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ISSN: 0360-5442 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Directional liquefaction of biomass for phenolic compounds and in situ hydrodeoxygenation upgrading of phenolics using bifunctional catalysts
Feng JF, Hse CY, Wang K, Yang ZZ, Jiang JC, Xu JM
14 - 22 How to predict the vapor slope of temperature-entropy saturation boundary of working fluids from molecular groups?
Su W, Zhao L, Deng S, Zhao Y
23 - 31 Efficiency evaluation of hydropower station operation: A case study of Longyangxia station in the Yellow River, China
Chang JX, Li YY, Yuan M, Wang YM
32 - 39 Stimulatory effect of in-situ detoxification on bioethanol production by rice straw
Zhang QZ, Huang HQ, Han H, Qiu Z, Achal V
40 - 52 State of charge estimation based on a new dual-polarization-resistance model for electric vehicles
Zhao XW, Cai YS, Yang L, Deng ZW, Qiang JX
53 - 67 Model-free adaptive control law for nuclear superheated-steam supply systems
Dong Z, Pan YF, Zhang ZY, Dong YJ, Huang XJ
68 - 74 Optimal sizing of renewable energy generations in a community microgrid using Markov model
Hong YY, Chang WC, Chang YR, Lee YD, Ouyang DC
75 - 82 Influence of the sun exposure surface area of the solar aggregate stockpiles on the accumulated heat of the stored mineral mixture
Androjic I, Kaluder G, Androjic J
83 - 90 Thermoelectric generator for industrial gas phase waste heat recovery
Meng FK, Chen LG, Feng YL, Xiong B
91 - 100 The influence of driving cycle characteristics on the integrated optimization of hybrid energy storage system for electric city buses
Song ZY, Hou J, Xu SB, Ouyang MG, Li JQ
101 - 111 Multi-objective biogeography-based optimization for dynamic economic emission load dispatch considering plug-in electric vehicles charging
Ma HP, Yang ZL, You PC, Fei MR
112 - 127 Design and fabrication of a bi-fluid type photovoltaic-thermal collector
Daghigh R, Khaledian Y
128 - 137 Thermoeconomic and environmental analyses of a dry process cement manufacturing in Nigeria
Oni AO, Fadare DA, Adeboye LA
138 - 152 Performance comparison of the advanced indirect evaporative air coolers
Pandelidis D, Anisimov S, Rajski K, Brychcy E, Sidorczyk M
153 - 170 Typical scenario set generation algorithm for an integrated energy system based on the Wasserstein distance metric
Fu XQ, Guo QL, Sun HB, Pan ZG, Xiong W, Wang L
171 - 181 Data-based fractional differential models for non-linear dynamic modeling of a lithium-ion battery
Jiang YF, Xia B, Zhao X, Nguyen T, Mi C, de Callafon RA
182 - 194 Technical and economic evaluation of a solar thermal MgO electrolysis process for magnesium production
Korenko M, Larson C, Blood K, Palumbo R, Nudehi S, Diver R, Blood D, Simko F, Venstrom LJ
195 - 209 An inexact optimization model for regional electric system steady operation management considering integrated renewable resources
Zhen JL, Huang GH, Li W, Liu ZP, Wu CB
210 - 219 Peak shaving operation of hydro-thermal-nuclear plants serving multiple power grids by linear programming
Feng ZK, Niu WJ, Cheng CT, Zhou JZ
220 - 226 Effect of antioxidants on the stability and corrosiveness of palm biodiesel upon exposure of different metals
Fazal MA, Jakeria MR, Haseeb ASMA, Rubaiee S
227 - 236 Temperature independent description of water adsorption on zeotypes showing a type V adsorption isotherm
Kohler T, Hinze M, Muller K, Schwieger W
237 - 248 Environmental Kuznets Curve of greenhouse gas emissions including technological progress and substitution effects
Liobikiene G, Butkus M
249 - 256 Co-movements among the stock prices of new energy, high-technology and fossil fuel companies in China
Zhang GF, Du ZP
257 - 268 Capacity estimation algorithm with a second-order differential voltage curve for Li-ion batteries with NMC cathodes
Goh T, Park M, Seo M, Kim JG, Kim SW
269 - 278 High efficiency cogeneration: CHP and non-CHP energy
Gvozdenac D, Urosevic BG, Menke C, Urosevic D, Bangviwat A
279 - 293 Interactions between organic nitrogen and inorganic matter in the pyrolysis zone of underground coal gasification: Insights from controlled pyrolysis experiments
Ding KL, Zhang CM
294 - 302 Enrichment of hydrogenotrophic methanogens by means of gas recycle and its application in biogas upgrading
Yun YM, Sung S, Kang S, Kim MS, Kim DH
303 - 316 Influence of the wave climate seasonality on the performance of a wave energy converter: A case study
Ramos V, Lopez M, Taveira-Pinto E, Rosa-Santos P
317 - 326 Pyrolysis of coal by solid heat carrier-experimental study and kinetic modeling
Duan WJ, Yu QB, Xie HQ, Qin Q
327 - 341 Integration of a mechanical and thermal compressor booster in combined absorption power and refrigeration cycles
Ayou DS, Bruno JC, Coronas A
342 - 351 Exergoeconomic optimization of a district cooling network
Coz TD, Kitanovski A, Poredos A
352 - 360 Linkage of kinetic parameters with process parameters and operational conditions during anaerobic digestion
Mao CL, Wang XJ, Xi JC, Feng YZ, Ren GX
361 - 369 Experimental study on operating features of heat and mass recovery processes in adsorption refrigeration
Pan QW, Wang RZ
370 - 381 The role of coordinated load shifting and frequency-based pricing strategies in maximizing hybrid system profit
Oskouei MZ, Yazdankhah AS
382 - 393 The implementation of inter-plant heat integration among multiple plants. Part II: The mathematical model
Song RR, Chang CL, Tang QK, Wang YF, Feng X, El-Halwagi MM
394 - 404 Closed-loop optimization control on fan speed of air-cooled steam condenser units for energy saving and rapid load regulation
Yang TT, Wang W, Zeng DL, Liu JZ, Cui C
405 - 412 Energy flow modeling and predicting the yield of Iranian paddy cultivars using artificial neural networks
Taheri-Rad A, Khojastehpour M, Rohani A, Khoramdel S, Nikkhah A
413 - 429 Techno-economics and environmental analysis of energy storage for a student residence under a South African time-of-use tariff rate
Masebinu SO, Akinlabi ET, Muzenda E, Aboyade AO
430 - 441 Customer domain supply and load coordination: A case for smart villages and transactive control in rural off-grid microgrids
Prinsloo G, Mammoli A, Dobson R
442 - 454 Optimization of the injection-port geometries of a vapor injection scroll compressor based on SCOP under various climatic conditions
Kim D, Chung HJ, Jeon Y, Jang DS, Kim Y
455 - 465 Sharing demand-side energy resources - A conceptual design
Qi W, Shen B, Zhang HC, Shen ZJM
466 - 475 Power Pinch Analysis for optimal sizing of renewable-based isolated system with uncertainties
Norbu S, Bandyopadhyay S
476 - 485 Performance analysis on a novel compact two-stage sorption refrigerator driven by low temperature heat source
Jiang L, Wang RZ, Wang LW, Liu JY, Gao P, Zhu FQ, Roskilly AP
486 - 499 Facilities introduction planning of a microgrid with CO2 heat pump heating for cold regions
Obara S, Nagano K, Okada M
500 - 512 An evaluation of interferences in heat production from low enthalpy geothermal doublets systems
Willems CJL, Nick HM, Weltje GJ, Bruhn DF
513 - 525 Interplay between photovoltaic, wind energy and storage hydropower in a fully renewable Switzerland
Dujardin J, Kahl A, Kruyt B, Bartlett S, Lehning M
526 - 539 Hybrid model for estimating monthly global solar radiation for the Southern of Algeria: (Case study: Tamanrasset, Algeria)
Achour L, Bouharkat M, Assas O, Behar O
540 - 552 Techno-economic analysis of energy storage systems for application in wind farms
Atherton J, Sharma R, Salgado J
553 - 562 Experimental and theoretical bifurcation study of a nonlinear standing-wave thermoacoustic system
Li XY, Zhao D, Yang XL
563 - 576 Final energy savings and cost-effectiveness of deep energy renovation of a multi-storey residential building
Dodoo A, Gustaysson L, Tettey UYA
577 - 584 Kinetics of furfuryl alcohol condensation over acid catalyst for preparing diesel precursor
Sun SH, Yang RS, Sun PQ, Ma CS, Chen JW
585 - 597 Effect of micro combustor geometry on combustion and emission behavior of premixed hydrogen/air flames
Yilmaz H, Cam O, Yilmaz I
598 - 609 Interdependencies in security of electricity supply
Osorio S, van Ackere A, Larsen ER
610 - 624 Design, optimization and optical performance study of tripod heliostat for solar power tower plant
Thalange VC, Dalvi VH, Mahajani SM, Panse SV, Joshi JB, Patil RN
625 - 636 Cooling limitations in power plants: Optimal multiperiod design of natural draft cooling towers
Martin M, Martin M
637 - 649 Comparison of intensified reactive distillation configurations for the synthesis of diphenyl carbonate
Contreras-Zarazua G, Vazquez-Castillo JA, Ramirez-Marquez C, Pontis GA, Segovia-Hernandez JG, Alcantara-Avila JR
650 - 658 Flow rate analysis of compressible superheated steam through pressure reducing valves
Qian JY, Wei L, Zhang M, Chen FQ, Chen LL, Jiang WK, Jin ZJ
659 - 673 Effects of seabed morphology on oscillating water column wave energy converters
Medina-Lopez E, Bergillos RJ, Monino A, Clavero M, Ortega-Sanchez M
674 - 684 The calculation of fluorine plastic economizer in economy by using the equivalent heat drop
Yang M, Liu C
685 - 697 Window model and 5 year price data sensitivity to cost-effective facade solutions for office buildings in Estonia
Thalfeldt M, Pikas E, Kurnitski J, Voll H
698 - 708 Development and validation of a detailed TRNSYS-Matlab model for large solar collector fields for district heating applications
Bava F, Furbo S
709 - 717 Thermodynamics of an OWC containing real gas
Medina-Lopez E, Monino A, Borthwick AGL, Clavero M
718 - 725 Carbon dioxide emission-intensity in climate projections: Comparing the observational record to socio-economic scenarios
Pretis F, Roser M
726 - 739 Prospects of deployment of Jatropha biodiesel-fired plants in Nigeria's power sector
Somorin TO, Kolios AJ
740 - 753 Performance analysis of an experimental smart building: Expectations and outcomes
Amin U, Hossain MJ, Lu J, Fernandez E
754 - 766 A two-stage framework for multiobjective energy management in distribution networks with a high penetration of wind energy
Zhou B, Xu D, Chan KW, Li CB, Cao YJ, Bu SQ
767 - 776 An exploration into the household energy choice and expenditure in Bangladesh
Mottaleb KA, Rahue DB, Ali A
777 - 787 Thermodynamic spectrum of direct precooled airbreathing propulsion
Yu XF, Pan X, Zheng JL, Wang C, Yu DR
788 - 798 Optimal operation and marginal costs in simple trigeneration systems including thermal energy storage
Pina EA, Lozano MA, Serra LM
799 - 810 Experimental investigations of boundary layer impact on the airfoil aerodynamic forces of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine in turbulent inflows
Li Q, Kamada Y, Maeda T, Nishida Y
811 - 822 Optimization of a phase change material based internal cooling system for cylindrical Li-ion battery pack and a hybrid cooling design
Zhao R, Gu JJ, Liu J
823 - 832 Methane thermal decomposition in regenerative heat exchanger reactor: Experimental and modeling study
Keipi T, Li T, Lovas T, Tolvanen H, Konttinen J
833 - 850 A new high-dimensional time series approach for wind speed, wind direction and air pressure forecasting
Ambach D, Schmid W
851 - 864 A new hybrid fuzzy cognitive map-based scenario planning approach for Iran's oil production pathways in the post-sanction period
Alipour M, Hafezi R, Amer M, Akhavan AN
865 - 875 Estimates of energy demand and energy saving potential in China's agricultural sector
Fei RL, Lin BQ
876 - 888 Performance analysis of compressed air energy storage systems considering dynamic characteristics of compressed air storage
Guo C, Xu YJ, Zhang XJ, Guo H, Zhou XZ, Liu C, Qin W, Li W, Dou BL, Chen HS
889 - 899 Optimization-based identification and quantification of demand-side management potential for distributed energy supply systems
Bahl B, Lampe M, Voll P, Bardow A
900 - 912 Time-series aggregation for synthesis problems by bounding error in the objective function
Bahl B, Kumpel A, Seele H, Lampe M, Bardow A
913 - 929 Renewable electricity finance in the United States: A state-of-the-art review
Krupa J, Harvey LDD
930 - 942 Techno-economic estimation of the power generation potential from biomass residues in Southeast Asia
Stich J, Ramachandran S, Hamacher T, Stimming U
943 - 961 Exergo-economic competitiveness criteria for hybrid power cycles using multiple heat sources of different temperatures
Yue T, Lior N