R, Seljak T, Katrasnik T
991 - 1000 An overview of energy retrofit actions feasibility on Italian historical buildings
Galatioto A, Ciulla G, Ricciu R
1001 - 1012 Wind and solar PV technical potentials: Measurement methodology and assessments for Russia
Ermolenko BV, Ermolenko GV, Fetisova YA, Proskuryakova LN
1013 - 1025 Addressing fuel recycling in solid oxide fuel cell systems fed by alternative fuels
Rokni M
1026 - 1040 Defining priorities in the design of power and water distribution networks
Gonzalez-Bravo R, Fuentes-Cortes LF, Ponce-Ortega JM
1041 - 1053 Outlook on South-East European power system until 2050: Least-cost decarbonization pathway meeting EU mitigation targets
Plessmann G, Blechinger P
1054 - 1065 Photovoltaic and wind cost decrease estimation: Implications for investment analysis
Mauleon I, Hamoudi H
1066 - 1074 A conceptual framework for energy security evaluation of power sources in South Korea
Chung WS, Kim SS, Moon KH, Lim CY, Yun SW
1075 - 1085 Thermodynamic analysis of a dual power-hydrogen production system based on chemical-looping combustion
Alvaro AJ, Montesino AU, Orgaz SS, Fernandez CG
1086 - 1106 A novel hybrid polygeneration system supplying energy and desalinated water by renewable sources in Pantelleria Island
Calise F, Macaluso A, Piacentino A, Vanoli L
1107 - 1118 Coupling waste heat extraction by phase change materials with superheated steam generation in the steel industry
Dal Magro F, Savino S, Meneghetti A, Nardin G
1119 - 1129 Waste to energy plant operation under the influence of market and legislation conditioned changes
Tomic T, Dominkovic DF, Pfeifer A, Schneider DR, Pedersen AS, Duic N
1130 - 1143 The environmental effect of substituting energy crops for food waste as feedstock for biogas production
Lijo L, Gonzalez-Garcia S, Bacenetti J, Moreira MT
1144 - 1151 Measuring improvements in industrial energy efficiency: A decomposition analysis applied to the UK
Norman JB
1152 - 1158 Evaluation of potential benefits of solar photovoltaic shadings in Hong Kong
Zhang WL, Lu L, Peng JQ
1159 - 1166 Gauging energy poverty: A multidimensional approach
Okushima S
1167 - 1174 Impact of external operating parameters on the performance of a cyclonic burner with high level of internal recirculation under MILD combustion conditions
Sorrentino G, Sabia P, Bozza P, Ragucci R, de Joannon M
1175 - 1185 Passive measures for preventing summer overheating in industrial buildings under consideration of varying manufacturing process loads
Gourlis G, Kovacic I
1186 - 1200 Natural ventilation systems in 21st-century for near zero energy school buildings
Gil-Baez M, Barrios-Padura A, Molina-Huelva M, Chacartegui R
1201 - 1218 Artificial neural network decision support tool for assessment of the energy performance and the refurbishment actions for the non-residential building stock in Southern Italy
Beccali M, Ciulla G, Lo Brano V, Galatioto A, Bonomolo M
1219 - 1230 A novel conceptual model facilitating the derivation of agent-based models for analyzing socio-technical optimality gaps in the energy domain
Hinker J, Hemkendreis C, Drewing E, Marz S, Rodriguez DIH, Myrzik JMA
1231 - 1251 Bi-level multi-objective fuzzy design optimization of energy supply systems aided by problem-specific heuristics
Stojiljkovic MM
1252 - 1263 Scenarios for sustainable heat supply and heat savings in municipalities - The case of Helsingor, Denmark
Ben Amer-Allam S, Munster M, Petrovic S
1264 - 1276 Hourly optimization and sizing of district heating systems considering building refurbishment - Case study for the city of Zagreb
Pavicevic M, Novosel T, Puksec T, Duic N
1277 - 1285 Smart municipal energy grid within electricity market
Batas-Bjelic I, Rajakovic N, Duic N
1286 - 1292 Comparison of low temperature waste heat recovery methods
Varga Z, Palotai B
1293 - 1307 Reverse electrodialysis with NH4HCO3-water systems for heat-to-power conversion
Bevacqua M, Tamburini A, Papapetrou M, Cipollina A, Micale G, Piacentino A
1308 - 1308 Effects of seabed morphology on oscillating water column wave energy converters (vol 135, pg 659, 2017)
Medina-Lopez E, Bergillos R, Monino A, Clavero M, Ortega-Sanchez M