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1 - 10 Superhydrophobic surfaces with a dual-layer micro- and nanoparticle coating for drag reduction
Taghvaei E, Moosavi A, Nouri-Borujerdi A, Daeian MA, Vafaeinejad S
11 - 26 Cloud computing-based energy optimization control framework for plug-in hybrid electric bus
Yang C, Li L, You SX, Yan BJ, Du X
27 - 43 Price impact assessment for large-scale merchant energy storage facilities
Zamani-Dehkordi P, Shafiee S, Rakai L, Knight AM, Zareipour H
44 - 54 Residential energy environmental Kuznets curve in the EU-28
Pablo-Romero MD, Sanchez-Braza A
55 - 61 The effects of oil shocks on export duration of China
Wang QZ, Zhu YM, Wang YD
62 - 71 Entropy generation analysis of hydrate dissociation by depressurization with horizontal well in different scales of hydrate reservoirs
Feng JC, Wang Y, Li XS
72 - 84 Radial turbine performance measurement under extreme off-design Conditions
Serrano JR, Tiseira A, Garcia-Cuevas LM, Inhestern LB, Tartoussi H
85 - 96 Internalizing the external costs of biogas supply chains in the Italian energy sector
Patrizio P, Leduc S, Chinese D, Kraxner F
97 - 106 Modelling oil price-inflation nexus: The role of asymmetries
Salisu AA, Isah KO, Oyewole OJ, Akanni LO
107 - 117 Economic analysis of vertical ground source heat pump systems in Melbourne
Lu Q, Narsilio GA, Aditya GR, Johnston IW
118 - 126 Modeling of the overall equivalence ratio effects on combustion process and unregulated emissions of an SIDI methanol engine
Gong CM, Peng LG, Liu FH
127 - 139 Short term electricity price forecast based on environmentally adapted generalized neuron
Singh N, Mohanty SR, Shukla RD
140 - 151 Application analyze of a ground source heat pump system in a nearly zero energy building in China
Li H, Xu W, Yu Z, Wu JL, Sun ZF
152 - 161 A methodology for low-speed broadband rotational energy harvesting using piezoelectric transduction and frequency up-conversion
Fu HL, Yeatman EM
162 - 177 Energy, exergy and economic assessments of a novel integrated biomass based multigeneration energy system with hydrogen production and LNG regasification cycle
Taheri MH, Mosaffa AH, Farshi LG
178 - 185 Regeneration energy analysis of NH3-based CO2 capture process integrated with a flow-by capacitive ion separation device
Zhang MK, Guo YC
186 - 196 Numerical analysis of characteristics of a single U-tube downhole heat exchanger in the borehole for geothermal wells
Lyu ZH, Song XZ, Li GS, Hu XD, Shi Y, Xu ZP
197 - 210 Multi-criteria building energy performance benchmarking through variable clustering based compromise TOPSIS with objective entropy weighting
Wang ED, Alp N, Shi J, Wang C, Zhang XD, Chen H
211 - 222 Guidelines for developing efficient thermal conduction and storage models within building energy simulations
Hillary J, Walsh E, Shah A, Zhou RL, Walsh P
223 - 233 Fuel prices impacts on stock market of metallurgical industry under the EU emissions trading system
Moreno B, Garcia-Alvarez MT, Fonseca AR
234 - 247 Energy shocks and detecting influential industries
Iang D, Lee DH
248 - 257 Uncertainties in global radiation time series forecasting using machine learning: The multilayer perceptron case
Voyant C, Notton G, Darras C, Fouilloy A, Motte F
258 - 274 Energy-aware stochastic scheduler for batch of precedence-constrained jobs on heterogeneous computing system
Sajid M, Raza Z
275 - 286 Optimal conditions in direct dimethyl ether synthesis from syngas utilizing a dual-type fluidized bed reactor
Yousefi A, Eslamloueyan R, Kazerooni NM
287 - 296 Performance assessment of a double-lift absorption prototype for low temperature refrigeration driven by low-grade heat
Toppi T, Aprile M, Guerra M, Motta M
297 - 312 A new control-oriented transient model of variable geometry turbocharger
Bahiuddin I, Mazlan SA, Imaduddin F, Ubaidillah
313 - 326 Adoption of renewable heating systems: An empirical test of the diffusion of innovation theory
Franceschinis C, Thiene M, Scarpa R, Rose J, Moretto M, Cavalli R
327 - 336 Energy efficient thermochemical conversion of very wet biomass to biofuels by integration of steam drying, steam electrolysis and gasification
Clausen LR
337 - 344 Analysis of energy usage for RTG cranes
Papaioannou V, Pietrosanti S, Holderbaum W, Becerra VM, Mayer R
345 - 355 The optimization of the start-up scheduling for a 320 MW steam turbine
Ji DM, Sun JQ, Dui Y, Ren JX
356 - 366 Design analysis of gas engine combined heat and power plants (CHP) for building and industry heat demand under varying price structures
Vogelin P, Georges G, Boulouchos K
367 - 381 A novel screening framework for waste heat utilization technologies
Oluleye G, Jiang N, Smith R, Jobson M
382 - 392 Energy-saving effect of automatic home energy report utilizing home energy management system data in Japan
Iwafune Y, Mori Y, Kawai T, Yagita Y
393 - 404 A turbulent NO reaction model considering reaction time effect
Wang PY, Lan YXZ, Li Q
405 - 416 Operational modal analysis on a VAWT in a large wind tunnel using stereo vision technique
Najafi N, Paulsen US
417 - 426 Coal-nitrogen release and NOx evolution in the oxidant-staged combustion of coal
Fan WD, Li Y, Guo QH, Chen C, Wang Y
427 - 438 High power generation and COD removal in a microbial fuel cell operated by a novel sulfonated PES/PES blend proton exchange membrane
Zinadini S, Zinatizadeh AA, Rahimi M, Vatanpour V, Rahimi Z
439 - 448 Combustion characteristics and operation range of a RCCI combustion engine fueled with direct injection n-heptane and pipe injection n-butanol
Zhang C, Zhang CH, Xue L, Li YY
449 - 458 Development of a novel processing system for efficient sour water stripping
Kazemi A, Mehrabani-Zeinabad A, Beheshti M
459 - 469 Catalytic effects of calcium and potassium on a curved char surface in fuel reburning: A first-principles study on the adsorption of nitric oxide on single-wall carbon nanotubes with metal decoration
Liu L, Jin J, Hou FX, Li SJ, Lee CH
470 - 483 Engine performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a compression ignition engine operating on different biodiesel-alcohol blends
Datta A, Mandal BK
484 - 497 An integrated fuzzy QFD and TOPSIS methodology for choosing the ideal gas fuel at WWTPs
Akbas H, Bilgen B
498 - 508 Physics of direct-contact ultrasonic cloth drying process
Peng C, Ravi S, Patel VK, Momen AM, Moghaddam S
509 - 518 Real-time modeling of ringing in HCCI engines using artificial neural networks
Bahri B, Shahbakhti M, Aziz AA
519 - 525 Preparation and properties of PEDOT:PSS/Te nanorod composite films for flexible thermoelectric power generator
Song HJ, Cai KF
526 - 532 Performance enhancement of liquid antimony anode fuel cell by in situ electrochemical assisted oxidation process
Cao TY, Shi YX, Jiang YQ, Cai NS, Gong QM
533 - 542 Examining the effects of urbanization and industrialization on carbon dioxide emission: Evidence from China's provincial regions
Ding Y, Li F
543 - 551 Analysis of asymmetries in the nexus among energy use, pollution emissions and real output in South Africa
Ndoricimpa A
552 - 561 Combined effects of initial water content and heating parameters on solar pyrolysis of beech wood
Zeng K, Gauthier D, Li R, Flamant G
562 - 568 Balancing the carbon and water footprints of the Ontario energy mix
Miller L, Carriveau R
569 - 575 Adsorption-based synthesis of Co3O4/C composite anode for high performance lithium-ion batteries
Wang SF, Zhu YP, Xu XM, Sunarso J, Shao ZP
576 - 590 Parametric assessment and multi-objective optimization of an internal auto-cascade refrigeration cycle based on advanced exergy and exergoeconomic concepts
Asgari S, Noorpoor AR, Boyaghchi FA
591 - 613 Research and application of a combined model based on multi objective optimization for multi-step ahead wind speed forecasting
Wang JZ, Heng JN, Xiao LY, Wang C
614 - 628 Comprehensive investigation of physicochemical and electrochemical properties of sulfonated poly (ether ether ketone) membranes with different degrees of sulfonation for proton exchange membrane fuel cell applications
Parnian MJ, Rowshanzamir S, Gashoul F
629 - 642 Many-objective thermodynamic optimization of Stirling heat engine
Patel V, Saysani V, Mudgal A
643 - 653 Multi-objective optimization of the design and operating point of a new external axis wind turbine
Ferdoues MS, Ebrahimi S, Vijayaraghavan K
654 - 662 Numerical study of geometric parameters effecting temperature and thermal efficiency in a premix multi-hole flat flame burner
Moghaddam MHS, Moghaddam MS, Khorramdel M
663 - 670 Performance degradation and analysis of 10-cell anode-supported SOFC stack with external manifold structure
Yan D, Liang LJ, Yang JJ, Zhang T, Pu J, Chi B, Li J
671 - 680 Experimental research on the concentration characteristics of R32 and R161 ' combustion product HF
Feng B, Yang Z, Zhai R
681 - 704 Review: Multi-objective optimization methods and application in energy saving
Cui YF, Geng ZQ, Zhu QX, Han YM
705 - 715 Gliding spark plasma: Physical principles and performance in direct pyrolysis of methane
Bidgoli AM, Ghorbanzadeh A, Lotfalipour R, Roustaei E, Zakavi M
716 - 725 Towards a prototype module for piezoelectric energy harvesting from raindrop impacts
Ilyas MA, Swingler J
726 - 735 Investigation of n-butanol as fuel in a four-cylinder MPFI SI engine
Dhamodaran G, Esakkimuthu GS, Pochareddy YK, Sivasubramanian H
736 - 746 Innovative configuration of a hybrid nuclear-solar tower power plant
Popov D, Borissova A
747 - 770 Towards low carbon business park energy systems: A holistic techno-economic optimisation model
Timmerman J, Hennen M, Bardow A, Lodewijks P, Vandevelde L, Van Eetvelde G
771 - 787 The failure of Energy-Economy Nexus: A meta-analysis of 104 studies
Hajko V
788 - 794 Batch Processes in Heat Engines
Loffler M
795 - 804 Performance analysis of superheated steam injection for heavy oil recovery and modeling of wellbore heat efficiency
Sun FR, Yao YD, Chen MQ, Li XF, Zhao L, Meng Y, Sun Z, Zhang T, Feng D
805 - 824 Transmission expansion simulation for the European Northern Seas offshore grid
Dedecca JG, Hakvoort RA, Herder PM
825 - 836 Measuring energy security performance within China: Toward an inter-provincial prospective
Zhang L, Yu J, Sovacool BK, Ren JZ
837 - 847 Multi-criteria sustainability analysis of thermal power plant Kolubara-A Unit 2
Skobalj P, Kijevcanin M, Afgan N, Jovanovic M, Turanjanin V, Vucicevic B
848 - 859 Optimization of a natural gas distribution network with potential future extensions
Mikolajkova M, Haikarainen C, Saxen H, Pettersson F
860 - 860 A formic acid hydrogen generator using Pd/C3N4 catalyst for mobile proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems (vol 112, pg 679, 2016)
Oh TH, Lee JH, Kim YC, Yoon CW
861 - 861 Greenhouse heating and cooling using aquifer water (vol 32, pg 1414, 2007)
Sethi VP, Sharma SK